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more rain, crazy political happenings (did you see bush’s speech yesterday or the exchange between chris matthews and kevin james regarding said speech?) and of course, killer records… sure, times are tight, just look at how much money walmart, subway, starbucks and now pabst blue ribbon are spending on advertising, trying to convince you that the products they sell are value for money in these lean times (they’re not)… records on the other hand are. no really. unlike so many things in this world, records aren’t disposable (if you don’t want them to be) and need i remind you that when you spend 10.00usd on a download, that’s it, it’s a one way street. the website/distro, record label (and sometimes even the artist) get the money and that’s the end of it. you as a consumer merely paid for the privilege to listen to the recording, not unlike going to a museum or a movie theater. buying a record(s) is like having your own personal museum or even better, gallery where you actually get to pick and chose and OWN, that’s right, own your collection. THAT’S value for money, because when you tire of the download, it’s worthless. money down the drain. and yes, while records and cds may cost more than downloads initially, they at least can retain, if not appreciate in value over time. you can sell them (and not just to a second hand shop at a possible loss, but on your own via discogs, gemm, amazon, ebay, etc at a possible gain) or trade them with friends (man, when i was a teenager, i used to trade records with peeps all over the world: japan, germany, the uk… way more fun than reading a blog, i assure you). anyhow, i’m down off my soap box (and on to another one)… check out this weeks new arrivals!!! a bunch of excellent nnck related titles, both new to the shop and restocked; a new (as in newly recorded) ya ho wha 13 lp, as well as restocked/reissues of two of the better orig titles (penetration!!!); taj mahal travelers cd reissue (a nice official/japanese one too, not some cheap boot); early worm lp (pre-coum transmissons/throbbing gristle g.p.o. recordings from the late 60s. orig an edition of one, now an edition of 500 – which is already sold out); d.r. hooker lp reissue; new grails lp; nigerian rocks comp lp on soundway (!); new eat skull and fab diamonds lp’s on siltbreeze; new and restocked french club tracks on because, ed banger, institubes, kill the dj, and record makers… and so much more. come on by and check em out!!!



as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

prices do not include shipping and handling. for those of you shipping within the continental united states I offer a 5.00usd flat shipping rate for any amount of records and/or compact discs. shipping cost for international orders are calculated on an order by order basis. payments for orders can be made via paypal or with a credit card by telephone between 12-6pm/est.

i also offer bike messanger service via timecycle couriers. for the low cost of 10.00usd i can deliver any amount of records and/or cds you wish to purchase to your center city philadelphia location (this includes some parts of south, west and north philadelphia) within two hours (and for those of you who need your records even faster, we also offer ‘rush’ service for the low flat rate of 20.00usd for any amount of records/cds delivered to you within one hour). of course, we are still more than happy to ship records via the usps within philadelphia. as with the international shipments, orders placed before 5pm/est will ship out that evening and should reach their destination by the following day.


22.98usd/11.82gbp/14.87eur/2407jpy (approx)

*restocked… Beautiful dream-dementia pop from a couple tangentially related to the Sea Donkeys/Sublime Frequencies camp in Seattle. -S@1. Pigeons and doves are so closely related, they are practically interchangeable in the minds of the people who classify such fowl. But in the eyes of the general public, the dove is a beautiful bird symbolizing freedom and peace while the pigeon is a dirty rat with wings that eats our city's garbage and craps on our cars. But maybe the pigeon is a crafty bird, content with its own beauty and happy to obscure it to avoid the glare of our ever intrusive public eye. Virgin Spectacle is a distorted, hungover, and elusive statement. And it's in French. Except one word at the end. Or more, if you are to believe those responsible. Regardless, amongst all the fog and feathers is a collection of comely pop and sonic excursions guaranteed to lodge itself in your waking subconscious. Hell, you might even dream of a few of these songs. The fine people who constitute the band named Pigeons would like you to believe that they have stumbled incidentally upon such charm, like a diamond in the mine. Don't believe it. Take yourself out of your particular urban situation. Look toward the skies, and see the besmirched bird for what it really is. They have laid out a sonic journey meant to disorient on the surface, but if you follow their flight you'll find yourself cruising along and singing in a language you may not understand. Edition of 500 Recorded at Black Dirt Studio.

22.98usd/11.82gbp/14.87eur/2407jpy (approx)

*restocked… The much-anticipated blast-off release for Speer and his band. Recently rewarded 5 stars in Time Out mag by the music editor, this album is a landmark in laid-back blues and country songwriting, feat. members of NNCK and Sunburned. -S@1. The inimitable Mr. Speer coined the term himself upon titling his pre-Helix full length release... Forgotten Country. Not so much a forgotten people of a state or a rural area. Not so either some Souths gonna rise again moonshine. More so a return to a way of presenting a music in the context of a tradition (something those boys in the band are pretty high on.) But this isn't your grandfathers Bakersfield we're dealing with. Tho the tongue of the balladeer may spin tales ripe with a cast of characters including 'the Pastor' Randolph Healey, Cheese Frog, the man from HHS, Uncle Ernie, that guy with the black mustache and red Caddy who stole your girl, and the true born sons of Levi, he sings them not only with the twang of the roadhouse, but tainted with the grit of the streets of the big city. As one casual listener once noted to the band after a performance, 'You guys play both types... country and psych.' And it's true that the sounds contained on After Hours do act on the mind as much as they tug at the heartstrings. Replete with tales of mental instability, infidelity, drunken advice, wartime hucksters, heartbreak, and redemption, the first album by D. Charles with his backing band will surely immediately stand out amongst the shards of gothic Americana that litter our fair sonic landscape. Edition of 500. Recorded at Black Dirt Studio.

