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beautiful weather and sounds abound this week… low on the rock, but heavy on the international and caribbean records and cds, including tons of essential restocks from honest jon’s (black slavery days!), basic replay (keith hudson!!) and wackie’s (horace andy!!!)… more instore from those labels next week as well as misc ska, calypso and mento from dub store japan, studio one and trojan! also in this week, a bunch of new dance titles on tirk, rekids and perlon… come on by and check em out!

oh yeah, any of you reading this that resides in the manhattan/brooklyn area, tequila sunrise records is gonna be at the brooklyn flea in fort greene on sunday june 8. in the short term, my plans are to do the market twice a month, but ultimately i’m shooting for every sunday. i’m not sure what i’m gonna bring up yet, so if there are any requests, feel free to contact me. either way, if you’re around, drop by and say hi!




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CAR COMMERCIALS- JUDY'S DUST LP (cenotaph audio, usa)
20.98usd/10.60gbp/13.48eur/2205jpy (approx)

*Judy's Dust is the debut full-length LP by Car Commercials of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Here, the duo of David Sutton (Friends and Family, Current Amnesia, Ladderwoe) and Daniel DiMaggio (Home Blitz) expand on the rock/mumble strategies from the self-released Jar 7" (Leaf Leaf, 2007) and a couple cassettes kicked around the New Jersey underpasses. Contains twelve songs of missing spaces, too much Center Ice, drums and wires, varispeed recording techniques, and facing backwards -- all from the other side of the E Street. This LP is the first release in almost 3 years on the now-resurrected Cenotaph label, now based in the UK. It is limited to 300 copies.


(honest jon’s, uk)
21.98usd/11.11gbp/14.12eur/2311jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked on vinyl, cd next week… When the Empire Windrush, an old troop-carrier, arrived at Tilbury on June 21,1948, and inaugurated modern Caribbean immigration to Britain, it also supplied calypso with its best-known image -- on Pathe newsreel, Lord Kitchener singing his new composition London is The Place For Me. Kitch had boarded with Lord Beginner at Kingston docks, Jamaica, on Empire Day, May 24. In London they joined a milieu of fine band musicians familiar with Caribbean musical forms, and already represented on numerous recordings crucial to the development of British swing and jazz music. Travelling with their own core audience, the Trinidadian calypsonians brought with them the vocal music of Carnival. Traditionally this ranges from social satire to sexual double-entendre, from voodoo to the most pressing issues of the day, from sporting events to competitive insult. The experiences of Britain's growing Caribbean population were fabulously rich in raw material. In many ways Trinidadian calypso prefigured the rise of the Jamaican recording industry, by which it was eclipsed as the fifties ended. During that decade, certainly it was the enthralling soundtrack of Black Britain. Selected from original 78rpm recordings from the 50's by Richard Noblett and Honest Jon's co-owner Mark Ainley, compiler of the swathe of highly successful Studio One compilations for Soul Jazz records and the essential Darker Than Blue compilation on Blood and Fire. The sleeve artwork and insert contain a selection of fabulous photographs from the archives of the era, facsimilies of the original 78 record labels and extensive historical information.

21.98usd/11.11gbp/14.12eur/2311jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked on vinyl, cd next week… Another installment of amazing music from the first wave of modern black settlement in England. The focus remains on the fifties, classic calypsos running alongside the African jazz of Ambrose Campbell -- the father of modern Nigerian music -- and some blistering high-life. Amongst the contributions from the sixties there is some South African kwela (featuring Chris McGregor), and a jazz-dance percussion workout from the Trinidadians who put the Notting Hill Carnival on London streets. The LPs are housed in a gatefold sleeve with a beautiful folded insert. There is a trenchant introduction by Paul Gilroy, full discographical notes, and numerous wonderful photographs.

(honest jon’s, uk)
21.98usd/11.11gbp/14.12eur/2311jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Ambrose Campbell was acclaimed by Fela Kuti's generation -- by Fela himself -- as the founder of modern Nigerian music. Several of his recordings lit up London Is The Place For Me 2: now volume 3 is devoted to his music, drawing on the 78s he cut in London over ten years from 1949. Nearly all the tracks assembled here come from recordings made for the Melodisc label and originally released as 10" 78rpm singles. People who bought these records at the time can still recall how it was when the percussion team -- among them Ade Bashorun, Salustiano Dos Anjos, Manny Myers and 'Lati' Pedro -- built their polyrhythms in Ola Dosunmu's kingdom. With the melodic guitars of Brewster and Ambrose coming together behind Campbell's soothing voice, the musicians contrived to paint an evocative, enduring picture of palmwine Lagos nights. -- Val Wilmer

26.98usd/13.64gbp/17.33eur/2836jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… This is the fourth volume in our series celebrating the music of black London, staying for now with the first waves of modern immigration from Africa and the West Indies. After devoting a third installment to the accomplishments of the late Nigerian genius Ambrose Campbell, Honest Jon's resumes an open-house policy, suited to musicians whose lives and artistic ambitions carried them all over the world: calypso and kwela are back, and highlife and bebop, with a little rock n' roll, a 'mambo indio,' a shango hymn, and a cha-cha-cha for bellydancing jazzbos. A lake in a Johannesburg zoo pops up next to a Chinese on the Harrow Road. Astronauts and prostitutes mingle with landlords and Test cricketers, sex with streetfighting and doing a runner. The music is presented alongside very rare artist photographs by Val Wilmer, and detailed notes.

TUNDE WILLIAMS- MR BIG MOUTH LP (honest jon’s, uk)
18.98usd/9.59gbp/12.19/1995jpy (approx)

*hj’s back catalog title in stock for the first time… First reissue of this legendary Afrobeat LP from Nigeria, originally recorded in 1975. Produced by Fela Kuti. Out of print for years, the release of these albums by Lekan Animashaun and Tunde Williams is a welcome addition to the catalogue of available Afrobeat recordings. In Fela Kuti's band Afrika 70, Tunde was the most consistent soloist, and his trumpet improvisations graced virtually all of the band's 1970s recordings. The tracks for Mr. Big Mouth had been recorded in 1975, but by the time they were released in 1977, Fela was engaged in a bitter battle with the original label, Decca Records. As a result, many of Afrika 70's Decca releases from 1977-8 fell through the proverbial cracks, and Mr. Big Mouth was unfortunately one of them. Although it is a great album, it was given little promotion and as a result, is known only to the most committed Afrobeat aficionados, even in Nigeria. The music on Mr. Big Mouth is similar in feel and mood to other Afrika 70 releases from this time on Decca's Afrodisia imprint such as Fela's No Agreement, Stalemate, and Fear Not for Man, and Tony Allen's No Accomodation for Lagos. The title track is typical of Afrika 70's uptempo grooves and like much of Fela's music the lyrics are socially-critical in tone, although unlike Fela's songs, Tunde's lyrics are not directed at the government. Rather, he says the title track was a commentary on 'some of the indigenous contractors at that time. The government would give these contractors money to complete a job, and instead they would take the money and surround themselves with women, fancy clothes, and flashy cars, and go around the town bragging like big shots. The jobs never got done, and many of them ended up going to jail for defrauding the government. That's what I was singing about.' Tunde's mid-tempo instrumental 'The Beginning' is certainly one of the most infectious tracks to come out of Fela's organization. The laid-back Afrobeat groove is dark and suspenseful, and one can easily hear why the song was often played during Afrika 70's warm-up sets, as it perfectly sets the tone for a late, smoky night at the Afrika Shrine. After leaving Fela in 1978, Tunde was in heavy demand as a session trumpeter in Lagos. His credits from this time are numerous, including Manu Dibango's seminal Home Made set (the first of Dibango's LPs to be fully recorded in Africa), and Orlando Julius Ekemode.

