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19.98usd/13.58gbp/15.07eur/2004jpy (approx)

*essential bbe title from 2006 in stock for the first time… I realised I was going to a second hand record store, with the same mindset as going to a shop that specialised in new releases. I was looking for something new, but in a place that carried essentially old things! By "new" of course I mean fresh and unheard of, and although there are quite a few things on my want list I'd be happy to tick off, I find it more exciting to discover that good song that is not on there. There is some kind of evolution in music collecting, the more you complete one genre, the more you move to a sub genre, a sub, sub genre, eventually branching out to different musical paths, to avoid being stuck in dead ends. It turns out records I would overlook a few years back, are the ones I feverishly hunt now! One of many such sub genres I grew up to love over the years, is a type of Disco that I could best describe as Cocktail Disco. I believe this style was called Sleaze back in its days, from roughly 1976 to 1979. There were even DJs specialized in the Sleaze sound which was usually played after hours, in spots with a strong sex oriented drive. Cocktail Disco has that ubiquitous 4/4 beat and flying open high hat, complemented by rich orchestrations, campy over the top vocals, and an often tropical latin vibe. Something that wouldn't feel out of place in a broadway musical. Typical examples can be found in the various works of New York producer August Darnell AKA Kid Creole (and the coconuts). Major acts like Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra, Vince Montana's early Salsoul projects and Manhattan Transfer all had a strong hand in championing that sound to the larger media. Major acts inevitably spawned smaller ones trying to follow with a similar sound, and hence an identifiable genre was born. The indie label releases usually meant lower producing budgets, which translated in less polished recordings giving the music a rawer, more appealing sound to me. Mix tricks from other genres were emerging: heavier drums, louder percussion, climaxing breaks... as if compensating for the cheaper orchestral sections. Two years ago I was invited for a guest slot on my friend's RadioRoro internet show (visit him via my top friends section) and decided to make a Cocktail Disco hour. One continuous set of this music sounded real sweet, and with a surprising amount of positive feedback combined with the lack of exposure of this genre, I decided to put together a compilation project to further expose it. -Dimitri from Paris

31.98usd/21.73gbp/24.12eur/3207jpy (approx)

*essential bbe title from 2001 in stock for the first time… Since the launch of Disco Spectrum I, the number of disco albums has multiplied many times. However BBEs disco albums seem to have started a trend towards looking at the disco underground and at joining the dots with the work of modern day producers such as Masters At Work and Norman Cook. joey negro –aka Dave Lee- has a special place within the modern disco movement. He has been collecting records for over twenty years and making his own for over ten. He has gained world wide acclaim and is responsible for over a hundred remixes from M People to Diana Ross, as well as a variety of top twenty hits under various pseudonyms, including the highly successful Jakarta reworking of the American Beauty film theme song. Dave still makes appearances behind the turntables, but he is better known for his very high quality remixes and productions. This is his second compilation for BBE, providing a natural heir to Disco Spectrum I, you may not have heard these tracks before, but listen closely the rhythms and arrangements slide naturally into those we hear every day, on the radio, T.V. and in the clubs.

24.98usd/16.98gbp/18.84eur/2505jpy (approx)

*essential bbe title from 1999 in stock for the first time… Henry Street is today recognised as one of the most innovative and successful dance labels out of New York. This is largely due to its owner and creator Johnny D, a sharp musical mind, a successful businessman and world renowned DJ, all of which have contributed to him becoming a leading player in the music industry. The resounding success of Henry Street can also be clearly seen in its music. The Story So Far presents a veritable gamut of tasty items on an album spanning some 40 definitive tracks. Including superior dance music such as Kenny dopes Whew, the first track ever released on the label in 1993, all the way through to the more recent post Nuyorican amalgamation of sounds of Air Macks. You will also find outstanding tracks from legendary producer Todd Terry as well as Phillys finest King Britt. This is an album reflecting pure quality. It is not only a representation of one of music’s most significant labels but more importantly a wonderful collection of post-modern disco.

24.98usd/16.98gbp/18.84eur/2505jpy (approx)

*essential bbe title from 1999 in stock for the first time… Latin classics mixing salsa, funk, soul, jazz & rock, featuring Ray Barretto, Armando Peraza, Sabu, Jonah Jones, La Sonora Poncena, Dandy's Dandy, Jimmy Bosch, Daniel Ponce, Charlie Palmeri, Tambu, Louie Ramirez, Andy Harlow; Linda Leida, Hector Riviera y Su Orchestra Con Tony Molina.

24.98usd/16.98gbp/18.84eur/2505jpy (approx)

*essential bbe title from 2000 in stock for the first time… Soulsonic, which took place on a monthly basis at Sohos infamous Propaganda night club, is one of the UKs best deep house nights. Hosted and promoted by DJ and Transfusion Records label owner Stuart Patterson, the night is a platform for artists such as Kerri Chandler, Maurice Fulton, Faze Action and Bah Samba as well as great independent labels like Wave and Guidance. Stuart has played in many of the world’s best known clubs including Space, Fabric and the End as well as at some of the UKs biggest outdoor festivals; V99, Homelands and Reading. He is regularly the special guest DJ alongside the likes of Gilles Petterson, Danny Rampling, Norman Jay, Ashley beadle and a whole
host of others. Recognising the link between both early house and disco and today’s sounds and styles, BBE label boss Pete asked Stuart to develop this link through the Soulsonic compilation. Many of the tracks found on the album were previously only available on very limited 12 inch
singles. It may well be the first time you have heard several of these tracks but the energy and production skills found on the album is sure to keep you wanting to hear more! Soulsonic is a unique album but marks the possible start of a new series of collaborations with some of the
world’s finest clubs.


ARBOURETUM- SONG OF THE PEARL LP (thrill jockey, usa)
13.98usd/9.50gbp/10.55eur/1402jpy (approx)

*Recorded at Lord Baltimore Recordings by Rob Girardi over two months in the fall of 2008, Song of the Pearl is Arbouretum's third full-length and the first to feature the same core band on every song. With Dave Heumann on guitar and vocals, Corey Allender on bass, Daniel Franz (also sometimes seen with Beach House) on drums, and Steve Strohmeier on guitar, Song of the Pearl is more earthy and direct than the band's previous efforts. While Rites of Uncovering seemed to peer down from a vantage point far above, Song of the Pearl reaches out from within the mire itself. The songs seem to have more immediacy and urgency than that of its predecessor. Paradoxically, the album exudes hopefulness, even though the songs' protagonists are often ultimately and intrinsically doomed. “False Spring", the album opener, is propelled by heavy guitar rhythms that roll like waves against a levee until they finally burst through to unleash a flood of ferocious, acid-drenched, solo passages. Because of the relatively long time spent in the studio for "False Spring" (and the album as a whole), the band was able to add elements such as the backward piano chord-meets-reverse cymbal hit intro and the overdubbed distorted acoustic guitar, which is so placed as to eerily mirror the electric guitar lines and create an otherworldly psychedelic wash. Among other notable additions are the string arrangements of former guitarist Walker Teret. Their addition to the chiming, modal guitars of the title track enrich the baroque elements of the song, enlivening the elliptical tale told by the elegant prose-style lyrics. Arbouretum's sophisticated songwriting often has roots in the folk music of the British Isles, but it's treated in a manner such that these older song-forms are split open by an explosive rhythm section and the dueling guitar lines of Dave Heumann and Steve Strohmeier. The crispy burnt sounds of the capoed baritone guitar intersecting with the brighter tones of Steve's Fender and hollow-body guitars push tracks like "Infinite Corridors" and the epic "The Midnight Cry" into the realm of heavy rock. The expository, yet emotionally resonant lyrics of Dave Heumann at times recall songwriters such as Richard Thompson, Fred Neil, and even Bob Dylan. It should then come as no surprise that the transition to the album's closer, "Tomorrow is a Long Time", an early Dylan song, is seamless. The song is almost unrecognizable in its new arrangement whose deliberate and deep rhythms coupled with Heumann's haunting vocals capture the lament of lines like: "Yes, and only if my own true love was waitin, Yes, and if I could hear her heart a-softly poundin, Only if she was lyin by me…" limited to 1,000 copies for the world and includes a free download coupon.