22.98usd/11.82gbp/14.87eur/2407jpy (approx)

*restocked… Odd serially-inflected compositions for classical guitar. A wide breadth of obscure and fragmented influences represented here, all internal. Carter Thornton of Izititiz and Zakashi-Warashi. - S@1. If you are a fan of the archaic format of music storage and delivery known as vinyl then you are also probably experienced in the art of search and rescue when faced with a pre-auction era, dusty, moldy shop filled to the rafters with such blasts from the past. Every now and then one comes upon a platter in one of these fading outposts, marked at about $3.99. Cover seams split, maybe some radio call letters scrawled in marker, maybe a booze/coffee/bongwater spill splayed like a Rorschach on the back. Perhaps it is the cover art itself that draws your attention... black and white photos seemingly from another time in content and message. Or perhaps it is the title of the album... the way it rolls off the tongue, its playfulness marked by a seemingly obscure reference. The fact that there are no song titles may pique your interest... why is this? Are there even songs on there? You can see the gaps in the grooves so there is some sound being broken up with seconds of silence. You wipe the grime off the grooves with your shirt sleeve and take the disc over to the crappy player up by the register. You pop it on, slip the needle in the groove, and immediately you have the thought 'What the hell is this?!?!?' You're hearing one of those rare recordings of a singular and personal vision. A solo guitar performance that not only operates outside any current or previous fashions, but one that seems to render the idea of recorded music as commerce a nonreality. Although you are carried away with delight by the sounds you are hearing, you can't help but wonder why this person recorded this music. His intent is as elusive as the music he is presenting. It seems as though you are there with the player, this audio mirage helped by sounds of his chair creaking, his arm brushing against the side of his instrument, his fingers scraping across the strings. You purchase the item straightaway, as determined to figure out the history of the recording as you are to wear out its grooves with repeated listenings. With Ten Fingers for Forefathers the proverbial chase has been cut right to. Take a listen and see if you can crack the sonic code contained therein. Edition of 500 Recorded at Black Dirt Studio.

18.98usd/9.76gbp/12.28eur/1988jpy (approx)

*So i would imagine that youd have one look at the photo of King Darves we have here and think "Oh brother! Another guy with a beard getting over what looks like a bad case of the clap and an acoustic guitar. Wheres my axe?" so were not gonna put it up here. (Mystique, dig?) But its really not like that, i tell you! The bedrock of King Darves New Brunswick based concoction is certainly folk based but theres no headband and hes not singing of pixies in the moss. This is somewhere
between rolled cigs and the foggy vision of Big Pink from somewhere on Jersey Avenue, or maybe a one-manned Meat Puppets. This kid has really cobbled something together in his kitchen sink! The Sun Splits For ... The Blind Swimmer will shock and please when the prettiest sound of his deep, rich voice comes out of yr headphones, and itll make you tap yr toes and nod yr head like a little Jersey Goil. - destijl

15.98usd/8.22gbp/10.34eur/1674jpy (approx)

*repressed… Gang Gang Dance are a group composed of well-known entities (in and around NYC in particular) but have left a sporadic, almost shadowy, impression upon people nonetheless. Various members play/have played in various other bands. Theyll surface to play a clutch of shows, most all well-attended, only to disappear again (as regards to any kind of reliable congregation). Oh, and theres also been no record to speak of, save a 100-copy CD, more or less fleetingly manifested for an art event with probably somewhere that amount of attendees. Anyways, now we have a document, albeit LP only, and thankfully definitely a good one. The opening female vocal ululations soon enough refract electronically, and the summoned whalesong dimension spires into an urgent metempsychotic groove. Coming as they do from different angles, its safe to assume there is humanity to the postproduction approach on here. Indeed the first side in its totality achieves a narrative facility which, when sized up against the nature of its parts, could remind one of a more quietly-alloyed Chrome. It does not end there, in fact there is something of a sense of unfinished business, and the second side strikes off with a snapping dream of desert suspense. Machinic industry rises up here too though, marking yet another salient entre into the crafted spuriousness GGD seek to espouse. An open drone fills for much of the half, accumulating a lyric denouement that possesses overtures toward melody and texture but less toward propulsive mien. Again, and as always with this outfit, not so fast, especially in assuming the accumulation will not build anew, and fairly dramatically, before the end. And it is when it in fact does that sadly deceased member Nathan Maddox joins the fray most obviously, his vox working up the Can-like lather along with the suddenly more brash (especially after the subdued interlude) compatriots, everything spiking up to the sendoff digitized muezzin wail.” - Dan Hougland; Other Music. Features Tim DeWit (ex-Cranium, Ssab Songs, Angelblood, White Magic, Neil Michael Hagerty, Cass McCombs), Brain DeGraw (ex-Cranium, Ssab Songs, Angelblood), Liz Bougatsos (Actress, Angelblood), Josh Diamond (Ssab Songs), and Nathan Maddox. Housed in a full color gatefold jacket.

20.98usd/10.79gbp/13.57eur/2197jpy (approx)

*Opening with a nod to Syd Barret's Pink Floyd (Piper at the Gates of Dawn) Take Refuge In Clean Living begins with morse code and drops into one of the heaviest slow-burn grooves in the Grails canon. Sounding something like Hawkwind and Ravi Shankar scoring Blade Runner, it's lysergic and earthy for Grails in a new way. The rest of the record moves from blissful Eno-inspired ambience, to epic Morricone rock hymns, to an unexpected take on a Ventures tune that returns the listener back to the very beginnings of instrumental rock music. Take Refuge in Clean Living sees Grails pulling back their already-wide lens on multiple sonic horizons. Grails often take what seems like would sound over-ambitious on paper and make it flow sonically in a laid-back style. The band is defined by exploration and they've created a template for themselves where any style or method can be ingested to reap legitimate rewards. Take Refuge seems to suggest that Grails can't run out of ideas.

20.98usd/10.79gbp/13.57eur/2197jpy (approx)

*Sound@One is pleased to present the first Ya ho wa 13 album in 33 years on a new subsidiary, phoenix records, releasing music specifically oriented towards the elevation of consciousness. This is a recording of the Yahowa 13 reunion show in San Francisco, November 2007, revealing that the bands music remains completely burnt. Hand silk-screened, edition of 500, full color fold-out poster insert designed by Arik Moonhawk Roper.

