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ah right! so all you tax payers out there (c’mon, i know there’s at least a few of you) more than likely just got a lil govt kick back this week, so now it’s time to do yr civic duty and spend sum a’ that green on sum black… vinyl! seriously, there are so many good records (and cds) in this week (as well as spill over from previous weeks), that one coulds easily grab 600.00usd worth (and if you need more musics, but are short the bread, i know a place on the corner that’ll buy yr gold fo big money… holla!!!). some of this weeks highlights include: big time fire museum stock (the madras 74 disc is a personal fave), new, to the shop at least, el records titles (touch of evil soundtrack? oh, indeed), john phillips vinyl reissue (!), more musics of islam cd’s, new unheard kluster cds, les rallize denudes restocks, new love peace and poetry comp (chile!!!), os mutantes, joy divison and cure vinyl, great stuff recordings new and restocked titles, and so, so much more. come on by and check em out!!!



as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

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V/A- MELENUDOS! LP (gorilla, spain)
25.98usd/13.15gbp/16.80eur/2701jpy (approx)

*15 floor-filler tracks taken from rare Spanish 45s and LPs, 1967-1974: a fantastic journey through Spanish freakbeat, soul, beat and garage-psych scene, featuring killer tracks from groups like Los Shakers, Los Ros, Shelly & Nueva Generación, Z 66, Los Archiduques, Los Roller... including Spanish-sung cover versions from artists like Blues Magoos, Spencer Davies Group, Jimmy Robins, etc. Superb full color cover, remastered sound, insert with liner notes in English/Spanish and pictures.

27.98usd/14.16gbp/18.10eur/2909jpy (approx)

*The Rhythm Checkers were an exceptional beat group playing a raw mixture of rhythm and blues and rock and roll with a wild garage attitude. Maybe we can call them the European Sonics. Formed by musicians native to France, Germany and Holland with Roland 'Bouboule' Bauer (vocal), the regretted Robby Sterheim (lead guitar), Eddy Van Nelfen (rhythm guitar), Kurth Horbach (bass), later replaced by Dany Gentner and Norbert Holweck (drums), they set the stage on fire during their shows in France between the years 1966 and 1967. It is in Strasbourg where The Rhythm Checkers release their first EP with their powerful composition 'Cause I Need You,' which is a real classic of European garage rock. Their second EP is a unique document of their stage savageness thanks to these recordings captured live when they opened for Chuck Berry in Paris on February 1967. It's amazing how these guys made it live... they make my wig jump listening on record. The eight mythical tracks of their two rare records are present on this LP, and as a bonus, both sides of their single recorded in 1972 during the reformation of the group under the name of Checkers in the prog-pop style of the time. The record comes with an insert with all the history and never-published photos of the band, both in English and French. Limited release of 500 copies only!

17.98usd/9.10gbp/11.63eur/1869jpy (approx)

*In 1969, John Phillips was moving past The Mamas and The Papas, and assembled a collection of songs at his home studio that would eventually become his first solo album, and the only one to be released during his lifetime. It is an album reflective of the changing era, and the ever-changing composer and arranger. The album was produced by Lou Adler, who produced all of the Mamas and the Papas recordings as well as Carol King's Tapestry and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Playing on the album are many of the session musicians who contributed to the success of The Mamas and The Papas, Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson, as well as countless other recordings in the '60s and '70s, and whom John dubbed the 'greatest players in the world' (including Hal Blaine, Larry Knechtel, Joe Osborn, James Burton, Buddy Emmons and Red Rhodes). Mastered from a new analog-to-digital transfer from the original Lou Adler mix tape. John Phillips has been called one of the greatest pop songwriters of the later 20th century.

KLUSTER- ADMIRA CD (important, usa)
15.98usd/8.09gbp/10.34eur/1661jpy (approx)

*Previously unreleased recordings from 1971… Limited edition. Packaged in a deluxe 4 panel embossed heavy duty gatefold jacket. Admira is sourced from original master recordings discovered by Kluster member and Tangerine Dream engineer Klaus Freudigmann. Along with Vulcano, also being released at the same time on Important, Admira is presented here for the first time in this deluxe package. These intense sessions were made with Schnitzler at the helm, as always, after the departure of Mobius and Roedelius from the group. Conrad Schnitzler founded Kluster in 1969 along with Roedelius, Mobius and often Klaus Freudigmann who had multiple roles within the group as a player, engineer and instrument inventor. Eventually Roedelius and Mobius left Kluster and continued on as Cluster while Schnitzler and Freudigmann continued as Kluster often exploring the communal aspects of music by bringing new people into the group. Admira is limited to 1000 copies and is packaged in a deluxe gatefold jacket made to emulate the original die-stamped puffy packaging for Kluster's album Klopfzeichen.

KLUSTER- VULCANO CD (important, usa)
15.98usd/8.09gbp/10.34eur/1661jpy (approx)

*Previously unreleased live recordings from 1971, recorded in Wuppertal, Germany… Packaged in a limited edition deluxe heavy duty gatefold jacket with 4 panel embossing. Vulcano is sourced from original master recordings discovered by Kluster member and Tangerine Dream engineer Klaus Freudigmann. Along with Admira, also being released at the same time on Important, Vulcano is presented here for the first time in this deluxe package. These intense sessions were made with Schnitzler at the helm, as always, after the departure of Mobius and Roedelius from the group. Vulcano is limited to 1000 copies and is packaged in a deluxe gatefold jacket made to emulate the original die-stamped puffy packaging for Kluster's album Klopfzeichen.

LES RALLIZES DENUDES- LE 12 MARS 1977 A TACHIKAWA 2CD (over level, france)
27.98usd/14.16gbp/18.10eur/2909jpy (approx)

*Repressed. Double CD bootleg, of the most historic Rallizes recording of them all (originally issued by the band in 1991, only very briefly available -- there have been no legitimate Rallizes recordings since). Mastered from CD (presumably), with relatively extravagant die-cut printed sleeve packaging. "Les Rallizes Dénudés, Haddaka No Rallizes in Japanese, and probably 'Les Valises Dénudés' in French, are the most obscure group from Japan. Their guitar-based music began at Kyoto University in late 1967 with their first official gig in 1968. While their self-released recordings from this time are structured in a loose Group Sound ('GS')/Folk Boom-type style, their live shows featured deafening volume, strobe lights and mirrors for maximum disorientation. This, of course, invites comparison with the Velvet Underground's Exploding Plastic Inevitable not to mention Le Stelle de Mario Schifano's art-show happenings in Italy during 1967-68. References could also apply to the Grateful Dead before losing Tom Constantine and Ron 'Pigpen' McKernen. In any case, the volume was too much for others to deal with -- a relationship with a theatre group fell apart due to the band's refusal to turn their amplifiers down. Nothing was going to change for the next 20 years... In the late 1970s the band reappeared, playing their best music. It seemed that punk had allowed Mizutani, with his newly cut hair and leather clothing, one more chance to unleash his over-the-top distortion-laden guitar over their simple melodic rhythms for a supreme Asian form of acid-punk annihilation. In August of 1991 releases were finally made available. Three CDs appeared on the band's own SIXE label. These were 67-69 Studio et Live, Mizutani/Les Rallizes Dénudés, and the 77 Live 2CD set. The only other non-CDR artifacts are a video released in 1992 and a 7" included with the Japanese Etcetera magazine from 1996. It is all rare, sought after and expensive. The 77 Live release (reissued and re-named here with new diecut B&W artwork and photos, mimicking the old Ocora LP sleeve style) is the best, a document of extreme feedback and distressed guitar with Mizutani's detached vocals laid over languid rhythms, unbelievable in intensity.

LES RALLIZES DENUDES- LIVE 1972 CD (over level, france)
18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*restocked… Second Rallizes bootleg on this label, the most "overground" of all Rallizes' affiliated labels. "Legit" or "authorized" material from this mythical group is seen about as frequently as Loch Ness himself. There are only 2 words printed anywhere on this CD (besides the group's name): "live" and "1972". Say no more. Live material from 1972. This band was a major inspiration to groups like High Rise, Kousokuya, Acid Mothers Temple and Keiji Haino. The absolute peak of Japanese psychedelia." Official description: "Early hand-held audience recordings (dig those tape flips!) from 1972. Frequently compared in sound and spirit to the Velvets and The Dead, for this slogged-out set 'Hawkwind' may be more appropiate. Play it loud enough and you'll think you are there, holding the mic.

HADAKA NO RALLIZES- YODO-GO-A-GO-GO CD (10th avenue freeze out, usa)
18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*restocked… aka Flightless Bird Needs Water Wings. The young person's guide to Les Rallizes Denudes! Now available everywhere in the free world! Seemingly endless sonic flame-throwers of phased white noise streak across your inner landscape, as stupidly loud and overly-backlit lead guitar emissions perpetrated by a perpetually be-shaded longhair pummel the similarly be-shaded but barely adequate musical backing that sags and creaks under the wattage. Occasionally, lead vocals of a singular variety are provided by said be-shaded mad axeman, whose paranoid personality ensures all songs are delivered in a voice of querulous subterranean gargling from beyond the valley of Alan Vega. My giddy aunt, what's this, then, a Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy from the Underworld? A rough guide to Japrock's most intuitive non-career movers? Has the world's most revolutionary rock'n'roll band released a compilation album of leader Mizutani's most frequently requested tracks due to overwhelming popular demand? Ja, mein hairies, this certainly seems to be the case. For, with the arrival of this superb Flightless Bird compilation, obsessive fans of Les Rallizes Denudés (are there any other kinds?) finally have a proper 'early career' overview of Mizutani & Co. at their fingertips, a 70-minute-long super distillation of this most contrary of band's choicest musical moves executed between 1967-'82, a superb sounding and partly/mostly chronological trawl through the freaked out and perpetually-yelping mindscape of singer and avant-avalanche guitarmonger Mizutani, and his sinister-yet-interchangeable pool of black clad world-to-rights acolytes. --Head Heritage

18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*White Lace & Strange is comprised of rare U.S. stomp-rock from the '60s you've probably never heard before. By the end of the '60s, psychedelia was pretty much a spent force. Bands were looking for something simpler and more earthy. Crosby, Stills & Nash had gone all acoustic and harmonious, The Band had achieved a return to classic Americana, and James Taylor was showing the world you could be laid back and hip at the same time. However, not everyone wanted to ditch their fuzzboxes. Inspired by such outfits as Cream, Blue Cheer, Hendrix and the nascent Led Zeppelin, these American bands were moving out of psych into something less cosmic and far heavier. This mix of blooze rock and heavy riffing is loud and nasty but it pre-dates metal. It's pretty tripped-out, but it's not really psychedelia. It's the sound of guitar, bass and drums (and the occasional Hammond organ) just as it was meant to be -- cranked up and in your face. No frills, just power chords and stomping riffs. Stamp on that Big Muff and solo till your brain drops out. Compiled by Psychic Circle label head, Nick Saloman of The Bevis Frond.

