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hot stuff this week… edgar broughton band, byrds, blue mountain eagle and pretty things vinyl reissue’s (all killer indeed… now if somebody would just go ahead and reissue those stackwaddy lp’s, i’d be the happiest clam in the basket!). new noise in on no fun and hospital productions, as well as some much needed restocks from the olde english spelling bee imprint (more new and restocked titles on those labels and more are expected today, but since i didn’t receive the invoice they didn’t get included with this list). two amazing new titles on sublime frequencies (both essential, but as always, the vinyl release is waaaay limited and sure to go fast). and of course the dance titles… sooo many good ones, sooo little time… that said, the shonky, alter ego and tomcraft 12s are sure bets. shake off winter and come on by this weekend!



as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

prices do not include shipping and handling. for those of you shipping within the continental united states I offer a 5.00usd flat shipping rate for any amount of records and/or compact discs. shipping cost for international orders are calculated on an order by order basis. payments for orders can be made via paypal or with a credit card by telephone between 12-6pm/est.

i also offer bike messanger service via timecycle couriers. for the low cost of 10.00usd i can deliver any amount of records and/or cds you wish to purchase to your center city philadelphia location (this includes some parts of south, west and north philadelphia) within two hours (and for those of you who need your records even faster, we also offer ‘rush’ service for the low flat rate of 20.00usd for any amount of records/cds delivered to you within one hour). of course, we are still more than happy to ship records via the usps within philadelphia. as with the international shipments, orders placed before 5pm/est will ship out that evening and should reach their destination by the following day.


23.98usd/11.88gbp/15.19eur/2383jpy (approx)

*previously reissued on cd by fallout, now issued on deluxe LP format as well; 180 gram pressing. This beautiful collection of Canadian psych-folk swiftly came and went in 1971, but has since acquired a devoted cult following. A haunting set of self-penned tunes set to esoteric arrangements featuring gloriously unpredictable fiddle-playing, it is sure to delight fans of The Incredible String Band and the Holy Modal Rounders, as well as more recent acts like Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom.

23.98usd/11.88gbp/15.19eur/2383jpy (approx)

*previously reissued on cd by fallout, now issued on deluxe LP format as well; 180 gram pressing. This superb collection of acid-influenced guitar rock originally appeared in 1970 and has languished in undeserved obscurity ever since. Produced in L.A. by legendary engineer Bill Halverson (Crosby, Stills & Nash, Cream, the Grateful Dead), it's heavily imbued with West Coast influences and features superb musical interplay throughout. The band supported acts including Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, but proved sadly short-lived. The album, which is an obligatory purchase for all devotees of U.S. psychedelia, makes its long-awaited vinyl reissue debut here.

11.98usd/5.94gbp/7.59eur/1190jpy (approx)

*restocked… Harrowing, beautiful, grime-soaked melodics from two sick pop masterminds, the Sic Alps are Mike Donovan (Big Techno Werewolves, Ropers, Sounds Of The Barbary Coast) and Matt Hartman (Coachwhips, Cat Power, Henry's Dress). Sic Alps were formed in San Francisco, CA in 2004 by Mike and Adam Stonehouse of the infamous Hospitals. Before the original line-up would implode/explode after a handful of shows and limited releases, the Sic Alps would enlist second drummer Bianca Sparta (Erase Errata) to help record Pleasures and Treasures -- the psychedelic masterpiece recorded in a remote location in Mendecino, CA which was recently released on Animal Disguise.

ELLIOTT SMITH- XO LP (plain recordings, usa)
18.98usd/9.41gbp/12.02eur/1886jpy (approx)

*Following the success and acclaim of his two releases on the Kill Rock Stars label, as well an Oscar nomination for the use of his song 'Miss Misery' in the film Good Will Hunting, the late Elliott Smith signed with Dreamworks for the 1998 release of XO. With a major label budget for this, his fourth full length album, Smith was able to craft a fully realized pop masterpiece, fulfilling the promise of previous releases. Though firmly in the McCartney/Lennon/Rundgren/Davies school of songwriting Smith was nothing if not an original. Possibly his best record.

ELLIOTT SMITH- FIGURE 8 2LP (plain recordings, usa)
21.98usd/10.89gbp/13.92eur/2184jpy (approx)

*His second release for the Dreamworks label, and fifth overall, Figure 8 is a lush and beautifully melancholy collection of pop songs. Gone is the intimate lo-fi feel of his Kill Rock Stars albums, replaced by intricate arrangements and orchestration. One gets the feeling that the sound of his earlier work was not by choice but by economic necessity and Smith was now, with a major label budget and backing, able to establish himself as a pop craftsman on par with Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney.