TAJ MAHAL TRAVELLERS- JULY 15, 1972 CD (showboat/sky station, japan)
29.98usd/15.42gbp/19.40eur/3140jpy (approx)

*shop favorite repressed… Official cd reissue of the first Taj Mahal Travellers album, licensed from Sony Japan. Originally issued by CBS in Japan in 1972, this has been incredibly in-demand for quite some time (this Showboat edition was first issued in 2001 or thereabouts and is now more widely available again). The precursor to the 2nd and final Taj-Mahal Travellers album, August 1974 (reissued on P-vine in the late '90s and still available), this represents Fluxus-inspired drone and improvisation at its peak. The line up for this album is: Takehisa Kosugi (electronic violin, radio oscillators & voice), Ryo Loike (electronic contrabass, suntool, harmonia & sheet iron), Yukio Tsuchiya (vibraphon, suntool), Michihiro Kimura (electronic guitar & percussion), Seiji Nagai (electronic trumpet, harmonica & castanet), Tokio Hasegawa (vocal), Kinji Hayashi (electronic engineer), Go Hamada (producer). Recorded live at Sohgetsu Hall, Tokyo on 7/15/72.

D.R. HOOKER- THE TRUTH LP (subliminal sounds, sweden)
26.98usd/13.88gbp/17.46eur/2826jpy (approx)

*shop favorite repressed on vinyl… One of the rarest U.S. psych albums, previously issued on cd by Subliminal Sounds, now in a beautiful and legit 180 gram vinyl LP reissue. The Truth, recorded in Connecticut in 1972, might very well be the ultimate North American acid rock album, ever. No hype here -- just incredible music. Tempting as it is to exaggerate the worth of such obscurities, The Truth deserves every plaudit that comes its way, making it astonishing that there was no real band to speak of. Instead, ten musicians are credited alongside the mysterious Donald Hooker, who wrote, sang and played lead on the album. Culled from the local music scene, they rehearsed only briefly before entering the studio. Tom Kobela, who played dobro on this record, remembers that Hooker "was a very likable, long-haired fellow" who "wore robes, which was pushing the dress code conventions even then." Despite his wasted appearance, though, he knew exactly what he wanted in the studio. Heralded by an eerie hoosh, the first track exemplifies the album's sound: a strong melody, funky drumming and percussion and piercing guitar, underpinning oddly philosophical, quasi-Christian lyrics. Some songs are mellow, while others rock hard. Other highlights include the irresistibly funky "A Stranger's Smile" and the beautifully structured "This Thing." But the album's masterpiece is the unforgettable "Forge Your Own Chains," whose smoldering groove, enlivened by delicate synth and atmospheric brass, provides the backing for Hooker's admonitory lyrics about the iniquities of substance abuse. This is one of those albums that keeps revealing new depths even when you've played it a hundred times. Connecticut hippie-philosopher concocts homemade lounge-psych masterpiece. True psychedelia! Includes a poster in a limited edition of 500 copies.

YA HO WHA 13- IM GONNA TAKE YOU HOME CD (swordfish, uk)
17.98usd/9.25gbp/11.63eur/1883jpy (approx)

*restocked… New reissue of this all-time classic from 1974, licensed directly from Father Yods Source Foundation in Hawaii. Previously only available as a long gone bootleg or as part of the 13CD Capt. Trip box, now readily available. This is one of deepest Ya Ho Wha albums, right up there with Penetration. "The ultimate acid album ever! These seminal west coast weirdsters are rumored to have had members of the 13th Floor Elevators and Sky Saxon involved and perform with them. True or not, this album is extremely rare and musically very, very weird! This mystical and drug-influenced collection of lysergic acid heads created some of the scariest sounds ever, definitely NOT for the faint hearted. After you light the blue touch paper, stand well back, because this toxic concoction will liquidize any cerebral matter within a 10 metre radius! Manic, screamed vocals are accompanied by relentless 100% twisted guitar on this mega rare platter. Presented in its original and totally authentic gatefold sleeve with the lovers and the chariot tarot card cover and the proclamation divine communion time is here, little kitties -- YA HO WA 009 --Licensed to give life! I could write a book on the cover. It is an absolute masterpiece of design, and probably the greatest cover in music history. Suffice it to say if you were to fully grasp the meaning and symbology of it, you would have the keys to magically transform your person and environment into your hearts desire and ride the chariot of god into the future of your own will, one with god. -- Djin Aquarian (Guitar) on Im Gonna Take You Home.

YA HO WHA 13- PENETRATION CD (swordfish, uk)
17.98usd/9.25gbp/11.63eur/1883jpy (approx)

*restocked… Official reissue of this album from 1974 -- one of the heaviest albums from Father Yod and crew. Along with Im Gonna Take You Home, its just the best -- one of the finest sacred space cadet acid-mantra psychedelic death trips of all time, for sure. Captain Father Yod moans & groans a perfect vocal chime over the top of the searing guitar rip of "Djin" and a massive cloak of tribal percussion and general peaked whatsis. Touched & tipped by higher forces you can only dream of -- this contain the most intense passages created by the band Ya Ho Wa 13. One of the best album covers of all time, too. "This was called an Aquarian Symphony back in 1974 to herald through music, the coming of the Aquarian Age, September 17th, 2003. It was ahead of its time. Now its time has come!" -- Djin Aquarian, (guitarist), May, 2003

15.98usd/8.22gbp/10.34eur/1674jpy (approx)

*A true solo endeavor, this LP is the debut of D. Charles Speer on long player. Recordings over a span of four years have been assembled here into a rumination on loss in its many forms - loss of direction, loved ones, home, mental acuity, money, and emotional stability. Half the tracks showcase Speer's resonant baritone vocals, while the others feature instrumental excursions both contemplative and fierce. The playing evinces influence from hillbilly, honky-tonk, west coast rock and mid-eastern sources, melding into a wholly American blend. Pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl and limited to 500 copies.


