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as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

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BOREDOMS- VOALTZ/RERELER 12" (commons, japan)
21.98usd/12.51gbp/15.78eur/2336jpy (approx)

*Limited Japanese-only 12" of new remixes of two Boredoms tracks. The original tracks were contained in Boredoms Live At Sunflancisco from 2007. First up is a remix from Altz and super engineer Kabamix. The other is a DJ Coswamp mix. Blinding, full color artwork. Details for the connaisseur, this 12" pressing is actually made in the U.S., jackets printed in Japan. Limited edition, already sold out in Japan.


THE PEACE- BLACK POWER LP (groovie, spain)
29.98usd/17.06gbp/21.52eur/3187jpy (approx)

THE PEACE- BLACK POWER CD (groovie, spain)
18.98usd/10.80gbp/13.62eur/2017jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked. these always go fast and i’m not sure i’ll be able to restock them again, so don’t miss out… The Peace were an obscure band from Copperbelt, Zambia. According to some rumors, they were in fact a band from the Zambian Air Force. Before they became The Peace the band was called The Boyfriends, a popular local band featuring Ted Makombe and Emmanuel Chanda from another legendary band from Zambia, The Witch. Recorded at Malachite Studios, Chingola in the mid '70s, Black Power is one of the rarest psych-rock records ever released in Africa. Killer afro-psychedelic rock sound, the missing piece from the weird and amazing African afro-rock '70s puzzle along with other rare as hell records like The Witch, Amanaz and Question Mark. both are limited, first time ever reissued on cd with only 500 copies in papersleeve mini-LP replica.

24.98usd/14.21gbp/17.93eur/2655jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked. these always go fast and i’m not sure i’ll be able to restock this again, so don’t miss out… Killer Afro-psychedelic rock made in Zambia, early 1970s! Chrissy 'Zebby' Tembo and his group Ngozi Family deliver a brutal set of fuzzed to the max psychedelic rock, with a slight African feel and English vocals. First time on CD, limited 500 copies papersleeve edition with fantastic remastered sound.


21.98usd/12.51gbp/15.78eur/2336jpy (approx)

*Following three sold out releases on Important Records, Eleh present their fourth vinyl-only full-length, Homage to the Square Wave. Featuring two sidelong tracks each clocking in at over 20 minutes, Homage is dedicated to the highly influential artist Josef Albers. Eleh return with their battery of vintage modular analog gear to produce a recording of pure tone, pure sound, pure volume and pure analog. Side A features 'Black,' a slowly enveloping mass of intensely throbbing low end, activating the flight response. Time passes rapidly in a hallucinatory forest filled with suffocating bulbs of bass. 'Blue & White' on the B-side provides the decompression of rocking on a calm ocean. Soft peaks of warm tone rise and fall over the surface of concentrated saline. Volume reveals detail. Homage was mastered by James Plotkin, cut direct to metal and pressed on 200g virgin vinyl in a hand-numbered edition of 500. The LP comes housed in a custom letterpressed jacket that was designed by John Brien of Important Records and printed by Studio On Fire in Minneapolis. The jackets were printed flat, die-cut, folded and glued resulting in a letterpressed jacket with a printed spine. Eleh was formed to pay tribute to the pioneers of audio minimalism such as La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Eliane Radigue, Pauline Oliveros and Charlemagne Palestine. The tidal rumblings of Eleh will appeal to fans of Sunn O))), Om, Oren Ambarchi, etc. This is drone with density.

