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so, how ‘bout our kid obama? that speech in berlin was something else right? i’ve been re-reading the transcript and gushing over his diplomatic skills and embrace of a global future for america, one that involves us in a role not limited to world cop, but as a real team player, not fear monger and wall builder… and if you’ve been keeping tabs of my weekly updates, you know that tequila sunrise records is a champion of the independent global spirit and economy (as always, you know i have to find a way to spin global events back towards records… and why not, this is my livelihood afterall) and this weeks list is no exception, just take a look, we’ve got africans on german labels (this weeks essential pick: African scream contest compilation, finally available on vinyl, on analog africa): swedes and japanese on american labels (the excellent brainbombs and astro/hiroshi hasegawa live lp’s on richie and important records respectively); italians on british labels (goblin, morricone and legrand soundtrack overviews on bella cassa); americans on british labels (teenage jesus and the jerks and samiyam on cherry red and hyperdub respectively); italians on german labels (alex picone on cadenza); french and czech on israeli labels (the bird language comp 12 on guy gerbers excellent supplement facts imprint); and so much more… come on down and check ‘em out!



as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

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27.98usd/14.10gbp/17.85eur/3013jpy (approx)

22.98usd/11.58gbp/14.66eur/2475jpy (approx)

*shop favorite finally available as a deluxe vinyl set, as well as the cd restocked… Just like with the label's first two releases -- albums by Zimbabwean '70s bands the Green Arrows and Hallelujah Chicken Run Band -- the essence of Analog Africa is clear yet again: searching in dusty warehouses for forgotten music to keep it alive. All the tracks have been officially licensed, usually from the artists who Ben Redjeb also met with for detailed research. He conducted 16 interviews in various cities in Benin and Togo with artists, producers and sound engineers to reconstruct the history of the '70s music scene for the 44-page booklet which also includes many rare photographs directly received from the artists. Like most modern music in French-speaking West African countries, the music of Benin and Togo was influenced by a few main musical currents: Cuban, Congolese and local traditional music, as well as Chanson Francaise. Additionally, the geographical location of Benin and Togo -- sandwiched between Ghana and Nigeria -- exposed Beninese and Togolese musicians to Highlife music. The cultural and spiritual riches of traditional Beninese music had an immense impact on the sound of Benin's modern music. Benin is the birth place of Vodun (or, as it is known in the West, Voodoo), and some of the rhythms used during traditional rituals -- Sakpata, Sato, Agbadja, Tchenkoumé and many others -- were fused to soul and Latin music as early as the mid-1960s and later to funk. That fusion is the essence of this compilation. In the late '60s and early '70s, rock and soul music started creeping into the region. In particular, the music of James Brown and Johnny Halladay became immensely popular with university students. It was then that the music scene in Benin really started to take off. What made this musical revolution even more interesting is that most of the musicians could not read music. Often the music they made sounded one semi-tone away from being out of tune, but somehow they always managed to bring all the elements together into something new and exciting. One of the greatest bands of their era, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, who are featured on this compilation, took the Afro sound to another level by showing their musical versatility in many forms. Although they were consciously copying Western artists, they would always inject a dose of psychedelic Afro grooves that would make their music unmistakably Beninese. Their biggest song, 'Gbeti Madjro' is believed to have revolutionized the music industry in Benin in the '70s when the country went through a period of political turmoil. The song is full of raw breaks and the hypnotic rhythms as well as screams à la James Brown -- after this song, many bands in Benin started screaming on their recordings, hence the title of this compilation. Latin-influenced sounds are present on this compilation, too. Ouidah, a city on the Atlantic coast of Benin, is home to a large Brazilian community, or, as they are called in Benin, 'Agoudas.' Members of that community are descendents of slaves who returned from Brazil at the end of the 19th century. Their dances (such as Kaléta and Buriyanj) and songs are still being performed and fused into the traditional Beninese rituals. That, too, can be heard in modern Beninese music. The proximity of the giant neighbor Nigeria can be heard on the track 'Djanfa Magni' which features the amazing trumpeter/ saxophonist Tidjani Koné fronting the Orchestre Poly-Rythmo. Koné whose career started in Mali as the founder and band leader of the Rail Band de Bamako, had played with Fela Kuti for a short while hence the strong Afrobeat influence. There are countless stories to be discovered in the extremely well-researched booklet and the music is truly mind-blowing. So delve into the forgotten raw and psychedelic Afro sounds from '70s Benin and Togo and experience the African Scream Contest.


BRAINBOMBS- LIVE AT LUND LP (richie/testostertunes, usa)
13.98usd/7.05gbp/8.92eur/1505jpy (approx)

*killer and limited (of course) live album by these notorious scando-scumbags… and on richie records no less!!!

FNU RONNIES- MEAT 7” (richie/testostertunes, usa)
6.98usd/3.52gbp/4.45eur/751jpy (approx)

*restocked… local release by a band what right out of the gate has laid to waste the entire current crop of Euro synth/slush Chrome extractors. FNU Ronnies ain't in no way Chrome obsessed unless you call takin a huge shit on Helios Creed's head a form of tribute. The lip moves these guys gabble forth slur around the atmosphere like a mist've toxic mold spores before dropping into the wanton wire 'n drum carnage & the whole thing sounds like a drunken Borg short-circuiting to a lethal mix of equal parts Deutch-Amerikanischen Freundschaft's debut & Wire's 'Pink Flag'. This one needs to heard to be coveted. (siltblog)

HOMOSTUPIDS 7” (richie/testostertunes, usa)
6.98usd/3.52gbp/4.45eur/751jpy (approx)