20.98usd/10.40gbp/13.29eur/2085jpy (approx)

*Sweetheart of the Rodeo will forever be revered as The Byrds' 1968 album that opened the eyes of the hip and the young to country music. Whether it was the first country-rock album, doesn't really matter: it was certainly the best and most heartfelt such excursion and paved the way for fabled combos the Flying Burrito Bros. and Poco yet to come. Sweetheart featured the first extensive lineup change for The Byrds, as Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman said goodbye to David Crosby, Gene Clark and Michael Clarke and welcomed former International Submarine Band leader Gram Parsons into the fold. With his magical voice and bona fide country pedigree, Parsons helped unleash a style that had already begun to seep into The Byrds' sound. And now Sundazed makes available a perfect replica of the original vinyl release of the ever-enduring Sweetheart of the Rodeo.

18.98usd/9.41gbp/12.02eur/1886jpy (approx)

*By 1967, the Pretty Things, the long-haired English group whose shocking, maraca-rattling, R&B-fueled sound and outrageous antics had made parents of teenage music fans long for the good old days of The Rolling Stones, had breathed in the perfumed air of psychedelia -- and they'd moved on! Cut in the same studio where The Beatles and Pink Floyd were changing the world of pop music daily, S.F. Sorrow was the enthralling, cradle-to-grave saga of Sebastian F. Sorrow, a landmark release now credited with being the world's first rock opera -- a full year ahead of The Who's Tommy.

18.98usd/9.41gbp/12.02eur/1886jpy (approx)

*restocked… With sneers on their mugs and hair down to here -- and a punkier sound than even the Rolling Stones could produce -- the Pretty Things were the British Invasion outfit that made parents of teenagers think maybe Mick Jagger and the boys weren't so bad after all! Led by the raucous vocals of Phil May and the stinging lead guitar of Dick Taylor, the Pretty Things' first American album was stuffed with powerful workouts like 'Rosalyn,' 'Honey I Need' and 'Don't Bring Me Down' and ranks right up there with anything the Kinks, the Who and the Stones had to offer. From the absolute original mono masters!

32.98usd/16.34gbp/20.89eur/3278jpy (approx)

*double lp version, Limited, numbered pressing of 1000! Also contains five exclusive LP-only bonus tracks! The pounding garage-rock din emanating from the jungles of deepest Connecticut could overwhelm the senses, causing the weary NY commuter to become disoriented! Who knew that the most deranged '66-'68 teenage mayhem imaginable would come from Wallingford's Trod Nossel Studios, whose owner/producer Thomas 'Doc' Cavalier (a former dentist) recorded top-flight acts as diverse as the tough 'n' melodic Shags ('Don't Press Your Luck'), the R&B-consumed Wildweeds ('No Good to Cry,' featuring a Pre-NRBQ Al Anderson on vocals) and fuzzed-out punks the Bram Rigg Set ('I Can Only Give You Everything'). SUNDAZED presents the high-impact, garage-rock havoc -- at least two-thirds of it totally unreleased -- that finally tears the lid off Connecticut's best-kept rock 'n' roll secret!

THE BAROQUES- THE BAROQUES LP (sweet dandelion, uk)
26.98usd/13.37gbp/17.09eur/2681jpy (approx)

*usa psych band the baroques recorded their only album for chess in 1967, but you won't find any blues-rock here. It's simply one of the psychedelic masterpieces of the era, full of creative songwriting, guitar freakouts and raw garage atmosphere. Includes such garage-psych classics like 'Iowa's a Name Girl,' 'Musical Tribute to the Oscar Mayer Weiner Wagon,' 'Purple Day,' 'Bicycle' -- but not only the music is superb, it comes housed in one of the most beautiful psych sleeves ever! Remastered sound and 500 copies only.

THE BONZO DOG DOO-DAH BAND- GORILLA LP (timeless, luxembourg)
28.98usd/14.36gbp/18.36eur/2880jpy (approx)

*The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (also known as The Bonzo Dog Band, The Bonzo Dog Dada Band and, colloquially, as The Bonzos) are a band created by a group of British art-school denizens of the 1960s. Moving over to Liberty Records, the Bonzos released their first album, Gorilla, that included 'Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold' which savagely parodied their early 'trad' jazz roots and featured some of the most deliberately inept jazz playing ever recorded. The record company only allowed two hours of studio time per track, so it was completed in a single take to allow for the far more complex 'The Intro and the Outro' in which every member of the band was introduced and played a solo, starting with genuine band members. This is great!