18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*glossy gatefold heavy sleeve; 180 gram pressing; transparent red vinyl, 62 minutes. The Love, Peace & Poetry series from QDK continues in Chile, with 17 tracks culled from some of the lost treasures of the psychedelic music scene of the 7-year period between 1967-1973. In 1973, the Chilean dictatorship banned most rock bands and most musicians had to stop or leave the country, or take it underground. The ban extended to the retroactive destruction of many master tapes for many of the albums included here, which only just stopped as recently as the 1980s. Kissing Spell represents with "Yellow Moon" taken from their 1970 album Los Pajaros, as well as Embrujo who released their self-titled LP in 1971. Los Jaivas' debut LP was pressed privately in 1971 in a small edition of 500 copies, making this track extra-rare. Los Vidrios Quebrados were one of the real South American psychedelic classics -- their Byrds-like jangle-pop coming through clearly on their track. Aguaturbia were pioneers of psychedelic rock in Latin America, who also generated considerable controversy over their album covers. Los Blops released three now very rare and very sought-after LPs between 1970 and 1973, and their sound was focused on their guitarist's electric 12-string guitar (an unusual instrument in Chile at the time). Sacros were among the first electric folk-rock bands to perform during Catholic mass -- their recording was almost destroyed by the military and only a handful of copies survived. Los Macs' 1967 masterwork, Kaleidoscope Men, is rightfully considered by many collectors to be one of the finest examples of '60s psychedelia from South America and original copies are impossibly rare. Los Beat 4 was one of the most successful groups of the national scene in the mid-'60s and both of their rare LPs are represented here. Tumulto was respected for being non-commercial, and their track is taken from their rare debut album. Escombros released their sole LP in 1970 and are a gem in the psychedelic progressive folk style. Congregación released their sole LP on the IRT label in 1972, and El Congresso's sound is the result of a unique blend of contemporary elements and Andean roots. Chilean psychedelic music was produced during a time of great cultural change and social turmoil and is exceedingly rare and very special.

18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*restocked… This is the ninth volume in the impressive Love, Peace & Poetry compilation series, following America, Latin America, Asia, UK, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and Africa. In Turkey, as the 1950s became the 1960s, just as in cities and towns across Britain and America, countless musical groups began to spring up as young people felt the pull of a growing youth movement. The music that would come from Turkey would blend European and Asian influences unique to that country and essential to the cultural synthesis of Turkish folk and Western rock music that emerged in 1967-1968. The great Delta blues players like Robert Johnson created music with one acoustic guitar in much the same way that traditional türkü arrangements were played originally on one saz (traditional Turkish instrument). If you consider the ways in which classic Delta blues songs were later given electric rock arrangements by musicians like John Mayall, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones and others you will have a fuller understanding of the Turkish rock/pop music of this era. Artists featured include: Moğollar (described as "Anadolu pop" or "Anatolian pop" -- the essence of the ancient and mystical soul of Turkish folk music; known as the "Turkish Pink Floyd"); Selda (politically-themed music, a transformation of traditional Turkish folk music and poetry into more contemporary rock-based music similar to the transformation of traditional folk-blues in the West); Özdemir Erdoğan (well-known jazz guitarist, vocalist and arranger; his track was originally a well-known türkü by Asik Veysel, one of the most revered Turkish folk poets); Erkin Koray (the most psychedelic Turkish rocker ever, made his best recordings between 1970 and 1974 -- the song here was recorded in 1971 with his band, Erkin Koray Supergroup). Edip Akbayram (a türkü arranger and singer -- one of the last examples of the best Turkish rock music of the 1960s-1970s, as there was a definite shift away from those traditions after the beginning of the 1980s). Cem Karaca (another important rock singer known for his political stance); Üç Hürel (Turkish rock group formed in 1970 by three brothers; unique for designing their own instruments: drums created from traditional Turkish percussion instruments, a double-necked stringed creation that had an electric saz on one half and an electric guitar on the other); Bülent Ortaçgil (songwriter and singer who released his debut LP in1974, an album which has become a Turkish pop classic recently reissued on CD; Ortaçgil is unique because of the absence of Eastern influences in his music, sounding more Western as a result). As the smoke from the hookah rises around you and the intricate patterns in the finely-woven carpet open upon new worlds of meaning, breathe in the music deeply and enjoy.

18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*restocked… This is volume eight of the Love, Peace & Poetry series. Many records on this compilation are from South Africa, but it also covers countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Zambia. As in the other six volumes of this series the tracks are only taken from rare LP's and some fetches prices over $1500 for an original. The biggest problem with original records from African countries are finding them in good condition. The turntables where very very poor and the hot and humid climate does not preserve records very good. Sometimes termites eaten away complete record covers. In addition earthquakes, sandstorms, floods, wars, revolutions and other heavy influences made it hard to release albums and keep them in good shape since the late 60's. All this makes this compilation very special beside the amazing good music. The Bands: Abstract Truth / A-Cads / Flames / Freedoms Children / McCully Workshop / Third Eye / Those Five / Suck / Otis Waygood Ten Light Claps / Wildebeest / Mack Sigis Porter / Blo / Ofege / Quentin E Klopjaeger / Rikki Ililonga / Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family.

18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*restocked… The most recent volume of the Love, Peace & Poetry series, Mexican Psychedelic Music, takes as its focus what was one aspect of our second collection in this series, Latin American Psychedelic Music. While there are some parallels between the evolution of rock and roll in the US and Mexico, the stories are out of synch with each other in interesting ways. In the US, the first wave of rock and roll presented a challenge to longstanding racial divisions and repressed sexuality that was fought off (by 1960 Elvis was in the Army, Jerry Lee Lewis in exile, Chuck Berry in prison and Little Richard turned to Jesus) and replaced by the mostly bland and neutered pop of singers like Fabian, Dion, Paul Anka, Frankie Avalon and Pat Boone (if you've ever wonder what music might sound like in Hell listen to Pat Boone's covers of Little Richard; possibly the most frightening music ever made). The history of Mexican pop music remains calm and fairly controversy free through the 1950s and into the late 1960s. The economic prosperity that fueled the Baby Boom generation in the United States didn't exist for Mexican youth, nor was Mexico as racially volatile or sexually repressed. In the 1950's the culture of the United States was far more shook up by Elvis and his gyrating army than was Mexico. Rock and roll became dangerous in Mexico when it began to be mixed with a challenge to the political status quo. Tracks from rare LPs by The Flying Karpets, Grupo Ciruela, Los Ovnis, La Onda De Survival, and Nahuatl help complete our tour through the various climates of 1960s-1970s Mexican psychedelia, and readily demonstrate the origins of a musical culture that continues on into contemporary times in the many bands that make up the active Mexican music scene here in the new century.

18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*restocked… Music, and the arts in general, in the 1960s provided first hand experience with freedom and creativity of thought and ideas that stretched far beyond the confines and borders set by oppressive regimes and repressive political leadership in general. In Brazil the musical artists of the 1960s and 1970s blended rock, tropicalia, classical, jazz, eastern music and regional music with everything available to create an amazing music universe that we have just skimmed the surface of in this collection. Artists include: O Brando, Os Brazões, A Bolha, Liverpool, Bango, The Buttons, Assim Assado, O Têrço, Spectrum, Módulo 1000, Os Lobos, Rubinho E Mauro Assumpção, Sound Factory, Terço, Paulo Bagunça, Lula Côrtes E Zé Ramalho, Marcos Valle, Hugo Filho, Marconi Notaro.

OS MUTANTES- A DIVINA COMÉDIA OU ANDO MEIO DESLIGADO LP (vinyl lovers, russian federation)
31.98usd/16.19gbp/20.68eur/3325jpy (approx)

*Third album, released in 1970 from these geniuses of wacked-out Brazilian psychedelic rock. They may have been trying to pay homage to their better-known icons back in the States, but in doing so created something that went beyond all that until, 30 years later, they became the ones that everyone was trying to imitate. This album, further testimony to their limitless creativity, and considered by many to be their best, was recorded during the height of the Brazilian military regime's crack down on artists, and fellow members of the Tropicalia movement, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil had already been sent into exile in the UK. Remastered reissue of the original 1970 album, 180 gram virgin vinyl.

OS MUTANTES- MUTANTES LP (vinyl lovers, russian federation)
31.98usd/16.19gbp/20.68eur/3325jpy (approx)

*restocked… Fusing traditional Brazilian music, psychedelia, rock and a good dose of pure experimentalism, with the release of their 1968 debut, Os Mutantes quickly became giants in the outer fringes of pop music, soon reaching mythic proportions. With their second album, Mutantes, released in 1969, the band continued in this same vein of boundary crushing, featuring tracks like the futuristic 'Dois Mil e Um.' 180 gram virgin vinyl.


