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anthony vogdes

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12.98usd/7.77gbp/8.62eur/1136jpy (approx)

*Call and response wailing, percussionists that play a measure then disappear, backwards accordions and a persistent, loping bassline comprise some of the elements that make up the Cumbia. Born on the banks of the Magdalena River in coastal Colombia, this infectious music represents a marriage of African, Spanish, and Indigenous influences. Antonio Fuentes began recording Colombia's music in 1934, founding his country's first record label, Discos Fuentes. These 12 gems -- released between the mid 1950s and the mid '70s -- are lovingly selected from the Discos Fuentes catalogue. Includes tracks by Andres Landero, Los Corraleros de Majagual, Los Guacharacos, and Nafer Duran amongst others. This release comes in a tip-on sleeve.

LLOYD MILLER- ORIENTAL JAZZ CD (east-west/eastern arts, usa)
11.98usd/7.17gbp/7.95eur/1049jpy (approx)

*cd reissue of lloyd miller’s groundbreaking album from 1968. check out the other excellent lloyd miller cdrs and dvdrs from the eastern arts label in the jazz section below… Dr. Lloyd Miller, who spent 7 years in Eastern countries and 6 years playing jazz in Europe during the 1950s-1970s, has been working with Eastern cultures since1950. During the 1950s and 60s, Miller played with top jazz artists in Europe like Don Ellis (where he was inspired by Miller's Eastern concepts) and Eddie Harris including occasional appearances at the famous Blue Note in Paris where he sat in for Bud Powel to play with Kenny Clark. During his residence in Europe, Miller was prominent in the Stockholm. Frankfurt, Brussels and Paris jazz scenes and played at two major jazz festivals in Belgium. During the 1970s, Miller hosted his own prime-time main network jazz show on NIRTV in Tehran. the first half of the cd (side one of the original lp) features the press keys quartet (lloyd miller- santur, oud, clarinet, dan tranh, piano, cornet and zarb; press keys- piano, valve trombone; don west- bass; dick beeson- drums, zarb) and second half features the lloyd miller trio (lloyd miller- piano, bass, drums or lloyd miller- piano; steve stout- bass; alan russek- drums).

COLD CAVE- CREMATIONS CD (hospital productions, usa)
13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*Cremations is a collection of early demo/live/and unreleased tracks from Cold Cave. From the projects isolated beginnings to the recent full band line-up the development of this singular musical entity is documented here in its icy electronic glory. From Cold Cave’s infancy sexual identity and oblique existentialism have been expressed through biting lyrics and electronic minimalism. Rarely has the human condition been exposed so brazenly as in “Sex Ads”. Melodies, noise and rhythms clash as stories from below the surface are retold. From the demo LP Coma Potion, which featured a rugged stripped down distortion, to the suggestive Electronic Dreams tour cassette (featuring the voice of Max Morton on the track “Heavenly Metals”). Cold Cave has developed its own brand of genre defying electronic music, without ever betraying its dark roots. Love and pornography, Industrial music and traditionalism, poetry and profanity all mix together in a hedonistic, cocktail of nihilistic nights and mournful mornings. Cremations collects all this work for the first and last time.

13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*reissue of the arhoolie lp recorded in 1971. Joseph Spence was a highly original guitarist & vocalist from the Bahamas. His music is hard to describe - extreme guitar runs with joyful vocalese rambled along with it. This album includes hits such as "Out on the rolling sea" & "Sloop John B". Silk screened cover glued over a hand manufactured folkways style cover.

13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*another great mississippi compilation of international obscurities, featuring calypso, flamenco, thai ballads, indonesian instrumentals and more. Designed as a sort of sequel to the "I don't feel at home in this world anymore" compilation.

12.98usd/7.77gbp/8.62eur/1136jpy (approx)

*This Lonesome Feeling / Talkin' 'Bout Lovin' / Live And Let Live / Bottle To The Baby / Have You Ever / Wide River / You Believe Everyone But Me #1 / Don't You Worry Little Darlin' / Yesterday Is That Other Day In Life / Johnny Come Listen / Don't Let Me Cross Over / The Rules Of Love / Nobody Answered / Fireball Mail / You Believe Everyone But Me #2 / Early In The Morning / Crazy Heart / You Believe Everyone But Me #3 / When You Decide / She Done Gone / Am I Losing What I Found… Two dozen incredible unissued acoustic demos 1958-73 further boost the rep of Memphis' primo daddy-o! Awesome, spine chilling supremity!

12.98usd/7.77gbp/8.62eur/1136jpy (approx)

*Norton recently took a rocket ride into the vaults of El Saturn Research and arrived back on Earth with a motherlode of unissued early R&B, doo wop, soul and general weirdness featuring Sun Ra and his Arkestra backing a variety of artists. This series consists of two albums of Doo Wop from Saturn and Beyond entitled Interplanetary Melodies and The Second Stop Is Jupiter plus a set of totally twisted sides called Rocket Ship Rock featuring Yochanan 'The Outer Space Vocalist' (with his demented Saturn 45 Muck Muck/Hot Skillet Momma) and his way out friends backed by Sun Ra and his Arkestra! Atomic outer space genius from yet another Norton turban headed star! Cosmic Rays - Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie/Dreaming*/Bye Bye/Somebody's In Love*/Summertime*; Crystals - Honey In The Bee Box*; Nu Sounds - Spaceship Lullaby*/I'm Through With You*/Africa (extended version)*/Dabba Dabba Dabba Du Day*; Qualities - It's Christmas Time/If I Only Hadn't Sunned*; Juanita Rogers - A Love Letter Full Of Promises*/Teenagers Letter Of Promise/Sun Ra - Tony's Wife* (* = previously unissued).

12.98usd/7.77gbp/8.62eur/1136jpy (approx)

*Cosmic Rays - Somebody's In Love/Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie*/Dreaming/There's A Small Hotel*/The Second Stop Is Jupiter*; Nu Sounds - Spaceship Lullaby*/Honeysuckle Rose*/Baby Won't You Please Be Mine*/Black Sky And Blue Moon*/Dreams Come True*; Qualities - Happy New Year To You!/ She's My Moonglow*; Crystals - Little Sally Walker*; Juanita Rogers - I'm So Glad You Love Me*/I'm So Glad You Love Me; Sun Ra - Stuff Like That There* (* = previously unissued).

12.98usd/7.77gbp/8.62eur/1136jpy (approx)

*Yochanan - Muck Muck/Hot Skillet Momma/Rocket Ship Rock*/Is That Me?*/Hot Skillet Momma (alt. take)*/Muck Muck (alt. take)*/The Sun Man Speaks/Message To Earthman #1/Message To Earthman #2 (alt. take); Little Mack - Tell Her To Come On Home; Lacy Gibson - I'm Gonna Unmask The Batman (extended version)*; Ebah - I'm Gonna Unmask The Batman*; Don (Dino) Dean - The Space Stroll (* = previously unissued).

5.98usd/3.58gbp/3.97eur/523jpy (approx)

*Unissued sixties spoken word mysticism from Saturn, with otherworldly instrumentation. Absolutely brain bending and everso essential!

V/A- KICKSVILLE VOL. 1: RAW ROCKABILLY ACETATES LP (norton, usa) 12.98usd/7.77gbp/8.62eur/1136jpy (approx)

*Available on vinyl for the first time ever are early unished slammers from legendary stars Jimmy Grubbs, Scotty McKay, Ray Pate, Danny Dell and Art Adams, presented side by side with mayhem from unknown kings. In a word, this blast is atomic! For the crowd who wants it all and more, we serve up KICKSVILLE, on the washable, resilient , eternally reliable black polyvinyl chloride format preferred by sound hounds.

V/A- KICKSVILLE VOL. 2: RAW ROCKABILLY ACETATES LP (norton, usa) 12.98usd/7.77gbp/8.62eur/1136jpy (approx)

*Make way for the massive second volume in the super hep and ultra rockin' KICKSVILLE series of raw rockabilly acetates! Heard it all, you say? Think again! You ain't heard none of these flat out monsters and that's for darn sure! Plus the only way to complete your Hasil Adkins collection is to nab this honey! And speakin' of honeys, yes that's the Haze's favorite platinum powerhouse, roots and all, on the cover, gettin' her two bits worth outta the Seeburg Select-o-matic!

V/A- KICKSVILLE VOL. 3: RAW ROCKABILLY ACETATES LP (norton, usa) 12.98usd/7.77gbp/8.62eur/1136jpy (approx)

*Here’s the third set in Norton’s popular KICKSVILLE series of raw unissued rockabilly acetates! This installment comes on like gangbusters with never before heard demos from rockin’ icons Benny Joy and Danny Dell, Florida mauler Ray Pate (with 12 year old bro Donnie’s stunning guitar work!), Volume Two favorite Eddie McCall and other deadly rhythm kings! 18 unissued killers! Dig a special two-fisted bonus as you feast your ears on first ever demo recordings by future surf legend Gary Usher and hit maker Ral Donner!

