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alright, it’s hot again… what can you do, right? welp, as always, you can grab some cool sounds like the victor uwaifo ‘guitar boy’ set (finally available on vinyl) or the new honest jon’s collection: give me love. both are ice cold! but don’t overlook the other cool breezes in house this week… new desert blues double cd on network, sick alps disc on siltbreeze, the excellent bill quick reissue on time-lag, jandek reissued on vinyl, pantha du prince vinyl reissue, new simon baker on playhouse (as well as some select 2020 vision restocks listed… as well as infant titles that i didn’t get a chance to list), a ton of trapez restocks (with more soon), new spectral sound 12s, new and restocked flaming hotz 12s (late arrivals that aren’t on this list, but will be detailed next week)… plus so much more… come on by!!!



as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

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21.98usd/10.98gbp/13.86eur/2306jpy (approx)

*deluxe lp version, cd to follow… This is the second in Honest Jon's series of albums exploring the earliest 78s held in the EMI Hayes Archive. In the mid-1920s, The Gramophone Company -- soon before it became EMI -- employed two or three Europeans to criss-cross Iraq. They logged regional demographics, assessed the German competition, and checked out the scores of record shops and hundreds of musical venues. In Kerbala, its man fearfully disguised himself as an Arab. This was the groundwork for three sessions, conducted in Baghdad in the second half of the decade, which produced nearly 1,000 recordings. Business was good -- the first group of records, though deemed aesthetically unsuccessful by the Company, immediately produced 12,000 sales to just two outlets in the city. Drawing on the full range of these Baghdad recordings, it is a wondrous, deeply poignant glimpse of social living since obliterated, in which ethnicities, faiths and traditions appear woven richly and meltingly together, however precariously. There is dance music featuring Arab folk singers from the countryside, backed by professional Jewish musicians in Iraqi styles popularly termed "Egyptian," and perfected in nightclubs where the first duty of the secular women singers on this album was prostitution. Also including some Arabic word-play, in a nod to the musical form of the Arabic mawwal, a Hebrew hymn is kick-started with a cry of "Allah!," most likely from one of the Jewish performers. There are pieces from Bahrain and Kuwait; sometimes mixed together in one performance -- the different dialects are far-flung. There are beautiful, high and lonesome Kurdish violin improvisations; and some unaccompanied circular breathing on a zourna so unearthly it seems to cross late Coltrane with Sun Ra. All the songs are characterized by searing emotion and crises of feeling, many by erotic urgency. As with the other titles in the series, the recordings have been startlingly restored at Abbey Road; and they are presented with full translations, rare photographs (in this case, several performers), and notes -- including an extensive interview with a citizen of Baghdad throughout this period, who knew many of the musicians here personally.

(honest jon’s, uk)
21.98usd/10.98gbp/13.86eur/2306jpy (approx)

(honest jon’s, uk)
18.98usd/9.48gbp/11.97eur/1991jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Honest Jon's has prepared a series drawing on some of the earliest recordings in the EMI Hayes Archive -- recovered from more than 150,000 78s -- staggering music from Iraq, Turkey, Caucasia, Lebanon, Iran (including sides made in Old Street, London, in 1909), Egypt and the Belgian Congo. This series opener presents the music of the West African underground of 1920s Britain, recorded at Hayes and released on the Zonophone label (which exported nearly all the records to West Africa). You can hear Caribbean influences here, the promise of highlife there, but Living Is Hard mostly disavows fusion and assimilation. And by contrast with antecedents in the history of black music in Britain -- minstrelsy and spirituals, for example, ragtime and jazz -- these recordings are unhitched from the protocols of a white listenership. These are startling, trenchant, elemental roots -- carrying troubled news home, along with signs of the new African nationalism -- and an enthralling glimpse of other lives, other times. Artists include: Oni Johnson, Isaac Jackson, Ben Simmons, Harry E. Quashie, Douglas Papafio, Prince Zulamkah, The West African Instrumental Quintet, The Ga Quartet, Domingo Justus, James Tucker, John Mugat, Kumasi Trio, James Thomas, Nicholas De Heer, George Williams Aingo and James Brown.

