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alright…the u.s. dollar gained an inch or two of ground this week and import dance singles are back with a bang (as well as some more killer domestic twelves)… check out the patrick adams reissue/restocks, dave clarke restocks (i can’t get enough of ol’ d/c these past few weeks), new flaming hotz titles, new ben klock on bpitch control, a new james mowbray banger on four:twenty, bigggggg scary grant twelve on lo-fi, new marcel fengler twelve on ostgut (!), first two wurst edits releases (both essential… plus two more on the way!), new and restocked titles from drag city and locust (new baby dee and gazheart respectively), reissue of the first mum lp on morr music, new issues of the wire, shindig, ugly things and megawords (this ones been out for a while, but dan finally came by, swept out the trash from the box and STOCKED it. BIG TIME!)… and so much more (including expected new arrivals that won’t get listed until next week)… come on by and check em out.



as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

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SAMAMIDON- ALL IS WELL LP (bedroom community, iceland)
15.98usd/8.12gbp/10.87eur/1705jpy (approx)

*Valgeir Sigurðsson's Bedroom Community label welcomes the second release from U.S. newcomer, Sam Amidon. At Sigurðsson's state-of-the-art Greenhouse Studios, Sam was left to concentrate on his intuitive interpretations of age-old folk-songs, a skill on which he proves himself to be a unique talent, drawing simultaneously on his experiences growing up a child of folk musicians in Vermont, and his more recent work in New York with the experimental indie-rock bands Doveman and Stars Like Fleas. From the opening notes of the first track, "Sugar Baby," it's as clear that All Is Well is a different album from his previous offerings, and by the album centerpiece, the wistfully poignant "Saro," it's obvious that this album is very special, indeed. With horns erupting and dissipating around the listener, Amidon's trademark delivery is perfectly offset by the tenderly plucked notes of his six-string. Nico Muhly's orchestration is not the only addition to Amidon's barrel of sounds. A dizzying amalgam of trombone, Eyvind Kang's ghostly viola, and processed percussion convert a children's singing game from the Georgia Sea Islands into the ominous ambiguity of "Little Johnny Brown." The distinctive bass of Ben Frost is evident on the pensive "Fall On My Knees," while subtle layers of electronics add an intrinsically modern aspect to the proceedings. Couple this with Sigurðsson's production wizardry and you'll realize that despite links to the Appalachian folk music of the past, All Is Well is an album that could only exist in the present. One of the unquestionable triumphs of All Is Well is its diversity. From introspective ballads of jealousy such as "Wild Bill Jones" to upbeat barn-dancing ditties such as "Little Satchel," the structure of the album is paramount in making everything work so naturally. Sam leaves the listener with a feeling of resolution parallel to that of a keen reader thumbing the last page of a favorite novel. He sings of death's spindly fingers finding him, a prospect he handles with no trepidation -- for he has Muhly's flourishing string arrangements to give him courage and form a stable bed for his tender lyricisms. In the length of an album, Amidon has struggled through gunfights, paternal tensions, religious guilt and the lonely life of a nomad, but he leaves us with the message that "all is well"; a defining statement that is bound to warm the hearts of even the coldest gun-slinger.

BEN FROST- THEORY OF MACHINES LP (bedroom community, iceland)
15.98usd/8.12gbp/10.87eur/1705jpy (approx)

*restocked… Limited edition vinyl version, one-time pressing. This is Reykjavik-based composer/producer Ben Frost's first release for the Icelandic Bedroom Community label. From the ominous darkness and intensity of its opening moments, one might expect a death metal album to break out in an instant, but Theory of Machines is an album whose design is as symphonic as it is confrontational -- the tempo doesn't pick up, no hooks or vocals arrive, and when the drums finally kick in, they're as fragmented and corroded as they could possibly be and still resemble a groove. On Theory of Machines, Ben Frost exploits every extreme of pitch, volume and timbre, the changes in this music sometimes seem as gradual as changes in the weather -- and sometimes as violent. As the music changes it changes only in texture, color and intensity so that the sense is not of something being created, altered or even developed, but of something already present being slowly illuminated.

SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- SHELTER FROM THE ASH LP (drag city, usa) 16.98usd/8.63gbp/11.55eur/1812jpy (approx)

*restocked… Shelter From The Ash features a most fluid combination of electric and acoustic Six Organs of Admittance styles. Chasny went into the studio with the songs both in his mind and also demoed out, a different way of working than in previous sessions. Sure, improvisations were still a big part of the sound; within the song structures, they create dynamic sparks from the other side of the inspiration. Additionally (if you must know), standard tuning played a part for the first time in history -- but don't worry, this doesn't mean that Six Organs of Admittance has come in from the drone-storm -- far from it! The man who was once 'Torn By Wolves' in an unknown key is now 'Coming To Get You,' no matter what it takes -- with a tuning any man could play, but few would use as he does. The session was conducted in the glamorous confines of San Francisco's Louder Studios, where so many bands have had their hard and heavy essence redefined. Six Organs of Admittance was no exception. Additionally, the session featured such luminaries as The Magik Markers' Elisa Ambrogio, The Fucking Champs' Tim Green and Chasny's Comets On Fire bandmate Noel Harmonson and gadabout-to-the-stars Matt Sweeney pitching in. Six Organs of Admittance has been a collaborative ground in the past, and what happened here is what always happens: an organic oneness, a record very comfortable in its many skins.

SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- SCHOOL OF THE FLOWER LP (drag city, usa) 14.98usd/7.61gbp/10.19eur/1598jpy (approx)

*restocked… This is the first Six Organs of Admittance record to be recorded in a studio. No computers were harmed (or used) during the making of this record. Free-jazz sensation Chris Corsano contributes drums with the greatest sympathy. It's a fantastic new album, as just a fraction of a listen will reveal. The highly prolific Six Organs of Admittance returns with a sixth or seventh album, School of the Flower.

PEARLS AND BRASS- THE INDIAN TOWER LP (drag city, usa) 14.98usd/7.61gbp/10.19eur/1598jpy (approx)

*restocked… 'Power Trio.' Say the phrase to any long-hair since its conception some 40 years ago and they'll immediately know what to expect. Blistering leads, power-house drumming, heavy bass lines and bluesy vocals. Sounds like a formula, yes? Well, it is. Many have stepped up to the plate, attempting to make their 1+1+1=3 but few dare be mentioned in the same breath as legends like the Groundhogs, Grand Funk, Sleep, Sir Lord Baltimore and the almighty Cream. But who among us will take this hard rock to a new place? Enter Josh, Joel and Randy: three young dudes from the woods of Nazareth PA. They've been playing together for half their lifetime -- thirteen years -- and clearly, they've done their homework. Burned one-too-many while listening to endless amounts of Randy (both Holden AND California). Learned every song by anyone with 'Blind' or 'Mississippi' in their name. Essentially leaving them each with degrees in Cactology and a Masters in Riff-ality.