V/A- WIERD COMPILATION 3LP+7” (wierd, usa)
39.98usd/20.56gbp/25.87eur/4188jpy (approx)

*been trying to get this one for a while… Wierd Records in New York City is pleased to present as its innaugural release the “Wierd Compilation”, featuring 32 tracks by 15 bands which have performed live at WIERD - Brooklyn’s premier weekly DJ and live music party showcasing artists and DJs working within the post-wave, coldwave, and minimal synth genres of alternative pop and dance music since 2003. The sound of this international collection of bands ranges from uptempo analog synthesizer based electronic dance music influenced by early minimal synth and industrial dance to post-wave guitar driven music suggesting the influence of the European Coldwave and classic British and American post-punk sounds. The “Wierd Compilation” is made up of 3 vinyl LPs and a 7” vinyl single packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, and is accompanied by a 26 page 12” x 12” glossy print book containing over 500 pictures of the bands, and live performances at the WIERD Party. The Wierd Compilation was Produced by WIERD Party founder, artist and DJ Pieter Schoolwerth, and engineered by Marco Corales at Bonus Room Studio in Atlanta, and will be pressed in a hand-numbered edition of 1000 copies.


18.98usd/9.76gbp/12.28eur/1988jpy (approx)

*Soundtrack for Oliver Payne and Nick Relphs "Sonic The Warhol" film, written and composed by Brian Degraw of Gang Gang Dance. Hand stamped labels and jackets. Brown Sounds is the inhouse label of Gavin Browns Enterprises.

OCRILIM (OCTIS)- MENT LP (brown sounds, usa)
18.98usd/9.76gbp/12.28eur/1988jpy (approx)

*Limited "gallery" edition LP from Brownsounds/Gavin Browns Enterprises (500 copies). Mindbending solo recordings from Mick Barr of Orthrelm, all "painstakingly assembled" by Tim Dewit of Gang Gang Dance.

TOTAL LIFE- TOTAL LIFE LP (brown sounds, usa)
18.98usd/9.76gbp/12.28eur/1988jpy (approx)

*Limited "gallery" edition LP from Brownsounds/Gavin Browns Enterprises (500 copies). Second solo LP from Kevin Doria of Growing.

24.98usd/12.85gbp/16.16eur/2616jpy (approx)

*The legendary and never before heard 1968 recordings of Genesis P-Orridge and friends, transfered and mastered from the ORIGINAL tape, sounding better than the actual first (and only) pressed acetate from the Porridge With Everything Archives. Recorded in a roofspace attic during the summer of 1968 by Genesis P-Orridge and friends, and later pressed to a SINGLE acetate in 1969, this recording is probably the most documented (yet never heard) missing piece of musical history in the legacy of COUM Transmissions, Throbbing Gristle, and Psychic TV. We are proud to announce this as our first release, remastered and preserved in a limited vinyl pressing, with liner notes written by Genesis he/r-self. Limited to 500 numbered copies, sold out at the source.

14.98usd/7.70gbp/9.69eur/1569jpy (approx)

*The Grass Magic LP comes from Wisconsin (the label is Earjerk)... its a one-off jam that was recorded the night before the legendary Pasture Festival and Jubilee in August 2004, by a 10-person lineup that features most key members of The Davenport Family, both of The Skaters, Glenn Donaldson of Jewelled Antler.... its a total jam and it sounds like it, but once Side A gets going it picks up a nice walloping head of steam and one thing that distinguishes both sides from the general mid-00s moanwave onslaught is the crafty psychedelic rhythms that snake underneath. Anyway, Im glad they pressed this thing up (the cover is a thrift-store LP jacket turned inside out and silkscreened with stoner artwork, and some brief liners that name the lineup and include a rad quote from Rabindranath Tagore, stuff like that). - Larry Dolman, Blogstitude.

17.98usd/9.25gbp/11.63eur/1883jpy (approx)

*Two storied USA duo institutions share war stories across twelve miles of raw wax, and the rest of us are lucky enough to eavesdrop. Missoula, Montana’s Ex-Cocaine continue roping that weird rambling wind that seems to stir the soul and keep America mellow, and the pair of anthems they jam out here encapsulates the whole breadth of their sea-to-shining-sea cosmosis. Plainsong guitar lassoes around loose-limbed percussion flame-fanning, building and burning till a boss bonfire glows on the horizon, then they close out the side with a ragged and earnest Meat Puppets cover that’s become a live staple of late. Real and roamin’. On the B, Yellow Swans channel a supreme slice of psychedelic eulogy that cuts twice as deep with the knowledge that after many a summer (they birthed in 2002-ish) dies the Swan. Pete and Gabe’s DYS saga has spanned the decade and their impending non-existence will be lamented all over the world, so the more 11th hour record books they want to stencil with their electric synergies, the better for all of us. R.I.P.eace out. In a stunning “sexy legs” kaleidoscopic masterpiece art jacket by Religious Knife Maya Miller. Half on bleached olive vinyl, half on black. Edition of 600.

15.98usd/8.22gbp/10.34eur/1674jpy (approx)

*2005 solo recordings from Daniel Higgs of Lungfish originally released on cassette a few years back. killer.

FACTUMS- THE SISTRUM LP+7” (sacred bones, usa)
19.98usd/10.28gbp/12.93eur/2093jpy (approx)

*Full-length follow-up to last years lp on the recently resurrected Sitlbreeze label from this band that vaguely circles in the A-Frames/Intelligence/Fruit Bats orbit. Critics have compared Factums to Tronics, Cabaret Voltaire, or Pere Ubus more chaotic moments also citing some heavy Kraut influenced flashes. Includes three song 7" ep.

