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ok, it’s really (really) hot this week, but don’t let moms nature make you miss out on the french titles we’re getting in. finally the mr. oizo and justice d.a.n.c.e. remix 12”s are in stock (as well as a slew of ed banger/record makers/because/institube restocks). also some hot (literally) new and restocked titles from the crème/clone/bunker stable. come on by and check ‘em out!

as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

prices DO NOT include shipping. for those of you shipping within the continental united states I offer a 5.00usd flat shipping rate for any amount of records and/or compact discs. shipping cost for international orders are calculated on an order by order basis.. payments for orders can be made via paypal ( or with a credit card by telephone (01.215.965.9616) between 12-6pm/est.

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SECOND SEX- 'MON AUTRE CÔTÉ 7" (because music, france) 8.98usd
*shop favorite restocked! Second Sex cultivates a characteristic dandyism with an insolent energy: with them, one deals with the quintessence of the young Parisian scene. Devoted stars of the movement since their debut, they adopted the traditional formula, guitar, battery, bass guitar. When Arthur (guitar), Vince (bass guitar), Tim (vocal/guitar) and Sacha (battery) began with the rock'n'roll garage, three of them were still at high school, only Sacha, brother of Vince, at seventeen years, had his patent. Great guitar blows, illuminated texts, like the one of the first single 'Mon Autre Côté.' On the B side, Second Sex cover the standard garage of Chris Clark's 'Love's Gone Bad.'
STUDIO- WEST COAST 2LP (information, uk) 18.98usd
*Double LP version. This is the first full-length album by Studio, finally given a full-fledged release after a limited release disappeared from the racks last year. This is a schizophrenic musical project by Dan Lissvik and Rasmus Hägg, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. West Coast will appeal to fans of the new slo-mo Italo disco and is the missing link between The Cure and Lindstrøm touching on Can, Neu, Happy Mondays and The Smiths in their creation of an Afrobeat-dub-disco-indie-pop adventure. With nods to Balearic and Madchester, this collection of strung-out, dreamy electronic pop music already sounds like a modern-day classic.
STUDIO- WEST SIDE PARTS 1 & 2 7" (information, uk) 11.98usd
*This is a 7" limited to 1000 copies of re-workings of one of the standout tracks from the album, West Coast. Studio's music has a broad appeal. Serious music enthusiasts will recognize the vast depths of influences from Krautrock artists like Can and Neu, classic indie rock artists like The Cure and The Smiths and many shades of dance music like old school house, dub and disco.
STUDIO- LIFE'S A BEACH! 12” (information, uk) 11.98usd
*restocked! Mixes by Prins Thomas & Todd Terje. Sweden's Studio make beautiful organic electronic music that falls midway between dance/indie and electronica. Here the Norwegian kings of nu-disco remix the bands signature release to devastating effect. A list of modern day comparisons would be with DFA / Fujiya & Miyagi / M83 / Lindstrom / Mogwai / A Mountain Of One. Latter day comparisons would read Cluster / Neu / La Dusseldorf / Kraftwerk / Manuel Gottsching.
VISITATIONS- VISITATIONS LP (time-lag, usa) 27.98usd
*Well, here you have it. Maine's cosmic mystery trio captured in vinyl for eternity, just for you... while everyone & their mother seems to have some sort of bedroom folk/psych project going these days, you'd be hard pressed to find another unit as pure in spirit & process as these here bodies/buddies. One of those rare vortexes of creation existing totally apart from all hype, pressure or pretense; in other words, timeless. Always balanced on that fine and beautiful line between cosmic joke & aching depth. A simple & unadorned unfurling of strummed & fingered instruments, heartaching female vocals, woodland creatures, earthy male vocals, contrasting half-written & totally spontaneous songs, twisting lyrics, haunted melancholy, lysergic joy, and a heavy dose of spooked New England lore. In a way, the recording scene itself is an almost perfect parallel to the sounds & vibes captured here: three shadowy figures laugh & sing around a dim campfire. No one's slept in days. They're nestled amidst ancient stone buildings, creeping foliage and mounds of exotic flowers. The sun is setting over the mountains. But it's all frozen in time. The clouds aren't moving. And that campfire, it's a microphone, isn't it? And all those flowers: plastic. The stone: paint. Is it all fake? Well, it is an ancient stone church. And those three really are making some very sweet sounds. In fact, it's almost hyper-real. Almost impossibly so... is that reel-to-reel rolling? Yes, it sure is... exquisitely packaged with a fold out double thick duotone art paper cover. Outside is white paper with edge-to-edge antique letterpress-printed eyeball melting hyper-detailed art by the band. Inside is black paper with red/orange screen printing. 180gm virgin vinyl. Numbered edition of 500 copies.

