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yeah, yeah, yeah, i know, i’m running behind with the update, but trust me it’s worth the wait… so many choice titles, check em out: la’s lp reissue; sic alps, 50ft hose and flower travellin band restocks; a couple of new-to-the-shop shadoks releases; konono no.1 restock; new wackie’s and soul jazz titles; a few new dub step/future dub tracks and a ton of new dance titles… come on down and get some!

healey and i are gonna be back up at the brooklyn flea on sunday, i’m planning on bringing mostly rock vinyl, but drop me line if there are any special requests… see you there!




as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

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THE LA'S- THE LA'S LP (plain recordings, usa)
18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.07eur/2032jpy (approx)

*Originally released in 1990 on the Go! Discs label, The La's self-titled debut is a tasty nugget of classic British pop (Kinks, Small Faces) matched with the post-punk jangle of groups like The Smiths and XTC. Predating the second British invasion by a number of years, this, the sole album by The La's features the classic 'There She Goes' (although around here, ‘timeless melody’ is a personal favorite –ajv/tsr) along with 11 other slices of pop goodness. Back in print on vinyl for the first time since its original release.


12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… After the recording of their debut album, Pleasures and Treasures in 2005, Sic Alps stripped it down to become the duo of Matthew Hartman and Mike Donovan. Their hazy, vintage psych/garage rock sound along with heavy touring of both the U.S. and Europe won them fans around the globe. They recorded a handful of singles & EPs during 2006 and 2007 which are now pretty much impossible to find, or fetching absurd prices on eBay. All of these singles (along with a rare compilation track, and one previously unreleased track) are included here in this convenient, remastered 26-track compilation.

12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*shop favorite in stock on cd for the first time… What can I say about this band without sounding too ridiculous or stoned? Ah well, here it goes... this stuff just has that sound, man. A timeless breath of aged freshness with a heavy vintage feel. We could call it rock, psychedelic rock, lo-fi garage pop, but when you start labeling something, the words start to supersede the sound. Just flip this on, sit back, listen for yourself and breathe it in. That's it, the sound -- it's like taking a deep breath. An honest breath of timelessness, filtered through the delay and echo of the past. A modern psychedelic classic. Honestly, it's hard to tell when this was recorded. Early-mid '60s, '70s? Something about this band... OK, enough of the voice of non-reason, I'll just tell it straight. This is the debut album by Sic Alps, recorded in 2004-5 and now getting the proper treatment courtesy of Animal Disguise. Sic Alps are the duo of Mike Donovan and Matthew Hartman (Cat Power, Coachwhips, Total Shutdown) but at the time of this recording they were a three-piece: Mike Donovan (Big Techno Werewolves, Folding Cassettes label head), Bianca Sparta (Erase Errata), and Adam Stonehouse (The Hospitals). This is their 'lost' masterpiece and defining document of modern garage-psych-rock circa 2004 San Francisco.

24.98usd/12.64gbp/15.89eur/2674jpy (approx)

*restocked… Deluxe LP format only; 180 gram pressing. Cauldron was Fifty Foot Hose's first and most famous recorded work, released on Limelight Records in 1968. Founded by Cork Marcheschi, the band played continuously around the Bay area of northern California throughout the mid-'60s. Marcheschi, who had developed a taste for R&B and the avant-garde music of composers such as Edgard Varèse, started out as the band's bass player, but his interest in experimental music prompted him to develop his own musical instrument, similar in function to the hybrid developed by Simeon Cox, and which was the underpinning of the Silver Apples' sound. The band played a lot of gigs, but the experimental nature of their music tended to perplex audiences unused to such sounds. However, a four-track demo led to the band signing on the experimental Mercury subsidiary, Limelight Records, and under the eye of producer, Dan Healey (later to work extensively with the Grateful Dead), Cauldron appeared in 1969. As the album didn't fit into any particular mold, it largely went un-noticed at the time, but to the modern listener, this is an album that has stood the test of time particularly as Marcheschi used just about every electronic device known to man, including audio generators, echodette, squeaky box, siren, ring oscillator circuits and two Theremins. Given Cauldron's lack of success, the band disintegrated, although several members were to quickly resurface in the musical Hair. However, by the late '70s and early '80s, interest in the band's singular sound was rekindled, with the likes of Pere Ubu, Throbbing Gristle and Chrome all deriving inspiration from its music. An important and influential album.

24.98usd/12.64gbp/15.89eur/2674jpy (approx)

*restocked… Reissue of the second Flower Travellin' Band album, originally issued by Atlantic Records in Japan in 1971. Satori is a conceptual hard rock/psych album driven by Hideki Ishima's furious guitar licks which erupt and explode over the harmonic heart beat of the drums and bass. Yamanaka's banshee-like vocal style turned him into an occidental Iggy Pop or Robert Plant while the band itself was rapidly becoming Japan's answer to Led Zeppelin. Satori is a huge album in every way. From power chords to Eastern-tinged North African six-string freak-outs and crashing tom-toms, the band flexes its collective muscle from start to finish. In short, this is a real rock classic of the type they simply don't make any more.