13.98usd/9.50gbp/10.55eur/1402jpy (approx)

* After summer 2008’s three-month, international tour (highlighted by performances at both Pitchfork and Roskilde festivals), Extra Golden settled down to record the follow-up to their acclaimed Hera Ma Nono. The result is Thank You Very Quickly, a six-song wonder of a record whose joyous danceable anthems were crafted in the wake of political and economic upheaval in Kenya. Flexibility, resilience, and invention have always been keys to Extra Golden’s success, and the recording process of Thank You Very Quickly was no exception. The basic tracks were recorded in one day, with the group set up in the third floor hallway/laundry room of guitarist Ian Eagleson’s parents’ house. While perhaps not the ideal studio situation, this arrangement went a long way to confirm the group’s belief that “tight quarters = tight grooves”. Additional tracking was done in the Pocono Mountains and again, back at the Eagleson’s. The record was mixed in Washington, DC, with Jonathan Kreinik and Nikhil Ranade. While Extra Golden’s first two albums served as thesis and antithesis, Thank You Very Quickly showcases a new level of artistry that could only be referred to as synthesis. That is to say that Extra Golden is no longer an experiment or “collaborative encounter”, but (wait for it!) a band. For evidence of this evolution, one need look no further than the album’s fierce opener, “Gimakiny Akia”, a dance-floor choogler for high altitudes. “Fantasies of the Orient” has a spring in its step while reminding the listener that one doesn’t have to live as a monkey to find happiness. Kenyan schoolchildren sing songs like “Piny Yore Yore”, minus the shimmering guitars and explosive tom-tom rolls. The lysergic blues/disco groove of “Anyango” is sure to be a huge hit - with a psychedelic surprise for the heads. Drummer Onyango Wuod Omari steps out front on “Ukimwi”, a passionate plea to destroy AIDS. Finally, the album’s title track and closer extends a humble thanks to all of the group’s fans who donated money to keep Extra Golden’s families alive and safe amidst Kenya’s post-election violence of early 2008. Though musically quite progressive, Thank You Very Quickly also consciously recalls many elements of the pre-digital age - from the album’s overall look and length, to its “live” drum sound and organic guitar tones. Extra Golden is proud to present its third album, Thank You Very Quickly, a powerful sonic statement that will have fans and critics alike showing their gratitude to the group for a very, very long time. The fun and joy expressed is remarkable when one considers the political and geographic obstacles the group has continuously overcome. Extra Golden will be on the prestigious African Soul Rebels tour of the UK in March, along with international stars Oliver Mtudkudzi and Baaba Maal, which will give them the opportunity to extend their gratitude in the best way they know how - from the stage. limited to 1,000 copies for the world and includes a free download coupon.

PONTIAK- MAKER LP (thrill jockey, usa)
13.98usd/9.50gbp/10.55eur/1402jpy (approx)

*Pontiak's studio in rural Virginia is about 12’x12’ and largely responsible for the saturated sound on their new album Maker. The band recorded the album in the same way as their previous efforts, themselves in a studio of their own making. Preferring the energy of a mostly live recording and understanding how to capture their sound, Pontiak recorded with lightening speed, generally keeping the first take as the final take. A lifetime of shared experiences certainly informs the three Carney brothers playing as a band. Jennings’ bass or Lain’s drums often finish the thoughts of Van’s guitar. This is a level of musical communication that most bands are only able to achieve after years of touring and recording. It also may account for their staggering productivity, this being their third Thrill Jockey release, in just over a calendar year. Van blew two amps during the recording of Maker but in the process found a sound he had been searching for - the dwindling life of his amps. It is his distorted instrument that accounts for the overall earthy tones on Maker. The brother’s voices are remarkably similar, causing the lead and chorus to blend seamlessly. Together the vocals bring a warmth to “Wild Knife Night Fight”, “Honey” or Seminal Shining” and an eerie sensation that comes from what appears to be a chorus of one. Van’s guitar work is an exercise in extremes with rhythmic drone, shifting often within one song into sharp lines. He leads the listener through a maze of sustain and hum tones with his piercing phrases, often on this album, punctuated by the intermediary sounds of his overextended amps. The adjectives often used to describe their music could also easily describe the musicians. Raised on a farm, the brothers are distinctly rural in their close ties and understanding of the land and our relation to it. When touring they often skip the comfort of the motel bed for the delight of camping under the stars. They paid the price on a recent trip when setting up to sleep at a late hour; they missed a large patch of poison oak. Live they are loud, make that very very loud, pushing the PA as they push their amps. There is a swing to Lain’s drum playing and often in Jennings’ bass rhythms that can be felt and almost seen. One merely needs to stand back to watch the crowd weave in unison, lost in their ocean of sound. Although they formed in Baltimore, it was not long before they returned to the farm country of their youth. There they built their studio, and on their subsequent albums, by combining disparate elements that alone ring familiar, have pioneered a sound that is entirely their own. limited to 1,000 copies for the world and includes a free download coupon.

19.98usd/13.58gbp/15.07eur/2004jpy (approx)

*limited edition 180 gram vinyl version… David Byrne and Brian Eno have paired up for their first record together as co-writers since the highly influential and critically acclaimed 1981 release My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is the culmination of a year’s worth of writing, recording, and travel between New York and London. Everything That Happens… was conceptualized during a visit to Brian Eno’s studio after the two reconnected upon Nonesuch Records’ re-release of Bush of Ghosts. Byrne explains, “I recall Brian mentioning that he had a lot of largely instrumental tracks he’d accumulated, and since, in his words, he ‘hates writing words,’ I suggested I have a go at writing some words, and tunes over a few of them, and we see what happens.” Thus the two began exchanging vocal and instrumental tracks, and the transatlantic collaboration began. Everything That Happens… features Byrne’s lyrics and voice alongside Eno’s various electronic tracks. “When we started this work, we started to think we were making something like electronic gospel: a music where singing was the central event, but whose sonic landscapes were not the type normally associated with that way of singing,” says Eno. “This thought tapped into my long love affair with gospel music, which, curiously, was inadvertently initiated by David and the Talking Heads.”


19.98usd/13.58gbp/15.07eur/2004jpy (approx)

*vinyl reissue in stock for the first time… After six releases on the indie label SST, the Huskers finally jumped to the majors for candy apple grey--though not surprisingly, since it was their most polished effort in terms of production. Yet the general tone is every bit as despairing ever. At this point, Mould and Hart were moving apart from one another due to personal and creative differences, and it is clear that there are two very different songwriters at work here. Mould sounds like the living embodiment of angst as he shouts himself hoarse on the thrashy opener, "Crystal." On "Eiffel Tower High," he manages to make the lines "she walked out to the lobby/for a box of Junior Mints" sound like the poignant ending of a tragic romance. But on the soft, elegiac "Too Far Down" and "Hardly Getting Over It," Mould's singing is uncharacteristically subdued and conveys real heartbreak for the first time on a Husker Du record. Grant Hart mellows out, too, on "No Promise Have I Made," but straightforward pop-rockers like "Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely" and "Dead Set on Destruction" are where he really shines.


18.98usd/12.90gbp/14.32eur/1903jpy (approx)

*The sophomore album by Madagascar, a Baltimore based quartet that softly stamps out soothing circular melodies on an array of acoustic instruments that include accordion, saw, xylophone, bells and drums. Like dancing an oxycodone waltz with your grandmother to a Bell Biv Devoe 45 on slow speed while cabbage cooks away in the adjoining kitchen. Limited edition of 500 on robin's egg blue vinyl.

18.98usd/12.90gbp/14.32eur/1903jpy (approx)

*Nine short saturnian interludes make up the first proper vinyl release by the sound artist who has intrigued your collapsed antenna many times before as Eluvium, Matthew Robert Cooper. Atmospheric chamber music from the cardboard box vortex. Miniatures moves from swirling spatial feedback manipulations to stripped down minimal piano pieces and back while you watch from the curbside the ghostly parade. Limited to 2,000 copies


J.J. CALE- ROLL ON 2LP (because, france)
31.98usd/21.73gbp/24.12eur/3207jpy (approx)

*Roll On is JJ Cale's first batch of new solo material since 2004's To Tulsa and Back and comes on the heels of his gold selling 2006 collaboration with Eric Clapton, The Road to Escondido, which also earned him his first Grammy. Comprised of 12 new songs, including the previously unreleased title track recorded with Eric Clapton, Roll On finds Cale still in love with making music and passionately creating future classics that he'll one day tuck into his very own chapter of the Great American Songbook… “Some things don't change, and sometimes we should be grateful. This is Cale's 16th solo effort and the first in five years (discounting the 2006 joint venture with Eric Clapton). For those who don't know, Cale embodies the widescreen yet intimate Okie choogle: big horizon, small amplitude, middling tempo – relaxed, wise, blue and boogiferous. This time the great man turns up his rhythm program a notch and boosts his voice in the mix – he even alludes to jazz vocalese on ‘Who Knew?’”.–the independent, uk

16.98usd/11.54gbp/12.81eur/1703jpy (approx)

*Compilation culled from Abners' self released LPs and 7"s featuring hits such as "I'm So Depressed," "Cocaine," "Vietnam," and "The Reason Young People Do Drugs." Abner Jay was a one-man band singer/songwriter deserving of a wider listening audience than he received in his day. This is the first vinyl release of his material since the 1970s.

V/A- LAST KIND WORDS LP (mississippi, usa)
15.98usd/10.86gbp/12.05eur/1602jpy (approx)

*shop favorite repressed/restocked… Incredibly well compiled '20s-'30s era blues comp. High quality of sound for the time period of its recordings. This compilation is filled with the most accessible blues songs made to be appreciated by enthusiasts and those new to the genre. Features Blind Willie McTell, Memphis Minnie, Geechie Wiley, etc.


24.98usd/16.98gbp/18.84eur/2505jpy (approx)

*great bbe compilation from 1997 in stock for the first time... The Best Of Muse reintroduces some of the finest tracks laid down for the legendary New York label, featuring contributions from Carlos Garnett, Dave Pike, Grant Green, Eddie Jefferson and more. The Muse sound was key to the Latin American-infused jazz movement of '70s New York, and these selections brilliantly represent the diversity and vibrancy of that scene.


