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alright, a proper update this week (and there’s no shortage of holiday gift ideas, hint hint)… check em out: finally in stock, the much anticipated ngozi family lp (!) on nosmokerecords and ghana special 5lp box on soundway (!!), both amazing (and limited)! also of note, restocked lula cortes zé ramalho 2lp on mr. bongo (this is supposed to be the last of em, so when they’re gone…); os mutantes vinyl reissues, some new, some restocked… all excellent; another compilation of sun ra singles, this time on the italian label doxy. there’s some redundancies from the norton lps, but either way, makes for a nice companion to that series; nice reissue of patti smith’s debut horses; new honest jons comp; french pop vinyl reissues… and so much more. as always, more is expected later today/tomorrow, so check the tequila sunrise records facebook page and/or twitter feed for up-to-the-minute new arrivals and restocks.


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24.98usd/14.95gbp/16.58eur/2187jpy (approx)

*Honest Jon's presents a collection of music from '60s and '70s West Africa that is heavily influenced by Latin sounds from the era, representing a mutual cultural exchange that would have a permanent impact on the evolution of each region's trademark sound. Much of what makes modern Latin music so irresistible came from Africa in the first place. When the first waves of African rhythms, reconstituted in the Caribbean, returned home on radios and records, Africans -- especially in West and Central Africa -- received them with great enthusiasm. Staid dance bands that replicated European music soon began to swing as Caribbean accents settled in their rhythm sections. By the 1950s, Africa had produced its own Calypsonians, and more than one African musician changed his name to give it a Latin flavor. Some even composed songs in Spanish, while others wrote nonsense lyrics that only sounded like the real thing. No band mixed local and Latin styles more successfully than Orchestre Baobab and its leader Balla Sidibe. The mesmerizing "On Verra Ca" finds Baobab leaning in the direction of the stuttering mbalax sound that Youssou N'Dour carried to great popularity. Other Senegalese bands followed the trend, like the Rio Band, Orchestre N'Guewel, and Laba Sosseh from Gambia (like his compatriot Amara Toure) who styled himself as a salsa singer after his hero Johnny Pacheco. From Benin, Gnonnas Pedro sang in every pop style imaginable, but he seems especially at home in an Afro-Cuban embrace, as you will hear on the 1977 recording "Adigbedoto." The closing track also comes from Benin, a 1976 recording by the celebrated Orchestre Poly Rythmo -- though the singer, Pierre Tchana, hails from Cameroun. "Quiero Wapacha" features another Camerounian singer, Charles Lembe, and also from Cameroun is legendary African Jazz saxophonist, Manu Dibango, who is featured here alongside Le Grand Calle and Cuban flutist Don Gonzalo. Orchestre OK Jazz recorded any number of Afro-Cuban inspired sides: "Micorrason" is one of the band's earliest songs, recorded soon after their formation in 1956. There is no better evidence of the push-me-pull-you, back-and-forthing between two cultures than the Afro-Latin compilation we have here. All the flow from an unparalleled period of exuberance and creativity after World War II had ended and before homegrown tyranny had yet to descend on the land. It was Africa's moment, optimistic and free. You can hear it in the music. --Adapted from text by Gary Stewart, author of Rumba On The River: A History of the Popular Music of the Two Congos.

NGOZI FAMILY- 45,000 VOLTS LP (nosmokerecords, portugal)
32.98usd/19.74gbp/21.89eur/2888jpy (approx)

*Stunning, rare as hell album from the rich Zambian 'Zamrock' scene from the '70s -- have you ever heard of this record before? The Ngozi Family (Ngozi means danger, and dangerous is their music indeed!) were also the band backing for Chrissy Tembo on his now well-known My Ancestors album. They released this one in 1977, and you'll be amazed when you hear it if you're somehow into Hendrix, Black Sabbath, heavy psychedelia or Afro psych-rock. Most of the tracks on the LP follow that direction, and the rest enter the Afrobeat sound -- but most of it is fuzzy, heavy psych-rock as you can expect. This release has a surprising high quality sound and is limited to 600 copies only. One of the rarest rock albums of the whole world!!! Get it while you can!!!