EATER- THE ALBUM 2CD (anagram, uk)
18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*Deluxe 2CD 30th anniversary reissue of the one and only studio album by '77 punk stalwarts, Eater, voted into Q magazine's '100 Best Punk Albums Of All Time.' Includes all of their debut LP The Album plus a second disc The Singles Plus that features all of the band's ultra-rare and collectable singles plus tracks from the compilations Live At The Roxy and The Label Sofa, essentially all of the band's original recordings! 'Thinking Of The USA' was voted into Mojo magazine's Top 100 punk singles, while 'Outside View' featured in Record Collector's punk top 30. Completely remastered by Tim Turan, this revamp comes with sleevenotes by No More Heroes author Alex Ogg, which have been overseen by vocalist Andy Blade. Booklet contains original LP artwork, lyrics to all the songs plus pictures of all the relevant singles sleeves.

27.98usd/14.16gbp/18.10eur/2909jpy (approx)

*The new Ozit vinyl sets are all deluxe in terms of packaging, gatefold sleeves with PVC protective covers and all 180 gram vinyl based on the Simply Vinyl type of special vinyl re-issues. These sets are limited to 1000 copies only worldwide and will not be around for too long. Originally put together by a couple of Belgian Joy Division experts to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the sadly missed Ian Curtis -- and the year that the Ian Curtis movie began to be made. Now the movie is out, to much critical acclaim. This album contains extremely rare audio interviews with all members of Joy Division -- some of which have never seen the light of day before, plus spoken word contribution on one number from Martin Hannett and a rare Martin Hannett interview. The interview sections are interspersed with superb live performances from various venues through the career of the band, including rarities from Dutch and Belgian concert performances and a couple of rare alternative studio outtakes. The gatefold sleeve contains lots of Joy Division images and a detailed biographical article on the band.

27.98usd/14.16gbp/18.10eur/2909jpy (approx)

*Limited repress of 500 on blue vinyl, the black vinyl pressings are now sold out. Discovered by friends of Martin Hannett recently and with input from one of his relatives, these recordings give a rare insight into his production ideas for Joy Division and his relationship with the band, the strange things/sound effects they recorded in the studio together, etc. etc. The studio chit-chat and interplay between Hannett, Gretton and Joy Division members is all here as Martin left his own tape machine running throughout studio sessions. On this album, we have rare alternative mixes of Joy Division that were Martin's personal favorites and he had the forethought to get the band members to give him control of these recordings. A must for all Joy Division fans.

THE CURE- SEVENTEEN SECONDS 2LP (vinyl lovers, russian federation)
41.98usd/21.25gbp/27.15eur/4365jpy (approx)

*Released in 1980 as the follow-up to their debut album, Three Imaginary Boys, and featuring a new line-up that included Simon Gallup and Mathieu Hartley, this is the album that gave the band their first hit ('A Forest'), and also began to solidify the brooding atmospheric sound that would soon make these grandfathers of goth international pop icons. 180 gram virgin vinyl, gatefold sleeve.

THE CURE- FAITH 2LP (vinyl lovers, russian federation)
41.98usd/21.25gbp/27.15eur/4365jpy (approx)

*restocked… Recorded in 1981, this classic album took the band further down the road of despair, initiated with Seventeen Seconds, with an album full of mournful atmospheric tracks, including their hit single, 'Primary.' Includes 6 bonus tracks from the CD deluxe version. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram virgin vinyl.

THE CURE- PORNOGRAPHY 2LP (vinyl lovers, russian federation)
41.98usd/21.25gbp/27.15eur/4365jpy (approx)

*restocked… 1982's Pornography, still considered by many to be their best, was the band's darkest album to date, cementing their role as beacons of the emergent gothic rock genre, with the band sporting their signature red lipstick and big hair look for the first time during this tour. Eight bonus tracks from the deluxe CD version. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram virgin vinyl.


HENRYK DEBICH- STRING BEAT LP (bureau b, germany)
18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*lp-only release... One of the most legendary and eagerly sought-after treasures of Polish jazz funk is about to see the light of day again. First issued in 1975, Henryk Debich's String Beat is now released on vinyl by Bureau B, thanks to a friendly tip-off by Roskow Kretschmann of Jazzanova, an expert on jazz and groove obscurities. The vinyl was mastered from the original tapes belonging to the Polish Muza label. It is no great secret amongst aficionados that an awful lot of excellent jazz music has come out of Poland -- and still does. A particularly fruitful period for the Polish scene was the mid-'70s and Debich's String Beat captures the pinnacle of that era. Funk and jazz connoisseurs have long since fallen in love with it, so to call it a hidden gem does not quite do it justice. The established director and arranger Henryk Debich created this jazz funk monster in 1975 together with the Lodz Radio Orchestra, with no previous experience as a funkateer. Even the author of the original liner notes, Andrzej Jaroszewski, found it hard to contain his boundless amazement: "We have never before heard such an orchestra playing in such a style ... If you bought this record of Henryk Debich's orchestra through choice, you are a connoisseur, if by chance, you are a lucky fellow!" His enthusiasm is easy to fathom: razor sharp horns, a surgically precise rhythm section and crystal clear arrangements -- back then, as now, one would have to search far and wide to find a similar sound. Only the dubious version of "Obladi - Oblada" interrupts the flow a little. Along with The Beatles track, there are two other "western" inclusions on the album. Henryk Debich pays tribute to Isaac Hayes ("Melodia Z Filmu Shaft") as well as Herbie Hancock ("Kameleon"). Everything else was composed especially for String Beat by young, gifted Lodz composers.


SUN RA- MEDIA DREAMS 2CD (art yard, uk)
29.98usd/15.18gbp/19.39eur/3117jpy (approx)

*restocked… This is the companion to Disco 3000, made on the same classic Italian quartet tour with John Gilmore, Michael Ray (trumpet) and the minimal but perfect Luqman Ali (drums). Ra himself plays piano and electronic keyboards, including the mysterious Crumar Mainman, which Ra describes as 'like a piano, organ, clavichord, cello, violin and brass instruments' and which also, importantly, has a facility for pre-programmed bass lines and electronic percussion, which Ra uses constantly and to great effect in this small ensemble setting and seldom, if ever, elsewhere. The best of this collection (most of CD1) is luminous: very electronic, often rhythmical and melodic, always economical and making every sound count. These tracks are like no other jazz ensemble and, although recognizable as Ra -- who else could think of, and then get away with this -- unlike any other Ra ensemble, either. Ra makes the machines do amazing, visionary things while the band exercises restraint, remaining always in focus. In between, there are piano, saxophone, trumpet and drum vignettes, fresh and perfectly judged; this real was a fine band. This places the original vinyl release (and related releases, Sound Mirror and Disco 3000) back into the context of the concerts from which they were drawn. An important addition to the Sun Ra canon, since it is a rare document of an unusual Ra project that produced three classic late '70s LPs. Beautifully packaged and well annotated.


ARBOREA- ARBOREA CD (fire museum, usa)
9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*This self-titled collection is the second release for Arborea. Hailing from Maine, the duo of Buck and Shanti Curran (on vocals, guitars, banjos, percussion) are joined on several numbers by Helena Espvall of Espers on cello. Here they conjure up a musical offering that is equal parts Appalachian music, traditional English folk music, and contemporary psychedelic folk with experimental touches, creating a sound that stands out as unique while touching upon something that feels as ancient as the urge to create music. Rare is the record that takes the listener to fields both verdant and desolate in the same journey as this release does, and it does so in a way that makes both equally powerful and inviting. The duo possess an alchemy that makes their collaboration feel as natural as the trees from which their name comes from. Following upon the success of their debut effort Wayfaring Summer, Arborea have outdone themselves with this release, a recording that establishes them as masters of their craft. This is a group you will be hearing from for years to come.

9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*Welcome one and all to the world of Wondrous Horse! Cavallo Meraviglioso is the debut offering from the transatlantic (Italy/U.S.) duo of Vanessa Rossetto (Pulga, The Mighty Acts of God, etc.) and Salvatore Borrelli (aka (etre) & Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia). These two musicians continue to evolve in fascinating ways, and the sounds to be found on Cavallo Meravigliso may come as a surprise to some, which makes it all the more exciting to hear. An avant folk tour de force combining elements of electroacoustic music, glitch and many other experimental forms, Cavallo Meraviglisio gallops upon the scene assured and ready. Performing with an arsenal of instrumentation at the ready (violin, viola, balalaika, theremin, guitar, dulcetina, concertina, autoharp, bells, xylophone, voice, baritone guitar, tablas, darbukas, Turkish saz, xylophone, esraj, dulcimer, resonant ukulele, celtic 'droned' harp, banjo, kalimba, shruti box, Irish bouzouki, lap steel guitar, toys & drum machine, since you asked) the duo have crafted a recording that successfully combines the myriad of influences of its creators into an organic and unique whole. It takes a wondrous horse such as this to take the intelligent listener on a trip through such a unique and appealing sonic journey, so hop on and ride away today!

CURIA- CURIA CD (fire museum, usa)
9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*Fire Museum Records presents the eponymous debut release by the Portuguese molten music masters, Curia. Forged in the fertile grounds of the Lisbon music underground, each member an established musician in their own right, what each brings to the new project is a commitment to sonic exploration that builds on their individual histories while creating a collective identity that is uniquely Curia. The alchemy here is stunning, as bowed and wah guitars, Hammond organ and percussion intertwine and fade out to create a soundscape that is not only unique, but a high point for the fascinating Portuguese experimental music scene (Special guest on track 3: Helena Espvall). David Maranha: started his work in music in 1986, both solo and with the group Osso Exótico. Manuel Mota: from the late '80s to 1997 studied and experimented with prepared guitar (mainly acoustic) and focused his work on drone music; influenced by Phill Niblock and La Monte Young. Margarida Garcia: Margarida collaborates regularly with Manuel Mota. Afonso Simões: he has performed with the likes of Mayo Thompson, Rafael Toral, Helena Espvall, and Mean Motion.

