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because of the new jack rose double cd on tequila sunrise (see below in folk, blues and roots), i had to knock this list out fast, so actually it only represents roughly half of the new/restocked titles that arrived this week. some items of note, aside from the aforementioned jack rose set, are four new (and one restocked) kompakt titles, new junior boys 12 on get physical, new sun ra double disc on art yard, new siltbreeze vinyl, new honest jon’s cds, and on an on… come on by and check em out.



as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

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SCOTT WALKER- SCOTT LP (four men with beards, usa)
18.98usd/9.58gbp/11.98eur/1910jpy (approx)

*shop favorite, restocked… One of the most enigmatic figures in pop music history Scott Walker (nee Scott Engel) first saw massive success in England with his band The Walker Brothers in 1965. Not really brothers, nor were they British, the trio left Hollywood seeking fame in England, and they found it there for a time with their particular brand of orchestrated pop. Following the group's demise in 1967, Walker set out to pursue solo stardom in perhaps the most peculiar way possible, with over-the-top baroque pop songs owing more to his idol Jacques Brel, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra than they did to The Beatles or The Stones. This is his first solo LP from 1967 and features 3 of his own compositions along with covers of songs by Brel, Tim Hardin, and the Brill Building team of Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann. A true original.

SCOTT WALKER- SCOTT 2 LP (four men with beards, usa)
18.98usd/9.58gbp/11.98eur/1910jpy (approx)

*shop favorite, restocked… Originally released in 1968, Scott 2 made it all the way to number one on the UK pop charts, perhaps the strangest number one hit in pop history. Continuing with his orchestral obsession, Scott 2 features over-the-top string and horn arrangements, occasionally veering into dangerously schmaltzy territory. This production style is in drastic contrast to the lyrical content, songs of despair, prostitution, homosexuality, and brutal honesty, indicting the same glamorous and glitzy lifestyle that his baroque pop style emblemizes. Along with many originals, Scott 2 features songs by Jacques Brel, Tim Hardin, and Bacharach/David.

SCOTT WALKER- SCOTT 3 LP (four men with beards, usa)
18.98usd/9.58gbp/11.98eur/1910jpy (approx)

*shop favorite, restocked… Scott 3, originally released in 1969, marked a big change in Walker's approach to albums as, for the first time, the record is dominated by his original compositions. In fact, the only other songwriter that makes it onto the album is Walker's idol, Belgium's legendary singer/songwriter Jacques Brel. Scott 3 again features string heavy production courtesy of Wally Scott, though it occasionally moves out of pop ballad territory into a more cinematic feel influenced by Ennio Morricone, among others. An huge influence on folks like David Bowie and Nick Cave, as well as just about anybody on the 4AD label.

SCOTT WALKER- SCOTT 3 LP (four men with beards, usa)
18.98usd/9.58gbp/11.98eur/1910jpy (approx)

*shop favorite, restocked… Despite being the first of his solo albums not to reach the British Top 10, Scott 4 was perhaps his best, and most ambitious album to date. Originally released in 1969, it is the first record to feature only Scott Walker originals. It is also the first to back off a bit from the heavily string laden production of past releases, allowing other sonic influences to shine through, from country to folk to soul. The lyrical content remains intense as Walker tackles everything from War to Stalinism to heartbreak with equal success. A classic.

22.98usd/11.60gbp/14.51eur/2312jpy (approx)

*Bravery, Repetition and Noise is a dark dreamy album, rich in atmosphere, layered in waves of sound. The album's antecedents are clear, inspired by psychedelia as they were by punk's nihilism, pulling both strands into a doom-laden, experimental sound quite distinct from anything that had come before or since. BJM uses this as their touchstone, lovingly re-creating the moods and atmospheres of the past. The Brian Jonestown Massacre is a psychedelic rock band originally from San Francisco, California, led by guitarist/singer Anton Newcombe. Since 1995, The Brian Jonestown Massacre has released numerous albums, first for Bomp! Records, the label which gave them their start, and later for TVT and Tee Pee. BJM has been essential in the development of the modern U.S. garage scene, and many LA and SF musicians got their start playing with Newcombe, including Peter Hayes of The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Originally Newcombe was heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones' psychedelic phase -- the name comes from Stones guitarist Brian Jones combined with a reference to cult leader Jim Jones, but his work in the 2000s has expanded into aesthetic dimensions approximating the UK shoegazing genre of the 1990s and incorporating influences from world music, especially Middle Eastern and Brazilian music.

17.98usd/9.08gbp/11.35eur/1809jpy (approx)

*shop favorite, restocked… Recorded in July of 1988 during the sessions that produced Sun City Girls' most popular recording, these nine tracks represent the other half of songs which were originally prepared as a 2LP demo version of Torch of the Mystics for Placebo Records in 1989. The sequencing of all 20 tracks at the time was entirely different with the predominately instrumental tracks in this collection mixed in and around the mostly vocal tracks of what became Torch. Placebo went out of business shortly after this proposed 2LP idea was presented to them but Majora Records quickly stepped in to begin releasing most of the material. Included here are five tracks from early Majora singles: "100 Pounds of Black Olives" and "The Fine-Tuned Machines of Lemuria" (the complete unreleased 12-minute version) from the single "You're Never Alone with a Cigarette" and all three tracks from Record #1 of the double 7" Three Fake Female Orgasms -- "Plaster Cupids Falling from the Ceiling," "The Beauty of Benghazi," and "Souvenirs from Jangare." The short piece "Harmful Little Armful" is from the triple 7" box set Bruce Lee, Heroin, and the Punk Scene (from a Bay Area label Massacre at Central High) and rounding out the set are three unreleased studio tracks recorded the same day as much of the Torch LP: never before heard versions of "Amazon One," "Sev Acher," and "Wild World of Animals." This is the first of a multi-volume set of reissued singles, compilation, and unreleased tracks to be assembled and sequenced to play as full-length records. Vinyl editions may also appear in time.