CHUCK TURNER/PROFESSOR GRIZZLY- TRYING TO CONQUER I 12" (basic replay, germany) 12.98usd
*A rampaging bull of a Dave Kelly -- like the label logo has it -- from 1989, faced down brilliantly by these two Jammys stalwarts. Another death in the arena from Basic Replay.
COURTNEY MELODY- BLACK LIBERATION 12" (basic replay, germany) 12.98usd
*Another vicious, militant bad-bull from the Crat label out of Brooklyn, revived by Basic Replay. Emerging from the Stereo One sound, Courtney ruled the dancehall at this time -- with hits for Tubby, Jazzbo and Jammys and co. -- and like the rhythm, is devastatingly focused. Two songs, both with dubs, naturally; and top-notch remastering as always by Basic Replay.

JUSTICE- D.A.N.C.E. REMIXES 12" (because music, france) 11.98usd
*Remixes by Jackson, Mstrkrft, Alan Braxe & Fred Falke. Jackson as a remixer was becoming very discreet, too discreet. Hopefully, Cross inspired him. On his 5 minutes remix, he assimilates at the same time 'Genesis,' 'Waters of Nazareth,' 'D.A.N.C.E.,' 'New Jack' to deliver us his own vision of this album: G.L.O.R.I.O.U.S. Equally devastated and structured, this song is the link between Jackson magnificent and messy environment and Justice identity. Widely acknowledged as a dancefloor hit, the MSTRKRFT 'D.A.N.C.E.' remix is now available on this 12''. On the B side, Justice, inspired by MSTRKRFT remix, interfered with this track, arranging the song & bringing it to their favorite playground. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke end this 12" with an aerial remix that will please the first hour techno fans.
JUSTICE- D.A.N.C.E. 12" (because music, france) 11.98usd
*restocked! Fast forward to 2007 and a new wave of French artists, lead by Ed Banger Records, are poised to have a similarly influential role in dance music as Gallic Daft Punk 10 years ago. The Ed Banger release schedule is shaping up to crown them as the most important label this year. Justice are on the cusp of putting out one of the most anticipated tracks in 'D.A.N.C.E.' -- the blog heat on this track is phenomenal. New 4-track EP from the JUSTICE crew.
JUSTICE- WATERS OF NAZARETH II 12" (because music, france) 11.98usd
*restocked! Justice are back with their disciples -- Erol Alkan & DJ Funk remixes. Erol Alkan delivers the perfect edit for the faithful DJs. DJ Funk delivers the perfect beat for the booty shaker DJs. Justice delivers the perfect scratch version of their noisy classic.
V/A- BRONSON QUEST 12” (bunker, Netherlands) 11.98usd
*killer and rare bunker title honoring c.b. featuring Legowelt-Crystal Cat; It & My Computer-Bronx On/Bronx Off; Orgue Electronique- Beirut Meeting; Luke Eargoggle- The Mechanic Priest; Porn.Darsteller- L'ombre Des Heros; Sendex- Raid On Entebbe.
PUSSYCAT- COUNT DOEKOE 12” (crème, netherlands) 11.98usd
*More wacky electro/booty antics from our favorite Rotterdam garden trousers hooligan crew, this time a 4-track EP with a strong anti-drug message in the tradition of 'Crack Killed Applejack.' Also includes a remix of the Katendrecht anthem 'Are You Ghetto Enough' from Seymour Bits (aka the producer of De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig).
JAMES WHITE- ELLIS ISLAND 12” (crème eclipse, netherlands) 11.98usd
*killer crème sclipse release by Canadian born James White, who is a professor of molecular biology at the University of Ontario and composer in his spare time and former member of "Die Roboter".
