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oh man, a little sun around here for a change… i’ll keep this brief, because on a (nice) day like today, i want to commence to running about (w/o getting my feet wet) before heading into the shop, and you too should take advantage of the rain reprieve by running on up to TSR and take in some of this weeks goods! check it out: new ones from the revamped clone label (one each from clone club series and clone loft supreme series… both awesome!!!); new budos band mini lp (!); new sarantis/warrior queen 12 (w/ starkey remix!); new major lazer and buraka som sistema 12s on mad decent (i know, you’re telling your friends that diplo’s gonna “hook you up” with copies, but he’s not, so just buy ‘em already); new/unearthed yahowa 13 tracks (lp via drag city); restocked (200g lp version) of can’s ege bamyasi; more honest jon’s restocks (tony allen, diplo, son palenque, elmore judd, plus re-restocks of the bettye swann, candi stanton and tunde williams lps); great don cherry/latif khan lp reissue on heavenly sweetness; new dubstep 12s on contagious, earwax, capsize, on-u sound (!) and sub soldiers; new/restocked dance titles from ambassador’s reception, clone classic cuts, medusa edits, mathematics, muzique, rkds and more! …as always, for the most up to the minute new arrivals, check the TSR facebook page (and while yr at it, become a friend!) or the TSR twitter feed… either way, come on up!


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as always, many of these titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below and can’t make it to the shop you can make a purchase via paypal or over the phone with a credit card and pick them up later or have them shipped (see more information below). i will no longer hold records. sorry.

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MINA JACKSON & THE CHILDREN- PRAY: MIKE DUNN REMIX 12” (clone club series, netherlands)
15.98usd/9.80gbp/11.44eur/1533jpy (approx)

*Clone v 2.0 comes with another series... the Clone Club Series... you guessed it... a series dedicated to release Club music in its best form. No better start was possible for this series then this huge track by Mina Jackson. Mina Jackson delivers some incredible deep and warm gospel vocals on top of the irresistible groove of Mike Dunn. A unusual combination that works like crazy. Mike Dunn did again an amazing job. Somehow he always manages to create such a simple but effective groove... and not just the last 4 years... but for more then 20 years... Respect!! Big summer track!

ELITECHNIQUE- MUNICH EMOTIONS/DOUBLE DESTINY 12” (clone loft supreme series, netherlands)
15.98usd/9.80gbp/11.44eur/1533jpy (approx)

*The second release on the Clone Loft Supreme Series... the disco dons of Elitechnique with the much sought after Munich Emotions track (which previously was released as limited test pressing of 100 copies which changed hands for big amounts on ebay and discogs) and Double Destiny on the flip. Munich Emotions is an epic disco track full of live instruments, old analogue synths all recorded in their own studio. The flip has the new school-ish disco track called Double Destiny. A super sweet track that goes somewhere inbetween Metro Area and Putsch'79 but with a more epic arrangement. These guys did a hell of a job!! Classic tracks that already got big support!

15.98usd/9.80gbp/11.44eur/1533jpy (approx)

*From the vaults of Daptone Records, comes a collection of 6 unreleased tracks from the infamous Budos Band. Recorded after the Budos Band I sessions but before those for the second album, this ep is a fascinating glimpse into the group's evolution as musicians and recording artists. The Budos Band ep is a must have for Budos and Daptone fans alike. It stands as a vital account of the band's movement between musical styles and records a singular moment in the group's existence. It will indeed stand the test of time and remain a bedrock of Budos lore.

MAJOR LAZER- HOLD THE LINE 12” (mad decent, usa)
11.98usd/7.35gbp/8.57eur/1149jpy (approx)

*Diplo and Switch have been teasing us with mentions of their Major Lazer dancehall project for over a year now, but we're finally in the home stretch, the album will be out soon and as evidence we present to you this officially official promo EP. "Hold The Line" is a wild surf-rock, equine beat that features Santigold and Mr. Lexx. Naturally, they give up the instrumental so people can voice their own version, and the acapella for all the aspring remixers out there. The flip features a remix from Toadally Krossed Out, which finds the mysterious Mad Decent affiliates using an alternate guitar line and adding some big wobbly bass lines. Also features Bay Of Figs, a high energy electrohouse / dance hall hybrid that features Ward 21.