V/A- KICKSVILLE VOL. 4: RAW ROCKABILLY ACETATES LP (norton, usa) 12.98usd/7.77gbp/8.62eur/1136jpy (approx)

*This SPECIAL DALLAS EDITION showcases the strong influence that Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps held over the wild bands on the Big D teen scene. In fact. Vincent’s original demo of Say Mama (with Ronnie Dawson on guitar!) is on tap here! Be sure to dig all four volumes of this sensational series!

THE MANTLES- THE MANTLES LP (siltbreeze, usa)
12.98usd/7.77gbp/8.62eur/1136jpy (approx)

*With two acclaimed seven-inches under their belt, The Mantles answer the call for more with a stunning debut LP sure to please all who cross its path. The Mantles have been dead-on in distilling a contemporary pop / psych concoction that mixes equal parts early Chills with early Dream Syndicate--and really, who among us wouldn't want a bottle of that with which to quietly tipple the day away? Recorded by Greg Ashley, the LP taps said hybrid, and if anything, burrows deeper into the core of rock, extracting essential magma that fuses early SF Ballroom psychedelia, Byrds-ian jangle-pop, and the Velvet Underground's extraordinary ability for serpentine leads and bridges. And yep, that pretty much covers all the bases. Look for the band to embark on their first US tour in September, supporting Ty Segall coast to coast.

12.98usd/7.77gbp/8.62eur/1136jpy (approx)

*Sensacao Do Principio is the third release proper from Tropa Macaca and their first with an American label. Their previous efforts on Ruby Red and Qbico were magnificent (though hard to find) efforts of blotted, aural sci-fi codifications somewhere between Anar Band and Blues Control. The two-track full-length continues their foray into post-psychedelic instrumental morphine, where Moolah's LP and Pink Floyd's "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict" function as templates for the greater good. In other words, you gotta hear if for yourself.

V/A- STOMPIN VOL. 7 LP (stompin’, uk)
13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*the stompin’ series of raw and rare jump blues and r&b scorchers, circa the late 50s/early 60s, has been favorite around here for years and a totally essential overview of forgotten jems from said genre/time period (and in keeping with other amazing genre based series’ such as the roots of rock and roll -on arista records-, buffalo bop, nuggets, pepples, back from the grave, killed by death, bloodstains, members only, et al)…. includes Willie King Peg Leg Woman, Lord Tennyson The Dance, Albert Washington Ramble, Laurie Tate Rock Me Daddy! A hoot & a half!

V/A- STOMPIN VOL. 15 LP (stompin’, uk)
13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*Another slammin’, whammin’, crammin’ volume of be-bop wino wailers includin’ Guitar Tommy Moore Your Car Machine, Percy Welch Back Door Man, Piano Slim Lot Of Shakin’ Lot Of Jivin’, mo’-mo’-mo’!

V/A- STOMPIN VOL. 16 LP (stompin’, uk)
13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*Roman candles on this sweet 16th volume of ebony ebulators! Let’s go with Mr. Sad Head Mr. Sad Head Blues, Ray Snead Let’s Ball and Fade Away Baby, Gene Parrish Screamin’ In My Sleep, Danny ‘Run Joe’ Taylor Gator Tail!

V/A- STOMPIN VOL. 17 LP (stompin’, uk)
13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*Early jumpers to sauce up any affair— Woo Woo Moore Something’s Wrong, Al Jackson Let’s Drink Some Whiskey, Mr. Swing Beer Bottle Boogie, Moolah All Shook Up + mo’ squawky juicers!

V/A- STOMPIN VOL. 18 LP (stompin’, uk)
13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*Straight ahead stompers like Rudy Greene Wild Life, Freddie Hall She’s A Upsetter, Potato Lee Christy My Heart Goes Diddley Bum, Mr. Rain Who Dat? , more belters!

V/A- STOMPIN VOL. 21 LP (stompin’, uk)
13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*Mo’ early jump! Dr. Jo Jo Adams Didn’t I Tell You, Bumps Jackson Bumpin’ & Thumpin’, Tommy Brown V-8 Baby, Double Faced Deacon , Barrell House Blott Chicks Goin’ Crazy, Hen Gates Loose, Chester Guydon Miss Fannie Brown, Mr. Sad Head Butcher Boy & mo’!

V/A- STOMPIN VOL. 22 LP (stompin’, uk)
13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*Primitive country blooz w/ Richard Bros. Drunk Drivers Coming, Albert & Charles Weird, Harmonica Frank Rock-A-Little Baby, Clifford King Chicken Shack Boogie, Jesse Belvin Goin’ Away Baby, Elmon Mickle Jackson Blues, Country Paul Sidewalk Boogie, mo’ !

V/A- STOMPIN VOL. 23 LP (stompin’, uk)
13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*McKinley Mitchell Rock Everybody Rock, Joe McCoy Hey Hey Loretta, Jay Holliday I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Some Day, Chico Chism Hot Tamales And Bar-B-Que, Artie Wilson Tarzan, Lorenzo Holden Whipped Cream!

V/A- STOMPIN VOL. 24 LP (stompin’, uk)
13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*Mo’ early jump! King Perry Get Out Of My Face, Jackie Brenston Leo The Louse, Sammy Cotton We’re Gonna Ball This Mornin’, Jack (The Bear) Parker Cheap Old Wine And Whiskey!

V/A- STOMPIN VOL. 25 LP (stompin’, uk)
13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*Solid 16 tracker: Paul (Georgia Boy) Kimble That Big Fat Mama, Willie Mitchell Lizzie Lou, Blanche Thomas You Ain’t So Such A Much, Claude Robinson Cotton Pickin’ Mama!


BOSCOE- BOSCOE LP (numero group, usa)
16.98usd/10.17gbp/11.27eur/1487jpy (approx)

*Combining the spiritual soul and funk of Earth, Wind, & Fire with the proto-rap of the Last Poets and the cosmic jazz of Pharaoh Sanders, Boscoe's lone album has long eluded bootleggers and the collector elite. At last, and via Numero's * imprint, this Chicago spiritual soul jazz masterstroke will see the light of day. Impeccably remastered and housed in a CD gatefold sleeve with a booklet full of copious liner notes, personal testaments from the group, and never-before-seen archival material, this thirty-five year old album is a must for anyone interested in soul's secret history.

19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

*The second in a trilogy of Columbus, Ohio soul albums to be issued on Numero's Asterisk imprint comes from the twisted pen and mind of Norman Whiteside. His lone album, under the pseudonym Wee, is firmly ensconced in Innervisions-era Stevie Wonder, with nary a trace of his work as a writer for Bill Moss' Capsoul label a few years prior. Smooth, sexy, and synthy, You Can Fly On My Aeroplane is a peerless sprawling psychedelic soul concept album. The original nine-song LP has been expanded to nineteen, including seven previously-unreleased panty soakers. Lovers rejoice.

17.98usd/10.76gbp/11.93eur/1574jpy (approx)

*180 gram exact repro reissue, gatefold sleeve. Officially licensed through Verve/Universal. Recorded in New York, May 14, 1969; Alice Coltrane (piano and harp), Ron Carter (bass) and Rashied Ali (drums and percussion). "The composition 'Huntington Ashram Monastery' was first recorded as a piece for solo harp. However, the selection used in this album is played by the trio. With the band, there is expansion and enhancing of sound, together with collective contributions of the musicians. Ashram means 'hermitage.' It is sometimes spelled 'ashrama.' Of the many humanly-constructed ashrams and monasteries throughout the world, I feel that the real 'ashrama' is in your heart." -- Alice Coltrane

17.98usd/10.76gbp/11.93eur/1574jpy (approx)

*180 gram exact repro reissue, gatefold sleeve. Originally released in 1972 on Impulse!. Officially licensed through Verve/Universal. "Never one to be close-lipped about his anger at U.S. society or its actions, Archie Shepp delivered Attica Blues on the heels of the Attica Prison massacre. Every time Shepp's breath hits the reeds he creates an emotional vibe which all of his records have displayed. Attica Blues has all his in your face sound even though he isn't ripping jagged shards as he had in the past. The record still displays emotional angst that is every bit as powerful and distraught as Davis's celluloid images. The tracks have the deep soul of all of Shepp's finest such as On This Night and Four By Trane. The difference is Archie utilizes the arrangements as the forefront while his horn simmers in the background like an angry voice needing to be heard." -- All About Jazz