EAT SKULL- SICK TO DEATH LP (siltbreeze, usa)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/7.75eur/1255jpy (approx)

*Leave it to the English to embellish a term like "shit-gaze" and in doing so codify the current DIY threadbare scrape of Times New Viking, Psychedelic Horseshit, and Tyvek. No surprise that the greatest shit-gazer of all time was none other than Samuel Coleridge, an avowed Brit who, plied full of laudanum, would sit for hours and stare at his bowel movements, writing copious notes on their color, texture, etc. "Monday? Oh, stool journal, to where didst thine weekend go?"
At any rate, it's hard to gauge how much mileage the Limeys can get with such a phrase, but cross your fingers it hangs around long enough for Eat Skull to share in the odorous mirth. Call their genre whatever you want; Eat Skull will be ensconced in the stately pleasure-dome at Xanadu, waiting for the checks to clear.
Biscuit crumbs and tea stains be damned, Eat Skull are a quartet hailing from Portland, Oregon, co-masterminded by Rob Enbom (former bushwacker in the ranks of Hospitals and Hole Class) and another original Hospital, Rod Meyer (the greatest living genius of punk). Previous Eat Skull efforts include a cassette-only EP and a pair of 7-inches, all of which might be out of print. Like their brethren and forebears, Eat Skull runs a post pattern deep beyond pop and punk. They bring to the game an extrasensory appreciation of New Zealand's South Island Sound (Great Unwashed, Axemen), Cleveland art-damage skronk (Modern Art Studio, X-X), and the wretched excess of forgotten Midwest hardcore (Stiff Legged Sheep, Chemotherapy). In other words, just what you need!
Pip, pip matey, rum, sodomy, chin up and all that. Sick to Death is sure to be a lock for many year-end bests or Tom Lax's (DJ) name isn't Kublai Khan.

11.98usd/6.16gbp/7.75eur/1255jpy (approx)

*Adorably known to friends and family in Australia as Jarrod and Nisa, The Fabulous Diamonds' beguiling truck is a mesmerizing mix of synth, dub, and percussion, woven around honey-ache vocal stylings recalling (in spirit) past Aussie noisemakers Scattered Order or Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast, as well as those of Augustus Pablo, Young Marble Giants, and Suicide.
. Their one previous release was a 7-inch co-released by Nervous Jerk and Misteltone, and it garnered praise from the Blogosphere and a smattering of airplay on discerning freeform radio stations around the US. This LP on Siltbreeze has been in the works for the better part of a year; its release coincides their first American tour (along with Siltbreeze labelmates, Psychedelic Horseshit).
"Borne out of a tradition that lies somewhere between classic dub, experimentalism and post punk, Fabulous Diamonds foreground a style (unique) and substance (intriguing) that come together in a hypnotic frenzy. Assembled amidst high levels of delay, this Melbourne two-piece creates a truly bewildering mix.... It's the hit you've been waiting for throughout this post post-punk melee we live in. Fabulous Diamonds present a world drenched in discordant jams stemming from a parallel universe of sonic intensity, one that picks up on the heritage embedded in post-punk, but recreates rather than rehashes the influence." --Eliza Sarlos, Mess + Noise

15.98usd/8.22gbp/10.34eur/1674jpy (approx)

*restocked… Released 2002 by Conduit Creations, edition 500, hand-stamped art by Tamara Gayer. "The vinyl debut of IZITITIZ, a collective of extrememly active, but largely off the map NYC improvisers. Initially organized by Matthew Heyner of TEST and No-Neck Blues Band, the group has been active on the roofs, in the clubs/theaters and on the boats in and around the city since the early 21st century. High energy ecstatic ascensions, peaceful floating melodies and unique oddities not easily described recorded at ABC NO RIO and the Hinthouse. Ras Moshe - winds, Carter Thornton - guitar, etc. Jessie Wallace - percussion, James Duncan - trumpet.

17.98usd/9.25gbp/11.63eur/1883jpy (approx)

*restocked… This is the bomb NNCK dropped on ATP, December 2006. Entirely new sequence and improved mastering and fidelity from the CD-R version.

19.98usd/10.28gbp/12.93eur/2093jpy (approx)

*restocked… Domestic lp version of the Staubgold CD, includes a full color poster and two printed inserts, and has a slightly different sequence from the CD. The LP version includes a full color poster and two printed inserts, and has a slightly different sequence from the CD. The LP captures one entire magical session uncut, from which some excerpts for the CD were culled.

29.98usd/15.42gbp/19.40eur/3140jpy (approx)

*Ltd edition LP of their 2nd release following their debut on PSF. Killer release if I say so myself. Imagine La Monte Young crossbreeding with Takayanagi Masayuki. The disc is made up out of 2 side-long tracks that entwine around a minimal music aesthetic junked up with an improvisational free jazz like exploratory approach. The panoramic sonic outcome floats somewhere between the controlled burn of a detuned jet engine and the boundless fury of nomadic hordes on a rampage through the open Mongolian plains. Sucking in influences as wide ranging as Takayanagi, La Monte Young, esoteric Buddhist ritualistic mantras, Gagaku and a free-form psychedelic aesthetic, Hasegawa Shizuo succeeds brilliantly in resonating out a Dionysian vibration of harmonical tones pregnant with a pulsating intensity. Without a doubt one of the most interesting and intuitive sounds graced with a shamanistic sense of poetry to emerge out of deep subteranean belly of Tokyo. Still undetected but sure to blow headz worldwide. One time only edition of 400 copies housed in thicker than life jacket and high quality Japan pressed vinyl. LP only. Ltd. edition of 400 copies only. Comes with obi!