*surprise restock of this excellent richie recs release… don’t snooze a second time around. I have been gettin email sputtering's from simps 'n soph's alike who seem to have a bee in their collective bonnet over the band, Homostupids. And it's got nary to do w/the music, but solely on account of the name. It is know.....mind numbing what people can find to complain about. I'm assuming the insinuation is that the name presumes anti Gay sentiment, i.e., homophobia. question; why bother me about it? Sure, I am regarded as a 'homme d'esprit' but hardly would I consider myself in the league of 'homo faber'. I am merely a homo sapien, nothing more. If anything I subscribe to the old Latin adage, "Homunculi quanti sunt". You know what I mean? Let's not lose track of the bottom line here people, THIS BAND IS FROM CLEVELAND! The name is rife w/self deprecation. Have you ever been there? It's sorta like Helsinki, Finland but w/a pronounced Great Lakes accent (not as bad as Michigan or Chicago, but close). And like all the Helsinkians I met, Clevelanders LOVE to drink. In both cities you'll see the goobs go through 5 classic stages've chug-a-lug in the course of a night; Euphoric, Defensive, Wanton, Maudlin & finally, Oblivious. Even the abandon has no abandon. It can make for some precipitous highs 'n lows to be sure. So what's in a name? If they was Finnish they'd be called Inhimillinen Tyhma, or somethin there abouts. Sure looks cool! But enough about the goddamn name. This is the 2nd 7" the Homostupids have released this yr & while the 1st one might've filled the void left since Iron Cross slammed into the cement, this one practically recalls Chrome's hallucinatory transformation from demi-god to deity in the sonic, thunderous moments between Alien Soundtracks & Half Machine Lip Moves. Word has it that these tracks actually precede those laid down on their debut & as good as that is, I prefer the yak off this one a whole lot more. And it's all there on one side too, 6 tracks worth. No flipping! (siltblog)

SIC ALPS- U.S. EZ LP (siltbreeze, usa)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*u.s. ez is the fourth long-player in the Sic Alps canon (excluding the recent singles comp cd, A Long Way Around to a Shortcut), and their first for the Siltbreeze label. Fans of last year's amazing Description of the Harbor LP will not be disappointed, especially if they want to hear Side A's cosmic concrete creak, forged with the trebly, high-end neo-glam pop of Side B.
The duo of Mike Donovan and Matt Hartman outdo themselves here and it is the most fully realized Sic Alps release to date. U.S. EZ knows perfectly well what it means to be high and inside. It's not just baseball jargon anymore. If you've been jonesin' for an LP that calls to mind equal parts Bob Markley and Uli Trepte, then look no further, mein dueden (und duedetten). U.S. EZ is the virtual brick of Berlin / Big Sur hash we've all been waiting to break into. The ominous death's head fez has now been ensconced in a witchy naugahyde bonnet, thus levelling the playing field for both the psychedelically challenged and the itinerant avant garde.


JORGE BEN- JORGE BEN: 1969 CD (dusty groove, usa)
14.98usd/7.55gbp/9.56eur/1613jpy (approx)

*A samba soul classic from Jorge Ben -- quite possibly his greatest album ever, and a true treasure through and through! The tunes explode with an amazing sense of energy -- driven by Jorge's great guitar and vocals, plus key percussive efforts from the Trio Mocoto -- whose sounds here are simply amazing, and create a unique undercurrent of funk. This is the album that set a whole generation on fire, and it's probably still one of the most-copied moments of Ben's long career. In contrast to the cerebral output of the Tropicalia camp in 1969, this album's much more visceral and personal -- yet no less revolutionary! First time on CD in the US -- and first time on CD in the world in over 15 years. Includes the classics 'Take It Easy My Brother Charles,' 'Pais Tropical,' and 'Que Pena.'

JORGE BEN- FORÇA BRUTA CD (dusty groove, usa)
14.98usd/7.55gbp/9.56eur/1613jpy (approx)

*restocked… First time on CD in the U.S. and first time in the world in over 15 years! A groundbreaking album from the young Jorge Ben -- one of Brazil's most soulful singers ever -- heard here at a pivotal point in his career. Força Bruta is a record that forever transformed Brazilian music with its unique blend of samba and soul -- and it features some tremendous rhythm work from Trio Mocoto -- who bring in a wide variety of percussion techniques to make the whole thing groove. There's an earthy, laid-back feel to the whole set -- one that makes the album feel like a spontaneous expression of genius, even at the few points when larger orchestrations slide into the mix. The album is easily one of Jorge Ben's greatest -- and it's a much heralded Brazilian treasure that's finally getting reissued!

18.98usd/9.57gbp/12.11eur/2044jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The Parade were Murray MacLeod (also a member of The Roger Nichols Trio/Small Circle of Friends), Jerry Riopelle (Phil Spector protégé and former Philles staff producer), and Smokey Roberds (songwriter and actor). Originally signed to A&M Records, The Parade not only created a definitively West Coast pop sound but also unknowingly helped establish the sunshine pop genre via their 1967 Billboard Top 20 hit, 'Sunshine Girl.' This first-ever complete collection of the trio's recorded output features the talents of no less than a pre-Loggins Jimmy Messina, Earl Palmer, Hal Blaine, David Gates, and other L.A./Wrecking Crew luminaries. The gorgeous 16-page full-color booklet also includes rare, previously unpublished photos and comprehensive liner notes that feature the participation of all original band members. Now Sounds, the brand-new imprint from Cherry Red has been established by Steve Stanley -- producer of over 50 Rev-Ola titles.