BURAKA SOM SISTEMA- IC19 12” (mad decent, usa)
11.98usd/7.35gbp/8.57eur/1149jpy (approx)

*Everyone's favorite Kuduro ambassadors are back with another new single from Mad Decent. "IC19" starts off sparse and moody, sounding almost like a hybrid of dubstep and southern rap, but after a moment or two a keyboard riff comes in and transforms the track into a wild electro infused banger. Cumbia maestro and Bersa Discos affilliate Toy Selectah puts a slow shuffle on the track, while Philly's DJ Sega creates a sparse Bmore version of the original, alternating between syncopated drums and the Lyn Collins break while looping the vocals endlessly. Finally, this release also features a remix from the mysterious duo of Toadally Krossed Out, a duo from Wales who have an affinity for "ribbit" sound effects and obscuring their identities by wearing toad masks.

12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*Philly street-bass kingpin Starkey, whose instantly-recognizable smash-up of dubstep, grime, gutter-house and hip-hop has made him one of the producers of the last couple of years, will release a new 25-track mix CD, Starkbass: Starkey's currently in the form of his life with this remix of Sarantis and Warrior Queen's 'More Than Money'.


16.98usd/10.41gbp/12.15eur/1629jpy (approx)

*The legendary Father Yod was a wealthy man, with a rich inner life, a family of disciples that loved him, many, many women and seemingly unlimited power. So why at the height of his success, did he choose to spend his time playing rock and roll? Having a band in residency at Father House provided him and all his children with another path to travel in their never-ending search for experience and wisdom. Taking time out from their busy schedule as Father’s students and spiritual seekers in the Source Family, Sunflower, Octavius, Pythias and Djin took instruments in hand and, at a mere gesture from Father, turned up the amps and began tapping into the cosmos. First, they recorded themselves. The energy was good. Equipped by Father with instruments and effects pedals to ensure that they could create music that came “from the spheres,” their sounds provided spiritual growth to everyone in the Source Family. After a time, Father became the lead singer, as “a way to record wisdom in a modern, youth-oriented way,” Djin tells us. And YaHoWha 13 was born with Sunflower, Octavius and Djin. The music was recorded at a studio in the Father House on a TEAC 4-track reel-to-reel machine and was
released on the Source Family’s Higher Key Records label. In a couple short years, nine LPs were created, to be sold at the Source Restaurant and at YaHoWha 13 shows. Much sought-after items today, they’ve all been reissued. Even more exciting is the material that wasn’t released — enough music to fill over sixty albums, all of them mind-blowers. Skimmed from the riches in Isis Aquarian’s vaults (by Dave Nuss of the No-Neck Blues Band), the nine tracks on Magnificence in the Memory run the gamut of YaHoWha 13’s rainbow of styles, from the whispered funk of “Camp of the Gypsies” to the screaming and stomping of, well, “Camp of the Gypsies.” Storming through moments with abandon, Father and his Sons never repeated themselves, committing everything they did to tape in a single take. The capacity of their riffs and grooves to sound like German prog bands of the same era, psychedelic rock bands of several years previous or the as-yet-uncreated avant sounds from the indie rock movement a decade away is testament to their ability to tap the source of human inspiration. Adds Octavius, “these cuts will always be a source of inspiration.”
The songs on Magnificence in the Memory were chosen to provide a non-stop exciting listening experience for Source fans and neophytes alike — and as Sunflower has stated, “Father’s music is our legacy and represents the voice of the times.”

CAN- EGE BAMYASI LP (united artists, usa)
21.98usd/13.48gbp/15.73eur/2109jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked, on 200g vinyl no less… Ege Bamyasi is the third studio album by Can which was originally released as an LP in 1972 by United Artists. The album contains the single "Spoon", which charted in the Top 20 in Germany, largely because of its use as the theme of a German TV thriller series called "Das Messer" (The Knife). essential!