TRAXX- STRANGER IN THE STRANGEST OF LANDS 12” (crème eclipse, netherlands) 11.98usd
*DJ Traxx from the Dirty Criminals (Gigolo) with a new slamming 12" done together with Legowelt. Dirty rocking smack Chicago acid house. Guaranteed to jack the house. Traxx and Legowelt keep you Jacking all night long!!! Another hot Creme release!
KEYO LABORATORIES- THROUGH THE NIGHT 10” (crème, Netherlands) 11.98usd
*rare crème title in stock for the first time. killer hague electro-disco. limited edition of 700.
BANGKOK IMPACT- DO IT 12” (crème, netherlands) 11.98usd
*restocked! The Funk Bomb is back! After a relatively long time dedicated to sister project Putsch 79, Sami Liuski is finally back on the solo track as Bangkok Impact. 'Do It' has been a live favorite for a while; a playful floorfillin' and crowdpleasin' discotrack on the surface, but its production is deep, complex and spacious. None of that prefab 4 on the floor 'electro' crap that makes you run to the little boys room for more coke. It further refines the unique sound and once again reveals the unique talent that is Bangkok Impact.
ORGUE ELECTRONIQUE- THE GARDEN 12” (crème, netherlands) 11.98usd
*restocked! Five track EP, including J.T.C. (T. Mullinix) remix. killer!
PUSSYCAT- PUSSYCAT 12” (crème, netherlands) 11.98usd
*restocked! This Rotterdam Booty-bass express will stop for no-one. Big fat Miami bass inspired rug purrin' floorcrashers by a mysterious trio from the world's biggest drugport.
ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK- MADE IN CHINA REMIXES 12” (crème, netherlands) 11.98usd
*limited edition white label pre-release version. killer and essential remixes!
(crème, netherlands) 19.98usd
*From the Krypt of cult hero Alexander Robotnick comes the follow up to the Rare Robotnicks CD that was released on his own label a few years back. Krypta 1982 is an amazing full length album, that contains 18 never before released tracks from 1981-1982. It shows the amazing range of Robotnick's skills, from deep disco tracks that sound like they could have been released yesterday, to romantic vocal 'Problemes d'amour'-like 303 pop songs, strange 808 exotica, minimal analogue dancefloor tracks and haunting experimental soundscapes that would perfectly fit on a BBC radiophonic workshop record; Krypta 1982 is a voyage through the mind of one of the most talented and creative producers of the early '80s.
J.T.C.- PUMP THE PLANET 12” (crème, netherlands) 11.98usd
*restocked! James T. Cotton/Dabrye -- Influenced by Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Liaisons Dangereuses, Carlos Souffront, Traxx, acid from the Sleezy D perspective, the drippy experimental counterpoint basslines of the 303 and similar squelch style step-seq arpeggiations, the acidic and edit aspects of Belgian newbeat, acid of the 1990s Cologne (only the jackingest variety), interestingly juxtaposed and sometimes nonmusical hypnotic cycle phrases in dance music.
*Raw ja-ja-jacking acid/neo-Chicago madness. Fat acid lines & weird vocal samples... for your jacking pleasure!
AUX 88- GLOBAL DARKNESS WLP 12” (crème, netherlands) 11.98usd
*limited edition white label pre-release version. Three new alien-funk electro techno tracks from the Motor City!
AUX 88- GLOBAL DARKNESS 12” (crème, netherlands) 11.98usd
*standard version. Three new alien-funk electro techno tracks from the Motor City!
(crème, netherlands) 11.98usd
*Crème managed to license this superb forgotten Giallo soundtrack from the vaults of Francesco Clemente, a forgotten Italian producer. When the movie was withdrawn due to monetary problems, this insane synthesizer gem landed on the shelf to collect dust. It was only years later that it was rediscovered by a Japanese collector who has so far kept it for himself, but after persuasive words from the Crème management decided to share it with the world. Mastered from the original tapes.