31.98usd/15.98gbp/20.16eur/3355jpy (approx)

* Long in the works reissue of this amazing and little known gem, Beautiful People, from 1972. Born in Miami, Florida to an American father and Venezuelan mother, Bill split the USA to Madrid, Spain in the early '70s. Once there he quickly landed a recording deal with famous producer Alain Milhaud of the Explosion label, and set to work on this, his sole LP release. Sessions went down with an impressive cast of up to eleven players in the studio, including Salvador Dominguez & Chema Pellicó (Cerebrum), Jess Lam (Jess & James), and Frank Rojas (Sangre). One of the album's real hidden treasures, though, was the assistance of unknown Texan Mark Gottschall, who co-wrote the title track and adds perfect vocal harmonies as well a second acoustic guitar. A finely balanced mix of sounds that drifts between throbbing electric full band groove and gentle acid folk. When Bill wants to rock, things get downright funky, with a wickedly hard-hitting rhythm section, pumping organ, scorching electric leads, and flipped-out acoustic guitars all locking into some seriously tight jams. Then the next minute, the mood swings and you're deep into some beautifully fragile and introspective folk meditations; often just two acoustic guitars, Bill's lyrics, and huge, angelic, vocal harmonies all weaving together into lush tapestries of sound. A few tracks fill out a more folk-rock vibe with flute, autoharp, piano, slide guitar, banjo, and more. Bill's lyrics (all in English) and vocals always feel deeply sincere, which combined with his unique voice, unusual accent, and loose delivery, make for one hell of a cool singer. The whole album has an air of mystical psychedelia, yet never strays far from pop craft, and there's a real sun-blasted quality to it all that just makes you want to crank the volume. Nothing amateur or lo-fi about this one; it's a pro recording and these guys have serious chops. It's hard to image why it didn't become a hit at the time. The album was released only in Spain and Brazil, to very little interest, and quickly became yet another great album lost to obscurity -- at least until now. Reissued here for the first time, with the collaboration of producer & Explosion label owner Alain Milhaud. Packaged in a heavyweight gloss coated exact reproduction of the original cover, including the original double-sided insert, as well as a huge new full color fold-out insert which reproduces at nearly full size the totally different Brazilian version of the album art. Plus extensive notes by album musicians Salvador Dominguez & Mark Gottschall, and Alex Carretero (Guerssen Records, Spain). Also a small photo of some rare picture sleeves 45s, promotional inserts, lyric sheets, etc. Even the LP labels reproduce the original psychedelic full color explosion label art. Pressed on 180gm audiophile grade vinyl & limited to 1000 copies.


17.98usd/8.98gbp/11.34eur/1886jpy (approx)

*Officially licensed exact repro of this 1975 single, originally issued on Metronome. The sweet, hypnotic melodies and the monotonous beats by Michael Rother (Neu!), Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Cluster) and Dieter Moebius (Cluster) and the repetitive lyrics, "immer wieder ... rauf und runter..." make up this Krautrock/electronica classic.

17.98usd/8.98gbp/11.34eur/1886jpy (approx)

*Officially licensed exact repro of this 1982 single, originally issued on Phonogram. This is the internationally most successful single of Holger Hiller's and Thomas Fehlmann's early '80s avant-garde pop band, Palais Schaumburg. David Cunningham produced this cold, minimalistic elektro-funk combined with Dadaesque lyrics in 1981.

V/A- PAPRIKÁZZ FEL! BEST OF THE HUNGARIAN ROCKSCENE 1965-1971 2LP (grey past, netherlands)
44.98usd/22.47gbp/28.36eur/4719jpy (approx)

*Brand new compilation on the Grey Past label devoted to the Hungarian '60s freakbeat and psych scene. It's a superb double-album inside amazing triple fold-open sleeve art with band pics, liners and all the info you would like. The quality we'd expect from the label that brought you the Turkish Delights and Steam Kodok comps amongst others. Music ranges from raw freakbeat to superb eastern psych. No prog here. The Hungarian scene had a distinct sound and quality both in musicianship and in sound and arranging. The liners explain the great difficulties commie bands had to face playing their own brand of new music. This compilation will amaze many. Bands include: Illes, Dogs, Expressz, Omega, Echo, Liversing, Neoton, Metro, Pannonia, Hungaria and many more. Also included are previously unreleased tracks! Paprikazz Fell - The Hungarian Rockscene 1965-1971. A fantastic double-LP set housed in the most incredible gate multi-fold-out sleeve layout you have ever seen in your life! I'm sure! Limited to 500 copies.