TAJ MAHAL TRAVELLERS- LIVE STOCKHOLM JULY, 1971 2CD (drone syndicate, sweden)
25.98usd/13.11gbp/16.40eur/2614jpy (approx)

*New 2008 repress… Led by infamous Fluxus member Takehisa Kosugi, Tokyo's Taj Mahal Travellers were one of the prime examples of a band more heard-of than actually heard. Their vinyl legacy (the 1972 LP July 15, 1972 released on CBS/Sony Japan; the 1974 2LP August 1974 released on Columbia Japan and recently reissued by P-Vine as a 2CD; one side of the mythical Oz Days Live 2LP compilation released on Oz in 1973 and recently bootlegged as a single LP) could dig a hole in your wallet deeper than the Grand Canyon. However, the recent reissues have spread the gospel and so here is the chance to hear the young Taj Mahal Travellers live in Stockholm during their 'tour' through Europe in 1971. It's one 2-hour long improvised track. Enough free-floating higher key bliss to keep every grown-up space cadet happy for a lot longer. This 2CD set is limited to 1000 copies." From Julian Cope's Japrocksampler: "This album is a discorporated, cerebral dance whose rhythm sounds like six weather Gods emulating the cover of Deep Purple's Fireball by zooming around Silverstone circuit just inches above the track, each urging himself on by making engine noises: 'Eee-oww-urghh-ow!!!!!!!' Opening with Ryo Koike's horizontally played bowed double bass, it's my fave of Taj Mahal Travellers' three releases, better even than the obstinate medication of the first official LP JULY 15, 1972, because there's twice as much of it. Meditatively, it's extremely useful too: at the entrance portals of this live record, Ryo Koike uses his bass to invoke phlegm phantoms and cranny demons from the butt walls of Cronosian caverns; conjuring a sound as Biblical as Conrad Schnitzler's bizarre bowed cello on T. Dream's Electronic Meditation. Gradually, hesitatingly, almost imperceptibly, a violin theme installs itself, establishing over the next quarter of an hour clop-clopping hooves of hollow rhythm that conjure up the image of frustrated pastoralists driving their reluctant donkeys around the highest and most precipitous cliff edges, as their valuable cargoes sway and shudder and threaten to come untied at any moment. Recorded a full year before their first official LP, I think this in concert album is a far better and more confident shamanic statement, for this Stockholm recording melded together all six group members in such a way that no single musician rises from the primal soup long enough to establish his singular muse. The vocal effects are truly stunning, evoking everything from comb-and-paper voices playing Zeus in the sixty-metre deep Dhikhtean Antron to braying cartoon coyotes laughing to their deaths.

THANK YOU- TERRIBLE TWO LP (thrill jockey, usa)
13.98usd/7.06gbp/8.82eur/1407jpy (approx)

*The brand new album from Baltimore's Thank You. The album recording was engineered by Baltimore's beloved J. Robbins (Yeasayer, Mary Timony, Jets to Brazil) at his studio and was produced and mixed by Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Celebration, TV on the Radio) at his studio in New York City. Thank You is an athletic rhythm/action unit, made up of Jeffrey McGrath, Michael Bouyoucas, and Elke Wardlaw. They are three free individuals, subsumed into a collective form that spits out dank, skittering tracks filled with light and dark.

BLUES CONTROL- PUFF LP (woodsist, usa)
15.98usd/8.07gbp/10.09eur/1608jpy (approx)

*restocked, out of print at the source... the music of Blues Control, as evidenced on this record, is a master work explodin'. It germinates absolutely from the bowels of the blues but erupts via a postmodern portal; there are gorgeous sheens of rust that fissure throughout, harmonicas smoke in the distance, guitars splatter, keyboards ooze white hot neo-psychedelic lava, in the end, like the music emitted from Apollo's lyre, it is a devastatingly wondrous experience. And as much as I hear the (non-specific) PSF or Akiyama buzz, to me Blues Control seem beget from the prominent clang & snarl of Dead C, who was beget by This Heat, who was beget by Faust, from whose seed it all originated. And that's nothin' to sneeze about, unless you are allergic to greatness. A CD on Holy Mountain is next. I know it's early, but Puff seems a shoe-in for one of the year's best. --Siltblog. Puff is the work of two modern Gris Gris chefs, and the most righteously authentic stoner gumbo this side of Twin Infinitives or Jungle Rot. Glittery framed sunglasses and doper's remorse. The finest racket of 2007 so far. --James Jackson Toth/Wooden Wand

MENEGUAR- THE IN HOUR LP (woodsist, usa)
15.98usd/8.07gbp/10.09eur/1608jpy (approx)

*Switching instruments and experimenting with recording techniques, Meneguar has cooked up a totally unique (and surprising) record. The In Hour channels the spontaneity and aesthetics of Swell Maps, the pop hooks of the Zombies, and lyrical collage of Guided By Voices. Everything was home recorded at their little Xanadu in Brooklyn, Rear House, home base to Jeremy Earl's Woodsist label (Blues Control, Sic Alps, Wooden Wand, Jana Hunter) and the changing roster of Meneguar's alter egos (Woods, Shepherds). Only six months since their last record, The In Hour represents a serious departure that still holds true to the band's undeniable pop sensibility.

15.98usd/8.07gbp/10.09eur/1608jpy (approx)

*restocked… Evolving comes easier to some than others. A lot of the 21st century's chief underground ringbearers are happy mining the same psych-ditch for the same warped ore, tape after tape and day after day. But Eagle Rock, CA's Pocahaunted are too restless (and easily annoyed?) to sit still like that, and so spent all of '07 throwing ever weirder new figures and moods into their amplifier family, and Peyote Road shows the motion of their transformation agenda. The A-side ritual, 'Divine Flesh,' stirs hand drums and chimes into a bellydancing blur of voice smoke and rhythm before breaking down into its base elements and slowly reforming. The flip side, 'Heroic Doses,' documents Pocahaunted's set opening for Thurston Moore on Halloween night in the wasted and highly un-mystical California desert town of Visalia. Bobb Bruno and Britt Brown backed up the ladies' blown-out but melancholy wailing wall with electronic drums and drones, and the recording treads a dim, no-fi path into a bleak and holy void. With tribal-psychedelia collage jacket artwork by Owl Eyes. --Britt Brown.