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND- WASA WASA LP (timeless, luxembourg)
28.98usd/14.36gbp/18.36eur/2880jpy (approx)

*The band started their career as a blues band, playing to a dedicated but limited following in the region around their hometown of Warwick. However, when the band began to lean towards the emerging psychedelic movement, dropping the 'Blues' from their name as well as their music, they got down to this debut album. Basically, it rocks good and hard, remains unafraid of letting lunacy into the lyrics and takes off into the realms of excess with impressive confidence. Edgar's immense vocal power holds its own throughout the loudest sections and the thudding blues elements never get boring. Wasa Wasa is highly recommended! Gatefold sleeve.

28.98usd/14.36gbp/18.36eur/2880jpy (approx)

*Ireland's answer to the Incredible String Band, Dr. Strangely Strange engaged in the same type of psychedelic acoustic music with folksy arrangements. With traditional instruments like penny whistle, fiddle, harmonium, and mandolin, Dr. Strangely Strange was more solidly rooted in melody and structure than the group's flaky Scottish counterparts. Produced by British modern folk guru Joe Boyd (Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band), Kip of the Serenes is built around simple and repetitious melodies occasionally interrupted by stream-of-consciousness musical and lyrical diversions.

28.98usd/14.36gbp/18.36eur/2880jpy (approx)

*The best British folk-rock band of the late '60s, Fairport Convention did more than any other act to develop a truly British variation on the folk-rock prototype by drawing upon traditional material and styles indigenous to the British Isles. While the revved-up renditions of traditional British folk tunes drew the most critical attention, the group members were also (at least at the outset) talented songwriters as well as interpreters. Released in 1968, FC's debut album owes more to The Byrds than to Pentangle, with soaring harmonies and psychedelic guitars. Recorded pre-Sandy Denny, Judy Dyble sang like a siren and then left to form Trader Horne.

FOREST- FOREST LP (timeless, luxembourg)
28.98usd/14.36gbp/18.36eur/2880jpy (approx)

*A really nice album of trippy rock tracks with lots of nice folksy touches! These songs are filled with so much imagination, color, charm, and melancholy solitude that they just transport you to a place between worlds! Deep into a forest between consciousness and vivid dreamscape -- that's where this will take you. The group's a trio, all of whom sing lead vocals from time to time, and instrumentation includes organ, harmonium, piano, percussion, guitars, electric harpsichord, mandolin, and cello: all swirling around in a style that's got traces of late work by Tim Hardin, Love, Nico, and early Roy Wood. Titles include 'Bad Penny,' 'Fading Light,' 'A Fantasy You,' 'While You're Gone,' 'Do You Want Some Smoke,' and 'Rain Is On My Balcony.' Excellent! Gatefold sleeve.


18.98usd/9.41gbp/12.02eur/1886jpy (approx)

* Hospital Productions is proud to release the first-ever collaboration between these two legends, Wolf Eyes and Sickness. This is not haphazard but a symbiotic collaboration bridging distant roads. This full length LP is a dark casket of scorched earth sounds, the remains of the cracks at the after shock of discovery. Reminding us of the peaks in either artists' catalog, There Is A Part Of Me That You Will Never Know processes the deepest sounds of these four masters in a haze of lone atmosphere and true noise. This is not a terror shock, this is the end.

18.98usd/9.41gbp/12.02eur/1886jpy (approx)

*Full no fun 2007 live set, recorded to the best possible quality. Totally insane and heavy set from Industrial/Noise Swedish Pioneer's Enema Syringe. limited to 350.

18.98usd/9.41gbp/12.02eur/1886jpy (approx)

*Full no fun 2007 live sets, from Giffoni and Dilloway recorded to the best possible quality.Total tape mangling, and Analog Synth destruction. limited to 350.

SQUIM- ZEPHYRUS LP (olde english spelling bee, usa)
17.98usd/8.91gbp/11.39eur/1787jpy (approx)

*restocked… Squim, aka Chris Phillips, is an obsessive recordist living in Portland, Oregon. In the '90s, he was very active in the underground mail art and tape trading scene -- running the Circle X label out of Salt Lake City and releasing several well-received cassettes on the Bobby J. label. This album will be his debut on the vinyl format and was chosen as being the standout from among a half dozen other unreleased albums of recent recordings. On Zephyrus, Squim blends repeating melodic motifs with his meticulously collaged noise/dronescapes. This is a limited edition release of 350 copies -- each cover is a unique color monoprint, hand-printed by Squim and spraymounted, back covers are a photocopy paste-on.