RANDALL OF NAZARETH- RANDALL OF NAZARETH LP (drag city, usa) 16.98usd/8.63gbp/11.55eur/1812jpy (approx)

*restocked… The connection between Randall and his mother band is evident from the kickoff track, 'Safety in the Sand,' which rolls like a rock group named Pearls and Brass, but with the rhythm section mysteriously disappeared and an acoustic guitar replacing the galloping electric. As different time signatures and tempos drift in through the performances, the preferred mode of expression remains acoustic, to haunting effect. Randall of Nazareth's take on the folk blues canon is expert, informed by the deities of the 19th and 20th centuries, but idiosyncratically his own. Picking and groaning, Randall streamlines the performances with discreet touches: jingling bells sweeping through 'Climbing Trees,' a chorus of harmony voices in the distance in 'It's Nice to Know,' extra licks on the guitar or vocal here and there. There's an inherent joy in the playing and the realization of these odd moments -- which is good, because there's a numbed loneliness to Randall of Nazareth that the song 'Ballad Of A Sorry, Lonely, Breaking Man,' (with the lyric couplet 'my closest friend and I can't bear to hear your name/I should pack my things and go back from where I came') doesn't begin to touch. Randall of Nazareth sees the world from the bottom of a glass, with the floor falling away to expose an underworld of aching soul. Gritty, arid, timeless... this is music that evokes squalor with elegance, evoking midnight at noon with all mysteries intact and growing quietly more intense with the years. Randall of Nazareth is Randy of Pearls and Brass.

BABY DEE- SAFE INSIDE THE DAY LP (drag city, usa) 14.98usd/7.61gbp/10.19eur/1598jpy (approx)

*I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. This album is very much about the street I grew up on. Where The Earlie King ruled without mercy. And Bobby Slot and Freddy Weiss invented the Dance of Diminishing Possibilities. I left for New York in 1972 and eventually became a musician. I was good at the sacred and I was good at the profane but I could never get the hang of anything in between and I went from the street to the church to the street again and then I stopped. I found myself back in Cleveland and began to write songs. And then I stopped writing songs. I thought I had said everything I had to say and there was nothing left to say, so I simply stopped. And then I remembered Bobby Slot and Freddy Weiss and my own father and all the little ghosts that lived with us and I realized that there was something left to say after all. The inside is bigger than the outside, more important, and less destructible. 'Many mansions' and all that. Kingdom of god. I love everybody. --Dee

MAJOR STARS- MIRROR/MESSENGER LP (drag city, usa) 16.98usd/8.63gbp/11.55eur/1812jpy (approx)

*restocked… Now giant-size and louder than ever, Major Stars plunge further down the path of their second, larger life with Mirror/Messenger. Their new sextet record features the same triple-guitar frontline and fervid vocalizations from Sandra Barrett as did 2006's Syntoptikon -- but with more songs then ever before found on a single Major Stars album (as many as two albums, in several cases). Mirror/Messenger is an assault on popular music, with considerable muscle exerted to create a jukebox-ready duck-and-shuffle -- if the needle don't get tossed out the groove, that is. From their Massachusetts aerie, Major Stars have rocked the world six albums over during the past decade. On this, their sixth album, the signature guitar union of Wayne Rogers and Kate Village (first immortalized in Crystalized Movements and later in Magic Hour) is further emboldened by Tom Leonard, whose prior tenure as Major Stars bassist ensures that he knows of what Major Stars rock. Sandra Barrett's lead wail gives every song an unshakable foundation from which the screaming solos depart with fearless frequencies. If the new sound of Major Stars sound is wider and more vivid than known, it's because this time, there's twenty-four tracks of rockness blaring at you through the mix. Plus, the relatively new lineup have an album, a tour and another year of life under their belt. And ultimately, ten years have done nothing to mellow Major Stars, for which they must be congratulated. The devious interweaving of the psychedelic with the rock is, as ever, a delight, to consistent yet somehow changed ends. They keep the craft surging forward, maintaining sufficient heat to ensure that nothing gathers on them as they beat it down the line.

BRIGITTE BARDOT- SINGS LP (lilith, russian federation) 23.98usd/12.19gbp/16.31eur/2559jpy (approx)

*restocked…By the time this album was released in the U.S., the 'princess of pout' had already had men flocking to her films for than a decade, hoping for a glimpse of BB in a bikini. Her 1963 vocal debut, featuring Serge Gainsbourg's 'L'Appareil A Sous,' not only added to her sultry allure, but also boosted her pop icon status. Originally released in both a deluxe gatefold edition with a poster, and a standard sleeve, this reissue faithfully reproduces the deluxe U.S. edition, featuring both a gatefold sleeve and a full size poster of the original international sex kitten, Brigitte Bardot. Meow!

MUM- YESTERDAY WAS DRAMATIC, TODAY IS OK 2LP (morr music, germany) 19.98usd/10.15gbp/13.59eur/2132jpy (approx)

*Classic debut Mum album, previously issued by Tugboat & Thule -- available again. "Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today is OK was mostly recorded in a tiny, sweaty room in the summer of 1999 with carpenters banging nails around us, but sometimes we put on headphones so we couldn't hear them. It was originally released on an Icelandic label called Thule, but early on a number of disputes came up, which ended up dragging on for many years. Part of the attraction of the album is its mixture of analogue instruments such as harmonica, accordion and glockenspiel with digital clicks and cuts. But what makes it so beautiful is that at no point this combination feels constructed or forced. While listening to Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today is OK you don't care how it was made you're just enjoying that it exists. Double lp version, deluxe gatefold sleeve.