17.98usd/10.76gbp/11.93eur/1574jpy (approx)

*180 gram exact repro reissue in a gatefold sleeve, originally released on Impulse! in 1966. Featuring Archie Shepp (tenor sax and piano), Donald Garrett (bass), Beaver Harris (drums), Roswell Rudd (trombone) and Lewis Worrell (bass). "This Impulse recording features the fiery tenor Archie Shepp with his regularly working group of the period, a quintet also featuring trombonist Roswell Rudd, drummer Beaver Harris and both Donald Garrett and Lewis Worrell on basses. Although two pieces (Shepp's workout on piano on the ballad 'Sylvia' and his recitation on 'The Wedding') are departures, the quintet sounds particularly strong on Herbie Nichols' 'The Lady Sings the Blues' and 'Wherever June Bugs Go' while Shepp's ballad statement on 'In a Sentimental Mood' is both reverential and eccentric." -- All Music Guide

MAHMOUD AHMED- ERÈ MÈLA MÈLA LP (l’arome production, france)
18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*The re-release series of original Ethiopian classic vinyl continues -- the finest Ethio jazz by Mahmoud Ahmed and his band from 1975 plus two tracks from 1978. The liner notes: 'Melancholy blues, piercingly minimalist country airs, brassy, danceable urban jazz, heart-wrenching, off-key crooners: a rich and stirring patchwork of sounds, crossing Afro-beat, Latino-swing moves and Eastern arabesques (Anaïs Prosaïc).' Such were the first -- informed and enthusiastic -- opinions of the music press when the first strains of modern Ethiopian music sounded on our shores. This was in 1984-1985. Such a positive note, struck about such a country at such a time, created plenty of reverb. The country had been so thoroughly trashed by the media's feeding-frenzy, which spewed out a mix of horror and pious pity, bitter denunciation and humanitarian appeals, wallet-tickling clichés and refusal of identity. In one brutal swoop, TV-reality transformed Ethiopia into a cursed nation, forsaken by God and by man. In contrast to these tragedies, but in the same hackneyed tones, Mahmoud Ahmed's life resembles an edifying fairy-tale where destiny, talent and achievement combine to triumph over poverty, fate and the evil eye. Biography, history and legend, with the help of God, infallibly weave the lesson of merit rewarded. But who can argue, in spite of the mockery that celebrities invariably draw, when faced with one of the greatest voices in all of Africa? Once upon a time, there was a street urchin in Addis Ababa, who started off as a shoe-shine boy and went on to become one of his country's biggest stars, opening the door to Ethiopian music to Western audiences." --Francis Falceto

(l’arome production, france)
18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*The Ethio Jazz album by Mulatu Astatqé is a jewel of the modern Ethiopian music and a mythical album, since the beginning of Ethiopian music reissues (mainly on Buda Musique). An incredibly groovy Ethiopian record, originally from 1969-1972. Amazing orchestral 'Ethio-groove' filled with US soul, jazz, sometimes Latin and the deepest Eastern rhythms, even including some great nasty and dirty fuzz guitars. A true gem of Ethiopian modern instrumental music, which illustrates perfectly this symbiosis of strong rhythms and quality arrangements of subtle yet deep Ethiopian melodies. A must for all '60s/'70s collectors! In the Ethiopian musical landscape, Mulatu Astatke is a unique musician, composer, arranger. His real contribution consists in his action for instrumental music, in a country where orchestral traditions doesn't exist. For the last 30 years, he is the leading head of the Ethiopian musical scene. First vinyl reissue and definitely one of the most important Ethiopian music albums.

V/A- ETHIOPIAN MODERN INSTRUMENTALS HITS LP (l’arome production, france)
18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Ethiopians' deep-seated ethiocentrism, the legacy of a thousand years of history, has contributed in no small way to their music's strong national identity, particularly impervious to any African influences. Latin influences, so pervasive in the great musical centers of West Africa and the Congo, have been similarly rebuffed, despite the brilliant attempts of a musician like Mulatu Astatke. He was the first and for a long time the only Ethiopian to have studied music abroad (England and USA). In the late '60s, he brought back 'ethio-jazz', as well as a passion for Latin rhythms that was not readily shared by the Ethiopian audience. As early as 1966, he released a single and two LPs in the US entitled Afro-Latin Soul (and a third LP, Mulatu of Ethiopia in 1972), with his Ethiopian Quintet composed of American and Latin-American musicians (Worthy Records). That was three years before Fela's first American tour and six years prior to Manu Dibango's key breakthrough with the release of Soul Makossa in the Western 'pre-World music' market. All this goes to show how much the history of the African continent's musical modernity should be reconsidered in light of the Ethiopian adventure, even though this lone spark bore little relation, musically or ideologically to the musical revolutions initiated most notably by Ghanian highlife, South African jazz, Congolese rumba or, much later on, by Fela.

18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Urban Ethiopian music stands out within the African continent thanks to its creativity and originality. Whatever the shade -- pop, blues, jazz or soul -- it comes from a fusion of local musical traditions mixed with an echo of Western music. It bewitched Ethiopia during the 'Swinging Addis' decade before recently winning the favors of a well-informed audience all over the world. This first vinyl volume of Ethiopian Urban Modern Music presents some of the Ethiopian 'groove jewels' drawn from the essential CD Ethiopiques series directed by Francis Falceto and published by Buda music.

18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Alèmayèhu Eshèté is no less than one of the great voices of the heyday of modern Ethiopian music, the swinging sixties which, in this country, went on until the fall of the Emperor Haile Sellassie 1 in 1974. On a par with Tlahoun Gèssèssè, Bzunèsh Bèqèlè or Mahmoud Ahmed, Alèmayèhu is a star at the top level of the constellation that once lit up the wild nights in the capital.

18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*A few years ago the world discovered a unique sound coming from the distant Ethiopian capital Addis Abeba. The emotional blow was only matched by the brightness of this original and magnificent discovery. The Ethiopiques series directed by Francis Falcetto and edited by Buda Musique provides a comprehensive landscape of this subtle musical universe where local and western cultures do magnify each other. This new Ethiopian Urban Modern Music release follows the first Soul & Groove installment and keeps revealing some essential parts of the modern Ethiopian puzzle. An unequalled soul funk signature until today.

18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Although he is still completely unknown to Western audiences, for Ethiopians, Tlahoun Gèssèssè (pronounced Guèssèssè) is THE VOICE. The first-ever pan-Ethiopian star, he has embodied such nonstop unanimity since the end of the 1950s that is a role-model and a point of reference.

(mississippi, usa)
18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Amazing 2LP set of Greek underground folk music sometimes called 'Rembetica' and/or 'Greek Oriental Music.' Compiled by Tony Kline. Songs about drugs, sex, crime, poverty, and heartbreak. Housed in a box and includes 20 page notes with extensive archival photos and full lyric translations. "The word 'mortis' in Greek underworld slang refers to a person who is both tough and elegant, as it were the cool bearer of a knife and suit, a counterpart tot he 'Apache' of Paris. Mortika simply means songs about male 'mortes' and female 'mortisses.' These LPs hold a collection of urban songs and instrumentals centered on this theme, recorded commercially between 1927 and 1946 [with two exceptions]. All might be considered as belonging to the 'rembetica' genre, but we who have compiled and produced this record would rather see them emancipated from the strightjacket of genre catagorisation. Apart from the intrinsic, moving musical quality of the performances, this compilation is distinguished by the rarity, and often excellent condition of the originals, and by the quality of Ted Kendall's remastering. Listening through these LPs, you will make the acquaintance of some of the central figuresof the period [...] becoming familiar with some of their variety of vocal styles and techniques, their idiomatic use of various plucked, hammered and bowed string instruments and accordion... All this music is associated one way or another, with subcultures of outsiders, where at home or in imposed or self-chosen exile, and where they represent the urban musical culture of Asia Minor and Istanbul/Constantinople, the local tradition of Pireaus subcultural music, or the music of the Greek-American population." -Tony Klein

(mississippi, usa)
15.98usd/9.57gbp/10.61eur/1399jpy (approx)

*another excellent/essential set compiled by ian nagoski (once of baltimore’s true vine record shop, compiler of the black mirror cd on dust to digital -restocks expected shortly-, writer, performer, driver of cabs, etc…). fourteen amazing songs ranging from Calypso, Indian vocal music, Jewish Cantorals, Native American chants, etc… includes detailed (to the best of his digging ability) liner notes. beautiful cover to boot! Co-released by b’more’s Canary Records.