SACROS- SACROS LP (shadoks music, germany)
46.98usd/23.78gbp/29.88eur/5030jpy (approx)

*From Chile, 1973. LP in an edition of 450 numbered copies, with glossy heavy sleeve, 180 gram pressing, insert. "Sacros ('The Sacred') was a Chilean rock band inspired by the spiritual passion and veneration for the great gods of South America, such as Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, god of the ancient Mayas and Viracocha, Lord of Tiahuanaku in the Andes mountains. Sacros recorded the debut LP on the state label IRT and the production was destroyed by the militaries. Only very few copies survived from destruction. The music goes in the same direction as Los Jaivas, Los Blops and El Congreso (all from Chile) and Lula Cortez from Brazil. It has a great 12 string Rickenbacker sounds, effects, great vocals and rhythms with an experimental touch. You can call this easy one of the rarest albums from Latin America since only a handful of copies survived. Patricio Panussis (guitar & vocals) Hernan Valdovinos (bass & vocals) and Tomas R. Herrera (percussion). The band recorded only this one album in 1973.

QUESTION MARK- BE NICE TO THE PEOPLE LP (shadoks music, germany)
43.98usd/22.26gbp/27.98eur/4709jpy (approx)

*Numbered edition of 450 copies, glossy heavy sleeve with engraved artwork, 180 gram pressing… Question Mark recorded this album in 1974 in Kenya, the land safari parks, of elephants & lions. Five musicians, all English vocals, heavy fuzz guitar, eight freakin' tracks. If you think Blo and Witch were great African albums, you will love this one. It beats most bands from Africa such as Ofege, Chrissy Zebby, Rikki Ililonga and Mack Sigis Porter, unless you are only in African rhythms and chanting. This album has mostly Western-style songs with great and heavy guitar sounds all over but with a strong African touch of course.


JEAN-PIERRE MASSIERA- PSYCHOSES FREAKOID: 1963-1978 LP (mucho gusto, canada)
19.98usd/10.11gbp/12.71eur/2139jpy (approx)

*This is the story of Jean-Pierre Massiera, the mastermind behind The Maledic¬tus Sound. Released in 1968, this album was his epiphany, produced with no artistic constraint or pressure to produce a hit. Man with a blurred artistic vision, he is an artist with not one plan, but many plans, whose career started with early '60s French beat groups spread through the '70s, '80s and up to the present, where he now works in various French studios. This is a work made of absurd blunts, delirious outtakes, outrageous A&R demands, rip offs, some unashamed (Daddy & Mama-boney M), some obscure (Napoleon XIV) and of course, brilliant fuck-ups. A career made of loops, woops, of hits and misses.


17.98usd/9.10gbp/11.44eur/1925jpy (approx)

*shop favorite finally restocked… Konono N°1 was founded over twenty-five years ago by Mingiedi, a virtuoso of the likembé (a traditional instrument sometimes called 'sanza' or 'thumb piano,' consisting of metal rods attached to a resonator). The band's line-up includes three electric likembés (bass, medium and treble), equipped with hand-made microphones built from magnets salvaged from old car parts and plugged into amplifiers. There's also a rhythm section which uses traditional as well as makeshift percussion (pans, pots and car parts), three singers, three dancers and a sound system featuring megaphones dating from the colonial period. Instead of apologizing for the heavily distorted sounds of such DIY amplification, Konono N°1 have embraced them, provoking a radical mutation of their sound, and has accidentally connected them with the aesthetics of today's most underground forms of music as much through their sounds as through their sheer volume (they play in front of a wall of speakers) and merciless grooves. Hailing from Africa and rooted in a very social form of folk music-making, Konono N°1 is one of the main exponents of a spectacular style of music which has developed in the suburbs of the capital city of Kinshasa. The Congolese refer to this style as 'tradi-modern,' meaning electrified traditional music. These are musicians who have left the bush to settle in the capital and, in order to both continue fulfilling their social role and make themselves heard above the urban din, they have resorted to DIY amplification of their instruments, and the use of megaphones.