22.98usd/8.17gbp/10.41eur/1663jpy (approx)

*now available on vinyl… Nigeria Rock Special shines a light on the flipside of the well-documented sounds of highlife and Afrobeat coming out of Nigeria in the 1970s -- young bands caught up in the wave of psychedelic and progressive rock that was sweeping Europe and the States in the late '60s and early '70s. As time goes by, the many layers of musical output that formed around the world throughout the 1960s and '70s continues to be peeled back to reveal many welcome surprises. The explosion of rock n' roll that erupted out of the USA in the '50s fanned out around the globe from its epicenter and by the mid-1960s, kids all over the world were picking up guitars and checking themselves in mirrors. Nigeria was no exception. Spurred on by Cream drummer Ginger Baker's visits to Lagos and his band Airforce (featuring many Nigerian musicians), the sound of fuzzed-out rock reverberated around the universities and nightspots of Lagos and Ibadan. The craze that followed hit the youth and student population of Nigeria hard -- mixing fuzz guitar and heavy African rhythms with elements of Led Zeppelin, Traffic and The Chambers Brothers. Fifteen of the best cuts from the scene are available here for the first time in 30 years. Artists include: Ofege, The Action 13, The Hygrades, The Wings, Ofo The Black Company, The Elcados, Mono Mono, Tabukah "X", The Funkees, Colomach, Joe King Kologbo & His Black Sound, Question Mark, Original Wings, Tunji Oyelana and BLO.


SEBASTIAN- MOTOR MOMY ARMY 12” (because, france)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*What can we say? The return from the one and only prince of it all. Three tracker, all killer dancefloor burners. Amazing follow-up to the acclaimed and sooo sought-after Walkman2/Killing In The Name.

JUSTICE- DVNO 12” (because, france)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*New extract from the Justice album, with remixes from Justice themselves alongside Surkin (Institubes), Les Petits Pilous, and Sunshine Brother (legendary Todd Edwards), and L.A. Riots.

JUSTICE- PHANTOM II 12” (because, france)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*restocked… Great set of remixes. 2000% hit again and again and again. Do you remember the first 2000 limited masterpiece Phantom with some children singing on the flip? It was before that 'D.A.N.C.E.' struck the world and stuck everybody to the B.E.A.T. This time, on the A-side, the whole 'Phantom' story is related: Part 1 + Part 2. On the B-side, Soulwax bring their trademark: a meticulous sonic exploration plus some extra-sensory abuse thrown in for good measure to the head-swirling disco violins of 'Phantom Pt II.' Peddling a noisy (of course), pummeling and instantly likeable electro-house style, Herr Ridha aka Boys Noize is responsible for this big out-and-out (and out) Vox mix! As a part of that axis of European speaker-blowers (including the Institubes and Ed Banger lot) he manages on this remix to re-cut up the original 'Tenebrae' Goblin sample to a fantastic dancefloor-banging tune.

KLAXONS- AS ABOVE, SO BELOW 12” (because, france)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*restocked… Features a Justice remix. Klaxons' new French exclusive release. Too good to be true? Probably, but it has happened: UK indie rockers Klaxons have been remixed by cruising Parisian electro producers Justice and the result is this swoon-worthy track which adds a definitive club appeal to the song. Think Michael McDonald and the old sound, proof that we still have much to learn from decades past. On the B-side, you'll find the original track, but sung in French, yes, by Klaxons themselves, which makes this 12" a genuine French exclusive EP. Vive la France! Pressed on clear vinyl.

9.98usd/5.13gbp/6.46eur/1045jpy (approx)

*restocked… Limited edition teaser sampler from the Steak OST. First long film by Quentin Dupieux aka Mr. Oizo. This original project is the result of the collaboration between Quentin Dupieux aka Mr. Oizo, famous for his electronic saturated, deranged nursery rhymes, whose planetary hit single 'Flat Beat' illustrated the Levi's ad campaign of 1999. Sebastian, considered for the past 3 years as one of the most talented producers of his generation, has already released two singles on Ed Banger Records and stroke remixes for Kelis, Daft Punk, Mylo, the Rakes and the Klaxons. And Sebastien Tellier, a troubadour that has contributed to the re-birth of French pop creating a very personal universe influenced equally by traditional 'Chanson Française' and by film scores from the '60s and '70s, with a tinge of experimental.

TIGERSKIN- PETER'S SECRET WEAPON 12” (dirt crew, germany)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*Alex Krueger follows up his excellent Push The Patton 12" with an absolute minimal killer with three quality tracks that were produced with analog equipment only. The title track is a warm and reduced builder with a devastating guitar breakdown. "Wanted" is a typical Tigerskin rave anthem --pure power on the dancefloor. The last track is more funky and has a great electro groove to it, featuring a beautiful break with great analog sounds.

12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*We are very proud to introduce to you Dirty's first 'real' release from our long-time friends Discodeine. Discodeine are Pilooski and Benjamin Morando. They're inspired by Morricone's weirdest sounds, Chicago house, Kraut rock and of course, disco. Don't expect long words on this, we just think that the music speaks for itself. Expect more music and live action from Discodeine in the near future. Already played, supported and charted by Prins Thomas, Ewan Pearson, Simian Mobile Disco, Tricski et al.

DSL- INVADERS 12” (ed banger, france)
13.98usd/7.19gbp/9.05eur/1464jpy (approx)

*A new Ed Banger is always a great promise of quality club music, and this one is not bending the rules. Killer French hip-hop with the usual Ed Banger twist that makes it a potential worldwide hit. Also including a killer Djedjotronic remix, and Mr. Ed Banger himself, Busy P. remix.

M.S.K.- LUNAR 12” (institubes, france)
13.98usd/7.19gbp/9.05eur/1464jpy (approx)

*MSK's peculiar brand of floor-packing techno is gloriously relentless, quite dark, even claustrophobic. After an innocuous bass 'n' beat prelude, 'Side Story' launches into the build-up to end all build-ups, a seething, snarling beast ostensibly in search for some innocent people to maul, for some buildings (hospitals and nurseries, preferably) to destroy. And when Das Glow shows up and reports for remix duties, whose side do you think he chooses to be on? Not ours. He's right up there with the demon-beast, taunting us puny humans with his own style of deft programming, acid synth lines and abrupt breaks.