19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Now-Again’s Foray Into Funky Psychedelia: American gospel, paranoiac soul, loner folk, East-Nigerian fuzz, Thai rock, Iranian ballads and more… This compilation introduces a new direction for Now-Again Records and its owner, Stones Throw Records GM, A&R and producer Egon. With the same detailed, no-stone-unturned approach he used for Deep Funk (The Funky 16 Corners, Cold Heat ), he tackles beat-heavy global psychedelia with Forge Your Own Chains. Forge Your Own Chains showcases music from all corners of the world: Colombia, Nigeria, Sweden, South Korea, Thailand and Iran. The focus – in keeping with Now-Again’s tradition – is on melody, driving rhythms and accessibility. Not one song is included on this compilation because it is from a “rare” album. Certainly, many of these songs do spring from albums that exchange hands for many thousands of dollars. Certainly, many of these songs have never seen reissue. But these songs are all beautiful in their own right and work to form a coherent album. Psychedelic records, long the mainstay of older, grizzled collectors and seemingly quaint, are, in the hands of Egon and those of his generation, giving up new ghosts. And, with comps like Forge Your Own Chains, inspiring new investigations into our not so distant (and still very much alive) musical past.

V/A- CULT CARGO: BELIZE CITY BOIL UP 2LP (numero group, usa)
19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

Samba Soul. Afro-beat. Reggae. What were once loose-fitting descriptions for American influenced homegrown R&B, are now but common parlance in the lexicon of genre classification.These regional movements all yielded monumental sonic innovations that returned to America with tidal force, eventually flooding the world with third world treasure. The music of Detroit and Memphis were quite possibly America's largest cultural export of the 1960s, spawning imitators with every radio wave that whispered 'I've got sunshine... or Sittin' in the morning sun... into the fertile ear of the uninitiated. For every Nigeria there were ten Ghana's, and every shiny Brazilian soulster had his counterpart in Peru, Argentina, and Columbia. Good news travels fast, and as the gospel of American soul hit the beaches of Trinidad, the Bahamas, and in this case, Belize, it was as though the Gods had not just spoken, but sung. A Cargo Cult is what happens when one culture begins worshipping the byproducts of another. Cult Cargo is the unexpected result of that devotion. It is here in these sixty odd minutes that The Numero Group unveils a style of music completely unknown to the greater world before we dragged it from the beaches of Belize. The national dish of Belize is made with a diverse mixture of ingredients, pig's tail, potatoes, plantains, bananas, boiled eggs, yams, whole fish, thrown in a pot, and boiled to perfection. They call it a Boil Up. The music of this collection combines equal parts of R&B, calypso, disco, funk, reggae, bruckdown, soul, folk, and whatever else can be found back on the bottom shelf of the musical pantry. This too is called Boil Up, and it's anything but leftovers.

V/A- ECCENTRIC SOUL: SMART'S PALACE 2LP (numero group, usa)
19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

*Smart's Palace was anything but royal. Beyond the bloodlines of the Smart Brothers and their jester brother Leroy, the only kings and queens to be discovered there were JB and Aretha playing on the Wurlitzer. However, between 1963-1975 the club held court for the entire Wichita, Kansas soul scene. At its heart was Dick Smart, bassist, club owner, DJ, record store owner, promoter, and sole proprietor of the Solo label. Collected here for the first time is the story and songs that came out of this thriving, if not totally unknown scene. Housed in Numero's signature slipcase, the 19 track disc features Theron & Darrell, Baby Neal, Chocolate Snow, L.T. & the Soulful Dynamics, Fred Williams & the Jewels Band, and The Hard Road, on labels like Solo, Kanwic, Vantage, and Lee-Mac, all fully annotated with a ransom of pictures, posters, and ephemera fit for a king.

ELVIS PRESLEY- ELVIS AT SUN LP (rca/sony/bmg, germany)
16.98usd/10.17gbp/11.27eur/1487jpy (approx)

*2004 remastered vinyl version of this perennial shop favorite/essential in stock for the first time… Elvis at Sun marks the third time that rca has given Elvis Presley's seminal Sun Records recordings a refurbishing for release on compact disc (fourth if you count their appearance on the box set The King of Rock 'n' Roll: The Complete 50's Masters), but while 1987's The Complete Sun Sessions and 1999's Sunrise both added plenty of bonus materials along with the ten single sides and various outtakes Presley cut for Sam Phillips' pioneering label, Elvis at Sun seems to follow the notion that "less is more." While the supposedly definitive Sunrise spread 38 cuts over two discs, Elvis at Sun sticks to 19 cuts (all of which appeared on disc one of Sunrise), and reissue producers Ernst Mikael Jorgensen and Roger Semon have done extensive cleansing on these vintage recordings, in some cases buffing off layers of echo and reverb that have been part of these performances since they first appeared on LP (most notably on "You're a Heartbreaker" and "Good Rockin' Tonight"). With neither Elvis nor Sam Phillips around to offer their views, it's hard to say if this amounts to presenting the tapes as they were meant to be heard or playing around with history, but on most of the tracks the effect is startling — these recordings have never sounded quite so clear and sharp, with a richer sense of detail in the nooks and crannies of Elvis' voice and Scotty Moore's guitar (the always spooky "Blue Moon" is now gloriously spectral — has anyone ever sounded quite like that?). Too bad they couldn't fix the speed glitch on "I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine," though. The disc also abandons the sequencing of most previous releases of this material, which presented songs in the order they were released, in favor of assembling the songs in the order they were recorded, which is probably better history if less satisfying as pure listening. As for the music, well, this is arguably the most important music of Elvis' career and the growth of rock & roll into a mass art form; Presley's wildly idiosyncratic fusion of blues, country, pop, and anything else that crossed his path was still evolving as he recorded these songs, and there's a thrill of discovery here that's a wonder to behold. No, Elvis didn't invent rock & roll, but it would have been a very different creature without his guiding influence, and listening to him making it happen on Elvis at Sun is history at its most wildly entertaining; this isn't necessarily the best collection of these vitally important sides, but it inarguably presents this brilliant music in a new and fascinating light. -Mark Deming/amg

MOON DUO- KILLING TIME 12"EP (sacred bones, usa)
16.98usd/10.17gbp/11.27eur/1487jpy (approx)

*Moon Duo is a project of Wooden Shjips guitarist and singer Ripley Johnson. Under the Moon Duo moniker, Johnson and collaborator Sanae Yamada create expansive Krautrock influenced tapestries of warm cascading fuzz and controlled feedback, organ, and accenting keyboard. This four song 12-inch is the second release and incorporates a much more concise, composed and driving sound than before. The Duo expand on ideas only hinted at on the Sick Thirst 12-inch (which is already long gone) adding a driving drum machine beat behind the thick walls of layered sound. Don't sleep on this one.

15.98usd/9.57gbp/10.61eur/1399jpy (approx)

*Tracklisting: And Otherness, Thither and Yon, Adventure-Equation, Moon Dance, Voice of Space. The first two pieces were recorded by Tommy Hunter at the Choreographers' Workshop, New York City, 1963. The last three were recorded at the Tip Top Club, Brooklyn, 1963. 'Moon Dance' was recorded at a joint in Brooklyn called the Tip Top Club, where Hunter was playing in Sarah McLawler's organ trio. Sun Ra and company came in at 10 AM and played for several hours. I suspect that 'Adventure-Equation' and 'Voice of Space' were also recorded at the Tip Top. Ra is not known to have had access to a Hammond organ elsewhere, and although the recording quality is a little better on these pieces, the tapes are still mono, Hunter may have moved his microphones around, and the echo would cover up some of the faults anyway. Note the background talking on 'Moon Dance' and how it carries over into the beginning of 'Voice of Space'. Note whispers at beginning of 'Adventure-Equation'. Note the phone ringing around 4:00 and 7:50 into 'Adventure-Equation'.

16.98usd/10.17gbp/11.27eur/1487jpy (approx)

*Tracklisting: Worlds Approaching, Strange Strings featuring vocal by Arthur Jenkins, Strange Strings featuring lightning drum. Recorded in New York, probably 1966. A very uncommon Sun Ra LP, originally issued on Thoth (a Saturn-subsidiary?) in '66 or '67. A concept album of sorts, dealing with musicians playing unfamiliar instruments ("Chinese lutes, moon-guitars, mandolin, bass, koto," according to Tam Fiofori). "It is a piece of astonishing variety...Sun Ra here succeeds in creating perhaps the most completely improvised but organic piece in the history of jazz, with no prepared rhythmic, melodic or harmonic material, performed by players on instruments foreign to them." -- John Szwed.