31.98usd/21.73gbp/24.12eur/3207jpy (approx)

*essential bbe title from last year in stock for the first time… The sound of the Sixties and Seventies has never been so sought after as at the present moment. You could even argue that modern music just isn't good enough. As evidence consider this: contemporary producers and artists are often looking back to get inspired - insert staggering number of examples - so you can safely say that even in this digital age the beating heart of modern R&B and hip-hop is still vintage soul, funk and jazz. This is why BBE Records have teamed up with DJ/Producer Mr Thing, to dig deep into his extensive collection to compile a series of albums of rare and sought after breaks. This series reflects brilliantly on his dedication to digging for those untouched and unrivalled samples and breaks as you hear him use in his DJ sets. As a DJ, Mr Thing never fails to engage the crowd with his winning combination of hip hop and funk breaks, spiced up with his legendary mixing and scratching skills. The first installment in the five part "Strange Breaks & Things" series contains superb songs; some you've probably never heard of, some which may make you go: "I recognize this sample!"…because it was once used as the backdrop for a classic Hip Hop track. If you liked the legendary "Strange Games" compilation series on BBE compiled by the likes of Kenny Dope & DJ Spinna, you'll love "Strange Breaks & Mr Thing".


9.98usd/6.78gbp/7.53eur/1001jpy (approx)

*bbe title from 2005 in stock for the first time… collaborative effort between up and coming producers, Symbolyc 1 and Illmind, (Hence, the title "The Art of OneMind"). Illmind has worked with the likes of Guru, Common, Dead Prez as well as underground favourites Akrobatik, Grand Agent, Supastition and Dave Ghetto. Symbolyc 1 is the producer of highly acclaimed underground group Strange Fruit Project. He has upcoming remixes for Slum Village and Ghostface. The debut single kicks of with “The Broke Song” featuring The Strange Fruit Project. Talk of day-to-day upsets and setbacks of being broke over a funky drum-track interwoven with funky guitar licks and vocal samples. Resulting in a catchy song sure to please heads!

14.98usd/10.18gbp/11.30eur/1502jpy (approx)

*bbe title from 2005 in stock for the first time… The Art of OneMind is a collaboration between two artists, Symbolyc One (S1) and Illmind. The project is a culmination of their common love of soul and Hip-Hop music, which burns bright throughout the album. Individually each artist has culminated an impressive resume of Hip-Hop production including Ghostface Killah, Common, Bahamadia, Ali shaheed Muhamed, Grand Agent, Strange Fruit Project, El Da Sensi and Prince Po. Art of OneMind features guest appearances from Ghostface Killah, Little Brother, Darien Brockington, Strange Fruit Project and more.

J DILLA- THE SHINING EP2 12” (bbe, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*bbe title from 2006 in stock for the first time… Follow-up to the highly appreciated Volume 1, incl. the amazing ´won´t do´, an extended version of ´love jones´ plus ´jungle love´ with Medaphoar & Guilty Simpson ... another bbe sure shot!

29.98usd/20.37gbp/22.61eur/3007jpy (approx)

*bbe title from 2006 in stock for the first time… Dilla's final album, and true testament to the kaliber of the man's talents before he was sadly struck down by illness. Featured collaborators speak for the quality well enough: Busta Rhymes, Common, Pharaohe Monch, Madlib, Dwele and more all appearing here.

29.98usd/20.37gbp/22.61eur/3007jpy (approx)

*bbe title from 2006 in stock for the first time… James 'J Dilla' / 'Jay Dee' Yancey leaves behind an impression on Hip Hop that will last the test of time., 'The Shining Instrumentals' now gets a full release; allowing the listener to hear the intricate warmth of Dilla's beats completely untouched by MC vocals.

DJ VADIM- TALK TO ME F/SENA 12” (bbe, uk)
9.98usd/6.78gbp/7.53eur/1001jpy (approx)

*bbe release from last year in stock for the first time… DJ Vadim is prolific in his touring and production work. Since signing to BBE Records early in 2007 he has performed over 100 lives shows, created countless exclusive DJ mixes for street & radio, produced many new tracks. and continued to champion his own unique style which fuses hip hop, funk & reggae. He has no equal in his field. this latest offering from the Sound Catcher project takes us to new pastures with the Vadim sound, bringing in the production skills of DJ Simbad giving us a 21st century psychedelic space ride, on Like The Wind, which has already been setting dancehalls across the world on fire. J Boogie brings us some West coast disco vibes, his version of Talk To Me, will have ‘house’ heads turned as much as the regular Vadim fan. Lastly from Vienna, Waxos.


24.98usd/16.98gbp/18.84eur/2505jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Even more Platters that matter from the island of Jamaica! Wayne Smith's classic "Sleng Teng", Sister Nancy's "Bam Bam", Byron Lee, Augustus Pablo, Lee Perry... Ultra rare Jackie Mittoo and Shark Wilson tracks and more! If you've got 100% and 200% then simply buy 300% for more listening pleasure. And if you haven't got 100% or 200% then why haven't you? Third installment in the immensely popular Dynamite series and, as you'd expect, it's packed with top tunes from the cream of Jamaica's producers and artists. Here you'll find super heavy reggae funk from the likes of Shark Wilson, Randy's Allstars, Lee Perry and Jackie Mittoo (whose track 'Jackie's Theme' has never previously been released), ska from Toots and The Maytals and Prince Buster, rocksteady from Byron Lee and Hopeton Lewis, classic dancehall killers from Wayne Smith and Sister Nancy, roots from Johnny Clarke and Augustus Pablo, calypso from Lloyd Price and a sweet reggae version of Al Green's soul classic 'Here I Am Baby'.

24.98usd/16.98gbp/18.84eur/2505jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Hold tight! More Dynamite sounds from Jamaica. This reggae packed album brings the music into your homes, your very lives, rhythms so beautiful they make even babies cry. Ska, soul, rocksteady, funk and dub, this is the sound. Mento to digital, dancehall to DJ, dreader than dread, rougher than rough... King Tubby has the real sound which you can't miss. Fantastic sound from King Tubby when he met the Aggrovators at Dub Station Studios, this is straight instrumental from Tommy McCook with versions. So dress up for your education of dub. Put away agression and make it a peace and love session. This is the sweeet soul sounds from the Cimarons and Paris Connection. Tenor Saw and Buju Banton - Ring the Alarm soundboy, another sound is dying. Quick! Original Harry J-sound 'Cuss Cuss' from Lloyd Robinson. Bobbing and weaving and coming your way, the man called Cassius Clay is here to stay. Move away Joe Frasier! Sweet Rudeboy sounds from Honey Boy Martin and his Rudies. This meeting is now called to order! Stand fast and unite fellow rudeboys. Middle your needle and groove the right groove. If it's good to you it's got to be good for you. From the volcano dancefloor sound of Barrington Levy's clasic 'Under Me Sensi' to the original calypso of Granville Williams to General Degree with the sound of today. This is the sound of Dynamite! Toots and The Maytals, Prince Buster, Lyn Taitt, funky funky reggae from the masters of ska and rocksteady. There is never a Dynamite without these sounds! So here it is, the sound of Dynamite! Sounds that are musically wild for you and your child. And remember we are all birds of a feather, so we got to love one another. Stick Together!


UNKNOWN- MARKED FOR DEATH 12” (white label, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Limited Edition Dubstep label Marked For Death is a project inspired by the 1990 film Marked For Death feat Steven Seagal. Samples from this film were cained in loads of early Jungle / Old Skool and this Base.Corrupt offshoot features 2 killer Dubstep tunes.

BAR 9- SHAOLIN STYLE: NERO & ROB SPARX REMIXES 12” (white label, uk)
11.98usd/8.14gbp/9.04eur/1201jpy (approx)

*Three corrugated Caspa style dubstep rave joints from Bar9 with a selection of rudely warped steppers styles that will get the jumpup dubstep ravers swinging they pants.

SYNKRO- TELL ME/EVERYDAY 12” (white label, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Northern dubstep soulboy Synkro notches up the second release on his self titled imprint with two emotionally struck and deepstyle dubstep joints. 'Everyday' rolls on a tuff TRG styled future steppers riddim, riding a swung 4/4 syncopation with minimal ingredients for maximized for impact in the rave. It would be ridiculous to compare 'Tell Me' on the flip to anyone other than Burial, but the comparison is entirely favourable with a sublimely melancholy 2-step composition cleaned and quantised for mixing potential.

DJ VAPOUR- STING IN THE TAIL 12” (36 hertz, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Dj Vapour is smashing it right now, and one of the tracks that set him on the way get the remix treatment one on a d & b flex and one on the dubstep flex. Both mixes are tuff as hell. The dubstep crowds will love the Noah d mix as he cleverly uses the sting in the tail hook.

BAR 9- STRUNG OUT/AMALGAMATION 12” (audio phreaks, uk)
11.98usd/8.14gbp/9.04eur/1201jpy (approx)

*Dubstep rave trooper Bar9 lashes out again for Audio Freaks. 'Strung Out' attempts to lend an level of sophistication with prominent string samples over an epileptic mid-range synthline, but fares far better on 'Amalgamation' with a Rustie alike display of bleepage with a tidy skanking melody and shuffling half-steppers rhythm. Big with Kromestar and the Z Audio crew.

MATT GREEN & D-FORMED- GET DOWN 12” (base.corrupt, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*two of the UKs finest Dubstep producers strike again with their awesome sound on Base.Corrupt.