55.98usd/33.51gbp/37.16eur/4902jpy (approx)

*Deluxe 5LP box version containing 2 exclusive tracks not available on CD or digital download, plus two tracks previously only available on the CD version of Ghana Soundz. Includes a large, high-quality 12-page booklet stuffed with rare photos, label scans and a detailed history of the period. Ghana in the 1970s: highlife, rock, and soul collide and merge with tradition and culture. New styles meet old styles. A new generation renews old musical customs. New fashions meet old fashions, creating new fusions. Soundway presents 33 original and previously un-reissued tracks from the time: obscure A-sides, B-sides and album cuts that have resisted a second look until now. Compiler and label boss Miles Cleret travelled many times to Ghana to track down these long-lost and unavailable recordings. Ghana Special focuses on a variety of the vast number of diverse musical styles made in Ghana at that time -- a selection of 33 tracks hand-picked from a multitude uncovered over nearly 10 years of on-going research: driving around the cities of Ghana, banging on musician's doors, visiting distributors, DJs, collectors, manufacturers and shop owners. The roots of this project go back to a pair of albums named Ghana Soundz (Volumes 1 and 2), which focused solely on the "funkier" side of the same period. Alongside new artists and groups, some other works of the many musicians and producers Cleret met while researching those records are also included here. Many of these tracks have remained only in people's memories or in collections of LPs that sit unplayed: until now, of course.


14.98usd/8.97gbp/9.94eur/1311jpy (approx)

*It isn't hard to make the case for Patti Smith as a punk rock progenitor based on her debut album, which anticipated the new wave by a year or so: the simple, crudely played rock & roll, featuring Lenny Kaye's rudimentary guitar work, the anarchic spirit of Smith's vocals, and the emotional and imaginative nature of her lyrics — all prefigure the coming movement as it evolved on both sides of the Atlantic. Smith is a rock critic's dream, a poet as steeped in '60s garage rock as she is in French Symbolism; "Land" carries on from the Doors' "The End," marking her as a successor to Jim Morrison, while the borrowed choruses of "Gloria" and "Land of a Thousand Dances" are more in tune with the era of sampling than they were in the '70s. Producer John Cale respected Smith's primitivism in a way that later producers did not, and the loose, improvisatory song structures worked with her free verse to create something like a new spoken word/musical art form: Horses was a hybrid, the sound of a post-Beat poet, as she put it, "dancing around to the simple rock & roll song." -William Ruhlmann/amg

39.98usd/23.93gbp/26.54eur/3501jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Paêbirú is an obscure Brazilian psych concept album about the four elements (earth, air, fire, water) that was lost to time in a warehouse fire in 1974, causing it to become a massively sought-after lost classic, fetching up to $1500 for vinyl copies. This recording of the collaboration between Brazilian artists Lula Côrtes and Zé Ramalho is a wonderfully off-kilter record, full of fantastic hooky and strange tunes that range all over the place, from full-on freakouts to quiet pastoral. The entire range of 1970s hippie Brazilian musician culture is displayed in this record. It's experimental, but it's relentlessly driven towards fun. If you like good music, you will like this legendary album untouched by time. Côrtes, who composes and plays on many of the tracks, seemingly appears only when talking about obscure Brazilian psych reissues, Ramalho, on the other hand, has built a solid career as a Brazilian pop singer and takes on most vocal duties. It's a very atmospheric blend, sung and chanted vocals are no more or less important than any of the other elements, which include classical acoustic and fuzzy electric guitar, piano, organ, flute, sax and a range of percussion. It's free and psychedelic, but just reigned in enough to keep it tense and exciting. The closest comparison might be to combine Amon Düül with Sunburned Hand of the Man and perhaps Double Leopards, if they lived on a commune together in Brazil and recorded while indulging in mass quantities of narcotics. In Brazil from the late 1960s onward, Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben, Tom Zé, and many others blended elements of psychedelic rock, jazz, indigenous folk, with more 'classic' urban styles (bossa nova, samba, etc.) and instrumentation. As much a political identity movement as a cultural, Tropicalia artists as a whole were interested in using artistic expression as removing barriers and as a means of enabling other societal freedoms. Simultaneously, but across the Atlantic, European mystical trance rock of the time, beginning with outfits like Parson Sound and Amon Düül, and continued by Träd Gräs och Stenar and Algarnas Tradgard.