18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Often overlooked in the English-speaking Caribbean, the scattering drums and soaring clarinets of the biguine ruled the airwaves and dancefloors of Martinique and Guadeloupe in the 1960s. This album showcases the vibrancy of the scene on the islands in the '60s and '70s -- a scene that would go on to develop the all-conquering sound of zouk in the '80s. Uptown bands like Ensemble La Perfecta and Les Loups Noirs combine heavy rhythms and psychedelic effects in an inimitable style -- check out the crazed "Jet Biguine" for a better idea! The deep and introspective sounds of Monsieur Dolor and Guadeloupean hero Robert Loison show the deep African roots of the music -- songs born out of the plantations, with an insistent rhythm and mournful vocals that are unique to these islands. Overlooked outside of Paris, Montreal and the French Caribbean for many years, this collection redresses the balance by presenting the vital sounds of Martinique and Guadeloupe -- missing pieces of the musical jigsaw puzzle of the Caribbean. CD includes a 24-page booklet with detailed historical notes and rare photos.

(sublime frequencies, usa)
18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Group Bombino is the latest salvo from the Agadez music scene. Led by the guitar virtuoso Omara Mochtar (Bombino), the group's debut LP -- volume two in the Guitars From Agadez series, represents the latest chapter in the modern sound of the Tuareg revolution. As of 2008, the Tuareg rebellion is in full force again, and Bombino is in exile to parts unknown. Agadez has been cut off from the rest of the country. The only road that connects this legendary city with the rest of the country is littered with land mines and the only escorts are the military. This music and its messages of hope, justice, and desire for validation of the Kel Tamachek way of life ring louder than ever. Group Bombino are gaining mythic status in and around the Tuareg community for their incendiary live performances. Coming from the same scene as Group Inerane and sharing some of the same musicians, Group Bombino showcase both sides of the Tuareg guitar style. The first half of this CD features the "dry guitar" sound, an unplugged selection of songs sung among the dunes, camels and stars of the Tenere desert. The last five tracks demonstrate the electric fury of the full band, a melding of heavy, psychedelic guitar heroics with a raw, garage sound, back beat percussion, all swirling in extended trance rock moves. Recorded live and unfiltered in Agadez and the surrounding desert in early 2007, with the band's equipment powered by generators and an unflinching dedication to the rebellion, Group Bombino's music transcends any influence and ignites the raw passion of its message to the outside world. Includes liner notes by Hisham Mayet with great photos of the musicians. This is a CD reissue of the limited LP pressing which sold out almost immediately upon release.

MOUNTAINS- ETCHING LP (thrill jockey, usa)
15.98usd/9.57gbp/10.61eur/1399jpy (approx)

*To follow up the release of their highly acclaimed album Choral, Mountains is pleased to present Etching. Before embarking on tour earlier in 2009, Mountains recorded Etching at Brendon's studio in real time with no overdubs. The band then sold the music on that tour as a limited edition CD-R with hand-stamped sleeves. The music on Etching parallels the live sets the band performed on that tour. To translate the recording to the vinyl format the band re-sequenced the recordings to fit more appropriately on the LP.

9DW- 9DW 2LP (wax poetics, usa)
19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

*Taking electro-fusion to the next dimension is no easy job. But Tokyo-based futurists 9dw aren't afraid to gaze beyond the limits of the Milky Way, riding on a celestial quest toward a world where the atmosphere is analog and the beat of a neon ocean washes against a beach of synthesizer sand. Building their sonic landscape on an arsenal of vintage instruments and technology, the music of 9dw is a refreshing mix of jazz instrumentals, skilled guitars, fresh breakbeats, and funky keys. With an ear to the past and their eyes on the future, this band of the Rising Sun heralds a return to the 1970s heyday of jazz originality and flavor. Not since pioneers the likes of Bob James, Herbie Hancock, or Joe Zawinul has jazz-fusion sounded this good. Although 9dw's self-titled debut has been available in Japan for sometime now, it has yet to see any form of stateside release. That's why we here at Wax Poetics Records have decided the time is right to bring 9dw into the U.S. soundscape with a limited vinyl run of 9dw. This, the sixth release from Wax Poetics Records, will come as a double-LP set pressed on high quality 180-gram vinyl. Until now, Wax Poetics Records has been strictly in the business of reissuing rare, overlooked, and long-lost albums from the past. But with 9dw, we're proud to be, for the first-time, reissuing a contemporary album worthy of the Wax Poetics seal of approval. So while we still pride ourselves on being an authority when it comes to soul, funk, and jazz music's lesser-known players of yesterday, we've also got our ears tuned to the sounds of tomorrow. Be it in Wax Poetics Magazine or on Wax Poetics Records, you can rest assured that we're digging the underground, wherever we find it." Limited numbered edition of 1500 on clear vinyl.

ERKIN KORAY- ELEKTRONIC TURKELER CD (world psychedelia, south korea)
17.98usd/10.76gbp/11.93eur/1574jpy (approx)

*terrific heavy Eastern raves and drones from Turkey's legendary freaked-out psychedelic guitar guru; fantastic sound quality on an album that basically collected some of Koray's best singles tracks up to the date of its original release by Dogan Plakcilik in 1974—the result? some of Koray's most extended tracks. The sound that first emerges as “Elektronik Türküler” begins is that of the plucked strings of the baglama, a sound both sensuous and languid; then comes another undulating rhythm, Koray’s instrumental, ‘Sir” (Secret), with his lead baglama book-ending a stinging psychedelic guitar solo. The mood changes with the next track, ‘Hele Yar’, an acoustic re-arrangement of a Turkish ballad from the 17th Century; here, twin baglamas construct a dance rhythm behind lilting bass and scant drums. Side two of the original LP opens with the acoustic guitar-led love ballad, ‘Cemalim’ (My Cemal); this well known Anatolian folk number is well handled here with Koray’s stridently strummed acoustic guitar battling throughout against overdubbed electric guitar—background vocals waft softly in the background, echoing Koray’s hypnotic repetition of the title, accompanied by highly controlled fuzz guitar filigrees. The last track is the nine-minute odyssey that is ‘Türkü’ (Ballad): the swirling kalem, that Turkish double-reed wind instrument of snake charming tendencies, weaves a truly psychedelic arabesque against a foundation of solid bass and drums; the voice of Koray emerges from the shadows drenched in reverb, slowly reciting words of great import, intoned over and over again as if in consecration of a ceremonial rite; the pace quickens to a Dervish whirl, until a smash of glass breaks the tension... and we begin again, with Koray’s guitar and trance-like recitation carrying us further and further back into time, each word fading farther and farther into ancestral echo-land where east is west and west is east... and we are all together. A densely textured psychedelic masterpiece... mesmerizing.

V/A- PSYCH-FUNK 101 2LP (world psychedelic funk classics, usa)
19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

V/A- PSYCH-FUNK 101 CD (world psychedelic funk classics, usa)
18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Psych-Funk 101 introduces students to the global phenomenon of psychedelic funk music, and covers the “golden years” of the movement, from approximately 1967 until 1980. This compilation does not focus on American and British bands. Rather it focuses on the bands throughout the Global Village that were influenced by the innovation of American and British bands – that many times one upped the heroes they sought to emulate. This compilation focuses on bands influenced by James Brown, The Meters, Sly and The Family Stone, Booker T and The MGs and The Bar Kays and unsung rhythmic forces such as drummers Bernard Purdie, Idris Muhammad, Earl Palmer, bassists such Carol Kaye and Jimmy Lewis. It focuses on bands who took that energy and combined it with the flair of psychedelic-rock musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and the ensemble known as Cream – as well as pop-rock acts taken by the experimental side of psychedelia such as The Beatles. But these bands added their own, unique cultural flourishes. The result is mind-bending. Think about it for a second – what musical forces were greater than that of funk and psychedelic music in the late 60s and early 70s? These forces, combined by bands happy to incorporate folk music and improvisational elements from other musical forms, lead to an amazing body of work still being unearthed by researchers the world over – and still capable of inspiring new investigations into shapes of rhythm.