VON D- ECHOLOW/TRUTH 12” (blackacre, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promo... Exposed from birth to the multi-cultural ethos of the Paris suburbs, a young Von – D found his soul’s conduit in a beat up drum kit. While the riddims of King Tubby fused and morphed into the foetal jungle of Photek, Serge Gainsborg issued instructions from the radio. A fusion chef of bassweight Von D deftly slices into unpredictable genres, concocting strange and beautiful new forms. Echolow takes a proto-junglist break heavy sound palate back into early 90’s acid house clubland. With £15 pill in hand we are dragged to floor by the galloping percussion and expansive subs as Von D snatches at soul samples and contorts them into metallic computer sirens. Truth is a late night journey through neon reflecting wet streets of Paris. Haunting chords are aided in setting the nocturnal scene by sparkling pianos, while sinister intent is provided by the cloak of subs. Just when you belted up and ready to cruse a bruising 4x4 kick and angular square bass stomp on the accelerator propelling you into the night. In essence Truth is about balance, an uneasy truce between opposites creating a breathtaking new sound. Support : Mary Anne Hobbs, Headhunter, Joe Nice, N Type, Chef, Nick Argon, Tes La Rok, Zed Bias, DJ Thinking.

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Pinball: It’s 2009 and time to expose the world to the sonic delights of Akira Kiteshi: a super Scots android duo currently hiding out in the automata underground after being wrongly accused of cross device sex crimes involving an SP1200, two analogue reels and a heavily warped copy of “Commadore 64 sound FX 4”. Their sound is a melting pot of all things interesting about the current electronic credit crunk climate, the wet meets the dry and the curiously wooden is taunted by the oddly synthetic. Pinball is like an 80’s arcade game soundtrack for an orgy organised by R2D2 and Rick James Trapped within Tron. Wonky meets wobbly. Noglitch Pt 1&2: On the flip we take it back to the Ol Boom Bap! Here the A.K. kids employ a kick snare combo that Dj Premier could (and would) eat his dinner off with an analogue synth-line invoking the dominance of an apocalyptic storm front. Just when 8 bit grooves are locked and the children are dancing the mainframe crashes and we are thrown into glitch melt down…only to be dragged back to out feet with a massive dancehaul rerub. Fyaaaaahhhh! Support : Mary Anne Hobbs, Kissy Sell Out, Huw Stephens, Flying Lotus, Rustie, Joker, Boreta, N-Type, edIT, Clouds, IDJ “The Best Black Acre yet!” 9/10 Recommended. Mixmag “Tear-out bats**t Brilliance”

AARDVARCK- BLOOM 1 12” (bloom, uk)
17.98usd/12.22gbp/13.56eur/1803jpy (approx)

*Aardvarck is on some weird sh*t right now, the result being two of his absolutely sickest twelves released in quick succsession, with Bloom 1 coming a mere couple of weeks after Bloom 2 shocked us into silence right at the very start of the year. The sound is heavily indebted to dubstep, but this is a producer with a rich heritage and quite a remarkable bag of production tricks in his arsenal, taking a skanking template and somehow imbuing it with the sounds and flavours of rugged techno without ever resorting to formulas. It's all about the production, every bass drop and snare expertly crafted, the result being a towering mass of space and low-end presence that sounds somewhere between the reductionist genius of Loefah and the next-level technophillia of Shed. -boomkat

16BIT- IN THE DEATH CAR 12” (boka, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*The highly anticipated In The Death Car EP is finally upon us, a three track triple A-side mammoth of a release hits the street in the form of a 12" vinyl plate, having been battered on dubplate by the likes of Rusko and Chef, and a huge buzz being created on the Dubstepforum and Youtube the time is now for 16bit and we just know they're gunna blow up! The EP features the cheeky 'In The Death Car,' the notorious 'Chainsaw Calligraphy' and the foot-stomping techno-infused insanity that is 'M Dot Mosley.' 16bit is DRT and Kidnappa. Watch out for these boys.

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promo... From the lands of Nether comes a brand new imprint. Dont consider this a Dubstep label but a label thatll mash up styles like no one else ever did, Electro, Ragga, Dancehall, Reggae, 8 Bit, House etc etc youll see what this is about really soon. Its time to take this music to the next level and see what its capable of. Just plain ol BIG riddims. The A side holds a theme from the ever so cult Metroid game. People who have played this game know what it does to you and why. And so did this producer from lancaster, by mashing up this tune with heavy beats and roaring basses with a tad of dnb & dubstep its simple to see why this tune is so heavy. Taking to into the breakdown like a vortex and exploding like a C4 package detonating in your face this one isnt for the fainted harted. The B side holds a rework of NIN's Head Down, By taking it up a notch and creating a prodigy like feel its easy to see why this producer will be one thatll rattle everybodies chain in the near future.

BAR 9- SO GOOD/DANCING WITH THE DEVIL 12” (dark circles, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Another don of the rave-step scene, Bar 9 bombs another steppa with 'So Good' - a tune that almost lives up to its name. You know the business; squelchy low-end and FM stabs destined to take the top of yr head off at 2am. Fizzing flip 'Dancin' With the Devil' takes it higher still and should be well primed for ravers and wobble cobblers from Boston to Birmingham. All it's missing is a donk on it.

CLOUDS- PROTECTING HANDS 12” (deep medi musik, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*finish copy promo… Clouds is a Finnish electronic music production team that consists of Tommi Liikka and Samuli Tanner. Tommi is a Helsinki native and Samuli comes from a small village deep in rural Finland. The combination of their musical influences is evident in Clouds -- both members share an interest in the DIY aesthetic often connecting all kinds of music made with passion, not brains. And passion is a trait that overlaps any genre or style boundaries, leading to music that is willing to break the mold. The Clouds sound is like a soundtrack to the invasion of earth by little and green, but dubwise, aliens. It's a fresh take on the standards of dubstep, combining elements from video games, experimental music and hip-hop with deep melodic meditations and dancefloor-shredding basslines. Always keeping it fresh, Clouds tracks rarely tread a path they've previously stepped on. This has been noted by many of the scene's top DJs, leading to Clouds being championed by people like Mala, Joe Nice, Geiom, Skream, N-Type, L-Wiz, DJ/Rupture, Mary Anne Hobbs and Tes La Rok.

KITO- WHAT IF/COLD 12” (disfigured dubz, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Finish copy Promo... Dropping two records in one week 005 spoils us with a debut release from Kito. Skream’s label once again bringing the deep atmospheric shizzle. Kito’s ‘What If‘ has been getting caned by the likes of Loefah & Digital Mystikz.

LATE- SAW, SINE, SQUARE/VOICES FROM THE NIGHT 12” (disfigured dubz, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Finish copy Promo... Skream’s label returns with two proper eyes-down rollers. Late's "Saw, Sine, Square" is dub deepness, all halting beats and shimmering melodies. (It sounds like Pantha Du Prince gone dubstep.) The buzz over this record has been mounting up over recent months, but here it is.

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… after much speculation the debut release on Skream's very own "Disfigured Dubz" is finally with us - and its a blinder. The a-side collaboration with Cluekid revolves around a looped Amen Break and demented bass that are both so loud and crisp that it puts to shame anything else that's spun on our decks today - and that's before you even bring those shocking stabs into the equation. "Moving Snares" on the flipside finds our man operating solo and taking a few measured risks - primarily with the dense Technoid structure that dominates the track, enforcing those myriad rumours that the twin engines of dubstep and techno are soon to be conjoined into a single heaving generic mass that's going to take over dancefloors the world over. On the evidence given on this track - here's hoping.

MOVES!!!- ALL SKATE/PLAYAZ 12” (dress to sweat, uk)
11.98usd/8.14gbp/9.04eur/1201jpy (approx)

*MOVES!!! is the alias of Philadelphian, Starkey; Dubstep innovator, Trouble & Bass collaborator and one of the most interesting producers on the whole bass scene right now. But he doesn’t just make Dubstep or Street Bass. With his new release on Dress 2 Sweat he brings us some kind of dancefloor hybrid that soaks up Bassline, Techno, Garage and Dubstep in equal measure, flipping from 2 step to 4x4 then back again continuously, creating this mad energy that is unparalleled by anything we’ve heard in a long time.

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*finish copy promo… No messing from the Constables of Dub Police HQ, dropping their most polished productions to date. ‘Monster Mash’ is their collabo with the original Dr Frankenstein, stitching together skipping 4/4 beats, retro synth madness and digital burp bass into a rampaging dancefloor beast. ‘Bazooka’ keeps the hype levels high, as the intro of chattering flute chords and shuffle-break drums combines with the P-funk electro-clav bassline to deliver tons of energy directly to your waist & hips. Quality stuff.

NIVEAU ZERO- DR DOOM/RESCUE 12” (dub technic, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*finish copy promo… Raved up dubstep from French producer Niveau Zero following from an unruly release for Destpub with three rave murda tracks on Dub Technic records. 'Dr Doom' is the drop 'n play cut, pushing up the radged-gadge-on-the-floor vibes to 8.682 for those that need to let off a bit of steam, while 'Rescue' draws for the trippy sci-fi steppers vibes with clinically clean production and 'Spastik' rolls out with glassy harmonics for the IDM/electronica steppers set. Big with N-Type.

MRK 1- MAGNETIC DEVICE/REVOLUTION 909 12” (earwax, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promo… Very limited supply. DJ Pinch's 'Earwax recordings always reps the heaviest in dubstep and related. MRK 1 brings his Manchester grime step with a futuristic techno twist. Bad!

ZION TRAIN- WHAT A SITUATION 12” (elastica, uk)
11.98usd/8.14gbp/9.04eur/1201jpy (approx)

*Once again Elastica hits the ball up with a 4 tracks single, very well packed. A solid and respectable shortlist of names from dubstep, dub, electronic and drum&bass, all tracks delivering amazing reworks of What a situation from Zion Train for the second time on Elastica! Stable Numa crew, Backword, Knuf from Xcost, and Arp xp. Heavy, wobbly, dubby, and arabesque subfrequency, for an endless rise since its debut as first Italian dubstep label! Can’t miss it out!

