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this weeks presidential race makes my head want to explode, but i’m totally looking forward to tonights debate (that is if the ‘maverick’ will show up!)… i’ve also been looking forward to this weeks update, there are so many good new arrivals in this week it’s hard to highlight some over others (although the japanese import cd version of ‘mulatu from Ethiopia’ IS a clear standout). also of note: funky forty-five’s 10” series; group inerane cd reissue; first two volumes of hard-core/jungle rarities on the hate imprint; TONS of new dubstep titles; and as always, a slew of killer new dance tracks… swing on by and get some!



as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

prices do not include shipping and handling. for those of you shipping within the continental united states I offer a 5.00usd flat shipping rate for any amount of records and/or compact discs. shipping cost for international orders are calculated on an order by order basis. payments for orders can be made via paypal or with a credit card by telephone between 12-6pm/est.

i also offer bike messanger service via timecycle couriers. for the low cost of 10.00usd i can deliver any amount of records and/or cds you wish to purchase to your center city philadelphia location (this includes some parts of south, west and north philadelphia) within two hours (and for those of you who need your records even faster, we also offer ‘rush’ service for the low flat rate of 20.00usd for any amount of records/cds delivered to you within one hour). of course, we are still more than happy to ship records via the usps within philadelphia. as with the international shipments, orders placed before 5pm/est will ship out that evening and should reach their destination by the following day.


19.98usd/10.77gbp/13.52eur/2104jpy (approx)

*beautiful Japanese paper sleeve edition with obi. to my knowledge, this is the only cd version of this essential ethiopian jazz title currently available… Mulatu Astatqé (also sometimes spelled Mulatu Astatke, as he is on the liner notes to this release) might be most known to international audiences through his tracks on the excellent Ethiopiques CD anthology series of Ethiopian music. Long before those tracks were compiled for that series, however, he had an American release with this 1972 instrumental album, on which he's billed as 'Mulatu of Ethiopia.' Like much of the best of the circa-early-'70s contemporary Ethiopian music on Ethiopiques, it's a fine, at times captivating blend of late-'60s American soul and jazz with Ethiopian music, resulting in something not quite comparable to anything else. -- Richie Unterberger/AMG

V/A- LIVE CONVENTION 79 CD (disco wax, japan)
19.98usd/10.77gbp/13.52eur/2104jpy (approx)

V/A- LIVE CONVENTION 79 LP (disco wax, japan)
18.98usd/10.23gbp/12.84eur/1998jpy (approx)

*Available for the first time ever, Disco Wax presents “Live Convention ‘79.” Destined to immediately become a collector’s item, “Live Convention ‘79” serves as a companion and predecessor to the previously released “Live Convention ‘81” and “Live Convention ’82”, each which have fetched hundreds of dollars switching hands from collector to collector. “Live Convention ‘79” features digitally re-mastered audio from a vintage old school throwdown, recorded straight from the Jamaica Queens Armory sound board in 1979, on a night where an all star round up of legendary artists graced the stage. Artists include: Grandmaster Flash, Mele Mel, Kurtis Blow, DJ Hollywood, Eddie Cheeba, Lovebug Starsky, and DJ Divine. The recording serves as a glimpse into an atmosphere that previously could have only been enjoyed by a select few, who were in the right time and place to witness the birth of what has become a global phenomenon: Hip Hop music. Highlights included: Grandmaster Flash’s precise quick mix theory being demonstrated, Mele Mel and Kurtis Blow rocking back and forth, hearing the artists take verbal shots at Sugar Hill Records, and hearing the gifted crowd interaction skills of DJ Hollywood, Eddie Cheeba, and Lovebug Starsky. These Japanese import CDs have only been pressed in limited quantities in beautiful vintage ‘Paste On’ style chip board sleeves expertly re-worked from the original artwork. So don’t sleep, once these are sold out, they are sold out for good!

V/A- LIVE CONVENTION 80 CD (disco wax, japan)
19.98usd/10.77gbp/13.52eur/2104jpy (approx)

V/A- LIVE CONVENTION 80 LP (disco wax, japan)
18.98usd/10.23gbp/12.84eur/1998jpy (approx)

*Available for the first time ever, Disco Wax presents “Live Convention ‘80.” Destined to immediately become a collector’s item, “Live Convention ‘80” serves as a companion and predecessor to the previously released “Live Convention ‘81” and “Live Convention ’82”, each which have fetched hundreds of dollars switching hands from collector to collector. “Live Convention ‘80” features digitally re-mastered audio from a vintage old school throwdown, recorded straight from the Ecstacy Garage sound board in 1980, on a night where an all star round up of legendary artists graced the stage. Dubbed as the “Ecstacy Garage All Stars,” artists include: Grandmaster Caz, JDL, and Kay Gee (of the Cold Crush Brothers), Whipper Whip, Ruby Dee, and Grand Wizard Theodore (of the Fantastic Five Freaks), the Soul Sonic Force, and the Nice and Nasty Four. The recording serves as a glimpse into an atmosphere that previously could have only been enjoyed by a select few, who were in the right time and place to witness the birth of what has become a global phenomenon: Hip Hop music. These Japanese import LP/CDs have only been pressed in limited quantities in beautiful vintage ‘Paste On’ style chip board sleeves expertly re-worked from the original artwork. So don’t sleep, once these are sold out, they are sold out for good!