SIC ALPS- U.S. EZ CD (siltbreeze, usa)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*u.s. ez is the fourth long-player in the Sic Alps canon (excluding the recent singles comp CD, A Long Way Around to a Shortcut), and their first for the Siltbreeze label. Fans of last year's amazing Description of the Harbor LP will not be disappointed, especially if they want to hear Side A's cosmic concrete creak, forged with the trebly, high-end neo-glam pop of Side B.
The duo of Mike Donovan and Matt Hartman outdo themselves here and it is the most fully realized Sic Alps release to date. U.S. EZ knows perfectly well what it means to be high and inside. It's not just baseball jargon anymore. If you've been jonesin' for an LP that calls to mind equal parts Bob Markley and Uli Trepte, then look no further, mein dueden (und duedetten). U.S. EZ is the virtual brick of Berlin / Big Sur hash we've all been waiting to break into. The ominous death's head fez has now been ensconced in a witchy naugahyde bonnet, thus levelling the playing field for both the psychedelically challenged and the itinerant avant garde.


V/A- CAN'T STOP IT! CD (chapter music, australia)
15.98usd/7.98gbp/10.08eur/1676jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Chapter's Can't Stop It! is one of the first compilation series to examine Australia's post-60s musical legacy. The late 70s/early 80s post-punk era is perhaps the first time that Australian musicians felt confident enough to ignore overseas trends and create their own musical identities. Most of the Can't Stop It! bands, however, had been practically forgotten by Australian audiences by the time the original compilation was released, and for overseas audiences the very fact that we had our own thriving post-punk scene was almost a complete surprise. A host of revelatory treasures from late seventies/early eighties Australia, some previously unreleased. With a twelve page booklet, photos and detailed liner notes.

15.98usd/7.98gbp/10.08eur/1676jpy (approx)

*[Note: Mars LP is the title, but this is a CD-only release]. The Mars LP is the definitive collection of the 32 minutes of studio recordings released on vinyl between 1977 and 1979 by the most influential no wave band from the era, Mars (Sumner Crane, China Burg, Mark Cunningham, Nancy Arlen). Supervised by the surviving members, remastered from original sources without any added effects, and packaged with detailed notes and lyrics, the Mars LP is an effort to showcase the group's legacy and make up for the unavailability of these tracks in their original sound. Described by Lydia Lunch as "Static transmissions from a distant dark star. Taking up and tripping out further than The Velvet Underground's 'Black Angel Death Song,' Mars punished not with blunt force, but with a propulsive agitation which signaled a neurological insanity. A crippled tension swathed in nervous friction. A cavernous musical universe riddled with eerie sound storms whose poisoned atmosphere seduced and threatened. Obtuse and unforgiving. Sickly sexy. Red noise redefining bass urges, forcing the listener to question their own sanity by drilling into ear holes using electroshock guitars as saw blades trepanning into grey matter. Mars unleashed a choking cacophony illustrating the body as machine in disrepair fuelled by the impending repulsion and disintegration of a perverse romance with one's own demons. Demons who once wrenched free, made mimicry of the jangling nerve centers, and given voice as song, turned schizophrenic and howled these testimonials to the unbearable." Includes their first single on Rebel/Ze, the No New York tracks, and the Mars EP on Lust/Unlust Music -- the complete discography. This CD should be considered as an alternative to the still-valid 78+ CD on Atavistic -- this one features all the original recordings as intended, with all the Thirlwell sound reprocessing of the Atavistic CD eliminated.


JANDEK- READY FOR THE HOUSE LP (corwood industries, usa)
22.98usd/11.48gbp/14.49eur/2410jpy (approx)

*The 1978 release of Corwood Industries #0739, Ready For The House, began one of the most compelling, disturbed, and singular legacies in musical history. In the 30 years since this unique debut, Jandek has released 53 albums of mournful, atonal music that continues to defy classification and accessibility. And while the past three decades of intense productivity have yielded a depth of discussion, a handful of legendary live performances and even a film documentary, no amount of time or experience can prepare a listener for the experience of Ready For The House. Beyond stark, beyond oblique, beyond outsider, the first Jandek LP (originally credited to The Units) explores musical territories no one even knew existed, with just a hollowed-out voice and a lonely, detuned guitar. In 1985, it had infamously sold less than ten of the 1000 copies originally pressed, however by 1999, when it was issued on CD, the vinyl had completely disappeared, with original copies changing hands for hundreds of dollars. This exact vinyl repress on Corwood Industries, is the first time Ready For The House has been available on vinyl for nearly 20 years, finally giving collectors and fans the opportunity to own one of the most peculiar, solitary, and strangely magnetic records of all time.