DOPPLEREFFEKT- CALABI YAU SPACE 2LP (rephlex, uk) 18.98usd
*This is Dopplereffekt's first release on Rephlex. Dopplereffekt are one of the more mysterious units of the contemporary electronic music scene: there are no interviews and hardly any live appearances. The composers hide behind strange German pseudonyms and the song titles and lyrics are in English and make up a strange mixture of scientific, sexually explicit and political allusions. Dopplereffekt's music is also highly eclectic and unusual. Forefathers Kraftwerk seem to be more than present in the music, but Dopplereffekt have developed their very own and highly influential sound aesthetic. Dopplereffekt are originally from Detroit, though some believe them to be now based in Europe. Critics claim their electro-style resembles that of Drexciya, and that they were indeed early members of that now-legendary outfit. This album is a perfect sequel to Linear Accelerator, their album release on International Deejay Gigolo in 2003, and accompanies this year's classic retrospective Gesamtkunstwerk on Clone. Musically, it follows a more ambient/soundscape/experimental/electronic course akin to Der Zyklus' Biometry project or even Arpanet's Quantum Transposition and Inertial Frame releases. Though some find Calabi-Yau Space more concept-driven, it is just as engaging and combines the science of sound with other fields of physics. After a few listens, you'll notice some similar themes running thru various tracks: the musical expression of physics and sonic equations the likes of which will scramble your brain.
DOPPLEREFFEKT- GESAMTKUNST 2LP (clone classic cuts, netherlands) 22.98usd
*restocked! The brilliant releases from Gerald Donald aka Heinrich Mueller aka Rudolf Klorzeiger aka Der Zyklus (aka 1/2 of Drexciya etc.). Originally released on the obscure Dataphysix records from Detroit in 1995, and now available again on Clone Classic Cuts. The three 12"s bundled together on one double album/CD as Gesamtkunstwerk (previously limited availability on Gigolo records). Including amazing tracks like 'Scientist,' 'Pornoactress,' 'Sterilization,' 'Rocket Scientist,' 'Cellular Phone' and 'Speak & Spell.' This is one of those releases which completely went against all musical trends in the mid-'90s when everybody was doing banging techno and uptempo house. Dopplereffekt (and Drexciya) brought us one of those releases which changed our thoughts on dance music. They showed us that techno music is not about the most effective banging beats. These Dataphysix releases started the electro revival of the late '90s early 2000 and influenced many producers including Daftpunk, DJ Hell, Miss Kittin, I-f, Dave Clarke, Erol Alkan, 2manyDJs, and many others. This is some kind our Computerworld or Autobahn for the '90s generation! And finally available again after being out-of-print for a couple of years.
RODNEY BAKERR- HOUSE GIRL 12" (clone classic cuts, netherlands) 12.98usd
*The great and obscure house track by Rodney Bakerr (aka Mystic) with a macho classic house bassline. Comes as an original version (very raw and intense), a Mike Dunn Mix (with an amazing 303 bassline!) and a new edit (by Serge & Tyrell) which basically is a stripped version that has all the basic ingredients that make this track rock like crazy!
BANGKOK IMPACT- MISSIONARY ON MARS 12" (clone, Netherlands) 11.98usd
*It has been a while... but there it is: a brand new single by Bangkok Impact! Missionary On Mars is a disco injected techno-ish track with a very strong bassline (a bit Carl Craig-ish?) building slowly to a climax and then really hitting it off with floating strings that give you goose bumps all over! Big!! On the flip, you'll find the second version by Bangkok Impact which is a more straight forward and stripped-down version and probably suited for the more underground DJs. And then there is the Raiders of the Lost Arp remix which has the typical techno sound from the Pigna/Nature guys (Marco Passarani, Fransesco and Raiders).
