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so here we go into 08… this weeks a little light on new dance titles… but hey, it’s the middle of winter, so what do you expect? i did get in some more back catalog titles on the totally essential kill the dj label (and besides, next weeks list is gonna be a heavy one with tons of new and restocked domestic dance tracks… it’ll be a good time to catch up with some classic detroit tracks from the likes of kevin saunderson, jeff mills and the underground resistance crowd, just to drop a few names). and where this update maybe light in some areas its waaay heavy in others… just in, new vinyl issues of the ftb/satori lp and fifty foot hose lp (which sounds better and better with each passing year), a new circle vinyl pack, great Italian progressive rock and german progressive folk lps on the vinyl magic and wah wah labels respectively (if you’ve been paying attention, you know that both are pumping out the choice jams on/in quality vinyl/sleeves), killer left field cd reissues on the companion label, county cd restocks on the omni label outta oz, new and restocked vinyl on bo weevil imprint, new ktl pack on editions mego (as well as restocks of the or and thrill jockey titles), plus so much more… as always, come on by and check em out!

oh yeah i almost forgot, j rose and g jones are kickin it out at p/r’s new brick bat book shop down south on sunday, i think around 8pm. it’s on 4th just south of banbridge street… it’s easy to find so don’t snooze.



as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

prices do not include shipping and handling. for those of you shipping within the continental united states I offer a 5.00usd flat shipping rate for any amount of records and/or compact discs. shipping cost for international orders are calculated on an order by order basis. payments for orders can be made via paypal or with a credit card by telephone between 12-6pm/est.

i also offer bike messanger service via timecycle couriers. for the low cost of 10.00usd i can deliver any amount of records and/or cds you wish to purchase to your center city philadelphia location (this includes some parts of south, west and north philadelphia) within two hours (and for those of you who need your records even faster, we also offer ‘rush’ service for the low flat rate of 20.00usd for any amount of records/cds delivered to you within one hour). of course, we are still more than happy to ship records via the usps within philadelphia. as with the international shipments, orders placed before 5pm/est will ship out that evening and should reach their destination by the following day.


WHITE MAGIC- DARK STARS 12” (drag city, usa) 12.98usd/6.63gbp/8.85eur/1425jpy (approx)

*12" vinyl version of this 4 track EP, the 4th White Magic release on Drag City. The Dark Stars EP is succinct and has a more immediate sound than the sprawling landscape and detail of its predecessor, Dat Rosa Mel Apibus, yet still captures the same spirit of depth and exaltation. Mira Billotte's song writing and vocal incantations once again convey an ephemeral, immortal universe of sounds. 'Dark Stars' also has great vocal additions from Doug Shaw that interweave with Mira's commanding voice, plus an excellent Doug Shaw composition called 'Winds.' In addition, Jim White contributes his complimentary and intuitive powers on drums. Tim Koh adds a new layer of strength on bass with intricate lines and just the right emphasis on key parts.

CIRCLE- TULIKOIRA LP+7" (headspin, netherlands) 33.98usd/17.36gbp/23.16eur/3730jpy (approx)

*Deluxe gatefold vinyl version of this album previously on cd via the Ektro label. Headspin Records presents the limited edition vinyl version of the Tulikoira album by Finnish front runners of the psychedelic, Kraut, space & trance-rock scene of today with a blasting heavy guitar-drenched album. Three tracks on side A and a 24-minute trippy journey on side B. A true psychedelic testimonial! Housed with printed inner sleeve in deluxe gatefold sleeve! The inside of the fold-out showing the initials of what the album is all about: N.W.O.F.H.M (New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal). The album comes with a 7" single (with picture sleeve) featuring two unreleased and exclusive tracks with Bruce Duff (45 Grave/Jesters Of Destiny/ ADZ) on vocals.

FIFTY FOOT HOSE- CAULDRON LP (phoenix, uk) 24.98usd/12.76gbp/17.02eur/2745jpy (approx)

*Deluxe LP format only; 180 gram pressing. Cauldron was Fifty Foot Hose's first and most famous recorded work, released on Limelight Records in 1968. Founded by Cork Marcheschi, the band played continuously around the Bay area of northern California throughout the mid-'60s. Marcheschi, who had developed a taste for R&B and the avant-garde music of composers such as Edgard Varèse, started out as the band's bass player, but his interest in experimental music prompted him to develop his own musical instrument, similar in function to the hybrid developed by Simeon Cox, and which was the underpinning of the Silver Apples' sound. The band played a lot of gigs, but the experimental nature of their music tended to perplex audiences unused to such sounds. However, a four-track demo led to the band signing on the experimental Mercury subsidiary, Limelight Records, and under the eye of producer, Dan Healey (later to work extensively with the Grateful Dead), Cauldron appeared in 1969. As the album didn't fit into any particular mold, it largely went un-noticed at the time, but to the modern listener, this is an album that has stood the test of time particularly as Marcheschi used just about every electronic device known to man, including audio generators, echodette, squeaky box, siren, ring oscillator circuits and two Theremins. Given Cauldron's lack of success, the band disintegrated, although several members were to quickly resurface in the musical Hair. However, by the late '70s and early '80s, interest in the band's singular sound was rekindled, with the likes of Pere Ubu, Throbbing Gristle and Chrome all deriving inspiration from its music. An important and influential album.

FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND- SATORI LP (phoenix, uk) 24.98usd/12.76gbp/17.02eur/2745jpy (approx)

*Previously issued on CD by Phoenix Records (and o/p already), now issued on deluxe LP format as well; 180 gram pressing. Reissue of the second Flower Travellin' Band album, originally issued by Atlantic Records in Japan in 1971. Satori is a conceptual hard rock/psych album driven by Hideki Ishima's furious guitar licks which erupt and explode over the harmonic heart beat of the drums and bass. Yamanaka's banshee-like vocal style turned him into an occidental Iggy Pop or Robert Plant while the band itself was rapidly becoming Japan's answer to Led Zeppelin. Satori is a huge album in every way. From power chords to Eastern-tinged North African six-string freak-outs and crashing tom-toms, the band flexes its collective muscle from start to finish. In short, this is a real rock classic of the type they simply don't make any more.