13.98usd/7.54gbp/9.46eur/1472jpy (approx)

*Very little is known about HATE, except for the following: The majority of the material on the label is previously-unreleased, original junglist hardcore dating back to 1991-1994 from producers who wish to remain anonymous. A carload full of dubplates and DAT tapes full of unreleased material was handed over to the label at Sowerby Bridge in Yorkshire in 2008. The material (several hundred original tracks) has been gradually catalogued, with a few tracks already planned for release and re-mastered at Berlin's D&M. HATE is a Modern Love project. The label will also feature occasional new versions from different producers. All HATE transmissions will be limited to 300 stamped copies.

13.98usd/7.54gbp/9.46eur/1472jpy (approx)

*Second in the HATE series, one track an original production from 1993, and one re-working from Summer 2008.


CLUSTER- CLUSTER '71 LP (4 men with beards, usa)
19.98usd/10.77gbp/13.52eur/2104jpy (approx)

*this one was restocked last week, but it was the second pressing in a regular sleeve, i managed to score some first pressings –with gatefold sleeve’s- at a slightly higher price… Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius aka Cluster released this, their first album after Conrad Schnitzler (Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream) left the group originally known as Kluster, in 1971. On the outer edge of German space rock, Cluster '71 stands as a testament to minimalist 'cosmische' music. The three untitled tracks are exploratory, ever-changing pieces which focus on guitar distortion and synthesizer wails. This album deserves the many accolades it's been given, and holds up as an early landmark in the history of beatless ambience.

CLUSTER- CLUSTER & ENO LP (4 men with beards, usa)
19.98usd/10.77gbp/13.52eur/2104jpy (approx)

*restocked… Originally recorded and released in 1977, this pioneering ambient album brought together several legends of progressive electronic music: Brian Eno, solo artist and collaborator with David Bowie, Robert Fripp, and Roxy Music; Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius aka Cluster, both of whom made dozens of ground-breaking recordings throughout the '70s; and Conny Plank, who recorded everyone from Neu! to Ash Ra Tempel to Devo. This album was the first of several celebrated collaborations between these artists, whose influence looms over such current bands as Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada, and Mouse On Mars.

LOS IBEROS- LOS IBEROS LP (spanish inquisition, spain)
31.98usd/17.24gbp/21.64eur/3368jpy (approx)

*Rare 1969 album, probably the best ever psych-pop album from Spain at the time, though it was recorded in London. Los Iberos were a kind of supergroup that failed to succeed but recorded this wonderful album for your pleasure, blending psychedelia, sunshine-pop and some soul influence as well. A couple of tracks from this album are always in demand among '60s specialist DJs, including 'Hiding Behind My Smile' and the amazing cover of the Castaways' 'Liar, Liar,' but the rest of the album is also very nice with some Fading Yellow style tracks. 500 copies only, with remastered sound.


18.98usd/10.23gbp/12.84eur/1998jpy (approx)

*Graced by the exquisite arrangements of Roberto Menescal, The Voice of Brazil combines Elis Regina's masterful 1968 LP, Elis, Como e Porque ('Elis, How and Why') with recordings made a year later in London where Menescal teamed with Peter Knight (of Moody Blues fame). Although the flawless album she made in 1974 with Tom Jobim is regarded internationally as one of the great treasures of bossa nova, almost three decades after her death, Elis remains one of the music world's best-kept secrets, a truly great singer who deserves to be recognized beyond her beloved Brazil. Stylistically, Elis Regina is part Dusty Springfield, part Blossom Dearie. Considered to be part of the Tropicalia family.


JACK ROSE- I DO PLAY ROCK AND ROLL LP (three lobed, usa)
19.98usd/10.77gbp/13.52eur/2104jpy (approx)

*while jack rose's compositional skills are always clear and apparent, observing one of his live performances allows even the most casual of listeners to be exposed to his works in an entirely new light. when played for an audience, rose's compositions are given time to stretch out and display an improvisational punctuation. various live tracks have popped up over the course of rose's discography, but i do play rock and roll is his first complete album of live material.
i do play rock and roll's forty-one minutes are comprised of only three tracks meticulously selected from jack's live archives. an epic workout of "calais to dover" (originally appearing on 2005's kensington blues) recorded in 2006 starts the whole affair with a bang. the follow-up is documentation from a 2004 appearance on VPRO-fm in the form of "cathedral et chartres." the disc's closer, "sundogs" is a real treat. previously available only as a studio performance on the seminal by the fruits... triple LP compilation, it takes on a whole other twenty-two minute grinding, droning life live.