PUSSYGUTT & STORY OF RATS- SEA OF SAND 2LP (olde english spelling bee, usa)
27.98usd/13.87gbp/17.72eur/2781jpy (approx)

*restocked… 'Pussygut' is an old western slang term for the violin or fiddle -- as the strings used to be made from cat intestines. Pussygutt is the duo of Blake Green and Brittany McConnell from Boise, Idaho. They have created a distinctive flavor of outsider 'doom' with unique instrumentation that coincidentally features LOTS of violin (Brittany is a classically-trained violinist), along with synths, gongs, bowed cymbals, crystal goblets, organ, drums, clay pots, forest sounds, ducks, various electronics, tons of feedback and humming bass-amp, and as if all that's not enough, there's a secret weapon up their collective sleeve -- the TRACTOR!! The group holed up for nine months in their studio experimenting and composing the four side-long pieces for this double album. They are joined on Sea of Sand by Seattle's Garek Druss (of A Story of Rats and Ear Venom) as collaborator/3rd member. Garek contributed his experiments with field recordings, repetition, electronics, and sound-collage to the proceedings.The music? Extremely HEAVY. Deeply WEIRD. A friend of the band coined the term 'soundtrack ficianarcoleptics' to describe who this album will most appeal to and indeed, the entire album is largely cinematic in its approach. The 'riffs' & drums mostly stay hidden in their caves, venturing outside on a few brief excursions to catch some moonlight and provide punctuation to the drones and other assimilated madness. Limited edition of 550 hand-assembled copies.

17.98usd/8.91gbp/11.39eur/1787jpy (approx)

*restocked… Bryan Eubanks (of GOD) delivers a throbbing wall of distressed electronics that is 'indeed heavy at intervals but also makes a cognitive transparent treatment' according to the cryptic liner notes. To further quote the liner notes: '...this music is a tool for is is sunk that in a different interpellation than overleving neccasitates.' What? For his side, J.P. Jenkins (of Ghosting, Portland Bike Ensemble) layers acoustic guitars in a psychedelic, personal style that's more intuitive and exploratory than technically inclined. His unique approach completely sidesteps any of the current neo-folk/fingerpicking trends and goes for something far more organic and amorphous.

9.98usd/4.95gbp/6.32eur/992jpy (approx)

*Charles Matthews played the grand organ in York Minster, during Spire Live on January 20, 2007, alongside Fennesz and Philip Jeck. This release is an homage to Arvo Pärt and the school of minimalism, specifically "mystic minimalism" or "sacred minimalism." He is considered a pioneer of this style, along with contemporaries such as Henryk Górecki and John Tavener.


V/A- BOLLYWOOD STEEL GUITAR CD (sublime frequencies, usa)
17.98usd/8.91gbp/11.39eur/1787jpy (approx)

*Bollywood Steel Guitar is the most comprehensive collection to date of steel guitar pop instrumental music from India. All 21 tracks featured here were film hits from 1962-1986 and all the masters of the steel guitar sound from the period are represented: Van Shipley, Kazi Aniruddha, S. Hazarasingh, Sunil Ganguly, and Charanjit Singh. An entirely different approach that rocks, swings, and grooves through some of India's most beloved film tunes, the electric steel guitar as lead instrument transforms the already infectious melodies into a multitude of higher sound dimensions. This CD was compiled and carefully selected from rare LPs over several years by Stuart Ellis. Here are some excerpts from his liner notes: The term 'Bollywood' originally referred to Bombay's (now known as Mumbai) Hindi language film industry. Although there are a number of other studios that produce films in other languages, more recently the definition has been expanded in the West to describe pretty much all films produced on the sub-continent. But where in most countries a film's soundtrack would merely be used as a promotional tool for the film, in India, film music has become an industry unto itself with playback singers and dance numbers. The music is just as important as the film and lives on long after the film has left the theaters. These songs are, for the most part, the pop music of India. As with most popular music, other artists sometimes recorded cover versions of these songs. Of these musicians, a small number specialized in instrumental arrangements and created what could be called the elevator music of India. While there were a few who used the harmonium or 'mouth organ,' the most popular instrument used in these 'instrumental favorites' was the steel guitar.