18.98usd/9.59gbp/12.19/1995jpy (approx)

*restocked… This is the first release in a sister series to London Is The Place For Me. Gwigwi Mrwebi travelled to London from Johannesburg in 1960, to appear in the musical King Kong -- alongside the likes of Dorothy Masuka, featured on London 4. (Back home earlier that year he'd recorded with Hugh Masekela and Kippie Moeketsi in the Jazz Dazzlers; and earlier he'd played with the Jazz Maniacs and the Harlem Swingsters.) The Blue Notes came after him in 1965, and two years later Chris McGregor, Dudu Pukwana and Ronnie Beer joined Gwigwi for this session at Dennis Duerden's Transcription centre in Covent Garden, together with Jamaican bassist Coleridge Goode (from Joe Harriott's group), and on drums the Welshman Laurie Allan (a Blue Notes regular, who played with Gong in the seventies). Mbaqanga Songs is a reissue of the LP which resulted (originally entitled Kwela by Gwigwi's Band, and impossible to find pretty much ever since). Sixteen short, exhilarating jazz tracks in the dance style then captivating South Africa ('kwela' means 'get moving' in Xhosa), bursting with beautiful melodies. Carefully remastered at Abbey Road; with poignant new sleevenotes by Steve Beresford.

V/A- LIF UP YUH LEG AN TRAMPLE 2LP (honest jon’s, uk)
26.98usd/13.64gbp/17.33eur/2836jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The best contemporary Trinidadian Soca. Hard edged, dancehall tinged with a smattering of sexuality & politics, this album also commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Notting Hill carnival." Double LP, full color gatefold sleeve. Artists: Laventille Rhythm Section, Dawg E Slaughter, Timmy, Maximus Dan, Andre Tanker, Massive Gosine, Denise Belfon, Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano, Michelle Sylvester, Bobo & Agony, Machel Montano & Black Stalin.

SON CUBANO- NYC CUBAN ROOTS NEW YORK SPICES 1972-82 2LP (honest jon’s, uk)
26.98usd/13.64gbp/17.33eur/2836jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Gorgeous, organic Cuban dance music -- rootsy and big-city at the same time -- from the neglected period in the seventies, when small independent New York labels like SAR and Mericana were emerging from the domination of Fania. In premature reviews, Q Magazine awarded Son Cubano its coveted 'Q recommends' accolade; DJ reckoned it 'a must'; and Music Week celebrated 'some of the most vibrant music on the planet'. Featuring Rey Roig y su Sensacion, Charlie Rodriguez y su Conjunto, Chocolate, Henry Fiol, Roberto Torres, Lita Branda and more.

26.98usd/13.64gbp/17.33eur/2836jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… This scorching compilation brings to the table the brilliant, explosive array of styles (at the time, warring) which burned up Latino dancefloors in the political and cultural ferment of nineteen-sixties New York: imperious Cubop and rootsy descargas alongside the outrageous Latin soul of boogaloo. It is second in the Honest Jon's series of Latin music inaugurated by Son Cubano, our survey of the Cuban roots revival in New York the following decade: next up will be volumes of vintage Latin music from Central and West Africa. The tracks here are nearly all reissued for the first time, fastidiously remastered. The cover again features the photography of Bruce Davidson, from his book East 100th Street. The liner notes -- which follow -- are by Juan Flores, author of From Bomba To Hip Hop, and Divided Borders: Essays On Puerto Rican Identity. 'For Latin music in New York, the Sixties were years of explosive transition. In tune with the times of strident political protest and cultural affirmation, new rhythms like the pachanga, boogaloo, típico and salsa signalled significant changes in musical sensibility among a new generation of young Latinos and fans of Latin music. By the early 1960s the heyday of the great mambo era was passing, and by the end of the decade the catch-all phrase 'salsa' had been implanted on the rich variety of styles and rhythms that made up the repertoire. In between, throughout the 1960s, a thousand flowers bloomed in the Latin music field, with the bands conversant in the traditional Afro-Cuban styles of son and guaguancó, mambo and cha cha chá, Latin jazz and bolero, while at the same time trying their hand at the range of newly emerging styles, beginning with the pachanga in the opening years and ranging through boogaloo and shingaling, until the turn to the roots sounds of típico as the decade ended. This array of styles came together in those heady years: all the tribes convened for a pow wow and smoked the peace pipe. That's what the present compilation reflects, as encapsulated in the title cut, with Corchado and his band kicking some vibrant, hilarious boogaloo sounds in Spanish and English, with a little bit of everything else mixed in. The eclectic tastes of those dynamic times are all here, from 'Tanga' -- the first recorded example of Cubop -- and the classic 'Descarga Cachao' (don't miss his masterful bass-playing), to the jaunting guaguancós of Ray Barretto and Bobby Pauneto.'

(sublime frequencies, usa)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*missed this one last week, essential back catalog title in stock for the first time… For the first time ever from this part of the world, here is a recording that documents the ceremonial animist music from the mysterious tribal villages of Northeast Cambodia. The Tampoans, Krungs, Kavets, Braos, and Jaraîs of Ratanakiri Province and the Phnongs in Mondolkiri Province have been living amidst each other in this region for centuries, preserving and expanding their unique cultural heritage, sometimes at peace and other times in conflict with one another or with foreign invaders. The music includes hypnotic gong ensembles, guitar ballads, bamboo flute and unique local instrumentation such as the gungteng (a 10-string instrument comprised of a bamboo tube holding 10 metallic strings with a dried gourd as resonator) and the mum (a unique one-string Krung instrument bowed with a bamboo using the mouth as a resonator, attached by a string between the instrument and the mouth). The superb singing styles and vocals present throughout are absolutely mesmerizing. These tracks sound like nothing you've heard before, all magnificently documented, transporting the listener into the heart of each performance. Recorded on location by Laurent Jenneau over a 2-year period from 2003-2005 with his revealing liner notes and a detailed tracklist included within.


KEITH HUDSON- PLAYING IT COOL LP (basic replay, germany)
18.98usd/9.59gbp/12.19/1995jpy (approx)

*shop favorite/top seller restocked on vinyl, cd soon… Keith Hudson -- as is Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes, his collaborator here -- was a one-off innovator with impeccably classical lineage: his first studio recording involved former Skatalites; his earliest releases provided solid-gold hits for Ken Boothe ('Old Fashioned Way,' 1967), John Holt, Delroy Wilson, U-Roy and the rest. Playing It Cool & Playing It Right was released in 1981 on the Joint International label, in NYC. It was originally intended that one of Hudson's teenage sons would voice the dubs: in the event the Love Joys, Wayne Jarrett, and most inimitably Hudson himself featured at the microphone. Like Wackies, Hudson was a Studio One devotee -- 'I used to hold Don Drummond's trombone for him so I can be in the studio,' he once recalled -- and the album follows Coxsone's recent strategy of overdubbing signature rhythms. The Studio One sides were aimed at the dancefloor; Hudson's reworks of tracks like 'Melody Maker' are more psychological. Here deep Barrett Brothers rhythms are remixed deeper with reverb, filters and other distortion, pitched down, everything; and overlaid with new recordings, often heavily treated, of guitar, percussion, keyboard, voice. Playing It Cool is legendary, strange, utterly compelling music.