ELITECHNIQUE- FINGERFOOD 12" (clone, Netherlands) 11.98usd
*A perfect NY disco affair from the Elitechnique guys (known for their solid remixes for Alden Tyrell, Black Devil and their release on Radius records). A limited 4-track EP on the Clone X series. Title track 'Fingerfood' is a nice late-'70s percussion-driven disco track played with real instruments (no samples, not an edit!!!) in the style of the great Arpadys album and The Creatures and Patrick Adams. Comes with a great remix/edit of 'Major Swellings' (aka Prins Thomas) who turned the track into a more club oriented mix. On the flip, the uptempo 'Motorfunker' which is reminiscent of ESG and Liquid Liquid songs. A nice and raw percussion-driven track with a bouncing bass line. Very much for darker clubs with sweat dripping from the walls and the guys and girls in ecstasy from the non stop disco grooves! The last track is the slower and smooth cosmic 'Vesta Vision' which is the perfect track to finish this EP. Nice and smooth disco combines a Balearic feeling with floating synths and nice rolling basslines and cosmic vocals to take the listeners to another place in the cosmos. Great release for all the disco and cosmic disco heads out there!
SEBASTIAN- SMOKING KILLS 12" (ed banger, france) 11.98usd
*restocked! Repress of this 2005 12" release. Sebastian, a 23 years old Parisian beatmaker, that's all you need to know! His influences: Aphex Twin, Timbaland, Prince, Jean-Louis Costes, Pendercki, Kraftwerk, Autechre, Brian Eno, Abdel Halim Hafez, David Bowie, LFO... Classical... jazz... anything interesting in fact.
MR. OIZO- TRANSEXUAL/PATRICK 122 12" (ed banger, france) 12.98usd
*finally in stock! 2007 will be Mr. Oizo's year. A brand new 12" Transexual that once again shows Oizo love for weirdos and a first movie, Steak, a story about milk & plastic surgery. Yes, yes on Ed Banger Records -- who else could release those infamous tracks. 'Patrick 122' is already a club favorite played by the whole Ed Rec crew.
SURKIN- GHETTO OBSESSION 12" (institubes, france) 11.98usd
*restocked! The ridiculously anticipated first 12" by Institubes' young ghetto-bopper / punisher: Surkin. 'Ghetto Obsession': a lewd, yet cold and slightly scary bass-driven tune, featuring echoing rap vocals (promoting our era's true values), a nonchalantly massive kick in the middle. Could well be the beginning of screwed and chopped booty music. 'Ghetto Obsession' 2006: the updated version, faster, rawer, more nervous and mechanic, almost absurdly aggressive. Insanely tracky, made for demanding DJs. Championed by Justice. 'And You Too': a tender but energetic song, quite inspired by Todd Edwards, but with a slow, walking beat and hypnotic, prog-housey synth chords. A ballad of the Will.
SURKIN- RADIO FIREWORKS 12" (institubes, france) 11.98usd
*restocked! 'Kiss & Fly' is a heavy, truculently paced track which takes three minutes to build up the runway for a flying synthetic woman with a smile so heartening it's shady. She's actually more of a woman-jingle than a proper woman, but I mean, isn't that much better? Then 'Radio Fireworks' does everything, loves everything and knows what you don't know. It's a simple yet dense and solid track, with harmonies that work both like rhythmic engines and emotional stimulators. Its artificial vocals teach us many things about humanity that real voices will never able to. The kick is so tight and definitive you won't even dare touch it, like those super-athletic butts some playmates have. So if I'd have to sum up this tune, I'd say it's like Indo Silver Club + Soundhack + Hooo-lyyy-Wooood sur la French Riviera.
TACTEEL- FEEL IT FEEL IT 12" (institubes, france) 11.98usd
*restocked! Remixed by the mighty Zdar from the mighty mighty Cassius! We've never seen Tacteel so in love with the club. Righteous anger. It's Tacteel's most violent track ever, far less controlled than anything he's done. This is what happens when crisis management fails. It sounds like a blindfolded Chi-Town maniac running to the dancefloor waving a huge double-bladed axe.