SERGE GAINSBOURG- L'HOMME A TETE DE CHOU LP (4 men with beards, usa) 19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Originally released in 1976, this is Gainbourg's second 'concept' record, after the stone classic Histoire De Melody Nelson, and probably second only in quality to that record in his deep, storied catalog. Translating to 'The Man With The Cabbage Head,' L' Homme A Tete De Chou is a brutal story of lust and obsession in which, over the course of the album, the narrator falls in love with a black shampoo girl (Marilou), beats her to death with a fire extinguisher and ends up in a psychiatric hospital. Featuring lush orchestration and a variety of influences, from reggae to rock to funk to country, L' Homme A Tete De Chou is a crucial part of the musical history of one of France's most famous, and certainly most controversial, stars.

SERGE GAINSBOURG- AUX ARMES ET CAETERA LP (4 men with beards, usa) 19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Originally released in 1979, this is the first (and best) of Gainsbourg's two forays into reggae. Recorded in Jamaica with some of reggae's biggest names including players/producers Sly & Robbie. Probably Gainsbourg's last truly classic album, Aux Armes Et Caetera is full of dubbed out tracks and Serge's signature speak-sing drawl. His reworking of the French national anthem in the title track earned him death threats from members of the French right-wing, adding to his controversial image. Sultry, stony, dubby, jams from one of the '70s most important artists.

(4 men with beards, usa) 19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Featuring a couple of duets, some Bardot-sung, Gainsbourg-penned numbers, and a number of Serge-only tunes, this is not, technically, a completely collaborative record. It is, however, one of Gainsbourg's finest releases featuring a wide range of styles from moody, funky French-pop ('Bonnie And Clyde'), to barroom piano jazz ('Bubble Gum'), to Afro-Caribbean rhythms ('Pauvre Lola' and 'Baudelaire'), to the swinging '60s pop he was most known for at the time ('Docteur Jeckyll et Monsieur Hyde'). A classic from these two French hero’s, originally released in 1968.

BRIGITTE BARDOT- THE GIRL IN THE BIKINI CD (el, uk) 18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The biggest female name in cinema, Brigitte Bardot is the embodiment of all that is sensuous and exciting about fifties and sixties pop culture. This is the soundtrack to The Girl in the Bikini, Brigitte's second film made in 1952. The original vinyl edition of this album is an almost impossible rarity; amongst the most sought after of all Bardot artifacts. Brigitte Bardot's enormous international reputation is based on her incredible beauty and intelligence and the work she did in film with Roger Vadim and in pop with Serge Gainsbourg. Brigitte Bardot -- the name has generated headlines and cinema queues over five decades. Her very initials are known far and wide and signal instant revolution in films, fashion, lifestyles, sexuality. She is undoubtedly one of the most famous French women of all and there has rarely been any woman from anywhere creating such an impact on her times -- reverberating still in her retirement, as film-makers and actresses, designers and jet-setters, continue to pour through the doors of permissivity she kicked open with elan. Credible with every pop generation. simply a living legend.

BRIGITTE BARDOT- AND GOD CREATED WOMAN CD (el, uk) 18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… And God Created Woman is the soundtrack to the notorious 1956 film that made Brigitte Bardot the sex symbol of her generation and propelled her to international stardom. It was condemned by the Church and created scandal everywhere. Bardot's then-husband and film director Roger Vadim (Barbarella) was quick to capitalize. It made a fortune and changed the face of cinema. Jane Fonda called it 'the first cinematic blow for women's liberation' and as a landmark in French cinematic culture is considered the film that ushered in the 'New Wave.' The jazzy/mambo score by Paul Misraki (Alphaville) creates the appropriate steamy atmosphere and in the first half of the programme, Brigitte Bardot reads selections from the script in French.

(fontana/universal, france) 29.98usd/17.95gbp/19.90eur/2625jpy (approx)

*Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg (also known as Je t'aime... moi non plus) is an album featuring duets and solo performances by Serge Gainsbourg and his then lover, Jane Birkin. It was released in 1969 and included the worldwide hit "Je t'aime... moi non plus", which achieved notoriety for its salacious lyrics with a backing of ecstatic female moaning, culminating in an apparent orgasm at the song's finale (rumours that it was the result of the couple actually engaging in sex during the recording are unlikely to be true especially since everything in the track aside from Jane Birkin's vocals were from an earlier version of the song featuring Brigitte Bardot).