V/A- SHAPES AND SOUNDS VOLUME TWO: SHADES OF DEEPEST PURPLE FROM THE BBC ARCHIVES 1967-1971 LP (top sounds, uk) 30.98usd/15.83gbp/21.11eur/3402jpy (approx)

*With this second excavation of previously unreleased live BBC session performances spanning the period 1967-1971, Shapes And Sounds becomes a series and Volume Two features a completely different line up of bands from last year's set. Pride of place on this second edition arguably goes to The Gun, with three astonishing performances that were recorded nearly a year before 'Race With The Devil' which illustrate their late '67 menu of mod and psych pop, with cracking versions of Rupert's Peoples 'Hold On,' Paul Simons 'A Most Peculiar Man' and a quite splendid airing of their legendary 'Light On The Wall!' The Casuals surprise with the beat of 'Midnight Confessions' and 'Take Me For A Little While' as well as a fine rendering of 'Jesamine,' while The Mirage perform a live version of their May 1967 single 'The Wedding Of Ramona Blair.' The Alan Bown! play an excellent take of 'Magic Handkerchief' and even more interestingly offer two numbers that never appeared on any Bown release, with the self-penned progressive popper 'Movie Star Baby' and a brilliant interpretation of The Association's 'Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies.' Also with three tracks on Shapes And Sounds are Wales' The Bystanders, who turn in a lovely version of 'Royal Blue Summer Sunshine Day' as well as a glorious homage to The Byrds with 'Renaissance Fair.' Even better and long talked about in collectors' circles but never previously released is their absolutely stunning rendition of 'I Am The Walrus,' which Top Sounds are sure will disappoint no one! Sourced from an off-air recording of their only British television appearance on Disco 2, Killing Floor perform 'Milkman' from their Out Of Uranus LP in superb quality (the TV show was wiped decades ago) and of similarly heinous rarity are live tracks from Portrait and Katch 22, who turn in forceful renderings of 'Born To Be Wild' and 'The Price Of Love,' respectively (the latter of which is better than the Status Quo cover!) The sound quality is absolutely superb throughout, with 12 of the 16 tracks sourced from original BBC Transcription records. The other performances have been taken from excellent off-air recordings and similarly shine and though few of the tracks on the collection needed much enhancement at all, all have nevertheless been professionally restored and mastered. The presentation is immaculate and as with the previous Shapes And Sounds release, Artholeghraphics have designed a memorable period flavored package. The LP has a 16 page color booklet based on a vintage Radio Times packed with illustrations, band histories and listings of all their known BBC sessions written and supplied by Nigel Lees, author of much of Record Collector magazine's 'The British Psychedelic Trip' series. Except for the Mirage recording being bootlegged many years ago (in lesser quality!), none of the tracks have ever been commercially available and most have not been heard in public since the '60s. Shapes And Sounds is a legitimate limited edition release, licensed from the BBC with the blessing and co-operation of many band members.

GARYBALDI- ASTROLABIO LP (vinyl magic, italy) 33.98usd/17.35gbp/23.06eur/3721jpy (approx)

*restocked… After the Nuda masterpiece, you couldn't believe the guys went higher. The next year in 1973 they released their second and last, Astrolabio, another excellent album but not such a top record as the debut was. The album consists of 2 long tracks with a lot of improvisation giving guitarist Bambi Fossati a perfect field to give good faith of his high level playing. There is good keyboard work here too, courtesy of Lio Marchi who was actually not in the group but only for the recording sessions. These two tracks were also released in single format, obviously quite shortened. Also quite rare in its original form, Astrolabio was released in a gatefold cover, which is now exactly reproduced in this limited reissue of 500 copies that we strongly recommend you to give a space in your collection.

METAMORFOSI- ...E FU IL SESTO GIORNO LP (vinyl magic, italy) 34.98usd/17.85gbp/23.74eur/3830jpy (approx)

*Well known Italian prog band Metamorfosi were based in Rome, and they released their debut via the Vedette label in 1972, just one year prior to their highly acclaimed masterpiece, Inferno. ...E Fu Il Sesto Giorno has most of the elements of Inferno already there, with the peculiar voice of Jimmy Spitaleri, the strong rhythm section and the classical influenced keys, but you can also note some slight late '60s influences here. Very rare in original format, this is the first vinyl reissue ever and comes with great remastered sound, replica of the original gatefold cover and label, and limited to 500 copies.

BRÖSELMASCHINE- BRÖSELMASCHINE LP (wah wah, spain) 26.98usd/13.78gbp/18.38eur/2963jpy (approx)

*more reissues of classic krautrock LPs by wah wah... High quality pressings, deluxe gatefold jackets. Licensed from zyx in Germany. Limited to 500 copies each worldwide, probably not long for this world. Debut album of this band led by skilled master-guitarist Peter Bursch, which went to record this magical piece of psychedelic folk for the Pilz label in 1971. Guitars, flute, mellotron, congas, tabla, sitar & the magical voice of Jenni Schücker make the ingredients for a very special record, recorded & mixed by Dieter Dierks in his unique fashion. Full of Eastern promise, this is regarded by many as the best German folk-rock album ever! 'The ideal companion to Emtidi's Saat and Hoelderlin's Traum --S. & A. Freeman, The Crack In The Cosmic Egg.

PETER BURSCH UND DIE BRÖSELMASCHINE- BRÖSELMASCHINE II LP (wah wah, spain) 26.98usd/13.78gbp/18.38eur/2963jpy (approx)

*Limited to 500 copies, no gatefold on this one. Second chapter on the Bröselmaschine saga after a four-year hiatus. The band's second incarnation came to life in 1975, when Peter Bursch reformed the group together with old member Willi Kissmer and new recruit, Klaus Dapper (flute, sax, tuba). Helped by such honorable guests as Mani Neumeier and Roland Schaeffer (from Guru Guru) or Jan Fride from Kraan, their 1976 album was a solid session of progressive folk, very different than its predecessor but also with an atypically hypnotic and haunting quality. Long jams, ranging from the relaxed to the energetic, extended instrumental parts, nice flute and sax touches, sparse vocals. A totally underrated gem waiting to be rediscovered. Top progressive Kraut-folk sounds!!!