25.98usd/13.15gbp/16.53eur/2782jpy (approx)

25.98usd/13.15gbp/16.53eur/2782jpy (approx)

*The Ragga Twins are the link between UK dancehall reggae, jungle and hip-hop. This is a retrospective of their classic (and now very rare) early tracks produced by Shut Up and Dance at the start of the 1990s. The Ragga Twins (alongside producers PJ and Smiley, aka Shut Up and Dance) revolutionised UK dance music at the start of the 1990s bringing reggae and hip-hop styles together to create jungle. As drum and bass approaches its 20th anniversary and as new developments such as grime, UK garage, and most recently dubstep, create artists and producers who continue to cite jungle as a pivotal moment in the UKs musical history, Ragga Twins' Step Out chronicles one of the most important groups of this time. The Ragga Twins (Deman Rockers and Flinty Badman) began their careers as MCs for North London's legendary Unity reggae sound system. The Ragga Twins were born after Shut up and Dance sampled the pair's introduction on a dancehall mix-tape and then offered them a deal. At the height of rave culture, the Ragga Twins found themselves playing at raves up and down the country. With one album (Reggae Owes Me Money) and a steady stream of killer singles over the next couple of years the Ragga Twins' musical blueprint of basslines, breakbeats and ragga defined Jungle music in the years to come. As well as a serious overview of the Ragga Twins tracks with Shut Up and Dance, this album also features the super-rare bonus tracks 'Iron Lady' and 'Hard Drugs,' dating back to their pre-Ragga Twins, dancehall days with the Unity Soundsystem. The album comes with extensive sleeve notes, photographs and interviews. Essential!

ITOPIA- CREATION 12" (wackie’s, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Combining two 7"s -- by the studio's in-house band at this time -- originally released on the Wackie's label in 1981. "Creation" is an inimitable twist on tough, traditionalist roots -- sick synth-work takes the horns line, and later, jazzily bubbles under the mix, which has the bottom-end of a stegosaurus. The dub is cataclysmic and spectacular. "Message From Jah" is more affable and soulful, the bass-playing funkier, with another ace version.

JAH BATTA- INFORMER 12" (wackie’s, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Two different dubwise versions of Sugar Minott's massive "Informer" rhythm -- both chock-full of living dancehall vibes and Channel One-style deadliness. Little John was 12 years-old when he voiced this tune in 1983, straight to the head of all dancecrashers. Batta's cut is a different mix, bowing to U-Roy at the start, before switching to a more contemporary delivery. Sugar is in attendance throughout, almost as if the pair were taking turns at the mic, before the dub takes over.

12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Four songs and their dubs -- slotting in lovers, bubblers and rockers, and well-charge dub, with great playing and Sugar Minott brilliantly focused throughout -- which originally appeared in 1983 as a picture-sleeved 10" on the singer's Black Roots imprint. "Everyone played 'Informer,' all the sounds," recalls Rae Cheddie, who remembers selling more than five hundred copies straight from the Wackies office in Soho, London. "It was international -- a couple of boxes went to Japan, some to Mad Robbie at Fotofon." "Special dedication to all dancehall fans," it says on the label.


12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*The prolific Kromestar comes correct with two smoking burners for Z-Audio. Considering how prolific this man is, you'd expect some slip in quality control but aside from sounding a lot like his other material, the subs on 'Budwise' simply tickle parts of your appendage that other producers can't reach, and for that we salute you, chief. 'Heavy Mental' repeats the trick, but this time with a wildout fairground synth-line that just reminds me of breaking teeth on toffee apples and getting mugged for my Ascot specials. Heavy stuffs. -Boomkat

DEVOTIONAL DUBZ- LADY DUB 12” (devotional dubz, uk)
15.98usd/8.09gbp/10.16eur/1711jpy (approx)

*Absolute killer limited 12", already massive on Rinse with Blackdown, big for Mary Anne Hobbs. The vibe of this track is so current right now -- think of the mighty 'Snake Eater' from Joker, Kode9 fave 'Calenda.' Just check the murderous drive-by low end pressure, so heavy it will knock your axles off. Cut with love at Transition. Flip it up for the almost inevitable but entirely necessary 2-step re-rub -- thankfully the bass values are kept entirely intact, beckoning fondly towards the whole dark garage movement. H-u-g-e!

ESKMO- WILLOW GRAIL/PROCESS/TRUDGE 12” (studio rockers, uk)
11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.62eur/1282jpy (approx)

*Picking up where the electronically soaked Bionics EP left off, the genre meddling future dub imprint Studio Rockers busts through the speakers with another fine selection of bass drenched compositions! For our next musical outing we've packed up the bags and headed stateside (San Francisco to be precise) enlisting the services of frequency welder Eskmo. No stranger to the inner workings of a mixing desk, Eskmo has been crafting individually stamped music for many a year as a sound engineer. Taking the lead on this 12" first up we have 'Willow Grail,' laced up with scattering snares, haunting vocals and rib tickling low end bass making for an infectious journey into the sound, blurring the worlds of techno and dub with ease. Next up 'Process' comes forth, driving kicks do battle whilst flutes as percussion rides over head and that's all before the growling bass raises its head. Toasting off the EP, slinging the vibes down, Eskmo unleashes 'Trudge' combining warming bass tones, acid stabs married with off kittle percussion and glitchy edits. Eskmo is Brendan Angelides, a producer and live performer who has been writing and performing music since 1999. He uses the alias Welder for his more chilled down tempo work. His live sets which are based around Ableton Live utilizing various midi controllers and FX running with on the spot warping, queueing and live key work have taken him across venues on both sides of the Atlantic.