16.98usd/10.41gbp/12.15eur/1629jpy (approx)

*In from the cold is Larry Jon Wilson, with his first album since 1980, an intense masterpiece of his casual performing style. Once upon a time in the 1970s, Larry Jon Wilson released four
acclaimed albums and garnered a reputation as one of the best new “outlaw country” songwriters around alongside such hallowed names as Mickey Newbury, Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark. Starting his career late (learning guitar in 1970, at the age of 30) and leaving it early (ten years later), he walked away from the business, not the music. Signed to Monument Records by Fred
Foster on the strength of a letter and a demo cassette, his legacy has been the four albums of deep country soul released between 1975 and 1979, but none of them came as close to the bone as this new, appropriately self-titled album.. Larry Jon Wilson has been quietly playing shows on and off in the southern states over the last two decades — but it wasn’t until some new friends twisted his arm with recording gear in tow on the 15th floor of a Perdido Key condominium that a new album became a reality. This album stands apart from his 70s recordings. On Larry Jon Wilson, he stands mostly alone, occasionally accompanied by a single fiddle. With the release of Larry Jon Wilson, the world is privy to the Larry Jon Wilson sound, clear and worn, deep and resonant.

19.98usd/12.25gbp/14.30eur/1917jpy (approx)

*Beautiful melancholic bedroom-pop informed by west coast composers such as Van Dyke Parks and Harry Partch. A nice follow-up to the Robert Martin LP from another Santa Cruz long-gone. Limited Edition of 100 (already sold out from the label… this is another mysterious out-of-time singer-songwriter side in the style of the label’s earlier, amazing Robert Martin LP. Shearer is reputedly influenced by the orchestrated American topography of Harry Partch and Van Dyke Parks but given this album in a blind-fold test you’d almost swear it was some lost English private from the late 60s/early 70s. Shearer’s vocals have the same eccentric bohemian aristocracy of Kevin Ayers circa Joy Of A Toy, alongside touches of melancholy Nick Drake-isms and some classic, dislocated Syd Barrett/Madcap Laughs style confusion. The songs are great, memorable acoustic constructs that conjure all sorts of phantom hooks from out of the air: stick this one on Holyground credit Bill Nelson with some backing guitar and you would be fighting baldies in collector’s holes for years to score yourself a copy. But here it is – though guaranteed not for long. Highly recommended. -David Keenan/volcanic tongue


12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Detroit native Waajeed cut his teeth with Slum Village, before forming the Platinum Pied Pipers in 2002. Recently he's stepped up solo and production projects -- check his ace Marvin vs. WJK edits from last year -- and for Honest Jon's he's totally re-worked Tony Allen's tough Afrobeat protest song: this is jazzy and soulful, percussive and a little bit bruk, with a gorgeous, searching vocal by Zaki Ibrahim. Together with an instrumental, and a grooving, roomy dub.

12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Terrence Parker is an underground Detroit original. Unlike, say, Carl Craig or Claude Young, though -- both of whom are preparing mixes for this Honest Jon's series -- his music falls outside the city's techno traditions. Terrence Parker makes classic Detroit house. Since his debut in 1988 -- a collaboration with Marc Kinchen -- and then his legendary first solo EP, TP1, in 1990, Terrence has released more than a hundred records, under aliases like Disciples Of Jovon Blade, Disco Revisited, Plastic Soul Junkies, Minimum Wage Brothers, Seven Grand Housing Authority. These remixes are romping, stomping, tearaway house, the old school way.

12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A Lagos fuji session sets Diplo tearing up walls and stomping across the ceiling; a fragment of afro-folk percussion triggers the Generals' brilliant futurism; and two sumptuous cuts of the original deal.

SON PALENQUE- SAMBA/EL LOBO/AGUATA 12” (honest jon’s, uk)
12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The last of Honest Jon's Tony Allen series, presenting the legendary Afro-Colombian band from San Basilio de Palenque -- three new recordings curated by Lucas Silva and mixed by Moritz von Oswald -- a delirious brew of highlife, chalupa, Afrobeat and champeta. "Samba" is a homage to Nigerian musical heroes, and the burning horns are arranged by Colombian maestro Ramon Benitez. "El Lobo" tells the story of a wolf lost in the Palenque bush and "Aguata" -- played in the tambora rhythm -- is about rain.