9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*Perhaps this collaboration was destined to happen, and we're overjoyed that it is happening here! Tampere, Finland's Uton (Jani Hirvonen) and Taranto, Italy's Valerio Cosi (who is ½ of Pulga) are two of the most creative and most prolific musicians working in experimental music at the moment, and on Käärmeenkääntopiiri, Uton and Valerio have mastered a sound that combines elements of psychedelia, free jazz, Krautrock, environmental sounds, drones and more for an ecstatic listening experience. A mélange of electronic and acoustic instrumentation join together as naturally as the coming of the tides. By turns meditative and forceful, introspective and extroverted, all the while commanding undivided attention from the listener. This is experimentation that remains inviting even in its darker passages. 2007 has been a banner year for both of these musicians, and this release finds them in top form, creating a work that shows exactly why they are in such high demand. Käärmeenkääntopiiri will leave you hoping this is the beginning of many more collaborations between these two.

9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*Axa Hour of Dora Bleu is the re-crystallizing of the sound of Dorothy Geller, formerly of From Quagmire (VHF Records) and Laconic Chamber (Camera Obscura.) Dorothy (voice, guitar and songwriting) is joined here by Brooke Crouser (Jackie-O Motherfucker) on piano, electric guitar and vibes; Alex Ste-Onge (Feu Therese, Et Sans, Shalabi Effect) on upright bass; Justin Evans (Rivers and Mountains, Et Sans, Shalabi Effect) on Rhodes and electronics and Francis Amirault (Le Sentier Lumineeux, Cian Ethrie) on percussion. On Clones of Eros, a sound is forged from the natural evolution of the sonic path of Dorothy Geller, with a strong impression made by her Montreal-based collaborators. This is living, breathing music -- a melding of a singular vision into a collective process resulting in a music with few easy reference points, music that demands to be heard on its own terms outside of any scenes or movements that may be in vogue momentarily. To attempt a more concrete analysis: the music can be considered 'of folk' while not referencing traditional folk forms, anchored in very particularized voice and guitar with accompaniment that is alternatively unified song form or seemingly improvised, depending on what is required in the moment.

COMET III- ASTRAL VOYAGER CD (fire museum, usa)
9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*Look, over there! Has the kosmiche spacecraft graced us with its presence and touched down in Siracusa, Italy? Concluding such may be understandable at first, but this recently formed duo has so much more to offer than recalling a yesteryear that never was. Delfo Catania (guitar, percussion, etc.) and Carlo Matanza (synthesizers) have spent their time in ancient Sicily honing their vision while never losing sight of the reverie that is the impetus of this voyage. With brief cameos by Shirin Demma (providing vocals on 'Part 1') and Caetano Firlito (adding some saxophonic shading to 'Part 2'), Comet III are poised to lead you on a journey to the beyond.

KEIJO- WHOSE DREAM WE LIVE IN? CD (fire museum, usa)
9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*Finland's master of psychfolkdroneblues music emerges with what may well be his most engaging release yet! Considered by many to be the forefather of the much lauded Finnish musical underground, Whose Dream We Live In? serves as Keijo's sonic calling card -- bringing together many of the diverse elements that his music has been celebrated for into a joyous whole. From blues (by way of Jyväskylä) meditations to spaceship lullabies to psychedelic rave ups and beyond, Keijo has opened the door into his musical universe for all to enter. Don't miss your chance, accept his invitation or it's your loss, friend. For the most part a solo outing (although he is assisted by Leila on four of the eleven tracks here) Whose Dream We Live In? assuredly answers the question it poses. For the duration of the disc, enjoy living in the dream that Keijo has conjured up for you. We will not be held liable if, upon awakening, your world never looks the same again.

PULGA- PULGA LOVES YOU CD (fire museum, usa)
9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*Pulga is a collaboration between Valerio Cosi of Taranto, Italy and Vanessa Niwi Rossetto of Austin, Texas. Valerio Cosi seems an unstoppable force in the experimental underground these days, lending his ultra-psychedelic free jazz stylings to Uton, The North Sea and other projects -- as well as compiling a very impressive list of recordings under his own name. The equally creative Vanessa Niwi Rossetto is best known for her project The Mighty Acts of God. She has also performed with Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood at Terrastock 6 and has collaborative projects with Michael Donnelly (Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood), Salvatore Borrelli (Etre) and others. As impressive as their accomplishments are, Pulga Loves You marks a creative peak that will be hard to top in the experimental music realm. Self-described as an otherworldly freakedelia unit influenced by freedom, ethnomusicology, chaos, drugs, horns and strings; these reference points can only begin to give you an idea of the majestic listening experience that awaits one here.

NATHAMUNI BROTHERS- MADRAS 1974 CD (fire museum, usa)
9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*Recorded in Madras (Chennai), Tamil Nadu (South India) in 1974 by musicologist Robert Garfias. When we came across these recordings we were astounded by their creative energy and went about to ensure that they had a release on Fire Museum Records. Not at all a South Indian wedding band recording (although we love those as well) the Nathumuni Brothers were a top-notch carnatic (South Indian classical) brass band. To these ears, elements of Albert Ayler's take on gospel, Klezmer and English ceremonial music enter the proceedings as well, although the first two were obviously unknown to the musicians." "I have long had an interest in brass bands. In South India while some of these bands play films songs, others like the Nathamuni band play a kind of repertoire that is on the edge of the South Indian classical tradition. Some Kritis and such are the same as those performed by classical South Indian musicians. In addition however, since the tradition of these brass bands is close to that of the nagaswaram bands, they include some special ragas not often heard in mainstream South Indian music. The nagaswaram ensemble is used primarily but not exclusively as an outdoor ensemble. The nagaswaram itself is a powerful sounding long double reed instrument, more than twice the length of its North Indian counterpart, the shanai. Starting sometime in the late 19th century or perhaps early 20th century, some nagaswaram players began to switch to the Western Albert system clarinet, paralleling the same transition that was happening in Turkey and in Eastern Europe. From this clarinet-based nagaswaram type ensemble seems to have come the idea of amplifying it into a fuller brass band. Such brass bands as this one, the Nathamuni Band also play a special form of South Indian music called a 'note,' or 'English Note,' which are tunes imitating the style of English military bands. For such compositions, quirky and unusual ragas such as 'Kadanakuthuhalam' are played. --Robert Garfias

WHAT WE LIVE- SOUND CATCHER CD (fire museum, usa)
9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*What We Live is a San Francisco-based jazz/improvised music group formed by bassist/composer Lisle Ellis in 1994. The three regular members are Lisle Ellis: acoustic bass; Lawrence Ochs, tenor and sopranino saxophones; Don Robinson, drums and percussion. The ensemble's formation was inspired by and a direct result of Ellis' work with Ochs and Robinson within the context of The Glenn Spearman Double Trio, which performed and recorded from 1991 until the leader's death in 1998. Ellis' initial vision was to bring together a small group of musicians to investigate concepts central to the tradition of jazz-based improvisation swing, song form, modalities, etc -- in a less explicit manner than the mainstream but in a more emphatically traditional way than offered by the practice of free jazz. Saadet Türköz was born in Istanbul in 1961. As a child, living in Istanbul, Saadet was fascinated by the Arabic language and the melodious texts of the Koran which gave her the first opportunity to deliberately improvise without paying attention to sense and correctness. In her performances of Kazakh and Turkish songs, she is looking to transform memory. She seeks to evoke pictures and atmosphere by means of voice and music, which transcends cultural boundaries. Memory is everywhere and every time the same -- not changeable -- but the expression is different: Individual perception develops a universal impression of the cultural life.

ALAN SONDHEIM- SKI/NN CD (fire museum, usa)
9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*A recording of solo acoustic guitar and alpine zither songs, this release will delight those familiar with his early Riverboat and ESP Disc recordings as well as the audience for experimental solo guitar -- while creating an audience for experimental solo alpine zither! On this release, Alan performs on the 1927 martin tenor guitar, 19th century parlour guitar, 1920s prime alpine zither and 1860s elegie alpine zither. Dan Wharburton of Paris Transatlantic said of the reissue of The Songs: 'an endearingly ramshackle melting pot of free jazz, blues and folk (if Eugene Chadbourne later described his work as 'free improvised country & western bebop' then this is 'free improvised Hawaiian flamenco gospel blues music theatre). Its influence resonates (indirectly, one imagines, unless there are more copies of the original vinyl in circulation than I imagine) in the free folk of today's New Weird America scene.' Now listeners have the opportunity to hear for themselves the present day song form manifestations of this overlooked creative master.

HELENA ESPVALL- NIMIS & ARK CD (fire museum, usa)
9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*The debut solo release from Helena Espvall, cellist of Espers. Her past and present collaborators include such diverse figures as Fursaxa, Oluyemi Thomas, Sharron Kraus, From Quagmire, Lukas Ligeti, Samara Lubelski, Eugene Chadbourne, Pauline Oliveros, Scorces, Katt Hernandez and many others. With production and electronics provided by sonic maverick George Korein of Infidel?/Castro!, Nimis & Arx is a recording of translucid wonder. Utilizing cello, guitar, recorder, voice and electronics, Espvall has delivered a CD which touches on aspects of all the multi-faceted elements of her musical journey to date while creating a vocabulary in a voice which is uniquely hers. Co-released with the Pax Recordings label.

HELENA ESPVALL- NIMIS & ARK CD (fire museum, usa)
9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*restocked… The debut solo release from Helena Espvall, cellist of Espers. Her past and present collaborators include such diverse figures as Fursaxa, Oluyemi Thomas, Sharron Kraus, From Quagmire, Lukas Ligeti, Samara Lubelski, Eugene Chadbourne, Pauline Oliveros, Scorces, Katt Hernandez and many others. With production and electronics provided by sonic maverick George Korein of Infidel?/Castro!, Nimis & Arx is a recording of translucid wonder. Utilizing cello, guitar, recorder, voice and electronics, Espvall has delivered a CD which touches on aspects of all the multi-faceted elements of her musical journey to date while creating a vocabulary in a voice which is uniquely hers. Co-released with the Pax Recordings label.