(basic replay, germany)
18.98usd/9.59gbp/12.19/1995jpy (approx)

*shop favorite/top seller restocked on vinyl and cd… Flesh Of My Skin... is the most hallowed of all those reggae albums which remain unavailable, and Keith Hudson's key achievement in a career launched when as a fourteen-year-old he recorded members of The Skatalites on his Shades Of Hudson rhythm. Originally released in 1974, after a series of solid-gold productions for Ken Boothe, Delroy Wilson, John Holt, U-Roy and the rest, it projects Hudson's removal from JA to London and New York studios and transatlantic audiences, and inaugurates a sequence of albums -- classics like 'Pick A Dub', 'Brand', 'Playing It Cool' -- which show his troubled experimentalism better suited to the LP than the cardinal 7" reggae format. Anchored here by Santa Davis and George Fullwood from the Soul Syndicate -- alongside musicians like Augustus Pablo, Count Ossie and Leroy Sibbles -- Hudson's mood is tormented and dazed, as on titles like 'Darkest Night', 'My Nocturne' and 'Testing My Faith' he struggles for Black senses of commitment --political, existential, religious -- at its breaking point. Magnificently and deadly serious, hauntingly unique, unmissable and unforgettable.

WILLIE WILLIAMS- ROCKING UNIVERSALLY 12” (basic replay, germany)
12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*restocked… In the early eighties, when they were both moving between New York and Toronto, Willi Williams and Jackie Mittoo revived their classic Real Rock / Armagideon Time sides, originally cut for Studio One. They came up with this dancehall-targeted missile, much more uptempo and upbeat, with rub-a-dub deejaying throughout Willi's new vocal, fully extended over propulsive Sly-style tom-toms and Jackie's oblique, ultra-cool keyboards, and dubwise complete with daft mumbling, sirens and effects. It's saying a lot, but for 2004 this is the killer version of the cornerstone rhythm.

12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*restocked… Recorded in 1990-91 by Blacka, Keety and Tena at the Vibes studio in London, and originally released on Blacka's Vibes label. This is a soundsystem record -- played in the day by sounds like Abashanti, Entebbe, Jah Warrior, and on the radio by Manasseh. Side A is straight to the head of those systems having success at the time introducing R&B into a less rootical reggae selection. AA is chilled and austere: after Rambo, another London killer back on the streets.

12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*restocked… Double-barrelled digital onslaughts from Niney The Observer -- the 'Dealing' rhythm is aka Power-Saw, not for nothing -- and both vocalists are inspired: Gregory sounds especially dazed, like he's been dealt; Ken -- the greatest soul singer in reggae -- is searing. The 'Memories' version is a Basic Replay exclusive, created this year by Niney.

V/A- KING CULTURE PRESENTS CUSS CUSS 12” (basic replay, germany)
12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*restocked… Six murderous outings for Lloyd Robinson's immortal rhythm on this showcase EP collecting singles produced by King Culture in Toronto and Kingston, Jamaica, during 1980-81. Rod Taylor was voiced in JA; Barry Brown between both cities. Stamma was mic man for the JA sound Taurus: this was his recording debut. Mixing was done at Tubby's, assisted by his apprentices Professor and Puggy (an expert with the Delta 4 machine tape-delay). These versions tore up dancehalls at the time. Listen to Gemini at Skateland, with Welton Irie, Plough, Ringo and full crew, all riding dubs.

IJAHMAN LEVI- I'M A LEVI 12” (basic replay, germany)
12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*restocked… Surely this is music-making of any kind at its most inspired. Recorded in 1975 in London's Gooseberry Studios by Dennis Harris, Ijahman Levi -- aka Trevor Sutherland -- remembers his unscripted performance 'pouring out from inside'. Maybe the short spell he'd just spent at Her Majesty's Pleasure has to do with it. This is the original, way superior version of the song recut for Island. The dub too is breathtakingly powerful -- a Shaka special.

12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*restocked… A rampaging bull of a Dave Kelly -- like the label logo has it -- from 1989, faced down brilliantly by these two Jammys stalwarts. Another death in the arena from Basic Replay.

ANDREW BEES- MILITANT 12” (basic replay, germany)
12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*restocked… The Black Uhuru singer storms through Rome on this tearaway digi roots cut from 1993. Expert dubbing of an irresistible bubblers B-line, seething electronics and fluent truths and rights. Comes with the version; two more songs, 'Things A Gwaan' and 'Life In The Ghetto.'

26.98usd/13.64gbp/17.33eur/2836jpy (approx)

*restocked… Basic Reply reissues the 4 White Mice 7" all together in a hand stamped paper bag. Born in 1970, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Allan Crichton aka White Mice is a graduate of three sound systems -- Sugar Minott's Youthman Promotion, Jammy's Hi Power, and his hometown Ticka Muzik. His first break came at Sun Splash in 1985, when he and Little Kirk were called on stage to perform with Tenor Saw. Recording at King Jammy's and Channel One studios, with Junior Delgado at the controls, over next the few years Mice let off a series of records amongst the very deadliest of digital reggae -- nearly all on his brother Blemo's Intellitec imprint, out of Miami (exceptionally, 'Youths Of Today' came first on Incredible Music, 'Tallawah' on the Buffalo label).

18.98usd/9.59gbp/12.19/1995jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked on vinyl, cd next week… I was born and grew up in D'Aguilar Town, eastern Kingston, at the foot of Wareika Hill. I came up playing with Tommy McCook's Supersonics, and The Skatalites. I was the lead trombonist of Count Ossie's Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari. My first instrumental to hit was 'Lambs Bread Collie,' which I recorded with The Light Of Saba. These are my new recordings, blazing grounation roots reggae. -- Calvin Cameron. This is 2007 dubwise roots reggae by Calvin Cameron from The Light Of Saba alongside his regular crew, and musicians like Deadly Headley Bennett, the original Saba drummers, and David Madden from the Black Ark -- with a special appearance by Tony Allen, architect of Fela Kuti's Afrobeat!

V/A- BLACK SLAVERY DAYS LP (honest jon’s, uk)
18.98usd/9.59gbp/12.19/1995jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Legendary, militant, magnificent roots reggae from the mid-seventies, originally issued on the NYC Clappers label in 1980 (and much sought after ever since). Clayton Downie's productions showcase dubwise four JA groups -- the Skulls, Mercenaries, Arrow, Original Survivors -- with backing by luminaries like Horsemouth, Junior Dan, Chinna, Augustus Pablo, Robbie Shakespeare, and Vin Gordon, Herman Marquis and Bobby Ellis on blazing rebel horns. Fans of 'Marcus Garvey'-era Burning Spear will be in heaven.

