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here’s this week’s –partial- list… yup, there’s even more killer new arrivals and restocks than listed below (hey, a guy only has so much time in the week to get this thing together, so cut me some slack)… anyhow, don’t miss out on the erkin koray reissue, it’s a good one and i didn’t get too many… l’arome productions amazing vinyl releases of ethiopian musics are finally back in stock. all killer and in limited supply, so get on em… and as usual, tons of great dance tracks, both domestic and imported (including more armando singles, this time on colored vinyl!)… come on by and get down… as usual, i’m running way late, so i gotta scoot, but hopefully i’ll see you soon!!!



as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

prices do not include shipping and handling. for those of you shipping within the continental united states I offer a 5.00usd flat shipping rate for any amount of records and/or compact discs. shipping cost for international orders are calculated on an order by order basis. payments for orders can be made via paypal or with a credit card by telephone between 12-6pm/est.

i also offer bike messanger service via timecycle couriers. for the low cost of 10.00usd i can deliver any amount of records and/or cds you wish to purchase to your center city philadelphia location (this includes some parts of south, west and north philadelphia) within two hours (and for those of you who need your records even faster, we also offer ‘rush’ service for the low flat rate of 20.00usd for any amount of records/cds delivered to you within one hour). of course, we are still more than happy to ship records via the usps within philadelphia. as with the international shipments, orders placed before 5pm/est will ship out that evening and should reach their destination by the following day.


34.98usd/17.98gbp/24.09eur/3721jpy (approx)

*This 4th album by the man had never been reissued on vinyl before, so it's good news we have for you. This one's from 1977, and though Erkin went strongly ethnic with his previous album 2, here he went back on his steps and made another brilliant psych-rock album obviously adorned again with some Turkish traditional music elements, though not as strongly as with Elektronik Türküler. Here he even sings some tracks in English, giving the whole album a more occidental appeal but losing near nothing of the incredible enchantment of Erkin's best recordings! Limited reissue of 500 copies with the original artwork in a beautiful gatefold cover.

BJORN TORSKE- FEIL KNAPP LP (smalltown supersound, norway)
20.98usd/10.78gbp/14.45eur/2231jpy (approx)

*This is his first album since Trøbbel in 2001 (on Telle Records). In many ways Feil Knapp (Norwegian for 'wrong button') represents a sound that sits somewhere in between Trøbbel, 1999's seminal Nedi Myra on Ferox and his underground cult hit Søppelmann on Svek. With influences ranging to everything from Count Ossie and The Residents via 22 Skidoo to Idut Boys, Torske has created his very own and characteristic signature sound, a unique blend of warm and melancholic house, quirky avant-disco, leftfield electronica and dark, heavy psychedelic dub. In other words; this album has everything that we have learned to love Bjørn for. Weirdly melodic and wonderfully groovy.

SHOWMEN- SHOWMEN 2 LP (vinyl magic, italy)
34.98usd/17.98gbp/24.09eur/3721jpy (approx)

*At last the very first legitimate reissue of this Neapolitan masterpiece dated 1972! The Showmen from Naples had some soul-influenced hits in the '60s featuring names like Mario Musella, James Senese (Napoli Centrale) and Elio D'Anna (Osanna). After a short time, Senese and Del Prete, aided by the guitarist Botta, reformed the group with a new line-up, this time much more influenced by the current Italian prog tendencies and released the album called Showmen 2. The album contains a peculiar mix of rock, jazz and prog, somewhere in between Osanna and the more dynamic British bands of jazz-influenced prog. The music is powerful, well played, with strong horn arrangements that make this album unique in the Italian prog scene of the time. The band disbanded after the album, founders Senese and Del Prete creating Napoli Centrale with a production of three jazz-rock albums in 1975-1977. In recent years, there have been some bootleg releases of this record, with poorly-mastered material, wrong artwork or with music taken from previous demo sessions. So this is the first legitimate reissue, taken from master tapes and with the original artwork. Not to be missed for lovers of the Naples prog scene (Osanna, Uno, Nova, Città Frontale, Cervello, Luna, Napoli Centrale). 500 copies.