SEABEAR- THE GHOST THAT CARRIED US AWAY LP (morr music, germany) 16.98usd/8.63gbp/11.55eur/1812jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… This is the debut release by Iceland's Seabear. The Ghost That Carried Us Away flatters in a rather unobtrusive way: fragile hymns of nonchalant casualness, created by the 24-year-old Sindri Már Sigfússon. Guitars, piano, his almost bashful and yet present voice -- themes of nature, mortality and love from Iceland's musical heartland, Reykjavik. There's a violinist with her voice in the clouds, Gudbjörg Hlin Gudmundsdóttir (violin, vocals, harmonica) and Orn (guitar, lapsteel). Other members include Eiki, Orvar, Gudni and Dóri: one plays the flugelhorn, the slide-guitar and upright-bass, one belongs to the live line-up of Sigur Rós and another is part of the sensational Múm. Some are stage members of Benni Hemm Hemm's band -- the other Icelandic artist on Morr music. Sigfusson invited them into his small studio, placed them in front of the only microphone and let them think about his musical thoughts. He likes the notion and the feeling of lo-fi, and for the recording of the drums, only three microphones were used. The result is reminiscent of the reduced stereo recordings of the 1960s. "Libraries" is tiny and gigantic, unobtrusive and exciting at the same time -- a song like blinking into the most beautiful sunrise. A tumbling piano, swinging drums and melancholy melodies. "Hands Remember" includes murmuring vocals and two violins. In "Summer Bird Diamond," birds twitter to the sounds of an old banjo and glockenspiel. It is almost like a chamber folk radio play. And "Seashell" at last, is a pocket symphony, arranged around jumping drums.

SIC ALPS- THE SOFT TOUR IN ROUGH FORM LP (my. st. mtn., usa) 11.98usd/6.09gbp/8.15eur/1278jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Harrowing, beautiful, grime-soaked melodics from two sick pop masterminds, the Sic Alps are Mike Donovan (Big Techno Werewolves, Ropers, Sounds Of The Barbary Coast) and Matt Hartman (Coachwhips, Cat Power, Henry's Dress). Sic Alps were formed in San Francisco, CA in 2004 by Mike and Adam Stonehouse of the infamous Hospitals. Before the original line-up would implode/explode after a handful of shows and limited releases, the Sic Alps would enlist second drummer Bianca Sparta (Erase Errata) to help record Pleasures and Treasures -- the psychedelic masterpiece recorded in a remote location in Mendecino, CA which was recently released on Animal Disguise.


SIR RICHARD BISHOP- POLYTHEISTIC FRAGMENTS LP (drag city, usa) 14.98usd/7.61gbp/10.19eur/1598jpy (approx)

*restocked… It goes without saying that Polytheistic Fragments is an instrumental release -- who among us would want it otherwise? In the tradition of his classic debut, Salvador Kali, this new record features equal amounts of improvisation and composition. Sir Richard's powers lie in his ability to captivate with just the sound of his guitar, but he doesn't completely abandon studio processes, which allow Polytheistic Fragments to communicate a greater wholeness: all Sir Rick, all the time, if you will. We have come to expect a few solo acoustic guitar pieces with the gypsy stylings of his hero, Django Reinhardt -- and as if to tenderize our consciousness and prepare it for the ride, 'Cross My Palm with Silver' meets and exceeds our expectations. 'Rub 'Al Khali' is an ode to the oud, a northern African lute of sorts. On 'Free Masonic Guitar,' Sir Richard manifests free form acoustic playing wholly in his own style. Peppering the mix are the sounds of electric guitar and lap steel guitar, bringing contrast and color. 'Hecate's Dream' is a dreamy praise to a dark Greek Goddess, but 'Tennessee Porch Swing' and 'Canned Goods and Firearms' switch gears to good old down home Americana and country twang. Sir Richard is renowned for his prowess and mastery with the guitar, but the piano playing on Polytheistic Fragments shows a fluid, meditative style. 'Saraswati' is a lengthy river piece bathed in Hindustani serenity, while 'Cemetery Games' is a short celebratory skeletal dance, with more light-heartedness than spook. In a record with so many spirits, Bishop fills in the space where necessary and rounds out the feeling with catchy tunes such as 'Elysium Number Five' and 'Ecstasies in the Open Air.' Polytheistic Fragments shows that the divinely inspired Sir Richard Bishop cannot be contained in one form.

SIR RICHARD BISHOP- WHILE MY GUITAR VIOLENTLY BLEEDS LP (locust, usa) 24.98usd/12.69gbp/16.99eur/2666jpy (approx)

*restocked… This is an essential document by one of America's most original and inventive unaccompanied guitarists working today. While My Guitar Violently Bleeds is a splendid three piece gem in which the good sir branches out & nods to points West, East & otherworldly with the classic spaghetti western-tinged, spidery fretwork of 'Zurvan,' to the Fushitsusha style psych decay & feedback drench of 'Smashana' to the brilliant 25+ minute raga epic 'Mahavidya.' second pressing on red vinyl.

22.98usd/11.68gbp/15.63eur/2452jpy (approx)

*With GazHeart, celebrated visual artist Rita Ackermann (voice) & the No Neck Blues Band's Dave Nuss (found percussion) created a playful spontaneous sound that seemingly bridged the gap between the broken pop sounds of certain strains of the no wave movement, sound poetry and catchy, otherworldly art folk using the barest of resources available to them. The GazHeart recordings were made in August of 2004 after the disintegration of Angelblood at ATP in April. Rita and I traveled every August to Budapest to be with her family, who live in the hills outside the city in a small German village called Budaörs, created after WWII. The mise-en-scene of our life there was total village simplicity -- grandma's cooking, dogs running the streets, babies with leaky diapers on big wheels, and gypsies hanging out in bars. We would go every Sunday morning to the gypsy market where the vendors would spread out a bunch of garbage on blankets in a parking lot, all the proprietors drunk by 10am on wine consumed from coke bottles. At the time of recording, Rita had adopted the surrealist idea of automatic, unmediated writing direct from the unconscious, using spontaneous text to create song-like atmospheres, in the spirit of Tristan Tzara. For the percussion, I wound up keeping it simple and true to the environs: a bucket, a glass jar, a coffee can & a straw broom. All recordings were made to magnetic tape in the back yard late at night after the village was sleeping.' --Dave Nuss. One time pressing of this special edition one-sided LP features an original etching by visual artist Rita Ackermann on the flip side. GazHeart is housed in a plain jacket with two opposing drawings for front & back by Ackermann reproduced on high quality archival paper stock.