V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL.1 10” (funky forty-fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*killer new breakbeat series with well selected, loudly (correctly) mastered, nice pressings of tracks that are pretty hard to get clean copies of...with a refreshingly "British" take on the selections, library selections by Mike Mansfield & John Schroeder sprinkled in among funk classics by Quincy jones & Herbie Hancock, each record loosely themed. word is that the editions are limited to 300 pressed per volume, so needless to say they will not be around for long. A1 The Nilsmen- The Winston; B1 Soul Toronados- Hot Pants Breakdown; B2 Rhythm Machine- Freakish Love

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL.3 10” (funky forty-fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*A1 The Esquires- Think; B1 Willard Burton- Funky In Here; B2 Ann Alford- Gotta Get Me A Job.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL.4 10” (funky forty-fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*A1 Roger Simard- Mary Mary; B1 Mike Mansfield- Boogaloo; B2 Quincy Jones- Coming And Going.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL.5 10” (funky forty-fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*A1 Outlaw Blues Band- Deep Gulley; B1 Max Greger- Soul House; B2 Les Baxter- Helles Belles.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL.7 10” (funky forty-fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*A1 asteroids; A2 Quincy Jones- Fat poppadaddy; B1 Herbie Hancock- bring down the birds; B2 Quincy jones- they call me Mr. Tibb.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL.8 10” (funky forty-fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*A1 John Shroeder- Papas Got A Brand New Bag; B1 Earnie And The Topnotes- The Dap Walk; B2 Bloo Hand Gang- Venus.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL.9 10” (funky forty-fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*A1 Spanky Wilson- Sunshine Of Your Love; B1 The Soul Orchestra- Lickin' Stick; B2 Elaine Delmar- Sneaking Up On You.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL.11 10” (funky forty-fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*A1 Dave Pike- Mathar; B1 Jean Jacques Perry- Eva; B2 Sohail Rhana- Soul Sitar.

17.98usd/9.70gbp/12.17eur/1893jpy (approx)

*Over the years, there have been numerous James Brown compilations. And, of course, there have been a few compilations featuring covers of James Brown’s repertoire. But if you thought that those releases tapped the mother lode, we have news for you: the Godfather of Soul was responsible for too many veins of Black Gold to capture them all on a couple scantily packaged CDs. So here we are, giving you our take– a set of rocking Soul and Funk influenced by James Brown and his mighty disciples, captured from rare vinyl released all across the world. One of our favorite JB rips, Mexico’s Rabbits and Carrots’ “Las Cuatras Culturas,” listed here as what it really is – a cover of “Give It Up Or Turn It Loose” – sees the light of day here as an extended edit. For good measure, we’ve placed it alongside the R&C’s 7” only version of “Sex Machine,” which sounds much better when not crammed alongside 4 other songs on a 45 rpm, Mexican pressed release. We have to thank our friends at Vampi-Soul in Spain for the license of these tracks. Be sure to check their Rabbits and Carrots reissue package; it contains some of the hardest Mexican funk we’ve ever heard. We’ve included not one, but two incredible covers of Marva Whitney’s “It’s My Thing” on this anthology. Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s Big Boe
and The Nighthawks present a jazzy version, originally released on Boe’s tiny self-named imprint as a 45. And Madrid’s The Presidents offer perhaps the roughest version of the track we’ve ever heard (and funkiest record ever to originate from Spain, in our humble opinions). Through the novelty versions of JB classics from Canadian only private pressed LPs (what kind of a name is Get Up With Dancer anyway?) and the odd unreleased joint (don’t bother looking for the obscure Les Watson and The Panthers’ releases – they sound nothing like what we’ve presented here), we hope to have presented the opportunity for a thorough investigation of the Soul of JB. RIP Godfather. Your influence knew no bounds.


17.98usd/9.70gbp/12.17eur/1893jpy (approx)

*By popular demand, this is the CD reissue of the second Sublime Frequencies vinyl release (the limited LP release sold out almost immediately upon release in 2007). Group Inerane is the now sound of the Tuareg Guitar Revolution sweeping across the Sahara Desert and inspired by the rebel musicians that started this music as a political weapon used to communicate from the Libyan Refugee camps in the 1980s and 1990s. Spearheaded by the enigmatic guitar hero Bibi Ahmed, Group Inerane has been together for several years and carries the rich tradition of Tamachek guitar songs for another generation. These ten tracks are a combination of amplified roots rock, blues, and folk in the local Tuareg styles, at times entering into full-on electric guitar psychedelia. This music is performed with two electric guitars, a drum kit and a chorus of vocalists. The recordings were captured live in the city of Agadez in the Republic of Niger. Group Inerane was also featured in the Sublime Frequencies DVD Niger: Magic and Ecstasy in the Sahel. Recorded by Hisham Mayet, this CD reissue includes an 8-page insert with photos of the musicians and liner notes.