24.98usd/14.95gbp/16.58eur/2187jpy (approx)

*Four years in the making, Analog Africa finally presents the highly-anticipated second volume of music from Africa's funkiest band, the mythical Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou. Volume One (The Vodoun Effect: Funk & Sato from Benin's Obscure Labels, 1973-1975), released by Analog Africa at the end of 2008, was a collection of amazing lo-fi recordings produced for various labels around Benin. Volume Two showcases superbly recorded tracks, courtesy of the EMI studios in Lagos, Nigeria, one of the best studios in the region. All tracks here were recorded for the mighty Albarika Store label and its enigmatic producer, Adissa Seidou. The idea for this compilation was born five years ago when Samy Ben Redjeb, Analog Africa's founder and compiler, first heard the addictive funk track "Malin Kpon O" (included here), which was originally released in 1975 on Albarika Store. That discovery triggered the compiler's curiosity and what followed was a long journey through the musical history of Benin and the history of its most important ambassador, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou. The result: approximately 100 pictures, 120 master tapes, 20 hours of interviews and a few hundred Orchestre Poly-Rythmo vinyl records -- 500 songs in total -- some of which previously unreleased. Almost half of those tracks were recorded for Benin's number one label -- Albarika Store. Fourteen out of 200 tracks were carefully selected for this compilation which comes with a massive 44-page booklet filled with amazing pictures of the band, a complete discography and a biography tracing the band from its foundation as Groupe Meloclem in 1964 via Sunny Black's band (1965), Orchestre Poly-Disco (1966), El Ritmo (1967) and finally, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou in 1968. During the period presented here -- 1969 to 1979 -- the mighty Orchestre was without any doubt one of Africa's most innovative groups. Capable of playing any style of music, the band moved from traditional Vodoun rhythms to funk, sato, Latin, sakpata, psychedelia and Afro-Beat seamlessly and quickly became the powerhouse of Benin's music scene. Some of the planet's most exciting rhythms are related to the complex Vodoun religion born in Benin. Those rhythms, supported by chants and dances, have been transmitted from generation to generation and are still being performed to this day, a few hundred years after they were created. The composers and arrangers of Orchestre Poly-Rythmo understood that they were surrounded by a gold mine of inspirational sounds which, if modernized and mixed in with whatever was in fashion at that particular moment, could have a strong impact on the urban population. Those astonishing combinations can be heard here, all mixed into a heavy hypnotic sound -- Les Echos Hypnotiques.

23.98usd/14.36gbp/15.92eur/2100jpy (approx)

*Marvellous Boy: Calypso From West Africa celebrates the West African counterpart of the 1950s Soho scene uncovered in the Honest Jon's series, London Is The Place For Me. Issuing from centuries of to-ing and fro-ing between England, the West Indies, and West Africa, the same musical styles -- calypso, highlife, jazz -- overlap, proliferate, and adapt, with local traditions freshened up and thrown into the mix. With numerous faces and reference points cropping up in both milieu, this contemporaneous music-making is brimming over with the same passion for life, sparkling topicality, and extravagant, magpie creativity. The inter-war dance bands of British West Africa are often strikingly similar in sound to Trinidadian orchestras like Lovey's String Band (credited with the first calypso recordings in 1912). However, the first West African calypso recordings in the modern style are from Freetown, Sierra Leone in the early 1950s, by Ebenezer Calendar and Famous Scrubbs. In arrangements blending African and European instruments, the brass plays out the legacy of colonial military bands, albeit hair-down and a little ramshackle now; and the beautiful Creole lyrics are as quick and musical as any classic calypsonian's. Decca also organized the first calypso recording session in Ghana, down the coast, where a sound interchangeably designated "calypso" or "highlife" ruled urban dancefloors, courtesy of The Tempos and its spin-offs including The Rhythm Aces. The invasion of King Mensah of Ghana, and The Tempos' money-spinning tour of Nigeria at the start of the 1950s sparked a decade of musical innovation. Bobby Benson's new highlife 11-piece included the great trumpeters Victor Olaiya and Roy Chicago and his calypso "Taxi Driver" was their first, huge, signature hit. (By contrast, little is known about the Nigerian Rolling Stone). The Mayor's Dance Band was run by the celebrated Erekosima "Rex" Lawson, whose trademark blend of Igbo lyrics over a Calabari rhythm reflected his mixed parentage. Steven Amechi was from eastern Nigeria, and the guitar solo on "Nylon Dress" is by the king of Igbo highlife, Stephen Osita Osadebe. Saxophonist Chris Ajilo and his band The Cubanos didn't produce much calpyso-highlife, but rather, cooking Afro-Cuban jazz with traditional roots, exemplifying the open hybridity of all these forms. By the early 1960s, calypso was fading in West Africa, and U.S. soul and rhythm and blues were poised to replace Caribbean influences. Still, the dying embers would produce its most classical exponent, Godwin Omabuwa, Nigeria's own Lord Kitchener. Omabuwa cut only a few records, but his mastery of the genre was a fitting end to the heyday of calypso in British West Africa.

21.98usd/13.16gbp/14.59eur/1924jpy (approx)

*180 gram exact repro reissue, gatefold sleeve. Officially licensed through Verve/Universal. Recorded in New York, May 14, 1969; Alice Coltrane (piano and harp), Ron Carter (bass) and Rashied Ali (drums and percussion). "The composition 'Huntington Ashram Monastery' was first recorded as a piece for solo harp. However, the selection used in this album is played by the trio. With the band, there is expansion and enhancing of sound, together with collective contributions of the musicians. Ashram means 'hermitage.' It is sometimes spelled 'ashrama.' Of the many humanly-constructed ashrams and monasteries throughout the world, I feel that the real 'ashrama' is in your heart." -- Alice Coltrane

V/A- GILLES PETERSON DIGS AMERICA VOL. 2 LP (luv n’ haight, usa)
23.98usd/14.36gbp/15.92eur/2100jpy (approx)

*This is the second in the Digs series of compilations and, like Volume I, this album was curated by DJ Gilles Peterson. We’d initially thought Digs would be a series involving different collectors but by popular demand (and because he has more than his fair share of wax) volume two is another collection from the world renowned tastemaker, DJ, and BBC radio host.

MOONDOG- THE GERMAN YEARS 1977-1999 2CD (roof music, germany)
24.98usd/14.95gbp/16.58eur/2187jpy (approx)

*Originally released by Roof Music in 2004, in stock for the first tim… this is a 2CD compilation of recordings from the last 20 years of visionary composer Louis Thomas Hardin's (aka Moondog) life, when he lived in Germany and composed, arguably, perhaps the most vibrant and eclectic music in his whole canon. CD1 is comprised of studio recordings from 1977-1999 -- songs for pipe organ, chamber ensemble, piano and voice, string quartet, saxophone, etc., and CD2 is an exceptional recording of his last live performance from Arles, France, recorded a month before his death. Featuring pianist Dominique Ponty, who plays 34 of his pieces for piano. Includes a 44-page booklet of photos, notes, essays, interviews, lyrics, and more, housed in a deluxe hard board package.

23.98usd/14.36gbp/15.92eur/2100jpy (approx)

*After two very successful and well-received previous volumes of tropical rarities from Panama, co-compilers Roberto Gyemant and Miles Cleret are joined by Will "Quantic" Holland for the final piece of this unique series. Volume 3 showcases more of the unique tropical music created in Panama in the fertile decades of the 1960s and 1970s. Panama is the thin, tropical bridge that connects North and South America, and is home to three million culturally-diverse people; its music is a soulful blend of Latin American, Caribbean, European and indigenous forms. From bilingual calypsos to guajira jazz, from tropical guarachas to cumbia tamboreras, Panamanian musicians fearlessly combined and brilliantly executed styles that reflected their multicultural environment during a turbulent time in the young country's history. This collection presents more of the golden age of Panamanian music and the music of the combos nacionales on rare recordings that have never been released outside the isthmus until now.

23.98usd/14.36gbp/15.92eur/2100jpy (approx)

*Often overlooked in the English-speaking Caribbean, the scattering drums and soaring clarinets of the biguine ruled the airwaves and dancefloors of Martinique and Guadeloupe in the 1960s. This album showcases the vibrancy of the scene on the islands in the '60s and '70s -- a scene that would go on to develop the all-conquering sound of zouk in the '80s. Uptown bands like Ensemble La Perfecta and Les Loups Noirs combine heavy rhythms and psychedelic effects in an inimitable style -- check out the crazed "Jet Biguine" for a better idea! The deep and introspective sounds of Monsieur Dolor and Guadeloupean hero Robert Loison show the deep African roots of the music -- songs born out of the plantations, with an insistent rhythm and mournful vocals that are unique to these islands. Overlooked outside of Paris, Montreal and the French Caribbean for many years, this collection redresses the balance by presenting the vital sounds of Martinique and Guadeloupe -- missing pieces of the musical jigsaw puzzle of the Caribbean.