CONRAD SCHNITZLER- 00/346 + 00/380: MIXES 1 12” (orac, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.56eur/1205jpy (approx)

*Conrad Schnitzler is one of the most influential living figures in electronic music, a founding member of groups Tangerine Dream and Kluster. Since the '90s, Schnitzler has privately released over 400 CD collections of tracks, numbered rather than titled. Orac presents the first installment of new mixes of his recent collections 00/346 and 00/380, interpreted by Bruno Pronsato with a future-house vocal and Dandy Jack with an epic, block-like construction. Conrad's tracks include one lugubrious melodic solo and a slowly mutating proto-groove.

15.98usd/8.07gbp/10.09eur/1608jpy (approx)

*Mysterious and creepy emanations from two of Providence, RI's finest weirdos. Russian Tsarlag, formerly of Tampa, Florida, and a member of the damaged rock outfits Dynasty and Byron House, has been making his unique brand of bent pop music/performance art for a number of years now -- releasing an impressive amount of tapes, CDRs, DVDs and VHS on labels like Cephia's Treat, Unskilled Labor, Friends and Relatives, and Bonescraper Records, as well as self-released small-run publications such as Mutilator Magazine and Slime Freak. Thank You For The Plastic Surgery You've Given Me features some of Carlos' finest recorded work to date. Nine songs coated in the familiar Tsarlag orchestral residue -- repetitive and hypnotic themes, drugged-out floor toms, guitars held together with scissors and knives, 60-cycle hum, organ, tape loops, and Carlos' signature lyricism and delivery. Blue Shift has been a staple of live music in Providence for a number of years now, usually showing up with just a violin and a shredded bow, performing five-minute sets (or less) of intense and personal solo improvisations. The Burrow gives us thirteen tracks of wildly explorative solo music that utilizes violin, voice, tapes, drums and pre-recorded sounds to wondrous effect. From fast-paced violin scraping and tape-manipulated collages to the close-up sound of wheezing lungs and overdubbed violins, this is a hard-to-pin-down but essentially rewarding listen. Limited edition of 300, with letter-pressed black-on-white covers, a 32-page zine insert with illustrations/collage by Cybele Collins and Carlos Gonzales, pressed on green vinyl.

15.98usd/8.07gbp/10.09eur/1608jpy (approx)

*Paul Metzger continues to pile up the plaudits from critics and peers alike for his virtuosic string-slinging, gaining notice through his CD on Chairkickers and his split LP with Ben Chasny and Chris Corsano on Roaratorio. Metzger's modified banjo is tricked out with additional sympathetic raga strings, although the compositions on Gedanken Splitter are informed by much more than Eastern drone music alone. Recorded in the same period as 2007's Deliverance on Locust Music, this is a more jagged and aggressive (although no less accessible) affair. Metzger winds these improvisations around thornier threads than on his previous releases, and while never turning completely abstract, Gedanken Splitter moves even further away from anything resembling typical banjo fare. This is mesmerizing and singular playing.

11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.56eur/1205jpy (approx)

*Lucy Phelan and M.P. Hopkins hail from Sydney, Australia. Behind a basic framework of keyboard, bass, and vocals (and all manner of tinkered-with percussion) Naked on the Vague's distinct aggregate of sound calls to mind everything from SPK to Mars and beyond. Or, as they're fond of calling them in Philly, the Death Star version of Times New Viking.
Originally released in 2007 on CD by the fearless Australian Dual Plover label, The Blood Pressure Sessions ventures into a darker realm than their debut 7-inch (also on Dual Plover) had erroneously suggested. Propelled by the sharp, rhythmic snare drum beat and anchored by thunderous, fuzzed bass-lines and stinging, swinging organ and synth fills, Phelan and Hopkins take turns rounding out the vocal duties, giving the whole of their sound a sonorous curtain of ecstatic foreboding. Betraying a gallows wit, the band refers to their music as "apocalyptic pop," which could be construed as both drowning and waving.

OPER'AZIONE NAFTA- CAVURU LP (siltbreeze, usa)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.56eur/1205jpy (approx)

*Located within the Trapani Province of Sicily, Oper'azione Nafta considers their self-described "un-rock" as "a blowjob from Luigi Russolo." There's little doubt the great Futurist author of the The Art Of Noises manifesto would be anything but chuffed by such salacious bravado. Indeed, the trio pours on the racket and sounds like they were hatched in a custom-built Russolo intonarumori. Successfully putting the on back in bonkers, Oper'azione Nafta doles out only The Berserk, which might be why, at any given time, their unstoppable onslaught taps into rock/improv fizz a la Sun City Girls, Etron Fou Leloublan or the Butthole Surfers, various FMP blat, and MEV-like electronic scramble. When they claim "We are Oper'azione Nafta and we kill Bambi!" who among us would question it? Besides, a nice bowl of Sicilian-styled venison ragout would really hit the spot.

28.98usd/14.63gbp/18.29eur/2916jpy (approx)

*lp version, pressed on 180gm audiophile vinyl and packaged in a custom fabric textured, golden hued, heavy gatefold cover with black and blood red printing, plus insert. Un-numbered limited edition of 750 copies. Much anticipated first proper release after a string of ear tugging and increasingly impressive private press CDRs. A real shining spirit in these somewhat goofy times of 'folk-psych' abuse, this guy nails it like it's in his DNA. Way beyond a simple formula, this is a complete tonal voyage. Opening the album with a dark ritual of dueling reeds and buzzing drones, things then erupt into some seriously burning psych raga excursion built from totally heavy, jamming, acoustic guitar licks, eastern grooving hand percussions, stoned backwards or fuzzed-out electric guitar splatters, and subtle creaky drones. The vocals are nearly unintelligible but swirl beautifully through most songs like floating smoky ripples. Woozy, head-bobbing, and completely there. Yow.