MAHMOUD AHMED- ERÈ MÈLA MÈLA LP (l’arome production, france)
17.98usd/9.24gbp/12.38eur/1912jpy (approx)

*The re-release series of original Ethiopian classic vinyl continues -- the finest Ethio jazz by Mahmoud Ahmed and his band from 1975 plus two tracks from 1978. The liner notes: 'Melancholy blues, piercingly minimalist country airs, brassy, danceable urban jazz, heart-wrenching, off-key crooners: a rich and stirring patchwork of sounds, crossing Afro-beat, Latino-swing moves and Eastern arabesques (Anaïs Prosaïc).' Such were the first -- informed and enthusiastic -- opinions of the music press when the first strains of modern Ethiopian music sounded on our shores. This was in 1984-85. Such a positive note, struck about such a country at such a time, created plenty of reverb. The country had been so thoroughly trashed by the media's feeding-frenzy, which spewed out a mix of horror and pious pity, bitter denunciation and humanitarian appeals, wallet-tickling clichés and refusal of identity. In one brutal swoop, TV-reality transformed Ethiopia into a cursed nation, forsaken by God and by man. In contrast to these tragedies, but in the same hackneyed tones, Mahmoud Ahmed's life resembles an edifying fairy-tale where destiny, talent and achievement combine to triumph over poverty, fate and the evil eye. Biography, history and legend, with the help of God, infallibly weave the lesson of merit rewarded. But who can argue, in spite of the mockery that celebrities invariably draw, when faced with one of the greatest voices in all of Africa? Once upon a time, there was a street urchin in Addis Ababa, who started off as a shoe-shine boy and went on to become one of his country's biggest stars, opening the door to Ethiopian music to Western audiences. --Francis Falceto

17.98usd/9.24gbp/12.38eur/1912jpy (approx)

*The Ethio Jazz album by Mulatu Astatqé is a jewel of the modern Ethiopian music and a mythical album, since the beginning of Ethiopian music reissues (mainly on Buda Musique). An incredibly groovy Ethiopian record, originally from 1969-1972. Amazing orchestral 'Ethio-groove' filled with US soul, jazz, sometimes Latin and the deepest Eastern rhythms, even including some great nasty and dirty fuzz guitars. A true gem of Ethiopian modern instrumental music, which illustrates perfectly this symbiosis of strong rhythms and quality arrangements of subtle yet deep Ethiopian melodies. A must for all '60s/'70s collectors! In the Ethiopian musical landscape, Mulatu Astatke is a unique musician, composer, arranger. His real contribution consists in his action for instrumental music, in a country where orchestral traditions doesn't exist. For the last 30 years, he is the leading head of the Ethiopian musical scene. First vinyl reissue and definitely one of the most important Ethiopian music albums.

V/A- ETHIOPIAN MODERN INSTRUMENTALS HITS LP (l’arome production, france)
17.98usd/9.24gbp/12.38eur/1912jpy (approx)

*Ethiopians' deep-seated ethiocentrism, the legacy of a thousand years of history, has contributed in no small way to their music's strong national identity, particularly impervious to any African influences. Latin influences, so pervasive in the great musical centers of West Africa and the Congo, have been similarly rebuffed, despite the brilliant attempts of a musician like Mulatu Astatke. He was the first and for a long time the only Ethiopian to have studied music abroad (England and USA). In the late '60s, he brought back 'ethio-jazz', as well as a passion for Latin rhythms that was not readily shared by the Ethiopian audience. As early as 1966, he released a single and two LPs in the US entitled Afro-Latin Soul (and a third LP, Mulatu of Ethiopia in 1972), with his Ethiopian Quintet composed of American and Latin-American musicians (Worthy Records). That was three years before Fela's first American tour and six years prior to Manu Dibango's key breakthrough with the release of Soul Makossa in the Western 'pre-World music' market. All this goes to show how much the history of the African continent's musical modernity should be reconsidered in light of the Ethiopian adventure, even though this lone spark bore little relation, musically or ideologically to the musical revolutions initiated most notably by Ghanian highlife, South African jazz, Congolese rumba or, much later on, by Fela.

17.98usd/9.24gbp/12.38eur/1912jpy (approx)

*Urban Ethiopian music stands out within the African continent thanks to its creativity and originality. Whatever the shade -- pop, blues, jazz or soul -- it comes from a fusion of local musical traditions mixed with an echo of Western music. It bewitched Ethiopia during the 'Swinging Addis' decade before recently winning the favors of a well-informed audience all over the world. This first vinyl volume of Ethiopian Urban Modern Music presents some of the Ethiopian 'groove jewels' drawn from the essential CD Ethiopiques series directed by Francis Falceto and published by Buda music.

17.98usd/9.24gbp/12.38eur/1912jpy (approx)

*Alèmayèhu Eshèté is no less than one of the great voices of the heyday of modern Ethiopian music, the swinging sixties which, in this country, went on until the fall of the Emperor Haile Sellassie 1 in 1974. On a par with Tlahoun Gèssèssè, Bzunèsh Bèqèlè or Mahmoud Ahmed, Alèmayèhu is a star at the top level of the constellation that once lit up the wild nights in the capital.