18.98usd/9.57gbp/12.11eur/2044jpy (approx)

*The seminal no-wave band Teenage and Jesus and The Jerks were lead by primal screamer and guitarist Lydia Lunch, an individual who has fought her artistic way through the decades, always true to her own vision and always brutally honest. In early 1978, artist and producer Brian Eno attended a series of shows put on to benefit the Artist's Space in Soho and influenced Island Records to finance an anthology LP featuring the four strongest bands -- Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, The Contortions, Mars and DNA. The resulting recording, entitled No New York and produced by Eno, remains as one of the most impressive and extraordinarily bold debuts of the time. Here we compiled all Teenage Jesus and The Jerks recordings, alongside some NEVER previously released live material. Simultaneous to Teenage Jesus, Lunch formed Beirut Slump, released one single and recorded an album's worth of material, which is also included on this remarkable release.

DNA- DNA ON DNA CD (no more, usa)
15.98usd/8.05gbp/10.20eur/1721jpy (approx)

*New York's seminal No Wave band, DNA, makes it's highly anticipated American CD debut with this definitive collection of studio and live recordings. Surviving two line ups over a brief four years; this highly influential, strikingly original and extremely under recorded band left a huge void in it's wake. Formed in 1978, Brazilian raised singer/guitarist Arto Lindsay hastily assembled an international trio of non-musicians. Robin Crutchfield played keyboard and Japanese-born Ikue Mori played drums. DNA played their first gig within weeks and recorded their first 7" shortly afterwards. The ear of Brian Eno was quickly caught, recording them for the infamous No New York compilation alongside James Chance, Mars, and Teenage Jesus & The Jerks. Before No New York was released, Robin left the band after a total tenure of nine months. Bassist Tim Wright had just left Pere Ubu, relocated to NY and quickly joined DNA. With a new face, a new instrument and a new sound, DNA recorded their classic nine minute EP A Taste Of DNA. DNA toured the States and Europe bringing their explosive live show to a wider audience. DNA only released 12 songs during it's lifetime, and another 3 shortly afterwards on a European compilation. Their impact was far and wide reaching. Many musicians have sited DNA as a main influence including Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and the band Blonde Redhead, who appropriated their name from a DNA song title. This CD compiles all of the studio and many choice live recordings. Of particular interest are the original lineup's 'early versions' of 'Detached,' '5:30' and 'Low' (which is closely related to 'A New Low.') The unreleased studio tracks 'Grapefruit,' 'Police Chase' and 'Young Teenagers Talk Sex' are heard here for the first time as well as live versions of the unreleased songs 'Nearing' and 'Surrender.' Exclusive liner notes from Byron Coley, Jason Gross and Glenn O'Brien pack the 16 page booklet alongside many unseen photos and flyers.


18.98usd/9.57gbp/12.11eur/2044jpy (approx)

*This is the companion release to the Astro CD titled The Echo At The Purple Dawn, released on Important Records. Astro, of course, is the analog/space project of Hiroshi Hasegawa of the legendary Japanese group, C.C.C.C. This limited vinyl-only release was created using ring modulator and vocals which are rare these days in Astro recordings. Cover art designed by Important. Astro is Hiroshi Hasegawa's solo project. He is a founding member of the Japanese noise group C.C.C.C. Born in 1963, Hasegawa began his improvisation with his voice and drums. In 1990, he built the group C.C.C.C. around the concept of improvised mass-noise with a very loud sound. Members included Mayuko Hino, Ryuichi Nagakubo, Fumio Kosakai. Hasegawa began his solo unit Astro with analog synthesizers in 1993 and continued playing in C.C.C.C. Though C.C.C.C. is no more, Hasegawa has continued with Astro and his numerous collaborations drifting between dreamy, spaced-out bliss and full-on waterfalls of beautiful noise. limited edition of 500.


18.98usd/9.57gbp/12.11eur/2044jpy (approx)

*Best-of Goblin compilation, including soundtrack songs from Profondo Rosso, Suspiria, Dawn Of The Dead, Tenebre, and more… An outstanding progressive rock group in their own right, Goblin's name is synonymous with the cinema of Dario Argento, the director of stylised Italian horror. For him they composed such celebrated scores as Profondo Rosso, that starred David Hemmings and which provided the group with a domestic number one hit and the hallucinatory Suspiria, which recalls early Can and the free-form improvisations of Amon Duul II and Popul Vuh. Goblin's music is astoundingly effective both as rock and in the context of the films and is internationally celebrated as such. Like David Axelrod, Goblin have been widely sampled and are held in great esteem by the Chemical Brothers and those of that generation.

MICHEL LEGRAND- EVA OST CD (bella casa, uk)
18.98usd/9.57gbp/12.11eur/2044jpy (approx)

*An extremely rare Michel Legrand film soundtrack. His score for Joseph Losey's important film Eva (that famously starred Jeanne Moreau) is amongst his greatest, most original work, sharing the charm and imagination of the works for which he is best known: The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg and Windmills Of Your Mind, which propelled Legrand to international superstardom. On Eva, Legrand's music is complimented by songs by Billie Holiday ('Willow Weep For Me' and 'Loveless Love') and Tony Middleton, that are used brilliantly. Legrand is a deity in France, held in deep affection in Japan and is respected the whole world over.