17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked on vinyl and cd… Throughout the illustrious thirty-year recording career of Horace Andy, with its innumerable highs, his unmistakable falsetto has lit up just three albums of indisputable greatness -- Skylarking, for Coxsone at Studio One; In The Light, for Everton DaSilva's Hungry Town label, in Queens, New York; and -- with the biggest original impact, by far the most contemporary of the trio - Dance Hall Style, for Bullwackies in the Bronx. Recorded at the turn of the seventies, Dance Hall Style reworks songs first recorded by Bunny Lee ('Money Money') and Derek Harriott ('Lonely Woman') -- alongside a version of Lloyd Robinson's 'Cuss Cuss' -- and births classics like 'Spying Glass' (later covered by Massive Attack). The musicians include Wackies regulars like Owen Stewart and Oral Cooke from Itopia, Ras Menilik and Jah T.; also Horace's multi-instrumentalist spar Myrie Dread from the Hungry Town sessions. At the desk, Lloyd Barnes, Junior Delahaye and Douglas Levy coax unequalled vocal performances from Horace Andy, showcased in ineffable extended mixes.

HORACE ANDY- EXCLUSIVELY LP (wackie’s, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked on vinyl, cd to follow… Appearing originally on the Solid Groove label out of Croydon in South London, Exclusively is sometimes misconstrued as the UK issue of Dance Hall Style. The tracks from both were recorded at the same sessions -- with Bullwackie joined at the controls by Junior Delahaye and Prince Douglas, and issued close together in 1982-83, Croydon first. Half of Exclusively non-exclusively versions four tracks from the Stateside release, and three are re-titled. Also "Eating Mess," which appeared on the first pressing of Dance Hall Style, though unlisted on the sleeve. The mixes are all different (and without dubs). Five further specials include the funky "Musical Episode," a superior Bob Marley tribute, and a version of "Rougher Yet." It's all vintage Wackies, and spun out of Horace's all-time greatest album -- unmissable.

17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Visions Of John Clarke was a little thrown together for its original release in 1979. Still, its sleeve carried a ringing endorsement from Bullwackies himself "President of the John Clarke Fan Club" -- and the album attracted the interest of Studio 1 boss Coxsone Dodd, whose bid for distribution-rights was thwarted when the Brooklyn label Makossa quickly put in for a full license. The singer -- not to be confused with Johnny Clark -- had been running with the Wackies operation for the past six years, ever since moving from Jamaica to New York. He'd cut memorable sevens with co-founder Munchie Jackson for the Tafari label -- like "In Search of The Human Race and Recession" -- and also worked with Lloyd Barnes for such Bullwackies imprints as Versatile and Wackies.

JOHN CLARKE- ROOTSY REGGAE LP (wackie’s, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Visions Of John Clarke was a little thrown together for its original release in 1979. Still, its sleeve carried a ringing endorsement from Bullwackies himself "President of the John Clarke Fan Club" -- and the album attracted the interest of Studio 1 boss Coxsone Dodd, whose bid for distribution-rights was thwarted when the Brooklyn label Makossa quickly put in for a full license. Released soon afterwards, the new version -- entitled Rootsy Reggae -- duplicated five tracks from the previous version, but with markedly different mixes, fresh edits, and some additional new instrumentation.

LOVE JOYS- REGGAE VIBES LP (wackie’s, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Reggae Vibes was the Love Joys' first album, initially released in 1981 on the Florida-based Top Ranking label (when it was also entitled Jah Light on the inside labels). It features 10 tunes produced and recorded at Wackies NY, ranging from Lovers Rock Reggae Style and uptempo dance vibes to roots and reality. Tracks include: 'Stranger' and 'All I Can Say' (which also appear on Lovers Rock Reggae Style in different mixes); 'Studio Man', a tribute to Bullwackie himself; 'Jah Light', in Bullwackie's words, 'shining a favorite of mine and very inspirational in all of the crew at Wackies, with Jah Scotty always ready to drum up some steady beats along with Roy Bassie from the Wackies Rhythm Force'; Watch Them, 'a revolutionary cry from Sonia Abel -- a very special writer that can stretch far into her imagination -- just vibing in the studio '; Love Is Not A Game, 'typical lovers rock sharing roots feeling in a dance style, Love Joys Stylee'; How Long, 'another love song, sweet sounding vocals makes life feel real special'. A must for all Wackies fans.

17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Magnificent dub album out originally on the Senrab label in 1976 -- another great reissue in the string of classic Wackies albums that have been re-released by Berlin dub-techno duo Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, as part of their reissue series of the complete Wackie's catalog. This record captures the time when Lloyd Barnes sparred at the desk with Prince Douglas and Jah Upton, in the first months of the White Plains Road headquarters. The selection commemorates a series of brilliant sevens and twelves on labels like City Line and Wackies, and sister labels like Upton, Versatile, and Munchie Jackson's Earth imprint. Core rhythm tracks from Jamaica -- Treasure Isle mostly, mixed by Tubby -- had been worked over at the Sounds Unlimited studio on E 24th Street in Manhattan. Baba Leslie's dry and crisp instrumental "Black Horns," is placed over Wayne Jarrett's "African Woman" mantra -- and is spun into the opening track, entitled "Black Heart Dub." The Love Joys are like genies in the stunning twin mixes of disco reggae. The track "Dub Unlimited" uses bits of John Clarke's "Pollution" (Unlimited Dub's singjay version of the Ali-Frazier "Thriller In Manilla"); "Bullwackies Revenge" is a version of the Chin Chow rhythm, a tribute to the restaurant next door; the Chosen Brothers' "Talk To The Father" is represented, as well as Andrew McCalla's "Home By The Sea." This is the smoothest dub album you'll ever run across.

17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Jah Upton joins Lloyd Barnes and Prince Douglas at the desk for another must-have Bullwackies dub set, originally released in 1977. The music is drawn from tapes recorded at King Tubby's with the Soul Syndicate band, in 1974-75 (before Wackies' move to New York). Certain tracks were also voiced in JA -- like Don Carlos' deadly "Prepare Jah Man," available here and nowhere else, over a hallmark rhythm re-run on Wayne Jarrett's Bubble Up album. Other highlights include dubs of Wackies' deep "Black Harmony" rhythm, Joe Morgan's "Basement Session," the Love Joys' "I Belong To You" (a Barry White homage issued on Versatile 7"), a Chosen Brothers and two great John Clarke tracks (including a version of "In Search Of The Human Race" which eclipses the Tafari single); also a dedication to the Chinese restaurant next door on White Plains Road.

V/A- REGGAE GOODIES VOL. 2 LP (wackie’s, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Volume 2 derives more from Wackies' Sounds Unlimited Studios in New York, and aims rather for the Lovers in the dance. Ad hoc lineups like Wanachi (with Jah Jah's Call also appearing on Creation Dub) and the Chosen Brothers -- here it may be Lloyd Barnes with Wayne Jarrett on one track, and Leroy Sibbles on another - appear alongside regulars like 'Jah Junior' Delahaye, K.C. White, and those 'three attractive young beauties' The Love Joys -- with a different mix of their version of The Abyssinians' 'Sweet Feelings' than turns up on their debut album. Reggae Goodies: it's more than just an album, it's an experience which can only be shared by you. Get your copy now... there'll never be another of its kind.