9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*Debut solo cd release of Paradise Camp 23 director Erik Amlee. His previous solo sitar cdr releases have garnered much acclaim in many quarters. Brad Rose of Foxy Digitalis declared 'Amlee's skill is apparent. This piece delicately unfolds like a linear dream about the sun's daily movement in the sky. With little more than a hint of delay to push the movement along, Amlee's playing is like a slow waltz at the moment the last rays of dusk are extinguished. It is simple, beautiful, and timeless.' On this release Amlee adds acoustic guitar to the proceedings, to wonderful effect. Afternoon Dream is a masterful combination of trance-inducing solo sitar work and pellucid acoustic guitar pieces, with a subversive loop or two thrown in to ensure that listeners don't merely drift away completely into a blissful sonic netherworld.

9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*restocked… Kind of unbelievable that this has been reissued -- out of nowhere and a very pleasant surprise. Sondheim released 2 of the most-out ESP-Disks (Ritual All 7-70 & T'Other Little Tune and here is his prior Riverboat label album. First ever reissue of The Songs, the debut recording by Alan Sondheim & Ritual All 770, originally released on Riverboat Records (later recordings appeared on ESP Disk). Recorded in March 1967 and included on the legendary Nurse With Wound list of experimental recordings, on this album Alan Sondheim played Electric Guitar, Violin, Flute, Suling, Xylophone, Alto Saxophone, Classical Guitar, Clarinet, Shenai, Bass Recorder, Mandolin, So-na, Hawaiian Guitar, Koto, Sopranino Recorder, Chimta, Cor Anglais, Sitar and Bansari. Joined by Barry Sugarman (Tabla, Dholak & Naquerra), Chris Mattheson (Bass), Robert Poholek (Trumpet & Cornet), Ruth Ann Hutchinson (Vocals), June Fellows (Vocals) and J.Z. (Jazz Drums); Ritual All 770 were a group of improvisors living in Providence, Rhode Island. (Perhaps they could be considered the sonic forebearers of the Fort Thunder scene...) Rejecting the notion that avant garde music was solely the realm of isolated academia, they delved fearlessly and joyously into their music, creating a work that sounds fresh nearly 40 years later.

9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*The rarely recorded traditional music of the Mon people is vanishing and endangered, highly developed, and barely known even to Asian traditional music connoisseurs. Historically the Mon were a dominant, highly cultured, and influential people in Burma more than a thousand years ago. There are several instruments peculiar to the Mon. Most recognizable is the Kyam (crocodile zither), a 3-string long zither with frets that are shaped like a crocodile. Another is the Batt Kine, a row of 14 or so pitched gongs that is upturned at both ends like a crescent. Also, there is the Mon violin, a 3-string fiddle with a western-like body played upright. This is incredible music with an unique character! Nai Htaw Paing, The leader of this ensemble, currently serves as an assistant lecturer at Yangon Cultural University. He started studying Mon traditional musical instruments, singing, and dance from his father in 1965. He regularly performs on Mon National Days, Mon State Day, Union Day, and other important receptions. He occasionally teaches the new generation of musicians but has difficulty finding time given the economic situation of the profession. He would like more Mon nationals to be aware of their own music, Myanmar traditional music and other world musics. He is passionate about rediscovering and preserving the endangered arts of the Mon culture. Recorded in Yangon, Burma by noted musicologist Rick Heizman (previous collections of his Burmese recordings have been released on Shanachie, Pan and Smithsonian), the Nai Htaw Paing Ensemble are recognized as masters of traditional Mon music. There is currently an effort by concerned Mon people to revive and preserve Mon culture, language, and identity, and this recording will help further this effort.

V/A- AZADI! 2CD (fire museum, usa)
9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*Unfortunately, the defeat of the Taliban does not spell equality for Afghan women, nor freedom, nor human rights, nor democracy. With their blatant misogyny and oppression, the Taliban became a convenient and easy target for many. But the oppression of women that was the impetus for RAWA's founding 26 years ago still remains as do many of the perpetrators of Afghanistan's 25 years of war and violence. Even today, in a supposedly liberated Afghanistan women are in prison for trying to marry the man of their choice, for seeking a divorce from an abusive spouse, for having been raped, for failing to listen to the male authority figure in their home; girls schools are being firebombed; in many places formal and informal edicts and threats are restricting girls and women from work and school. Clearly, RAWA's continued outspoken demands for political and social change, as well as their direct service to women in need, are still necessary. Through our moral, material and financial support, lending our voices to our Afghan sisters brave and ongoing struggle is as vital as it ever was. Represented are a number of luminaries in the world of avant-rock and experimental music (Bay Area and International) is well as some hip-hop, traditional, modern classical, electronic, folk and jazz music to bring diversity to the proceedings. Not just a dramatic collection of eclectic material, all proceeds from the sale of this CD will benefit RAWA." Artists include: Meena, D'Yara, 20 Minute Loop, Bi Polar Bears, Different Strokes, Charming Hostess, Bran (...) Pos, Danielle DeGruttola, Duo Electro, David Slusser, The Thums, Deep Dickollective, Blevin Blectum, Erica Ballinger, Zmrzlina, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Saadet Turkoz, Faun Fables, Spezza Rotto, Folk This!, The Intima, Love & Subversion, Miya Masaoka, Planetsize, Jou Jou, Zeek Sheck, Samsara, The Abstractions, The Loins (Beth Lisick & Eli Crews), Deerhoof, Thuja, My Country of Illusion, Mono Pause, Neung Phak, and Merman Parvin.


17.98usd/9.10gbp/11.63eur/1869jpy (approx)

*Reissue of Rita Lee's debut solo album, originally issued in Brazil in 1970. "In the mid-sixties, Sao Paulo born vocalist Rita Lee met brothers Arnaldo and Sérgio Dias Baptista and founded the most important Brazilian rock group of all time, Os Mutantes. In 1970, she released her first solo album Build Up, though she remained with Os Mutantes until the end of 1972, when she left the band. Os Mutantes were very much Brazil's answer to western pop culture venturing constantly into entirely uncharted creative and political waters. Indeed they were eventually deported to France by the Brazilian military dictatorship and it is said that as a subversive act Rita Lee planned at one point to fill the Sao Paulo water supply with LSD. Lee and Os Mutantes were central to the Tropicalia movement that in oppressive social circumstances revolutionised attitudes and Brazilian popular music. Protagonists included Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Tom Ze and the gifted arranger Rogerio Duprat who it may be claimed was to Os Mutantes what George Martin was to The Beatles. Certainly Rogerio's name on any record of those days is considered the mark of quality. For Build Up Duprat provides the orchestral arrangements while the album is produced by Lee's then-partner Arnaldo Baptista. It is an exciting piece of work. Eclectic in style; dominated by original material and a sinister reading of The Beatles' 'And I Love Her.' Build Up received a mixed reception in 1970 but like Lee herself has come to be regarded as the product of a golden age and a national treasure.

NARA LEAO- NARA '67 CD (el, uk)
17.98usd/9.10gbp/11.63eur/1869jpy (approx)

*A brilliant 23 track compilation of the Brazilian Bossa Nova star Nara Leao. The cliche about Nara Leao was that she was 'the muse of bossa nova.' As a teenager in the late '50s, she opened up her parents house as a salon for the movers and shakers of the early bossa nova scene -- Tom Jobim, Joao Gilberto and others to hang out in. In the early sixties, as bossa nova exploded internationally, Nara rose to stardom. Soft and sweet, moody and sensuous, she performed pop and beautiful samba and bossa standards and established her reputation as one of the outstanding talents of her generation. She toured Japan, Brazil and France with Sergio Menzies and returned to record political songs that were critical of Brazil's prevailing military junta. Nara's catalogue of recordings are so magical, of such a consistently high standard, they are sacrosanct in Brazil. This compilation concentrates on recordings made in 1967, her absolute best period.

17.98usd/9.10gbp/11.63eur/1869jpy (approx)

*Ravi Shankar is frequently credited with introducing the sounds of the Indian sitar, tabla and oud to western ears. One of the most respected contemporary musicians of any country, Shankar is as revered by Indian traditionalists as he is by the rock musicians and fans who have incorporated the unique character of the sitar into their working vocabulary of sounds. Transmigration Macabre continues in the tradition of this exciting blend of both worlds. Shankar composed Transmigration Macabre for the British art film Viola which tells of the growth and eventual victory of a possessed man's belief that his dead wife has returned to life in the form of a cat that pursues him. The music traces his emotional turmoil as the man, dominated by his wife during her lifetime, struggles against her baneful influence after her death. One of the first adapters of his music was George Harrison, who made a pilgrimage to Shankar in India. The influence of the master is apparent in 'Norwegian Wood' and obviously Sgt Pepper's 'Within You Without You'. Ravi performed to wildly enthusiastic audiences at both the Monterey International Pop festival of 1967 and at the Woodstock Festival and Peter Sellers sought his advice regarding the sitar during filming of the Blake Edwards comedy The Party. Transmigration Macabre is Ravi Shankar's most psychedelic album, the dreamlike quality of the album is extraordinary. The beauty and sensitivity of the playing out of this world.

18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*Historic Ravi Shankar beginning with the astonishing 28 minute 'Raga Jog' recorded in 1956 and arguably one of his absolute finest recordings. The other really serious rarities of this set are the those made of the Hindu musicians that provided music for the production of original Uday Shankar (Ravi's brother) dance company of Hindu musicians when it made its historic first visit to the United States in 1937; the young Ravi Shankar was amongst that number. These are therefore the earliest recordings of Ravi that exist, originally released on 78s and available digitally for the first time ever. Ravi Shankar is the biggest name in world music and -- due partly to the closeness of his involvement with The Beatles -- a towering figure in psychedelic circles also. 'Raga Jog' is first and foremost, the most refined Indian classical music; it is also the most incredible piece of sitar psychedelia you will hear!