ELMORE JUDD- UNBORN AGAIN 12” (honest jon’s, uk)
13.98usd/8.57gbp/10.00eur/1341jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Six new exclusive tracks from Elmore Judd, going deeper and more diverse, brimming with musicality and good humor. This is vintage Judd: dazed and dubwise New York art-funk meets wonky skank amongst the sozzled mongrels of Malian folk, Rembetika and Gypsy jazz. "Deliriously inventive and macabre late night, lo-fi soul music played with infectious glee ... A cross between Prince and Captain Beefheart." --The Independent

ELMORE JUDD- INSECT FUNK LP (honest jon’s, uk)
13.98usd/8.57gbp/10.00eur/1341jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… This is the second full-length release by North London's Jesse Hackett aka Elmore Judd. Weird, between-the-sheets soul from Tufnell Park. P-Funk running into art-school disco, rock avant-gardism, UK hip-hop, African roots music, a bit of rembetica from Greece, horror soundtracks and jazz. An ecstatic, danceable, menacing record populated by pirates, rats, Snakefinger, dead men and Tron. Drummer Tom Skinner, who played on Elmore Judd's first record Angel Sound, makes a re-appearance on Insect Funk, playing a kit, primitive drum machines, scaffolding poles and pots and pans. A dirty exploration of the scaly underbelly of soul as played by art hobos.


DON CHERRY & LATIF KHAN- MUSIC/SANGAM LP (heavenly sweetness, france)
25.98usd/15.93gbp/18.59eur/2493jpy (approx)

*First time reissue of this forgotten gem from Don Cherry. This unsung album is only known by hardcore fans of Don cherry who considered it as one of his best effort. Heavenly Sweetness do it again! This album was recorded in 1978 in Paris and released only in France in1981. That was the first meeting between Don Cherry and Indian percussionist Latif Khan and the result is an incredible mixture of jazz and Indian music.


MRK1- KILL ZONE/TUNNEL FORM 12” (contagious, uk)
12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*MRK1 returns with his prolific Contagious Music label and two brand new productions. MRK1 is on fire at the moment and has a heap of releases in the pipeline as well as beats planned from label-mate Chimpo etc. 'Kill Zone' doesn't disappoint, the trademark MRK super-dancefloor smasher sound is fully intact here and this one is set to devastate the dance. Bag it!

12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*Earwax steps to the USA for this monster plate from New York City roots/dub veteran Liondub, who collaborates here with Jamaican rising stars Jah Dan and Sotto Bless. Fellow stateside producer Noah D takes the dubstep refix duties with a floor smashing b-line. The result is an outstanding roots/dubstep crossover that is -- for once -- totally original. 'Heartbroken' sees Jah Dan & Sotto Bless take up the mic and, bouncing between each other, lay down a vocal that is measured equally between deep and energizing. With a laid back delivery they catch a flow that rolls perfectly over Liondub's wicked instrumental that sounds like a dubstep flavoured take on Berlin veterans Rhythm & Sound ocean deep dub style. Noah D takes the original and charges the already excellent vocals with a more dancefloor friendly re-fix. The swooping bassline that hits when the chorus drops will turn your insides out -- cutting through the full sub frequency range to guarantee it will hit the right spot in any dance, any room with a system in. Drop heavy and stand proud -- this is a huge version. Support from: Pinch, Plastician, N-type, RSD, MRK1, Appleblim and many more.

