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holy hell, it’s actually hot and humid out! but don’t let that stop you from grabbing some excellent records to relax and/or move slowly to. check em out: two new ethiopian essentials on france’s l’arome productions (as well as restocks on said label and on worthy…); new-to-the-shop releases by fanga (amazing comtemopary afro-beat from france with help from tony allen!); new clone sub label action (jack for daze and west coast series releases! plus restocked back catalog essentials); restocked funky forty fives 10”s (killer/rare funk and soul!); new wax poetics (the focus this issue: brazil! don’t forget about the great brazilian cds in shop and check back in the next couple of weeks for brazilian vinyl restocks)… and so much more (there’s still new arrivals from the last couple of weeks that haven’t made it to the updates, so come on by and check em out! don’t forget to check the tequila sunrise records facebook page and/or twitter feed for the most up-to-the-minute arrivals. almost forgot, please note the monday summer hours at the bottom!


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as always, many of these titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below and can’t make it to the shop you can make a purchase via paypal or over the phone with a credit card and pick them up later or have them shipped (see more information below). i will no longer hold records. sorry.

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STEVE SUMMERS- SHAKE THE HOUSE 12” (clone jack for daze, netherlands)
15.98usd/9.72gbp/11.30eur/1500jpy (approx)

*The debut release from Steve Summers. Three amazing raw and unpolished Chicago tracks. Shake the House is a magic track that has been recorded on an old analogue tape recorder (hence the noise). Stereotype acid that sounds like a early 808 state jam or A Guy called Gerald. Messages From The Past and Waves are genuine old Chicago house tracks. Two tracks that are essential for everyone enjoying old Joe Lewis and Fingers Inc releases. Crazy low-fi tracks that are just a lot of fun! We couldn't stop playing this in the office... can't wait to play it from nice shiny black wax!

TYRELL CORPORATION- TOGETHER ALONE 12” (clone west coast series, netherlands)
15.98usd/9.72gbp/11.30eur/1500jpy (approx)

*The long overdue new Alden Tyrell 12''. But it was worth the wait.. a daring release actually... not the sweet Italo influenced disco as his recent releases... but a unique hybrid between electro, italo, wave and rock!! Alone Together is a massive electro wave track that is just big and bombastic and has so much power! A great track with a euphoric feeling!! This track got all hands in the air during his recent live shows!. b-side is a new unique blend ofwave and rock... guitars, real drums and... Nicole Kuperus of Adult. doing vocals!! Agressive rocking tracks that throw out al anger and frustration. 3 tracks that will create a stir. A perfect start for the new clone west coast series!

15.98usd/9.72gbp/11.30eur/1500jpy (approx)

*The History Clock's custodians present their third outing on the label… The Fitzcarraldo Variations (aka DJ Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Jonny Burnip - the producer behind Capracara’s “King Of The Witches” on DFA) are back from another journey into the past with two red-hot
reanimated oddities. “Black Cat” is a devilishly raw glam-rock disco stomp, a seductive, pulsating combination of heavy tribal drums, massive string stabs, a huge brass section and the most infectious female vocal you’ll hear this year. Then roll up, roll up for “Animals” - an eerie, primitive electronic piece, layered with sounds effects that evoke the atmosphere of one very sinister circus… Under the big top no one can hear you scream!!! Already big with Lovefingers, Thomas Bullock, Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath) etc.

18.98usd/11.54gbp/13.42eur/1782jpy (approx)

*A few years ago the world discovered a unique sound coming from the distant Ethiopian capital Addis Abeba. The emotional blow was only matched by the brightness of this original and magnificent discovery. The Ethiopiques series directed by Francis Falcetto and edited by Buda Musique provides a comprehensive landscape of this subtle musical universe where local and western cultures do magnify each other. This new Ethiopian Urban Modern Music release follows the first Soul & Groove installment and keeps revealing some essential parts of the modern Ethiopian puzzle. An unequalled soul funk signature until today.