22.98usd/11.81gbp/15.82eur/2444jpy (approx)

*Since 2002, Soundway Records has been synonymous with high-quality and groundbreaking compilations of music from Africa, the Caribbean and South America. Nigeria Special is the most ambitious project yet for the label -- a truly in-depth, double album look at Nigerian music in the early to mid-'70s, encompassing a broad range of styles. Compiler and DJ Miles Cleret has spent five years working on this album -- involving trips to Lagos and around Nigeria interviewing musicians and researching recordings, as well as a suitable amount of time scouring dusty record stores and warehouses for elusive sounds. This compilation presents some of the best un-reissued and forgotten sounds from Nigeria, covering the amazingly vibrant and diverse styles that emerged and flourished at the time. Everything from highlife, jazz, Afro-beat and blues to more traditional styles are represented to give as comprehensive a survey of the scene as possible. The 32-page booklet covers a history of the time plus in-depth information on the artists and musicians, as well as a look at the amazing pop-art cover designs of Nigerian records. Double LP version. Part 1 of 2… Track Listing: Side 1. 1. Ayamma - The Anambra Beats (4:05), 2. Okwukwe Na Nchekwube - Celestine Ukwu & His Philosophers National (6:09), 3. Amalinja - The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination (5:15). Side 2. 1. Akula Owu Onyeara - The Funkees (7:28), 2. Oja Omoba - Dele Ojo & His Star Brothers Band (3:41), 3. Koma Mosi - The Harbours Band (2:54). Side 3. 1. Nekwaha Semi Colon - The Semi-Colon(3:29),2. Osalobua Rekpama -Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Melody Maestros (3:20),3. Onwu Ama Dike- St. Augustine & His Rovers Dance Band (6:05). Side 4. 1. Feso Jaiye - The Sahara All Stars of Jos (4:08), 2. Ema Kowa Iasa Ile Wa - Mono Mono (6:48), 3. To whom it may concern - Tunji Oyelana & The Benders (2:56)

22.98usd/11.81gbp/15.82eur/2444jpy (approx)

*Double LP version. Part 2 of 2… Track Listing: Side 1. 1. Asiko Mi Ni - The Nigerian Police Force Band(The Force 7) (5:09), 2. Belema ? Opotopo (Easy Kabaka Brown)(6:12), 3. Alabeke - Dan Satch & His Atomic 8 Dance Band of Aba (4:35). Side 2. 1. I Want a Break Thru' - The Hykkers (3:01), 2. Arraino - Popular Cooper and His All Beats Band (3:02), 3. Simini ? Yaya - Collins Oke Elaiho & His Odoligie Nobles Dance Band.(3:39) 4. Buroda Mase - Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Top beats (4:55). Side 3. 1. Business Before Pleasure - George Akaeze & His Augmented Hits (4:36), 2. Omo Yen Wu Mi - Shadow Abraham with Mono Mono Friends (3:28), 3. Blak Sound -Leo Fadaka & The Heroes (4:53). Side 4. 1. Torri Wowo - Godwin Ezike & The Ambassadors (3:07), 2. Eguae Oba - Osayomore Joseph & The Creative 7 (4:29), 3. Akpaisong - Etubom Rex Williams & His Nigerian Artistes (2:28), 4. Ugali - The Tony Benson Sextet (5:21)

CAETANO VELOSO E GAL COSTA- DOMINGO LP (vinyl lovers, russian federation)
31.98usd/16.43gbp/22.02eur/3402jpy (approx)

*Released in 1967 just one year prior to the revolutionary album that launched the Tropicalia movement. Here Veloso, however, is still firmly rooted in the bossa nova style, although he is already beginning to shine with his own compositions. This was also the first album for renowned Brazilian singer Gal Costa, whose beautiful vocal style first gained attention on the festival circuit. Remastered reissue of the original 1967 album, including an insert with lyrics. 180 gram virgin vinyl.

24.98usd/12.84gbp/17.20eur/2657jpy (approx)

*Astrud & Stanley's only LP for CTI, recorded in 1971, is now available again in a splendid new gatefold cover. This should already be a classic, as everything touched by the hand of Eumir Deodato deserves. The interesting thing here is that aside from the fantastic performances of 'Ponteio,' 'Vera Cruz' (a superb rendition by Stanley Turrentine!), 'Brazilian Tapestry' or 'Traveling Light,' we are reissuing the Spanish version of the album which features the two Spanish sung covers of 'Love Story' and 'For All We Know.' As a bonus, sides A & B of the superb Spanish single from 1972 'Acercándome a Ti' and 'En Tu Piel,' both written by Ennio Morricone and produced by the best producer from this country Manolo Díaz, are included in the package. 'Acercándome a Ti' is probably one of the very best songs Astrud Gilberto has sung, a very nice easy-with-strings tune backed by a you-must-hear-it-to-believe-it fuzz guitar sound from outer space. Groovy!