18.98usd/9.57gbp/12.11eur/2044jpy (approx)

*This album will take you take you on a profoundly psychedelic trip through one of the most fertile imaginations in 20th century music. It is a mind-bending seventy minutes with the maestro -- Ennio Morricone. Ennio Morricone was the biggest living man in film music, and this album is when he was in the beat pop acid '60s and '70s at the height of his creative powers when his abilities as a composer went far beyond even what the best international groups in each genre were capable of. The majority of the music featured on this incredible compilation is from obscure European art movies and (long deleted) is being released in digital format for the first time. Morricone In the Brain is a testament to Morricone's incredible artistry and also his versatility. An album at which to marvel it will surely be enthusiastically received critically and will be essential to any student of the maestro or the genres of psychedelia or film.

18.98usd/9.57gbp/12.11eur/2044jpy (approx)

*The giallo is a type of thriller particular to Italy. Maestro Ennio Morricone defined its sound and atmosphere, ultimately scoring more of the genre's films than any other composer. Morricone Giallo is the latest edition in Cherry Red's Morricone retrospective.


20.98usd/10.57gbp/13.39eur/2259jpy (approx)

*The late '60s were an explosive time in America. Flower power was blooming, civil rights were in full swing, and while American soldiers were fighting in Vietnam, American musicians were creating several brands of rebellious music back home. One such musician, a trombonist/conga player from Pontiac, Michigan, had grown weary of his nation's volatile political climate. In the wake of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, Melvyn Price set sail for Sweden where he immediately began gigging with Scandinavia's jet-set jazz musicians. In 1974, after a pair of primarily percussive albums intended to aid dance instruction, Price composed and recorded his masterpiece, Rhythm and Blues, released on his own Mel-Dor label. The music was simple, yet inspiring, pairing Sweden's disciplined session players with imported Latin American percussionists. Rhythm and Blues was never widely-distributed abroad, and has, in recent years, fetched top dollar at auction. This reissue is the fourth release by Wax Poetics Records, who, like their sister publication, is quickly becoming the authority on soul music's unsung heroes. This unique album, available on CD and 180-gram vinyl, includes all of the original artwork, as well as in-depth liner notes and rare photos exclusive to this release. includes a free download of Price's "The Subway" from his impressive 1971 release, Rytmer II.

21.98usd/11.08gbp/14.03eur/2367jpy (approx)

*restocked on vinyl (which is out of print at the source)… In 1971, in the midst of America's conflict in Vietnam, the U.S. Army held a show-band contest and showcased the two winning bands in a promotional album. East of Underground, the gritty runner-up, managed to capture the spirit of America with their sweet-soul covers of Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield, and Funkadelic. The quality of the recording is superior, as is the musicianship: the falsetto harmonies, the gritty guitar, the devouring drums. But song choice is just as responsible for the success of the album. Unlike other obscure-funk reissues and compilations, East of Underground is immediately familiar, instantly gratifying, and endlessly playable. And especially poignant today. Only a handful of original copies known to exist, the album is now reissued for the first time on CD and 180 gram vinyl.


SAMIYAM- RETURN 12” (hyperdub, uk)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*This is Hyperdub's first U.S. signing, and first hip-hop tempo release, Samiyam. All the tunes on the Return EP carry Samiyam's signature synth sound, melancholy melodies, and that off-center post-Dilla funk. Loose, lop-sided but totally funktional, this EP brings a bit of smoggy, toxic West Coast sunshine to the stiff and gloomy UK, while once again confounding any presumptions about which way Kode9 is going to steer his label next.

RUDE KID- ARE U READY? 12” (no hats no hoods, uk)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*No Hats No Hoods follows up its well-received P Money release with Are You Ready? EP -- an instrumental vinyl from producer of the moment Rude Kid. If you've listened to pirate radio, Tim Westwood, Logan Sama, 1Xtra, bought a grime CD or been to a Dirty Canvas show over the past couple of months it's more than likely you'll have heard a Rude Kid production and his trademark 'Are You Ready?' call sign. The 20 year old's astonishing work rate over the last 6 months has seen him recognized as one of the grime scene's most exciting producers and this EP is set to further cement this. Rude Kid's varied production style, which he describes as 'alien music,' has been vocalled by a who's who of the scene -- with Wiley, Ghetto, DJ Ironik Ears, Badness, Griminal, Jammer, Skepta and Chipmunk all gracing Rude kid's signature style. Lead track 'The Best' combines a catchy vocal sample with a raw, uncompromising beat that's had MCs fighting to vocal it. Bragging rights have gone to Ghetto, who's won the race and will be using it on his upcoming album, with a video to follow. 'Alien Skank' is an out of this world reggae-infused cut showcasing Rude Kid's dub influences and versatility as a producer. The track is followed up by 'UFO Mode' -- a favorite within the scene as anyone that listened to Boy Better Know's 'Microphone Champion' podcast will testify. 'Oi Rude Kid you're going on very rude with this one,' Frisco shouts out as the tune is wheeled up. The final track 'Bandanas On' is an equally rowdy affair pushing Rude Kid's sound into new territories.

HEADHUNTER- INITIATE 2X12” (tempa, uk)
19.98usd/10.07gbp/12.75eur/2151jpy (approx)

*Originally released in 2007. Headhunter presents an exciting and futuristic second release on Tempa. "Locus Lotus" is an up-tempo, summery track with a bouncy soca-style. "Drop The Waste" features a heavy half-time rhythm. N-Type has been caning "Sushi Brain," with its distinctive, submerged techno intro leading into a sick drop. While "Quanta" jacks it all up, the ghost of rave hovers in the cut-up, high-pitched vocals of "Spyro." Radio & DJ support from Hatcha, Rob Da Bank, Youngsta and Tes La Rock.