JEAN-PIERRE MASSIERA- PSYCHOSES DISCOID: 1976-1981 LP (mucho gusto, canada)
19.98usd/9.98gbp/12.60eur/2096jpy (approx)

*part two… This is the story of Jean-Pierre Massiera, the mastermind behind The Maledictus Sound. Released in 1968, this album was his epiphany, produced with no artistic constraint or pressure to produce a hit. Man with a blurred artistic vision, he is an artist with not one plan, but many plans, whose career started with early '60s French beat groups spread through the '70s, '80s and up to the present, where he now works in various French studios. This is a work made of absurd blunts, delirious outtakes, outrageous A&R demands, rip-offs, some unashamed (Daddy & Mama-boney M), some obscure (Napoleon XIV) and of course, brilliant fuck-ups. A career made of loops, woops, of hits and misses.


(bella casa, uk)
18.98usd/9.48gbp/11.97eur/1991jpy (approx)

*In Italian soundtrack circles, the name Piero Umiliani is spoken with the same reverence as his famous contemporary Ennio Morricone. Umiliani's most successful composition, the world-renowned, 'Mah Na Mah Na' is included, followed by over 70 extraordinary minutes of characteristically sensual, elegant music from his film scores of the late '60s/early '70s. For many, Umiliani is the definitive loungecore artist with particular appeal in Japan, where a great many exclusive editions have been released.


V/A- DESERT BLUES 3 2CD (network, germany)
49.98usd/24.97gbp/31.51eur/5243jpy (approx)

*Over ten years ago, when the folks at Network launched the Desert Blues series, little did they know that this was the birth of a new genre. These journeys to the tranquil side of Africa's musical cosmos have garnered numerous international prizes and have been hailed as 'the best-selling compilation[s] of African music of all time' (fRoots). Top stars from the African countries bordering the Sahara have already been inspired by the Network series. On this third volume, we encounter the A-list talent from ten countries. Featured artists include Khaled, Malouma, Dhafer Youssef, Gigi, Amadou & Mariam, Ali Farka Touré, Rokia Traoré, the Kronos Quartet and Tinariwen. All of this is, of course, complimented by new discoveries and first releases, plus a handsome long-box booklet full of interesting photographs and intelligent text.

22.98usd/11.48gbp/14.49eur/2410jpy (approx)

*deluxe double vinyl version of this shop favorite now in stock… Guitar-Boy Superstar is the first survey of the long career of the legendary Nigerian musician, artist and poet Victor Uwaifo, one of Nigeria's greatest stars -- a long-overdue release that puts Victor Uwaifo next to other Nigerian greats better known in the West. Victor Uwaifo's mission to spread and preserve the cultural heritage of ancient Benin (Modern day Edo State, Nigeria) has seen him work as a commissioner for cultural affairs in his native Edo State, a University lecturer, acclaimed bronze sculptor and poet as well as a highly successful musician. He has been awarded Nigeria's highest cultural tribute -- the order of the Niger, and continues to teach and work today with an energy that has not abated for nearly fifty years. Cutting his musical teeth with Victor Olaiya ("the evil genius of highlife") in the early '60s, he went on to form his own band The Melody Maestros, producing Nigeria's biggest-ever selling record with Joromi in 1965, for which he was awarded Africa's first gold disc. He has continued to produce some of the most popular and engaging music in Nigeria ever since. This album focuses on his early 1970s musical output. Uwaifo invented a unique style of highlife music that he called ekassa -- based on ancient rhythms and fused with modern highlife instrumentation and just a dash of rock and soul.

22.98usd/11.48gbp/14.49eur/2410jpy (approx)

*deluxe double vinyl version of this shop favorite back in stock… Lagos, Nigeria, 1974-1979: the funk & disco capital of West Africa. More nightclubs, bars, spots and dancefloors than any place along the coast from Dakar all the way to Kinshasa. Nigeria Disco Funk Special is an amazing collection of heavy dancefloor grooves from urban Lagos in the '70s -- hot and driving slices of funk, disco and boogie that show just how vibrant the music scene was in one of West Africa's most populous and culturally diverse cities. In the '70s, it wasn't just James Brown who influenced the musicians playing in the nightspots of Lagos -- the loose-structured and elongated jams that he was pioneering in America had been a part of Nigerian music much longer than that. This album is the sound of Cuban-heeled and micro-minied Lagos youth soaking up the sound of the American discotheque and putting their own inimitable twist on the proceedings. The CD and double gatefold vinyl include rare tracks from famous musicians like Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies and Mono Mono's Joni Haastrup, as well as selections from cult bands like Asiko Rock Group, SJOB Movement and Jay-U Experience. Other artists include: The Sahara All Stars, T-Fire, Voices Of Darkness and Dr. Adolf Aonotu.