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Hailing from Folkstone, Switchdubs is primarily a hip-hop scratch dj that has turned his hand to putting a dubstep twist to classic hip-hop tracks. The first of all which is by Cyprus Hill ‘child of the west’ to form the track ‘Mother from the east’. ‘Stick up’ is a bit darker and a more serious track. Both tracks are well produced with great use of LFOs and the beats are tuff. Paired together they form a brilliant 12” which is set to cause a stir world wide. Watch out for further releases on this label as Emtek sets the scene for a massive year on his imprint. Make sure you check out the audio, and order early in the week to get some as this is a white label promo run of 150 copies and they will not stick around for long.

11.98usd/8.14gbp/9.04eur/1201jpy (approx)

*Bay Area dubstep crew Full Melt Recordings make their debut vinyl release with two tracks from Antiserum aka half of OSC. 'Frisco Funk' is a horny ska driven skanker built for party good times, while 'Sound Biz' written in collab with Ripple does the dubstep rave thing with nasty synthlines and a skanking halfstep riddim.

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*The second volume in The Jakes Project series, following the success of the H.E.N.C.H imprint and widespread support from across the board, this is the label’s 7th release so far, with more to follow from The Jakes Project as well as an album with exclusive bonus tracks and mixes!

JOE- GRIMELIGHT/RUT 12” (hessle, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promos... Bongos, congos, marimbas, woodblocks and cowbells: Joe, the mysterious producer with the everyday name, is no exception. Taking cues from the emerging funky scene and producers like Kode9, Shackleton, 2562 and Ramadanman, "Rut" and "Grimelight" are two different takes on a similar rhythmic palette. From a multitude of influences Joe builds a distinctive sound with sparse melodic elements thrusting the rhythmic percussion into the forefront, which in turn rests upon a backbone of bass. This Hessle release shows Joe's promising talent; his music, unlike his common and indistinctive artist name, is quite unique. "Rut" is more energetic and lively, reminiscent of the start-stop feel of an earlier Hessle Audio release, Ramadanman's Blimey. A skittish drum workout, contrasted by steady shakers and hi-hats, it builds up a catchy groove that is no doubt extremely physical on a proper sound system. Reverberating chords, reminiscent of the sombre jazz stylings of Modus Operandi-era Photek, provide a haunting sense of melody along with floating synths. After the second breakdown, the mood changes and the tempo is picked up by lighter synth stabs and shuffling cymbals.

UNTOLD- SWEAT/DANTE 12” (hotflush, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promos... So then, another month, another stupidly good Hotflush record – how do they do it? Mutating swamp-garage master Untold tones things down a bit for Scuba’s label, and first up is ‘Sweat’ - rolling 2-step breaks that reek of classic Wookie, sticky chocolate bass and intricate synth trickery that interlocks with the delayed topline and dazzling edits. ‘Dante’ sounds a touch more vintage, with tappy drums, pounding bass pressure, and insistent Rhodes stabs beneath a chiming claxon echo.

11.98usd/8.14gbp/9.04eur/1201jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Toasty is back! A couple of very different tracks here, starting off with "Take it personal" throwing back to the heady days of 2-step, ice-cold beats collide with a vocal hook and an explosion of bass that's guaranteed to destroy any dancefloor. Take it Personal has done the business on dubplate and is ready to drop..."Angel" takes the vibe deeper, darker and steppier, with syncopated half-step beats and a twisting bassline that drops like a bomb. Heavy!!!

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*By day, LD is a cutting engineer at Transition Studios, the country’s number one mastering room for dubstep and bass music. What he doesn’t know about carving a deep groove can be written around the edge of a center label, and he applies the same audioarchitectural expertise to the design and build of his own productions. After his recent killer collaboration with Kode9 on ‘Bad’ / ‘2Bad’, LD returns in fine style with two more lean and muscular tracks, each richly percussive and aimed squarely at the dancefloor, yet each still imbued with the thoughtful melodic overtones that are fast becoming a Hyperdub calling-card. ‘Traumatic Times’ suggests Ryuichi Sakamoto trapped in South London, with a gorgeous melancholic ringing keyboard motif riding on top of a driving rhythm section and the warmest of sub-bass swells. Flipside ‘Woodblock’ is a more animated excursion, like a heightening of the senses after the a-side’s languid rolls, peppering the air with infectious synth hooks which dart across and worm around an insistant tribal rhythm. Essential selections.

JOKER/2000F & KAMATA- DIGIDESIGN/YOU DON’T KNOW 12” (hyperdub, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Hyperdub marks their fifth anniversary with Bristolian synth-wizard Joker, dropping his debut release on the label, backed by Danish producers 2000F & J Kamata. "Digidesign" boasts a laid-back groove and a twisted bass synth, but it's all about the infectious melody in the middle. "You Don't Know What Love Is" opens up a 1985 vintage can of robofunk R&B earworms that will eat your audio nerves alive. The words "dubstep" and "wonky" were not harmed in the writing of this description.

HOODZ (6BLOCC & U-OME)- BAD MIND/CLASH 12” (lo dubs, usa)
11.98usd/8.14gbp/9.04eur/1201jpy (approx)

*Its amazing what 6Blocc has been able to accomplish in the last year or two- tours, mix CDs, his own label and his own productions. Somewhere in that interspace/time jump, he managed to get together with LA's UOME, and together they did a series of tracks under the guise of HOODZ. These, we believe, are the strongest of those collabs, the two tunes known as "Bad Mind" and "Clash." These have both been long time favorites, and likely you have heard them, if you have been lucky enough to visit the night Various in Portland, as they get rinsed out absolutely every session. Maybe even if one has seen 6Blocc in recent months these tunes, and their respecitve tidal wave of energy, has been witnessed, although if that is the case the subjective reality of such an event has probably taken on a mythology of its own in ones mind. Now that they have been mastered (to startling effect by Sam at Precise), we believe whatever trace elements of drag have been removed (however unlikely that may be) allowing for absolute, unadulterated devastation.

SYNTONICS- MATERIAL/ROCK TONIGHT 12” (lo dubs special request, usa)
11.98usd/8.14gbp/9.04eur/1201jpy (approx)

*Taking its source material from a well known Synth/Disco/House Production/DJ Duo based in the same city as Bombaman, "Material" opens up the 12" with a mighty, shuffling piece of genius, which true to the sound is towed forward by a monstrous, oozing bassline. However, the backing rhythm and its stilted shuffling cacophany of drums may remind many of something more in the backyard of DJ Assault crossed with Herbert on a caffeinated day, rather than the 4 beat dubstep sound du jour. Purely out of its perfection as a pair, we have place yet another Syntonics remix on the Flip. "Rock Tonight" follows a more open drum signature, which allows for a high/low frequency interplay that when properly amplified almost seems to make the air wiggle in front of your face, like a hot day in arizona.

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*With various releases under his belt now on a few hot labels, we at load media are pleased to welcome his own imprint. Monsta Music promises to be hot property with his own style of dance flloor beats and grimey bass there’s no mistaking his unique production skills that will rock your socks off…

DJ VADIM FEAT. BIG RED/DE NIRO- KILL KILL KILL 12” (mother inc. sound, uk)
11.98usd/8.14gbp/9.04eur/1201jpy (approx)

*Mother inc boyz are definetly steppin up with a remix from Nauta of not less than Ninja Tune's Dj Vadim. Subkiller dubstep, with some ragga vibes from Big Red. On the flip more rolling and pushing dubstep full of wobble effects for a Babylon trip thanks to the great DeNiro sound.

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*With various releases under his belt now on a few hot labels, we at load media are pleased to welcome his own imprint. Monsta Music promises to be hot property with his own style of dance flloor beats and grimey bass there’s no mistaking his unique production skills that will rock your socks off…

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promo... This heavyweight release from Narco.Hz features three of the Bay Area’s finest producers with two superb tracks. Both selections are rich in musicality and dance-floor intensity, with top-notch production. On the A side is Wind Up, DJunya latest dubwise rumbler. Punctuated with half-step snares and persistent bass wobbles, Wind Up is a melange of reggae horns and processed skanks, all presented with an atmospheric dub treatment. DJunya’s tracks are consistently thoughtful productions, often deriving their musical sensibility by blending strong, interesting reggae elements with deep grinding basses and great dubstep beats. Wind Up is no exception. The Tide, DJ G and Antiserum’s latest opus, is a powerful track, epic in scope, and conceptual in nature. From it’s digi-reggae intro, The Tide drops into a very strong (dare i say anthemic?) synth melody with strong supporting bass work. As the track rolls on, the bass work is greatly expanded upon, with interesting counterpoint elements. The break re-introduces the soaring melody line, which contributes to a compelling build and exciting second drop. The Tide is masterfully produced and wonderfully composed. It’s great melody and bass work sets.

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*After a year of meditation, Tes La Rok returns to his own 'Noppa' label, and what a comeback release this is. Bwoy is an all-night meditation skankers riddim with some incredibly low-end action and dubwise drum work. This tune gives bass bins a proper workout. On the flipside, Tes La Rok unleashes a massive dread bass stepper with haunting synth lines and delayed effects. This release takes dubstep back to its roots with deep and dark vibes -- the best Tes La Rok work to date.