RICARDO TOBAR- BOY LOVE GIRL 12” (border community, uk)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*Ricardo Tobar's second Border Community release fuses noisy, genre-busting dancefloor electronica and bold, brassy electro-rock. These are well-crafted tracks, with laid-back melodic dancefloor-glitch, apocalyptic bass-rave and Justice-esque electro-rock. Tobar has remixed shoegazers Japancakes and Fairmont's "I Need Medicine."

DARMSTADT- IT HAS BEEN SAID/OUT OF THE BLUE 12” (boys noize, germany)
13.98usd/7.05gbp/8.92eur/1505jpy (approx)

*Darmstadt are Gilles Frappier and Loïc Chaillou. Formed in 1999, they released their debut in 2001, an instrumental album without any editing (Test). After several artistic projects, almost one decade later Darmstadt has finished a new opus: 'U Better Be Inside.' Inspired by culture and music of bands such as Joy Division, the Stranglers or the Pixies, Darmstadt create a tended and melodic, but also energetic and sensitive universe. Boys Noize & D.I.M. have remixed their favorite song and achieved to transfer the beauty of the songs into great moments for the dancefloor.

ALEX PICONE- FURBY/FLOPPY 12” (cadenza, germany)
14.98usd/7.55gbp/9.56eur/1613jpy (approx)

*Alex Picone is based in Padova, Italy, and has previously recorded for Tenax and Mixworks. "Furby" has a warm, spongy sub-bass cushion and some carefree melodic flourishes. Plenty of good-natured bleeps keep the playful vibe flying high, built around a skeleton of polished steel and precision mechanics. "Floppy" is a simple track on the surface, but there's moody clarinets bubbling up and all manner of carefully-tuned percussion. Don't be surprised to find your mind wandering while your body's in motion.

13.98usd/7.05gbp/8.92eur/1505jpy (approx)

*This is Jacek Sienkiewicz's fourth release for Cocoon Recordings. While the over-heated "My Little Place" re-interprets the credo of dub with polyrhythmic elements, delays and echo in an unfamiliar way, "Com-Bat" carries on his tradition of putting hypnotic sound evocations close to the ten-minute mark. With an intense melancholy, "Com-Bat" is somewhere in between the urban desperation of Detroit, and the atmosphere of after hours and Balearic bliss.

MALENTE & DEX- HYPERACTIVE 12” (exploited, germany)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*Damp cellars, abandoned warehouses, strobe lights and sweat is what comes to mind when listening to the debut release by Malente & Dex on Exploited. "Hyperactive" describes the music as well as its effect on the dancefloor. Malente & Dex channel their love of music into a mixture of rough, state-of-the-art beats and a healthy dose of old school power. On remix duties, we have Riva Starr with London's grime MCs Jammer & Frisco, Bobmo and Bird Peterson.

YTRE RYMDEN DANSSKOLA- AFTERSKI 12” (full pupp, norway)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*So here it goes: another black slab of Pupp to satisfy your dancing needs: the second taster from Ytre Rymden Dansskola's upcoming album. Deep Norwegian disco nouveau of the sober kind, these guys might just be the classiest act we got. A wonderful remix by our beloved Magnus International. Taa-daaaa.

JONA- TAKE FIVE 12” (get physical, germany)
13.98usd/7.05gbp/8.92eur/1505jpy (approx)

*Jona is back with his fourth release on Get Physical. At the core of "Take Five" is a warm, fluttering piano loop. Around these faintly jazzy chords is a percussive track which nods to the passion and polish of classic '90s house music. "Sunset" boasts a minimalist groove undercut by a raw bass line, tight snares and hi-hats. A dubbed-out organ makes way for a smoky saxophone sample. This is the arrival of night and all the possibilities it entails.

PATRICE BAUMEL- ROAR 12” (get physical, germany)
13.98usd/7.05gbp/8.92eur/1505jpy (approx)

*restocked… Patrice Bäumel has made a name for himself as a producer of warm, lustrous and dynamic dancefloor music. "Roar" builds suspense with a taut, tense rhythmic backbone, consisting only of a hand-clap and a lisping hi-hat. "Comfortably Uncomfortable" features a tough kick-drum, a panning synth motif and a precision-tooled bass melody. "Clair" swings with a kick-drum offset by Latin percussion patterns and melody. A velvety, synthetic string theme swells into the foreground, making it a deeply atmospheric, dramatic track.

25.98usd/13.09gbp/16.58eur/2798jpy (approx)

*Limited 2x12" with 8 anthems by 8 amazing artists from 8 different countries to support their national teams at the Olympic summer games in the Chinese capital Beijing. This is the concept behind the second Great Stuff compilation (after the very successful Great Carnival Stuff earlier this year) full of wonderful exclusive tracks. And of course the original Olympic idea ('not to win but to take part') is inseparably linked to the respect of the human rights. Be it in the sports stadium or on the dancefloor. This ideal is emphasized by the Austrian duo Makossa & Megablast who decided to start for Tibet (instead of their home country) with a Mantra spoken by Konchok Yoenten: Düsum Sangye (The Prayer to Guru Rinpoche for Removing Obstacles and Fulwilling Wishes: Guru Rinpoche, the Buddha of past, present and future. 'Dewa Chenpo' - Guru of Great Bliss -- the source of all the Siddhis. 'Düd Dül Drakpo Tsal' - Wrathful One that subdues Negativity -- who removes all obstacles. Grant your blessings we pray! Through them, may all obstacles -- outer, inner and secret -- be quelled, and may all our aspirations be fulfilled. Namaste!