22.98usd/11.48gbp/14.49eur/2410jpy (approx)

22.98usd/11.48gbp/14.49eur/2410jpy (approx)

*deluxe double vinyl versions of this shop favorite back in stock… Since 2002, Soundway Records has been synonymous with high-quality and groundbreaking compilations of music from Africa, the Caribbean and South America. Nigeria Special is the most ambitious project yet for the label -- a truly in-depth, double album look at Nigerian music in the early to mid-'70s, encompassing a broad range of styles. Compiler and DJ Miles Cleret has spent five years working on this album -- involving trips to Lagos and around Nigeria interviewing musicians and researching recordings, as well as a suitable amount of time scouring dusty record stores and warehouses for elusive sounds. This compilation presents some of the best un-reissued and forgotten sounds from Nigeria, covering the amazingly vibrant and diverse styles that emerged and flourished at the time. Everything from highlife, jazz, Afro-beat and blues to more traditional styles are represented to give as comprehensive a survey of the scene as possible. The 32-page booklet covers a history of the time plus in-depth information on the artists and musicians, as well as a look at the amazing pop-art cover designs of Nigerian records.


11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… Simon Baker is fast becoming a major player in the global electronic community. Working steadily through the ranks at 2020Vision after producing his first single The Lip Trick in 2004 he has worked, fine-tuned and greatly improved his production skills gaining worldwide respect with a bang this year.

BURNSKI- POP 12” (2020 vision, uk)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… Burnski is an up and coming talent, who is moving fast through the ranks with labels and clubs picking him up for production and DJ work. Burnski's sound has gone down really well in Germany and since the release of his 'Coldcut' EP on Trapez, he has created quite a fan base over there which had lead to him being offered regular DJ dates at Berlin's famous Watergate club. Infant are currently riding high with the success of Simon Baker's huge Plastik release.

THE ELECTRIC PRESS- TONE CONTROL 12” (2020 vision, uk)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… Ralph Lawson's 2020 Vision takes forward-thinking house music to the next level. Here The Electric Press are back with their third release. Keen to make sure they were not type cast as 'electro house' dons they have been experimenting with different sounds, styles and vocalists for the project.

2020SOUNDSYSTEM- TAPE REMIXES 12” (2020 vision, uk)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… Prins Thomas and production partner Lindstrøm, are one of the most in-demand remix duos around. This release follows on from the very well received remixes of 'Tape' from Burnski and The Dirt Crew. Prins Thomas presents his idiosyncratic take on electronic house music with 3 remixes of 2020 label boss Ralph Lawson's band 2020 Soundsystem's awesome 'Tape.' The Viking Disko King gives the original a leftfield, Norwegian twist, making this an EP that will be talked about for years to come. Prins Thomas is renowned for working with production partner Lindstrøm on remixes for Franz Ferdinand and LCD Soundsystem, amongst others, and runs his own label, Full Pupp.

THOMAS MULLER- SEDUCTION/CRASH 12” (bpitch control, germany)
12.98usd/6.48gbp/8.18eur/1361jpy (approx)

*Thomas Muller presents the follow-up record to his successful debut Ride On with this release. Here comes a minimalist, high-end product. "Seduction" builds up slowly in a combination of hypnotic sound effects and a pumping bass line. "Crash" features a low-key kickdrum, playing with a deep sub-bass which creates a menacing atmosphere. Chopped-up vocal snippets and effects bring light into the darkness. Everything is supposed to change now.