18.98usd/10.80gbp/13.62eur/2017jpy (approx)

*Space Solo 1 is Rafael Toral's second release in his ongoing Space Program, a venturesomely bold series of recordings. Internationally acclaimed for his experimental drone and ambient guitar work, the Space Program is completely divergent from his past output. Equipped with handmade instruments, Toral's current project is a performance-based discipline, which he calls 'post-free jazz electronic music.' Following the Space Program's inaugural release, Space (TAIGA 001LP / STAUB 069CD), Space Solo 1 presents a raw exploration of a select few instruments Toral designed for the series. In contrast to Space, which consists of thoughtfully layered recordings from various live and studio performances, Space Solo 1 presents unaccompanied instruments traveling through unfamiliar territories where sounds exist in their singularity. The result grabs at the listener to stay alert, tiptoeing around silent moments, increasingly mounting tension and inspiring awe. As each instrument hints at a particular language belonging only to itself, Toral's masterful playing is revealed as an instinctual process. Space Solo 1 is 44 minutes of otherworldly splashing, ripping, beeping, hissing, etc. An indefinite number of sounds carefully coaxed from unique instruments, drawing a blurry line between ancestral and futuristic. Originally released on CD by Quecksilber in 2007, Space Solo 1 is now available on LP through Taiga records. This deluxe audiophile version was mastered direct to metal, pressed on 200g transparent red virgin vinyl and is presented in a limited edition of 500 copies. The jacket was cleanly designed by Helder Luís at No Type, featuring the Rui Toscano drawing from the CD version printed on reversed stock and a pantone red flood in the pocket.

RAFAEL TORAL- SPACE 2LP (taiga, usa)
21.98usd/12.51gbp/15.78eur/2336jpy (approx)

*After over 15 years of drone and ambient work based around guitar and electronics, Rafael Toral has set off on a radically new mission. Leaving the guitar behind, Toral has equipped himself with instruments such as a theremin-controlled white noise generator, amplified coil spring percussion, and a random pulse width modulation oscillator. With these he has launched his jazz-fueled craft through Earth's atmosphere, into outer space. The resulting voyage is one where the sounds created recall the blast of a ray gun, the gurgle of a velociraptor, the rush of a primordial geyser, all seasoned with a vintage analog appeal and interspersed with meditative moments of silence. Toral's new approach to music, entitled the Space program, runs counter to his career thus far by focusing on performance instead of composition. The foundation and fundamental release of the program is Space. Using live and in-studio performances from 2004 and 2005, Toral designed Space as 'an orchestral environment for electronic instruments.' Following Space, the program will continue to develop with releases from the Space Solo series, documenting performances of individual instruments played unaccompanied, and the Space Elements series featuring various collaborators while Toral focuses on a single piece of equipment. With previous releases by Toral on such respected labels as Touch, Table of the Elements and Ecstatic Peace, Taiga records is proud to present the deluxe 2LP version of Space. This exciting album by Toral is coincidentally Taiga's inaugural release as well as that of the Space program. Originally released on CD by the highly regarded Staubgold label, it is presented here in a limited edition of 500 copies on direct-metal mastered 200g virgin vinyl. This version includes all of the original audio from the CD plus a previously unreleased 17-minute vinyl-only bonus track, 'Space Study 1.3,' a live duet with percussionist César Burago. Packaged in a gatefold jacket designed by Helder Luís with spot metallic printing, the album boasts the Daniel Malhão photograph from the CD version expanded across the entire outside in UV gloss, an essay by Toral printed inside on reversed stock and the pockets flooded black.


24.98usd/14.21gbp/17.93eur/2655jpy (approx)

*restocked… Voodoo music recorded by Soul Jazz Records in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Voodoo is the sacred African-based religion of Haiti famous for it's Hollywood-styled image of spirit- possession, sacrifices and walking dead. The music of Voodoo features intense, complex African drum rhythms alongside vocals. The music of voodoo is used to bring spirits into the body of worshippers who become possessed by the spirit that enters their body. Voodoo was brought to Haiti by slaves and later bought about the revolution that made Haiti the first Black republic. Voodoo flourishes in Haiti today and is the lifeline of it's society. Haiti is next to Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico in the West Indies and consequently the music is a mixture of heavy African rhythms alongside Latin and Jamaican music. The CD comes with sleeve-notes, photos and a short film of the music recorded in Haiti and the LP comes on super-loud double vinyl.