EMTIDI- EMTIDI LP (wah wah, spain) 26.98usd/13.78gbp/18.38eur/2963jpy (approx)

*First legit reissue of this debut album from 1970, predating their most commonly known Saat album from 1972. "Emtidi are best remembered nowadays for their classic album Saat, but prior to that release, the duo formed by Maik Hirschfeldt and Dolly Holmes had already released a marvelous LP. This superb debut album is filled with charming folk-oriented material. 6, 7 and 12 string acoustic guitars and beautiful flute arrangements surround the lovely female/male duet voices of Hirschfeldt and his Canadian partner, Holmes, making this album a pleasure for the listener, a nice piece for the collector and a source of good taste influences for the young musicians into today's new folk scene. Yes: this LP will give satisfaction not only to Kraut rock collectors, but also to all those into old folk gods like Pentangle, Vashti Bunyan, Bridget St. John, Book Of Am... plus to all those into the Devendra Banhart, Espers, Circulus... sounds! Sung in English, it was recorded in July 1970 and originally released on the Thorofon label, which issued a very short run, thus making it one of those rare items so valued by record collectors, with the addition that for this time the music lives up to the expectations of its market price value! Here at Wah Wah, we thought it was time to give this gem a proper edition as it deserves, with top quality pressing from the original master tapes. A nice chance to get this one for far less the amount an original copy changes hands for. Strictly limited edition. 1000 copies. Get it now or cry later!

EMTIDI- SAAT LP (wah wah, spain) 26.98usd/13.78gbp/18.38eur/2963jpy (approx)

*Deluxe gatefold edition, limited to 500 copies. "The follow-up to their 1970s debut on Thorofon (also available on Wah Wah) is a cosmic folk opus of epic proportions. Dorothy and Mike team up with the great Dieter Dierks to produce one of the most beautiful cosmic treks of all times, where fragile femme vocals collide with a rich background of multi-tracked guitars, phased keys and trippy electronics. Again, a recording touched all over by Dierk's magic, who wraps the whole set in a glowing, otherworldly atmosphere. Kosmische classic!!!

FRANZ DE BYL- UND LP (wah wah, spain) 26.98usd/13.78gbp/18.38eur/2963jpy (approx)

*restocked… Time to unearth another Kraut obscurity, sought-after by collectors worldwide since his inclusion on the legendary NWW list. Franz De Byl's second album, released by Thorofon in 1971, was actually his debut as a solo performer, an eccentric collection of freaky acoustic folk songs with bluesy elements and an extra satirical, political twist (not unlike Floh De Cologne). Weird sounds and compulsive chanting from this master of the acoustic guitar, one of the most curious characters to ever emerge from the Berlin underground!

HÖLDERLIN- HÖLDERLIN'S TRAUM LP (wah wah, spain) 26.98usd/13.78gbp/18.38eur/2963jpy (approx)

*Debut album by this legendary German folk outfit centered around the family core of brothers Christian and Jochen Grumbcow and including Christian's wife, Nanny, as the band's lead singer. Another sample of Dieter Dierk's talent for turning otherwise average folk albums into something else, their album for Pilz was a refined and complex work which included such remarkable guests as Bröselmaschine's Peter Bursch on sitar or Walter Westrupp on flute. A German progressive folk master opus which took hints from medieval and classical musics and reworked them into something very special and unique. A really nice album which should please all lovers of folk and progressive musics!


LUIE LUIE- TOUCHY CD (companion, usa) 15.98usd/8.15gbp/10.84eur/1747jpy (approx)

*Some years ago, a Los Angeles area collector stumbled across an orphaned copy of Touchy in a thrift store. It was shared through tape trading networks and bootlegged on vinyl -- now, Companion Records is proudly offering this first official Touchy CD release. Luie Luie has to be the most jaw-dropping one-man band lounge act found to date. Touchy serves as a conceptual dance album, an experimental album, as well as a sort of healing LP for '60s burn-outs. What can his music be compared to? Nothing that we know of. Luis Johnston is a Southern California screenwriter, painter, and musician who's spent the past 30 years working in almost complete obscurity. But he's also written and starred in a feature film and shaken hands with Elvis Presley. Luie has been playing live at various restaurants, lounges, and country clubs for three decades and is still going strong. He released a handful of 45s in the '70s and one full-length LP, Touchy in 1974. And he continues to record unknown quantities of yet-to-be-released CDs. This deluxe CD version is housed in a digipak sleeve, includes 2 'Touchy buttons,' a 20-page booklet with rare photos, concert flyers, art work, and a new introduction from Luie himself which sheds some light on his original inspiration for the album.

MARC MUNDY- MARC MUNDY CD (companion, usa) 15.98usd/8.15gbp/10.84eur/1747jpy (approx)

*We are thrilled to offer this CD reissue of Marc Mundy's self-titled 1971 LP; a truly unique, privately-issued curiosity rescued from obscurity by one of our favorite trailblazing collectors, New York's Paul Major. Many (Mid)East/West crossover albums surfaced during the psychedelic era but none that sound quite like Mundy's. 'You'll have a hard time finding another LP to compare with this combination of feeling and sound,' Major claims and we couldn't agree more. The emotional effect of Mundy's vocals coupled with his band's irresistible groove is a strange pairing -- you could argue that the two are at odds with each other, but the result is a sound and feel so unique and compelling to our ears, we believe it to be in a class all its own. The CD was mastered from one of the few surviving original copies and includes a 4 panel poster insert with original back cover lyric sheet, a short biography, and a rare 1970 photo of Marc handsomely packaged with original front cover artwork.

CHARLIE TWEDDLE- FANTASTIC GREATEST HITS CD (companion, usa) 15.98usd/8.15gbp/10.84eur/1747jpy (approx)

*One of the more significant outsider 70s albums to finally get a reissue. Originally recorded in 1971 and rarely ever seen, never previously bootlegged even. High quality digipak packaging, with 6 bonus tracks. Reissue of eccentric folk artist Charlie Tweddle's self-released 1974 LP Fantastic Greatest Hits, a unique blend of psychedelic country and tape experiments. Charlie felt sure his new style of music would take the world by storm -- it didn't work out that way. Recorded in 1971, 500 copies of Fantastic Greatest Hits were pressed in 1974 under the name Eilrahc Elddewt with extravagant packaging. The LP was hand-distributed and received only minimal positive feedback; sales were poor. Why? Well for one, side two of the album is 25 minutes of chirping crickets and sound fragments. The abrupt patches of dead air on side one probably didn't help much either. More than a few of these albums were returned as 'defective'. Of course, all of these production moves were intentional. The CD was transferred from a copy of the original album. It includes six unreleased tracks from the same period as well as all of the original artwork in a fold-out digipak.