PARA ONE- DUDUN-DUN REMIXES 12" (institubes, france) 11.98usd
*restocked! Para One made a name for himself as a remixer when he turned Daft Punk's 'Prime Time of Your Life' into a peak time hit. It led to a series of commissions from people like Trabant, Vegastar, TTC's Tekilatex or Mylo. Up till now, though, he never got the remix treatment himself. What better way to start than by entrusting Boys Noize and MSTRKRFT with 'Dudun-Dun,' the first single off Para One's first album Epiphanie? And what happens when one of the hardest-hitting techno tracks of the year is paired with two of the best remixers/producers in the game? Pure and utter dancefloor bedlam. Boys Noize's hit list reads like Billy the Kid's in his heyday: Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, The Living Things, Tiga, The Kreeps -- his reworks of John Starlight's 'Shadowbreaker' and I-Robots' 'Frau' are classics. A firm believer in the what-me-sleep? school of work ethics, he's also recording under a host of aliases: Kid Alex, 909 D1sco, Morgentau, Puzique, EastWest and Einzeller. Boys Noize keeps the track's basic template and makes the hard parts harder, the dark parts even darker. Then launches the rapture-inducing, blissed-out second half into disco-funk hyperspace. It's like starting in the deepest mosh pit and rising to the top of the highest terrace of the club to watch Berlin wake up. MSTRKRFT hail from Canada, but coming from the cold only makes them hotter. Studio wizard Al-P and Jesse F. Keeler from punk disco superstars Death From Above 1979 are responsible for turning Annie, Bloc Party, The Kills, Nine Inch Nails, Metric and Wolfmother into merciless dancefloor monsters. They applied their signature sound to 'Dudun-Dun,' and the result is a juggernaut of heavily compressed synths, thunderous drums and clipped vocal riffs, with a somewhat unexpected Copacabana feel. And oh, those whistles!
PLAY PAUL- AIN'T NO HO 12" (luscious sounds, germany) 1.98usd
*restocked! Features remixes by Ed Banger's All Stars, Scratch Massive and Sex Schon. Paul de Homem-Christo aka Play Paul is without a doubt one of the brightest figures on the dance circuit. While his brother Guy-Manuel is one half of the legendary Daft Punk, Paul made himself a name with releases on Hell's International Gigolo, Kitsune, on Crydamour, Defected (as Syndicated People) and Ivan Smagghe's Set (as the Migrants). His first tracks were released on Thomas Bangalter's Roule. Furthermore, Paul remixed high profile artists such as Kylie Minogue, Shaggy, Modjo, Basement Jaxx, Etienne de Crecy, Playground and Kid Alex.
AZZIDO DA BASS- LONELY BY YOUR SIDE 12" (luscious sounds, germany) 11.98usd
*restocked! Luscious Sounds present the amazing new Booka Shade mixes...the mighty Booka Shade are arguably THE breakthrough dance act of the last year and that is for good reason. The Get Physical shining stars had two of the biggest records of last year with Mandarine EP and Body Language, they completed their second critically-acclaimed album, Movements and have been building up a back catalogue of some of the finest remixes around -- they can now add 'Lonely By Your Side' to the list. Originally released at the beginning of the summer, Azzido Da Bass' 'Lonely By Your Side' features Johnny Blake's brilliant vocals and is an electro-pop anthem. Azzido is never one for being pigeon-holed and this is like an electro 'My Sharona,' driving drums and heavy warped guitar riffs give the perfect complement to the lush vocals. The Booka Shade dub mix is an uptempo groover of the highest degree! A huge whirling bassline takes the lead and drives the track, until layers of effects and deep pads take over and start burrowing into your brain.
DJS ARE NOT ROCKSTARS- VIP 12" (luscious sounds, germany) 11.98usd
*restocked! The seminal Princess Superstar returns with her new slamming electro-house project DJs Are Not Rockstars. While her albums on K7 merged hip-hop with electro, the new outfit with Alexander Technique is based on exhilarating DJ sets and delivers straight to the electro floors. Having played to the sweaty masses from London to Sydney to Tokyo to New York, they are among the few DJs who incorporate house, hip-hop, classic rock, '80s classic, punk and electro. Consummate party DJs, they have turned clubs all over the world upside-down with their own wild mash-ups and edits, merging what was not meant to be merged like Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall vs. Peaches. While their first release European Accent turns the late '70s Disco Moscow into an effective DJ tool, we are happy and proud to release their first original release 'V.I.P.' a heavy rocking dope song in four different versions!