12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*After the success of Apple Pips first release from Martyn, we are back with another treat for music heads. Our 2nd release comes from Brendon Moeller aka Beat Pharmacy Brendon first came to our attention with his deeper than deep Humpback 7" on Earsugar, under his Beat Pharmacy guise. Since then he has consistently impressed with deep, technical, spacious house music of the highest order. Shackleton approached him to do a remix of Appleblim & Peverelist's 'Over Here' for the forthcoming 2nd Skull Disco singles and remixes round-up compilation, & 'Blim was so impressed with the results that he cheekily asked for not one but TWO more mixes of the same tune so he could put them out on wax! Brendon came back with two killer mixes. On the A-side under his real name, Brendon has created an 127bpm big room classic, submerging the original elements under layers of delay and echo, deep but grooving. On the flip he dons his Beat Pharmacy guise, slows things down to 120bpm & spaces things out in fine style, utilizing the original's abstract riff and resetting it in a really exciting new house tempo context. With releases coming on Rekids, Third Ear, & Deep Space and remixes for Echospace and others coming up it looks like a great year for Brendon and Pips is proud to present this exciting clash of styles.

12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Party time on Argon Records! Badman producer Cotti teams up with Mr. Party, aka MC Slickman, and the original Murkle Man, Jammer, to drop a weighty uptempo piece in the shape of 'Dem Fi Know.' Mr. Party drops cheeky bars in between Jammer's chorus lyrics as the piano-led bouncy 4/4 clatters away underneath. Flipside, 'Shake Ur Solaplex' is similar in vibe to 'Legacy,' necksnapping halfstep and juicy synths pinging off sizzling sub pressure.

LANDSLIDE- DREAMS & VISIONS 12” (blackacre, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*In the words of the inimitable Bunzer0 'Dubstep is Dubstep' and here to labor the point we at Black Acre proudly present the return of soulstep pioneer and original FWD resident, Landslide. 'Dreams & Visions' - Is a step into the uncharted territory of dubstep-soul, reinforcing that innovation is a trademark within Landslide's vast discography. Kicking off with a heavily layered hypnotic arpeggio, the honeyed soul of J'nay draws the listener to a domain of subtle angelic sounds. Lush pads soak an unpredictable half-step groove that still explores pathways back to dubstep garage roots. Summer vibes guaranteed. 'Dreams & Visions [Compound One RMX]' - Using an altogether tougher sound palate, DnB/Garage tag-team, Compound One ricochet Dreams' soulful tones off a metallic low end sound bed. A more stripped overall sound allows an increasingly intricate drum track to swing gracefully under the bassweight. 'Dreams & Visions [Inst]' - Yes we've even thrown in the instro. After repeated requests from the dub lovers you can also let Landslide's lush musicianship breathe fully unaided through your speakers. Support: Gilles Peterson, Domu, Zed Bias, 2562, TRG, Geiom, Martyn, Joe Nice, Hatcha, DJ Thinking, Unabombers.

UNITZ- THE DROP 12” (dub police, uk)
13.98usd/7.54gbp/9.46eur/1472jpy (approx)

*Another anthem from the massive Dub Police label. 'The Drop' is off the hinges! Having received massive amounts of airplay both on Rinse FM and Kiss FM as well as the live circuit this is sure to fly off the shelves. London based DJ Unitz started Dj'ing from age 8 and began producing from the age of 13, expect big things from this producer! Rinsed by Caspa, Rusko, DJ Orien, The Others, Mary Anne Hobbes, Subscape, Oris Jay & N-Type.

12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*TRG rocks tough drum work and deadly subs on his remix of 'Independent Life,' while El B's remix gives the vocal prominence and revolves on some well slinky percussion but suffers from a slightly flatulent bass. Ace.

QUANTUM SOUL- EFFORTLESS 12” (dubbed out, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Quantum Soul, fresh from smashing it on Dubting, returns with three tidy tracks in a laid back stylee. Deep rolling subs sit below shimmering synth washes. You need this in your life!

DJ NARROWS- STAR BWOY 12” (heavy artillery, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Crunchy & punchy once again from the Heavy Artillery crew, DJ Narrows serves up three slices of pure filth!

ROSSI B + LUCA/DJ WIRE- ENEMY/DRUMS 12” (heavy artillery, uk)
14.98usd/8.08gbp/10.14eur/1577jpy (approx)

*London dancefloor legends Rossi B and Luca set off on another mission to wreck your dance with a heavyweight halfstep cut in 'Enemy' but the real hard gear is stored on the B-side with a ballistic effort from DJ Wire on 'Drums' rocking some proper grimy percussion and scattershot string slashes into some mad floor blazing fun. --Boomkat

BABYLON SYSTEM & SPL- GANGSTER 12” (hollow point, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Coming straight out of Lost Soul HQ it's Hollow Point Recordings. SPL breathes life into a brand new sound of dubstep by pushing the envelope to a more hardcore level for those people who like it ruff and tuff. With two brand new SPL tunes showcasing this sound and a guest appearance by Argon's Babylon System. The 12 starts off with 'Gangster' a filthy grime inspired track with big bad gross basslines that stabs like a killer on Duracell batteries - just keeps on going and going and going and going. The B side holds the instant bassface tune 'Lust.' Tearing kicks, rumbling basslines and edits so lush it's just too sick to put into words. After Skream, Benga & Rusko it's up to SPL to put his distinctive mark on the dubstep genre!