MANUEL DE LORENZI- COCONUT 12” (8bit, germany)
12.98usd/6.67gbp/8.94eur/1380jpy (approx)

*Alora... from Sebo K, Sleeper Thief, Audiofly, Anthony Colllins, Sian, Marcin Czubala to Manuel de Lorenzi. Best feedback for the new 8Bit record from the smart Italian guy. Manuel De Lorenzi is definitely one rising star to watch out for in 2008. Carving his own fresh style and insight into his productions, he delivers a fine EP for 8bit. 'Coconuts' is a slow burner, with punchy chord stabs and deep haunting pads that take you nicely on a journey. On the flipside 'Something' is a more subtle, deep 'n' dark groover. Nick Curly is brought in on remix duties keeping it close to the original yet delivering a more housed up percussive affair. A great EP and great start to 2008!

V/A- TUNING #05 12” (boxer recordings, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*Marek Hemmann and Paul Nazca are two hell-raisers among the international DJ scene. Hemmann rushes the crowd with a real rustic pusher. This sounds like the pure pleasure of driving, right from the start until the very end. Nazca creates enormous things out of replacement parts and sweat while armed with red wine and Gauloises, of course. This is the way classics made of chrome and steel are born.

SASCHA FUNKE- DOUBLE-CHECKED 12” (bpitch control, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*Taken from his second album Mango, Sascha Funke presents "Double-Checked." Fritz Zander's remix is dark and sober but not simple and minimal. His sounds are rough and he concentrates on the beats rather than playful melodies, while Sascha Funke's original is calmer, more laid-back. "The Ballerina" is demanding and captivating, deep and dreamy. One cannot get the bass line off their minds, and all thoughts of going home vanish into the night.

FLIP & DEF JAGUAR- THIS SOUND 12” (brut!, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*'This Sound' is the sound of Def Jaguar (aka Djuma Soundsystem) and best mate Flip. You might remember The Djumas from last year's Les Djinns on Get Physical, but this is a completely different story. 'This Sound' is pure catchy and sexy pop-house at its best. It's a flirt tool! Berghain/Panorama Bar resident Murat Tepeli follows with a properly crafted remix. Anyone say Chicago? Yes, house keeps our heart pumping. This is a DJ tool for the discerning selector. On the flip side, the classy Joachim Spieth is set to deliver... and he delivers, no doubt about it! He shifts the coziness of the original towards deeper and hypnotic areas turning a house anthem into a techno anthem! To finalize the matter, Dubnoodles pumps fresh energy into his remix with help from a fat bass spiced up with unexpected indie-flavored grooves!

11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*Here comes Andreas Heiszenberger with what seems like a requiem to a past love. The track is moody, twisted, dubby and full of intense ambiguous emotions, from love to hate and from pop to abstraction. Then comes Nass aka Geiger to give the original the treatment -- and what a treatment! Surely more effective than your post-depression counselor, Nass goes for a dub techno odyssey that will make hardwax enthusiasts drop their Prozac prescription. On the flip side, one of the men of the year, Mr. Efdemin comes with the definitive solution: go deep, then stand up and dance. Efdemin presents us with a work of love, an unmistakable homage to the sound of Berlin. To finalize, Andreas Heiszenberger goes for the traditional medicine to relieve any heartache: deep house with a nod to Lowtec, Theo Parrish and the Dial ensemble. A truly perfect moment...

HUGO- BORN TO BOP 12” (claque musique, italy)
12.98usd/6.67gbp/8.94eur/1380jpy (approx)

*The third release on Claque Musique is one by Hugo, an Italian rising star who has previously released on Tongut, Floppy Funk, Enliven Music and Tuning Spork Records. 'Born To Bop' settles into a swinging groove that's propelled by a delicious bassline and skipping beats that are as crunchy as salted peanuts! The Jay Haze remix plunges into disorienting darkness; two trippy tunes tailor-made for the night crawlers.

3B & BROTHA D- ROCK THE HOUSE 12” (dance mania, usa)
9.98usd/5.13gbp/6.87eur/1061jpy (approx)

*finally in stock and supplies limited of course… bouncing Chicago jack-trax!! don’t miss out.

9.98usd/5.13gbp/6.87eur/1061jpy (approx)

*restocked… Six ultra raw Armani classics like Watch out, Frequency and Remote control.

CLUB STYLE- CRAZY WILD 12” (dance mania, usa)
9.98usd/5.13gbp/6.87eur/1061jpy (approx)

*restocked… Back in!! Straigt from '94! Quality ''Relief'', Glenn Underground style deephouse produced by robert armani and paul johnson.

DJ KURTIS VUTTON- CUM GET IT 12” (dance mania, usa)
9.98usd/5.13gbp/6.87eur/1061jpy (approx)

*finally in stock and supplies limited of course… killer chicago ghetto house/minimal booty beats!!!

ED DMX/ASYLUM SEEKERS- HARDCORE HOUSE 12” (first cask, belgium)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*Ed dmx-produced tracks, reminiscent of UK hardcore/oldschool house and techno tracks. Housed in a gaudy-as-you-like bright yellow sleeve, this is something for those wanting a bit of nostalgia.