19.98usd/9.98gbp/12.60eur/2096jpy (approx)

*The first Pantha Du Prince album from 2004, repressed… Now: Pantha Du Prince track to track layer for layer the parts of a vanishing youth reveal themselves. In a white studio behind the railways next to sweating rock bands and speeding trains divided only by white cloths. A person dreaming in grinds and fragments of images, sounds, noises, frenzy and feelings. He is passing himself. In former times Kassel: everything was wave and the beginning of techno -- British independent music on his mind. Away to Hamburg: guitars and discourses, lights of another way: Saekho, Clear, Warp, Mego, Frankfurt and techno from Cologne -- electronic music as the salvation. Techno is everything: catharsis in the studio ecstasy in the club and new social structures Tobin - Dial - Reis. In Hamburg there is a new model of autonomous structures far from Ladomat and the pressure to play guitar. Pantha Du Prince is moving within those new but still fragile ways. The own position is forming itself more and more. Within the work of a year it becomes clear and the dust of coal crystalises itself into diamonds that might burst soon. Diamond Daze is tracing new lines, branching them and loosing itself in woody landscapes and fog and leads to pleasurable places in rising sunlight from the cave of catharsis diamond daze is triggering romances like lightning in the shimmering of the night. The presence is torn apart in the lake of melancholy. Wounded textures and cryptic pop unfold their mystery in a pumping crystalline mobile of sound. It is from Hamburg or anywhere shivering noise-pop-drones, pulsing patterns of bassdrum-bass, filigreed clicks, bursting diamonds for a romantic mind. In the heart walls of guitar and the beat keeps you dancing and the mind flies over roaring snowy mountains enchanted and pushed on, in love and avoided everything but the boy: Hendrik Weber, who is known as Glühen4, Panthel, and as part of Gaze and Duma as well as bassist of the band Stella, presents his debut 2LP, CD on Dial as Pantha Du Prince.

V/A- YOU ARE MY MATE 2X12” (dial, germany)
19.98usd/9.98gbp/12.60eur/2096jpy (approx)

*restocked… Dial celebrates their 40th release with a double 12" for the dancefloor and beyond. Hiding from conventions, destroying innovation, this EP puts together what belongs together. Carsten Jost comes together with My My's Carsten Klemann to build a Detroit-by-way-of-Berlin future classic, Sten digs a little deeper with "Fortune," then there is the astonishing solo debut of Oliver Kargl aka Rndm, one-half of Pigon, Pantha Du Prince, and Phanthom Ghost.

17.98usd/8.98gbp/11.34eur/1886jpy (approx)

*restocked… This is the third release from Dominique, the Berlin-Kreuzberg based group, started around 1999. From the beginning, Dominique has been structured more as a loose collective than as a band, each member already an artist, writer, filmmaker and/or musician in their own right. Building on the success of their first album Speak To Me and the more or less "live" sequel The Same You, their third album More Love Now, is their most ambitious, elaborate and best offering to date. It was written and recorded over a period of two years by the band's current six members plus various guests; Thomas Goldhahn recorded and helped to arrange the strings, and if Dominique's collaborative ethos accounts for the music diversity of the album, it is Richard Davis' production that lends their combined efforts its sparkle and epic grandeur. Though still recognizably a Dominique album, this time each song is given its own distinct and complex sound, creating separate spaces for their evocative lyrics to do their work. In the mind's eye, images follow the precisely-blended lyrics and harmonies. Chimes, harmonica, chords on an acoustic guitar and a changing snare-drum sound accompany soft-spoken word and rich singing. There is even a band choir on "Air," as well as euphoric group singing on "You Know Now." Dominique's music is about contours, even when as in the mildly psychedelic "Goldchain," isolated background sounds flutter out of the arrangements like surprise visitors, migrating birds, or travellers. Throughout the album, the group insists on More Love Now, knowing all the while that it requires as much care as possible.

BUGATI FORCE- EDITS 7” (exploited, germany)
12.98usd/6.48gbp/8.18eur/1361jpy (approx)

*For fans of Hollertronix, Mad Decent, Dubsided and Fools Gold: Bugati Force from Berlin blend Steelord, 2 Live Crew and Green Velvet. Very strictly limited 7" bootie business galore! Only 100 copies.

NICOLAS STEFAN- TIME IS OVER 12” (k2, germany)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*It's every A&R's dream come true: someone from around the corner (Solingen, in this case) sends you a demo. You open the envelope and bing! You instantly fall in love with the music coming from this hardly known bedroom producer. When Nicolas Stefan's Time Is Over was played for the first time at Kompakt, nearly everyone in the office asked 'hey, what's playing?' This is awesome! Indeed, 'Time Is Over' is a nasty little heartbreaker. Soundwise, it's not too far from the second wave of Border Community artists like Ricardo Tobar, but with an extra hint of sweetness and pop. This slightly corroded absent-mindedness makes us want to launch a new genre name: indietrance! It's fragile, but at the same time there's enough punch and euphoria to set every open air party on fire. Here's our secret weapon for the sunny season. Oops, now it's not so secret anymore.