SURKIN- RADIO FIREWORKS 12” (institubes, france)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/7.75eur/1255jpy (approx)

*restocked… 'Kiss & Fly' is a heavy, truculently paced track which takes three minutes to build up the runway for a flying synthetic woman with a smile so heartening it's shady. She's actually more of a woman-jingle than a proper woman, but I mean, isn't that much better? Then 'Radio Fireworks' does everything, loves everything and knows what you don't know. It's a simple yet dense and solid track, with harmonies that work both like rhythmic engines and emotional stimulators. Its artificial vocals teach us many things about humanity that real voices will never able to. The kick is so tight and definitive you won't even dare touch it, like those super-athletic butts some playmates have. So if I'd have to sum up this tune, I'd say it's like Indo Silver Club + Soundhack + Hooo-lyyy-Wooood sur la French Riviera.

CURSES!- HUNGRY FOR LOVE 12” (institubes, france)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*restocked… Institubes' latest record is a debut 12" coming straight from the deepest pit in hell -- Brooklyn. Curses is not a total rookie, though. Wrapped in this elegantly engineered cloak of mystery, is bass heavyweight champ, Drop The Lime. Under this new guise, he's all about reigniting the excitement of early '90s dance music. But he's so not retro. His peculiar brand of mutated house defies everything you think you know about 'proper club music.' He makes evil records that challenge you to play them out, LOUD, and then amply reward you for doing so.

12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*restocked… In their native Australia, they are the next big thing: the Melbournians sent ripples across the world with airplay on BBC1 and MTV2 UK/Europe, and back home on Triple J radio. For its first non-French release, Institubes couldn't be prouder. They've remixed tracks for !!!, Kim, The Presets, Dragonette, Electric Six and Damn Arms, while Juggernauts' tracks have been remixed by Sebastian, Cut Copy, Popular Computer and The Presets. Lead single 'Road To Recovery' is a dizzying array of stomping disco beats, spiraling synths and effervescent guitars, a sonic mission through laser-soaked corridors and rainbow-lit roller derbies. It's the perfect intro to Midnight Juggernauts' debut album. On the flip, 'Tombstone' is a surefire party starter, so full-on, so anthemic when the drums and guitars emerge from the vocoderized incantation, the kind of indie synth-rock beast that the electro kids love. 'Popular Computer,' courtesy of Kitsuné and fresh out of a splendid New Young Pony Club remix, turns the synths way up and pours lush melancholy into the mix. Heart-breaking and hard-hitting.

12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*restocked… Vincent (vox/keys), Andy (guitars/vox), and new drummer Daniel Stricker (formerly of The Valentinos) have everything going for them: airplay on Radio 1, support from the Ed Banger/Justice cabal, remixes for !!!, Dragonette and VHS Or Beta, two European tours under their belts and a third one to come. Hot on the heels of the original Road To Recovery 12", we wanted to see what would happen if we put those massive discoid drums and laser synths in the hands of two angry young men known for two different but equally powerful takes on dancefloor destruction: D.I.M. from Germany and Curses! from Brooklyn.

CHLOE- BE KIND TO ME 12” (kill the dj, france)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*From the highly-acclaimed album The Waiting Room, here are the remixes from the likes of Krikor and Rework.

CHLOE- SUSPENDED 12” (kill the dj, france)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*restocked… First extract from Chloé's debut album. We know, you've been awaiting her album for a long time. Not just a string of 12"s, it will be a real album, guided by Chloé's dreams, obsessions and her own unique universe. Just to keep you waiting, here comes the first sampler. The track is called 'Suspended,' a perfect definition of Chloé's music. B-side is a 'Broke' remix, Mattias Aguayo and Rockness' new project. They put the track into a trippy ambient mood and yes, we love it. It's getting hot in here.

CHLOE- THE WAITING ROOM 2LP (kill the dj, france)
25.98usd/13.36gbp/16.81eur/2721jpy (approx)

*restocked… First extract from Chloé's debut album. We know, you've been awaiting her album for a long time. Not just a string of 12"s, it will be a real album, guided by Chloé's dreams, obsessions and her own unique universe. Just to keep you waiting, here comes the first sampler. The track is called 'Suspended,' a perfect definition of Chloé's music. B-side is a 'Broke' remix, Mattias Aguayo and Rockness' new project. They put the track into a trippy ambient mood and yes, we love it. It's getting hot in here.

FRED HUSH- DEFINITION TRACK 12” (kill the dj, france)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*We did not meet Fred Hush in a trendy nightclub. He is not a reclusive genius who sent us demos with spooky letters with the handwriting of a serial killer. No. We met him in a club on the French/Belgian border where partying comes first, music second, good or bad. When he played that 'Definition Track,' Ivan Smagghe freaked out simply because it reminded him what house music (dare we say 'old school house music') was all about: simplicity. Since then, we've been very busy. And Fred too... Ivan thinks he is one of the most talented European producers around. On the remix side, we are also very happy to have the first solo effort by Jennifer Cardini. And an effort it is not. The remix has got the natural flow of the people who know.

REMOTE- THE HARDSTICK 12” (kill the dj, france)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*After the highly-acclaimed previous release on KTDJ by Remote, here's the new offering from the French techno kids. Including a killer La Horse RMX. Already approved, played and playlisted by Ivan Smagghe, Chloé et al.

REMOTE- GET A REAL JOB 12” (kill the dj, france)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*restocked… Henry went dirty, you remember, and then he decided to clean up. Remote, a new addition to the Kill the DJ roster is not the new clean Henry but rather the dirt that stayed in the sink. Charming isn't it? Eric & Seb are a couple of the most talented Parisian producers at the moment (wait to hear their future rock project) and this 12" shows it in a definitely dirty way. 'Teaser' is a slow Italo-style number that flow god knows where but the trip is worth the money. 'Twilight' is bleep-a-go-go with a groove that saves it from being clichéd. It features lyrics by Nancy Fortune, of Viewlexx fame, for added sleaze. 'Trafalgar Square' screeches like the acid police (if 909 had been replaced by 303). Nice and sleazy does it!