WACKIES- CREATION DUB LP (wackie’s, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Pretty much since its original release in 1977, Creation Dub has been as wanted amongst reggae bounty hunters as its Wild West cover typography suggests --every track a killer, a key Bullwackies dub album. The record inaugurated Wackies' fruitful London connection: the second-pressing sleeve carries a nostalgic distribution credit for the long-gone Maroons Tunes shop, run by Rae Cheddie for Honest Jons. The core musicians here are Allah, Clive Hunt and Jerry Harris, with outstanding contributions from hornsman Sel Wheeler and Roy Robertson on bass, and John Clarke on the single vocal track. Included are dubs of rhythms voiced for Wackies by the Chosen Brothers, Joe Auxumite and K.C.White, alongside versions of Mammy Blue, Bo Kirkland's soul classic 'I Want To Get Next To You', and a superb reprise of Sel Wheeler's 12" cover of Jo Jo Bennett's 'Leaving Rome'.

JUNIOR DELAHAYE- SHOWCASE LP (wackie’s, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Showcase by Junior Delahaye is the fourth installment of Rhythm & Sound's Wackie's reissue programme. Originally released as LP in 1982 and reissued in its original sleeve artwork last year this album recasts Philadelphia-style sweet soul within the shimmering, bass-heavy textures of classic Wackie's dub. The music is spine-chilling: Junior's singing ranges expertly from sophisticated tenor to delicate falsetto, and his declarations of exalted love are at one with the mystical space of the Wackie's sound. Showcase includes interpretations of Billy Stewart's 'Sitting In The Park' and Fuzz's Sigma-recorded 1971 smash 'I Love You For All Seasons', alongside the Reggae evergreen 'Travelling Man'; together with three fabulous Delahaye originals. Like the 'Lovers Rock' release, the album features such Wackie's stalwarts as Jerry Harris, Jah T and Roland Alphonso -- Jamaican-born Junior Delahaye remains co-engineer; and of course Lloyd 'Bullwackie' Barnes is the producer.

WACKIES- AFRICAN ROOTS ACT 2 LP (wackie’s, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Another Rhythm & Sound presentation from Bullwackies' golden year of 1982, this album offers fully-worked dubwise versions of tracks voiced elsewhere by such Wackies' luminaries as Max Romeo, Barrington Spence and Junior Delahaye. Only the treatment of Horace Andy's 'Lonely Woman' -- from the original release of 'Dancehall Showcase' -- contains traces of a song. Alongside producer Lloyd Barnes aka Bullwackies himself of course, Junior Delahaye's contribution is crucial -- on keyboards, drums and drum machine, and at the mixing desk. Likewise Leroy Sibbles, on bass guitar, bringing to the session three classic Heptones Studio One rhythms: 'Fight It To The Top', 'Love Won't Come Easy' and 'Sea Of Love'. Vintage Wackies dub: all killers, no fillers!

WACKIES- AFRICAN ROOTS ACT 3 LP (wackie’s, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Originally issued in 1983, African Roots Act 3 is basically the dub counterpart of Sugar Minott's Wicked Ago Feel It album (also out in Rhythm & Sound's Bullwackies reissue programme). Lloyd Barnes' key collaborators here are Sugar himself and stalwart Jackie Mittoo, with the core of his studio musicians drawn from the group Itopia. Subdued and hypnotic, musically more sparse than its predecessor, African Roots Act 3 offers the same trademark combination of Wackie's originals and classic Studio One rhythms, nodding again to The Heptones ('I Hold The Handle', 'Love Me Always'). Worth buying for the version of 'Real Rock' ('the rhythm most known with the song 'Armagideon Time' by Willie Williams or covered by The Clash) alone and a must have for the fans of Sugar Minott, the Wackies label in general and for all lovers of dub reggae.

17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… During the period of this 1984 recording, Sugar Minott was arguably the brightest star in reggae music world-wide. In the early 70ies he had single-handedly revived the fortunes of Studio One, before cutting a string of hits for Channel One. Meanwhile his Youth Promotion sound system and his own label Black Roots nurtured fresh new talent like Tenor Saw, Nitty Gritty and Junior Reid. After moving to London at the turn of the decade, his international smash 'Good Thing Going' brought Sugar a rash of lucrative major label offers, which he declined, preferring to link up with Bullwackies in New York. This album -- for the first time on CD here -- contains the full vocal versions of tracks included on the dub album African Roots Act 3. With the core of his band drawn from the Wackies group Itopia, Sugar Minott sings inimitably for lovers, bubblers and rootsmen all. He recasts Michael Jackson again; and -- alongside Studio One maestro Jackie Mittoo in the studio -- revisits his all-time favorite album, The Heptones On Top. For those who like their Sugar unrefined, raw and uncut.

JAH BATTA- ARGUMENT LP (wackie’s, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Tony O'Meally aka Jah Batta is the Bullwackies acolyte featured recently with Rhythm & Sound on the Burial Mix single 'Music Hit You'. On this album from 1983 his buoyant deejaying follows Lone Ranger's massive revival of U-Roy's legacy. Upful dancehall vibes address topics such as vegetarianism, skin color, school, good old-fashioned rocking the mic. One toast laments Batta's girlfriend running off with Sugar Minott. And the album is a must even for its rhythms alone: basically top-notch Youth Promotion material from Channel One in JA, overdubbed and remixed at White Plains Road in the Bronx, with contributions from Sly & Robbie, and Bagga and Jackie Mittoo from Brentford Road, alongside Wackies regulars. Version excursions include Sugar originals like Informer and Jezzreel's 'Stop Playing Tricks', Bob Marley's 'Too Much Trouble', and deadly do-overs of Studio One cornerstones like 'Throw Me Corn' and 'Real Rock'. Do it, Jah! Flash it!

MILTON HENRY- WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? LP (wackie’s, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Milton Henry's handful of classic sides -- like his version of "Gypsy Woman," or "Cornbread and Butter" or "This World" and "Follow Fashion" over the Upsetter's fever rhythm (under the artist name King Medious) -- made him a natural Wackies' recruit when he relocated from Jamaica to New York City in the late '70s. Soon after, he was fully involved in the day-to-day business of the operation, supervising sales and promotion, making deliveries, even holding spare keys to the studio for whenever Bullwackies himself was away. He appears in this activist role on the front-sleeve photograph, just up White Plains Road from the Bronx HQ: by its title, though, and first and last songs, this album also hints heavily at the past musical accomplishments of its mystery hero. The record was released first in London, in 1984, during the first months of Wackies Dean Street office, in north Soho. The band is basically Itopia. Sly Dunbar gets a credit -- though neither he nor Robbie Shakespeare ever set foot in the studio: as if in acknowledgment for this rhythm, is "No Dreams." Jackie Mittoo and Bagga are 'pon the corner, from Studio One; Jerry Johnson and Neville Anderson are on brass; also Sugar and Max Romeo; and Sonia from the Love Joys performs a duet. "No Dreams" is the true story of Milton sleeping in the attic above the studio when the rough drum and bass track came onto the desk, waking him, pulling him to the mic; "Them A Devil" is aimed at certain producers passing off the singer's property as their own; "Good Old Days" was written for a poor Junior Byles, remembering times shared.