GINZ & JOKER- PURPLE CITY/RE-UP 12” (kapsize, uk)
12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*Joker's Kapsize imprint is pushing things forward in 2009. The last plate 'Do It' and 'Psychedelic Runway' crossed from the underground right onto Radio 1 shows including Zane Lowe, Pete Tong and many more. This next installment promises to be even bigger as both sides of the plate send shock waves that reach beyond dubstep once again as all the big names draw for their favourite side. Both Joker and Ginz (previously working under the names 30Hz, P. Dutty, Emptyset and one half of The Body Snatchers) pool their talents for this huge release. Quite simply put 'Purple City' is one of the biggest tunes you will hear in 2009, no fronting! Being repped across the board by the biggest, pickiest names in the scene, hear is a rhythm that crosses boundaries effortlessly. Think turbo charged G-Funk flavours, chunky square-wave bendy bass and rolling carnival drums -- perfectly executed. Rave funk -- served extra greeeezy! Support from: Benga, Chase & Status, Pinch, Jamie Vex'd, Mary-Anne Hobbs, Tes La Rock, Jakes, Mac 10 and many more. Flip then for an off-the-wall crunked out adventure in 8-bit bleep space. 'Re-Up' has all the energy and intensity of a 100 eight year olds with A.D.D. on a school trip to sherbet factory.

12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*Bristol's Purple Prince returns to his Kapsize stable after a brief stint away with KAP003 (featuring 'Do It' and 'Psychedelic Runway') He's been labelled as everything from G-Funk to dubstep, but no tag quite suits Joker. There is, however, a specific shade Bristol's latest king of the dancefloor picks out in his music. 'Purple. That's how I would describe it,' he says. 'There's a certain key I'm stuck in. It's the key that sounds purple.' He's quick to dismiss any diagnosis of synaesthesia, but by constantly referencing the colour, and rolling with fellow west country tykes Gemmy and Guido as The Purple Trilogy, Joker's struck up the sort of relationship with the violet hue that would put Prince to shame. Strange as it sounds, have a listen and you'll see what he means. The 19-year-old grew up on the outskirts of Bristol and was an avid bike thief and games console enthusiast until the flood of jungle and UK garage he was listening to took its toll. After beginning to produce his own tunes following a trip to his cousin's studio, Joker was soon swept up in the bass scene of his native city. Cemented into the dubstep fraternity, following a string of releases via Plastician's Terrorhythm, Pinch's Earwax and Kode9's Hyperdub, Joker is currently the hottest property going. But recent productions have favoured a more mellow approach in comparison to the volatile grime blare of 'Hollybrook Park' or his previous collaboration with Glasgow's prince of crippled crunk, Rustie. Although he was only a toddler when Dr Dre's classic 'Deep Cover' landed in 1992, 'Digidesign' and 'Purple City' are instead closer to G-Funk and its lecherous west coast synths. Of all his influences, one stands above the rest: The Neptunes and their ubiquitous R&B skronk. With same knack of being bold whilst also astute as Virginia's premier producers, Joker's mutant post-rave histrionics are that of the Bristol hotshot truly in his own unique purple patch.

RUSTIE & JOKER- PLAY DOE 12” (kapsize, uk)
12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*Joker joins forces with rising 'wonky' star Rustie for this excursion in computer sonic warfare -- it's bigger than Sonic, it's bigger than Mario -- it's bigger than the pair of them on stilts! 'Play Doe' takes the best from each producer, melding Rustie's bendy beats and hyperactive blips n' beeps with Joker's p-funk synth ethic, working twisted melodies over warped drums and spooning out generous helpings of belly aching bass! With huge support coming from all angles, the likes of Kode9, Pinch, Plastician, Hudson Mohawk -- even the Scratch Perverts are all over it! Rustie -- 'Tempered.' Going on solo for the flipside, Rustie delivers us some 140bpm dirty south flavors direct from his Glaswegian laboratory -- keeping it mean, green and very lean throughout. While the beats are crunk, the b-line is grimey, pulling out some edgey square wave business -- sounds like Wiley remixing a Lil' Jon riddim track after a night on the blunts! Support from Loefah as well as the usual culprits.

TES LA ROK- BWWOOY/DUB TING 12” (noppa, uk)
12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… After a year of meditation, Tes La Rok returns to his own Noppa label, and what a comeback release this is. 'Bwwoy' is an all-night meditation skankers riddim with some incredibly low-end action and dubwise drum work. This tune gives bass bins a proper workout.On the flipside, Tes La Rok unleashes a massive dread bass stepper with haunting synth lines and delayed effects. This release takes dubstep back to its roots with deep and dark vibes -- the best Tes La Rok work to date.