27.98usd/14.22gbp/19.03eur/2986jpy (approx)

*restocked… Double lp version, deluxe gatefold packaging. Taste the magic! Nova'Billy is another edible audible from Henry Flynt's dusty lower Manhattan bunker and it stands as one of the fullest, most beauteous document of Flynt's tenure with a full working rock band to date. For less than one calendar year between 1974 and 1975, Henry Flynt's hard driving, heavy jamming agit country rock band, Nova'Billy embraced bareknuckled deep fried groove attacks, bearded hippie jam band workouts & a monstrous melange of blues, boogie and free jazz squeal into a musical soufflé that could only have come together with Flynt cooking up what was proven to be, time and again, an impossible vision within the confines of the SOHO art orbit of the '70s. After a couple performances at Anthology Film Archives and studio sessions in Richmond, Virginia and Manhattan, the band postered SOHO in a last ditch effort to get some traction with the hipsters that read, 'Party on down to the Kitchen. Stoned country music for rock country.' The gig, like all the others before it, was poorly attended. Nova'Billy played what would be their last live gig at the Kitchen on June 27, 1975. Nova'Billy covers a damned fine and important moment in Henry Flynt's musical career. If the Insurrections laid the foundation for his anti-war primitive garage rock sound, the emergence, nearly a decade later, of Nova'Billy is the realization of Henry's own vision of obtuse personal politics ('I was a creep'), provocative leftwing posturing (check their version of the world Communist anthem, 'The International!') and a gleefully recombinant spin on southern music. Thirteen cuts and 60 minutes of old glory!

20.98usd/10.66gbp/14.27eur/2239jpy (approx)

*restocked… lp version, deluxe gatefold sleeve. Minnesota's Paul Metzger is an unsung hero of the unaccompanied string instrument and a master musician of an instrument of his own invention. On Deliverance -- a real time performance on his overhauled 21-string banjo -- you'll be treated to some of the most deeply satisfying & impulsive outer cosmos ragadelia you're ever likely to hear. Clocking in at nearly 60 colossal minutes, Deliverance is 3 tracks of unfiltered aural transcendence; a hypnotic raga epic that's by turns a slow-burning meditation & an urgent mind/body duel. Paul's playing may summon up the spirits of Sandy Bull's searching inventiveness, Billy Faier's out Tacoma sides, J.P. Pickens' tweaked Americana, Henry Flynt's searing harmonic drones or Big Jim Sullivan's psychedelic exotica, but at the end of the day, Metzger is no idolater and we're all a little luckier to have him around to occupy his own singular post in this post-Fahey world.

15.98usd/8.10gbp/10.84eur/1705jpy (approx)

*restocked… Daniel is best known for his work as the lyricist and frontman of Lungfish, whose work on Dischord Records spans 3 decades. This release is a limited edition full color 6x8" hardcover book + CD. This is the 2nd release in the series (the 1st being Hokane by Aki Tsuyuko), and contains 48 pages of Daniel's paintings and writings of guitar and piano drones, Jew's harp, and banjo recorded by Daniel in his home is inserted in the front cover of the book.

FENNESZ- TRANSITION 7" (touch, uk)
9.98usd/5.06gbp/6.77eur/1065jpy (approx)

*vinyl only -- no legal downloads of these tracks are available. These three tracks are based on 8 different guitar recordings made at Amann Studios, Vienna, between 2005-2007. The acoustic guitar was recorded with an AKG C12 microphone. Other sounds were made using a Fender Stratocaster and a Vox AC15 amp. The 7" is part of the Touch Sevens 7" vinyl-only series, which began with Oceanus Pacificus by Chris Watson.

TAKEHISA KOSUGI- CATCH-WAVE CD (world psychedelia, eu)
18.98usd/9.63gbp/12.88eur/2025jpy (approx)

*Takehisa Kosugi is without doubt one of the most important and influential figures of the Japanese avant-garde still performing. Over the years he has worked with everyone from John Cage to Sonic Youth as well as being an active member of the Fluxus group and starting his own performance units Group Ongaku and the Taj Mahal Travellers. His album Catch-Wave, originally released in 1975, features on side A 'an excerpt from a meta-media solo improvisation' utilizing heavily-processed violin, voice, radio and oscillators (the latter modified via wind and light) to create a massive drone. Side B is 'a triple performance by a solo vocalist' where a vocal phrase is taken and electronically modified until it loses any meaning other than as part of the wave form.' Booklet contains biography, and discography for this important avant-garde performer. essential!


V/A- MUSIC DEWOLFE VOLUME 1 2LP (megaunderground, usa)
17.98usd/9.14gbp/12.23eur/1919jpy (approx)

*The De Wolfe Music Library (a.k.a. Music De Wolfe) was started in 1909 by Meyer De Wolfe to provide musical scores for silent movies but as the decades passed, the library quickly established a reputation for production music for both TV and radio. In the 70's, De Wolfe demonstrated their uniqueness from their rivals by employing a number of young and enthusiastic British composers, true musical innovators of their time, who all possessed the creativity and ability to experiment with new studio techniques and electronic instruments.
Not surpisingly, music from the De Wolfe vaults has produced ample fodder for DJs, providing funky breaks, wailing horns, groovy strings and the like to many a hip-hop track or club mix. Baltimore’s Jason Willett, who put together this thoroughly enjoyable collection of De Wolfe instrumental funk classics from the sixties and seventies. From the opening salvo of bongos and driving bass on Keith Papworth’s “Hard Hitter” to the screaming horns that close out P. Kass’ “Sweet Destruction,” Music De Wolfe, Volume 1 is a relentless mix of driving beats, joyously swinging jazz, and cinematic funk.


11.98usd/6.09gbp/8.15eur/1278jpy (approx)

*restocked… Possibly the most sought-after producer in dubstep right now, Matty G follows up a slew of out and out killers (50,000 Watts, For the Smokers) with another towering production -- 'West Coast Rocks' here offered up with remixes from Caspa and Jeep, aka Matty himself -- don't sleep!

MATTY G/LOEFAH 50,000 WATTS 12” (argon, uk)
11.98usd/6.09gbp/8.15eur/1278jpy (approx)

*restocked… What's so nice about 50,000 Watts is that despite its flagrant use of THAT sample it manages to side-step so much of the formulaic nonesense that's permeated the dubstep scene in recent months. It's a track designed for maximum soundsystem obliteration and fulfills the brief perfectly -- you'll be hard-pressed to find anything nearly as HEAVY in your local dubstep emporium -- and for that fact alone it comes as required listening for all those of you who like playing your tunes far too loud with the bass turned far too heavy for the good of your health. But, of course, there's also that sick Loefah remix on the flipside to think about -- another gargantuan re-fit that somehow manages to mangle the original into a towering structure so frighteneing it makes the original seem like a harmless relative. Shocking stuff and destined to be this year's biggest dubstep twelve -- and rightly so. --Boomkat


BEN KLOCK- OCTOBER 12” (bpitch control, germany)
11.98usd/6.09gbp/8.15eur/1278jpy (approx)

*Cold, dark seasons may come, but Ben Klock has the remedy: forcing you onto the dancefloor until sweat drops down your forehead. "October" houses a groovy beat that pounds constantly for 9 minutes, until the hi-hats come in to give some relief. "Similarity" features a bass line that slowly purls into the 7-minute long tune. The hi-hat pushes everything forward and forward. This track is a must on every MP3 player while going downhill on icy slopes.