12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*restocked… The first sampler from the forthcoming Rob Sparx album has arrived! This one comes with remixes from one of the scene's original dons, DJ Distance! And with a Cyrus (Random Trio) remix as well as the 'Original 1999' mix, this is a versatile 12" representing the many different facets of the dubstep sound. Heavy!

12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*In collaboration with Skull Disco, ~scape releases two tracks off the Sam Shackleton full-length cd, which includes remixes by Pole (only available on ~scape) and Peverelist. Shackleton's maverick take on big bass lines and complex beats isn't easy to categorize, and that's how it's going to stay. Shackleton has been carving out his own brand of eclecticism on Skull Disco releases so far with intricate, snaking percussion, hypnotic melodies, seriously deep bass lines and dubwise sensibilities.


DISTRICT ONE- TIME FOR GRACE 12" (100% pure, netherlands)
13.98usd/7.95gbp/10.03eur/1486jpy (approx)

*Already hammered and played for months now by Adam Beyer, Paco Osuna and Richie Hawtin, studio whiz kid Anton Pieete and Dutch top techno DJ Bart Skils (aka District One) strikes again on Amsterdam's leading Dutch techno imprint, 100% Pure. The original version is in a typical District One fashion: tight, clean and funky. A builder breaks into an off-pitch conga. The flip is a reshape by Mountain People's Peter Dildo (André Schmid).

MARTIN BUTTRICH- I LOST MY WALLET 12" (cocoon, germany)
13.98usd/7.95gbp/10.03eur/1486jpy (approx)

*Germany's Martin Buttrich has been decisively influencing the sound aesthetics of electronic dance music since the middle of the '90s. His second EP for Cocoon couldn't prove better his prediction that in 2008, minimal techno will contain more warm and melodic components. "Again" and "I Lost My Wallet" provide us with bass-prone reduction somewhere in between techno and house, and harmony bits that remind of Caribbean calypso, perfect for the open-air season.

ROBERT BABICZ- BOARDING 12" (defrag sound processing, italy)
12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*Our next Defrag release is a gem. Robert Babicz collaborates with Defrag for the first time, after a heavy output on labels such as Audiomatique, Punkt, Treibstoff and K2 in the last few years. Based in Cologne, Robert's take on acid for the 21st century is laden with influences he has picked up in a near 20 year career that has seen him influence a good few artists and styles to boot. Opener 'Boarding' kicks off the weekend with a bright and effervescent journey of soaring synth and crunchy beats. Ethereal interplay between lead melodic lines contribute to an uplifting and complex house gem. Old and new find a special compromise on 'Enjoy,' which merges a Detroit influence with modern percussive bliss. A rasping metallic lead pierces a groove built on throbbing chord patterns and echoed pads. Ending on a 'Montag ,' Robert introduces a dub element to the fray. A slow building melody weaves between glitches and sharp tones in a suspenseful and atmospheric mind treat.

STEN- THE ESSENCE 2LP (dial, germany)
19.98usd/11.37gbp/14.34eur/2124jpy (approx)

*Lawrence aka Sten aka Peter M. Kersten presents his second full-length album for the Dial label, taking us on a deep journey from Hamburg via Berlin and Detroit City to reach the stars. Two decades of inspiration from house music and techno has brought him to The Essence. Kersten launched the Dial label in 2000 together with his flat mate and DJ friend Carsten Jost. After his Lawrence releases on Ghostly International, Cocoon, Mule Electronics, Kompakt and Sender, it is the Sten moniker which reduces Kersten's musicality to the magic moments on a minimal dancefloor. His deep and functional Detroitish minimal techno has been the DJ's choice from the first 12" to Sten's album Leaving the Frantic, released in 2004 on Dial. Kersten has toured around the world, inviting the dancing people on a deep journey into Lawrence/Sten-sound, hitting the floors in Russia, the United States, South America, all over Europe and even Japan, where he released a compilation in 2006 of his best tracks, remixes and some exclusive new tunes.