18.98usd/9.58gbp/11.98eur/1910jpy (approx)

*Honest Jon's Records presents a tribute album to UK folksinger Lal Waterson, with tracks specially commissioned for this release. Lal Waterson was a member of The Watersons, a key 1960s precursor of Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span. Migrating Bird features 19 different voices from different decades and countries, all with a different take on the singularly haunting quality of these works. From the gyrating keyboards of King Creosote to the ramshackle accordion of Michael Hurley to the gentle ambience of Vashti Bunyan, the simplicity of Waterson's lyrics and her mellifluous folk spirit shine through. Other artists include: Nancy Elizabeth, James Yorkston, Victoria Williams, Lavinia Blackwall and Alex Neilson, Alasdair Roberts, Danny & The Champions Of The World, Charlotte Greig, Jeb Loy Nichols, Adrian Crowley, Richard James, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Sabbath Folk, Lindsey Woolsey, Richard Youngs, The Memory Band and Mark Olson.

V/A- LAST KIND WORDS: 1926-1953 LP (mississippi, usa)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.56eur/1205jpy (approx)

*restocked… second edition with regular printed jacket. Incredibly well compiled '20s-'30s era blues comp. High quality of sound for the time period of its recordings. This compilation is filled with the most accessible blues songs made to be appreciated by enthusiasts and those new to the genre. Features Blind Willie McTell, Memphis Minnie, Geechie Wiley, etc.

14.98usd/7.56gbp/9.46eur/1507jpy (approx)

*domestic version of jack rose’s new full length, ‘dr. ragtime and his pals’, coupled with a reissue of last years ‘self-titled’ cd/lp housed in a custom designed and fabricated off-set printed card cover with j-card style obi. limited edition of 1000… The Appalachian Trail runs 2175 miles south from Mount Katahdin in Maine to Springer Mountain in Georgia, though there are those who want to stretch it further, into Alabama, because the mountains go there. Why not extend it? Trails are made for that. But there's another Appalachian Trail, too - one that goes through time, extending from unfinished studios in Williamsburg, NY, winding down the grooves of ancient 78's to the 1920's or even earlier, past Stephen Foster's wet dream to a place beyond the compass of change. If you're hiking on *that* trail, you're likely to run into a lot of post-grad Parsifal’s with inscrutable hair and de-tuned banjos - these days, you can't swing a cat around without hitting one! But if you're lucky, you might stumble across a clearing somewhere south of Lily Dale, where revolutionists stop for orangeade and Dr. Ragtime hangs out with his pals. If you ask him politely, he might offer you a taste of his elixir - made from codeine, sarsaparilla, and goat-gland extract - guaranteed to restore memories that never were. And if you're quiet, he might let you stay and listen to the music: Ethiopian novelties, characteristic marches and parlor favorites - bittersweet slices of Methodist pie, familiar tunes, at least in those sections where the square dance has not yet been supplanted by the fox-trot. And if you have a couple of dimes to rub together in your pocket, you'll want to purchase his newest, electrically-recorded phonograph recording, entitled "Doctor Ragtime and his Pals." The Doctor, who hitherto has recorded only on his own, is joined here by Micah Blue Smaldone (who has been compared to both Tiny Tim and Kierkegaard), Glenn Jones (of Cul de Sac, last seen around these parts urging college students to contemplate the prospect of their own death on a balmy September evening), Michael Gangloff (late of Pelt and the Black Twig Pickers), Nathan Bowles (also of the Black Twig Pickers as well as the Spiral Joy Band) and the mysterious Harmonica Dan (from Pennsauken, New Jersey by way of ethereal caminos). This release is conjoined with a recording by Jack Rose, the Mike Morgan of the American minimalist neo-primitive sub-underground. This recording, entitled "Jack Rose" - previously available to the buying public only in severely limited forms - is here presented as a bonus to the consumer and perhaps as an act of folly for the producer. -- Charles Fourier


SUN RA- MEDIA DREAMS 2CD (art yard, uk)
29.98usd/15.13gbp/18.92eur/3017jpy (approx)

*This is the companion to Disco 3000, made on the same classic Italian quartet tour with John Gilmore, Michael Ray (trumpet) and the minimal but perfect Luqman Ali (drums). Ra himself plays piano and electronic keyboards, including the mysterious Crumar Mainman, which Ra describes as 'like a piano, organ, clavichord, cello, violin and brass instruments' and which also, importantly, has a facility for pre-programmed bass lines and electronic percussion, which Ra uses constantly and to great effect in this small ensemble setting and seldom, if ever, elsewhere. The best of this collection (most of CD1) is luminous: very electronic, often rhythmical and melodic, always economical and making every sound count. These tracks are like no other jazz ensemble and, although recognizable as Ra -- who else could think of, and then get away with this -- unlike any other Ra ensemble, either. Ra makes the machines do amazing, visionary things while the band exercises restraint, remaining always in focus. In between, there are piano, saxophone, trumpet and drum vignettes, fresh and perfectly judged; this real was a fine band. This places the original vinyl release (and related releases, Sound Mirror and Disco 3000) back into the context of the concerts from which they were drawn. An important addition to the Sun Ra canon, since it is a rare document of an unusual Ra project that produced three classic late '70s LPs. Beautifully packaged and well annotated.