V/A- SHADOW MUSIC OF THAILAND LP (sublime frequencies, usa)
24.98usd/12.38gbp/15.82eur/2483jpy (approx)

*Shadow Music was a broad term given to the Thai guitar pop movement of the 1960s and the groups that came out of it -- all under the profound influence of early Western rock and roll. British instrumental wonders The Shadows (as in Cliff Richards & The Shadows) were the origin of the genre's title -- also coined "Wong Shadow" or early Thai "string" music. Shadow records were often marketed as "Thai Modernized Music" which it was in the truest sense. Traditional Thai melodies were given the Shadow treatment -- incorporating rock, surf, a-go-go, exotica, soul, blues, Latin and otherworldly styles of the times. Inventive compositions and instrumental genius meet the occasional odd vocal arrangement and the results range from plaintive guitar and organ-driven lullabies to full-blown electric garage folk-psychedelia! Featured on this collection are a handful of the leading recorded artists from the time; P.M. Pocket Music, The Son of P.M., P.M.7, Jupiter and Johnny Guitar. Throughout the 1960s, these groups forged a unique and highly self-referential Thai sound. This is a one-time pressing of 1500 LP copies and each of these beauties comes in a full-color, heavy-duty tip-on gatefold jacket featuring gorgeous original Thai Shadow LP artwork, and of course, 180 gram vinyl -- so don't sleep on this one.


HOUSEMEISTER- IN ORDER TO DANCE 12” (allyoucanbeat, germany)
12.98usd/6.43gbp/8.22eur/1290jpy (approx)

*Before his much anticipated second long player Who Is That Noize?, you can now warm up with aycb 10, the pre-release ep In Order To Dance. Three club-savvy tracks deliver a mouth-watering impression of the album to come, each tune speaking a slightly different language generated by Housemeister's unique studio-routine of jam session recordings and the use of heavy heavy machines.

DEEPCHORD- GRANDBEND 2X12" (echospace, germany)
24.98usd/12.38gbp/15.82eur/2483jpy (approx)

*Deepchord's immense "Grandbend" was originally released on Deepchord's DC-10 release and has been often cited as the most beautifully spacious of all of Rod Modell's recordings. This doublepack brings together a remastered version of the original plus reworkings from Echospace, cv313 and Deepchord themselves, plus some killer dubs. These 6 versions are another intoxicating installment in the perfectly formed Echospace catalog, and with a pressing of a measly 1000 copies only for the world, they're just not going to last.

11.98usd/5.94gbp/7.59eur/1190jpy (approx)

*Deepchord's immense "Grandbend" was originally released on Deepchord's DC-10 release and has been often cited as the most beautifully spacious of all of Rod Modell's recordings. This doublepack brings together a remastered version of the original plus reworkings from Echospace, cv313 and Deepchord themselves, plus some killer dubs. These 6 versions are another intoxicating installment in the perfectly formed Echospace catalog, and with a pressing of a measly 1000 copies only for the world, they're just not going to last.

ANDOMAT 3000- BND2 12” (four:twenty, uk)
12.98usd/6.43gbp/8.22eur/1290jpy (approx)

*Despite being only two years old, Andreas Wiegland's Andomat 3000 project has seen him record for Cadenza, Safari Electronique, Morris Audio and Platzhirsch Schallplaten. He has also won fans such as Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Jimpster and Sebo K for his organic and subtly jazz infused house workouts. 'BND2' sums up the playful and eclectic vibe of Andomat 3000. Shuffling shakers, jazz snares and a superbly funky upright-bass all play off each other to create a distinctive floor burning groove of the highest order. Never the slackers on the remix front, Four:Twenty have drafted in both Kiki and Freaks man Luke Solomon for reinterpretations.

SHONKY- TIME ZERO PART ONE 12” (freak n’ chic, france)
12.98usd/6.43gbp/8.22eur/1290jpy (approx)

*Vinyl version, part 1: A1- Time Zero 07:26; A2- Galactica 08:51. B1- Nebula 08:00; B2- Cosmic Ray 06:37.

SHONKY- TIME ZERO PART TWO 12” (freak n’ chic, france)
12.98usd/6.43gbp/8.22eur/1290jpy (approx)

*Vinyl version, part 2: C1-Magma 07:40; C2-Ondulation 07:55. D1-Minor Planets 06:55; D2-Odyssey 08:45.

TOMCRAFT- BOOGIE NIGHTS: LIKE AN EAGLE 12” (great stuff, germany)
12.98usd/6.43gbp/8.22eur/1290jpy (approx)

*A big welcome to Tomcraft. Finally the Great Stuff boss himself with his first release on his own label. After 3 albums, countless 12" singles, a UK #1 with 'Loneliness' and recording for nearly 15 years for Kosmo Records, he can now open his second chapter with Great Stuff. Together with his studio partner Lützenkirchen, he produced this awesome track using the same sublime strings that Par-T-One already sampled some years ago in his groundbreaking 'I'm So Crazy.' What a huge tune.