SOLOMUN- BEAUTY & THE BEAST 12” (four:twenty, uk)
12.98usd/6.67gbp/8.94eur/1380jpy (approx)

*Four:Twenty present another landmark release that displays this imprint's uncanny ability to back a winner every time. This particular winner is none other than Solomun, who has served up his finest work yet in three outstanding tracks for the UK-based imprint. Lead cut 'Deadman' is an anthem of a track in a time when anthems are few and far between. Rising, Detroit keys layer up with rich strings atop a warm, organic drum track creating a fluid deep houser which is head and shoulders above the crowd.

N.V.- IZIPHO 12” (future days, uk)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*Latest blast of goodness for the on-point Mancunian techno label, Future Days, this time keeping the mysterious source close to home for a couple of blasts of analog techno inspired by the masters, revised for the future.

T.J.- I DUB AGAIN 12” (jes say, usa)
9.98usd/5.13gbp/6.87eur/1061jpy (approx)

*limited repress of this great piano driven chicago house track produced by jesse saunders.

JORG BURGER- POLYFORM 12” (k2, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*Ever since the sound of Cologne emerged in the mid-'90s, the name Jörg Burger works as a synonym for beauty in techno. His elegant yet propulsive sequence-driven techno under guises like The Modernist or Stardiver has become a force of its own. For his second release under his real name on Kompakt's dinghy K2, he deflates his trademark pop appeal in favor of darker tendencies -- which, as we all know, works perfectly in clubs. It's what scary movies, roller coasters and techno have in common: the more nasty it gets the better! But Jörg Burger wouldn't be our friend if he'd just let us stand in the cold dark. On the flipside, he gently turns up the radiator and reminds us that its predecessor Polyform 1 is actually one of the most touching neo-deephouse tracks ever written.

PHONOLULU- ALOHA 12” (kickboxer, germany)
12.98usd/6.67gbp/8.94eur/1380jpy (approx)

*The title Phonolulu might come along a bit flowery and cosy at first, but in the end, it is definitely not. Lauterhaus & Schulenburg's style, both based in Essen/Germany, can be best described as dark and dubby, technoid, rustic, coltish. And they take us with them on their transmigration from the perpetual ice to Purgatory and Hell. 'What I Trip' you would like to shout out loudly against the storm. Here are two unusual, off-the-mainstream tracks: far from any techno stomping or Boom Boom atmosphere, and far more than just two other mass-pleasing short-term products. You might have to listen to the tracks two or three times, but then, their inner strength will reveal. Beyond comprehension is their dub style, the depths, the abysses they are dealing with. Certainly a rather risky experiment in our times. But we love both tracks and would be really pleased if you would love them, too. Welcome to the perpetual ice.

ALTER EGO- WHY NOT?!/BABY KRAUT 12” (klang elektronik, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*This is the Alter Ego hit mix Part II. Tim Deluxe remixes "Why Not?!" into a phat, crowd-pleasing peak time slam. The B-side is a little more subtle with slowly rising hysteria rather than insanity on every frequency. In between this one breathes the spirit of the old Decoding The Hacker Myth days, before a killer bass line reminds you that this is a dance record.

V/A- TOP TEN 1/3 12” (level, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*Level Records reached the 10th release and in order to make it something special, we decided to release Top Ten in three separate parts. The first part includes tracks from Marcin Czubala, Bvoice & KHz, & Anders Ilar.

V/A- TOP TEN 2/3 12” (level, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*The second part of the three ep series celebrating Level Records' tenth anniversary, Top Ten 2/3. Ferenc Vaspoeri kicks off with an escape from the city and deep into Hungarian forests yet maintains a metropolitan perspective with his harmonic, almost texture-free sound design. Next on the map is Hidenobu Ito, who summons ghosts in Tokyo's Asakusa district with the spookiest house sneaker released on Level Records to date. On the flipside, it's back to Duesseldorf, Germany, with local legend Antonelli Electr. throwing on a twisted Chicago-esque house tune.

V/A- TOP TEN 3/3 12” (level, germany)
12.98usd/6.67gbp/8.94eur/1380jpy (approx)

*Third and last part of the Top Ten series on Level Recordings. Top Ten 3 is packed with exclusive tracks by SLG, Revolver label-head Jeff Milligan, Ekkohaus and Daniel Fritschi himself. This piece of vinyl comes in a lovely designed LP-sleeve by Nicola Roman Walbeck.

KU BO FEAT. JOYCE MUNIZ- UM KORPO 12” (man recordings, germany)
12.98usd/6.67gbp/8.94eur/1380jpy (approx)

*Ku Bo is a new project by Vienna-based bassmeister Stereotyp. Known for his passion for Brazilian music and Afro beats as well as European club and bass culture, Ku Bo is the best of both worlds. "Rebola" (Portuguese for "shake your booty") features Joyce Muniz singing over a manic, tropical beat and incredible bass sounds that breathe a heavy hi-tech vibe. "Um Korpo" is deep, with dubby chords and a straight 4/4 beat that becomes a manic dancefloor monster.