THE NEW CREATION- TROUBLED CD (companion, usa) 15.98usd/8.15gbp/10.84eur/1747jpy (approx)

*Welcome to the first commercial release of Troubled, the sole output from Vancouver, British Columbia's all-but-forgotten Jesus rock trio, the New Creation. Originally pressed in 1970 in the vinyl LP format in a limited run, this album never quite made it out of its hometown borders. It would be another two or three decades before anyone outside of the group's small circle would hear it at all. The obscurity of this album is impossible to overstate. Only 100 vinyl copies were ever produced and none were available commercially. The New Creation were partly inspired by the music of the Jesus People movement, a Christian adaptation of the '60s movement, which shared the same Haight-Ashbury district birthplace. Jesus People patterned their language, fashion, and music after their hippie neighbors in an attempt to update their expression of faith. This street level movement gained mainstream media exposure around 1970 and within a year cover stories ran in Newsweek, Life, and U.S. News and World Report. Musicians in this scene plotted their own course in an attempt to counteract what they saw as the destructive themes in much of mainstream rock music. Acts born out of this grassroots movement would inspire believers worldwide to cut their own record -- contract or no contract. "A showcase of raw, inventive musicality. Categorically, it's -- I dunno -- Sixties Garage Godcore? Yet it transcends being a mere period piece. The songwriting is deliriously brilliant, the lyrical perspective haunting. The band's sincerity is unquestionable, even if its meters are unfathomable." -- Irwin Chusi


JACK BLANCHARD AND MISTY MORGAN- LIFE AND DEATH… AND ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE CD (omni recording company, australia) 19.98usd/10.20gbp/13.61eur/2192jpy (approx)

*restocked… After years of forging their seminal synth-punk sound in the late 70s and receiving critical yet little financial success, Paris's Metal Urbain had no choice but to re-group and, with the addition of a female vocalist, take their processed electronics aesthetic even further as the Metal Boys. Their mash-up of sounds and styles makes them difficult to pigeon-hole, but punk, rockabilly, Gainsbourge-esque song, dub, industrial, and new wave all appear. The Metal Boys created one of the greatest synth-pop experiments of the time, but until now few have been able to hear their long out-of-print avant-electro. Acute Records is proud to present for the first time ever on one CD their only LP Tokio Airport plus nine previously unreleased tracks.

JACK BLANCHARD AND MISTY MORGAN- WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE BIRDHOUSE CD (omni recording company, australia) 19.98usd/10.20gbp/13.61eur/2192jpy (approx)

*restocked… In the mid-1970s, we encountered a warmer and wiser Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan. Still producing fabulous oddball flourishes like 'The Cockroach Stomp' and 'Cows,' but now a little something new was brewing -- majesty and grandeur! Witness the astounding, lush string arrangements on 'Carolina Sundown Red,' 'Something On Your Mind' and 'Just One More Song' and the fantastic one-two punch of 'Down To The End Of The Wine' and 'Here Today And Gone Tomorrow.' Lovingly remastered, with five previously unreleased demo recordings (circa 1975) and an extensive booklet featuring unpublished photos and metaphysical commentaries from Jack Blanchard himself. All tracks make their first appearance here on CD.

HENSON CARGILL- A VERY WELL TRAVELLED MAN CD (omni recording company, australia) 19.98usd/10.20gbp/13.61eur/2192jpy (approx)

*restocked… Here are the almost forgotten masterpieces of Henson Cargill, sourced directly from the Monument Records vault and presented for the first time on CD. Hear Henson's smooth baritone on 'None of My Business,' 'Four Shades of Love,' 'Going Backwards,' 'Wildflower,' 'Reprints (Plastic People)' and name-check Adolph Eichmann and Cecil B. DeMille in one song 'What's My Name?' Features the 1968 #1 hit 'Skip a Rope,' six country chart hits and 21 other pieces of lysergic, zen country pop! First time on CD! Deluxe collector's package featuring rare photos and exclusive liner notes. All tracks are in stereo and were remastered in 2005 from the original master tapes!

JIMMY DRIFTWOOD- VOICE OF THE PEOPLE CD (omni recording company, australia) 19.98usd/10.20gbp/13.61eur/2192jpy (approx)

*restocked… These are the original 1960s recordings for the Monument label of renowned folklorist Jimmy Driftwood sometimes known as Jimmie Driftwood). Covered by everybody from Johnny Cash (on his sublime American Recordings album) to Johnny Horton (his #1 hit 'Battle Of New Orleans'), amongst many others. Remastered and presented here for the first time on CD. Deluxe collector's 16-page full color package featuring original LP artwork and exclusive liner notes. All tracks were remastered in 2006 from the original master tapes!

NORMA JEAN- I GUESS THAT COMES FROM BEING POOR CD (omni recording company, australia) 19.98usd/10.20gbp/13.61eur/2192jpy (approx)

*restocked… If talent and sincerity brought fame then everyone would know her name. Instead today Norma Jean is unjustly considered little more than a footnote in country music history. These fine recordings tell of a much greater story. By 1972, the spotlight had waned for Norma Jean, but it's also the year that she recorded her greatest album, the country-concept opus I Guess That Comes From Being Poor. Remastered and presented for the first time on CD, with highlights from the excellent Body And Mind and Another Man Loved Me Last Night LPs. Singing from the heart about her own humble beginnings and often troubled life, Norma Jean delivered stinging tales in a soaring voice and a sugar coating. Deluxe packaging, 16-page full color booklet with exclusive notes and rare photos.

MALVINA REYNOLDS- MALVINA REYNOLDS CD (omni recording company, australia) 19.98usd/10.20gbp/13.61eur/2192jpy (approx)

*restocked… Malvina Reynolds was the grooviest grandma to ever strut across the folk singer stage. At the ripe age of 70 (in 1970) she joined forces with members of The Byrds, The Dillards, The Sunshine Company, producer Alex Hassilev (of fabulous folkies The Limeliters) and others to cut her self-titled psych-protest opus. With a heart of gold and an acid tongue, Malvina wraps her creaking, aching voice around the hot topics at the close of the tumultuous 1960s. Rounding out the collection are a handful of extremely rare 45-only cuts, alternate versions and six astounding previously-unreleased tracks. Lovingly remastered from the original tapes, all selections make their first appearance on CD here. Deluxe packaging, 16-page full color booklet with exclusive notes and rare photos.