SERGE GAINSBOURG- HISTOIRE DE MELODY NELSON LP (light in the attic, usa) 21.98usd/13.16gbp/14.59eur/1924jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Sex has always sold, but presented with a landmark musical backdrop, the combination is rare as finding the elusive 'G-Spot.' Quite often, attempts fall flaccid, missing the titillating mark by a mile. But French icon and national treasure Serge Gainsbourg is no stranger to sexual proclivities, and with his 1971 release Histoire De Melody Nelson he shared an erotic tale as seductive today as the day it was released. With help from actress, amour, and inspiration Jane Birkin, arranger/conductor and co-conspirator Jean-Claude Vannier (L'Enfant Assassins Des Mouches), not to mention a tight, hand-picked crew of top-shelf UK session musicians, Nelson is often cited as Gainsbourg's master work, an essential album for the discerning music lover. Light In The Attic's reissue of Histoire De Melody Nelson finally gives this still radical record the respect and attention to detail it so rightfully deserves. For the first time ever, this lavishly packaged and true-to-the-original artwork CD contains extensive English language liner notes and informative content explaining the times and tales behind the making of this passionate platter. Dispelling the countless myths, hearsay, and rumors surrounding Nelson, New York-based writer Andy Beta contributes a stylish essay for your edification while Finders Keepers' honcho and Twisted Nerve founder Andy Votel shares his deep knowledge of Gainsbourg and the Gallic and UK music scenes with great insight -- never before have these stories been told. The maestro himself even chimes in with a period Q&A interview from France's Rock N Folk Magazine, and printed lyrics (both with English translations). So as we said before, sex sells, and yes, we are buying. With Gainsbourg, Birkin, Vannier and company supplying the mood, it's our artistic pop-rock duty to explore Histoire De Melody Nelson with fresh ears, eyes, and hands. With its massive inspiration reaching out to the quintessential rap of De La Soul and The Beatnuts to like-minded and eclectic singer-songwriter Beck, Nelson continues to entrance. Light In The Attic looks forward to continuing to spread Gainsbourg's provocative message to thrill seekers the world over.

BRIGITTE BARDOT- BRIGITTE BARDOT LP (philips/universal, france)
29.98usd/17.95gbp/19.90eur/2625jpy (approx)

*by the time this lp was originally released in 1963, the 'princess of pout' had already had men flocking to her films for more than a decade; her vocal debut, featuring Serge Gainsbourg's 'L'Appareil A Sous', not only added to her sultry allure, but also made her a genuine pop icon!

BRIGITTE BARDOT- B.B. LP (philips/universal, france)
29.98usd/17.95gbp/19.90eur/2625jpy (approx)

*B.B., originally released in 1964, has one of the all-time great come-hither album covers, a photo that manages to be absolutely pornographic while showing nothing but the blonde bombshell's hair, part of her face, and one naked shoulder. However, the contents are much less salacious. Bardot's second album, following 1963's self titled debut, B.B.s standout tracks are Bardot's slinky rendering of the early bossa nova standard "Maria Ninguem" (Maria Nobody), also recorded by the likes of João Gilberto, Herbie Mann, and, incongruously, Cliff Richard, and the bouncy single "Moi Je Joue." Bardot would not fully connect with her recording career until 1965, when she began recording the delightfully bizarre series of singles with Serge Gainsbourg that would eventually make her name as a singer.


BAUHAUS- THE SKY'S GONE OUT LP (4 men with beards, usa) 19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The Sky's Gone Out is Bauhaus' third full-length, originally released in 1982, and the band's first for A&M in States (in the UK it was released on Beggars Banquet). Despite the new major label home, this is by no means a selling-out or weakening of their sound and vision. Opening with a shredding run-through, the Brian Eno track 'Third Uncle,' The Sky's Gone Out features some of Daniel Ash's most thrilling guitar work (both electric and acoustic) and Peter Murphy's strongest lyrical content yet.