GOMES A.K.A G-MAN- THE HUNT/4 LINES 12” (oi, netherlands)
9.98usd/6.78gbp/7.53eur/1001jpy (approx)

*Oi Recordings is a new label setup and run by Osiris together with Gomes aka G-man. Both of them are hailing from Amsterdam. Gomes who has been in the dj and producing game for over a decade. Through the networks, OI001 is played by dj’s in the likes of Chef, Cluekid, Cotti, LD, Plastician and so forth About Gomes aka G-man: Gomes has been one of the top players in ....Holland.... back in the age of 2step and Garage. He has started building his experience already over a decade ago and it was only a natural evolution to move into grime and Dubstep a couple of years back. With quite some tunes in stock it is now the time to be sharing those with the public, starting with the following 2 tracks;....“The Hunt” is a track run by a whopping kick that’ll make everyone jump around, followed by its unique trumpets announcing the drop of jumping basslines that gets everyone moving up and down and from left to right, it don’t matter, just move!....“4 Lines” starts off with a sharp intro and a quick drop consisting of 4 different basslines pitching the hell out of you, just to top this first vinyl of with 2 strong tracks...

INDIGO- ARCANE/EXHALE 12” (on the edge, uk)
11.98usd/8.14gbp/9.04eur/1201jpy (approx)

*mindset label boss, indigo, graces on the edge this time out with three superbly crafted dubstep gems…

GUIDO- ORCHESTRAL LAB/WAY YOU MAKE 12” (punch drunk, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… 2009 brings the debut from the final member of the much talked about Bristol 'Purple Trinity' who, alongside Joker and Gemmy, has crafted new technicolour frequencies for the ever evolving dubstep spectrum. 'Orchestral Lab' is pure Davinche style strings, square wave pulses, infectious hooks and 808s. Restrained yet anthemic. Irresistible and addictive. This track has been raising eyebrows on dancefloors and radio for a few months. The other side brings a switch in tempo but remains definitively Guido. A 21st century lament and a cure for dubstep depression, wonky woes and grimey gloominess. This is just a glimpse of the colours Guido has in his lab. This is 2009, the 'Purple WoW Sound' is here.

STAGGA- SICK AS SIN/PREDATORY 12” (rag and bone, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promo… Welsh producer Stagga bursts onto the dubstep scene with a refreshingly new take on things. With a legacy in hip-hop and fresh from a debut release currently on Rossi B & Luca’s Rudeez imprint of ‘Jacqueline/ Policeman Get Hype’, Stagga now serves up 3 undisputable slabs of wonkiness for Rag & Bone. ‘Sick As Sin’ is the big hitter, with it’s centrepiece phrase “Dropping you out like a bong of smack and waking you up like a bong of crack” courtesy of the vocal talents of Skamma, it’s got big tune written all over it. On the flip ‘Predatory Control Freeks’ is a different matter altogether. Wise utterings on the sinister intentions of the new world architects drift in and out of an eerie soundtrack, while ‘Freight Dub’ gets deep on a smokers vibe. It’s swathes of spooky synths blend perfectly with some hypnotic banter. Stagga has an extensive background producing hip-hop and was the founding member of British turntablists group Optimas Prime who went on to win 'Best Hip Hop Act 2001' (Welsh music foundation awards). He also more recently played an important role with off-kilter hip-hop outfit Dead Residents who got sizeable exposure on Radio 1. Fans of DZ, Starkey, Raffertie, Skream, and Joker will like this. It’s early days but these tracks have already seen early support from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs (Radio 1), Starkey (Planet Mu), Rossi B & Luca, Rob Booth (Electronic Explorations), Surgeon, Joe Muggs (Mixmag), Rob Da Bank (Radio 1) Bunzero and Sub FM DJs.

L-WIZ- FIRST STEP/MOJITO 12” (red volume, sweden)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*L-Wiz has left the pressing plant and are back with their trademark melodic sound, previously showcased on both Redvolume and Dub Police. This 3 track EP has something for all hours of the dance and starts off with 'First Step', an explosive synth wobbler inferno to get the floor cooking. On the flipside you can feel the bass breeze of beautiful and relaxing 'Mojito', together with the more mystic and minimal vibes of 'Prayer Room'.

SIPRUT & BISWEED- RUINED TOWN/YOU'RE IN LOVE 12” (smoking sessions, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Deeper atmospheric dubstep from Siprut and Bisweed on the reliably safe Smokin' Sessions label. The pair must have been dead high when they made 'Ruined Town' the EP's highlight of well cushioned ambience and morosely slow post-garage rhythms holding back a deadly subbass drop until it's absolutely neccessary and then murdering your system with some heavy basswise pressure. Bisweed takes the controls for the flipside tracks 'You're In Love' and 'Mesosphere' shaping soft focus dubstep tracks for the wee hours or home listening. Big with Kromestar.

THE BLACK GHOSTS- FULL MOON 12” (southern fried, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Side A sees the Bristol based duo Appleblim and Komonazmuk join forces once again to create a deep, dubby, techno house remix which fires on all cylinders. Appleblim is one of the worlds hottest producers right now, many know Appleblim from his legendary work with Peverelist under the name Skull Disco, he also mixed the fifth in the series of Dubstep Allstars on Tempa back in 2008 and is also enjoying the success of his own label "Apple Pips" which will see the release of an Appleblim and Komonazmuk collaborative project inspired by the success of the remixes they have done together. Komonazmuk has also enjoyed success both DJing regularly on the ever-growing Dubstep scene and seeing releases on Terminal Dusk, Mode Recordings and most notably Hench Recordings and this joint efforts with fellow Bristolian Appleblim does not disappoint. Side B is exactly what you’d expect from South Coast’s finest; a perfect blend of orchestral melodies and the trademark floor-destroying bass. This Dubstep remix has all the elements needed for the instant rewind; the dramatic melodic intro, the winding build-up, and the suspense that finally leads into the almighty drop - a fast-paced club smasher that won’t disappoint fans of Marlow’s distinct energetic and percussive take on Dubstep.

EVS- LET IT GO/CUMULUS 12” (studio rockers, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*EVS creates dubstep that owe as much to the sounds of Mike Banks and Jeff Mills as it does to dubstep’s founding forefathers.Think Basic Channel, Derrick May and Appleblim and you are half way there. First ‘Let It Go’ comes forth commanding attention from the off with Ragga chants, thrashing snares and pounding kicks. Next, the more subtle ‘Cumulus’ enters stage left, haunting synths creep in above the warming bass as si-fi bleeps float above. Tying up the EP, the acid fest that is ‘Dub4U’ works it’s magic, EVS really shows his techno stripes here.

RUSKO- BABYLON VOL. 2 2X12” (sub soldiers, uk)
24.98usd/16.98gbp/18.84eur/2505jpy (approx)

*Scene superstar Rusko is back with his followup to the massive 'Babylon : Volume 1' with this second double pack, and the ravers amongst you will no doubt be happy to know that he hasn't held back on the sirens. Following the trend for cutting the bassline and upping the wobble Rusko takes us into possibly even more epic, floor filling territory than ever before with the heavy-duty near-pop jump-up insanity of 'Mr Muscle' and 'Go Go Gadget', with the latter even resorting to an air siren for the breakdown.

MONSTA & MR. KEY- SPACE RAIDERS 12” (subtrakt, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Well known on the DnB and Dubstep scene for his fiendishly twisted artwork, UK creative genius Monsta is also a beast of a producer. In this, his third release for Subtrakt he teams up with 'Mr Key' to bring us 'Space Raiders', a vocal Dubstep demon of truly gargantuan proportions, so huge, in fact that it threatens to bring down mankind itself. Or maybe its just a packet of crisps? Dean Rodell bravely attempts to contain the threat on his remix, but an army of space raiders march up out of their packet and flatten the whole city using a supernatural arsenal of sonic weapons that pull down skyscrapers with rasping bass and fry a million brains with shrieking sirens that can be heard in even the far corners of the galaxy. On the second remix DnB hero 'Raiden' stands up, and the guerilla war begins. Taking his inspiration from the paranoid B-movies of the cold war era he morphs the original lead sounds into something so spooky and bizarre the Space Raiders have no choice but to pack their flying saucers and piss off back to ZetaReticuli. Phew, that was close.

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promo... Subway is back again with a diverse 12 by dub police their latest signing.. Subscape.. also known as Anthony Peters this Londoner has been famous for his dirty gritty sounds that he has cast apon the Dub Police Label.. And now its Subways turn to get overshadowed by this dubstep heavyweight! The A side sees a brand new tune called Dreadlock, no happy reggae skank vibes here but a production so hard itll let any DJ run for their mummies.. Once you hear the snarling midranges you know its Subscape and he's taking no prisoners. The B side holds Low Heights this is a 180 for the subscape since he's showing his sensitive side over here.. Lovely piano keys with stepping beat wich sounds a awfull lot like logistics if he whould make dubstep.. Play Support: The Others, Emalkay, Marlow, DJG, 501, Jus Wan and many more!