24.98usd/12.61gbp/15.77eur/2514jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Beyond The Purple Star Zone is one of two Saturn LPs recorded during a week's residency by Sun Ra at the Detroit Jazz Center in the last week of 1980. Just about everything that the Arkestra played that week was captured on tape -- ending with a marathon series of three concerts on New Year's Eve 1980, when the music extended over nearly eight hours, and included over ninety identifiable compositions. There was scarcely any duplication of compositions throughout this marathon night, even though each concert was played before a different audience, the auditorium cleared between sets. The title track, 'Beyond The Purple Star Zone,' is extracted from the second of these three New Year's Eve concerts. In essence, it's a French horn trio, involving Sun Ra, Vincent Chancey and a percussionist. As well as featuring on this LP as the title track, it was used again by Sun Ra when in 1982 he issued another Saturn LP, Oblique Parallax, to release more material from these December 1980 concerts. On this second outing, 'Beyond The Purple Star Zone' was spliced together with music played on 30 December to form the piece known as 'Journey Stars Beyond.' 'Rocket Number Nine' also comes from the second of the three New Year's Eve concerts, and is a feature for Ra and the Arkestra's vocal dexterity, and in a quintessential Sun Ra touch melds other compositions in with this tune. There's a Sun Ra poem embedded -- 'The Space Age Is Here To Stay,' as well as fragments of a Gospel piece. There's also an early appearance of another Sun Ra composition, 'Face The Music,' which crops up occasionally in 1970s and 1980s concerts, before coming into its own around 1990, when, with a full instrumental arrangement, it was featured frequently. Considering the dozens of hours of surviving concert tape from this Detroit residency, it's significant that none of the recordings yet auditioned contain the material used on this album for 'Immortal Being,' 'Romance on a Satellite' or 'Planetary Search.' It is possible -- but uncertain -- that these are performances from this residency, the sonics are very close to those of the first two pieces from this album. At least one Detroit concert (plus one workshop) remain to be researched. However, the presence of an electric bass player and electric guitarist on 'Romance on a Satellite' suggests that these pieces may have a different origin. All are fine pieces, for the moment they keep their mysteries. -- Chris Trent

24.98usd/12.61gbp/15.77eur/2514jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Beautifully packaged LP-only reissue of these 1983 recordings; "Hiroshima" is a side long solo piece for pipe organ! I was about seven years old when on August 6, 1945 Hiroshima was the first city in the history of mankind to be struck by an atomic bomb -- dropped by the United States Air Force. In our days the only so-called democratic government which applied this mass-destruction weapon for the first time and would not hesitate to use it again, asks other countries to stop the development of nuclear power. What a miserable Christian hypocrisy. Why did Sun Ra title his only acoustic document performed on a church organ Hiroshima? Despite my young age in 1945 I can very clearly remember the gloomy atmosphere in 'bombed-out' Stuttgart with my family sitting around my uncle's place in Schwaebisch Gmnd during the twilight hour and talking about this unbelievable criminal act against Hiroshima. Beside the depressed mood of the talk I only remember the (surely false) fact, that 'Little Boy', as the United States offendingly called their bomb, was only as small as a tennis-ball. Beside the well-known political call and response ritual, 'Nuclear War,' 'Hiroshima,' has a pipe organ solo by Sun Ra, recorded in a theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. By attentive listening, one can discover some other instruments too. One can hear a triangle, a bird whistle, a slap-stick or castanets, a tambourine ring, cymbals, and most likely, different drums. The record was released in 1985 on one of Sun Ra's Saturn long playing records with the number 11-83. The flip side of this record is titled 'Stars That Shine Darkly...' Recorded live at Montreux, Switzerland during the tour of The Sun Ra All Stars, early November 1983. --Hartmut Geerken

SUN RA- CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE 2CD (transparency, usa)
18.98usd/9.58gbp/11.98eur/1910jpy (approx)

*restocked, at a slightly higher price… Volume one in a new series entitled The Lost Reel Collection, and this one is the holy grail of SIN RA history! Two-CD set of THE ARKESTRA playing live in a SF warehouse in 1971, and a lecture by Ra from his legendary 1971 residency at UC Berkeley. Recently the Transparency label was approached with a collection of eleven reel-to-reel tapes of previously unknown Sun Ra recordings. None of this material is on any tape trader list or in any discography. The recordings are all super-high-quality and are being officially released on the Transparency label. Both discs of The Creator of the Universe are from mid-1971. Disc One is a concert at a warehouse in San Francisco, the centerpiece of which is a very dramatic and intense 20 minute ‘Declamation’ by Ra urging the black race to rise up into freedom and identity, punctuated by the horns of the Arkestra. Completely amazing, this piece is ranked by one aficionado as the peak of Ra's career. Disc Two is one of the classes given by Ra during his teaching residency at UC Berkeley. This is a Sun Ra album like no other!


13.98usd/7.06gbp/8.82eur/1407jpy (approx)

*restocked… Wonderful collection of funky Philadelphia based groups who blessed the scene between 1968-1973. Many of these recordings have been re-mastered from the original reels for the first time! Before many of these musicians were making music you hear on television and movies, they played under different names and labels during the late '60s early '70s, mostly as funky jams recorded for tax write-off purposes! Artists include: Interpretations, Brothers of Hope, Hidden Cost, Daley Diggers, Sam Reed Band, Alliance, Cupit, Race Street Chinatown Band, Electric Indian, French Connection, Pat & The Blenders and Ando Orchestra.

V/A- NEW ORLEANS FUNK VOLUME 3LP (soul jazz, uk)
26.98usd/13.62gbp/17.03eur/2715jpy (approx)

*restocked… vinyl repress of this SJR classic from 2000 -- has been o/p for a couple years. This is a definitive collection of New Orleans funk, featuring acknowledged masters of funk such as the Meters, Eddie Bo, Allen Toussaint and Lee Dorsey next to some of the earlier artists from the area who helped shape the meaning of funk (Professor Longhair, Robert Parker, Huey 'Piano' Smith). The album is also filled with many rare, sought after, and undiscovered funk tracks from artists like the Explosions, Marilyn Barbarin, Sonny Jones, Mary Jane Hooper, and many more. The album covers the period from the emergence of the New Orleans sound in the early 1960s through to the mid-'70s. Jam packed with classics like Aaron Neville's 'Hercules', Eddie Bo's 'Hook and Sling', and 'Check Your Bucket', the Gaturs 'Gatur Bait', the Explosions' 'Hip Drop', and the Wild Magnolias' 'Handa Wanda,' to name but a few. This record is an essential part of anyone's record collection who is interested in funk. Other artists featured include: Ernie K. Doe, Cyril Neville, Gentleman June Gardner, Betty Harris, Danny White, Ernie & the High Notes, Dr. John, Chuck Carbo.