JEZZREEL- GREAT JAH JAH LP (wackie’s, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*restocked… Taking its name from Jezreel, the Biblical city founded by the tribe of Issachar, where God is said to have cursed Ahab for his greed, this singing duo's debut 1980 Wackies album is steeped in rasta spirituality. Clive Davis and Christopher Harvey step forward from the backing line -- on innumerable Sugar Minott sessions for example -- and into the company of the great JA vocal combos of the late seventies: as at home with Viceroys-style harmonies as with traditional Impressions- and doowop-derived flourishes; as comfortable riding Channel One-style steppers as with more laid-back, lover's grooves. Dug in behind them is drummer Jah Scotty's New Breed Band -- also known as the Reckless Breed -- falling between the Sylvester Brothers and Itopia as Wackies in-house crew. Included in the lineup this time are two of Lloyd Barnes' sons, Bob and Shaan. Appearing as Reggae Jerry, guitarist Jerry Harris is in top form, and as Jerry Hitster he contributes some startling keyboards (alongside Sylvesters' old-boy Roy Robertson), not least in the opening bars. Most of the rhythms are one-offs, though "Roman Soldiers" is the militant first outing of "Nature's Dub", and "Living In The Ghetto" is "Kicking Scott" from the same album. (On top, the sleeve features vintage reggae typesetting by Leslie A. Moore, LAM Graphics Int.) This is a showcase reissue, with all tracks extending into inventive dubs. Arrangements are by Lloyd Barnes and Jah Hamma, aka Prince Douglas, who also work the mixing desk.

WAYNE JARRETT- MINI SHOWCASE 10” (wackie’s, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… Wayne Jarrett is an artist from the front rank of reggae whose work for the legendary Wackie's label without question includes his very best. This 1983 release revived by Rhythm & Sound present the singer showcase-style, in mostly devotional mood. Wackie's sound is characterized by pervasive echo and deep bass: the atmosphere is luminous and unique. Several local artists made their names here, and a roll-call of great Jamaican artists including e.g. Leroy Sibbles, Max Romeo or Jackie Mittoo.

MAX ROMEO- BIRTH OF REGGAE MUSIC 12” (wackie’s, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… This majestic rhythm was brought from Channel One to Wackies by Sugar Minott. First to voice it was Jah Batta -- his bathetic version makes a comic interlude in Chris Coy's 1983 film about the label, when he mimes the lyrics to his companion, strolling in the park -- originally released on Junior Delahaye's Sun Force label, the production credited to Batta, aka Tony Omeally. (The flip was the Jezzreel cut here, reworking The Upsetter's classic "Fever" b-line. Even this you need.) Max Romeo's myth-making is more in tune with the genius of the rhythm. The song appeared originally on his 1885 album One Horse Race. And it's up there with "Melt Away" as the best side he made away from the Black Ark; and surely the best of his twelve years away from Jamaica, from 1978-1990.

AZUL- ROCKFORT ROCK 12” (wackie’s, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… Featuring the flute of arranger Clive Hunt (and Mickey Jarrett's Black Atlantic anti-Klan toast on the flip), for many aficionados this is the premier version of the foundation Studio One rhythm, without exception.

RAS CLIFTON- QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE 12” (wackie’s, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… Ras Clifton's delirious hymn to Black womanhood is backed by the original Wackies crew -- Allah, Clive Hunt, the Sylvester Brothers. 'Look Over Yonder' originally appeared in 1975, as a 7" on the Wisdom-Rock label which Wackies created for Clifton: this 1982 reworking is more spacious and contemplative. Both sides are deep, charged reggae with musical inspiration to spare over extended mixes -- and Lloyd Barnes at the desk steals the show.

HORACE ANDY- MONEY MONEY 12” (wackie’s, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… On this classic 12Inch Horace Andy revisits a Bunny Lee favorite -- twin rhythm to the famous 'Cuss Cuss' -- in the opening track 'Money Money' of his wonderful 'Dance Hall Style' album for Bullwackies. This is the rougher extended mix, not available on the album: more snare, more reverb and effects, extra raw. Al Moodie's toast of the 'Money' rhythm on the B-side is carnivalesque JA travelogue, from Bull Bay to Rockfort to Harbour View, guaranteed to put a glide in your stride.

11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… "All Depends On You" is an intimate, spare do-over of the Spiderman rhythm which Yellowman and Fathead were smashing at the time with Operation Eradication: eight-and-a-half-minutes of yearning and pleading, generously dosed with the vocal stylings of the original Night Nurse himself. "I Put My Trust" swaps religion for amorous devotion: musically, it is more characteristically Wackies, reverberating but crisp as a biscuit, stepping but spaced-out. Neither track appears on the LP, Great Jah Jah.

SUGAR MINOTT- HI HELLO 12” (wackie’s, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… Sugar mugs flirtatiously over an upful dubwise cut of Barrington Levy's 'Here I Come', with an old-school NYC rap by Bullwackie's adolescent son Dion. And it was the flipside which turned out pockets the first time around, in 1983: a blazing horns version of 'Billie Jean', and another spotlighting the brilliant percussionist Hasan Bakr.

SUGAR MINOTT- JAMMING IN THE STREET 12” (wackie’s, germany)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… Out originally on Black Roots in 1983, this is warm, natural music-making from Sugar's Informer sessions, overflowing with dancehall vibes. The rhythm follows Channel One's refinement of vintage Studio One, and features deejay John Wayne from Youth Promotion days, with a masterful Wackies dub.

V/A- WACKIES SAMPLER VOL. 1 CD (wackie’s, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*After 18 projects in Rhythm & Sound's Wackies reissue program here is an overview of the releases so far. Wackies Sampler Vol.1 features one outstanding tune from each release. This compilation is as essential as it gets for any reggae listener, ranging from dub and roots to dancehall inna '80s style, with less known artists alongside some of the biggest names in reggae music. The tunes taken from 12"s here appear for the first time on CD within this reissue program. Artists include: Love Joys, Junior Delahaye, Naggo Morris, Wayne Jarrett, Meditations, Stranger Cole, Augustus Pablo, African Roots Act 2, Sugar Minott, Horace Andy, Natures Dub, Jamaica Super Dub Session, Clive Field Marshall, Leroy Sibbles.


PINCH- CHAMBER DUB 12” (soul jazz, uk)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*Soul Jazz release this great new dubstep EP from Bristol-based dub-head Pinch. Three tracks showcasing the his deep and techy-vibe. Pinch is one of the most respected artists on the scene today. As well as his own releases he runs his own Tectonic label which has put out music by Skream, Loefah, Digital Mystikz and more. His last album Underwater Dancehall was one of the most anticipated releases of the year.