BUSY P- PEDROPHILIA 12” (because music, france)
13.98usd/7.08gbp/8.89eur/1497jpy (approx)

*One year after Rainbow Man, Ed Rec's boss Busy P is back with some more mid tempo madness. A picture disc, 2 original tracks and 4 remixes is what you get! 'To Protect and Entertain' with rap upcoming star Murs is a tribute to Busy P's extravaganza nights in Los Angeles. Crookers, Mr Oizo, DJ Mehdi and So Me deliver the reworkings, the perfect tag team behind the illest remixes in ages. 'Pedrophilia' is another hypnotic fat beat who is waiting for an MC. Get a mic and rap over it!

SHADOW DANCER- COWBOIS 12” (boys noise, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Shadow Dancer is Paul Farrier from Manchester. In 2007, he produced his first release on Boys Noize Records. Four quality electronica tracks that were found in the DJ bags of Mr. Oizo, Erol Alkan, Feadz or 2ManyDJs. Today he's back with a new smart track called 'Cowbois' which is a cut-up disco hammer with great breaks and an EBM bass line to drive people wild. Forget about any styles that are hot or not, because Shadow Dancer's music is timeless, a dancefloor friendlier version of electronica music. Great remixes come from Das Glow (Institubes) who twisted the original completely into a 4/4 techno machine and that is exactly what we need! Young wizard Strip Steve (BNR) takes out the disco elements of the original and turns it into house music!

BOYS NOIZE- OI OI OI REMIXED 12” (boys noise, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*restocked… After the internationally successful album release in September 2007, Oi Oi Oi Remixed features a fine selection of re-works of Boys Noize's banging debut album tracks -- by his friends and himself. Tracklisting: A1. & Down(Siriusmo vs. Boys Noize Remix) , A2. Let's Buy Happiness (Proxy Remix), B1. Oh! (A-Trak Remix) , B2. Don't Believe The Hype (Housemeister Remix)

13.98usd/7.08gbp/8.89eur/1497jpy (approx)

*Strictly limited edition of classic Kraut tuneage for all you record collectors and disc jocks out there who love weird, obscure and wild German disco edits. Su Kramer gets the rework done by Berlin turntable hero, Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop. MC Kosma & Defcon does Kraftwerk. The Veronika Fischer Band is edited by Hans Nieswandt, and Roberto Blanco follows with a Prime Time Brothers rework -- a funky hip-hop monster stomper with a huge and massive break part in the end.

OLEG POLIAKOV- HOUSE MOUJIK 12” (circus company, france)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Oleg Poliakov is a mysterious Russian producer who presents sunny tracks inspired by the good old days of house music. "Midnight Vultures" is a nice piece of clubby house which is guaranteed to make you stand up and shake your booty. Jacking drums and a bass line to die for. "On The Edge Of The Wood": it's night time -- the sky is full of stars and the moon is shining; it's dark and beautiful. A perfectly warm, hypnotic atmosphere. Pressed on white vinyl.

OBLIO- THE CRUX OF THE MATTER 12” (codek, switzerland)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Another alias from our man In Flagranti. Killer New York electro-disco meets German Kraut rock of highest order. 'Traveling Without Moving' could be the sub-title to this piece of mind-blowing music. Pure class.

12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Second offering from the Discodeine combo. Including a remix from Tomboy (Gomma).

12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*surprise restock… We are very proud to introduce to you Dirty's first 'real' release from our long-time friends Discodeine. Discodeine are Pilooski and Benjamin Morando. They're inspired by Morricone's weirdest sounds, Chicago house, Kraut rock and of course, disco. Don't expect long words on this, we just think that the music speaks for itself. Expect more music and live action from Discodeine in the near future. Already played, supported and charted by Prins Thomas, Ewan Pearson, Simian Mobile Disco, Tricski et al.

12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*At a time when hundreds of cookie cutter tracks get released every week, the Martin Brothers are taking a stand. Justin and Christian Martin team up again on dirtybird perfecting the style they created back in 2006 -- hyphy house. Anchored by greasy, dirty basslines and swirling, heady synths, hyphy house is the bastard child of Bay Area hip-hop and dirty house. It's a cross between 20 inch rims and rocket boosters that could only come from the freaks in Oakland and San Francisco. On the Rocket Surgery EP, The Martin Brothers draw inspiration from werewolf flicks, rapper E-40, '50s sci-fi radio and Bobby McFerrin. 'Dum' is for heaving dancefloors threatening to buckle. From its opening synth line to its endlessly rising (and surprising) second half, this track bristles with euphoric momentum and hilarious vocal funk. 'Full Moon' takes a mournful wolf howl and flips it into a full on Martin Brothers chopped melody line, complete with punchy lows and skeleton xylophone accents. The breakdown will have you reaching for your silver bullets. 'Rocket Surgery' explores a complicated melodic struggle between its wistful main theme and booming sub hits. After a spirited battle through the buildup, the 808 wins! An avalanche of thunderous descending bass notes reign gloriously through the end of the track, anchored by gut wrenching growls and echoes of the departing melody.