17.98usd/9.08gbp/11.35eur/1809jpy (approx)

*this particular compilation comes from the spiffy as you like Guerilla label and collects some absolute oddities, an absolute goldmine for the crate diggers among you I'm sure. This is funk music as re-imagined by Indian movie composers and in being such we get an absolutely bizarre collision of styles, one part 70s cop show one part Bollywood. There are appearances from legendary singer Asha Bhosle, RD Burman, Kalyanji Amandji and more - just listen to those samples and trust me you'll be converted. An awesome compilation. -- boomkat

18.98usd/9.58gbp/11.98eur/1910jpy (approx)

*Chaabi ("of the people") has its roots in the Andalusian music of Moorish Spain, spreading to North Africa with exiled Jewish and Moorish communities; but it really took off in the music schools, parties and bars of occupied, post-WWII Algiers, where its Andalusian, Middle Eastern and North African lineage fused with the Mediterranean soundtrack of that era -- chanson, jazz, snatches of tango, a little boogie-woogie. A chaabi band combines traditional instruments such as the quanoun (or zither), mandole, oud, gambar (a stringed turtle shell), bendir and derbouka (types of drum); together with the piano, flute, banjo (brought to Algiers by American GIs), violin (played upright on the lap to save space in crowded venues), accordion and bongos. With subject matter ranging from God to pretty girls, the songs often touch on taboo issues. For this recording, the Abdel Hadi Halo & The El Gusto Orchestra of Algiers includes four singers -- joined in chorus by the voices of the entire orchestra and five-man banjo, percussion and violin sections. The scale and organization are thrilling; the music is swirling and improvisatory, surging from the haunted to the bluesy, the devotional to the knees-up. This album was recorded on the tilting fifth floor of the Conservatoire d'Algiers, in a room overlooking the sea on one side, and the Casbah on the other: the orchestra was recorded live in full flight -- all together, in continuous takes.


PIER BUCCI- HAY CONSUELO 12” (alphabet city, uk)
12.98usd/6.55gbp/8.19eur/1306jpy (approx)

*His name is Pier Paolo Bucci and with releases on Crosstown Rebels and Cadenza, Pier has shown us what ambitious and intelligent tech house really is. His greatest success so far is without any doubt Hay Consuelo, that Pier released one year ago on his mother label, Crosstown Rebels. Now it is time for a re-release of the legendary Samim remix, plus a stunning new interpretation from 3 Channels from Poland.

SVEN VATH- THE BEAUTY & THE BEAST 12” (cocoon, germany)
12.98usd/6.55gbp/8.19eur/1306jpy (approx)

*Do you remember this track? In 1994, The Love Parade was not a mass event yet and rave had its peak-time in the clubs. In the same year, Sven Väth released his concept album The Harlequin, The Robot And The Ballet Dancer with "The Beauty & The Beast" being the most groovy track. Fourteen years later, Eric Prydz puts it into a modern outfit, while still retaining the groove, playfulness and mysteriousness that takes the listener to another world. One-sided because you don't need another side.

DA FRESH FEAT XENIA BELIAYEVA- OH BOY! 12” (dance electric, germany)
12.98usd/6.55gbp/8.19eur/1306jpy (approx)

*This is not the first time Arnaud Caschera has teamed up with Xenia Beliayeva. Their output so far has always been an exceptional combination of tight and atmospheric techno-electro and intense, cold vocals. Oh Boy! is definitely their best production to date. Made to turn clubs into hell. The B-side belongs to Copenhagen's no. 1 poster boy, Out Of Orbit and Re:connected label boss and world-travelling DJ, Martinez. His twist on techno house and minimal has already created some buzz around the scene including Richie Hawtin and his Minus clique or Steve Bug and many others. Dance Electric's #20 is a deadly application for all friends of tripped-out emotional electronic music.

V/A- DRUMPOEMS VERSE 1 12” (drumpoet community, switzerland)
12.98usd/6.55gbp/8.19eur/1306jpy (approx)

*Welcome along to the first Drumpoet compilation entitled Drumpoems Verse 1. This teasing 4 track EP combines the previously unreleased tracks of Foster, Kawabata, The Lost Men and Soultourist on vinyl. Deep house heaven! The drumpoet.comMUNITY was founded in 2005 in Zurich to remusicalize the cold and sometimes boring schemes of clubland. It was time to bring back the warmth and soul to the dancefloor. The general vibe is rather relaxed than hectic -- a groove which seems to reflect the rhythm of Zurich perfectly and represents the constant aim for change and progression which is another characteristic of Zoorichans.

KAWABATA- PERSUASION 12” (drumpoet community, switzerland)
12.98usd/6.55gbp/8.19eur/1306jpy (approx)

*Lexx aka Kawabata comes up with 'Persuasion,' a dubby and reduced house tune with an irresistible groove. Belonging to Zurich's finest DJs, Lexx knows exactly what moves people on the dancefloor. He's also known for his cosmic boogie tunes on labels like Bear Funk and Permanent Vacation. As Kawabata, he stands for deep and emotional dance music and also for a change in clubland. He's one of those people who lives music 24/7 and so is passionate about his work. On the flip-side, there's a stunning remix by Serafin of Mountain People fame. Serafin delivers a percussive monster which is hard to resist. 100% booty shaking with the essence of house music. It's already a big hit at the Zukunft and it's aiming for this new and yet really old-school vibe of house. Through his past, Serafin knows also how to make the techno community jump and it's definitely time for change in this genre. We think that people like The Mountain People or Sascha Dive, just to name a few, are opening new doors and have something important to say.

SHONKY- TIME ZERO REMIXES 12” (freak n chic, france)
12.98usd/6.55gbp/8.19eur/1306jpy (approx)

*The title track from Shonky's debut artist album Time Zero gets a remix package from two of the underground's most in-demand production talents: Paul Ritch and Mathias Kaden. Ritch's mix holds down a steady and undulating, percussive groove that lets the spiraling effects of the original loose midway, leading back into a rolling finish. Mathias Kaden strips it back and creates a beat-laden take on the original, with some added irate synth detail.