V/A- BASIC CHANNEL CD (basic channel, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*shop favorite! 2003 re-release (ie, digipack, as opposed to the original metal tin version), available again; one of the quintessential electronic music compilations of all time. "Basic Channel CD, originally released 1995 in a plain cardboard envelope and later in a metal box was out of print for a while and is now being re-released in a convenient DigiPak. Rather abstract and ambient tracks like the classic 'Quadrant Dub I' or 'Lyot Remix' are on the track list. From today's perspective, in this open sound much of the later Rhythm & Sound imprint (as released on Rhythm & Sound: s/t) with its echo-heavy atmospheric density was already layed out here." Basic Channel is the mysterious Detroit/Berlin axis minimal techno label, most closely associated with the producer known as Maurizio. They've released a classic series of 12" records, and this CD compilation of material from those 12"s. The "artist" names on the various 12"s are obscure (Cyrus, Phylyps, q1.1, Quadrant, Octagon, Radiance, etc.), and an absolute minimal amount of information about the contents of these records is offered. Stylistically, Basic Channel creates their their own sub-genre of Detroit techno; slowly developing pulsations and abstractions with a heavy emphasis on post-dub processed crackles, blips & hiss -- extremely minimal, extremely gorgeous & some of the finest and most invigorating horizontal listening out there.

LUKE ABBOTT- TUESDAY 12” (border community, uk)
12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*Norfolk's Luke Abbott joins Border Community with the accomplished Tuesday EP, a musically ambitious 6-song selection of beautifully wonky modern electronic psychedelia. DJ-friendly, exuberant rave stompers rub shoulders with dubbed-out nu-Kraut and 8-bit bleeps to form a cohesive home listening experience. There's the twinkly music box trance of "Melody 120," the noisy schaffel-rave stomper of "Without Aim," and so much more.

FEADZ- HAPPY MEAL 12” (ed banger, france)
13.98usd/7.07gbp/8.98eur/1469jpy (approx)

*The producer behind Uffie comes back with a vengeance under his own moniker. Killer Ed Banger-esque slice of vinyl of highest club order. You've been warned.

MAURIZIO- M SERIES CD (m, germany)
17.98usd/9.09gbp/11.55eur/1890jpy (approx)

*shop favorite! 2003 re-release (ie, digipack, as opposed to the original metal tin version), available again; The classic Maurizio/M-Series CD, originally released in 1997 and out of print for quite a while now. The track list features Dub-Techno essentials like 'M5', 'M4.5', 'M6' or 'M7' (CD-exclusive mix) some edited for CD release -- still kicking!" Maurizio is a Berlin minimal techno producer, aligned with Basic Channel/Chain Reaction, who has also recorded with Juan Aktins as 3MB. He has produced a series of 7 12"'s on his own self-named label (just referred to as the "M" label for lack of anything else) and this CD compiles some of that material. This launches deep, dub-inflected layers of hiss, perfectly phased-away computer squelch and pummeling bottom into a totally satisfying array of aesthetically assured sound. Tracklisting: MO6 (original 12 mix), M07 (unreleased mix), M04 (edit), M05 (original mix), Domina (original 12" mix), MO7 (edit), M04.5 (edit), M06 (edit).

MATT O'BRIEN- THE ATTIC TRAX 12” (offkey industries, uk)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked/repress of one of the two Offkey Industries 12"s. Supported and played heavily by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Damian Lazarus, Luciano, Roman Flugel, Richie Hawtin and more. 'Serotone' from OffKey 002 has just been licensed to Radioslave's Rekid imprint, and will feature a remix from the man himself. This is your last chance to get the original before it disappears forever.

RICARDO VILLALOBOS- VASCO EP PART 1 2X12" (perlon, germany)
26.98usd/13.64gbp/17.33eur/2836jpy (approx)

*First part of Ricardo's new contribution for Perlon entitled Vasco EP. Two original compositions by mister Villalobos that get remixed on the B-sides by Shackleton and San Proper. 'Minimoonstar' on the first record gets a special underwater treatment by ex-Londoner Shackleton (Skull Disco). On the A-side we find a special 12" edit of the original to make it fit on wax. The full length version will be supplied with the CD, expected some time later this year. This time the remix gets delivered by Amsterdam-based San Proper, who is known for his superb releases on Rush Hour.

JJAK HOGAN- JJAK HOGAN 12” (rekids, uk)
12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*Rekids brings a new hip-hop slant to their multi-layered sonic output. They call it space-hop. Hailing from Augusta, GA, Jjak Hogan is made up of Donte and Wayne, two friends with an abundance of talent. This is a precursor to their full artist album, Your Planet's Next!

12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*Mysterious producer possibly from South America with a hypnotic Inca shaman dance ritual. Little is known about the release other than it sounds like a cross between Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin and Danny Tenaglia. Club and crowd reactions were so strong, Rekids felt they HAD to sign it.

12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*Radio Slave adds the fourth part to his No Sleep series. Parts 1-3 are totally sold out. He is the producer's producer and choice remixer. His remix of "Deer In The Headlights" is one of many digital stores' biggest-selling downloads ever.

12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*Radio Slave adds the fifth part to his 'No Sleep' series, Parts One through Three are totally sold out. He is the producer's producer and choice remixer, recently voted number 11 in the '50 Greatest Remixers of All Time' in February's DJ Magazine. Recent projects include remixes for Sasha, Ralph Falcon and Len Faki to highlight just three.

RADIO SLAVE- MY BLEEP 12” (rekids, uk)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked/repress of the first release on this label, from April, 2006. Radio Slave launches his new label Rekids with something rather huge. Despite a plethora of remixes (both official and unofficial) over the past few years, 'My Bleep' is (unbelievably) the debut single release from Matt Edwards' Radio Slave moniker. 'My Bleep' is a slice of heavyweight dancefloor electronics frying synapses and overheating dancefloors everywhere. Just to fan the flames, the remix is from the mighty Roman Flügel of Alter Ego fame.

11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked/repress… Matt Edwards aka Radio Slave certainly excelled himself when he created his gnarly acid-drenched minimal-tech shoulder popper that first surfaced in late '06 on the No Sleep EP (Part 2). But now it's time for the remixes. First up is Josh Wink, a man whose reputation goes before him. His interpretation is nothing short of colossal. Cosmo Vitelli delivers a corker on the B-side, along with the gnarly "screamapella" tool!

11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… Radio Slave and Rekids are going from strength to strength... Here they return with another big one. "Bell Clap Dance" is essentially one of the most minimal tracks we've had in for a while, in the sense that Radio Slave essentially only uses a handfiull of sounds - bells, claps... you get the picture. It's a deranged, druggy dancefloor corker that's completely not a tune for the earlier stage of the night. On the flip mr Mobilee, Sebo K gives the track more warmth with chord stabs and adds a tad bit of melody... Excellent stuff! -phonica

TOBY TOBIAS- A CLOSE SHAVE 12” (rekids, uk)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… Toby Tobias is a name to check in 2006 with releases in 2005 for Swag's Odori Records & Hi-Phen this up and coming producer runs Late Night Audio productions. Prins Thomas is a name that always provokes interest with 3 solo EPs to his name and not forgetting work with Lindstom.

MR G- E.C.G'ED 12” (rekids, uk)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… It should be no surprise to anyone that E.C.G'ed is a brilliant piece of stripped down, rolling Detroit-influenced deep techno. Acid undertones supply the backbone to this brooding groove, followed closely by layers of sharp percussion and instantly recognizable live analog effects. Coupled with the huge disco horn section make this subtle but dark beast into somewhat of an epic! It would only be right for Matt to get in on the action and his remix under his Rekid alias is an exceptional alternative to what is already a class A-side producing a hypnotic floor-filler.