RUBBER ROOM- RUBBER ROOM RERUBS 12” (disco devil, belgium)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Two cosmic tracks this time on the Disco Devil label, done by Rubber Room. Runner up is a Baldelli favorite, great space rock for the dancefloor. Flip to the other side for a more gentle feel, great summer vibes. Killer!

RQM- MISS PACMAN 12” (exploited, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*RQM presents "Miss Pacman," a monster club track that comes in 5 different booty-tingling versions. The original is a radio-friendly banger with a mild twist of pop and Eva Be's breathy chorus. Oliver $ makes it prime-time with his tight, sweaty click-house edit. The DJ Chernobyl remix adds a baile funk sense of humor and Act Yo Age serves you a nice, old school hip-house groove. Design by Marek Polewski from Floor 5 -- recycling famous old record covers.

AUDIOPORNO- CHOO CHOO 12” (exploited, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*The Italian duo Bloody Beetroots present a remix of Audioporno's "Choo Choo" -- a track that was never meant to be released. Their brute and monumental dancefloor version got played regularly and caused a stir on blogs and message boards. Questions came up: when and where is this track coming out? Why has it not been released yet? How does the original track sound? Exploited finally gives you the long-awaited Bloody Beetroots version with an eclectic Tacteel remix on top.

LEE HOLMANN- PHONETICS 12” (ferox, uk)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Lee Holman has been buying records since he first got into house and techno via hip-hop when growing up in the south-east of Ireland. Since then he has gone on to play at many of Ireland's leading clubs and festivals such as D.E.A.F. and Coloursfest as well as running his own club nights throughout Ireland and regularly guesting on national radio. As resident of Sub-Scape along with Fabrice Lig, he has guested with some of house and techno's finest DJs and producers including Steve Rachmad, Ian O'Brien, Dan Curtin (Peacefrog), DJ S2 (Underground Resistance), Peel Seamus, Aroy Dee, Quinn (Delsin Records), Eamonn Doyle (D1), Âme, Aardvarck, Eddie 'Flashin' Fowlkes, Marco Passarani, St.Dic (Fuse), Shed (SoloAction, Berlin), DJ Innx (Electronic Resistance), Mark August (Mezzotinto, Curle Recordings) and Ripperton, Fat Lazy People (Planet E Records) amongst many others. This release includes 4 tracks of pure Detroit-tinged deepness. Side A begins with 'Alpha' which is the epitome of sexy deep techno. Lush strings float over a solid groove which is sure to move any dance floor. Next up is 'Bravo' which is a sort of jazz fusion techno jam like only Ferox knows how to do. It utilizes a super hot bass line and synth stabs that just bring the entire track together. 'Charlie' opens up the B-side of this release and to call it amazing is a little bit of an understatement. Incredible beat programming takes the listener back to early Detroit, while the synth and effects work locks it in ahead of the curve in regards to the current trends in techno. Rounding out the package is a track called 'Delta.' With this track and the entire release Lee has figured out the key to making a proper techno hit. A bit borrowed from the past with an eye on the future guarantee that this one is going to be an instant classic and one you'll find in all the top DJs' crates.

PATRICE BAUMEL- ROAR 12” (get physical, germany)
13.98usd/7.08gbp/8.89eur/1497jpy (approx)

*Patrice Bäumel has made a name for himself as a producer of warm, lustrous and dynamic dancefloor music. "Roar" builds suspense with a taut, tense rhythmic backbone, consisting only of a hand-clap and a lisping hi-hat. "Comfortably Uncomfortable" features a tough kick-drum, a panning synth motif and a precision-tooled bass melody. "Clair" swings with a kick-drum offset by Latin percussion patterns and melody. A velvety, synthetic string theme swells into the foreground, making it a deeply atmospheric, dramatic track.

ALEX JONES- BED 12” (hypercolour, uk)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*UK-based Hypercolour enter double figures with label co-owner and electronic beat-meister Alex Jones and his superb Bed EP. Holding down a residency at London's The End, releasing on Turbo, Viva and Glimpse Recordings as well as previous involvement in the seminal Big Beat Boutique and Electric Stew nights, Alex Jones already has a cast iron reputation, but his Bed EP looks set to push things even further. Opening with the aptly titled 'Humid,' a warm drummy tech-house roller crammed with production tweaks, Bed EP sounds like a winner fresh out of blocks and that doesn't change with title track 'Bed.' An organic, percussive slant on the minimal template, 'Bed' bangs but retains the depth and roundedness that Jones is swiftly becoming known for. Pokerflat man and general production safe-hands Dan Berkson remixes 'Bed' into a Detroit-tinged, chord-laden house track which just reeks of class and soul. Hitting the nail on the head, Berkson titled his mix as 'Effortless' -- a truism if ever there was one. At a mere ten releases old, UK-based Hypercolour is regarded as one of the finest purveyors of house and techno around and Jones has been instrumental in this. He's a talent to be kept a constant eye on.