EYERER & NAMITO- FEUERSEE 12" (great stuff, germany)
12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*One year after their last collaboration Quipa it has been an amazing kickstart for both of them. Martin Eyerer released his highly acclaimed debut album Word Of Mouth on his very own label Kling Klong and Namito had a huge single hit with 'City Of Gods' and got massive props for his releases Zizou (Kling Klong) and his Great Summergames Stuff contribution 'Iran.' While Martin's recent 12" Furthermore was just released with remixes by Marc Romboy and Oliver Klein & Peter Jürgens, both friends found the time for this Great Stuff EP. 'Feuersee' is destined to be a huge peak-time anthem with its awesome combination of catchy melody and roaring bass, while the Sunset mix takes it deeper down. And if you're into wicked breakdowns then 'Seefeuer' gives you just that. And big time.

KLEEP- FORMULA ONE/MUPPET RIDE 12" (klang elektronik, germany)
12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*Sami Liuiski aka Kleep's last record for Klang Elektronik Don't Push Me/ Zoo received some enthusiastic feedback: Luke Solomon said "Zoo is so up my street, it's ridiculous." Oliver Ho stated "My kind of thing. Nice and dirty!" "Formula One" picks up where "Zoo" left off, with a reduced number of sounds, while "Muppet Ride" is maximized for one hell of a good party.

RICHARD BARTZ- SPEICHER 61 12" (kompakt, germany)
12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*The legendary Richard Bartz presents a strong offering for Speicher 61. "Diamond Girl" takes you on a joyride through Schwabing, Munich's famous nightlife and shopping district. On the flipside, he takes you to the dirtier side of town. "All Night Girl" represents everything he stands for: dark, wild and abysmal techno with a slight psychedelic edge to it. Richie knows what he's doing. He's a damn good producer.

DUBSHAPE- DROPLETS 12" (kompakt, germany)
12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*Fresh from São Paulo's impeccable The Edge club, Kompakt is happy to present Dubshape. The project consists of DJ João Lee and his production partner Ale Reis. Droplets sounds like the distilled essence of the past two decades of house music. It sounds like it's always been there. Mr. Fingers, Marshal Jefferson, Carl Craig, Ray Castoldi, Dixon, it's all in there. Droplets is like a great bottle of red wine, but you shouldn't put this record in your basement. It should be played out loud.

FOOG- DECLINATION 12" (mule electronic, germany)
12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*Foog is a project by Yukihiro Fukutomi. He is a very popular Japanese house DJ/artist with releases on JCR, King Street, and File Records. He has released more techno stuff than usual under this name and has released two albums from File Records (Sony) in Japan and three limited 12"s that were sold out immediately when they were released. His past release was supported by Carl Craig and Loco Dice.

12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*Deetron aka Sam Geiser drops Lets Get Over It, featuring vocals by Justin Chapman. This is a gloriously soulful techno masterpiece with Detroit and Chicago influences. Tough and groovy with some warped synth action that weaves its way around lush, warm vocals. The old school remix is by Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann, known for his outstanding productions on Osgut Ton and his own label MDR.

12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*Part two in a remix series of Deetron's "Let's Get Over It." Henrik Schwarz delivers an electro-acoustic flavor that, together with Justin Chapman's vocals and some sultry strings, is extra special. F-Communications artist Llorca presents a completely different and stunning take on the original. A beautiful, string-laden intro builds the suspense. Add some percussion and a timbale, and just wait for the bass line to drop.

DEETRON- THE AFTERLIFE 12" (music man, belgium)
11.98usd/6.82gbp/8.60eur/1273jpy (approx)

*restocked… Two tracks from Deetron's album Twisted on Music Man. "The Afterlife" features Paris the Black Fu from Detroit Grand Pubahs.

MICHEL CLEIS- DIXIE ON MONDAY 12" (my best friend, germany)
12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*Michel Cleis has an eclectic past rooted in rock and pop, but his love for "shakin' music," humanism, and creativity have put him in contact with like-minded people, and he is now increasingly active as a techno producer. His first 12" for MBF is very strange and authentic and comes with two very different tracks: "Dixie On Monday" is a 12-minute groover with lots of percussion, whereas "Deconstructed" is more direct and Chicago house styled -- dark and weird.