EMI ONO- KURO SHINJU/MOON 12” (hot flush, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Hotflush Recordings presents a brand new face on HF2: Emi Ono, originally from Japan, but now residing in Ontario, Canada. On this, her first release, she delivers two tracks that take a hatchet to generic norms, incorporating a minimal soundscape but rolling at an accelerated, dubstep-centric tempo. 'Kuro Shinju' bubbles and bounces with sub bass pulses, warm synths and syncopated rhythmic touches. On the flip, 'Moon' strips the vibe right back, with half-step edges, beautiful electronic bells and tech-ish bleeps throughout.

12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Absolute killer 12" alert! One of our favorite Bristol-bassed labels Immerse have dug up a couple of complete shockers from a name soon to be very familiar to many dubstep and Techno heads, Kontext. This is the first material we've heard from this fella and it's quite easily some of the finest gear we've clapped lugs on this year, fusing the much loved tech styles of T++ with some proper Bristol bass science for two tracks that have totally ripped the head off it. 'Falling To Weightlessness' introduces himself with a devastatingly minimal riddim constructed from pure bass pressure punctuated with skittering off-kilter percussion akin to Torsten Profrock's finest moments, while the spectral synth-line and deep electronica vibes could be cut from an Autechre side project (well, in our dreams maybe?). 'Aeromonarchs Attacks' on the flip cuts into a much deeper rhythm, flexing some scarily toned bass muscle with a honed dancefloor intent that will politely ask any shit dancers to kindly step off the floor please. This is without a doubt the best thing to have emerged from Immerse and quite possibly one of the finest 12"s you'll hear all year. Listen! --Boomkat

12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*If you've managed to pick yourself off the floor after ingesting the first 12" from Kontext, sit yourself down for a second and check the styles on this badboy. Not content with mastering the art of 140bpm dubstepXtech on the first 12", Kontext turns his hand to two brutally bass laden techno cuts for the second installment. 'Plumes' sits heavy on the A-side with a purest sub-bass driven tech-house cut speckled with lush synth work, but it's the flipside track 'Blinkende Stjerne' that really takes the piss, charging up another dive-bombing sub-bass mission with dry funked and brittle techno percussion before introducing awesome Monolake style atmospherics of the highest caliber. It's safe to say this an absolute essential, and fans of everyone from Peverelist to Villalobos need to give this some very close attention. Recommended!!! --Boomkat

12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Man of the moment TRG knocks us out again with some refined dark garridge inflections on 'Soho Girls' and 'Generation', but possibly the most excitement is reserved for the remix from highly touted Breakage on 'Generation' -- highly recommended.

12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Fresh from mashing up Notting Hill Carnival, this killed it on the all conquering Rampage sound and Diplo himself requested that Jammer and Badness represented on the Red Bull stage. Furthermore Ras Kwame made it Record of the Week on his Radio 1 show and further support from Colonel Logan Sama , Mista Jam, Sinden and Ace and Vis. Featuring Jammer and Badness on vocal duty, it goes from all-out gabba-soca mentalism into a lush R 'n' B breakdown (where we learn how a real man makes love to a woman, no less), and then back into the eye of the madness -- Jammer and Badness practically screaming their hypest bars over the top of it. Jammer's apparently been promoting the single in his own unique way by marching up and down Oxford Street with a megaphone --y'hear?

DEVILLE- RUMBLE 12” (senseless, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*This is DeVille's first release on the label but as well as running The Fix Up in Leeds and hosting a show on SUBFM he's a fixture at all Senseless raves and has just completed a seven date tour of the USA showcasing the label's sound mixed up with his own diverse set of influences. Rumble proved to be a big hit stateside and has featured on a XLR8R podcast with regular plays from DJs like Starkey who push the street bass sound that is dubstep's close neighbor. It hot-wires a jump up soca style beat to old school rave melodies and box busting bass to create a genre defying mix-up that dubstep DJs across the world are switching up their sets with. Regular plays across the board on SUBFM, Dubstep.FM, Reload and more. Stamina continues the bass-rave theme with a jungle sample for heads to reminisce over while the rest of the crowd are bouncing up and down like they got glow stick juice in their eye. Raucous 4x4 beats and a driving arpeggiated synth propel a wall of junglist sub bass forward with dub echoes and techno percussion joining the dots. This one's been tearing down warehouses from Athens to Caracas. Bass rave for president 2008.