13.98usd/8.57gbp/10.00eur/1341jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… On-U Sound presents another release in their limited edition Mighty Upsetter remix series, stepping it up a gear with this pumpin,' dumpin' rub from Kode9. The Hyperdub boss reworked Lee Perry and Adrian Sherwood's original audio ingredients, heavily reshaping, but keeping Samia Farah's reverb-soaked vocals largely intact. This remix is at the heart of "funky." The offbeat dub version is also essential and not to be missed.

CASPA THE TAKEOVER/MARMITE 12” (sub soliders/fabric, uk)
12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*Caspa is one of the UK's brightest and most in demand names in dubstep. At 26 he's achieved a lot and as the mainstream has already started to feel the ripples of the dubstep underground, he's a name that will no doubt become more and more well-known throughout the year. His album Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening is released through Sub Soldiers (his latest imprint that he set up as a sister label to Dub Police, itself a sister label to his Storming Productions imprint) and Fabric, who have been championing him ever since his Fabriclive mix, including giving him a bimonthly Dub Police residency. It's an album that dubstep fans have been talking about for a long time, mostly because it features a number of huge tracks that Caspa's been playing out in his sets for some time, but has strategically never released. 'There's a lot of people that would tear their right arm off for some of these tracks, people are ripping them off Zane Lowe's show and playing them out, it's nuts,' Caspa explains proudly.

CASPA- EVERYBODY'S TALKING, NOBODY'S LISTENING! 3X12” (sub soliders/fabric, uk)
28.98usd/17.77gbp/20.74eur/2780jpy (approx)

*Caspa is one of the UK's brightest and most in demand names in dubstep. At 26 he's achieved a lot and, as the mainstream has already started to feel the ripples of the dubstep underground, he's a name that will no doubt become more and more well-known throughout the year. His album Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening! is released through Sub Soldiers (his latest imprint that he set up as a sister label to Dub Police, itself a sister label to his Storming Productions imprint) and Fabric, who have been championing him ever since his Fabriclive mix, including giving him a bimonthly Dub Police residency. It's an album that dubstep fans have been talking about for a long time, mostly because it features a number of huge tracks that Caspa's been playing out in his sets for some time, but has strategically never released. 'There's a lot of people that would tear their right arm off for some of these tracks, people are ripping them off Zane Lowe's show and playing them out, it's nuts,' Caspa explains proudly.


LOUD-E- Y.O.Y. 12” (ambassador’s reception, uk)
12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*The originators of the Bear Funk are introducing the hottest re-edits around. The Ambassadors call it diplomatic disco. On number 3, it's Rotterdam's Loud-E again, culling three of his killer edits. You know the drill...

LOUD-E- DRUMS DUTOUR II 12” (ambassador’s reception, uk)
12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*This limited 12'' contains three new edits from Rotterdam's hottest! London based label Ambassadors Reception is run under the A&R guidance of Stevie Kotey (Bear Funk).

MIKE DUNN PRESENTS MDIII- FACE THE NATION 12” (clone classic cuts, netherlands)
14.98usd/9.18gbp/10.72eur/1437jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Originally released on Chicago’s Underground Records. 4 tracks of vocal acid house. Can you imagine what happened when we heard these tracks for the first time 15 years ago? We couldn't stop jumping around. This was completly from another world... Acid was music from another planet and Mike Dunn was an Alien who came with irresistable beats and basslines. Mike Dunn and Tyree Cooper also wrote the lyrics which are still relevant for everybody who has some hassle with relationships now and then (isn't that all of us ;-). This is all about the basics of good innovative music. Essential!

MIKE DUNN- SO LET IT BE HOUSE 12” (clone classic cuts, netherlands)
14.98usd/9.18gbp/10.72eur/1437jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Another Clone Classic Cuts re-issue of super obscure Mike Dunn tracks! Three brilliant acid house tracks; 'So Let It Be House', 'Grooving' and 'Life Goes On'. Three master pieces which have been out of print since their year of release (1988!). 19 years after their initial release date on Westbrook records we are happy to have this almost forgotten piece of House music history available again. Must have!