BAOBINGA FT DJ NASTY- STATE OF GETTO JACKIN' 12” (trouble and bass, uk)
16.98usd/11.54gbp/12.81eur/1703jpy (approx)

*Fronted by the increasingly-accliamed Luca Venezia aka Drop The Lime, the renowned Trouble & Bass Recordings have existed for the last couple of years as a digital-only label, but now they’re back in the needle-to-groove business in none-more-emphatic fashion. First strike in their bid for growling bass domination in 2009 comes from Manchester’s dubious Baobinga, who bursts in with an explosive bassline track featuring Detroit’s legendary ghettotech producer DJ Nasty on vocals. ‘State Of Ghetto Jackin’ has already been used on Freq Nasty’s FabricLive Mix (selected by DJ Mag as the ‘Mint Track’ of the whole set), and word is out all over about this hammering cut. Remixes come from Dave Nada, Baltimore producer extraordinaire and one half of Dubsided’s Nadastrom, and TRG from Croatia, one of the biggest names to watch in dubstep. Nada thrashes out a glossy full-beam fidgety hot club refix which will drive the most nuts crowd even nutsier, while TRG brings his style of carumba drum patterns mixed with high density bass bounce which comes over like a bruising rethink of the funky sound. Three tracks with more than enough noise and rhythm to shatterthe floor at any dance. Essential purchase.

14.98usd/10.18gbp/11.30eur/1502jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promo… timeblind is a sonic scientist from New York, currently living in Berlin. He has released on DJ /Rupture's Soot Records, Orthlorng Musork and the mighty Tigerbeat6/Shockout label as well as prime 90s techno labels such as Probe, Missile, Synewave and Communique. Timeblind is always researching and extending the boundaries of past and future sound system music. His 2003 remix for DJ /Rupture on The Agriculture laid out a template for fast hi-powered techno-dub that predates both Grime and Dubstep and appears regularly on mixtapes and in DJ sets to this day. In 2001 with the Rugged Redemption album Timeblind brought forth innovations in dub and dancehall influenced electronica. For our first release version is proud to present Timeblind's latest mutations of the dubstep virus.

SKISM/16 BIT- THE BLANK: 16 BIT REMIX 12” (wicky lindows, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Second installment in the Wicky Lindows catalogue coming courtesy of Skism backed with a 16Bit Remix. 'The Blank' chucks the dubstep rave rulebook into the furnace only to have it spat back out intact with metallic riffs, crushing halfstep beats and angry-man/gyal vibes all firmly in place. 16 Bit redeem the track in their now established style on the flip with a classy display of technical prowess churning the bass deeper and giving the synthlines an added venomous bite to infect your rave. Big with the raver kids dem.


AMPLIFIED ORCHESTRA- ARPEGGIO 12” (amplified orchestra, usa)
14.98usd/10.18gbp/11.30eur/1502jpy (approx)

*Amplified Orchestra provide more unhinged disco party on one ep than most dj's pack in one hour! This awesome new Amplified release is part house, part disco with a hint of cosmic spaciness. Arpeggio is a long and deep galactic trip with atmospheric strings, dope synths and spaced-out effects. An analogue Bubblebath of sounds combined with a pumping disco beat and static bassline. The Fighter is an excellent mid-tempo disco work-out. Killer percussion with banging beats, grooving bassline and enchanting vocals provide for an hypnotic dancefloor nugget. The Fighter is a collector's item wich usualy goes on ebay for $100 or more, so don't sleep on this one and don't say we did not warn you! Rumble is a robotic an quirky electronic cosmic dancefloor stormer.Amplified Orchestra have been around releasing the dopest sounds since 2002. Their releases on their own label, Amplified, gained support from disco and house lovers all over the world. Not a lot is known about who is behind the Amplified Orchestra moniker, although there is a Chicago address stamped on the vinyl. But where the music comes from is irrelevant when it's good.

9.98usd/6.78gbp/7.53eur/1001jpy (approx)

*bbe title from 2006 in stock for the first time… Limited edition super fat picture sleeve single of the most dancefloor friendly cuts from Osunlade ‘s long player Aquarian Moon.

17.98usd/12.22gbp/13.56eur/1803jpy (approx)

*bbe title from 2006 in stock for the first time… Multi platinum selling producer Osunlade will surprise his house music disciples with a return to his soundtrack scoring origins. This album tells of his love affair with the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini & pays homage to it's rich unspoilt culture. Sonically it describes his experience, full of feeling, opening a window into what was going through his mind while he was resident. Recorded live over a 12 day period, this is a stunningly beautiful soundscape, taking house tempos, lushly orchestrating them with strings, and divine horn solos, to produce a masterpiece. Throughout the album, from traditional African influences to fat breaks, to jazzy broken beats. Thoroughly produced and inspired, Aquarian Moon is a musical journey which explores fully genres that Osunlade only touched on before.

KRAZY BALDHEAD- SWEET NIGHT 12” (because, france)
14.98usd/10.18gbp/11.30eur/1502jpy (approx)

*picture disc! krazy baldhead remixed the noisy duo dDamage, the funky duo Outlines and met the Brooklyn rapper tes, signed on Lex/Warp. tes’ featuring on «Crazy Moth3f2ck8z», extract of krazy baldhead’s second ep «Dry Guillotine», comfirmed Ed Banger’s hip hop turning point. Just like Sebastian, Justice or DJ Mehdi, krazy baldhead became one of the mainstays of the label. He obviously was part of the «ed rec vol. II» adventure, with his freezing «Strings of Death», and we saw him again on the last compilation of the label, «ed rec vol. III» with the spaced out «No Cow, No Pow».

BOTOX- ARAB DRIFT 12” (im a cliche, france)
14.98usd/10.18gbp/11.30eur/1502jpy (approx)

*Bot’Ox is I’m A Cliché label boss Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz of [T]ekel fame. The Bot’Ox project includes praised releases on Marketing, I’m A Cliché and finally DFA & DC recordings last year. After one year composing in isolatation, Bot’Ox is tackling 2009 at full throttle. Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz are coming back on I’m a Cliché to release three singles in 2009 put together like a trilogy. Here is the first single including Arab Drift and Rue de l’Arsenal and the first (amazing) feedbacks.

SCOTT GROOVES- COCO BROWN/LA RIDDUM 12” (clone, netherlands)
13.98usd/9.50gbp/10.55eur/1402jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… New release by Detroit master Scott Grooves. Part of the first wave of techno musicians, a key player in the Detroit scene, a big role model and influences for the new generation of Detroit producers! Some sweeeet house grooves.

V/A- DAFT PUNKD 1 12” (daft punked, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*A collection of the original compositions sampled for Daft Punk's 'Discovery' and 'Human After All' albums on the tracks 'Robot Rock', 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger', 'Aerodynamic' and 'Crescendolls'. Some of the tracks haven't been changed much and it really offers an insight into the French Duo's production techniques and certainly their knack for finding an amazing sample!

V/A- DAFT PUNKD 2 12” (daft punked, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*A selection of the original compositions sampled by Daft Punk on their 'Homework' and 'Discovery' albums on tracks 'Digital Love', 'Indo Silver Club', 'Voyager' and 'One More Time'. Some of the track haven't been changed much and really offers an insight into the French Duo's production techniques.

THE LOST MEN- PACE OF MIND 12” (drumpoet community, switzerland)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*Drumpoet's release No. 021 is coming from Label honcho Alex Dallas and his musical Buddies Bernd Kunz and Alex Gustafson. This three guys have had already a couple of years experience in the musicbiz as DJs and producers. Last year they delievered with the Soulphiction Remix on Based on Misunderstandings/Sonar Kollektiv one of the beautiful summer hits and entered into the DJ-Playlists of people like Underground Resistance, Gilles Peterson, Âme, Jazzanova and many more. Bernd Kunz who's to some of you better known as the man behind "A Forest mighty Black" released the first ever Compost Record. After moving to Zurich about 2 years ago he joined in and shared the studiospace with Alex Dallas and Alex Gustafson. The two Alexes were running Straight Ahead Recordings and released their music as Earthbound, when they closed their label after 6 years in 2004, they had a break of releasing music for about 3 years./ In the meantime Alex Dallas started with friends Zurich's well known clubs Dachkantine and in 2005 the Zukunft as well as launching together with Ron Shiller and Compost the Drumpoet Label. Their second release on Drumpoet Community catches up classic houe as well as Detroit tinged techno with one foot stepping into the disco universe. The EP has been supported by DJs like Laurent Garnier & Dixon and to name just a few.

JOHN DALY- THIS IS A LONELY BEAT 12” (drumpoet community, switzerland)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*John Daly is originally from Cork (now living in Galway) Ireland. After many years of making music he started his own label Feel Music in 2005. Since then he has had several successful releases on other labels such as Chaton's Plak Records, IRR and Francois Kevorkian's Wave Music as well as remixes for labels such as Compost, Rekids, Flexx and Internasjonal with much more to come this year. He is a long-time DJ and vinyl enthusiast, these days playing a mixture of extra deep house and techno with a generous helping of disco thrown in.

13.98usd/9.50gbp/10.55eur/1402jpy (approx)

*Glasgow-based Maelstrom is a relative newcomer to the scene, coming to prominence late last year with a now infamous reworking of Metro Area’s seminal Miura. Determined not to be a flash-in-the-pan producer, the 28 year old has been somewhat prolific.

V/A- BEATS OF LOVE 12” (flexx, belgium)
13.98usd/9.50gbp/10.55eur/1402jpy (approx)

*Three tracks from different corners of the disco spectrum. With: Din-A-Testbild 'Going Tutu', a crazy experimental electro wave track sounding fashionably cosmic for todays standards. Next up is in-demand italo track 'Back To Heaven' by Number One Ensemble, an overlooked piece of heavenly disco. Flip for the highly sought after 'Too Much' by Byron. A slo-mo italo track that has balearic written all over it. At your service.