12.98usd/6.58gbp/8.81eur/1385jpy (approx)

*Bootleg reissue of 2 classic Dave Clarke tracks from the Red Trilogy in the mid-90s. The Bush back-to-back series returns with the 1st of 3 Dave Clarke back-to-backs. This one includes the seminal techno anthem 'Red 1' and 'Wisdom To The Wise/Red 2' (Robert Hood mix).

12.98usd/6.58gbp/8.81eur/1385jpy (approx)

*Part 2 of the Dave Clark back 2 back series includes the other 'Red' anthem number 2, plus the monster filtered tech disco house anthem 'Shake Your Booty.'

DAVE CLARKE- REMIXES & RARITIES 1992-2005 VOL.1 12” (music man, belgium)
11.98usd/6.09gbp/8.15eur/1278jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Volume 1 of the 12" series spanning Dave Clarke's remix career. Artists: DJ Hell, Gary Numan, Robert Armani.

DAVE CLARKE- REMIXES & RARITIES 1992-2005 VOL.2 12” (music man, belgium)
11.98usd/6.09gbp/8.15eur/1278jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Volume 2 of the 12" series spanning Dave Clarke's remix career. Artists: DJ Rush, Slam, Green Velvet.

DAVE CLARKE- REMIXES & RARITIES 1992-2005 VOL.3 12” (music man, belgium)
11.98usd/6.09gbp/8.15eur/1278jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Volume 3 of the 12" series spanning Dave Clarke's remix career. Artists: Jark Prongo, X-313, Laurent Garnier.

DAVE CLARKE- REMIXES & RARITIES 1992-2005 2LP (music man, belgium)
18.98usd/9.63gbp/12.88eur/2025jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… double lp version of a retrospective look back at dave clarke's career in music and mixology. Artists include: Underworld, Leftfield, Fischerspooner, Midfield General, Death In Vegas, The Chemical Brothers and Vicarious Bliss.

DAVE CLARKE- ARCHIVE ONE 2LP (deconstruction, uk)
27.98usd/14.22gbp/19.03eur/2986jpy (approx)

*Finally a reissue of this super hard-to-find Dave Clarke album, originally released on Deconstruction. The techno pioneer first dropped this album in 1996 and it was a classic. Includes the hits 'Southside' plus some of the Red's like 'Wisdom To The Wise.' A real classic, don't miss out. Digitally remastered to cultivate the heavy acidic techno basslines.

GUY GERBER- LATE BLOOMERS 2LP (cocoon, germany)
21.98usd/11.15gbp/14.91eur/2345jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… This is the double vinyl version of the full-length debut by Israel-born Guy Gerber. Deluxe gatefold packaging. With the first tracks on Late Bloomers, Gerber already makes clear what this is all about. Not only does he mix house, techno and trance like nobody else -- he also produces with accordion sounds and bass lines reminiscent of Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" without any concern, also showing multiple influences from Carl Craig via Giorgio Moroder to Jean Michel Jarre. In case you meet someone next week who completely missed the last 15 years of club history, just give him this record and within a few moments, he will get a comprehensive impression of what has musically happened on the best four-to-the-floors around the world. We bow in awe.

7.98usd/4.05gbp/5.41eur/851jpy (approx)

*Flamin’ Hotz going against the proverbial grain with the help of Flagrant Fowl originators Cousin Cole & Pocketknife. The crew throws up six exquisite folk / stroke / house cuts, this time pressed on a limited edition picture disc with Japanese obi strip. Re-edits of John Lennon, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Beirut, Iron & Wine and Joanna Newson are included. Flamin' Hot! -phonica

7.98usd/4.05gbp/5.41eur/851jpy (approx)

*Dope new release from Bird Peterson on Flamin’ Hotz featuring remixes from Baltimore legend / Unruly boss Scottie B and Flagrant Fowl’s Cousin Cole. Regular plays on Radio 1 by Annie Mac. Like autumn leaves being sucked into the hellfire of the cosmos, we present to you Bird Peterson’s Plays... ep. Mr. Peterson, or Texas-based Andrew Hoke, has one goal in his lifetime. This goal, which we won’t mention until the end, is carried in a diamond-crusted flintcraw that sits in the passenger seat of Mr. Peterson’s Ship Of Hot Jams. He guards this bag with a cloak made of wishes and peppermints. And he has a jet. Boat. He has a jetboat. In conclusion, Bird Peterson’s goal (the one we mentioned earlier) is coming true for everyone that listens to his hot dancefloor masterpeices. Are you ready to be a part of the magic? Are you ready to harness the power of the wizard’s touch? Are you capable of fusing together energy and will? Are you going to run through the hallway of your office, ripping you -phonica

TODOSANTOS- ACID GIRLZZZ 12” (flamin’ hotz, usa)
7.98usd/4.05gbp/5.41eur/851jpy (approx)

*FHZ006 is all about acid boys and acid girls featuring Todosantos direct from Caracas Venezuela. There’s mad colors yo and zebras. This release is our most ambitious to date with a full color 3D cover with custom 3D glasses and a DVD featuring the Todosantos pods and digital tracks for all your serato DJs out there. Pods are the next wave of music, the idea that every track will have a music video to go along with it. Just wait until Serato adds it to their setup and you’ll see what I mean.

DWIZZ- PARTY MUSIC 12” (flamin’ hotz, usa)
7.98usd/4.05gbp/5.41eur/851jpy (approx)

*Flaminhotz 005 sees the release of Dwizz straight from South Philadelphia High School. When not banging heads on the football field he’s banging beats out of his bedroom. Juke meets Baltimore at 140 BPMs that gets all the kids wu tanging at every block party and birthday party.