GUY J- STOP HOLD 12” (manual, netherlands)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*Manual Music presents a massive EP by Guy J. Together with Guy Gerber, Chaim, David K. and Shlomi Aber, Guy J is one of the main contributors to the popular sound from Israel at the moment. Combining the warmth of progressive house with elements of minimal techno, Israel has a very distinctive sound at the moment. Guy J has had recent releases on infamous labels such as Azuli, Renaissance and Bedrock and is therefor making quite a name for himself. This release features the huge original mix and remixes by Frenchman DJ Yellow (Ovum, Poussez!) and the talented Dutchmen Thomas Lauren (Dualblock).

ER!C B YOUNG- SAVE AS DOCUMENT 1 12” (manual, netherlands)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*restocked… Even though this is Er!c B Young's debut release, he is already quite a known figure in the Dutch dance scene. Known to be a good house DJ a couple of years ago but nowadays he is co-founder and main editor for the one and only Dutch dance magazine called DJ Broadcast. On this all-Dutch EP, his good friends Nuno Dos Santos & Patrice Baumel (aka 360 Soundsystem) and Le Clic (Julien Chaptal & Aaron Friedman) have supplied the two remixes. Nuno Dos Santos made a name for himself with his release last year on the infamous Compost Records label together with his buddy TJ Kong. Patrice Baumel dropped a huge bomb earlier this year on Trapez called 'Just Electricity' and has recently done a remix for the My Best Friend label. They drop a huge peaktime bomb now with their remix for Er!c B Young's track, which combines the best of an old school feel with new production skills and fresh sounds. Julien Chaptal is known for his two releases on the Remote Area label he did in the last year. Now he teams up with his buddy Aaron Friendman for the remix duties and drops a funky minimal techhouse clubber.

11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*restocked… To start things off, Giorgos drops a nice driving piece of techno music with a solid built-up with 'The Huu.' On his second track called 'Test Animal' he even takes things a little further dropping a huge peaktime dancefloor bomb -- not for the faint hearted! Audiomatique's Piet van Dongen takes thing with a more subtle and melodic approach. 'I'm Ill And I Don't Like It' is one of those rare tracks which can make an entire venue scream until goosebumps appear all over your body. To finish things off in style Piet ends the EP with 'Sharktale,' a nice piece of chilled-out electronica.

9.98usd/5.13gbp/6.87eur/1061jpy (approx)

*Chicago producer, remixer, and dj allen wright serves up a three track ep of old school flavored chicago house. coming off his reel to reels from '87 through '96 are 'talking heads (1987 Reel 2 reel edit)', ''sodium, & ''sexual primates'. pure and intense tracks!

RILEY REINHOLD- SUNSET SOUND 12” (my best friend, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*Triple R aka Riley Reinhold returns with another eclectic release. Sunset Sound focuses on the West Coast and the feeling of the psychedelic '60s. The title track is all pick-up sounds, rolling, dubbed-out bass, organ stabs and druggy blur. "Elektra Boulevard" is even more hypnotic with huge claps and effects. Melodies sneak into the track and voices whisper, playing a mind-boggling psychedelic game.

GEZ VARLEY- G-11 12” (persistencebit, germany)
12.98usd/6.67gbp/8.94eur/1380jpy (approx)

*A veteran of Force Inc., !K7, Tommy Boy, Swim, and Warp, one-time LFO member and current G-Man Gez Varley brings his protean techno mastery to Persistencebit with two originals and two 'G-11' mixes by Carsten Fietz and Nadja Lind. Varley anchors his pulverizing G-man mix of 'Slaunch' with a colossal kick drum and drenches its galloping pulse with cobra-like streams.

ANDRE CROM- KARDIO 12” (sender, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*With a resolute dancing step, Dr. Andre Crom leads us into his ICU. Here only patients of the THI (Techno Health Insurance) are taken care of. Which therapy would you prefer? In treatment room A1., the endorphin flow is stimulated by a grooving acid bass line, while next door in room A2., a relentless metallic synth line cares for dilated pupils and raised adrenalin blowout. If the nutcase nurses send themselves on a trip again with their medications and don't keep an eye on their patients during therapy, their temperature curve is rising (B1)! So it's about time for rehab in station B2., with a Kardio therapy approved by all health insurances: dancing!