PEREMPAY & DEE- IN THE AIR 12” (full balance, uk)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*One of the biggest Funky House tracks to come out so far this year, now gets three wicked mixes to add to it. There is the awesome Original Mix as well as High Life Club Mix, Bopstar's Wonky Mix and Rekless Mix.

DJ RAHAAN- EDITS VOL.2 12” (kat, uk)
16.98usd/11.54gbp/12.81eur/1703jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The Kat label starts off 2009 with this 3 track disco re-edit from Chicago's very own DJ Rahaan. It's the second outt-ing on Kat for the highly respected international jock, so strong interest is likely.

11.98usd/8.14gbp/9.04eur/1201jpy (approx)

*An unsigned trio consisting of members from Wales and Northern Ireland, Two Door Cinema Club make no secret of the fact their rhythm section is computer-assisted. Likened to Death Cab For Cutie and Broken Social Scene, a few imminent UK dates are followed by European shows. Every now and again a song comes along which, once heard, feels like it has become ingrained in your skin - and this is one of those tunes. A quirky combination of electro-pop and indie, the key lies within a relentless beat combined with an airy guitar riff. Add in harmonious vocals and you've an infectious ditty, but whether it falls on the side of genius or annoyance may change with repeated listens!

V/A- LIBRE AMBIANCE VOLUME 2 12” (libre ambiance, france)
19.98usd/13.58gbp/15.07eur/2004jpy (approx)

*Libre Ambiance is a new seriously good re-edit label from 2 French vinyl lovers. To start the new experience they decided to host 2 killer edits from their friend Jaz (of Sixty Five fame) along with their own works on the A side. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies. No repress. Highly recommended!

MISS KITTIN & THE HACKER- TWO 2LP (nobody’s bizzness, france)
24.98usd/16.98gbp/18.84eur/2505jpy (approx)

*It's been far too long since the release of our "First Album", but wait no more, dear music lover, we are back with a bang. And you'd better believe, it's a big, cosmic "bang". The Hacker and I have not only forged a new path on this impressive collection of new material, but also, by transforming and remodelling our many musical influences, we have fashioned a club-based European cyber-pop of our very own. The album also features a wonderful, stellar sprinkling of metallic soul, glamorous space disco, glossy vocal nuances, crystalline beats and swirling melodies. The music possesses a sexy androgyny, glistening and pulsating. And the songs? Sometimes narrative, sometimes confessional, direct and alternatively clouded in mystery. And the lyrics, are they... "blue or grey"? –miss kitten

DAVID SUGAR- OBLIO 12” (oblio, belgium)
12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*#3 in the series of 12” eps… david has a weekly show on minstry radio every thursday 7-8pm/gmt as well as various gigs around the globe including a guest set with kitsune.

HECTOR & BRYANT- TENSION 12” (phonica, uk)
13.98usd/9.50gbp/10.55eur/1402jpy (approx)

*After five years as London’s foremost retailer of dance and electronic music, Phonica is launching its eponymous record label with an original production from its very own Hector alongside long-time friend and collaborator Ben Bryant, backed with a remix from Appleblim & Al Tourettes. Over the past half-decade, Phonica has grown in stature to become something more than a record store - an institution. Operating at the very heart of London’s vibrant electronic music community, Phonica is a true tastemaker: committed both to nurturing homegrown talent and to seeking out the best new music from around the world, with the emphasis always on quality. One of the things that has helped Phonica stay so on-point is the expertise and intuition of its staff, many of whom are prominent DJs/producers themselves - one such is Hector Murillo, who last year released his debut 12″, ‘La Raza’, for Dinky’s Horizontal imprint. Fittingly, it’s Hector teaming up with Bryant who are behind the Phonica label’s first offering. The aptly named “Tension” is a masterclass in suspense and hypnosis; a sleek, brooding techno cut which doesn’t so much attack the danceflooor as enfold it. It simply builds and builds, scooping the listener up on a wave of dubbed-out chords and intertwined synth melodies, under and over-scored with taut drum edits, a rolling bassline and strings which hang like mountain mist. On remix duty is Appleblim - the Skull Disco co-founder and Apple Pips boss who has made the space where dubstep, house and techno overlap his own - in partnership with Al Tourettes. Typically unconstrained by genre expectations, the duo sculpt an epic, adventurous re-version of ‘Tension’. Propelled at first by a galloping steppa’s rhythm and analogue bass stabs, soon echo-drenched vocal samples and deep dub flavours take hold, before the track climaxes in heads-down, thrillingly linear four-to-the-floor style. Phonica has inaugurated its label with a 12″ of depth, energy and innovation,

12.98usd/8.82gbp/9.79eur/1302jpy (approx)

*The material stems from Tellier’s highly acclaimed and successful album Sexuality, originally produced by one half of Daft Punk Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. Strangelets (David Ducaruge and Xaver Naudascher) were given several tracks by label Record Makers to choose one to remix. This is the result. Kilometer, an ultra-electronic piece, has really been brought to life by Strangelets, with production smarts to be marvelled. Massive jazzy synths, snappy bongos, and locomotive drums all make for a futuristic cut. The record is up front space funk, bound to pick you up and throw you around the room a little. Their percussive loops are consistent in the best possible way, combine this with red hot synth shots that evoke the sonics of Moroder, and you end up with a galactic gem. With Sexual Sportswear, it’s very much as if Strangelets have given you the red pill. They want to show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes! This nasty number maintains such a great monotony, with organic sounding drum patterns, and cascading acidic overtones. The tune is awash with somewhat chilling, ghostly background noises that immediately conjure up thoughts of Dario Argento movie scores. This is War of the Worlds for the dance floor. The record, in all its eerie grandeur, is amazing. Welcome to the twilight zone.

ARPADYS, DISCO & CO- VOL 1 SPACIAL FRENCH DISCO 1975-79 12” (tubetracks, france)
19.98usd/13.58gbp/15.07eur/2004jpy (approx)

*France fed records to the disco explosion right from the start. Most famously, the Tele Music players were the chart-topping, multi-million-selling Voyage, with the trio of Chantereau, Dahan and Pezin joined by Sauveur Mallia. Phenomenal production and immaculate orchestration made them perfect for the increasingly glamour-obsessed disco scene. But more exciting to collectors are the long-running series of library LPs they worked on. 1977’s Arpadys has become Tele Music’s most sought after release, thanks to oft-bootlegged tracks ‘Monkey Star’, ‘Stone Roller’ and ‘Funky Bass’. Arpadys put Sauveur Mallia in the driving seat musically, alongside Chantereau, Dahan and Pezin, with keyboards from Georges Rodi and Jean-Pierre Sabar. A follow-up, the Spatial & Co series remained library-only LPs, though the tracks did serious business on TV thrillers and space programmes. Then in 1979 the same group of musicians, with the exception of Mallia, laid down another three albums of storming disco, the Disco & Co LPs, again much sought-after by collectors. Amazingly these were dashed off in between sessions for the second Voyage album, to satisfy the still-growing demand for library disco.The musicians loved their library work. “Although it didn’t use to pay that well, it was a great playground for experimenting,” says Pezin, “Playing things which we wouldn’t be able to do elsewhere.” Tele Music supremo Roger Tokarz gave them almost complete freedom. “He just use to give us a little theme and then we could jam freely for hours on end.” Ironically, working with real bands was often more of a chore, as Sauveur Mallia recalls. “We were considered to be the best session musicians around and when we recorded backing tracks for successful pop acts we could have played the things they wanted with our arms tied behind our back. That’s why recording library music or disco was instantly like a breath of fresh air to us and we were finally able to express ourselves.” Tele Music founder Roger Tokarz was the guiding force behind the sessions. “Disco was very important at pushing things forward musically,” he argues, “because all of a sudden the musicians, composers and arrangers had a much more important position. They no longer relied on the vocalists; it was all in the arrangements and the progression of the music itself.” Tokarz admits that his disco recordings are the most enduring. “Today most of our records have a very short lifespan. The ones from our back catalogue which are still very popular are the ones which have that typical ’70s sound.” We tend to agree. Working since a few years with Telemusic, Tubetracks Records release these two LP, volume one and two (volume two coming soon) from fully remastered (Minimoogli@Tubetracks Studio) Telemusic archives.

31.98usd/21.73gbp/24.12eur/3207jpy (approx)

*Re-issue in full picture sleeve. Highly sought after UK album from 1979, coproduced by Adrian Wagner - designer of the Wasp synthesizer. Also Robert Calvert the lead singer, poet and frontman of Hawkwind intermittently took part on this project! --- A rare album with nice synth sounds on it. "Dream Machine" has appeared on the famous series Automan (12AUTO114). --- This is a tale from Adrian Wagner – co producer… "Robert came over to my house outside Oxford for one of his many visits in 1979. This time it was to write some lyrics and sing on a crazy spoof sci-fi disco album I was producing called 'Disco Dream and the Androids' (tracks: 'Connection Disconnection' and 'Cafe Des Illusions') and he played the part of a broken down and neurotic android who fell in love with a female android but that's another story. I had just completed the design of my synthesizer, the Wasp, and was really excited to give him one of the first batch. While we were drinking tea in the kitchen (a very regular occurrence with Robert!), I placed it on the table and told him that this one was his own. He looked at me in astonishment and with a tear in his eye told me that this was HIS synthesizer - "my machine". From then onwards, as you probably know, Robert and the Wasp were seldom parted!"


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