BAUHAUS- BURNING FROM THE INSIDE LP (4 men with beards, usa) 19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Burning From The Inside is the fourth release from this legendary British gothic rock outfit. Originally released in 1983, Burning From The Inside managed to succeed despite massive setbacks (before recording lead singer Peter Murphy was hospitalized with pneumonia) and features some of the strongest performances of the band's career, with inspired work from Murphy when he was able to return to recording, and the first lead vocal performances from bandmates Daniel Ash ('Slice Of Life') and David J ('Who Killed Mr. Moonlight'). Closer 'Hope' is probably the greatest send-off possible for one of the most important bands of the late '70s/early '80s.

FLIPPER- ALBUM: GENERIC FLIPPER LP (4 men with beards, usa) 19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The first record from San Francisco's legendary Flipper, originally released in 1982. Post-hardcore? Post-punk? Art-rock? Despite being a part of SF's punk scene Flipper were really only punk in spirit, eschewing conventions and making no concessions. Sludgy, distorted, atonal, noise rock jams that sound as urgent and heavy as they must have 25 years ago. A huge influence on bands such as Nirvana (their current lineup includes Krist Novoselic on bass) and The Melvins. Album - Generic Flipper contains the classics 'Sex Bomb,' and 'Life.'

FLIPPER- SEX BOMB BABY! LP (4 men with beards, usa) 19.98usd/11.96gbp/13.26eur/1749jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Originally released in 1987, Sex Bomb Baby is actually a collection of Flipper material dated no later than 1982, comprised of singles, B-sides, and compilation tracks. The single version of 'Sex Bomb' is an all-out classic, a frenetic, yelping punk answer to 'Louie, Louie' and the rest is no slouch either -- outrageous, harsh, sludge-punk from San Francisco's finest.

FLIPPER- PUBLIC FLIPPER LIMITED: LIVE 1980-1985 2LP (4 men with beards, usa) 25.98usd/15.55gbp/17.24eur/2275jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… full color gatefold sleeve with Flipper on tour game insert. Public Flipper Limited was originally released in 1986 as a double LP of live material culled from 1980-1985. The sound quality and playing are both a grimy, distorted mess, which suits the band just fine. Always alternating between endearing and abrasive, Flipper left no room for the middle ground of 'like'. The album title is a shot at John Lydon and his alleged plagiarism of Flipper's artwork for his own PIL and it proves that Flipper was never opposed to alienating its audience, no matter how sanctified. Harsh, art-rock classics from one of SF's most important post-hippy era bands.


TONY CONRAD- FOUR VIOLINS: 1964 LP (table of the elements, usa)
29.98usd/17.95gbp/19.90eur/2625jpy (approx)

*second pressing of this shop favorite restocked. out of print from the label… "The most striking quality of Four Violins is its instant familiarity: the grating sound of the violin parts imparts a vision of a uniquely American distance, the feel of a continent. It's a quality also present in the spaces surrounding John Fahey's or Loren Mazzacane's rattled notes, the early Sun recordings, the compositions of Charles Ives, the righteous soul-breath of Albert Ayler. With Four Violins Conrad moves closer to sound-essence, to ringing out the notes which have always existed in the skies of America. The joy comes from connecting with Conrad's language, from following its own logic -- like railroads roaring out into the Midwest. It's a landmark recording in every sense, and the fact that this is only the first of many forthcoming Conrad installments from Table of the Elements makes me feel like howling with joy." --David Keenan, The Wire


13.98usd/8.37gbp/9.28eur/1224jpy (approx)

*reissue of this Philly soul/dance act’s second & final album for Arista, originally released in 1980. Eight tracks including, ‘Say You Love Me Girl’. Breakwater are every bit as soaring(ly) soulful as they were on their debut set! The groove here is that perfect blend of jazz and soul that only a few groups in the 70s really got right — maybe Pleasure, or The Blackbyrds — and most certainly Breakwater, who were one of the reigning champions of the scene! Rhythms are often upbeat, but not in a disco or club-oriented way — and the instrumentation is tight, but never slick or smooth — always nicely funky with a nice little crackle, even on the mellow cuts — in a way that’s opened up this album to new audiences for many years. This set’s got a nice bit of moog that wasn’t on the group’s first — used almost in Mizell-like to further enhance the sound — and titles include the classics “Say You Love Me Girl”, “Let Love In”, “Time”, and “The One In My Dreams”. Great stuff, and with a really beautiful vibe!(AMG).