18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*Both regarded as absolute masters in their homeland, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Ustad Vilayat Khan, exact contemporaries and sarod and sitar players respectively, are in India spoken of with the same reverence that is usually reserved for Ravi Shankar. Of course, both are familiar to students of the genre of Indian classical music in the West (Vilayat Khan is known for his famous score to the Merchant Ivory film The Guru) but the commercial potential of their incredible art is only now beginning to be realized. Like Shankar, their work is hypnotic and spellbinding, realized by flawless technique through a lifetime of devotion to their music.

18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*Most exotic and enigmatic of all of the artists of what is broadly described as the 'exotica' genre, Korla Pandit's astounding early concept albums are here together restored to the catalog for the first time in five decades. A kind of Indian Ziggy Stardust, Korla Pandit's work is taken extremely seriously and is extremely collectable amongst followers of Martin Denny, Les Baxter and Esquivel. Pandit's Wurlitzer has a strange David Lynch quality to it and has aged very well.

18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*Touch of Evil is a masterpiece of 20th century cinema: Director Orson Welles' final Hollywood film and regarded as the last great film noir. Stars Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh, Marlene Dietrich and Welles himself as the crooked police chief Hank Quinlan, who always gets his man even if he has to concoct the evidence to do so! The searing semi-Latin rock & roll score is considered (both by critics and the composer) to be one of Henry Mancini's finest. Barney Kessel, who featured on Pet Sounds and many of the Phil Spector and Monkeys' hits, plays guitar.

18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.28eur/1973jpy (approx)

*With recordings made at least a decade before psychedelia, More Flowers of India showcases the beautiful, dreamlike art of Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan and attests to the extraordinary influence of Indian classical music on western culture. By the early seventies, both men had been signed to the Beatles' Apple label and thanks to the revolution they spearheaded, the global musical landscape had altered irrevocably. The Beatles, The Doors, The Byrds and John Coltrane were amongst the many that came under the spell of these great masters.

17.98usd/9.10gbp/11.63eur/1869jpy (approx)

*restocked… The fabulous Rita Lee rocketed to fame as a member of the wildest alumni (and now, bizarrely, the best known) of Tropicalia, Os Mutantes! Their amazing albums and controversial antics set out a stall for Tropicalia in no uncertain terms and the widespread rediscovery of their work in the '90s and their current reformation (after 30 years of not talking) continue to fan the flames of the myth. After Os Mutantes' early groundbreaking albums, Rita Lee decided to create her own space by launching a concurrent career as a solo singer. Unfortunately, her slightly wayward Rogerio Duprat-arranged debut failed to launch a straight pop career as well as neglecting almost everything people loved about Os Mutantes. After going back to the drawing board in 1972, Rita recruited her Os Mutantes colleagues Arnaldo and Sergio Baptista as well as other members of the music/art commune in which they all lived, to produce the follow-up. As different as day is from night, written by the original Os Mutantes trio of Rita, Arnaldo and Sergio and 'produced and directed' by Arnaldo, this second album is a masterpiece of Tropicalia/ psychedelia with the spooky, comedown atmosphere of 'Smiley Smile' to boot. To all intents and purposes, a virtual 'lost' fifth Os Mutantes album with Rita the dominant force. An amazing return to the perfect organized chaos of their first two albums and a total must-have.

GAL COSTA- GAL: 1969 CD (dusty groove, usa)
15.98usd/8.09gbp/10.34eur/1661jpy (approx)

*This Brazilian classic finally gets a proper U.S. release -- one of the greatest psychedelic albums of the late '60s, and a key part of the Tropicalia movement as well! The record is easily the most tripped-out album ever from Gal Costa -- far more sinister than Gal's debut of a few months before. The session was still recorded with full arrangements by the legendary Rogerio Duprat (who'd worked previously with Costa, Os Mutantes, and others), but it also features a lot heavier guitar and a blazing psychedelic feel overall. Gal's usually sweet vocals take on a much sharper edge -- and the album's awash in the political power and cultural experimentation that characterized the best years of Tropicalia. Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil make a guest appearance, and also contribute some songs to the set -- as do Jorge Ben, Jards Macale, and Roberto & Erasmo Carlos. First time on CD in the U.S. -- and newly remastered with liner notes from Chris Dunn, author of Brutality Garden: Tropicalia & The Emergence Of A Brazilian Counterculture. Features the famous tracks 'Tuareg,' 'Cinema Olympia,' and 'Meu Nome é Gal.'

JORGE BEN- FORÇA BRUTA CD (dusty groove, usa)
15.98usd/8.09gbp/10.34eur/1661jpy (approx)

*First time on CD in the U.S. and first time in the world in over 15 years! A groundbreaking album from the young Jorge Ben -- one of Brazil's most soulful singers ever -- heard here at a pivotal point in his career. Força Bruta is a record that forever transformed Brazilian music with its unique blend of samba and soul -- and it features some tremendous rhythm work from Trio Mocoto -- who bring in a wide variety of percussion techniques to make the whole thing groove. There's an earthy, laid-back feel to the whole set -- one that makes the album feel like a spontaneous expression of genius, even at the few points when larger orchestrations slide into the mix. The album is easily one of Jorge Ben's greatest -- and it's a much heralded Brazilian treasure that's finally getting reissued!

V/A- THE MUSIC OF ISLAM VOLUME 11 CD (celestial harmonies, usa)
15.98usd/8.09gbp/10.34eur/1661jpy (approx)

*Classic 1997 series of Islamic music, 15 volumes spread out over 17 CDs, i’m gonna do my best to stock all of em… The music culture of Yemen is a domain which has, until this recording and accompanying annotation, been scarcely known or documented. Yet, it has deep historic roots. The music of Yemen is extremely rich in genres, repertoires and configurations, functional relationships, modalities of performance and instruments. Yemenite music in general, and regardless of all the differences between layers of tradition and local and regional styles, has a particular attraction and charm, virtues which have been praised since ancient times. The traditional music life in Yemenite towns knows no concerts or concert halls. Music performances form part of various functions. In Sana'a there are two main occasions: magyal, a social afternoon gathering and samra, night time entertainment. Recorded at a modern magyal, this volume features the classical traditional style of Yemen.

V/A- THE MUSIC OF ISLAM VOLUME 12 CD (celestial harmonies, usa)
15.98usd/8.09gbp/10.34eur/1661jpy (approx)

*Classic 1997 series of Islamic music, 15 volumes spread out over 17 CDs, i’m gonna do my best to stock all of em… The instrumental compositions in this recording belong to Persian art music as passed down to the present. The marked preference of the Persians for instrumental music contributed to the dedication of greater attention by the Arabs, oriented more towards vocal music, to the development of instruments and instrumental performance. Gusheh-ha -- designating small dimensioned tonal melodic tone groups -- form the foundations of the great complex creations of the classical music of Iran. A gusheh (singular) is comprised of a dastgah -- a kind of five-part suite. The connection with classical music is first established by the integration of all recordings in two very popular dastgah-ha (plural), Shur and Homayoun, also found in most regional music traditions. The instrumental compositions combining the kemenche and santur offer an excellent rendering of the feeling for sound or of the sound ideal of classical Persian music culture. They are accompanied in the rhythmical formation by the zarb or duff.
The Iranian musicians featured in this recording; Agha-ye Sadjadifard, Agha-ye Djamshidi and Agha-ye Sahihi, were very enthusiastic about representing Islam and Iran and were passionately devoted in presenting a balanced program offering a broad spectrum of Iranian classical music. Traditional instruments featured include the santur (a trapezoidal zither), kemenche (Arabic kamanja, a bowed spike-lute), tombak (a large goblet drum) and duff (a large framedrum with cymbals).

V/A- THE MUSIC OF ISLAM VOLUME 13 CD (celestial harmonies, usa)
15.98usd/8.09gbp/10.34eur/1661jpy (approx)

*Classic 1997 series of Islamic music, 15 volumes spread out over 17 CDs, i’m gonna do my best to stock all of em… The classical music of Pakistan has its roots in pre-Islamic times. Hence the names of the majority of ragas have Hindu connections and are from the Sanskirt language. Muslim musicians from Pakistan will generally sing in the Urdu language and the lyrics, if religious, will be in praise of Allah. Islamic culture, and in particular Persia, has had a profound influence on the evolution of music. Today, Muslim musicians play a major role in the music world. Whether they are from Pakistan or India, names like Ustad Bary Fateh Ali Khan, Vilayat Khan, Amjad Ali Khan, or the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan are among the great musicians of the XIV/20th century. In this recording, Ustad Bary Fateh Ali Khan presents three ragas for three different periods of the day: early morning, early evening and evening. The concept of set periods of the day to which ragas are attached is based upon how one generally feels at different times. This is further defined by scale and the ascending or descending structure of the raga. Each raga is in the tin-tal rhythmic cycle, the closest to the Western concept of 4/4 time.

V/A- THE MUSIC OF ISLAM VOLUME 14 CD (celestial harmonies, usa)
15.98usd/8.09gbp/10.34eur/1661jpy (approx)

*Classic 1997 series of Islamic music, 15 volumes spread out over 17 CDs, i’m gonna do my best to stock all of em… This volume focuses on the mystic music of the Islamic world -- specifically Turkish mystics. To Westerners, Islamic mysticism is practically synonymous with Sufism. Sufi poetry and music have endured for centuries in various Islamic countries. In the mystical brotherhoods music always had a revered and acknowledged place. Although the term music is never used in mystical writings, but rather listening -- voice, gesture and musical instruments are all aids to the devotee in his spiritual exercise, which leads him to ecstasy and to supreme union with God. In every case, the music draws its inspiration from the text, and its structure from a sophisticated set of modes, rhythms, and traditional forms. The tracks on this recording literally date from the V-XIV/11th-20th centuries featuring many famous compositions such as Tekbir and Salavat-i Serife, known throughout the Islamic world as two of the masterworks of one of Turkey's greatest composers. Also featured are ilahis (hymns), excerpts of the sema ritual and dhikr (zikr in Turkey) ceremonies. Completing the volume is a vocal performance of Surah 19, Ayet 115-117 of the Qur'an.