TINARIWEN- AMAN IMAN: WATER IS LIFE CD (world village, germany)
21.98usd/13.16gbp/14.59eur/1924jpy (approx)

*Tinariwen's songs, with rutted five-tone scales and wreathed in handclaps, are propelled by icy-hot guitars over sinuous French and Tamashek vocals. The material sometimes contains recollections of other Malian luminaries, such as Amadou and Mariam, Habib Koité, Oumou Sangare, and the late Ali Farka Toure, plus New World descendants like Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, and untold generations of Delta bluesmen. Their lyrics speak of drought and displacement, deceased heroes, and assouf, which, like Brazilian saudade, can mean longing, nostalgia, and love of home, but also a desert-dweller's bone-deep craving for open wilderness and solitude. Aman Iman, their third CD for World Village, was produced by British bluesman and label-mate Justin Adams and recorded at Bogolan studios in Bamako, Mali. The album's fifteen tracks celebrate their heritage in all its trance-inducing, hip-shaking, majesty, mystery, and magic. The third track, 'Matadjem Yinmixan' ('Why All This Hate Between You?'), harbors tantalizing echoes of European troubadour music, which after all evolved from some of the same ancient Muslim sources. On 'Ahimana' ('Oh My Soul'), original founding member Mohammed Ag Itlale interprets a style more usually performed by women, paradoxically with no loss of masculinity. Throughout, rangy, cloaked pickers are flanked by a female chorus whose hand drums are spiked by sharp, off-center clapping, shrill ululation, and fervent responses to the men's singing. Together, they goad one another to heights of fervent experimentation while basking amid hallowed folkways.

DJ FABYO- ANATOLIA ROCKS: A MUSICAL TRIP THROUGH TURKEY 1968-83 CDR (worldwide productions, france)
21.98usd/13.16gbp/14.59eur/1924jpy (approx)

*During the '60s and '70s, the Turkish knew how to blend the exciting sound of pop music coming from United States and Europe with local inspirations and folklore better than anybody. Listen to the electric saz and darbouka mixed with the best fuzz guitar. Worldwild production is proud to present 18 jewels of this interesting and unknown genre called Anatolian rock. Enjoy!" 18 tracks compiled and produced by DJ Fabyo. Artists include Umit Tokcan, Erkin Koray, Esin Afsar, Edip Akbayram & Dostlar, 3 Hür-El, Kim Bunlar, Selda, Erkin Koray, Baris Manco, Fikret Kizilok, Nurcan Opel, Cem Karaca Ve Apaslar, Grup Bunalim, Mustafa Ozkent, Baris Manco, Mavi Isiklar, Galatasaray Lisesi and Erkin Koray. Note: This is a limited CD-R release, professionally packaged in jewel case.


V/A- LEGENDS OF BENIN 2LP (analog africa, germany)
26.98usd/16.15gbp/17.91eur/2362jpy (approx)

*Analog Africa presents Legends Of Benin, a collection of super-rare and highly danceable masterpieces recorded between 1969-1981 by four legendary composers from Benin: Gnonnas Pedro, Antoine Dougbé, El Rego et Ses Commandos and Honoré Avolonto, each with a sound all their own. What you are about to hear is distinctively Benin -- a thick brew of agbadja, soul, cavacha, funk, Afrobeat, and Afro-Latin sounds all mixed in with heavy traditional rhythms. Gnonnas Pedro is the king of modern agbadja: a rhythm hugely popular in Togo, Benin and Ghana, based around three pieces of percussion, each with a different tone. Traditionally a rhythm used during burial ceremonies, Gnonnas adopted and modernized it in the mid-'60s, calling it "Agbadja Modern." The track "Dadje Von O Von Non" was originally recorded in 1966 and is Gnonna's first modern rendition of agbadja. Also featured here is the crazy, kick-ass funk track "Okpo Videa Bassouo" recorded in 1973, as well as the sublimely contagious track, "La Musica en Verité." Honoré Avolonto was one of Benin's most prolific composers, releasing Benin's most successful LP in the late '70s. That album was recorded with Black Santiago, a band fronted by amazing trumpeter Ignace De Souza, another legend, with whom he recorded the Afrobeat track, "Dou Dagbe We." Avolonto has fronted some of Benin's most powerful bands and some of those "partnerships" with Orchestre Poly-Rythmo and Les Commandos are presented here. Beware -- killer Afrobeat meets frenetic funk. El Rego et Ses Commandos were responsible for Benin's first Afro-soul-funk track with the support of Ghanean singer, Eddy Black Power. The "Jerk" scene in Benin was triggered by the success of "Feeling You Got," and its infectious accordion riff. "E Nan Mian Nuku" is an Afro-Latin tune combined with a kind of bossa nova, and "Vimado Wingnan" is Benin's most sought-after funk track. Out of all the artists here, Antoine Dougbé is the least known even in Benin, but he created his own style which he dubbed Afro cavacha -- a fantastic mixture of Congolese rhumba, Latin sounds and traditional vodoun rhythms. All of his vinyl releases, especially the ones released on his own Editions Dougbé Antoine label, are incredible and have become some of Africa's most sought-after collector's items. This compilation includes a 44-page, full-color booklet with ultra-rare pictures and detailed biographies. Enjoy the mind-blowing sounds of Benin.

27.98usd/16.75gbp/18.57eur/2450jpy (approx)

*In early 1965, just as the West African High-life scene was starting to get repetitive, the revolutionary sound of Fela Kuti & His Koola Lobitos burst upon us. A strikingly original and very talented musician, Fela was trained at the Trinity College of Music in London and despite his primary instrument being the trumpet, he was an excellent pianist, composer, arranger and vocalist. To maintain his reputation as West Africa's leading musician, Fela continuously experimented with varying forms of High-life and other exotic rhythm patterns. This is the very first full length album by Fela, recorded in 1965.

27.98usd/16.75gbp/18.57eur/2450jpy (approx)

*A traditional form of Nigerian popular music, Juju spreads from the ancient Yoruba percussion style and its first recordings can be dated back to the 1920s. Taking its name from the shamanic rituals of the southwestern regions, Juju evolved into a very popular musical genre in the '60s and '70s when artists of the caliber of King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey (aka Chief Commander) took it to a new apex, blending traditional instruments -- like the talking drum with elements of western music, such as the guitar. Chief Brigadier Olu Oni adds to this extremely popular genre a hint of international elements, and this record has brought Juju beyond West Africa and into the rest of the world.

27.98usd/16.75gbp/18.57eur/2450jpy (approx)

*This 1981 album epitomizes the incredible career of a prodigy, who started at age 11 as a member of an Ese ensemble, a traditional Nigerian form of choral music, and has since excelled in many of the varied forms of African music. The most distinctive genre created by Sir Warrior (born Ezebuiro Obinna) is the one known as Nigerian 'high-life' music, a modernization of Ghanian high-life obtained by combining elements of tradition with a modern musical approach. In Warrior's case incredibly gifted guitar playing combined with lyrics deriving from traditional Igbo proverbs made him a pop icon and superstar, with hundreds of hits and dozens of best selling records all over Africa.

26.98usd/16.15gbp/17.91eur/2362jpy (approx)

*During the 1930s in the vast region of the American Southwest, particularly in Texas and Oklahoma, a younger generation gave birth to a new form of popular dance music. In the hard years of the depression, both rural enthusiasts who played by ear, and others who had basic notions of written music joined together and participated in the development of the so-called 'western swing'. The elements which flow into this music are easily detectable on recordings by western swing groups, melting white and black swing across the country (Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Cab Calloway, etc.), together with blues, fiddle music and ragtime, which was particularly strong in the regional heritage of Texas. Packaged in 78 rpm style deluxe plain cardboard sleeve.

29.98usd/17.95gbp/19.90eur/2625jpy (approx)

*As collectors continue to explore and discover new music from around the world, one country that's starting to gain momentum is Iran. Iran has been a mystery to collectors for many years, and even today it remains a blackbox to most. Within the rubbles of Iran's lost musical history comes Golden Ring, one of the first, and most prominent Iranian garage groups from the '60s. Based in Tehran, Golden Ring recorded and released a series of songs on 7" during the late '60s and early '70s before disbanding. They were one of the first Iranian bands to be influenced by Western music such as The Beatles, combining traditional Iranian instrumentation and melodies with structures found in the UK and North American rock and pop. This combination resulted in an Iranian take on garage music during the genre's climax. One of the members of Golden Ring, Arif, later went on to become a solo artist, and over time became one of the legendary artists within Iran's musical landscape. His solo material spread across 45's, soundtracks and generations of fans. Sadly Golden Ring never recorded or released a full length album, but through a lot of hard work and effort we are pleased to offer a full length compilation of Golden Ring's music for you to enjoy. Limited to 500 copies.