12.98usd/6.58gbp/8.81eur/1385jpy (approx)

*Four:Twenty round off another impressive year with this final collaboration between D. Ramirez and James Mowbray, Time Fades Away. 'Time Fades Away' sees the pair combine vocals, mind-bending synth work and the phenomenal production Ramirez is known for with Mowbray's trademark tight grooves and more restrained approach to create a dancefloor bomb. As always with Four:Twenty, the choice of remixer is impeccable and this time we're treated to Leipzig-based Daniel Stefanik. Known for his dub-infused deep house and techno on Moon Harbour, Liebe*Detail and his own Cargo Edition, Stefanik has turned in a stunning mix and dub for the deeper floors. Detroit meets Germany via Chicago sums it up nicely!

KHAN- WHO NEVER RESTS REMIXED VOL.1 12” (i’m single, germany)
11.98usd/6.09gbp/8.15eur/1278jpy (approx)

*Can 'Khan' Oral, the international all-genre performer and 'man who never rests' visionary launches his new project I'm Single, a 12" record label as a new platform for him and his worldwide network of musicians and friends. Khan, renowned for his standing between the worlds of electronic and classic songwriting, glamour and deconstruction, ecstasy and quality plans with I'm Single to support his artistic vision with originality and creativity that will continue his goal of tearing down the walls of mono-culture and single style approach standardization in the world of music. The path of I'm Single is not a trend or artistic turn that Khan has just picked up on. His roots in the first techno generation on labels like Force Inc./Mille Plateux, Harvest EMI, Matador Record, Smile Communications or Cologne LIQUID SKY/KOMPAKT confirm his artist credibility in creating cult classics. In the early '90s, Khan moved with Jimi Tenor to New York, creating multiple 12"s and projects, i.e. Bizz O.D., El Turco Loco, 4E, Kid & Khan. Various album projects with Jon Spencer, Julee Cruise, Brigitte Fontaine and the opera diva/performance artist Diamanda Galas, naming just a few of the various directions and influences that have shaped the man 'who never rests.' The I'm Single debut 12" is comprised of exclusive remixes out of Khan's last studio album Who Never Rests on Tomlab. DJ Kaos famous for remixing !!! and Roxy Music has produced a German 'Kraut-trance' pop version of 'On The Run.' Fabian Stall, also known as Zero Cash (Television Rocks, Aggro Colgne), is represented with a flaming down-beat ballad of 'Favor After Favor.' Also, the techno snob Dirk Leyers presents a cryptic dark dance club track, 'You Like To Party?'

JUSTUS KÖHNCKE- SAFE AND SOUND PART 1 12” (kompakt, germany)
11.98usd/6.09gbp/8.15eur/1278jpy (approx)

*new release from tsr’s fave teutonic male vocalist… 12" vinyl version. Part 1 of 2.

SCARY GRANT- STRAWBERRIES 12” (lo-fi stereo, germany)
11.98usd/6.09gbp/8.15eur/1278jpy (approx)

*After his Lo-Fi Stereo debut, Scary Grant got feedback from names like Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth, Loco Dice and even house heroes like George Morell played his release Crash/Almost Crash and set floors on fire with it. All in the same year, Lo-Fi Stereo released the still striking Housemusic/State Of Mind by Motorcitysoul and the Sinistra/Destra Detroit-homage by Paulussen & Cali. A good year that was unexpectedly interrupted by cutting problems with Scary Grant's follow-up 12" and a serious computer-crash in the Lo-Fi Stereo studios (by the way: thanks to Apple!). We are back to business now with this long overdue Scary Grant release that features an amazing Alfa Romero remix (by Eclat & Prudo) and a house remix by Scary Grant himself. This will continue where Crash/Almost Crash ended and burned floors with its minimal house vibe. Insane 'Strawberry' vocal samples, a driving ping-pong beat and an acid bass line makes this release a sure shot alongside house and minimal house DJs. A designated follow-up and a winner and last but not least a complete minimal house package by the current football World Cup winners nation: Italy! Mile grazie amici!

BRIAN HARDEN- INSTINCTIVE STATE 2LP (moods and grooves, usa)
13.98usd/7.09gbp/9.49eur/1492jpy (approx)

*Brian Harden is one of todays rising stars from Detroit, Moods and Grooves finally deliver his much anticipated debut album. With production credited to Brian and Mike Grant (Detroit Beatdown, and one of Detroit’s hottest producers) you know the music is going to be high class. Opening with the sublime ‘Missing You’ the album hits a high point straight away, piano and vocal go together to create a smooth opener that could have been produced anytime in the last 10 years, timeless, not dated. Next check ‘Zion’ for a bit of Roy Ayers vibes over a tight house beat giving a proper late night feel to the track, lush. And for some new school Detroit action check ‘Crazy Talk’, probably the best and deepest track on the album, almost Vladislav Delay noises over deep, deep beats, a real house cut for 2003. Detroit upholds its reputation to the max, smooth. --boomkat

YAPACC- N!CE 12” (neutonmusic, germany)
12.98usd/6.58gbp/8.81eur/1385jpy (approx)

*It's been a busy year for Yapacc. He released a handful of quality releases on Wir, The Green Empire and LessIzMore, remixed Dole & Kom, German pop-duo 2Raumwohnung, co-produced three releases with Good Groove, the studio wizard is also working currently on his very first solo debut. Ex-Repeat Repeat member, Mark Rutherford, shows his first solo work under his Object Object moniker, and proves easily why Andrew Weatherall calls himself a fan. This is a dark, somehow trippy, much weirder (and faster) version of the original -- which reminds us of submarine raves from back in the late 1950s.

YAPACC- BOUTIQUE MINIMAL 12” (neutonmusic, germany)
11.98usd/6.09gbp/8.15eur/1278jpy (approx)

*restocked… With Boutique Minimal, Yapacc, who releases on Treibstoff, Multicolor and on Perlon under the Narcotic Syntax moniker (with James Dean Brown), is having his follow up on Neutonmusic. The A-side is a twisted but soulful minimal piece which features Swiss poem artist Bettie Synclair on the vocals. This is a slow building 9-minute take on current minimal techno with warped funk. On the B-side, 3 Channels (Crosstown Rebels, Trapez) from Poland re-interpreted the track into a more ravish version, with quantized drums and beats, bleeps, vocal snippets and sharp hand-claps. We think this is one of the best pieces of work they've produced in the past few months.