PHILIPPE AUTUORI- 7 PEANUTS 12” (hypercolour, uk)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Hypercolour unearth another hotly-tipped talent for our latest release, this time in the form of Philippe Autuori. Philippe may only have a handful of releases to his name (notably on Poker Flat's Vol. 5 compilation, as well as contributions to French labels Battle and Dialect), but he's been spinning in his native South Montpelier district, and his adopted Berlin home. '7 Peanuts,' featuring the vocals of his Autuori friend Thomas Myers, is a woozy, darkly-tinged lurcher, with stripped-back beats and disorientating bass slurs providing a sinister backdrop for Myers' oddball lyrics. It's remixed by Nic Fanciulli and Andy Chatterley in their Skylark guise, where the pair beef up the kicks and inject a few sweet melodic flutters between the grooves. In a slight departure from their previous work, the pair's mix offers stylish techno thrills alongside that all-important dancefloor pulse. Meanwhile, 'Redemption' returns to Autuori's lop-sided minimalism, this time working a propulsive hi-hat pattern over scraping, atonal organs and snatches of weirdo vox. Like '7 Peanuts,' it's engineered for the foggiest corners of the dancefloor, and is ideally experienced at a time when you know you probably should have gone home. Rounding off the package, 'Shenoda' turns out a deeper, heavier rework of 'Redemption.' Taking his cue from the digital tribalism of nu-housers like Andomat 3000, 'Shenoda' tweaks the freak factor on the sharply-pickled vocal, transforming Philippe's moribund original into a straight-up club winner.

TOM DEMAC- THE MORE THINGS CHANGE 12” (hypercolour, uk)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Welcome to the latest episode in Hypercolour's future house and techno voyage, this time featuring the combined talents of two of the most exciting young producers around. Tom Demac has been quietly releasing his highly acclaimed brand of reduced, sophisticated micro-techno and experimental house for the last few years on labels including Steevio's Mindtours and his own Electronique Audio. A key member of Wales' Freerotation collective, he's an integral part of a vibrant local scene that includes acclaimed producers such as Leif, Tom Ellis, Duckett and Steevio. On The More Things Change, Tom neatly showcases his impressive skill for deep, sensual tones and refined, subtle grooves. The track builds on a gently undulating drum patter, flanked by a mournful bass line, sighing strings, and flickers of Lawrence-esque plucked melody, forging a track that's both deeply emotive and coolly detached. Over time, the arrangement swells into more dramatic proportions, making it ideal for clued-up dancefloors and introspective home/headphone pleasure alike. Remix action comes courtesy of Switzerland's Agnés, this time working without his regular partner Chaton. His sterling work on much lauded imprints like Plak, Minibar and SthlmAudio have slipped into the boxes of many a discerning DJ, notably those of Chilean demi-gods Villalobos and Luciano. Here, he adds his trademark lightness of touch to Tom's original, giving those mournful strings a little more space to breathe as they overlap a plaintive, laid back groove. Agnés also contributes a digital only 'Wales Beatdown' mix, taking the track into starker, minimal territories that are aimed squarely at the foggy hours of late night/early morning.

PRIME SUSPECT- ATTRACTION 12” (nactstromschallplatten, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*American artist Ariel and German electronic music producer Jan Muller have joined forces to produce the criminal sounds of Prime Suspect. With a blend of industrial, techno, new wave, electro, punk and live vocals this duo creates a distinctive, futuristic hybrid of dance. The compelling mix of electronic punk features both Jan's & Ariel's emotive vocals, adding a taste of yesterday's anarchist sarcastic flavor, but never interferes with the music. Next to Prime Suspect, Jan is the co-producer of internationally renowned project X-Dream. Extrawelt are Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe, both coming from the Hamburg rural area. After enjoying electronic music more and more besides school, they became record collectors and DJs in the beginning of the nineties. Through that passion for vinyl, they also got to know each other much better. In 1998, countless gigs and several studio collaborations later, they conquered some borrowed equipment and a Mac, which lead to severe addiction within short time! Many releases and live gigs worldwide followed, under various project names like Midimiliz, Spirallianz or The Delta and Downhill with Marcus Maichel -- the way to Extrawelt. Once arrived, they released the highly successful single Soopertrack and Zu Fuß on James Holden's label Border Community in May 2005, followed by releases on the most famous labels worldwide such as Sven Väth's Cocoon Records, Traum Schallplatten, Trapez, Kompass and many more. 'According to the mystic name of the label is the sound of the Extrawelt Tech Remix' of the first release of Prime Suspect. The name of the track is 'Attraction' which takes you into mysterious spheres in which threatening, dark strings and dark elektrosynths interact with each other. A typical Extrawelt. The 'Club Mix' presents itself as a hard and fast stomping electrotech song with roaring synth-action. The effect-vocals are rounding up the track to a ground solid piece of music. My favorite is the Extrawelt mix though, due to its maximum amount of atmosphere. 5 out of 6 points!' --Raveline Magazine, 5/08)