25.98usd/15.55gbp/17.24eur/2275jpy (approx)

*Ghana in the 1970s: highlife, rock, and soul collide and merge with tradition and culture. New styles meet old styles. A new generation renews old musical customs. New fashions meet old fashions, creating new fusions. Soundway presents 33 original and previously un-reissued tracks from the time: obscure A-sides, B-sides and album cuts that have resisted a second look until now. Compiler and label boss Miles Cleret travelled many times to Ghana to track down these long-lost and unavailable recordings. Ghana Special focuses on a variety of the vast number of diverse musical styles made in Ghana at that time -- a selection of 33 tracks hand-picked from a multitude uncovered over nearly 10 years of on-going research: driving around the cities of Ghana, banging on musician's doors, visiting distributors, DJs, collectors, manufacturers and shop owners. The roots of this project go back to a pair of albums named Ghana Soundz (Volumes 1 and 2), which focused solely on the "funkier" side of the same period. Alongside new artists and groups, some other works of the many musicians and producers Cleret met while researching those records are also included here. Many of these tracks have remained only in people's memories or in collections of LPs that sit unplayed: until now, of course. This 2CD hardback package comes with a full-color 44-page booklet, including many original photographs, LP scans and a full history of the period -- painstakingly pieced together over many years.

27.98usd/16.75gbp/18.57eur/2450jpy (approx)

*Finally on vinyl, volume 1 of the legendary Thai Beat compilation, originally released in 2004, including two awesome previously-unreleased tracks! Incredible and ultra-rare recordings from Thailand in the 1960s. The amazing Thai Beat A Go-Go, which concentrates on red-hot Thai curry rock n' roll, Shadow music string bands, cosmic surf instros, mad garage/beat, mystic go-go organs, wild guitar rave-ups and psychedelic mind-benders, exotic female singers, funky and soulful with extreme sensuality and emotions, surreal and groovy, all with a totally otherworldly Thai flavor. Experience the blossoming Bangkok night club scene with the exotic bar and lounge go-go bands! These recordings have a sound that's completely inexplicable despite the use of standard rock instrumentation and song structures, combining a fascinating and primal version of rock n' roll, surf, and r 'n' b -- sometimes all in one song. Don't miss this ultimate wild rockin' Thai '60s compilation. Limited edition of 1,000 copies worldwide. Housed in a beautiful full-color gatefold sleeve.


ERKIN KORAY- 2 LP (nosmokerecords, spain)
32.98usd/19.74gbp/21.89eur/2888jpy (approx)

*First time-ever vinyl reissue of the third album by Turkish psych guru, Erkin Koray. Much more traditional sounding than his other, early to late '70s works, this is also an album that catches you at first listen. There's less guitar than usual here, yes, but it's a splendid set of ethnic Turkish traditional sounds with some occidental feel, with some real killer tracks on it.
V/A- DON'T STOP: RECORDING TAP 3LP/CD (numero group, usa)
34.98usd/20.94gbp/23.22eur/3063jpy (approx)

*In January of 2006 the Numero Group found itself sitting three wide on a weight bench in a damp garage. Eight hours later, we peeled out of the driveway with a thirty-seven tape mystery. Though Jeremiah Yisrael's Tap label only issued a handful of 12"s between 1981-83, the tape deck never stopped rolling, producing dozens of lavish songs in disco's last days. From the string-heavy sugar boogie of Jackie Stoudemire and Arnie Love to pioneering raps by Missy Dee & the Melody Crew and the Fabulous 3 MCs, Recording Tap covers a wide swath of New York's all night sound. The triple LP set includes ten bonus tracks, miniature song book, expansive booklet stuffed with photos and memorabilia and a CD copy of the album, all housed in a replica tape box. Includes rare and unreleased recordings by Arnie & the Lovettes, Annette Denvil, Bonnie Freeman, the Fabulous 3 MCs, Missy Dee & the Melody Crew, Magnetism, and Jackie Stoudemire.

34.98usd/20.94gbp/23.22eur/3063jpy (approx)

*Raks Discos is proud to present one of the most anticipated as well as unexpected compilations from the global depths of '60s and '70s rock'n'roll: The Persian scene. Let alone coming across with a representative compilation, even solid evidences of such a scene has not been seen until now and has been largely suspected, maybe save for a select few of eager garage and psychedelic record collectors and enthusiasts of worldwide rock, who have been trying to hunt such sounds on the internet and private collectors' circles, usually to no avail. Needless to say, the most important factor in this has been the obvious hideously rare status that Iran's pre-Revolution East-West cross cultural artifacts are in right now. As with almost all Asiatic countries, the Shadows and the Ventures seem to be the true and primal influence in the Iranian music scene of the most part of '60s for the rock sound and attitude to penetrate the country's fledgling record industry and its swinging public base. In 1964, the legendary Top4 company opened up and started releasing choice chart hits from the worldwide lists, on 4-track EPs, followed soon by MonoGram and other companies. These mixed up records featured a lot of popular songs of the day, spanning the whole European continent i.e. including what's referred to now as 'Euro pop' hits and the 'big brothers,' UK and US charts. The day's youth back then was lucky: they could follow the West moment by moment now. The foremost impact of these were to feature and spread British invaders, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, otherwise available only on radio. Come 1966, '60s was in full swing in Iran too! On eye-popping purple & green Persian rug-colored vinyl. Includes full-color glossy insert with liner notes and rare photos.

V/A- OUAGA AFFAIR: HARD WON SOUND OF THE UPPER VOLTA 1974-1978 2LP (savannaphone, uk)
32.98usd/19.74gbp/21.89eur/2888jpy (approx)

*The third release on savannaphone and their first vinyl outing. Gatefold sleeve with photos, biographical information plus a trailer load of Upper Volta bangers… Stunning collection recovering releases from CVD and Volta Discobel, two of the Upper Volta's (now known as Burkina Faso) first indigenous record labels. Features the outstanding Super Volta (with singers Cisse Abdoulaye and Sandwidi Pierre), the prolific Harmonie Voltaique orchestra's blistering Latin-Mossi track "Nwendaramba" and the downbeat moral tale of "Kulig Runde," the unparalleled voice of Amadou Ballake and his group Les 5 Onsuls, the heavy rhythms of Super Mande, and more. An essential document of the raw, eccentric sounds of the Upper Volta's golden age, produced in the turbulent environment waged by the country's oppressive government.


WITCH- INTRODUCTION LP (shadoks music, germany)
47.98usd/28.72gbp/31.85eur/4201jpy (approx)

*Numbered edition of 500, glossy heavy sleeve on 180 gram vinyl. Originally released in Zambia, 1973… Another out-of-nowhere African '70s rock discovery in the Blo mold. Completely unknown band from Zambia, privately pressed on a small local label, this five-piece electric band plays a strong electric African underground style. Tons of wah wah-fuzz guitar in every track, African style beats and vocals and all original songs. After the successful release of the other Witch album Lazy Bones, here is the earlier Introduction. Crazy & wild fuzz guitars all over, African beats and chanting, as good as it gets. Incredible cool and stoned album from the southern African country. Again we need to say: if you're feeling depressed, low, disturbed, out-of-sorts, sad, frustrated or widely demented, then folks, we suggest you seek out a quiet place, indulge in some soothing meditation and cut away that headache by listening to this inspirational album.


V/A- LIGHT: ON THE SOUTH SIDE 2LP/BOOK (numero group, usa)
69.98usd/10.11gbp/11.36eur/1513jpy (approx)

*i got this amazing (an understatement if there ever was one!) in a couple weeks ago and sold em out in 24 hours. the first run of 1000 (with the bonus 45) are pretty much sold out and i’m only expecting two more on friday. don’t snooze… Between 1975-1977 Chicago's South Side night clubs were a little lighter. Not just because of a lanky white guy skulking about, but rather because of the camera and strobe light he carried. Michael Abramson hit Perv's House, Pepper's Hideout, The High Chaparral, The Patio Lounge, and The Showcase Lounge, not to capture the artists on stage, instead popping off a half dozen rolls every night on the crowd. Light: On The South Side gathers for the first time over 100 of these images, as Numero shines its own strobe on yet another dark corner of the past. The 132-page hard back book features photos, an ephemera section, and an essay by Nick Hornby. Housed in a gorgeous slipcase with the 12X12 book is Pepper's Jukebox, a seventeen track compilation of the kind of funky Chicago blues heard from the stage and the Wurlitizer. The deluxe 2LP set is packaged in a sharp gatefold jacket with two inner sleeves crammed to the gills with label scans and stories All in all, it's the classiest Numero record ever made, spotted easily from across the room with it's near 2" spine. But just when you thought we couldn't make it any more mouthwatering, we went ahead and upped the ante. The first 1000 copies contain a limited edition bonus 45.


tequila sunrise records

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(btwn 5th and 6th streets)

philadelphia, pa 19123

SUBWAY: blue or orange line to girard ave TROLLY: 15 to 5th street BUS: 57 to girard; 47 to girard


t/us: 1215 965 9616

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b: www.

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