12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Soul Motive returns after its critically acclaimed debut with some Wild West wonkiness. Another double A-side, this time showcasing the sounds of Bristol based Forsaken and friends. Accompanied by musical talents such as grime genius Joker, Bristol Guitarist Ben Blackmore and Belgian harmonica player Mr. Jo, a unique musical experience is guaranteed. Forsaken feat. Joker & Ben Blackmore - 'Last Saloon Swagger.' Championed by Martin Blackdown as 'one of the most head-turning productions in dubstep,' 'Last Saloon Swagger' gives drunken rowdiness a new edge with honky tonk pianos, western guitars and staggered beats, along with one of Forsaken's trademark chest-rattling bass lines. One of the most original dubstep productions of 2008. Forsaken feat. Mr. Jo - 'Into The Sunset.' Continuing the strutting Western narrative of 'Last Saloon Swagger.' Take a textured, subtly layered journey through a musical landscape via ethereal harmonica, intricate percussion, melodic campfire guitars, rolling beats and earth shaking sub lines. Crossing the open plains of Kansas, with horses and harmonicas, heading off 'Into The Sunset.'

J:KENZO/MATTY G- TEKNO BASS 12” (soul shakerz, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*The third release on the soul shakerz label is J:Kenzo's long awaited dancefloor killer 'Tekno Bass.' The original mix is an electro/hip hop influenced banger has been doing the rounds on dub for some time, being played by the likes of Nick Argon, N-Type and Bunzero. Providing a dirty growling sub over an electro halfstep beat which switches up to 4x4 stepper on the second drop. Bringing the dirt on the flip is the heavyweight 'Matty G' remix. The West Coast native smashes the remix into pieces with tribal techy percussion along with his trademark floorshaking sub bass. Both the original and the remix provide the elements to tear up any dancefloor... Not to be missed...!

MONKEY/CALENDA- Volume/8:15 12” (war dubz, uk)
14.98usd/8.08gbp/10.14eur/1577jpy (approx)

*Calenda and Monkey lock horns on this the second weaponized War Dubz plate from Rossi B's Heavy Artillery offshoot.

RUSTIE- ZIG ZAG 12” (wireblock, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Rustie has just finished remixes for Jamie Lidell and Pivot on Warp Records. His debut EP Jagz The Smack was Boomkat's no. 1 single of 2007. Forthcoming material on Hyperdub, Dress 2 Sweat and more on Wireblock. One sided and laser etched on the flip.


8.98usd/4.84gbp/6.08eur/945jpy (approx)

*Disco classic reissued.

DEZ DICKERSON- MODERNAIRE 12” (citinite, uk)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*The only major song from Prince's classic film Purple Rain to have never previously been released. Finally, after 25 years, comes Dez Dickerson's lost Minneapolis classic, 'Modernaire,' mastered from a newly discovered tape recording. As if that wasn't enough, the record also features a freak-aholic cover version by Egyptian Lover. Keeping the spirit and energy of the original alive, there are remixes by Hot Persuasion, DMX Krew and Faceless Mind, driven by the searing beats of the 808 and LinnDrum. Backed by a disco-machine version by Complexxion, this is the sound of the Modernaire!

JOHN STARLIGHT- ROAD RAGE 12" (cocoon, germany)
13.98usd/7.54gbp/9.46eur/1472jpy (approx)

*Florian Senfter aka Zombie Nation or John Starlight. Road Rage was originally released by UKW in a limited number of copies. With time-honored Plus 8 references and acid elements, the original recollects an almost-gone quality of techno: to blow away your skullcap with the unashamed joy of telling stories, many breaks, some funky dirtiness and experimental noise playfulness. Exclusively made for Cocoon was the remix by Popof who gives the track an intense gross-grained feeling. Here's the club future.

18.98usd/10.23gbp/12.84eur/1998jpy (approx)

*Dirt Crew presents their first label compilation mix CD called Collection 02. It is a continuous DJ mix by the boys themselves which features some hot and new, exclusive unreleased tracks and remixes by artists such as Afrilounge, Gregor Tresher, Sasse, Till von Sein and Tigerskin as well as some of last year's highlights that were released on the label. There will also be an exclusive digital part to this compilation which features only new tracks by Break 3000, James Flavour, Lukas and others. Be prepared for a strong mix of minimal and tech-house with the one-and-only Dirt Crew sound that has gained them a strong reputation all over the world. Other artists include: Motorcitysoul, Chopstick & Johnjon, Falko Brocksieper, Daso, Bäumel & Dos Santos, and Sierra.