DACHSHUND- BON APPETIT 12” (harthouse, germany)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*Dachshund started to produce techno music in 2006. Influenced by his background as a dub and d&b producer, his sound is energetic and groovy. Today, Dachshund is one of the finest examples of Geneva's top quality minimal techno scene. He released most of his tracks on different labels such as Num Records, Platzhirsch, Mental Groove, 60sec, and many others. He plays live and DJ set as well and knows exactly how to run a dancefloor. His releases Somehow & Water Game have been acclaimed by the whole scene. For his thrilling and creepy tracks he uses many spatial effects and therefore he creates very abstract sound buildings that are standing immovable in a well structured landscape of weird minds. A. 'Asparagus': Like it or hate it, this vegetable sticks out of the wet earth and looks around, realizing that the world sometimes isn't as beautiful as it seems. A cloudy sky signals a storm of bended and twisted melodies and then the hail of sharp percussion sequencing begins. Be careful not to be hit. B1. 'Turbo Fish': This fish is fast. The slippery animal sashays through a canalisation of dirt and mud searching for the daylight, but it won't find it. Then the panic rises, the speed increases and the claustrophobic heartbeat explodes by a hit of aggression. So catch this little thing and stroke it a little bit for calming down. Finally roast it. B2. 'Ugly Tartare': For dessert we have 'Ugly Tartare.' Spoon it and enjoy the acid burning on your tongue. But be careful not swallow. Otherwise you will reach spheres you didn't know that they even could exist.

BRAINCELL- ABSORB 12” (harthouse, germany)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*restocked… Braincell already set a high standard at the last Harthouse V.A. by 'pneumatic(s)' work and sound. The Swedish top producer and label owner presents another labor of love -- Absorb. This is the most emotional EP you have ever heard from Cari Lekebusch -- highly addictive stuff! A1. 'Absorb:' calm and gentle percussive structure and wide atmospheric effects mixed with tiny play-arounds attracts the listener's attention. Comfortable groove-friendly shaker which is built up to a melancholic and cinematic milestone of electronic music!

BILLY DALESSANDRO- SOULCHASER 12” (harthouse, germany)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*restocked… After having published more than 20 EPs and two full length albums, Billy Dalessandro arrived at the first league of worldwide respected producers. His third album, Into The Atom, can be seen as a milestone of the Chicago-based musician's history. He publishes a mixture of Chicago style funk and deep minimal electronic style. Here are 3 gems born out of his virtuosity you can't miss. A1: 'Soulchaser' Undercover Mix -- highly addictive and percussive, slightly forward-oriented track with great spheres. 'Great' has to be written with triple 'e' because it uses a dramatic element which pokes out of the deep and tricky basement. Playful effects and intelligent beat programming sum up to a really special atmosphere -- somewhere between -- but precise as hell!

11.98usd/6.04gbp/7.64eur/1290jpy (approx)

*restocked… Zimmermann alias Jens Zimmermann aka Tyrell Corp. aka DJ Gargamel is constantly changing yet always the same: a damn good producer. Now, in 2007, after years of noise research and sound sculpting, he is re-emerging as Zimmermann which stands for 'new German minimal sound.' After three much-celebrated releases, aptly called 'Zimmermann #1,' '#2' and '#3' on Room Recordings, which were severely hyped up by Germany's house fraternity, and releases and remixes on Boxersport, K2, and HiFreaks as well as on Harthouse Mannheim, the future is looking bright for Jens. Something he is proud to share with all of those who tune into his reduced, contemporary sound. A1: 'Reduction, Seduction': the art of seducing lies in the tiny changes and the fine sound-shaping capabilities Jens displays with this slow but very potently grooving track that gets them all in the end. Subtle yet powerful. B1: 'G.L.U.X.': Talking about tricky, tiny modulations, this is where Zimmermann, at his finest, dishes up a whole armada of strangely bleeping synths, which, in stark contrast to the dark and rumbling, compelling bass, lead the head astray while the body pumps away.

GUI BORATTO- ATOL: REMIXES 12” (harthouse, germany)
11.98usd/6.04gbp/7.64eur/1290jpy (approx)

*restocked… Hardly any Brazilian artist has gained as much reputation in the past year as Sao Paulo-based architect, musician, composer and producer Gui Boratto whose spatial and mystical take on music has made him one of the most sought-after producers around. With his versatile releases on labels as varied as Speicher, Kompakt Pop, Circle, Killabeat and Plastic City. Dedicating himself to developing his own distinctive style, playfully light yet driving techhouse, Gui enchants people all around the world, 'Atol 2007' being a wonderful example of his masterful craftsmanship. Based on a beautiful melody that light-heartedly carries through the night, this record leaves an impact, especially on those looking for spirited club sounds. Backed up with two powerful remixes by some of the most talented and demanded producers around -- Frankfurt acid trance techno gods Hardfloor and Circle's Alex Flatner, this new Boratto record on the renowned Harthouse imprint should be going down a treat.

HELL- THE DISASTER 12” (international deejay gigolo, germany)
13.98usd/7.05gbp/8.92eur/1505jpy (approx)

*An industry visionary, DJ Hell's career has embodied and transcended his many guises: anti-superstar DJ, International Deejay Gigolo label boss, GQ Man of the Year, playboy, jetsetter, bon viveur, Munich machine, New York muscle. The Disaster is a pre-taste of his 2CD concept album, Teufelswerk. "The Disaster" is a raw, powerfully human, melancholic masterwork -- it pulses with balanced minimalism, and that erotically sinister Hell signature touch. The B-side carries a remix by Tattoo Records minimal romantics, Ink & Needle.