V/A- THE MUSIC OF ISLAM VOLUME 15 2CD (celestial harmonies, usa)
26.98usd/13.66gbp/17.45eur/2805jpy (approx)

*Classic 1997 series of Islamic music, 15 volumes spread out over 17 CDs, i’m gonna do my best to stock all of em… This volume focuses on the mystic music of the Islamic world -- specifically Turkish mystics. To Westerners, Islamic mysticism is practically synonymous with Sufism. Sufi poetry and music have endured for centuries in various Islamic countries. In the mystical brotherhoods music always had a revered and acknowledged place. Although the term music is never used in mystical writings, but rather listening -- voice, gesture and musical instruments are all aids to the devotee in his spiritual exercise, which leads him to ecstasy and to supreme union with God. In every case, the music draws its inspiration from the text, and its structure from a sophisticated set of modes, rhythms, and traditional forms. The tracks on this recording literally date from the V-XIV/11th-20th centuries featuring many famous compositions such as Tekbir and Salavat-i Serife, known throughout the Islamic world as two of the masterworks of one of Turkey's greatest composers. Also featured are ilahis (hymns), excerpts of the sema ritual and dhikr (zikr in Turkey) ceremonies. Completing the volume is a vocal performance of Surah 19, Ayet 115-117 of the Qur'an.

V/A- SHADOW MUSIC OF THAILAND LP (sublime frequencies, usa)
24.98usd/12.64gbp/16.16eur/2597jpy (approx)

*restocked… "Shadow Music" was a broad term given to the Thai guitar pop movement of the 1960s and the groups that came out of it -- all under the profound influence of early Western rock and roll. British instrumental wonders The Shadows (as in Cliff Richards & The Shadows) were the origin of the genre's title -- also coined "Wong Shadow" or early Thai "string" music. Shadow records were often marketed as "Thai Modernized Music" which it was in the truest sense. Traditional Thai melodies were given the Shadow treatment -- incorporating rock, surf, a-go-go, exotica, soul, blues, Latin and otherworldly styles of the times. Inventive compositions and instrumental genius meet the occasional odd vocal arrangement and the results range from plaintive guitar and organ-driven lullabies to full-blown electric garage folk-psychedelia! Featured on this collection are a handful of the leading recorded artists from the time; P.M. Pocket Music, The Son of P.M., P.M.7, Jupiter and Johnny Guitar. Throughout the 1960s, these groups forged a unique and highly self-referential Thai sound. This is a one-time pressing of 1500 LP copies and each of these beauties comes in a full-color, heavy-duty tip-on gatefold jacket featuring gorgeous original Thai Shadow LP artwork, and of course, 180 gram vinyl -- so don't sleep on this one.


9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*A construction job can lead to anything. In Kingston 13, Jamaica, 'anything' might include a studio session, if you happen to have the right boss. 'I knew my boss had an ear for music,' explained Earl Zero, then just 22 years old. 'One day, I started to sing the first lyrics to "Righteous Works." That night he asked me to sing it for him again, and I did. I convinced him to get some studio time, so we went to Channel One and recorded it.' Thus spawned the recording career of one of reggae's most prolific vocalists. Now, nearly 30 years later, Wax Poetics Records is proud to reissue two of Zero's most popular recordings, 'Righteous Works' and 'Hearts Desire,' both presented in discomix fashion, achieved by blending a psychedelic dub version seamlessly with the vocal. The single, 'Righteous Works,' is drenched in Rasta consciousness and rife with social commentary. 'Heart's Desire,' recorded with producer Alan 'Jah Wally' Campbell, is a softer, more melodic compliment to the roots-heavy fare on the A-side. This vinyl-only release is the third release by Wax Poetics Records, who, like their sister publication, is fast becoming the authority on music's unsung heroes. This limited edition 12" comes with newly designed cover art, inspired by the simple yet iconic graphic design of reggae's past. In order to complement this historical pair of tunes, we include liner notes by Wax Poetics contributor Seb Carayol, who interviewed Earl Zero for the occasion.


OLIVER HUNTEMANN- PLAY! 02 12” (confused, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.40eur/1349jpy (approx)

*Oliver Huntemann has been doing his thing for quite a while, under various guises, as DJ and producer. Since 1995 he has been running the Confused Rec. label (plus sub-labels). PLAY! 01 [live] - Sao Paolo/Brazil in 2007 was the predecessor of his current mix album PLAY! 02 [live] - Rex Club/Paris. Especially for this event, Oliver has produced two tracks, 'Paris' and 'La Boum.' Already played by big names such as Dubfire, Stephan Bodzin and many others!

MODEL 500- STARLIGHT 2X12” (echospace, usa)
24.98usd/12.64gbp/16.16eur/2597jpy (approx)

*When Juan Atkins first released "Starlight" back in 1995, it was one of the most memorable techno tracks ever written. Flip and you'd find Maurizio offering up one of his inspired remixes. Fast forward 12 years later, and you find yourself with this deeply impressive doublepack, headed by the original version of "Starlight" and a set of remixes from the dub techno scene's most important characters: Echospace, Deepchord, Convextion and Soultek.

INTRUSION- INTRUSION DUB 2X12” (echospace, usa)
24.98usd/12.64gbp/16.16eur/2597jpy (approx)

*restocked… Limited pressing on mixed colored vinyl, packaged by hand with chrome stickers. An organic variation of selected waveforms processed through select resistors, analog modulators and vintage VCOs much in the spirit of King Tubby's revolutionary sound design concepts. Original recordings were produced somewhere in Detroit in the winter months of 1993-1998, Transferred from tape, reshaped & remastered in 2008.

CV313- DIMENSIONAL SPACE 12” (echospace, usa)
11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.75eur/1245jpy (approx)

*restocked… Strictly limited pressing! Release number two drops from the mysterious CV313 with two of the most advanced post-Basic Channel transmissions you're ever heard. "Dimensional" is drenched in the usual emissions and accidental analog degradations of Space Echo and banks of old effects units, and "Space" picks up on this momentum and utilizes the same sound palette for an even more padded techno blueprint. A masterfully modern re-wiring of the deepest of all techno's strands, from the heart of Detroit.

GREGOR TRESHER- A THOUSAND NIGHTS PART 3 2X12" (great stuff, germany)
25.98usd/13.15gbp/16.80eur/2701jpy (approx)

*Finally, the last and great part 3 of Gregor Tresher's album EPs. And it's the biggest package you can imagine with mixes of 'A Thousand Nights' from Dubfire, Extrawelt and Patrick Zigon. Plus a new bonus track 'Painkiller' and a huge new remix by Gregor himself of 'Black Rain.' No more words necessary.

TOMCRAFT- BOOGIE NIGHTS: LIKE AN EAGLE 12” (great stuff, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.40eur/1349jpy (approx)

*restocked… A big welcome to Tomcraft. Finally the Great Stuff boss himself with his first release on his own label. After 3 albums, countless 12" singles, a UK #1 with 'Loneliness' and recording for nearly 15 years for Kosmo Records, he can now open his second chapter with Great Stuff. Together with his studio partner Lützenkirchen, he produced this awesome track using the same sublime strings that Par-T-One already sampled some years ago in his groundbreaking 'I'm So Crazy.' What a huge tune.

V/A- GREAT CARNIVAL STUFF EP VOL.1 12” (great stuff, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.40eur/1349jpy (approx)

*restocked… It's Carnival time all over the world and Great Stuff comes up with its first compilation full of exclusive Carnival goodies from their artists and friends. Infected by the groove and spirit of Rio, Venice, Trinidad Tobago, Cologne/Mainz, Mardi Gras. Eleven artists from all over the world (Wehbba from Brazil, Fergie from Ireland, Florian Meindl from London, Koletzki and Namito from Berlin) produced exclusive tracks for that compilation. And obviously they had to capture the carnival vibe and transform it into an outstanding track. These are the first 4 tracks on vinyl where Oliver Koletzki is in full samba feeling, while Butch was inspired by his hometown carnival in Mainz/Germany. Namito and Stephan Hinz used the percussive aspect of carnival for their track which definitely resulted in a great groove.

V/A- GREAT CARNIVAL STUFF EP VOL.2 12” (great stuff, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.40eur/1349jpy (approx)

*restocked… Features tracks by Lützenkirchen, Swen Weber, Fergie (produced with Gregor Tresher) and Wehbba. Taken from the Great Carnival Stuff compilation. It's Carnival time all over the world and Great Stuff comes up with its first compilation full of exclusive carnival goodies from their artists and friends. Infected by the groove and spirit of Rio, Venice, Trinidad Tobago, Cologne/Mainz, Mardi Gras. 11 artists from all over the world (Wehbba from Brazil, Fergie from Ireland, Florian Meindl from London, Koletzki and Namito from Berlin) produced exclusive tracks for that compilation. And obviously they had to capture the carnival vibe and transform it into an outstanding track. Oliver Koletzki and Swen Weber were in full samba feeling, while Butch was inspired by his hometown carnival in Mainz/Germany and Florian Meindl by Venice/Italy. Other artists like Namito, Nudisco and Stephan Hinz used the percussive aspect of carnival for their track which definitely resulted in a great groove. By the way, Irish techno god Fergie did his production together with Gregor Tresher to make it real Great Carnival Stuff.

LUTZENKIRCHEN- PAPERBOY 12” (great stuff, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.40eur/1349jpy (approx)

*restocked… The most productive artist of the Munich family is back with his 6th release on Great Stuff. And it's surprising as ever with its jazzy licks and jumping groove. Next to this outstanding tech-house track it's the incredible rework by D-Nox & Beckers with their peak time minimal techno that will guarantee screaming floors all over the world. 'Mimic' is Lützenkirchen's excursion into deep Bavarian afterhour minimalism at its best.