DAVE PIKE- JAZZ FOR THE JET SET LP (atlantic/warner music, uk)
14.98usd/8.97gbp/9.94eur/1311jpy (approx)

*This album is a bit unusual in a few ways. Vibraphonist Dave Pike sticks here exclusively to the marimba, while pianist Herbie Hancock is heard throughout on organ, an instrument he rarely played again. The band also includes two trumpeters (most notably Clark Terry who has a few short solos) and a rhythm section with guitarist Billy Butler. Most of the music consists of obscurities and is open to the influences of the boogaloo and pop rhythms of the era; highlights include Hancock's "Blind Man, Blind Man," "Sunny" and "Devilette." An interesting effort. - Scott Yanow/amg

25.98usd/15.55gbp/17.24eur/2275jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… This 1957 debut album features Broadway star, Julie Andrews, before she became a major film celebrity. Andrews who was just 22 at the time, was already a seasoned performer and a major star of the theatre, and therefore had nothing to prove with this album’s release, which may explain her selection of material here. Andrews chose not to include any of her highly acclaimed Broadway successes, but opted instead for a low profile, yet amazingly interpreted, collection of more traditional tunes. The resulting album is a beautifully orchestrated (Irwin Kostal) collection of classic English folk songs, with the exception of Noël Coward's 1941 "London Pride", a composition celebrating the strength and pride of city dwellers during the London air raids of World War II. Impeccable!

25.98usd/15.55gbp/17.24eur/2275jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Originally released as two 10" records called Jazzical Moods, this is one of Mingus' best records from the 1950s. These 1954 sessions include the work of John LaPorta, Teo Macero, Thad Jones, Jackson Wiley and Clem De Rosa, creating a cool jazz sound that soars over 6 tracks, including a great rendition of 'Stormy Weather.'

25.98usd/15.55gbp/17.24eur/2275jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Originally released in 1957 on Bethlehem, this is one of Mingus' best works of the period. 6 tracks of hard bop and modernist playing with the help of some top notch players: Jimmy Knepper (trombone), Shafi Hadi (sax), Clarence Shaw (trumpet), Dannie Richmond (drums) and Bill Evans (piano).

25.98usd/15.55gbp/17.24eur/2275jpy (approx)

*Sun Ra: alien from Saturn or Herman Blount from Alabama? Either way, Sun Ra is one of the most interesting and prolific musicians in the history of jazz. Decades before his time, Sun Ra and his band, calling themselves the 'Arkestra,' began forming their own alternative reality, a new plane of cultural existence in which blacks were all powerful beings, gods from another planet sending their intergalactic message through jazz music. This idea went on to influence everyone from Funkadelic to the Outkast; in fact, when asked about Sun Ra, George Clinton once said, 'Yeah, Sun Ra is out to lunch, same place I eat at.' Do not miss this compilation of Sun Ra's rare early 7"s -- for the first time ever in one collection on vinyl!


OS MUTANTES- OS MUTANTES LP (polydor/universal, usa)
18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Absolutely brilliant debut from 1968 with a wild & crazy mixture of psychedelia & Brazilian music, with killer fuzz guitars, effects, Beatles influences. An incredible set of great songs that sound today even more fresh and modern than in 1968!!! Includes an astounding fuzzed-out cover of Jorge Ben's 'A Minha Menina.'

OS MUTANTES- MUTANTES LP (polydor/universal, usa)
18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Absolutely brilliant debut from 1968 with a wild & crazy mixture of psychedelia & Brazilian music, with killer fuzz guitars, effects, Beatles influences. An incredible set of great songs that sound today even more fresh and modern than in 1968!!! Includes an astounding fuzzed-out cover of Jorge Ben's 'A Minha Menina.'