22.98usd/12.39gbp/15.55eur/2420jpy (approx)

*Knowle West Boy is the album that sums up everything that Tricky has accomplished since his 1995 Maxinquaye debut. From the sardonic bar-room blues of Puppy Toy to the haunting quasi-classicism of Joseph; from the twisted Specials-worshipping punk of Council Estate to the bereft torchery of Past Mistake; from the Roxy Music’s The Bogus Man-at-the-dancehall art-stomp of Bacative to the poignant autobiographical tale of teen pregnancy that is School Gates, Knowle West Boy sees our misunderstood hero reaching into the post-punk, Two-Tone, reggae, hip hop and pure pop he grew up adoring, twisting it all into surreal Tricky shapes using his astonishingly accomplished band and a host of great undiscovered singers, and ending up with the most varied and accessible set of his career. When things get too dark he brings it back to the light with the ebullient pop-rock of C’mon Baby. When things get too relaxed he taunts the world for its cruelty and apathy with the Middle-Eastern hip hop textures of Coalition. Underpinning it all is a theme of rediscovery… the American exile rediscovering his love of dear old Blighty; the veteran rediscovering the joy of making music; the experienced player rediscovering the struggle of being Knowle West’s very own Tricky Kid, the weird but defiant teen outsider who knew that with enough lust for life you could become a superstar. Knowle West Boy tells you everything you always wanted to know about Tricky, over music that still sounds like no-one else on earth.

TRICKY- COUNCIL ESTATE 12” (domino, uk)
13.98usd/7.54gbp/9.46eur/1472jpy (approx)

*Council Estate, the brand new single from Tricky, is released on June 30th. Taken from his debut album for Domino, Knowle West Boy, released on July 7th, the single features Tricky’s first solo vocal performance to appear on a single. ‘Council Estate is just me… that song is the upbringing me and friends had. It’s the first single I’ve ever done with just me on vocals. I couldn’t whisper that song. I had to come out of myself and do a loud, screaming vocal. I wanted to be a proper frontman on that one.’ -tricky

EQD- #1 12” (equalized, germany)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Kicking Detroit-ish techno/house hybrids.

L.S.B.- LOCOMOTION 12” (eskimo, belgium)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*L.S.B. are the well known Pete Herbert (Reverso 68) and BabyG Fernandez from Spain. After their amazing debut release Original Highway Delight and the follow-up F.O.G. that were both supported by the crème de la crème of the scene, here is the much-anticipated third one. Definitely a biggie in the nu-disco scene.

12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Part 1 of a vinyl sampler from Daniele Baldelli's mix for Eskimo. Includes full unmixed tracks from Alicia Bridges, Spirit, and the Bronx Irish Catholics.

12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Part 2 of a vinyl sampler from Daniele Baldelli's mix for Eskimo. Featuring full unmixed tracks by Torch Song, Kevin Harrison, and The Dream Syndicate.

13.98usd/7.54gbp/9.46eur/1472jpy (approx)

*Swedish DJ/producer Mikael Nordgren aka Tiger Stripes presents the Blackroom Entertainment EP, showcasing his ability as a formidable contributor to house music. The title track is more evidence of his programming prowess and ability to mold melodies into a sophisticated groove. "Abacus" is analog in approach with springing tones, a cabal of sci-fi sounds, and thick, modulated analog bass that ups the overall energy. Only a seasoned DJ and knowledgeable producer could fabricate such a convincing theme.

CROOKERS- E.PISTOLA 12” (mad decent, usa)
11.98usd/6.46gbp/8.11eur/1261jpy (approx)

*brand new four-track ep from crookers out of Italy, featuring a remix from the bloody beetroots. Packed in full picture sleeves in a limited edition.

RUBBER ROOM- DARK DESIRE 12” (mindless boogie, belgium)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Mindless Boogie brings another cheeky edits bundle that sidesteps the obvious. This time with Rubber Room (Disco Devil) behind the knobs. Another gem for the Boogie Repertoire.

V/A- SUMMER IN THE CITY 12” (mindless boogie, belgium)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Mindless Boogie brings another cheeky edits bundle which sidesteps the obvious. This time with both Peter Visti & Social Disco Club behind the knobs. Another gem for the boogie repertoire!

KUNIYUKI- ALL THESE THINGS 12” (mule musiq, germany)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*This is a second single cut from Kuniyuki's second album All These Things. A1 'Guitar Song' is an all time favorite of Joe Claussell and this track will be also released from his label with his remix. A2 'Touch,' you will see the most melodic and musical side of Kuniyuki. Don't miss 'A Mountain of One' remix of 'Touch' on Mule Musiq 29. B-side is a brand new track and this track is a single cut from the upcoming Kuniyuki remix album on CD. Kuniyuki music is always deep, warm and musical, it's quite rare these days.

PETAR DUNDOV- WATERFALL 12” (music man, belgium)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*The second single to Petar Dundov's much-anticipated debut album for Music Man. The B-side holds an Echospace remix of "Rain," the original of which will also be on the forthcoming brilliant album by the Croatian genius. First pressing in two different colors (transparent red & blue) plus special packaging!

8.98usd/4.84gbp/6.08eur/945jpy (approx)

*first release on Kon & Amir's re-edit imprint… Re-edits of 2 strong funk sides - a must for beat diggers.

8.98usd/4.84gbp/6.08eur/945jpy (approx)

*Second release on Kon & Amir's re-edit imprint is Skip Jackson's infectious ''Microwave Boogie'' from their ''Cleaning'' compilation on Uncle Junior. The a-side is a 12'' mix, flip is a re-edit mash of the previously unknown Parts 1 and 2 from the rare 7''!