THE HACKER- SPACE TRAVEL 12" (notorious, france)
11.98usd/6.82gbp/8.60eur/1273jpy (approx)

*restocked… The Hacker, the legendary icon of the electro scene is on Notorious Elektro with this new electro dark groovin' stuff! After the release of Oxia, the second boss of the Goodlife label provides some stunning grooves for the electro techno-oriented floors with the original track, whereas the Gino's and Snake mix is set to be huge with the minimal tech scene as well as it will delight the tech trance fans.

STYLE OF EYE- DUCK, COVER & HOLD PT.1 12" (pickadoll, sweden)
13.98usd/7.95gbp/10.03eur/1486jpy (approx)

*Linus Eklow aka Style Of Eye has been described as the new sultan of Scando-techno, and this is part one in a two-part taster of his debut album Duck, Cover & Hold. Linus melts down electro bleeps, hysteric synthesizers, raw percussion, minimalism, big-mouthed basses and soulful chords in order to create club-destroying tracks. Crystal-clear trance moments alternate with deep house grooves, and the super-accurate use of SFX in his tracks and the perfectly-timed and ultra-tight arrangements show how much dedication and work he puts into his art. This shit is advanced!

12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*The Robsoul Remixes is a cross-continental project that mines the connections between Matthew Dear's precision techno-pop and the French label's expansive funk. DJ Sneak engineers "Dog Days" into an ebullient house romper. Robsoul boss Phil Weeks revives the unforgettable disco string sweeps of the original and stretches them tight against a crackling, frog-hiccup loop. Finally, Chris Carrier presents an upbeat, verdant minimal track, building micro-clips of bongo strikes and hi-hat hisses around seductive fades and vocal stutters.

GOW- JIFFY HORNSWOGGLE 12" (trapez, germany)
12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*British producer Gow aka Chris Gowland has put forward a stunning debut -- three brilliant tracks that are cool and at the same time over the top and full of joy. Chris has a great talent for composing music on a club level and knows how to communicate with people through music. These three tracks will be adored by the party crowd, combining a powerful bassy production with cut-up vocal stabs and wild synths. Keep your eye out for more hornswoggling in the future.

GABRIEL ANANDA/FAIRMONT- PART 4: 100 12" (traum, germany)
12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*The Traum label presents two tracks that were not released on the Traum 100 vinyl, newly mastered and in a longer mix. Gabriel Ananda brings Detroit to Cologne. "Lila Pause" fuses polyrhythmic grooves with deep bass lines and combines these with strings and melodies that will provide DJ sets with a cool break. Fairmont's "Down The Rabbit Hole" is an epic, dream-like sequencer-driven techno track. It comes here in a longer version and was mastered by Emanuel Geller.

PACO OSUNA- TWINS 12" (unpolite, germany)
12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*Definitely Unpolite is back! This time it's a real new big Bomb for a real Goa Ultrabeat's friend -- ladies and gentlemen mister Paco Osuna. One of the best artist all around the world for one of the best party organization at the moment. 2 tracks -- same cool groove -- same good vibes -- same style -- Paco Osuna style! From the first seconds you can understand what's the way. Unpolite and Paco Osuna = quality!

12.98usd/7.39gbp/9.32eur/1379jpy (approx)

*The talented found sound DJ Ben Parris has been seen the last few years releasing tracks and remixes on labels like Microcosm and Igloo. 'Toga Party' and 'Pivolganarkotik' and two funky fresh organic-sounding minimal tracks that in a great way complements the flipside by Swedish Berlin-resident Fredrik Larsson aka Kroppsspråk. He delivers the building monster of a track which is 'Kawo' and the clubbier 'Ufsi,Ufsi.' 'Kawo' has been tested to great delight in clubs worldwide in the recent time and received some amazing floor-reactions.


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