ALTER EGO- GARY 12” (klang elektronik, germany)
12.98usd/6.43gbp/8.22eur/1290jpy (approx)

*First there is a jolty-beat, which is pretty unusual for an Alter Ego track, but then the whole room trembles under the evil-grumbling bass. When the synths raise up and the fire of "Gary" builds to its peak, Alter Ego have won. When played loud, "Gary" is pure rock n' roll! Carl Craig owns the remix, and the synths dominate. Sweat, spilled beer, arms raised... this is what rock n' roll looks like on the dancefloor.

JONAS BERING- CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU 12” (kompakt, germany)
11.98usd/5.94gbp/7.59eur/1190jpy (approx)

*Jonas Bering's overall musical mission is the amalgamation of minimal, deep house, dub techno and ambient. "Can't Stop Loving You" is easily his most disco work to date. It's a jolly, well-tempered house tune driven by a discoish bass line and euphoric stabs, and its gonna stick in your ears right after the first listen. It's kitsch, it's pop and there's a true love story behind it. And it's only one of three amazing tracks on this record.

DUB KULT- PETIT MAL 12” (living, germany)
12.98usd/6.43gbp/8.22eur/1290jpy (approx)

*He's the biggest UK producer you've never heard of. Dub Kult's records and his label, Living, get props from every one from Bug to Villalobos to Weatherall to Vath, Roman Flügel to Troy Pierce to Jay Haze to Zip and Mathias Kaden. And musically, it's a bit more cerebral an approach than the usual. 'At the center of clubbing madness,' Dub Kult says, 'lies a still, reflective core. There always has to be some brooding meaning, even in the moments of the most insane dancefloor abandon.

V/A- MY FAVORITE THINGS 12” (mule electronic, germany)
11.98usd/5.94gbp/7.59eur/1190jpy (approx)

*12" vinyl version. Including tracks from Adolf Noise, Koss, Lawrence and a vinyl-exclusive track, Âme's remix of Echologist.

PIERCE & JERL- CUVEE 12” (my best friend, germany)
11.98usd/5.94gbp/7.59eur/1190jpy (approx)

*The Cologne duo Pierce & Jerl have been around for years, but only recently joined forces. This exclusive project is all about carnality and savoring moments, and for them, music has to sound rich and bass-y. "Cuvee" is a mighty bass-driven track with links to Chicago's early moments, taking piano chords to another level by repeating them and creating a hypnotic flowing pattern. "Bouquet" is a peak-time tech-house track, with the nervous energy that drives people crazy on the dancefloor.

DOP- THE LIGHTHOUSE 12” (orac, germany)
11.98usd/5.94gbp/7.59eur/1190jpy (approx)

*The Parisian trio Dop presents The Lighthouse. "Lighthouse" is balanced delicately between techno and house, making it a bridge track to push all kinds of sets in new directions. There are also chunky beats, raw jazz flute buzzes and a soulful vocal. With "Merci," Dop stretches out more towards techno, adding layers of gently warbling synths to make a calm yet sinister track. "Under The Rain" ends things with an experimental sound collage poem -- musique concrète for the after-after-party.

9.98usd/4.95gbp/6.32eur/992jpy (approx)

*Warm chords, bouncy keys and a soothing bassline complement Wonder's catchy vocals on this definite crowd-pleaser, while an instrumental and bonus beats will satisfy the DJs. Sublime, refined dancefloor material for fans of Jazzanova, Chez and Needs.

FRANCK ROGER- SAY YOU LOVE ME 12” (seasons limited, usa)
9.98usd/4.95gbp/6.32eur/992jpy (approx)

*straight up there street!! loads of bongos and dennis ferrer style percussion and live instrumentation.

FRANCK ROGER- THE CHASE 12” (seasons limited, usa)
9.98usd/4.95gbp/6.32eur/992jpy (approx)

*’round here, season limited really couldn't put a foot wrong, even if they tried. Franck roger delivers another sizzling ep to rip a hole into your record box. Get your copy now.

FRANCK ROGER- WE CAN LIVE 12” (seasons limited, usa)
9.98usd/4.95gbp/6.32eur/992jpy (approx)

*Huge gospel, vocal bomb from the name to drop at the moment, franck roger. Really cool music that will appeal to those of you who like the nu jazz sounds too.

FRANCK ROGER- WE WALK TO DANCE 2LP (seasons limited, usa)
15.98usd/7.92gbp/10.12eur/1588jpy (approx)

*It doesn't get any better than this!! Here we have the incredibly hot new album from the legendary franck roger!! His album has eight amazing tracks that will feature for all heads outhere and is already flying off the shelves!! Sounding like classic frankie knuckles meets farley with a slab of say grant nelson thrown in!! Very good house music.