GIL TRYTHALL- COUNTRY MOOG/NASHVILLE GOLD CD (omni recording company, australia) 19.98usd/10.20gbp/13.61eur/2192jpy (approx)

*restocked… In 1971, experimental music composer Gil Trythall was commissioned by Athena Records to record a Switched On Bach for 'country folk.' The resulting 1972 album, Country Moog is certainly unlike anything ever heard before (or since, for that matter). Equal parts virtuosic musicianship, bizarre musique concrete effects and just plain entertaining, the original album spawned a sequel, Nashville Gold, and was cited by Bob Moog as one of his favorite Moog recordings. Both albums are included here for their first appearance on CD with a number of rare or previously unreleased tracks. Deluxe collector's 16-page full color package featuring exclusive liner notes, historical photos and recollections from Gil Trythall himself. All tracks are remastered 2007 from the original master tapes.

PORTER WAGONER- THE RUBBER ROOM CD (omni recording company, australia) 19.98usd/10.20gbp/13.61eur/2192jpy (approx)

*restocked… Malvina For the first time the darker, more poetic highlights of Porter Wagoner's astounding career have been compiled on CD. Includes many tracks that have never before been on CD. Deluxe collector's 16-page package featuring original LP artwork and exclusive liner notes. All tracks were remastered in 2006 from the original master tapes! Features a stunning, spine-tingling duet with Dolly Parton!


SHARRON KRAUS/HELENA ESPVALL/MEG BAIRD- LEAVES FROM OFF THE TREE LP (bo weavil, uk) 27.98usd/14.29gbp/18.98eur/3068jpy (approx)

*LP version, numbered edition of 500. A three-way project of Sharron Kraus, Meg Baird (Espers) & Helena Espvall (Espers). This is a beautiful recording of traditional folk material, with the most stunning singing and arrangements of some of England and Appalachia's finest songs. 'The songs on this record were recorded after many an evening swapping songs (and beers!) in Fishtown, Philadelphia, where Sharron had moved from her native England, and Meg and Helena were already installed. Meg and Sharron both had traditional music backgrounds and would meet up and teach each other Appalachian and English ballads, and improvise harmonies and alternate melodies. At some point, Helena was invited along and her voice and cello added a rich new layer. We wanted to record the songs in a way that would capture the relaxed atmosphere of our gatherings, so we recorded all nine songs live in one afternoon.'

BOB HITE- DR. BOOGIE PRESENTS RARITIES FROM THE BOB HITE VAULTS LP (sub rosa, ) 15.98usd/8.15gbp/10.84eur/1747jpy (approx)

*LP version… This is the first volume of a collection devoted to rare and lost recordings from the '20s to '60s. These rare pieces span the years 1941-1958 and are taken from Bob Hite's fabulous collection of 78rpm records: a historical archive that has helped to, in its own way, save from oblivion the rural bluesmen who had dropped out of the scene decades ago and make possible their reintegration into musical history. Everyone is now entitled to hear this chunk of the treasure. Compiled by the famous DJ Dr. Boogie with the help of Fito De La Parra (drummer for Canned Heat). Bob Hite, founding member and singer of the unforgettable group Canned Heat, owned one of the most impressive collections of U.S. 78rpms. He started gathering these records at a very young age and always dreamed of being in a boogie band and paying tribute to the pioneers, drawing inspiration from all the greats who set the foundations for blues music. Before he joined the band, he was already working in various record stores in Venice Beach, and through the years he came to acquire extraordinary items -- mostly thanks to the success of the 33rpm, which quickly replaced the 78rpm format. Bob Hite never stopped expanding his collection; he bought records all around the world. He was known to throw huge parties at his house, where he spent hours, sometimes whole nights, unveiling gems from his collection. After Bob Hite's death, the fabulous collection was decimated, partly sold, dismembered, and even plundered. Now the public is privy to pieces of his exquisite archive of forgotten greats and lesser-knowns, such as Pete Johnson: a boogie-woogie expert and one of the first piano legends, or Clarence Brown, whose majestic guitar playing and recordings for the Peacock label remain unmatchable. Elmore James makes an appearance with some of his more obscure tracks, as well as Mad Mel Sebastian, who remains a complete mystery. Other artists include: Eddie Hope, The Hot Shots, Earl King, Googie Rene, Chuck Higgins, Johnny Otis, Bill Haley, Otis Rush and Etta James.


TETUZI AKIYAMA- PRE-EXISTENCE LP (bo weavil, uk) 27.98usd/14.29gbp/18.98eur/3068jpy (approx)

*Tetuzi Akiyama has been a major player on the free music/improv scene in Tokyo for going on 20 years. Pre-Existence first came out on CD as a part of the great 'Wooden Guitar' series from Locust. Akiyama's playing here is one of a minimalist approach, discovering and investigating the empty spaces between each note. He does not follow the Takoma guitar school style of finger-picking, but a far more warped primitive country blues feel, with a meditative quality. You never know where you are going to be led with his guitar, down roads rarely travelled. With his dense tapestry of sounds, Akiyama evokes emotions that at times are uncomfortable, but of real beauty. Open your ears and let the music take you far far out there...

TETUZI AKIYAMA & DONALD MCPHERSON- VINEGAR & RUM LP (bo weavil, uk) 27.98usd/14.29gbp/18.98eur/3068jpy (approx)

*This LP was recorded in New Zealand in 2004, and is the duo recording of New Zealand guitarist Donald McPherson and Japanese guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama. A beautiful meeting of 2 virtuoso acoustic guitarists, both thoroughly schooled in the vast world of improvising. Donald McPherson, a native New Zealander has been playing the guitar since the tender age of 12, studied at the Otago Art School in the '80s. and in the '90s he released a number of extremely limited lathe-cut folk records. This record finds Tetuzi and Donald playing melodic folk improvisations that grow and morph into compositions that on each listening uncover some new layer of beauty. Both playing on acoustic guitar, they have a level of communication and understanding of each other's playing that allows a musical connection to grow and blossom into a full-length recording of delicate melodic mayhem.

OREN AMBARCHI- LOST LIKE A STAR LP (bo weavil, uk) 27.98usd/14.29gbp/18.98eur/3068jpy (approx)

*Limited vinyl by the great experimental guitarist Oren Ambarchi from Australia. A Touch label recording artist, Oren has been making music since 1986, creating sounds from the guitar that one would not expect to hear. On this LP, two long tracks one per side, start from minimal low frequency sounds to ever growing drones of manipulated guitars... staggeringly beautiful! Limited to 650 hand numbered copies!