SEBASTIEN TELLIER- SEXUALITY LP (record makers, france)
24.98usd/12.64gbp/15.89eur/2674jpy (approx)

*finally in stock… The album that everybody is talking about. Produced by Sebastian Tellier, alongside Daft Punk's half Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo.

18.98usd/9.61gbp/12.07eur/2032jpy (approx)

*One of the most talked-about records of recent, speculated about, awaited with high and higher anticipation, finally gets released on Ricardo Villalobos' SED label. (We can simply think no other that this INTENSE follow-up to the massive 3LP of SED00(0) -- is actually leading half the way to further design SED into an actual label now.

MARTYN/SHUT UP AND DANCE- EPILEPTIC 12” (shut up and dance, uk)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*This double-sided smasher is the eighth single to be released from the new Shut Up And Dance album. For the summer of 2008, it's dubstep vs. breaks on this quality single. 'Epileptic' is one of the best tracks off the album (The Great British Public) with PJ vocals a banging beat and a tearing bassline, this is what the country needs to forget about the credit crunch. Party Hard. For Martyn's 'No Strobe Mix,' it's a nice summer vibe with a killer bassline for all da dub step massive. Martyn takes this track on a lovely holiday -- thought it couldn't get any better -- it just did, this can be huge, bigger then Gordon Brown's face.

SECONDO- A MATTER OF SCALE 2LP (soul jazz, uk)
25.98usd/13.15gbp/16.53eur/2782jpy (approx)

*Soul Jazz Records release Secondo's first album of super-funky micro cut-up disco and electronic music. Secondo is Italian/Serbian producer Radovan Scasascia. Born in Zurich in 1975, his super-funky minimal discofied electronic dance music has been appearing sporadically on Soul Jazz Records since 2003 and on his own minimal electronic label, Dreck Records since 2000, where he also releases the music of artists such as AM/PM, Antonelli and Strategy. His most recent appearance was on the Soul Jazz Singles CD alongside Rekid (AKA Radio Slave and one half of Quiet Village), Kode9, Subway, DJ Rupture and other similarly like-minded electronic pioneers. Secondo's love of disco and minimal European electronic music produces a unique funky-electronic cut up style that shows his close links with the micro-house sound of Germany's Kompakt label as much as that of the New York disco labels of the late '70s and early '80s. This led to earlier releases such as his celebrated Tom Tom Club cut-up a few years back. Secondo's music features thousands of micro-samples and on A Matter of Scale, his first album on Soul Jazz Records, the music successfully reflects his aim of reconstructing these minute sonic fragments into new compositions that somehow maintain the atmosphere of the originals as well as creating new worlds. As much at home with his own material as other peoples, his remixes have appeared on a diverse set of European and American electronic artists -- Felix da Housecat, Richie Hawtin, Harrison Crump, James Din A4, Kammerflimmer Kollektief and many more.

VAN RIVERS/GRINDVIK- VERSIONS 12” (stockholm ltd, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Last year, label boss Pär Grindvik teamed up with Adam Craft for the split release 'Catch Me'/'Nand-Grind'. A huge success that made great impact world wide! This time Pär Grindvik invites upcoming artist Van Rivers to share the vinyl and follow up this winning concept. With his release Messed Up Alternative and up¬coming Easy Street on Stockholm LTD's sister label Islands & Islets, Van Rivers is already a part of the Stockholm LTD family. Islands & Islands was mainly founded out of Van Rivers and his friend Peder Mannerfelt (The Subliminal Kid). These two truly great artists made a big impression on us the last year and we are so happy to introduce their work to the world, Pär explains. Van Rivers 'Spaces' comes here in two different shapes but are both in the vein of classic dark, dub warehouse techno. On the flipside, Pär continues to make interpretations of his former work. This time he takes on the song 'Drift' from Stockholm LTD's second release. How Pär manages to make an even bigger track out of the huge original and at the same time reduce the elements and bring the tempo down is a true riddle. This release is new-meets-old and big-meets-even-bigger!