FINGERS INC/ROBERT OWENS- I'M STRONG 12” (clone classic cuts, netherlands)
14.98usd/9.18gbp/10.72eur/1437jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… All time favorite house track by Larry Heard, Mr Fingers and Robert Owens! A one of a kind track with a totally unique groove and a bass line not coming from this world. The DX sound that makes the track so powerful sounds like some kind of mutant machine that is going wild and the sublime combination with the Robert Owens vocals makes this a high light in the history of house music!

TYREE/THE ELECT- I'M FREE/I'M HOUSE 12” (clone classic cuts, netherlands)
14.98usd/9.18gbp/10.72eur/1437jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Two classic Chicago house tracks taken from the Clone Classic Cuts album. After more then twenty years since they were born, these two formerly very hard-to-get masterpieces will still cause major damage on the dancefloor...

14.98usd/9.18gbp/10.72eur/1437jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Amazing chicago house records by Ragtyme produced by Marshall Jefferson... Ragtyme was actually Ten City before they became Ten City with the great vocals of Byron e. This is the other allstar dream team of house music in 1987 (Beside Larry Heard, Robert Owens and the rest of Fingers Inc). You couldn't find a better production team then this. Marshall Jefferson, Byron Stingley & Ron Hardy doing the main mix! Comes with the Ron Hardy club mix and the Powerhouse version. Very expressive powerfull house music with intense vocals by Byron Stingley.

25.98usd/15.93gbp/18.59eur/2493jpy (approx)

*The man that is Andy Meecham, a stalwart of sonic mongering that has travelled a long and deviant road through numerous musical incarnations to get to this point. Previous albums "Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised" and "Vertical Tones And Horizontal Noise", as well as more than a dozen singles and countless remixes have helped refine & smooth his imperial vision, All of this has lead to this moment, his third full-length album, which shall henceforth be known as "Space Beyond The Egg". From album opener "The Frontist" - pregnant with menacing funk, to the droopy and lead-footed disco of "Hairy Knuckle"; the mantric swing of "Kananana" with its lethal vocal hook, to the strange amniotic cascades of "Silvercape", not to mention the lurking deviant that is "Dave Gent" or the afro-cosmic reverie of "You Clapper". Attempting to describe these tracks in words is, of course, academic and irrelevant when compared with the actual listening experience. Put quite simply, this is music for your insides that will help turn you inside out.

SASCHA DIVE- BASIC COLLECTIVE: DJ QU REMIX 12” (deep vibes, germany)
14.98usd/9.18gbp/10.72eur/1437jpy (approx)

*The next Deep Vibes comes from Sascha Dive with Remixes from DJ Qu, Samuel Davis, Christian Burkhardt and Federico Molinari.

V/A- MUSIC FROM MATHEMATICS CD (mathematics, usa)
14.98usd/9.18gbp/10.72eur/1437jpy (approx)

*finally in stock, mathematics vinyl restocks next week… Chicago true skool don Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being compiles a selection of Mathematics' recordings finest trax between 1996-2008, featuring contributions from Ed DMX, Jack Frost, Area, Adonis, Cris Moss Acid, Dimitri Pike, Contra Communem Opinionem and himself. Operating under his IAMTHATIAM moniker, Jamal provides some of the CD highlights on 'Vibrations and Harmonies 2' with a depressurised spectral synth excursion, Lo-fi tribal house as Africanswithmainframes, or completely unique machine manipulations on 'Temple Of The Moon' as Hieroglyphic Being. Elsewhere Conta Communem Opinionem's 'Tired Feel' is highly recommended, carving out a niche for scuzzy but heartfelt Chicago via Cologne style deep house, or Adonis presents Noleion Reusse with an emotionally punishing jacker on 'Lover's Jak'. This label bravely holds onto an aesthetic that deliberately holds itself back from being grouped with more modern house crews, and for that, we salute you Mathematics, respect! For lovers of the mystical side of house music or labels like Morphine or MoM. -boomkat

JAMAL MOSS- REFLECTION SERIES #1 12” (medusa edits, usa)
9.98usd/6.12gbp/7.14eur/957jpy (approx)

*These three re-edits harken back to the early days of the legendary Chi- town all-age night club, Medusa's. THE CURE and their classic ''THE WALK'' are featured on the A-side, while the flip contains a more frenetic ''586'' by NEW ORDER and a noisy, tribal, industrial ''WAR ON ISLAM'' by SPK.