YELLOW SWANS & BURNING STAR CORE- YELLOW SWANS & BURNING STAR CORE LP (blossoming noise, usa) 18.98usd/9.70gbp/12.88eur/2078jpy (approx)

*Collaborative LP from Yellow Swans & Burning Star Core featuring GMS, Pete Swanson, C. Spencer Yeh & Mike Shiflet. Recorded from 2005 to 2006. Artwork by The Wyvern. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on 140 gram red marbled vinyl.

KTL- LIVE IN KREMS APRIL 2007 LP (editions mego, austria) 26.98usd/13.78gbp/18.38eur/2963jpy (approx)

*LP-only release, in an edition of 500 numbered copies in a gatefold cover with poster. This is the fourth full-length release by KTL, the formidable collaboration between Stephen O'Malley (SunnO))), Khanate, etc.) and Peter Rehberg (Pita, etc.). A scorching document of the first phase of KTL concerts in 2007. This is a different version than the Florian Hecker recording which appears on the KTL Live Archive podcast. Featuring stunning versions of KTL standards such as "Abattoir," "Forest Floor" and "Theme," as well as unreleased track "Coldest Piece." Multi-channel recording from April 30th, 2007 at Donaufestival, Krems by Throbbing Gristle and live sound by Charlie Poulet. Stephen O'Malley: Guitar / 1606559580; Peter Rehberg: Computer / 1376480544.

KTL- KTL2 2LP (thrill jockey, usa) 24.98usd/12.76gbp/17.02eur/2745jpy (approx)

*restocked… Deluxe gatefold double vinyl version of the 2nd KTL album (CD released earlier on Editions Mego). "KTL is Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))), Khanate) and Peter Rehberg (Pita) -- a threatening collaboration taking in parallel worlds of extreme computer music and black metal. 2 is the devastatingly beautiful four part follow up to the acclaimed self-titled debut and was recorded in a former abattoir in Angers, as well as a 16th century manor in the extreme west of France. Taking the blueprint that was laid out on the first record even further, with the ecstatic build up of 'Theme,' the near psychedelic 'Abattoir,' and closing with the twisted romanticism of 'Snow 2.' An upgrade both artistically and emotionally. As with the first album, elements appeared in the finished version of the theatre piece 'Kindertotenlieder' by Gisele Vienne and Dennis Cooper, which was premiered in Brest, France, in March 2007.

KTL- KTL3 LP (or, uk) 26.98usd/13.78gbp/18.38eur/2963jpy (approx)

*restocked… LP-only release. This is the third full-length release by KTL, the formidable collaboration between Stephen O'Malley (SunnO))), Khanate, etc.) and Peter Rehberg (Pita, etc.). Another soul-destroying follow-up to the highly-acclaimed 2, with more accompaniments created for the theatre piece, Kindertotenlieder by Gisele Vienne and Dennis Cooper, which premiered in Brest, France, March 2007. Perhaps the broadest bulletin from the duo thus far, featuring two contrasting tracks. The layered dementia bliss of "Loud Game" counterbalances the fried dub of "Sunday." Stephen O'Malley (strings, fx, amps, tube osc.); Peter Rehberg (digital osc, apps, drives). Produced by Stephen O'Malley & Peter Rehberg on location at Vienne Wintergarden, Grenoble & Manoir Kéroual, Guilers, July 2006 and February 2007. One-sided heavyweight vinyl and etching by Savage Pencil (SAVX), packaged in a tip-on style outer sleeve, heavyweight inner sleeve and sticker.

DELIA DERBYSHIRE- ELECTROSONIC LP (glo-spot, uk) 29.98usd/15.31gbp/20.34eur/3287jpy (approx)

*restocked… Second pressing on red vinyl, to make it available a little bit in the U.S., but still very limited availability. Rare UK library music album, originally issued on KPM in 1972. Delia Derbyshire is best known as the woman who created the sound of the original Doctor Who theme. This one piece is so globally famous that it has overshadowed the wide ranging work of one of the most creative women working in the 1960s and '70s. Delia collaborated with many of the most significant figures of the era and was admired by many more. Her story involves such names as Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Pink Floyd, Anthony Newley, Frankie Howerd and The Rolling Stones, in addition to work with the National Theatre, seminal electronic innovators and, of course, the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop. Since her death in 2001, Derbyshire has gained cult icon status and her influence over artists who weren't even born when she made some of her groundbreaking recordings has never been stronger. John Cavanagh (BBC Radio, Phosphene, author of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn etc. etc.) has found a rare album Delia recorded with Brian Hodgson (the man who created the sound of the TARDIS) and Don Harper in 1972. This was originally an LP of what is known as library music and was only made available to film, TV and radio organizations when originally issued. Cavanagh has licensed these recordings and the album Electrosonic will be released commercially for the first time on the Glo-Spot imprint.

BRUCE HAACK- THE ELECTRIC LUCIFER CD (omni recording company, australia) 19.98usd/10.20gbp/13.61eur/2192jpy (approx)

*restocked… Bruce Haack's The Electric Lucifer is rightly considered one of the masterworks of 20th century electronic music. Originally recorded in 1968-69 (released in 1970), it's an eminently listenable work where pop-psychedelia and Moog/musique concrete sounds coalesce. Acclaimed upon its original release (one of Rolling Stone's favorite albums of 1970) yet unavailable for over three decades, The Electric Lucifer is presented here for the first time on CD. Remastered and restored from the original master tapes and featuring two previously unreleased bonus tracks. Deluxe packaging, 24-page full-color booklet with exclusive notes, rare photos and interviews.