JUNIOR BOYS- NO KINDA MAN 12” (get physical, germany)
12.98usd/6.55gbp/8.19eur/1306jpy (approx)

*No Kinda Man from Junior Boys was first heard on their contribution to Get Physical's Body Language mix series. "No Kinda Man" begins with a stormy low-end rumble broken by a repeated, chiming guitar chord, a spacious, dubby 4x4 rhythm and Jeremy's plaintive, quietly imploring vocal. An added 12-bar blues structure is further proof that Junior Boys' music pays no heed to traditional genre boundaries. Classic, yet utterly contemporary. Jona and Chloé provide remixes.

JOHN DALY- SOLITAIRE/BACK IT UP 12” (international records, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.56eur/1205jpy (approx)

*What makes this producer so unique is the deep, deep disco house, kissed by spheric, warm and psychedelic influences which he seems to find much more in '70s space rock than in Chicago house or Detroit techno, like so many others. And this is what he does on this record in just such a banning way. John Daly lives in Galway, Ireland and founded his own label Feel Music in 2005.

SAMUEL L SESSION & MARTIN H- THE LEAP 12” (klap klap, germany)
12.98usd/6.55gbp/8.19eur/1306jpy (approx)

*To make it true and organic was the main purpose when Samuel L Session & Martin H teamed up for The Leap. And we must admit that they certainly succeeded in doing so. Both sides represent the path of techno with dub influences, but with the differences that have more twists and turns than most productions from the same scene. It's rich of details and short fills which makes this a truly great record, something that stands out in your box!

SAMUEL L SESSION- OFF THE CHAIN 12” (klap klap, germany)
12.98usd/6.55gbp/8.19eur/1306jpy (approx)

*restocked… The raw power of this fifth installment is nothing but delicious! Samuel is back with another tech-house record that will for sure be a real wallshaker. Just listen to the energy and madness Elbee Bad provided with his vocals. It's insane people! In a good way of course, if there ever was another way. Enough said!

REINHARD VOIGT- ALL IN 12” (kompakt, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.56eur/1205jpy (approx)

*With his new 12" All In, Reinhard Voigt audibly glances back to his early musical influences. There's a good measure of old school Chicago house thump combined with the smart weirdness of Warp's bleep techno age. "Missing Billie" insistently pushes the low range frequencies and gently keeps the crowd going without any razzle-dazzle, sirens or horns. The splendid cover artwork was provided by Dennis Busch, who runs the incredible Esel imprint.

MAXIME DANGLES- SPEICHER 59 12” (kompakt, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.56eur/1205jpy (approx)

*Maxime Dangles handles Speicher 59 with aplomb. "Tulipa" is nothing short of an anthem. Slightly reminiscent of Joey Beltram's golden times, this is simply one of the best techno tracks you've heard in years. The same counts for "Firewire," a dead-serious, darkish beast of a track that takes things down to a more mental atmosphere. Maxime Dangles single-handedly restores your faith in proper TECHNO. Enjoy the collective freak-out.

STEADYCAM/NIGHTGUY- SPEICHER 58 12” (kompakt, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.56eur/1205jpy (approx)

*Next to Gui Boratto and Hug, Steadycam counts among the most prolific breedings in Kompakt's bootcamp, K2. This resourceful Swedish youngster keeps dropping one polka techno bomb after the other. "Get Up On There" is a mean little stinker that only reveals its devastating powers when played out in full. Nightguy is a new guy and presents "Pretty Face," a subtle blend of Carl Craig-y deepness, an overall xtc vibe and the perfect timing.

PERC/TOM POOKS & ST. THOMAS- SPEICHER 57 12” (kompakt, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.56eur/1205jpy (approx)

*After Perc & Fractal's "Up," that crazy tune with the endlessly rising peep tone, their new track "Headphone Heart" is another monster. It's not as hysterical as "Up," but features an incredible flute section, instead. Pure hobbit techno! The other track belongs to Tom Pooks & St. Thomas, and "Remember" is Pooks' most subtle and sexy work to date.

NAVID TAHERNIA- SPEICHER 56 12” (kompakt, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.56eur/1205jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… After years of being a laid-back and relaxed ex-minimal trance preacher, Navid Tahernia, also a Kompakt employee, is back on the musical scene. And back really means back, 'cause this is purest old school. "Mylikestyle" is an homage to the good old days when the 909 was still innocent and the real 303 was a mystic preacher of sublime secret messages, hidden in never-ending trance sequences. Full-fat raw, brilliant, monophunky, stompin' culture.

V/A- BAIA DEGLI ANGELI VOL 1,1977 TO 1978: THE LEGENDARY ITALIAN DISCOTEQUE OF THE 70'S CD (mediane multimedia, italy)
19.98usd/10.09gbp/12.61eur/2010jpy (approx)