OS MUTANTES- JARDIM ELÉTRICO LP (polydor/universal, usa)
18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Originally released in 1971… One of the absolute highlights of the album is the humorous 'El Justiciero,' which features Spanish lyrics and also some Spanish-style guitar play. Other great songs are 'Tecnicolor,' which has lyrics in English, the melodious and slightly Beatlesque 'Virgínia,' and 'Tudo, Tudo, Tudo,' a song that features a bluesy mouth harmonica. On these and other tracks on the album, the music of Os Mutantes is just as playful and creative as ever. -- All Music Guide

18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*Originally released in 1972, this is the last album to feature all three founding members of the band (although Hoje é o Primeiro Dia do Resto da sua Vida was released that same year as Rita Lee's solo album). Songs include the surprisingly synth-oriented "Balada do Louco," freak outs like "Cantor de Mambo" and "Dune Buggy" and the anarchic anthem "Posso Perder Minha Mulher, Minha Mãe, Desde Que Eu Tenha O Rock And Roll.

V/A- SINGAPORE A-GO-GO CD (sublime frequncies, usa)
18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*in stock for real this time… Sublime Frequencies works its way down to the tip of the Malaysian peninsula with this superb collection of Singaporean '60s beat, pop and "off-beat cha-cha" classics compiled from original vinyl 45s. These 22 supercharged beat-a-go-go tracks defy a common held belief that the Chinese couldn't rock, groove or swing back in the 1960s. The vocals are sung in the dialects of Mandarin and Hokkien and they soar, with catchy hooks atop groovy, clever beats. There's plenty of electric guitar, organ and crazy percussion rocking and twisting behind it all, at times reaching quite a mad and freaky state of affairs. The record's finale, "Happy Lunar New Year," sung by Linda Yong, may be the weirdest New Year's greeting ever recorded. Every single cut is a winner and it never lets up, from start to finish. Although most of the lyrics focus on love, innocence and festive atmospherics, there's an epic vibe to the music that rivals other extremely well-recorded and unique pop styles emanating from the surrounding Southeast Asian scenes during the late 1960s. Seminal bands of the period like The Stylers and The Silvertones are well represented here, backing up a wide array of popular vocalists with Charlie Electric Guitar Band's Sound of Japan ripping it up on four brilliant instrumental tracks. CD comes with a 16-page booklet featuring gorgeous, full-color photos of the original 45 sleeves and extended liner notes from compiler William Gibson.

(sublime frequncies, usa) 18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… This second volume in the Thai Pop Spectacular series brings together regional artists from across Thailand. Some were modest pop players of their time, while others were major stars. Siamese Soul features 1970s hard-grooved roots funk, hypnotic Luk Thung tracks from the Northeastern Thai countryside, 1960s rock & roll and 1980s groove anomalies. All cuts come heavily laced with electric organs and guitar, thick horn sections, the traditional khaen, driving bass and stunning vocal performances with a richness that can easily be called Thai soul music of the highest order. These creative sounds formed by hybrids with Western instrumentation and genres, result in an incredibly dynamic music that is distinctively Thai. Selected from cassette tapes and vinyl found buried on bottom shelves in rural locales, these tracks serve as further evidence of a vital Thai pop scene that's been kept from Western ears for far too long. This CD comes with a 16-page booklet of amazing exclusive photos documenting the era with translated song titles and liner notes by Mark Gergis and Alan Bishop.

V/A- THAI POP SPECTACULAR: 1960S-1980S CD (sublime frequncies, usa)
18.98usd/11.36gbp/12.60eur/1662jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Thai pop history has been largely ignored and neglected by the international musical community for far too long. By the late 20th century, Thai pop music had developed as many faces as localized roots music such as molam or styles like luk thung or luk krung (each with their own respective pop-sectors). Bangkok -- always the hub of the Thai recording industry -- attracted musicians and singers from across the country that were both informed by tradition and inspired by the wealth of international sounds entering the region via radio and phonograph. Jazz, for instance, had a profound influence on early Thai pop music, the King of Thailand himself being a noted jazz composer. This superb collection features modern Thai music styles combining with elements of surf, rock, funk, disco and comedy, revealing the use of clever instrumentation, brilliant vocals, great arrangements, twisted breaks, and resourceful production techniques. Discover the Queen of Luk Thung, the 1960s "Shadow Music" sound, classic tracks from Thai films, blazing examples of Bangkok disco from the 1970s, legendary Thai comedy pop, and the most outrageous version of "The Night Chicago Died" you'll ever encounter. Thick horn sections, wah-wah guitars, tight drums, and funky organs help round out this astounding set which proves beyond a doubt that the Thai were a completely unique and powerful force during the 1960s, '70s & '80s global popular music explosion.


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