MANROX- THIS MANROX 12" (luscious sounds, germany) 11.98usd
*restocked! The Malente-sound is not simply electro-house. He delivers pumping electro-house stompers with a rockin' and funky feel on the base of that typical positive Malente-vibe and a huge dose of humor and those characteristic vocal samples! The new single includes two brand-new thrilling electro-house burners. 'tHIS MANROX' kicks off the fest with a strong beat which is undermined by distorted shreds, synthlines and the weirdest breaks. The remix has been done by Audiotrucs, a Berlin-based duo that already stirred a buzz with their mixes for Rinôçérôse and B-Phreak, and adds a new bassline and a snappier beat and gives the track a more rocking attitude.
VILLANX & 2AMFM- HEARTBEAT CRAZY/DON'T FRONT!!! 12" (nation of jak, netherlands) 14.98usd
*restocked! Prototype Chicago jack beats on this obscure Chicago label done by Traxx. Crazy but solid basslines, dark haunting strings and hypnotic vocals played live in the studio by ViLLan X (aka Traxx) and 2AM/FM (also known as members of the Dirty Criminals -- Gigolo rec.). Limited to 500 copies worldwide and guaranteed no repress or digital downloads! Reminiscent of early Trax releases by Sleazy D., Adonis, Farley. Especially 'Don't Front' will be on high rotation with many of the top DJs! Pure raw dancefloor energy.
TURZI- SEVEN INCH ALLAH 7" (record makers, uk) 8.98usd
*Turzi is a 5-piece band from Paris, France. They formed 4 years ago on composer Romain Turzi's impulse and played a blend of Kraut rock and Italian movie score atmospheres (Morricone) with a touch of classic U.S. garage. Music is trippy and repetitive with wild Morricone-type synth and guitar melodies. Bass is Lemmyfied (Hawkwind-era) and drums hit hard and tight. Their debut album A is released soon. This single features samples from the album A and an exclusive demo version of the song 'Afghanistan.'
TURZI- A 2LP (record makers, uk) 25.98usd
*After the release of the '7inch Allah,' here's finally Turzi's first full LP... kinda concept LP where each track refers to a concept close to Turzi's own personality, perception or experience. With obvious hints towards Steve Reich, J. Carpenter, or even Kraftwerk's legacy, this LP sums up in the best of ways what should be proper cinematic-electro. An album as such, as opposed to just a compilation of tracks.
CARL CRAIG- LANDCRUISING 2LP (blanco y negro/wea, uk) 25.98usd
*Reissue of the '95 classic LP, very hard to find in its original form as it was re-edited not so long ago. But here in its full glory, pic sleeve and the original tech jazz tracks as they were meant. Timeless and a must for all Carl Craig fans and to new listeners who are picking his music up today. A timeless bright, shimmering epic where critics and fans had expected more moody breakbeat electro, the debut Carl Craig LP appeared after years of production work and marked the first of many times when Craig was obviously making his own way, oblivious to what critics might think. Beginning with the sounds of an automobile starting up on 'Mind of a Machine' (complete with warning bells and a seatbelt click), Craig introduces us to his man-machine world, where cruising I-96 west of Detroit is a sublime night-time journey, conjuring visions of Trans-Europe Express and 'Strings of Life' instead of 'What's Going On.' The single 'Science Fiction,' 'Technology,' the title track and 'Einbahn' complete a great start of things to come on this LP.

THE WIRE- #282 AUGUST MAGAZINE (the wire, uk) 8.98usd
*On The Cover: Ricardo Villalobos (The red-eyed Chilean DJ and techno producer has become the toast of Berlin's minimal scene, with four-hour sets and disorientating beatdowns); Features: Axolotl (Nick Cain books a seat in the memory theatre for Karl Bauer's delirious electric violin drones); Matthew Dear (As False, Jabberjaw and Audion, the US electronica producer toggles between pop and rougher textures); Cross Platform: Laurie Anderson (The multimedia maven rails against American foreign policy in her new Homeland performance); Invisible Jukebox: Jonathan Harvey; Whitehouse (It's for your own good, say extreme power electronics artists William Bennett and Philip Best, discussing their reputation as arch-transgressors of public taste); The Primer: British Psychedelic Folk (A user's map of the misty lanes of Albion's folk rock, including Sandy Denny, Steeleye Span, Pentangle, John Martyn, Mellow Candle, Comus, The Wicker Man and more).

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