8.98usd/4.84gbp/6.08eur/945jpy (approx)

*third release on Kon & Amir's re-edit imprint… two 80s disco numbers re-edited.

V/A- RONG MUSIC: EDITS VOL.3 CD (rong, usa)
15.98usd/8.62gbp/10.81eur/1682jpy (approx)

*killer… 1. Prins Thomas - S.O.S. 2. How & Why - Let's Dance 3. Rub N Tug - Lower Beard Stays The Same 4. The Drunk - Everybody Get Down 5. Prins Thomas - Nights Of The Elephant 6. How & Why- East Coast / West Coast 7. Thick As Thieves - Kinky Luv Nut 8. 40 Thieves - Freak With Me (In The Mix) 9. How & Why - #9 10. The Drunk - Nightlife 11. Thick A Thieves - Loves Theme NYC 12. The Drunk – Untitled.

DAVE P. & ADAM SPARKLES- SUNDAY NIGHT IN GLASGOW 12” (satellite of love, germany)
13.98usd/7.54gbp/9.46eur/1472jpy (approx)

*Dave P and Adam Sparkles are resident DJ's at Making Time in Philadelphia. These renowned parties have often been the first places in North America to host performances from Erol Alkan, The Klaxons, Simian Mobile Disco, Justice, Hot Chip and Bloc Party. In a humbling attempt to recapture the madness of these events some of the bands requested remixes from Dave P & Adam Sparkles. 'Interzone to Atlantis' by The Klaxons and 'This Modern Love' by Bloc Party both received the early treatment with Pitchfork noting the latter as the stand out track on the recently released Bloc Party remix album. It is with this in mind that we come to the debut production from Dave P & Adam Sparkles. Featuring in the record boxes of 2 Many DJ's, Erol Alkan, Simian Mobile Disco and Brodinski 'Sunday Night In Glasgow' is the story of one night that leads to three or four lost ones and a few missed flights. It is disjointed, hard but melodic. It borrows as much from Rock as it does from Techno, which is the perfect juxtaposition for the tale of a club known for both. The formula borrowed by many and used so successfully by our heroes. Giving a knowing nod to this Dave P asked Twitch from Optimo to remix the title track, which can be found on the B-side. A '91 style rave track that is as hard as the original but with a classic jacking feel. The last track on the release is called 'Hoovers Apprentice' and is a nightmarish Techno track being caned by 2 Many DJs and Erol Alkan. As the US tour DJs for Simian Mobile Disco and members of Radio Soulwax our protagonists have well and truly road tested these tacks. But now as the debut release on the fledgling Berlin based record label Satellite of Love, it is time to bring them to the masses.

TOM TOM CLUB- GENIUS OF LOVE 12” (sire, usa)
8.98usd/4.84gbp/6.08eur/945jpy (approx)

*The Tom Tom Club release that was one of the big records for all the early hip hop dj's. One of those pop high lights of the 80's generation that was a adopted by the Hip Hop Culture.

SOUNDSTREAM- LIVE GOES ON 12” (soundstream, germany)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Deep house w/ disco feel.

8.98usd/4.84gbp/6.08eur/945jpy (approx)

*repress from the Tamla label as Eddie Kendricks's 'My People... Hold On' in all its relaxed, soulful glory sits on the A side while Stevie Wonder's genius 'Golden Lady' sits on the B side.

LOWTEC- WORKSHOP 006 12” (workshop, germany)
12.98usd/7.00gbp/8.78eur/1367jpy (approx)

*Slower deep house trips.

15.98usd/8.62gbp/10.81eur/1682jpy (approx)

*shop favorite in stock on cd for the first time… The very best of the man's vast output...Tracklist: Black Ivory - ''Surrender'', Daybreak - ''Everything Man'', Black Ivory - ''I Keep Asking You Questions'',Pete Warner - ''I Just Want To Spend My Life With You'', Executive Suite 1 - ''You Believed In Me'' (Part 1 & 2), Patrick Adams Institute - ''Kings And Queens'', Daybreak - ''I Need Love'', Donna McGhee - ''It Ain't No Big Thing'', Four Below Zero - ''My Baby's Got ESP'', Marta Acuna - ''Dance, Dance, Dance'', Musique - ''In The Bush'', Phreek - ''Weekend'', Musique - ''Keep On Jumpin''', Cloud One - ''Atmosphere Strut'' (Remix 1979), Bumblebee Unlimited - ''Lady Bug'', Shades Of Love Featuring Kathrine Joyce - ''Come And Make Me Feel Good'', Cloud One - ''Flying High'', Sandra Herring - ''Everybody Wants My Body'' (Remix).


gift certificates are always available in any denomination and come in a envelope ready to be stocking stuffed, slipped into pockets or dispensed in any way you see fit. they can be paid for in cash, credit card (visa, master card or discover) or paypal in person, phoned in or via email. gift certificates not paid for in person can either be mailed to you, or we can keep it in shop if the recipient plans to use it for mail-order.


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