SIMON BAKER- PLASTIK 12” (playhouse, germany)
12.98usd/6.48gbp/8.18eur/1361jpy (approx)

*Todd Terje puts his hands on Simon Baker's "Plastik," one of Playhouse's most massive hits. He pitches the original down bit-by-bit and embellishes the reduced groove with loads of percussion to give his remix a staggering deepness. But at the end, it changes over into traditional Turkish sounds which eclipse the jolly disco beat for a while, chasing its own tail until this track ends. Hope you can handle it.

RAFALE- ROCK IT, DON'T STOP IT 12” (rise, france)
12.98usd/6.48gbp/8.18eur/1361jpy (approx)

*Finally a new release from one of the hypest record label here in Paris. This time it's Rafale, with an epic house dancefloor stormer, featuring remixes from Tepr and Tacteel (Institubes).

SAMI KOIVIKKO- SAPPHIRE 12” (spectral sound, usa)
12.98usd/6.48gbp/8.18eur/1361jpy (approx)

*Sami Koivikko's Sapphire pulls you in gracefully with its mesmerizing beauty and deep compelling power, its low-end reaching its targets like sonar waves. "Tonalite" takes things sufficiently deeper and brings the melodics to sunrise level. On the flip is Daso & Pawas' take on "Sapphire." Their deft use of classic house and techno templates leaves you agape, torquing up the flow of the original into a bass-minded hijack.

AUDION- BILLY SAYS GO 12” (spectral sound, usa)
12.98usd/6.48gbp/8.18eur/1361jpy (approx)

*Audion spawns Billy Says Go -- the title track of which is absolutely contagious. A track of considerable depth and suspense, its rotating beats are trademark Audion with an eerie choir that is like the angel of death perched at your bedroom window. "Snap Into It" lets logic go on auto-pilot with its assertive hypnosis. "Against All Odds" creeps up like a shadowed stranger. Before you reach your front door, it's all buzzsaw ripping through bone and sinew. Devastating.

V/A- DEATH IS NOTHING TO FEAR 4 12” (spectral sound, usa)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*The Death Is Nothing train keeps rolling with four new cuts, from both Spectral mainstays and a few surprises. Alexi Delano delivers an amazing cut with Francisco Allendes -- a menacing affair, perfect to set the room ablaze. Kill (aka Kill Memory Crash) presents a pounding grinder of a tune with "France," bridging the gap between electro and techno. TNT deliver a brisk groove, and Daso's track is like the dusk, a slow ride into the sunset, moody and majestic.

12.98usd/6.48gbp/8.18eur/1361jpy (approx)

*Following the international success of "It's Gettin' Kinda Hectic," off of their Bio 3000 release, this 12" comes with mixes by Mihalis Safras and Dubticket. Safras' remix (mixed together with his friend Liberto), makes the original sound like a techno classic -- mature, big sounds, grand production. On the flip is a modern minimal approach with a bass line that is so fat and deep, that big sound systems will flood the dancefloor with "hot air." Astounding.

BUTCH- ELEMENTS 2 OF 2 12” (trapez, germany)
12.98usd/6.48gbp/8.18eur/1361jpy (approx)

*restocked… This is Butch's (Bülent Gürler) third EP, the follow-up to Elements 1 of 2. "Wind" is a strong, epic old school monster of an acid track, with a cool Chicago flavor that is reminiscent of Lil Louis, with cool ups and downs that will set dancefloors on fire. "Earth" is a stripped-down mover, quite drugged-out and bass-heavy. New school, elemental techno-rock for the masses.

MIHALIS SAFRAS- COLPO GROSSO 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… This is the first in a series of records that Greek artist Mihalis Safras will exclusively release on Trapez Ltd. Safras has many talents -- writing techno trax, film music and for his own band. "Colpo Grosso" is a jacking but nervous tune that shows his ability to control the pace on the dancefloor by introducing small but important details. "Doo Doo" is a warped electronic track for the late night hours, really drugged-out with lots of sounds and effects.

MIHALIS SAFRAS- INTERAFRICA 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… Mihalis Safras fuses African sounds with minimal, stripped-down fat beats on Interafrica. The title track will be big with minimal as well as house DJs, incorporating some very catchy African sounds that tear down the boundaries between genres. "Interamerica" evolved from "Interafrica," picking up on the world music sound, while binding it in a minimal techno corset. Interafrica has already created a mighty stir with the few people who have heard it.