12.98usd/6.58gbp/8.81eur/1385jpy (approx)

*Ralph Sliwinski has been producing electronic music since he first got his hands on a Commodore 64 in 1990. A fan of powerful electronic groups such as Visage, Soft Cell and Front 242 as a teenager, Ralph has since gone on to release a number of important records on labels as diverse as Hartchef Discos, Below Records and Morris Audio. With a sound spectrum that ranges from deep house and tribal tech-house to straight up techno, all of Ralph's productions are distinctively endowed with an infectious dancefloor appeal. No less on A-side 'Boutique Orange,' where a central throbbing percussion is submerged in a swampy ambience, enlivened by insectoid hisses and rattles. A subtle climb is fueled by a beat of evolving complexity and ever-intensifying synth pads. The B-side 'Less Varayd' is defined by an ever transforming hypnotic shuffled beat and argumentative samples that become more clear as the track progresses. An echoed metallic tone polices proceedings, releasing tension just when the mix threatens to boil over.

11.98usd/6.09gbp/8.15eur/1278jpy (approx)

*Marcel Fengler is a resident DJ at Berghain, and Playground/Early Glow can be looked at as the result of a two-year testing phase of sonic possibilities available to him. "Playground" is peak-time techno with a metallic scraping noise, refined percussion and a huge kick. "Early Glow" is meant to be played in the early morning hours, as a carpet of fragmented chords with pads rush in and out, developing the sort of rhythmic hypnosis which Berlin crowds have learned to love so much. These tracks are classic Morse codes from the depths of club space.

12.98usd/6.58gbp/8.81eur/1385jpy (approx)

*restocked… Re-issue of this wonderful Patrick Adams and Peter Brown produced album with it’s unique, influential mixture of epic, spaced out, jazz-funk drenched disco. Sampled a million times, this is a true classic from '76! Essential.

CARESS- CARESS LP (pap, usa)
12.98usd/6.58gbp/8.81eur/1385jpy (approx)

*restocked… Another soul gem from the Peter Brown/Patrick Adams camp, it's Caress with their self titled debut record. Originally released in 1977 on the PAP label, Caress was the brainchild of super producer Patrick Adams. Incredibly soulful lush string and horn arrangements give Caress a very mellow laid back sound. Standout tracks include "Opportunity", "Lies, Lies, Lies", and the mellow funky "I Can't Let You Walk Away". Caress is a must for the modern soul/disco lover.

9.98usd/5.06gbp/6.77eur/1065jpy (approx)

*restocked… reissue of this superb and very rare Patrick Adams productions, and probably one of the best he ever did. Those typical Patrick Adams spaced-out keys with beatiful vocals. Includes long disco version and shorter DJ version on the flip, Essential!

9.98usd/5.06gbp/6.77eur/1065jpy (approx)

*restocked… p&p records! Dennis Mobley’s I’ll Do Anything For Love is a stompin soul disco classic that is guaranteed to give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. The B-side is a beat heavy, cover of Stevie Wonder’s classic Superstition with crazy, spaced-out key antics.

6.98usd/3.54gbp/4.74eur/744jpy (approx)

*reissue of classic patrick adams production on pap, originally released in 1977.

PATRICK ADAMS- MASTER OF THE MASTERPIECE 3LP (traffic entertainment, usa)
18.98usd/9.63gbp/12.88eur/2025jpy (approx)

*restocked… The very best of the man's vast output...Tracklist: Black Ivory - ''Surrender'', Daybreak - ''Everything Man'', Black Ivory - ''I Keep Asking You Questions'',Pete Warner - ''I Just Want To Spend My Life With You'', Executive Suite 1 - ''You Believed In Me'' (Part 1 & 2), Patrick Adams Institute - ''Kings And Queens'', Daybreak - ''I Need Love'', Donna McGhee - ''It Ain't No Big Thing'', Four Below Zero - ''My Baby's Got ESP'', Marta Acuna - ''Dance, Dance, Dance'', Musique - ''In The Bush'', Phreek - ''Weekend'', Musique - ''Keep On Jumpin''', Cloud One - ''Atmosphere Strut'' (Remix 1979), Bumblebee Unlimited - ''Lady Bug'', Shades Of Love Featuring Kathrine Joyce - ''Come And Make Me Feel Good'', Cloud One - ''Flying High'', Sandra Herring - ''Everybody Wants My Body'' (Remix).

12.98usd/6.58gbp/8.81eur/1385jpy (approx)

*The new Pigna season starts with the return of Marco Passarani. Marco is the man behind the Final Frontier collective, and it has been a while since his last release on one of his own labels. His last work was out on Peacefrog, and this gave him a boost, getting him a higher level profile. The two tracks 'Statostasi' and 'Nova' both represent the new direction Marco is moving in, somehow closer to a deeper and essential soulful house style, but still very groovy and well-linked to those early Chicago and Detroit flavors he's devoted to. This is the first of an intense release season for mister Passarani. Keep your ears tuned in.

RASMUS HEDLUND- HIDDEN STRUCTURE 12” (resopal schallware, germany)
12.98usd/6.58gbp/8.81eur/1385jpy (approx)

*Hi folks, just noticed that this is our 50th release. Rasmus Hedlund's first release on Resopal demonstrates his profound grasp of reduced groove with four powerful cuts. 'Hidden Structure' is a classic tribal minimal growler that builds slowly into an outstanding tinged bounce. 'Bentseeni' is a pumping slice of urgent but lush techno-toms, with counterpoint bleeps while 'Betoni' is welcome up-beat techno with quite effective breaks and riffs.The full EP will work on the way up, in peaktime, and on the way down, and it's all-in-all tracky enough and tuneful enough to be a great mixing tool anywhere in the set. Powerful reduced techno for the peaktime.

V/A- DETROIT BEATDOWN VOL. 2 12” (third ear recordings, uk)
12.98usd/6.58gbp/8.81eur/1385jpy (approx)

*It's been four and a half years since Third Ear released Detroit Beatdown Vol. 1. The first of the three volumes of the Detroit Beatdown Third Ear project was completed with the CD release of the complete Detroit Beatdown Remixes in 2006. Vol. 2 will be spread across 5 EPs (12" vinyl and DL releases) through 2007 and 2008. A 2CD and limited vinyl box set will complete DB2 before we get into the remixes and Detroit Beatdown Sessions EPs again. First up in DB2 was EP1: the 'Black' EP. Second in DB2 is the Tangerine EP.

THE AQUANAUTS- TITANIC 12” (underground resistance, usa)
9.98usd/5.06gbp/6.77eur/1065jpy (approx)

*Dirty, slimey, sticky, electro from the Aquanauts. The ocean hasn't seen this much pollution since the Exxon Valdez! produced by SPAWN MI486498

UR- ACTUATOR 12” (underground resistance, usa)
9.98usd/5.06gbp/6.77eur/1065jpy (approx)

*Actuator delivers a 909 breakbeat assault complete with warbling strings and old school stabs, The flip offers Combustion Chamber is a heavy analog cut with a sub bass that you can only feel on a loud system.