ASWEFALL- YOUNGEEZ REMIX 12” (kill the dj, france)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/7.75eur/1255jpy (approx)

*restocked… The second instalment of the aswefall remixes. Following Chloé and Der Schmeisser ('Ride' remixes), come another two of our favourite artists. The first remix comes courtesy of Shaeben & Voss, head honchos of the excellent German label Firm Records. The fucked-up approach of these guys perfectly fits the mood of aswefall. They have turned the track into a schizophrenic hypnotic monster which is never exactly right. As usual, that's why we love it. The second remix is by James Savage and Jonnie Wilkes (of Optimo fame and member of the Kill the DJ family), under their Naum moniker (taking a break from Kompakt) they have created a track of trance rock at its best!

DYNAMO- BARK LIKE A DOG 12” (kill the dj, france)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/7.75eur/1255jpy (approx)

*restocked… In those times of formulaic minimalism (we thought minimalism implied great ideas -- obviously we were wrong) or wrong side of the road electro, what is left to us. Being accused of a punk funk revival (so soon?) would scare many. Not Marc Collin (of Nouvelle Vague fame) and Murielle Moreno (so cool it hurts, glitz and fame forgotten in favor of a strict underground ethos). She is not barking but she certainly shows her fangs . Angry women make the best singers. In addition, we hope you'll like the Volga Select mix (Ivan Smagghe & Marc Collin project), throwing their usual analog disco romp in the mix. So we have a dance record with attitude. The only ones, whatever their style, speed, or colour, we really love.

11.98usd/6.16gbp/7.75eur/1255jpy (approx)

*restocked… Production by Jennifer Cardini. Remixes by Remote, Pan/Tone, Aswefall. "Retro-futurism it is then... a cover of a French early eighties classic (sung by Lio, written and produced by Elie and Jacno... some of you may know it) with lyrics that still make some of us weep. It had to be our first proper release. It really had to. And what could be more minimal than a 'Lonely Lover?' Jennifer Cardini got that in her stripped down approach. Although she is not the lonely one here, as she is joined here by HenryGoesDirty in her deep and slow sex approach. Henry pervs it up in an incredible electro (dare dance to it please) remix. Other versions come from our cherished Aswefall (check out the album Bleed on Kill the DJ) going Lindstrom on us and Pan/Tone reminding us that although they may have romantic haircuts in Cologne, they also can deliver fierce beats. Love is hard, so are we.

JASON EDWARDS- CODEINE REMIXES 12” (kill the dj, france)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/7.75eur/1255jpy (approx)

*restocked… Here is the first extract from Ouest, Jason Edwards' album released on Kill The DJ. And yes, 'Codeine' it is. Thanks to the heroes in the making of tiger timing: Johnny Burnip, legendary purveyor of quality music at the London Sounds of the Universe emporium (and home to the excellent Soul Jazz -- label -- check his capracara stuff!), and Radovan Scasacia, the man behind the über-cool projects Secondo and AM/PM. Obscure? Not for long, guys, if we judge by the quality of this mix. Jason can also dance, thanks to our friend Tim Paris. Honestly, we think this is Tim's best yet. He managed to strip everything down to a minimal groove that jives like a Berliner. A proper remix, true to both Jason and that murky edge we love and cherish.

BATTANT- KEVIN [1989] 12” (kill the dj, france)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*shop favorite, restocked… Killer new signing from the Kill The DJ stable. Electro punk funk of highest order. Including remix by the master of it all: Mr. Andrew Wetherall. Tip!

SVEN WEISEMANN- KISS OF ABANA 12” (mojuba, germany)
13.98usd/7.19gbp/9.05eur/1464jpy (approx)

*Sven Weisemann, who was recently very busy by providing remixes and tracks for the likes of House Cafe Music, Styrax Leaves, Styrax, Liebe*Detail, Rotary Cocktail, Freund Der Familie, ProgCity, Deep Trax and Meanwhile, is now coming up with some fresh killer stuff for Mojuba, the musical place of origin. The A-side 'Kiss Of Abana' is a catchy dancefloor monster with banging percussive drums and trademark Weisemann chords. The B-side 'Amity' seems to keep it cool in the beginning, but that's only the prelude to a funky feast of deepness!

NICK SOLE- WORLD DUBBING 12” (mojuba, germany)
11.98usd/6.16gbp/7.75eur/1255jpy (approx)

*restocked… Nick Solé, who did the very first Mojuba is back, like he never was away! If you ever asked yourself how deep house should sound like, now you have the chance to experience. The A-side is an epic ocean of the deepest house sounds which will blow you away with its hypnotic organic feel and harmony! The B-side is a dancefloor-shaking percussion drum track with a catchy dubby atmosphere! Get it while you can!

SEBASTIEN TELLIER- SEXUAL SPORTSWEAR 12” (record makers, france)
12.98usd/6.68gbp/8.40eur/1359jpy (approx)

*restocked… New 12'' from the man behind 'La Ritournelle.' Taken from the album Sexuality, it is produced by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk fame, as is the rest of the album. It also features a smashing Sebastian remix, of Ed Banger fame. 'Sexual Sportswear' is Tellier's musical statement for love-making: simple, emotional, hypnotic.


gift certificates are always available in any denomination and come in a envelope ready to be stocking stuffed, slipped into pockets or dispensed in any way you see fit. they can be paid for in cash, credit card (visa, master card or discover) or paypal in person, phoned in or via email. gift certificates not paid for in person can either be mailed to you, or we can keep it in shop if the recipient plans to use it for mail-order.


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