MAETRIK- SPACE CHRONIC 12” (mothership, germany)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*Maetrik's Space Chronic EP combines the innovation of techno with a sense of fun. "Sex With Bass" explores the type of low frequencies that usually occur when suspension bridges tear apart. "Stab Jockey" throws a techno curveball, utilizing rhythmic synths over a simple beat. Midway through, the line clears out for full-frequency busting bass drops. "Crawl Machine" immediately builds a head-nodding groove that wastes no time firing off its boosters. Sneaky builds shoot you off into orbit.

16.98usd/8.56gbp/10.83eur/1828jpy (approx)

*Ornaments wants to publish special collector's items in a strong limited vinyl only series with a really personal vibe. The first record is from Marko Fürstenberg (A.R.T.LESS / Thinner) and he presents 3 unpublished remixes of nice dubby soundtracks for the 21 century which are perfect for the open air season. Be fast! Only a few hundred copies!" Pressed on clear, black marbled vinyl.

PORTABLE- KNOWONE CAN TAKE AWAY 12” (perlon, germany)
14.98usd/7.55gbp/9.56eur/1613jpy (approx)

*Ornaments wants to publish special collector's items in a strong limited vinyl only series with a really personal vibe. The first record is from Marko Fürstenberg (A.R.T.LESS / Thinner) and he presents 3 unpublished remixes of nice dubby soundtracks for the 21 century which are perfect for the open air season. Be fast! Only a few hundred copies!" Pressed on clear, black marbled vinyl.

14.98usd/7.55gbp/9.56eur/1613jpy (approx)

*restocked… After several collaboration over the last 15 years (Moonside Playground / Pantytec / Schneider & Radecki / Half Hawaii), Sammy Dee presents his solo debut through Perlon. He's picking you up with a Purple Hummer Ultrastretch, so buckle up!

JE DAVU- LIMITIERT #9 12” (platzhirsch schallplatten, germany)
11.98usd/6.04gbp/7.64eur/1290jpy (approx)

*We are glad to invite the Amsterdam guy Melon to the Platzhirsch Limited label. Melon is an inherent part of the Dutch techno scene and is among other things resident of the clubs 11 and Paradiso in Amsterdam. In 2006 he founded his Label Ratio? and under his synonym Je Davu he often produces housey tunes. 'I Zebra' is a stoic tool, which works fine in house and techno sets at the same time. It is already played by Ricardo Villalobos, Andre Galluzzi, Ame and Marcus Worgull." Pressed on pink & blue marbled vinyl.

MY MY- EVERYBODY'S TALKIN' 12” (playhouse, germany)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*Two years after their debut album Songs For The Gentle, My My are back at Playhouse. And you can still fall in love with My My tracks in the club, as much as at home. On the A-side, you get a forceful house groove, warm chords and some old school vocals. With the B-side, My My tie in with their well-known material and deliver a technoid side. My My are deeply admired for their musical variety, and you won't believe the surprises here.

DUBFIRE- I FEEL SPEED 2X12" (sci+tec, germany)
25.98usd/13.09gbp/16.58eur/2798jpy (approx)

*'I Feel Speed' -- the third release by SCI+TEC -- offers a rousing progressive house interpretation of an overlooked Love & Rockets song with Dubfire on vocal duty. A substantial nod to his musical beginnings, 'I Feel Speed' is further proof that artistically, Dubfire isn't afraid to push boundaries, something for which he's been increasingly heralded. While the 'Dubfire Original Club Mix' is not a true reflection of Dubfire's current sound, the remix package certainly is! The original is based around live drums, rock riff and a vocal from Dubfire himself that generates real emotion. First on remix duty comes the awesome Booka Shade who expertly chop up the vocals and efx, matching them with a driving electro rhythm and their trademark synths. With a super fresh remix from Matthew Dear in his Audion mode, the track pushes the boundaries of modern sound. Once again, Dear delivers a quirky remake that is totally different yet refreshingly upbeat -- tailored completely for the main room floors!! UNKLE completes the package with a torrential progressive house take.

SLEEPARCHIVE- HADRON 12” (sleeparchive, germany)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*Hypnotic bleeping techno + 6 loops.

SLEEPARCHIVE- RESEARCH 12” (sleeparchive, germany)
16.98usd/8.56gbp/10.83eur/1828jpy (approx)

*restock on clear vinyl… killer tech-y minimalisms. out of print at the source.

V/A- BIRD LANGUAGE 12” (supplement facts, isreal)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*The second 2008 release on Gerber's Supplement Facts is a three track EP from three different French producers. Essential. David K, the Parisian producer who has released on labels including Freak n'Chic, Cocoon, Harthouse and Tsuba, and whose live show has taken him around the world to Mexico, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Israel, Romania and more. This is David's second release on Gerber's Supplement Facts imprint. 'Rue Montmartre' evokes romantic head notions and floaty body motions. The midway 'warm' breakdown is one worth waiting for; and that you know will work the floor. Chris Carrier and DJ W!ld officially formed Catwash in 2005. They have previously released on Get Physical, Crack & Speed and their own label Catwash Records. This is their first EP release for Supplement Facts. 'Brasil,' the style no doubt inspired by the country, is a relentless techno/house journey with heat surrounding it. Varoslav, a Parisian of Czech origin is a self taught producer who has released on labels including 32 Bit Records, Tishomingo, Je T'aime records and Stirsound. This is his first release on Supplement Facts ... expect more to come as he gets further involved with the label. 'Soccasoul' invites the darkness in as it begins, gives way to a more forward pushing bizarre house attitude, welcomes back the darkness for the third-way breakdown and then weirds out until the end.