11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… Italian DJ and producer Lucio Aquilina has already released two records with Trapez. In anticipation of his upcoming remix record, one track from each of his previous recordings are remixed here. "Squared Circle" was remixed by Red Robin & Jakob Hilden, and has a playful, quirky, massive bass line. On the flipside, Roland M. Dill remixes "Disco Bus." He has created a peak-time rocker, cutting up the vocal and other parts to make it a funky and mixable techno tool.

BÜLENT GÜRLER- KOALA 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… Bülent Gürler's debut 12" on Trapez Ltd is stylistically between house and techno, but finds its birth right in the here and now. The Koala EP was recorded in a Chicago techno house fashion but with a strong European feel to it. These tracks are haunting minimal groovers, with mad miniature sounds dancing on mighty basslines. Both are masters at keeping the pace and making the right moves, with a nice stop-and-go action that makes people addictive to Bülent's groove, a beat that never stops.

FLORIAN MEINDL- BLAST 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… Austrian producer Florian Meindl has written a fat techno rocker with "Blast," and the title track sounds like a landing UFO. It's a track with a nervous beat, great ascending dynamic breaks and also passages of crazy sound sculpturing that build up the dynamic to the maximum. "Subfocus" was released as an edit on the Trapez Selection 6 mix CD and is featured here in full length. "Adjust" is an exclusive peek at Florian's new sound design.

11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… Two artistic remixes from Alex Under's 1,2,3, Responda O Trapez 12" that draw a lot of new energy from the original tracks. Alexi Delano & Xpansul present a versatile mix and a talent for the symbiosis of rhythm and sequence. On the flip, Mihalis Safras puts his hands on "Extrapezlo," creating a joyous, Chicago-flavored jacking remix that will make you smile.

MASSI DL- WONDERLAND 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… Massimo di Lena (aka Massi DL) has appeared on Frankie Records, Archipel, Safari Electronique and Tic Tac Toe Records. He attracted the attention of Trapez when he was first approached to remix an Alex Under track. Massi DL is a gifted producer who can animate minimal techno with new and different emotions. Like Under, he loves rhythmic cascades and crazy sounds. "Acidland" is one of the craziest minimal trax you'll ever hear and "Wonderland" controls the pace like no other.

SLG- EARTHWORM 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… Lukasz Seliga (aka SLG) has become an international performer, playing live all around the world and redefining what minimal means. The title track "Earthworm" is a true mover -- superbly executed, never silly or brash, moving like a cat in deep grass. "Ssswing" is stringent on the house side of techno, full of joy and with a lively arrangement of sound stabs. Jeff Samuel fans and jack scene members will love to play this song.

ALEX TSIRIDIS- RUBBER SUIT 12” (trapez, germany)
11.98usd/5.98gbp/7.55eur/1256jpy (approx)

*restocked… This is Alex Tsiridis' debut on the Trapez label, and it is a techno rocker. "Rubber Suit" is panic-stricken and claustrophobic with a heavy bass line that creates nervous energy. "Suasion" is a cool Chicago groover with a resemblance to Mike Dunn's "Magic Feet" and his colleagues, but with a nice modern sound. A cool, understated track plus moments of losing control.


THE WIRE- #294 AUGUST 2008 MAGAZINE (the wire, uk)
8.98usd/4.49gbp/5.66eur/942jpy (approx)

*On the cover: Tricky (Knowle West council estates, strong women and Jesus Christ: Bristol's self-described 'Mr Darkness' explains his return to form to Mark Fisher). Features: Sick Llama/Fag Tapes (As curator of the Fag Tapes label, Heath Moreland is a crucial force in Michigan's noise scene); Reiko Kudo (The nomadic Maher Shalal Hash Baz founder conceals toxic thorns within her floral musical haikus); Asva (Former Burning Witch/Sunn O))) member Stuart Dahlquist's new project blends Doom with drone); Cross Platform: Atsuhiro Ito (Vicente Gutierrez meets Tokyo's inventor of the optron, harnessing the sonic power of fluorescent light); Invisible Jukebox: Joe McPhee; Michel Chion (The Parisian musique concrete composer and author ravishes the 'floating ear' with powerful text settings and cinematic sensibility); The Primer: Digital Dancehall (A user's guide to Jamaica's digital revolution, with deejaying and minimal riddims from Wayne Smith, King Jammy, King Tubby, Ninjaman, Shabba Ranks and more).


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