11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked/repressed… Spencer Parker has created a very original structure that utilizes mind twisting noises to work 'Beautiful Noise' up and down in a most impressive way. Crashing beats, volume control and swirling soundscapes combine throughout the steady increase to euphoria to take the dancefloor into a very hypnotic and 'beautiful' place. Remixer Raphael Ripperton -- is the winner of the Diesel Music Award, as well as half of Lazy Fat People. Ripperton has releases on Border Community, Crosstown Rebels, Connaisseurs and Num Rec already, and soon to also be on Wagon Repair, Perc Trax and Planet E -- a CV for any producer to envy.

MATT O'BRIEN- SEROTONE 12” (rekids, uk)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… 'Serotone' is one of the defining tracks of 2006, and available in a glorious extended 12-minute version exclusively for this Rekids vs. Off-Key Industries release. On the flip, Matt 'Radio Slave' Edwards delivers a stunning remix with an endless groove. Pressed on blue vinyl.

11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… Audiofly aka Luca Saporito and Anthony Middleton are the current darlings of London and Ibiza, not only holding down residencies at some of the best clubs in London and Ibiza (The End / Space) but on the production side they've had the opportunity to work with some of the hottest labels and artists around. Paul Harris needs little introduction, a Grammy award winner with Dirty Vegas and DJ to the stars. When the three of them spent two days holed up in Hoxton 'Miscalate' was the result -- a dark deep house record with rumbling bassline and sharp electronics. Partial Arts a project from Ewan Pearson and Al Usher take control on the B side and not just remix but remake the track.

V/A- REKIDS ONE SAMPLER 12” (rekids, uk)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… Rekids have developed in under one year to be one of the hottest electronic labels in the world. This 12" vinylizes two of the exclusive tracks off of Rekids One, the label's 2CD compilation that collects all the key tracks from their early discography. Featured here are: A1. Spencer Parker: Beautiful Noise (Tiger Timing Remix) B1. Toby Tobias: A Close Shave (Brontosaurus Remix).

12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*This remix EP calls in two legends of contemporary disco music to remix the legendary Chaz Jankel (The Blockheads). Hercules & Love Affair present two excellent remixes of "Get Myself Together": a stripped-down, bumping, jazzy number, and a percussive, teched-out number with out-there vocal treatments. Also including a rare remix/edit of the disco classic "Glad To Know You" from Todd Terje. The original version of "Get Myself Together" is also included here for the first time on vinyl.

CHAZ JANKEL- TO WOO LADY KONG/3,000,000 SYNTHS 12” (tirk, uk)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… 'To Woo Lady Kong' -- a Balearic anthem in the making -- is an extremely rare and sought after dub-reggae influenced version of Chaz' platinum-selling disco classic 'Glad To Know You.' Included is pioneering electro track '3,000,000 Synths' in it's original form, as well as an exclusive new edit from Sean P -- still sounding incredibly fresh more than 20 years after its original release. The original 'Glad To Know You' (of which 'To Woo Lady Kong' comes close to being an anagram), co-written by Chaz and Ian Dury, was a massive international dance hit and Paradise Garage favorite on its release during the '80s, selling 90,000 copies and sitting at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks. Chaz also co-wrote many of The Blockhead's songs, including 'Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll' and 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick.' The 12" showcases two distinct sides of Chaz' musical output with the smooth, Balearic dub of 'To Woo Lady Kong' and the raw electro of '3,000,000 Synths,' meaning it will have wide appeal.

12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*This is the debut release from NYC's Arcade Lover, the new project from two of the top names in nu-disco, Darshan Jesrani from Metro Area and Escort's Daniel Balis. The A-side delivers silky smooth vocals by Lisa Shaw (Yoshi Toshi, Grand Central, Astralwerks). The B-side runs without vocals -- same lush strings, brass and percussion, Rhodes and driving disco bass lines, but in dub form. "Fantasy Lines" combines the duo's styles seamlessly, creating an instant disco classic.

ARCHITEQ- BIRDS OF PREY 12” (tirk, uk)
12.98usd/6.56gbp/8.34eur/1364jpy (approx)

*This is the debut release from Dundee's Sam Annand, full of deep and dubby electronic beats, live drums and twisted jazz chords. From the dubbed-out title track, to the muted soundscapes of "Sleeping Bear Lament," to the crunchy off-beat drums on "Into The Cosmos" and ending with the driving electro-rhythm of "Packard," the percussive energy in this music knocks you sideways. This is going to be a big year for this dynamic youngster.

11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Disco Unlimited is legendary UK producer, Martin Rushent's (Human League, The Buzzcocks, Generation X, The Stranglers, XTC, etc.) first new project after a 25-year hiatus from the music industry. The debut single "Itchy Hips" is a piece of late '70s-style disco with a modern twist. This 12" also includes a trademark Rushent dub mix featuring stripped-back vocals, beefed-up drums and added FX.

DRRTYHAZE- BEAT TO DEF 12” (tirk, uk)
11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… The Beat To Def EP is the debut on Tirk for NYC-based DJ/producers Drilla and Doug Gomez, aka Drrtyhaze. Their previous release was the Voodoo EP on acclaimed German label, Gomma. The sound of the EP combines influences from Drrtyhaze's hometown of New York -- from disco to Liquid Liquid-esque punk-funk to Bobby O-style hi-NRG. A welcome debut for Drrtyhaze on Tirk, the new label from the people behind classic '90s imprint Nuphonic -- appealing to disco purists as much as trendy art-school kids.

11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… George Demure is the alter-ego of house producer George Thompson, who has previously released material on labels including Crosstown Rebels, Stickman and Pacifica. Fellow Tirk artist Louie Austen, the Nouvelle Vague albums on Peacefrog and Paul Anka's rock covers project are all comparable to the sounds produced by George Demure. During a recent move to London from his home of Edinburgh, George found himself suffering withdrawal symptoms from his studio while it was being shipped down, resulting in him picking up a guitar -- something he hadn't done since the age of 14 -- and beginning to write songs. The result is the George Demure project, which seamlessly combines George's production talents with live instrumentation and his distinctive crooner-esque voice.

11.98usd/6.05gbp/7.69eur/1259jpy (approx)

*restocked… Love Supreme is an Italian production team consisting of musician Sapo and DJs Nick 'Sat' Sarno and Roberto Di Movi. After remixing two tracks by legendary Italian DJ Bruno Bolla for the Blacktronica compilation (which included tracks from Pressure Drop, Quantic, Ashley Beedle, Jill Scott and Matthew Herbert, amongst others), the trio began Love Supreme as an outlet for their passion for underground disco, psychedelia, Detroit techno, early electronica and the films of John Carpenter. The A-side of their debut release, 'Rocquet,' harks back to both the dystopian visions of the Belleville three (May, Atkins and Saunderson) and mechanical disco of Giogio Moroder. The B-side, 'Pork Chop Express' is a psychedelic rollercoaster of a track, complete with live punk-funk style drums and bassline.


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