12.98usd/6.67gbp/8.94eur/1380jpy (approx)

*Our most special dynamic duo, representing the Chicago-Lisbon connection, lighted the fire, and worked on a new recipe. Mix plenty of groove with sophisticated synth lines, throw in a touch of acid and some extra spices. Pump it all up and we are finally ready for the action. Available soon at a dancefloor near you. A2. Dalessandro & Expander - 'Pump Kin Pie,' Jason Emsley remix. Known for his hot releases on Platzhirsch, Jason Emsley brings his own recipe that he learned, back in the old days, in L.A. The result is a nice homemade blend of techno that includes perfect drumsets, the right touch of acid, and of course, the secret ingredient that makes him so special. B1 - Thinkfreak - 'My Good Bug.' This is the new floor burner from Thinkfreak, who, again, surprises us with a groovy minimal track charged with maximal energy and a synth line that comes in at exactly the right time to provide us with the perfect mood for madness. It's party time!

JAMES T. COTTON- LIKE NO ONE 2LP (spectral sound, usa)
19.98usd/10.27gbp/13.76eur/2125jpy (approx)

*lp-only release… This is the second full-length release for Michigan's James T. Cotton (aka Tadd Mullinix, also known as Dabrye, JTC and SK-1) on the Spectral Sound label. James T. Cotton has been an integral part of the Spectral family since its origins, and after a string of successful releases on the Creme, Nation and UDEK labels, he returns with a confident new album that takes his dark techno paranoia into new realms. 2004's The Dancing Box LP was a powerful look into the mind of this creative producer -- tracks like "Press Your Body" and "The Drain" suggested a dystopian landscape, marrying Belgian new beat and acid into a classic melange. As part of a new wave of producers exploring the jackbeat sound, Cotton provides a re-understanding of classic house and techno rhythms, which steers clear of retro cheekiness. For Like No One, Cotton has paired up with scene luminary Traxx (as Saturn V), for the bouncing "Come Into My Life" and with his 2AM/FM counterpart, D'Marc Cantu, for the ecstatic "Sensational Rhythm." Cotton's solo ventures like "The Boxx" and "Got To Let You Know" are proof that Like No One plays like a document of the dance music moment, where genre falls away, and true energy and prowess thrive.

ALEX TSIRIDIS- RUBBER SUIT 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*This is Alex Tsiridis' debut on the Trapez label, and it is a techno rocker. "Rubber Suit" is panic-stricken and claustrophobic with a heavy bass line that creates nervous energy. "Suasion" is a cool Chicago groover with a resemblance to Mike Dunn's "Magic Feet" and his colleagues, but with a nice modern sound. A cool, understated track plus moments of losing control.

MIHALIS SAFRAS- COLPO GROSSO 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*This is the first in a series of records that Greek artist Mihalis Safras will exclusively release on Trapez Ltd. Safras has many talents -- writing techno trax, film music and for his own band. "Colpo Grosso" is a jacking but nervous tune that shows his ability to control the pace on the dancefloor by introducing small but important details. "Doo Doo" is a warped electronic track for the late night hours, really drugged-out with lots of sounds and effects.

BÜLENT GÜRLER- ELEMENTS 1 OF 2 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*restocked… Here comes the follow-up to the highly-acclaimed 12" Koala by German producer Bülent Gürler. The record features the smooth and deep track, "Water" which centers around the sound of a rain drop! What could be more minimal? Bülent gives his beats an extra shove with the peak time player, "Fire." A track with an incredible build-up diving into the post-acid genre and quite possibly the best rave-break of the year.

BÜLENT GÜRLER- KOALA 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*restocked… Bülent Gürler's debut 12" on Trapez Ltd is stylistically between house and techno, but finds its birth right in the here and now. The Koala EP was recorded in a Chicago techno house fashion but with a strong European feel to it. These tracks are haunting minimal groovers, with mad miniature sounds dancing on mighty basslines. Both are masters at keeping the pace and making the right moves, with a nice stop-and-go action that makes people addictive to Bülent's groove, a beat that never stops.

BUKADDOR & FISHBECK- SCEADA 12” (traum, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*Bukaddor & Fishbeck are known through their three releases on MBF which have acclaimed international success resulting in a dozen live appearances. This two track 12" features "Sceada," a track that makes use of a tender sneaking motion which evolves step-by-step with chords that add more and more color. "Mantikor" gives you the feeling of dancing on a volcano with a hypnotic under-the-surface bubbling that will put a spell on you.