JAMAL MOSS- REFLECTION SERIES #3 12” (medusa edits, usa)
9.98usd/6.12gbp/7.14eur/957jpy (approx)

*three new wave, industrial, goth re-edits that harken back to the legendary all-ages Chicago night club, Medusa's. An extended re-edit of Siouxsie's Happy House, a version of Psychedelic Furs Heartbeat, and a version of Fad Gadgets's ''Collapsing New People. White labels in stickered sleeves.

JAMAL MOSS- REFLECTION SERIES #4 12” (medusa edits, usa)
9.98usd/6.12gbp/7.14eur/957jpy (approx)

*Re-edits inspired by the legendary all-ages Chicago night club Medusas done by Jamal Moss. A-side is a techno industrial re-edit of Bigod 20's the Bog. On the flip, re-edits of PIL's Chant and Kissing The Pink's ''The last film''. White labels in stickered paper sleeves.

V/A- MIAMI VICES EP #5 12” (miami vices, uk)
12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*phoenix's classic "if i ever feel better" gets a fresh lick of paint, going heavy on the tech house flavor with a nice stuttering rim hit and blippy synth line. On the flip is adam shaw's "far cry" versus the hit "rapture" from IIO. Works a treat, w/the vocal slightly pitched down.

V/A- MIAMI VICES EP #4 12” (miami vices, uk)
12.98usd/7.96gbp/9.29eur/1245jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… mark knight returns with his miami vices guise via another superb ep. three well known tracks get the makeover treatment, this time taking his inspiration from some classic hip-house moments and pumping them up for the contemporary dancefloor.

V/A- THE HOUSE OF MUZIQUE CD (muzique, usa)
14.98usd/9.18gbp/10.72eur/1437jpy (approx)

*The Jamal Moss and Steve Poindexter curated Muzique imprint is the last true bastion of raw and authentic Chicago jack trax. With a strict label policy adhering to the aesthetic laid down by the late great Armando Gallop Moss and Poindexter have collated some of the labels finest moments for their first CD retrospective with rough and ready club tackle from the fringes of dance music's aural periphery, including tracks from Allen Wright on the hypnotic jackers anthem 'Talking Heads (1987 Reel 2 Reel edit), Olfrygt's cosmic disco dream 'Lure', deep house from Anton Mitchell, killer Chi-house rhythm abstraction from Poindexter himself on a couple of cuts, Armando's lost gem 'just like heaven', and a run of raw like sushi jack trax from Moss and Poindexter in their Faces Drums mode alongside Gregory Kitt on fine tracking form. Proper Chicago gear. -boomkat

14.98usd/9.18gbp/10.72eur/1437jpy (approx)

*More jackin house secret weapons from the radioslave/rekids vaults, this time courtesy of the up and coming dfa stars runaway. Includes "work it" and the piano infused "let’s play house." Perfect summer party tracks! Limited pressing/supplies so grab 'em quick.

SUPER VALUE- SPECIAL EDITS 04 12” (super value, uk)
14.98usd/9.18gbp/10.72eur/1437jpy (approx)

*Three dope disco funk re-edits: a soulful deep (and we mean deep) re-edit of undisputed truth that builds and builds called "smoke", a slow percussive instrumental funk cut called "showtime", and sexy gwen mccrae groover called "mechanical body".


gift certificates are always available in any denomination and come in a envelope ready to be stocking stuffed, slipped into pockets or dispensed in any way you see fit. they can be paid for in cash, credit card (visa, master card or discover) or paypal in person, phoned in or via email. gift certificates not paid for in person can either be mailed to you, or we can keep it in shop if the recipient plans to use it for mail-order.


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