GRACELAND & ARNOLD JARVIS- THE ONE 12” (seasons limited, usa)
9.98usd/4.95gbp/6.32eur/992jpy (approx)

*Arnold jarvis drops a large robert owens style vocal house bomb on the excellent seasons limited label. Phil aisher drops a great remix that will appeal to all the soul heaven & urban house dj's.

GRACELAND & ARNOLD JARVIS- THE ONE REMIXES 12” (seasons limited, usa)
9.98usd/4.95gbp/6.32eur/992jpy (approx)

*killer 83 west remixes of this great deep house/us garage track.

JAMES UNK- GLITCH CONTROL 12” (serie noire, france)
12.98usd/6.43gbp/8.22eur/1290jpy (approx)

*Lessismore begins the new year with a striking fresh release from its new darker Serie Noire imprint. 'Glitch Control' is a wild melt of slamming beats and glitched percussions. Paco Osuna re-builds the track into an underhand clockwork crushing your inner willingness. Drop simply stuns with its breakneck pace and its roaring infrabasses. Do not resist, just let these killer tracks strike and shake your ribcage.

STACEY KIDD- SPIRITUAL SALSA 12” (smooth agent, usa)
8.98usd/4.45gbp/5.69eur/892jpy (approx)

*Not many people know this, but Stacy Kidd's cousin is Paul Johnson. You know, the guy who made "Get Get Down," one of the biggest club hits of '99. Anyhow, while his cousin has made the big time, Kidd is still stomping around behind the scenes. An underground trooper you could call him. He has recorded for a plethora of well-respected labels, such as NYC's Yellorange, Chi-Town's Dancemania, the sadly defunct Cajual, London's ubiquitous Peacefrog, and the Dutch imprint After Midnight. Kidd's style is unique. He blends retro disco samples with deep Chicago-house beats to perfection. He fuses uplifting, soulful vocal samples and time-honored disco licks with driving four-to-the-floor beats. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the Windy City listening to Mark Farina spin this to a club packed to the gills with sweaty clubbers.

SEAN SMITH- BLACK TRIBAL MUSIC 12” (smooth agent, usa)
8.98usd/4.45gbp/5.69eur/892jpy (approx)

*killer deep house release from 2006 by sean smith drops on smooth agent. Big beefy bass kicks you into next week, a nice pad floats over the top whilst the cut up vocal adds a nice choppy feel to keep you on your toes.

KARU- ENTER PART 1 12” (smooth agent, usa)
8.98usd/4.45gbp/5.69eur/892jpy (approx)

*Deeper than deep house adventure from the states via the excellent smooth agent label. Picky of the bunch is the wicked, mellow grooves of "desire", which is remeniscent of those sexy late nights in nyc. All tracks feature a soulful, r'n'b style vocal delivery.

V/A- DEATH IS NOTHING TO FEAR 3 12” (spectral sound, usa)
11.98usd/5.94gbp/7.59eur/1190jpy (approx)

*The third installment of Spectral Sound's compilation series, focused on bringing forward new voices in the world of techno. Brought together by an equally brash and nuanced take on tonal manipulation, the four artists presented here -- Sami Koivikko, Seth Troxler, Kate Simko and 2AM/FM (James T. Cotton and D'Marc Cantu) -- contribute a vast understanding of the compilation's theme. What unfolds is a tough and modern ride through international techno and house.

KATE SIMKO- SHE SAID 12” (spectral sound, usa)
11.98usd/5.94gbp/7.59eur/1190jpy (approx)

*Kate Simko's first release with Spectral Sound is like the soundtrack to a techno-action movie. The shuddering bass line of the title track bounces off walls while slinky percussion keeps the tension in check. The synth swells. The alarm has been rung. Ryan Elliott chills the mood, creating a late-night version that keeps the original's insistence while augmenting its depth. "Soltera" sees our heroine escape, and housier textures prevail. An airy groove produces melody shrapnel, but all emerge victorious.

SHONKY- FOLLOW THE CLONES 12” (sub static, germany)
11.98usd/5.94gbp/7.59eur/1190jpy (approx)

*The French once again: hardly the fact that they have appeared on the minimal map and have erased out any recollection of the Filterhouseterror from in those days, now they begin the storm of the Bastille. Zillions of young talents seem to slosh in the shelves, however, one has set down itself on the quiet already from the leadership field: Shonky. As a coproducer of Jennifer Cardini, he could already rest on some laurels, but he still has his own plans. Sub Static presents two properly psychedelic minimum racketeers as they could hardly fall out more individualistically. Correctly fitted with spring beats delivered the through ball for precisely placed schizo chords and who is still responsible there, has missed the takeoff. Hypnotically, the sounds mill themselves by the bodies and hatch behind the diaphragm, only to press ahead at the right moment like Alien out of Ripley.