JENS ZIMMERMANN- SPACE MIGRATION 3000 12” (treibstoff, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*Since 1988, Jens Zimmermann successfully cultivated quite some dance terrains. Easygoing he takes the liberty of creating a boundless effective area now, to see which kinds of new, exciting young plants might thrive there. In doing so, he opens the floor spaces on a grand scale to provide room for full development of even the bizarrest event. This is so far-out that you are wondering where you've actually landed as soon as you go there to pick it up and get it back in again. Amazed, you are flowing -- spiritually as well as physically -- through these uniquely meandering structures, in the course of which the term 'time' resists definition. The factor of being blown away is tremendous. 'Sequenz 32' seems to have emanated from Zimmermann's private Area 51, in which Rhythm & Sound pimp up the 1975 era Tangerine Dream in terms of design values. You can hear that a man is at work who knows his stuff darn well and is safe in what he is doing. The production is brilliant, the selection of sounds superb, set-ups are constructed with caution, superimpositions are finely layered, propagations and ripenings are get going in a well-considered manner. The vibes flip diverse switches after a certain while. And these are not customary toggle switches, but in fact freely manoeuverable joysticks, for a remote-controlled crowd. Some enormous consequences of these sound aspects reveal over almighty loudspeakers. Ricardo Villalobos in Groove magazine, Berlin, Sept/Oct 2007: '(In Room One of the 'Fabric') you can play a JZ track solely consisting of an incredibly recorded bass drum and a single tone, and the crowd is wacking out.' Test runs certify; 'Hey Freak' this desirable quality. On the horizon of a bright musical future, Z-Man's groove evolution is flourishing.

11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*Originally released in 1998 as part of the Sunpeople EP, produced by Baby Ford and Thomas Melchior. Sven Väth has been playing it on his radio shows and gigs around the world since it first appeared. Now he has delivered a masterful remix of this cult classic along with Alter Ego members Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke. Its a true epic taking it deeper and rocking the tek house party to the max, a brilliant arrangement with great string break downs/vox hits and a rolling bass line (reminiscent of Suicide-style electronic rock giving the track a surreal quality).

THE HACKER & ERIC BORGO- ZONE 12” (tsuba, uk)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*What better way to start 2008 than with the huge 'Zone' by The Hacker & Eric Borgo, already licensed to Jennifer Cardini's new Kompakt compilation. The Hacker needs no introduction -- a true pioneer with album releases on his own Goodlife label (with his friends Oxia and Alex Reynaud) and with Miss Kitten on DJ Hell's Gigolo imprint. In 2001 at the dawn of electroclash, they were booked all over the world with Miss Kittin appearing as a dominant nurse and The Hacker cold as ice behind the machines and decks. In 2007, Michel describes his style as 'classic Detroit-style with Jeff Mills in mind.' Long term friend and Tsuba artist Eric Borgo teams up with Michel on the moody techno of 'Zone.' For the remix, it's a great coup to have the first mix from Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris' new project 'Its A Fine Line.' The result, as you would expect, is a club mix that's typical Smagghe -- brooding, moody electro with a super-tight groove and eerie synths. It's a big one!

11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*restocked… Huge with 2000 And One, Oxia, Shinedoe, Audiofly, Raudive, Gregor Thresher, 3 Channels, Claude Von Stroke, Laurent Garnier, Tyler Stadius, Adultnapper. Tsuba label boss steps out front with a track up his sleeve and, naturally, its pretty damn good. 'Jaguar Shoes' is a sparse, tripped-out bleepy ride made for late night shindigs -- Panorama bar style -- complete with stripped-back pads and panning electronics and a house groove that's part Guido Schneider, part Argy. Respect. The Ripperton mix has been described as his best-ever with shades of deep house and techno, building towards the melancholy mandolin string riff of the original.

DAVID K- THREE ARCHES EP PART 2 12” (tsuba, uk)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/8.25eur/1274jpy (approx)

*restocked… Huge Samim remix! Support from Claude Von Stroke, Tiefschwarz, Ricardo Villalobos, Laurent Garnier, Steve Lawler, Radio Slave, Sebo K, Simon Baker, Ripperton, Misstress De Funk (Radio 1), Kiki, X-Press 2, Cari Lekebusch, Guy Gerber. This is the second part of the Three Arches EP from Freak n' Chic and Cocoon star, David K. The deep and dub mixes were made with the afterparty in mind and center around a low-slung bass line, hypnotic grooves and a tripped-out melody. In David's words 'This is one my favorite productions this year fusing the best elements of deep house and techno -- I love to play these tracks.' Samim ups the ante and delivers a killer club mix, adding a heavier bottom end and old skool riff while maintaining the dubby vibe of the original. One of his best mixes yet!

9.98usd/5.13gbp/6.87eur/1061jpy (approx)

*Member of the Dirty Criminals steps out with the 1st release on his new label. Dark, nasty sounding heavyweight chicago tracks...

JTC- DANCE OF DEATH 12” (udek, usa)
9.98usd/5.13gbp/6.87eur/1061jpy (approx)

*Dabrye-man steps out steps out to the dark side. Dark, nasty ass chicago tracks that will hit you hard.

GLENN UNDERGROUND- FEELIN' ME 12” (white label, usa)
9.98usd/5.13gbp/6.87eur/1061jpy (approx)

*killer one sided white label from this chicago deep house legend… limited supplies.


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