DJ BUZZ GOREE- BATTLEPAK VOL.1 2X12” (underground resistance, usa)
13.98usd/7.09gbp/9.49eur/1492jpy (approx)

*dj buzz "bangin" goree, ur's veteran hitman assembles and loops his favorite ur tracks! One minute slices of the mysterious madness! These battlepaks are designed for daring DJs on a mission!! Not for the faint of heart!

9.98usd/5.06gbp/6.77eur/1065jpy (approx)

*As West End Records launches it’s hip-hop imprint West End Urban, hip-hop icons Marley Marl and MC Shan prove once again their formula is built to last with the release of Move Like This. Long before Tribe and Nas were shouting out the borough, these two make the original Queens anthem “The Bridge.” Now an old-school classic, this record put Queens on the map. As a producer, Marley was the first to take drums off of classic records, revolutionizing the technique of sampling and giving his productions a sound far above the tinny sounding drum machines of the time. --boomkat

CARL BEAN- I WAS BORN THIS WAY 12” (west end, usa)
9.98usd/5.06gbp/6.77eur/1065jpy (approx)

*first mixed by Tom Moulton for Motown Records & later on remixed by Shep Pettibone for Next Plateau in the mid eighties.Remix work by Gomi. Check out the dub on this one! This 12'' also includes the original 6:31 mix from Motown! Classic disco gem!

9.98usd/5.06gbp/6.77eur/1065jpy (approx)

*classic deep house on west ends high end club imprint. more steal vibe titles in the coming weeks. killer.

MATEO & MATOS- SOUL SPIRIT 12” (west end, usa)
9.98usd/5.06gbp/6.77eur/1065jpy (approx)

*more classic deep house on west ends high end club imprint. killer.

8.98usd/4.55gbp/6.09eur/958jpy (approx)

*Straight out of Brooklyn comes this new re-edit label and instantly wins first prize for silly name and artwork 'Wurst Edits'. My Cousin Roy is Roy Dank, Brennan Greens partner in crime. Side a is super space disco affair while the flip holds a bass-led, dubbed out rocker that is reminiscent of the funkier The Clash cuts. Ace! -flexx

RUNAWAY- AIN'T AFRAID TO BEG/SHADOWS 12” (wurst edits, usa)
8.98usd/4.55gbp/6.09eur/958jpy (approx)

*Volume 2 of the Wurst edits with Jacques Renault (Editions Disco) and Marcos Cabral (Trapez). Two madly deep disco jams - sureshot party material. Ace (again)! -flexx


MEGAWORDS- #7 MAGAZINE (megawords/free news projects, usa)
0.00usd/0.00gbp/0.00eur/0.00jpy (approx)

*This issue is a slight departure from our past 6 issues. For this installment we interviewed a small number of people that have been involved in the Megawords project in some form. People we've been inspired by, inspired, or in more than a few cases people that we think are sensational and deserve the attention regardless. Interviews with Steve Powers, William Pym, Wes Eisold, Melissa Farley, ADAMS, Angela Boatwright, J.W. Buckley, Sam Schwartz, Jim Bear, and Ari Forman. This one is a must have.

SHINDIG- VOL. 2, ISSUE 2 JAN/FEB 2008 MAGAZINE (shindig, uk)
10.98usd/5.57gbp/7.45eur/1171jpy (approx)

*Gary Walker: from the Sunset Strip with The Standells, to world fame with Scott and John, to psychedelia in England with The Rain. The Walker Brother who rocked! Garage Fashion: the evolution of mop tops, turtle necks and Cuban heels from the '60s to today! Wendy & Bonnie: teen sisters cut soft-pop classic. The Sonics: Seminal garage heroes reborn. Moby Grape: part two of our exclusive story. Mitch Mitchell: Hendrix drummer speaks, Bummer Cinema: six easy pieces of loner celluloid, The Chesterfield Kings, The Horrors. All the hottest new releases and reissues reviewed! Psych, garage, beat, power-pop, soul, folk... for people who want more!

UGLY THINGS- #26 MAGAZINE (ugly things, usa)
8.98usd/4.55gbp/6.09eur/958jpy (approx)

*This issue is sure to make a big splash with our big MC5 cover story, featuring a lengthy, previously-unpublished interview with Rob Tyner and some incredible rare photos. Our other features include the story of '66 Sunset Strip rockers The Sons of Adam, English folk-rock outfit Trees, the Norwegian beat scene in the '60s, and British punk rock & rollers The Pop Rivets (Billy Childish's first band, 1977-1979). There's also an extensive pre-punk feature by Johan Kugelberg, with a foreword by Jon Savage. We also have articles on California garage band The Floggs (who featured a pre-Kaleidoscope Chris Darrow), legendary Ohio psychsters The Tiffany Shade, and the amazing tale of The Cedars from Lebanon. There's also exclusive interviews with The Pretty Things, Arthur Brown, Dave Lambert (of UK freakbeat icons Fire: 'Father's Name Was Dad'), Art Wood, Zappa associate Jeff Simmons, and much more, including of course, our massive review section covering all the latest reissues and music-related books and DVDs.

THE WIRE- #288 FEBRUARY 2008 MAGAZINE (the wire, uk)
8.98usd/4.55gbp/6.09eur/958jpy (approx)

*On The Cover: Vladislav Delay (Whether as Luomo, Uusitalo or Delay, Finnish electronica producer Sasu Ripatti has always avoided slipping into generic blueprints). Features: Wooden Shjips (The San Francisco fuzz quartet conjure transcendent incantations from traditional tools); Warrior Queen (How MC Annette Henry's uncensored stream of Jamaican patois is enlivening the dubstep scene); Cath & Phil Tyler (The twining harmonies of this husband and wife duo recall the heyday of English pastoral folk song); Cross Platform: What's opera.doc? (La Fura Dels Baus' post-industrial Wagner Ring cycle and Hideaki Takahashi's 'media opera' update the medium for the digital age); Invisible Jukebox: George E. Lewis; Hot Chip (The London quintet hatch a witty hybrid of urban electronic musics, taking in everything from minimal techno to Puerto Rican reggaeton); Sightings (The New York avant power trio explain to Marc Masters how their customary clouds of distortion and overdrive were parted by new producer Andrew WK).


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