JACK ROCK- FORMATION FLYING 12” (tic tac toe, denmark)
12.98usd/6.43gbp/8.22eur/1290jpy (approx)

*This release is without a doubt Tic Tac Toe Records best bid for the 'anthem of the year' awards. Guy Gerber who is so well known for his Cocoon, Bedrock & Supplement Facts releases was nominated best newcomer in German magazine Groove in last year's poll, but he's no newcomer anymore: he's right up there in the top league alongside the best producers and remixers today and we're immensely proud to release his excellent remix of 'Formation Flying' on Tic Tac Toe Records. This is why we decided to release it as a limited single sided 12" in red coloured vinyl.

SLG- LOST IN SHIBUYA 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/5.94gbp/7.59eur/1190jpy (approx)

*slg aka Lukasz Seliga from Poland is an artist with many musical interests ranging from funky techno over experimental electronics to playful funky house. "Lost In Shibuya" was influenced by a trip to Tokyo -- he used acoustic footage of voices and atmosphere to go with his post-Detroit groove. "Bleep Bleep" goes more in the direction of his tight technoid stomper "Caffeine," including not only frenzy tunes and hectic energy but also deep moments.

DAKOTTA- I NEED HELP 12” (tsuba, uk)
12.98usd/6.43gbp/8.22eur/1290jpy (approx)

*Dakotta's Tishmongo label has released music from some of the world's finest talent including Guy Gerber and David K. In 2008 he's making a name as a budding producer with releases lined up for Francois K's Wave records and the UK's mighty Tsuba. 'I Need Help' is a psychedelic house trip that would equally be at home in the sets of Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos or Giles Peterson and DJ Koze. 'On A Roll' is atmospheric house that is the perfect warm up track. Following the success of his Steve Lawler remix (still hot with Loco Dice, Konrad Black, Martin Landsky, Steve Bug & John Digweed) label boss Kevin Griffiths steps in with a deep, tribal tinged percussive interpretation of 'I Need Help’.

SARA DEVINE- SPECIAL 12” (vega, usa)
9.98usd/4.95gbp/6.32eur/992jpy (approx)

*Vega Records presents up and coming producers who include one of New York's most respected club scenesters Master Kev. Alongside studio partner Dave 'Vibes' Tobon having recent success with the UK label Defected. This release is nothing less then 'Special'. Be sure to keep a close eye on these guys as they will be making a definite impression in the New York House Scene.

9.98usd/4.95gbp/6.32eur/992jpy (approx)

*Vega Records presents up and coming producers who include one of New York's most respected club scenesters Master Kev. Alongside studio partner Dave 'Vibes' Tobon having recent success with the UK label Defected. This release is nothing less then 'Special'. Be sure to keep a close eye on these guys as they will be making a definite impression in the New York House Scene.

9.98usd/4.95gbp/6.32eur/992jpy (approx)

*From Luisito Quintero’s solo album “Percussion Madness” we bring you the remix to “Aquilas Coisas Todas”. Louie Vega adds a elegant Latin Jazz tone over this Brazilian influenced song. You will find this to be right along Louie Vega’s Elements of Life music.

9.98usd/4.95gbp/6.32eur/992jpy (approx)

* Vega presents The Remixes Part 1 to “Da Bump”. Amé who consists of Kristian Beyer & Frank Wiedemann. Gracing us with their own rendition to this clubfloor stomper. Just barely walking away from the limelight with their massive hit “Rej”. Amé once again catches us unprepared. Be sure not to expect anything you have heard before Ame reworks and tweaks this single with a deep minimal tecked out feel alongside Mr.V dropping a set of all new vocals for this.

9.98usd/4.95gbp/6.32eur/992jpy (approx)

*Vega Records release’s yet another big single off the newly released album from Mr.V entitled “Welcome Home”. This is a very special release featuring mixes from 2 of House music heavyweights, Louie Vega and France’s own Bob Sinclar. This release is nothing less then a floor stomper. Louie Vega drops his signature style Latin fused beats with Mr.V’s urban street style vocal rap. Side B is Bob Sinclar delivering a big room remix with bouncy tribal beats and a catchy electro style riff making it the right time to “put your drink down” and head to the dance floor.


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