KIM DOO SOO- 10 DAYS BUTTERFLY 2LP (psf, japan) 56.98usd/29.11gbp/38.67eur/6242jpy (approx)

*Double LP version, limited edition. Deluxe full color gatefold with embossed printing, lyric booklet inserted, etc. First PSF vinyl release in 5+ years and an impressive artifact. Kim Doo Soo is the deepest and most introspective of Korea's acid folk singers. Many are the legends that cling to his songs -- political oppression, alcoholism, suicide, a ten-year period of mountain seclusion. Despite having been active since the mid-'80s and having released four acclaimed albums in Korea, most Western listeners only became aware of him through his tracks on the recent Damon & Naomi compilation, International Sad Hits. On 10 Days Butterfly, his fifth album, he mines productive veins of profound melancholy, animistic nature, and unfathomable, hermetic affection. The whole is couched in a veil of the most gorgeous, still melodicism, Kim's vocals and guitar shaded with subtle accordion, violin, piano, organ and harmonica. A reflective and unearthly beautiful masterpiece. - Alan Cummings


THE VERNON ELLIOTT ENSEMBLE- IVOR THE ENGINE/POGLES WOOD OST LP (trunk, uk) 17.98usd/9.18gbp/12.15eur/1963jpy (approx)

*lp version… For anyone living in the UK, these original soundtrack recordings of two classic children's television soundtracks will immediately bring back memories of happy childhoods and some of the greatest TV ever made, performed by the legendary Vernon Elliott Ensemble. Vernon Elliott was asked by Steve Race, then the director of ATV to help children's programming animator Oliver Postgate by writing a theme to the series we now know as Ivor the Engine. He would later go on to also pen the music for Pogles Wood and the rest is history. This charismatic collection of music has never been issued before: it has sat silently, in Oliver Postgate's underworld for over 40 years. The Postgate and Smallfilms output has a worldwide following, and this magical music contributes greatly to the impact these legendary TV adventures have had. Incidentally, the great music is accompanied by many of the special sound effects invented by Oliver Postgate for the shows, like Ivor chuffing and magical noises from the Pogles Wood. There really is nothing quite like this anywhere -- it's another classic Trunk Records release.


NOAH HOWARD- THE BLACK ARK LP (bo weavil, uk) 24.98usd/12.76gbp/17.02eur/2745jpy (approx)

*lp version… Numbered edition of 1000 and another superior piece of documentation from Bo' Weavil. "It's no understatement that The Black Arc is one of the most sought-after underground free jazz releases of all time. This record simply is THE BOMB -- a perfect combination of Noah's soulful compositions and playing, infused with plenty of sweet/sour/in/out forms and shapes from the incredible line-up assembled for this release. Plus we get to experience Arthur Doyle's outrageous debut on a recording session, increasing the playing and feeling to an intense level throughout." --Oren Ambarchi.


V/A- MIAMI BASS JAMS: 20TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION 2LP (cut it up def, usa) 16.98usd/8.67gbp/11.47eur/1856jpy (approx)

*Cut It Up Def Records was established in 1989 by Bob 'Scorpio' Smith. This label was a launching pad for producers JockD, Gemini,and Jealous J (now called Jim Jonsin), who released many 12'' singles that are now considered cult classics of Miami bass music. The record went gold but the money went into the wrong pockets, so all the artists left to pursue other opportunities. Over the years with the help of sites like MySpace and Yahoo's Miami Bass History group, Jock was bombarded with emails and messages from all over the globe demanding more bass!!! More scratching!!! More Cut It Up Def!! Intrigued by the idea, Jock investigated and found that the trademark was available, so after a few conversations with lawyers, a search, and a 425 dollar application fee, JockD was the new owner of Cut It Up Def records. He secured the rights to release the original catalog, and here it is, remastered and badder than ever. Not quite the history of Miami bass, but a real close approximation.

V/A- THE ESENSUAL 12” (cyclical, spain) 11.98usd/6.12gbp/8.10eur/1310jpy (approx)

*Cyclical Tracks is proud to introduce two excellent projects: Vera & Mara Trax. Vera has been the resident DJ for Robert Johnson, the famous Offenbach club, although she has been DJing all around (Monza Club Ibiza, DC10, the Key, the End, T-Bar...) proving she is one of the best DJs of a new breed. Mara Trax is here with Maayan (aka Miss-Fitz), who has releases for Raum Musik, Circus Company, etc., and is another well known DJ, with a heart split between house and techno. Side A is all for Vera, 9 minutes of deep groove, her debut on wax. 'In The Nook' builds an atmosphere of delight that gradually mutates into a dark deconstructed techno journey, a glorious after hours killer: elegant, sophisticated and precise. Side B, 'Hohoes,' is for Mara Trax, a house affair filled with details and passion, all about the groove, and a real insinuation of dirty rhythms and endless dance.

ASWEFALL- RIDE 12” (kill the dj, france) 11.98usd/6.12gbp/8.10eur/1310jpy (approx)

*Aswefall, is the clash of two different musical cultures. On the southern tip, Clément Vaché, DJ (Kill the DJ), electro producer and record dealer (Daphonics). On the northern turf, Léo Hellden, pop guitar player and a studio must for acts such as Jay Jay Johanson or Veo Veo. This first EP heralds the release of Bleed: a record that showcases teenage angst, new wave, folk and instrumental pieces. Includes remixes by Chloé & Der Schmeisser.

ASWEFALL- YOUNGEEZ REMIX 12” (kill the dj, france) 11.98usd/6.12gbp/8.10eur/1310jpy (approx)

*The second instalment of the aswefall remixes. Following Chloé and Der Schmeisser ('Ride' remixes), come another two of our favourite artists. The first remix comes courtesy of Shaeben & Voss, head honchos of the excellent German label Firm Records. The fucked-up approach of these guys perfectly fits the mood of aswefall. They have turned the track into a schizophrenic hypnotic monster which is never exactly right. As usual, that's why we love it. The second remix is by James Savage and Jonnie Wilkes (of Optimo fame and member of the Kill the DJ family), under their Naum moniker (taking a break from Kompakt) they have created a track of trance rock at its best!

DYNAMO- BARK LIKE A DOG 12” (kill the dj, france) 11.98usd/6.12gbp/8.10eur/1310jpy (approx)

*In those times of formulaic minimalism (we thought minimalism implied great ideas -- obviously we were wrong) or wrong side of the road electro, what is left to us. Being accused of a punk funk revival (so soon?) would scare many. Not Marc Collin (of Nouvelle Vague fame) and Murielle Moreno (so cool it hurts, glitz and fame forgotten in favor of a strict underground ethos). She is not barking but she certainly shows her fangs . Angry women make the best singers. In addition, we hope you'll like the Volga Select mix (Ivan Smagghe & Marc Collin project), throwing their usual analog disco romp in the mix. So we have a dance record with attitude. The only ones, whatever their style, speed, or colour, we really love.