MIHALIS SAFRAS- RAINFOREST 12” (trapez, germany)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*Mihalis Safras plays heavily with percussive ethno elements on Rainforest. "Rainforest" thows you from one side of the Jeep to the other, diving into a dream-like, malarial saxophone solo. Weird, dark and cool. "Here Comes The Rain" is a cool post-Detroit techno track with strings Kevin Saunderson would love. An open-air tune with a melody that brings you happiness and sadness at the same time.

X-102- TITAN 12” (tressor, germany)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*In 1992, Jeff Mills, Mike Banks and Robert Hood -- still known at that time as Underground Resistance -- released what was probably the most futuristic album in modern electronic music: X-102 Discovers The Rings Of Saturn (Tresor.004/UR), as part of their X-10... series. The tracks on X-102 were reduced to minimal levels, looping with a marginal BMP rate, spacey and sometimes entirely without beats. This was revolutionary: listeners had just become accustomed to the uncompromising Detroit techno sound that the three of them had produced so far. Thus on the way to Saturn they surpassed even themselves, if not a decade jump then at least 15 years ahead of their time. The transition phase between former recording techniques and the computer age resounded on the album, and seemed as if it had been recorded with computers that had not yet been invented. In fact, the unconventional tracks resulted from a process of cutting up the taped material and then pasting together again. The album has not been available since the end of the last century and thus it's become difficult for the new generation to appreciate the work. One also tends to forget that very little was known at that time about the second largest planet in our solar system. Only since the Cassini/Huygen missions have we been able to gather images and awareness about Saturn, its moons, and the consistency of its rings. Jeff Mills' fascination for the planet remained intact but to reanimate the project he had but one requirement: only together with Mike Banks. Until now this hasn't been possible because since the 1990s both co-founding members of UR have gone their separate musical ways. But finally they've again joined forces to activate together their second Saturn mission. Indeed this alone makes X-102 Rediscovers The Rings Of Saturn a milestone. But the innovators wouldn't be such if they didn't rediscover the tracks from the first mission (which therefore again indirectly involves Robert Hood) and on that base produce new, unreleased tracks reflecting their personal development and the knowledge gained through modern space research.

SUPER FLU- RATTELSCHNECK 12” (traum, germany)
12.98usd/6.54gbp/8.28eur/1398jpy (approx)

*Key Traum artists Super Flu stem from the same creative corner of Germany as Wighnomy Brothers and labels such as Freude am Tanzen and Moon Harbour. "Rattelschneck" ("rattlesnake") is a minimal groover with stripped-down rhythmic tools that are fused with short melodic anecdotes. "Deathmetal (Schöne Frauen Haben Große Handtaschen)" ("beautiful death metal girls have large handbags") sounds as if greedy and hungry handbags are running amok. This is a track of pure madness for the floor.

PAN-POT- LOST TRACKS 12” (true to form, uk)
13.98usd/7.05gbp/8.92eur/1505jpy (approx)

*Visiting Tokyo's Shibuya district is like stepping into a scene from Bladerunner. Towering neon billboards blast advertising messages in indecipherable script (to the western visitor) while underneath a seedy world of clubs, bars, stalls and shops selling dubious wares forms an exhilarating network of the unknown. Pan Pot's lead track from their next release on Berlin's True To Form label captures the mood of a visit to Tokyo's decadent district perfectly. It begins with an ominous rolling bassline spliced into sections by an oriental percussive instrument soaked in reverb. Sinister pitched down vocal stabs and subtle percussion nudge on the urgent beats before erupting into a climactic breakdown built around off kilter synths and rasping snares that submerge into a cavern of reverb before diving back into the beats. Like Shibuya it's tense and thrilling in equal parts and a sci-fi vision of techno's next step. 'Zero Hour' is more minimal in its approach but no less insistently funk fuelled. Machine stabs of white noise and pitched down vocals interrupt a cacophony of rolling bass that develop into a tense assault course of breakdowns and beats. Both tracks are a welcome return from the duo, Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix. Their debut album, Pan-O-Rama, was an acclaimed debut long player for Anja Schneider's Mobilee imprint and this next release on True To Form is a worthy addition to the label's stable of artists that now includes original artists and remixers like Samim, Claude Von Stroke, Pascal Feos, Subjekt, Jesse Rose, Mikael Weill, Tom Ellis & Leif and Gavin Herlihy.


BIXOBAL- #4 MAGAZINE (bixobal, usa)
4.98usd/2.51gbp/3.18eur/536jpy (approx)

*A massive overview of the life and work of avant garde percussionist Stomu Yamash'ta, including his first English-language interview in over 30 years. A child prodigy, his meteoric rise in the classical world spawned a new world of improvisation and avant classical in the late '60s and early '70s before melding Eastern concepts with jazz fusion via his more well-known outfits Come to the Edge, East Wind, and Go. Includes never-before-revealed insight into collaborations with Toru Takemitsu, Takehisa Kosugi, Masahiko Sato, the Baschet brothers, and others. Years in the making, this exhaustive survey corrects misinformation and apocrypha carried down for decades, and opens a new window to Yamash'ta's current projects featuring instruments made from resonant stones. Akio Suzuki's UK travelogue translated by the expert on Japanese underground, Alan Cummings. Michael Griffen, one half of Noggin, remembered by Aaron Gorseth. Andrzej Zulawski's films. A history of the beautiful limited edition releases by Raymond Dijkstra. Patrick Marley (former publisher of Muckraker magazine) with his column Nickels and Dimes. Reviews of vinyl, cassettes, compacts disc, DVDs and books, both new and old.


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