NICOLETTE- NO GOVERNMENT 12” (great stuff, germany)
11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.75eur/1245jpy (approx)

*restocked… No. 4 in the famous Great Stuff Roots Edition, this time from one of the legendary voices of UK club culture: Nicolette, also known as 'Billie Holiday on acid.' She was not only inventing drum & bass with the project Shut Up And Dance, but she also did two of the most famous songs on the groundbreaking Massive Attack album Protection. Then Nicolette met Gilles Peterson and he signed her to his label and released No Government which became one of the most beautiful Talkin' Loud releases. So Great Stuff is very proud of this classic, which got the ultimate remix treatment by the king of remixers, Tocadisco and by Vienna's G-Stone artists and hot upcoming producer and DJ duo Makossa & Megablast.

BUTCH- ON THE LINE 12” (great stuff, germany)
11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.75eur/1245jpy (approx)

*restocked… This guy is hot. One of the hottest new talents from Germany with his debut on Great Stuff after releases on Craft Music, Trapez (under his real name Bülent Gürler) and Karate Music (as Bee-Low). Not only an amazing DJ based in Mainz near Frankfort, Butch developed a warm and powerful sound in his studio which he combines with his uplifting melodies. Great remixes by Craft Music superhero Swen Weber, French DJ and producer legend Oxia and Cocoon's Pig&Dan.

GREGOR TRESHER- A THOUSAND NIGHTS PART 2 12” (great stuff, germany)
11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.75eur/1245jpy (approx)

*restocked… Only a few weeks before the release of his debut album A Thousand Nights, Gregor Tresher returns with two more weapons. The hypnotic 'Running Systems' perfectly shows Gregor's deep side, while 'Anti' goes the banging way and sounds like an obvious dancefloor destroyer. Combined with the sensational Part 1, you now see the full range of Gregor's style. So get ready for his album.

TRICK & KUBIC- BELIEVE/CONTAINER 12” (great stuff, germany)
11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.75eur/1245jpy (approx)

*restocked… Finally, after a long break due to many remixes, their great forthcoming compilation for Kiddaz.FM and DJ gigs all over the world, our favorite duo from Berlin is back with 2 new bombs: 'Believe' again with vocalist Valeska (known for her voice on 'Easy') is a beautiful piece of sophisticated dark house music in typical Trick & Kubic style. Irresistible!! 'Container' on the B-side the perfect track for your peak time set. A great bassline, effective breakdowns and phat drums. What do you want more?

COBURN- RAZORBLADE 12” (great stuff, germany)
11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.75eur/1245jpy (approx)

*restocked… Finally the emperors are back from their world tour and finished their amazing debut album with 'Razorblade' as their first single. A great package with vocals by London's hottest Heidrun Bjornsdottir, a beautiful song for the ladies and Ed Banging mixes by Frenchman Play Paul and German Malente (Moonbootique records, Unique Records). Coburn will definitely continue the program with 'Razorblade.'

11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.75eur/1245jpy (approx)

*restocked… This unforgotten Soft Cell classic already received the massive Extrawelt treatment in April 2006 but it's back now with further ultimate remixes using more of the magical vocals. First remix is by Berlin's Kling Klong artist Namito, whose own 'Joujou' is definitely a milestone and received amazing support from all over the place. His version of 'Torch' adds a new drive and a mental vocal treatment in the breakdown after a long long buildup. Rainer Weichhold's first remix ever (in cooperation with Bülent 'Butch' Gürler) goes another way and adds a great bassline and a simple house groove. A very strong package for that original Italian masterpiece.

LUTZENKIRCHEN- MUSIC FOR THE GIRLS 12” (great stuff, germany)
11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.75eur/1245jpy (approx)

*restocked… The unstoppable Lützenkirchen this time showing his typical German elektronic roots (which obviously is Kraftwerk). His feeling for the right synth and atmosphere is simply unbelievable. John Dahlbäck (under his Huggotron disguise) and great British DJ/producer-duo Deepgroove both deliver amazing peak time elektro house rockers with style. And again the bonus track 'The Core' is a pure instrumental tech-house tune, showing the incredible diversity of Mr. Lützenkirchen.

ANDREA DORIA- YAOO! 12” (great stuff, germany)
11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.75eur/1245jpy (approx)

*restocked… After a very successful EP on Kling Klong, Italian mastermind Andrea Doria left for even bigger things to great stuff. 'Yaoo!' is nothing more than a peak time dancefloor explosion, 100% evil and aggressive. Ramon Zenker alias 50% of Zen-Kei and Hardfloor with his first and unbelievable mix on Great Stuff for all elektro house fans, while Swedish duo Minilogue makes it deep and minimal and follow their great releases on Crosstown Rebels and Traum.

THE SUBLIMINAL KID- DANCEFLOOR HEAT 12” (islands and islets, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.40eur/1349jpy (approx)

*We continue our introduction of new founded Islands and Islets, sub-label to Stockholm LTD. With releases on labels like Perspex, Still Music and Raw Fusion, The Subliminal Kid has already has a high reputation in the scene. The great feedback on his music is not only a matter of the club DJs. Gilles Peterson on his BBC Radio 1 show has called 'Chord Song' on Still Music 'His kind of music.' On 'Dancefloor Heat,' The Subliminal Kid invites his studio colleagues Van Rivers and Markus Enochson for a live dub and mix session. All versions of this song carry the same feeling of true analog recording and on-the-fly arrangement. They also work as perfect bridges between house and techno.

V/A- BERGHAIN 02 PART 1 12” (ostgut, germany)
11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.75eur/1245jpy (approx)

*This is Ostgut's second installment of their Berghain mix CD series, mixed and compiled by resident DJ Marcel Dettmann. The label will be releasing four exclusive tracks Marcel has used for his mix exclusively on vinyl in advance as a two part set. Part I features tracks by Shed and Tobias. Shed focuses on the essential soul of Detroit techno that glows from the inside with a 1993 euphoria. Tobias delivers a slowly-building percussive monster that is hypnotic and bass-heavy.

5.98usd/3.03gbp/3.80eur/621jpy (approx)

*Atmospheric house & tech house cuts.

TOM POOKS- PLOOF DADDY 12” (ovum, usa)
5.98usd/3.03gbp/3.80eur/621jpy (approx)

*Downtempo minimal acid b/w late night housed-up acid chill outs.

TOM POOKS- TROUBLE 12” (ovum, usa)
5.98usd/3.03gbp/3.80eur/621jpy (approx)

*DJ tool tech house.

TAHO- THE HYBRIDS 12” (ovum, usa)
5.98usd/3.03gbp/3.80eur/621jpy (approx)

*Upbuilding atmospheric techno.

STEFAN GOLDMANN- ALEPH 12” (ovum, usa)
5.98usd/3.03gbp/3.80eur/621jpy (approx)

*Bouncing funky acid house tracks.

JONA- ALTIPLANO/SECRET47 12” (planet e, usa)
9.98usd/5.05gbp/6.45eur/1037jpy (approx)

*Jona says he's always trying to explore new ways of sounding... making emotions talk is what he calls it. He has been recording and releasing dance music for the past four years on labels such as Strobe, Fumakilla, Toys For Boys, Resopal Schallware and most popularly for Berlin's Get Physical. He also records under the alias' Carsen Denaso and Fandango. He has remixed M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade, Daso and others. His past productions have already appeared in the boxes of major DJs like Sven Väth and John Digweed as well as Laurent Garnier and Mylo. He's currently working on his first album that will be released on Get Physical, but before then he found time to give two very special dancefloor cuts to one of his heroes, Carl Craig. And here you have it: further proof that in terms of dancefloor damage, Planet E is unsurpassable in 2008, first Sebastien San, then Martin Buttrich and now Jona and things are just heating up. Dancing on Planet E never sounded better.

PACO OSUNA- ORBEAT 12” (plus 8, canada)
11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.75eur/1245jpy (approx)

*Paco Osuna scales new heights of innovation and intensity with Orbeat. The title track features a frenzy of percussion and silky sub-bass pressure and the effects leave warm, glowing trails in the night air. "Influence" is driven by an old school bass line with breakdowns that will catapult the crowd into a state of delirium. "Transheet" features seductive vocal samples and growling bass lines. "Alarm" presents tidy rhythms that orbit around a one-note riff that's stretched in every direction. Top-notch.

19.98usd/10.11gbp/12.92eur/2077jpy (approx)

*Recorded in Berlin, Los Angeles and Paris, Jim takes even further what was started with Multiply, finding the balance between the spontaneous creativity of his raw ideas and the careful craft and polish of a great record. Jim will switch you on in the morning, move you on the dancefloor and take you down in the small hours. It's a bold, promiscuously diverse album, mixing up gospel grooves, sweetly sung and fiercely passionate soul, delicately moving ballads, thumping early R&B, synthed-up disco, and even a touch of 'hillbilly funk.' 'I haven't tried to hide the influences,' says Jamie Lidell. 'This is the music I love.' But listen closely and you can hear Jamie moving in new directions, creating a sound and a style that is entirely his own.


SHINDIG- VOL. 2, ISSUE 4 MAY-JUNE 2008 MAGAZINE (shindig, uk)
10.98usd/5.56gbp/7.10eur/1141jpy (approx)

*The Dukes Of Stratosphear -- Join us on a bike ride to the moon with XTC's alter egos. The San Francisco Scene: 1966 Featuring: Syndicate Of Sound, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Great Society, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane. Freakrock -- Beards, boots and fuzz: the music that time forgot; Blue Ash -- US '70s power pop; The Story -- New father/son duo in acid folk tradition; Bay Area Garage; Patrick The Lama's Esoteric Trips: The 10 sacred monoliths of UK '70s folk-rock. 82 pages, full-color.


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