JENNY GOES DIRTY- AMOUREUX SOLITAIRES 12” (kill the dj, france) 11.98usd/6.12gbp/8.10eur/1310jpy (approx)

*Production by Jennifer Cardini. Remixes by Remote, Pan/Tone, Aswefall. Retro-futurism it is then... a cover of a French early eighties classic (sung by Lio, written and produced by Elie and Jacno... some of you may know it) with lyrics that still make some of us weep. It had to be our first proper release. It really had to. And what could be more minimal than a 'Lonely Lover?' Jennifer Cardini got that in her stripped down approach. Although she is not the lonely one here, as she is joined here by HenryGoesDirty in her deep and slow sex approach. Henry pervs it up in an incredible electro (dare dance to it please) remix. Other versions come from our cherished Aswefall (check out the album Bleed on Kill the DJ) going Lindstrom on us and Pan/Tone reminding us that although they may have romantic haircuts in Cologne, they also can deliver fierce beats. Love is hard, so are we.

REMOTE- GET A REAL JOB 12” (kill the dj, france) 11.98usd/6.12gbp/8.10eur/1310jpy (approx)

*Henry went dirty, you remember, and then he decided to clean up. Remote, a new addition to the Kill the DJ roster is not the new clean Henry but rather the dirt that stayed in the sink. Charming isn't it? Eric & Seb are a couple of the most talented Parisian producers at the moment (wait to hear their future rock project) and this 12" shows it in a definitely dirty way. 'Teaser' is a slow Italo-style number that flow god knows where but the trip is worth the money. 'Twilight' is bleep-a-go-go with a groove that saves it from being clichéd. It features lyrics by Nancy Fortune, of Viewlexx fame, for added sleaze. 'Trafalgar Square' screeches like the acid police (if 909 had been replaced by 303). Nice and sleazy does it!

BASIC SOUL UNIT- TUNNELS 12” (mule electronic, germany) 11.98usd/6.12gbp/8.10eur/1310jpy (approx)

*Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit presents Tunnels for the Mule Electronic label. His sound is always deep and hypnotic and reminiscent of classic techno sound. "Dancing In My Mind" is a beautiful mid-tempo house groove with strings and piano and "Tunnels" is '90s classic-style electro sound. The highlight of this release, Sebo K & Metro's remix, is more of a deep house sound. It's simple, but plenty for the dancefloor.


PATRICK LUNDBORG- THE ACID ARCHIVES BOOK (lysergia, sweden) 27.98usd/14.29gbp/18.98eur/3068jpy (approx)

*restocked… A Guide to Underground Sounds 1965-1982; by Patrick Lundborg with Aaron Milenski & Ron Moore. Third printing of this book is now available! This is the book version of the popular and highly renowned Acid Archives web site ( -- the #1 internet resource for information and reviews of rare, obscure and unknown LPs from the USA and Canada 1965-1982. This book version adds hundreds of albums and reviews not listed on the web, as well as lots of images, rare band photos and LP sleeves. The book also features release details and in-depth exclusive reviews for more than 4,000 obscure LPs, including newly overhauled reissue data and value ratings. The main genres are psychedelia, garage, folk & folkrock, hippie rock, progressive rock, and hard-rock, with also a wide selection of interesting and rare singer-songwriter, harmony pop, soft rock, lounge-rock, avant-garde, vanity-pressings and "outsider" albums. This is the first ever comprehensive guide to the vintage musical underground of North America, and opens up a gigantic field of outstanding music that has earlier been exclusive and hard to grasp. Also included is a buyer's guide, a glossary, historical backgrounds, fun Top 10 lists, and much more. 298 pages, perfect-bound quarto with a sturdy full-color soft-cover, and a foreword by Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine.

RE/SEARCH- #4/5: W.S. BURROUGHS, BRION GYSIN, THROBBING GRISTLE BOOK (re/search, usa) 36.98usd/18.87gbp/24.98eur/4038jpy (approx)

*New and expanded hardcover edition; limited to only 500 made and not available through traditional book distribution venues. Originally published in 1982. 8 1/2 x 11", 108 pp. V. Vale's last interview with W.S. Burroughs recorded April, 1997 (Burroughs died Aug 2, 1997). Plus more photos. Limited edition of only 500 beautiful hardbacks, printed on glossy art paper. William Burroughs, Brion Gysin & Throbbing Gristle talk about advanced ideas involving the social control process, creativity and the future. Interviews, scarce fiction, essays: this is a manual of ideas and insights. Strikingly designed, with rare photos, bibliographies, discographies, chronologies & illustrations.

RE/SEARCH- #6/7: INDUSTRIAL CULTURE HANDBOOK BOOK (re/search, usa) 36.98usd/18.87gbp/24.98eur/4038jpy (approx)

*New and fantastic looking hardcover edition; limited to only 1000 made and not available through traditional book distribution venues. Originally Published in 1983. 8 1/2 x 11", 140 pp, 179 photos & illustrations. Essential library reference guide to the deviant performance artists and musicians of the industrial culture moment: Survival Research Laboratories, Mark Pauline, Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK, Non, Monte Cazazza, Johanna Went, Sordide Sentimental, R&N, and Z'ev.

THE WIRE- #287 JANUARY 2008 MAGAZINE (the wire, uk) 8.98usd/4.59gbp/6.07eur/981jpy (approx)

*On The Cover: Rewind 2007: our massive annual survey of the last 12 months in underground music, with 16 pages of charts, including the 50 records of the year, as voted for by our crack team of critics, plus reflections from writers and musicians on the highs and lows of the last year of alternative music activity. Features: Stefan Németh (With his new Film project, the Viennese Radian founder is reinventing the guitar for the digital age); nsi. (Tobias Freund & Max Louderbauer's Non Standard Institute is open for new electronica business); Cross Platform: Ian Forsyth & Jane Pollard (Louise Gray hears about the duo's forensic re-enactments of significant rock gigs and scientific Victorian entertainments); Invisible Jukebox: Keith Rowe; Steve Jansen (The ex-Japan drummer and David Sylvian collaborator talks about the global networking that fed into his solo album); Six Organs Of Admittance (Keith Moliné hears about the latest apocalyptic folk-blues and drone rock epic from Comets On Fire/Badgerlore/Current 93 member Ben Chasny; Once Upon A Time In Stockholm (The enlightened Sweden of the late 60s produced the free rock and psychedelic folk of Pärson Sound, International Harvester and Träd Gras Och Stenar).


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