*The Baia Degli Angeli. It’s not exaggerate to say everything started there. The golden age of disco, clubbing, glamour: just everything. I’m not saying ‘discoteques’ were a novelty (although in Italy were still called nightclubs, or ‘balere’). There was the Piper, in 1965, which instilled a little bit of ‘swingin’ London inside the ancient walls of the ‘the eternal city’, Roma. There was the Altro Mondo Studios, built up as a kind of spaceship or galactic island, which in ‘67 was making believe young riminesi (not only them, anyways) that Future with capital ‘F’, the one of Urania and the first sci-fi tv series, was just a question of weeks, or a couple of months at the most. But from the start the Baia was another story. Another world, too. It started in1974, on the edge of the still big ’68 revolutionary excitement and also on the grandeur of his creator, Giancarlo Tirotti, a little local tycoon, well introduced in roman cinema’s jet-set and a taste and elegance definitely ‘international’ and - for those days - absolutely new. Let’s say it once for all: the New York’s Studio 54 hasn’t invented anything. Mixing ‘stars’ and normal people in a beautiful place, in a way that simply ‘being there’ was already an experience, it was a bright intuition of Tirotti three years in advance of Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager. At the Baia you could meet Hollywood’s movie stars transiting in Italy, and by the way - before the conversion into disco, it was a sporting-club for the rich - with those totally white walls, the indoor and outdoor pools, the terrace where one could get a breathtaking view of Gabicce, it looked just like a Californian resort. Music - another news - was loud, really loud, and there was no rule of ‘three slows & three shakes’, something still in vigour in all the other clubs. And it was open till 6 a.m., you could watch the dawn at the Baia... listening to the new Philly Sound, played by Bob Day and Tom Sison the two dj’s Tirotti brought from New York. Punctually, all the other djs from Rimini and Riccione would come at the Baia to listen what Bob & Tom were doing, and it was always a shock! Firstly for the records, which both of them were getting right from USA, and the tecnique, too... In those days, putting a piece of paper between the record and the turntable, in order to get a faster start and a better mixing, was just a revolutionary strike... The day Bob & Tom decided to go back to America, they themselves - like a Star Wars saga - had to designate a substitute for the Baia’s consolle. It is 1977, and the chosen one is a young local dj already well known to the nightflies of the italian East Coast: Daniele Baldelli. In the meantime discomusic was spreading everywhere in Italy. The Baia - like a Fiorucci’s dream come true - displays plexiglass dancefloors and a crazy dj-booth inside a lift that goes up and down all the night long... the people is dancing on the 4 floors, look around and feel like being in a very ‘transgressive’ tv show, like the famous Strix on sunday nights. Rivers of champagne and a lot of very suspicious little powders are flowing... Actors, intellectuals and starlets of the little screen are usual presence on the dance floors and sofas. Grace Jones is so often a guest to become practically part of the environment. How beautiful was the Baia! Always completely white. Not a minute wrong detail, nor a hint of bad taste to ruin the elegant skyline. Only light, bright light... A battery of lights effects on a mechanical arm was moving and spreading around very sexy showers of lights and shadows. The little neon-light angel, sort of good-luck symbol who became the Baia’s logo and occasionally some exploit a-la-Warhol (like the Marylin Monroe’s icon deliriously librated in the air with stripes & ballons). The ‘golden age’ of the Baia Degli Angeli lasted only two seasons. In ‘78, after repeated breaks by the Police is the definitive closing. Too much fuss, too much intimidations from the sleepy establishment of the adriatic riviera. Too many ‘joyous powders’, for the Authority. A press document of the time (just a laughing matter today) states that the Baia «with is mere existence is promoting drugs between young people». The little air-balloon who gave birth to the glittering dream of the Baia was finally blown up... and the legend begins. And, as always goes when legends are born (think about NewYork’s Loft or Paradise Garage, or Chicago’s Warehouse), everybody started saying «I’ve been there», when actually just very few people stepped at the Baia, and danced to the music of Baldelli and his associate, the ‘generous’ Claudio ‘Mozart’ Rispoli. Those were other days... days were one wasn’t trotting up and down Italy with the same easyness of today: but if the wheels of the 128’s and the 500’s would not reach everywhere, the ‘mixtapes’ with the recordings of those legendary nights would. The popping out of a ‘mixtape’ from the Baia Degli Angeli in a provincial italian city was an event able to change the course of History. A lot of dj’s (today superstars) , one name for all: Claudio Coccoluto, have seen the Light listening to the ‘mixtapes’ of Baldelli & Mozart, which were just doing incredible things back then, mixing Kraftwerk, War & Jean Luc Ponty, with the smooth and comfort of someone who understood that music is a big treasure box from where one can track down shining gems. The Baia is the place who gave birth to the italian ‘dj culture’, and where ‘garage’ was invented, three years in advance from the Paradise Garage and ‘ambient’ ten years before ambient, mixing styles and genres with the absolutely open ‘attitude’ that Baldelli would bring out as a real trade mark of his own, starting from the subsequent adventure of the ‘Cosmic’, on the lake of Garda, the place where the so-called ‘afro’ phenomenon was born. But that’s another story... Fabio De Luca, june 2005.

JENS ZIMMERMANN- WONDERPETS/31-07-24 12” (snork, germany)
12.98usd/6.55gbp/8.19eur/1306jpy (approx)

*Here are two selected tracks by Jens Zimmermann, who is really well-known from his releases on Room Recordings, K2, International Freakshow, Harthouse, and Treibstoff, or for example, his drum 'n bass past as DJ Gargamel. He also cooperated in producing the well-known Culture Beat Dance project from the early '90s.

JENS ZIMMERMANN- ON DRUMZZZ 12” (snork, germany)
12.98usd/6.55gbp/8.19eur/1306jpy (approx)

*Jens Zimmermann offers the special track 'On Drumzzz,' already played and loved by Richie Hawtin, for this upcoming new Snork08x which is a 'special edition one sided yellow clear vinyl pre release' for his new Snork08 which will be released three weeks later. The Snork08 comes as two tracker with two fresh new tracks, watch out. Please also check the next Groove issue with a great Jens Zimmermann feature. Snorky yellow colored vinyl with an extra long dubby sub-bass monster track. Grab your fingers on it! Supported by: Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Karotte, Jonas Kopp.

POPSHOP- PLAISIR NOIR 12” (stattmusik, switzerland)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.56eur/1205jpy (approx)

*Martin Akeret is Popshop. The diversified soundworld of Popshop consists of a build-up of tension in an elaborate composition while juggling breaks and straightness. The melodies on Plaisir Noir are abysmal, emotional and dark, never shattering nor gloomy, but mysterious and propellant. Some of them even have a touch of timeless romance and unpredictability -- you never know what will happen in the next four beats.

DONK BOYS- JAMBALAYA 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.56eur/1205jpy (approx)

*The Donk Boys are Sweden's Martin Abrahamsson and Thomas Jaldemark. They have developed their own post-Chicago twisted jack-funk style that cranks it up and keeps it down. "Soffliggare" is a dead-cool jam with sensual old school vibes. "Swipper" uses the sounds of a huge clock, countered by a warm Chicago organ. "Foolfox" works like a hunt, one sound being chased by forceful percussion elements but never really being captured. Jambalaya is for those who love techno and house in one set.


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