PAR GRINDVIK- SCORE FOR DIRECTION 12” (stockholm ltd, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*restocked… 2007 was a great year for Stockholm LTD with several big hit releases, all frequently dropped by big names like Richie Hawtin, Len Faki, Anja Schneider, Adam Beyer and Marco Carola. There is no doubt that 2008 will be an equally big year for Stockholm LTD and its label head Pär Grindvik. His latest releases on Spectral Sounds and Adam Beyer's True Soul imprint have been on people's lips throughout the fall season and now he will kick off the new year with another huge two-tracker on his own imprint Stockholm LTD! 'Score For Direction' is the long awaited new single from the Berlin-based Stockholm LTD label owner and musician Pär Grindvik. This release is the latest example of his interest in musical structure and sound performance. While retaining his distinctive style we see Pär evolve with more maturely arranged elements and structured ways to narrate. Whilst taking the listener into the room of performance 'Akustik' and 'Ensemble' gives a conceptual insight and leave us with a strong desire for more.

SIMON HAYDO- DIFFERENT SHADES OF WHITE 12” (stockholm ltd, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*restocked… After the huge 'Score for Direction' success with label owner Pär Grindvik, Stockholm LTD presents a new Swedish talent for the world. Simon Haydo is a really close friend of Pär Grindvik and the Stockholm LTD family. For several years, Simon has been playing records among the high end clubs in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. A while ago he finally got himself some studio equipment and has been asking for production tips from time to time, but when we received his demo, we realized that he didn't really need them. Simon knocked us right out of our chairs! We rarely get demos this emotional and we didn't know that Simon would pass us one as we had not heard a bleep of his music until that day. Most of the demos you get are from people trying to sound like someone else, but Simon has a sound of his own. We are really proud to have Simon Haydo joining the label and his first record Different Shades of White will follow us forever!

GUY GERBER- DISORIENTATION 12” (supplement facts, isreal)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*The first 2008 release from Guy Gerber's Supplement Facts imprint comes from Gerber himself with 'Disorientation,' including remixes from two of the most hotly-tipped production talents Johnny D and Reboot. 'I made "Disorientation" after a tour in South America in January this year. Some of my friends describe it as a futuristic Ennio Morricone-sounding track, which is pretty amazing. I had the saxophone sample from a friend for a long time and was always playing with it, but all the time it was too "pretty" for me. Until a few friends joined me for a late night session; about 8a.m., I was twisting it through a very cool effect and I got this very weird harmony out of it, and I knew that it was made.' With 'Disorientation,' Gerber's sound has taken a more natural, house-y direction than his previous workings. Just as he describes, 'Disorientation' spends the first half layering: we start with a clean kick drum balanced between a ping-pong ball batting back and forth, synths descend and wash over, a violin strings through the top layer, the bass drops in, the reverb works in between and the saxophone hits for the mid-way drama. Coming down, the tension keeps a steady pace as the layers gradually become less, the bass departs and we are left with only the sounds with which we began.

RESHUFFLE- HEDONISM/PAPARAZZI 12” (supplement facts, isreal)
11.98usd/6.06gbp/7.62eur/1282jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… New two-tracker from Cocoon artist Guy Gerber's label, Supplement Facts. REshuffle is a pseudonym for Guy Gerber and fellow Israeli institution Niv Hadas. They have previously collaborated on the Shaky Feeling EP, also on Supplement Facts. Supplement Facts is Time Out DJ of the year Guy Gerber's own label, and is already developing a reputation for quality music of a 4/4 persuasion, whether geared more towards house or techno floors respectively. Aimed at DJs who understand that 'minimal' is about making the most of a simple groove, the EP counts the likes of Martin Landsky, Trickski and Ripperton amongst its many fans.

SPIRIT CATCHER- CORE MEMORY/HIGH CONTROL/TOTAL CONFUSION 12” (systematic, germany) 13.98usd/7.08gbp/8.89eur/1497jpy (approx)

*Jean Vanesse and Tom Sohet aka Spirit Catcher are based in Belgium and Systematic is more than happy and proud to present you the 45th release produced by the two fellows. They have previously releases on international labels such as 20:20 Vision, Winding Road and Mood Music. The EP contains three absolutely high-quality tracks, so that it's quite impossible to choose the A-side and the B-side. So it's up to you to decide.

JC FREAKS- THE ROCK 12” (wandering, germany)
13.98usd/7.08gbp/8.89eur/1497jpy (approx)

*Mojuba is very proud to present the sublabel called Wandering. The first release is a real underground minimal house banger by London residents JC Freaks (Anthea from Phonica and Werner Niedermeier aka NoTenshun). The groove will catch you right away and the vocals will do the rest. Fresh but classic at the same time! The flip side comes along with a remix by Mojuba's Oracy, who focuses on the rhythmic essentials of the original and turns it into a hot minimal funk groover! Please welcome Mojuba's new baby!

WAX- NO.10001 12” (wax, germany)
12.98usd/6.57gbp/8.26eur/1389jpy (approx)

*Guaranteed floor-burning, raw & heavy techno tracks.


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