18.98usd/11.54gbp/13.42eur/1782jpy (approx)

*Although he is still completely unknown to Western audiences, for Ethiopians, Tlahoun Gèssèssè (pronounced Guèssèssè) is THE VOICE. The first-ever pan-Ethiopian star, he has embodied such nonstop unanimity since the end of the 1950s that is a role-model and a point of reference.


COLD CAVE- LOVE COMES CLOSE LP (heartworm press, usa)
13.98usd/8.50gbp/9.89eur/1312jpy (approx)

*essentially another ‘top pick’, if it weren’t for the fact that the ‘top pick’ section is already a little top heavy. amazing record from an amazing band. get on it… Love Comes Close is the debut full-length from Cold Cave. After releasing singles on Hospital Productions, What's Your Rupture?, and Dais Records, as well as a compilation of early material (Cremations, Hospital Productions), Cold Cave is now releasing their first realized vision of modern pop music through their own publishing house, Heartworm Press. Balance is one of Cold Cave's most dominant features, laced with equal parts of romance and nihilism. Somewhere in the realms of negative hiss and out-of-body bliss, there is a peak awaiting all who enter. Wesley Elsold is joined by an orbiting line-up that includes fellow allies Caralee McElroy (of the experimental indie rock-phenomenon Xiu Xiu), Dominick Fernow (contemporary noise icon Prurient) Max G. Morton (celebrated author) and J. Benoit. Cold Cave is a force that has been compared to Erasure and Whitehouse, one that just does what it does, without forcing unnatural laws. They are a true rarity in this instamatic culture.

COLD CAVE- CREMATIONS CD (hospital productions, usa)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*realease from a few months back in shop for the first time… Cremations is a collection of early demo/live/and unreleased tracks from Cold Cave. From the project's isolated beginnings to the recent full band line-up, the development of this singular musical entity is documented here in its icy electronic glory. From Cold Cave's infancy, sexual identity and oblique existentialism have been expressed through biting lyrics and electronic minimalism. Rarely has the human condition been exposed so brazenly as in 'Sex Ads.' Melodies, noise and rhythms clash as stories from below the surface are retold. From the demo LP Coma Potion, which featured a rugged stripped down distortion, to the suggestive Electronic Dreams tour cassette (featuring the voice of Max Morton on the track 'Heavenly Metals'), Cold Cave has developed its own brand of genre defying electronic music, without ever betraying its dark roots. Love and pornography, industrial music and traditionalism, poetry and profanity all mix together in a hedonistic cocktail of nihilistic nights and mournful mornings. Cremations collects all this work for the first and last time.

T.A.S.K.- RELAXING TIME IS OVER LP (heartworm press, usa)
13.98usd/8.50gbp/9.89eur/1312jpy (approx)

*The brilliant first LP by the Berlin troupe T.A.S.K., Relaxing Time Is Over. All basic tracks on this album were recorded live in a Berlin living room studio in the winter of 2005 and the winter months of 2006 - NO SUMMER RECORDINGS. 11 songs of minimal psych pop with a Velvets' air of cool by way of the German psychedelic underground. T.A.S.K. is comprised of members of the insanely underrated Floating Di Morel and Metabolismus.


PRURIENT- ROSE PILLAR BOOK/LP (heartworm press, usa)
99.98usd/60.85gbp/70.80eur/9353jpy (approx)

*180 Page Hardcover Book with 11" Record… What separates Dominick Fernow’s Prurient project from the rest of the contemporary underground cannon is its unyielding personal subject matter. From the inception of Prurient the concept has always utilized intimate details, photographs, letters and other ephemera culled from places where most artists would choose to obscure. Prurient draws these details into focus more than ever on Rose Pillar, a 180-page hardbound book of Fernow’s collage work and text supplied by his mother Jean Feraca from her previously published memoir I Hear Voices. Feraca tells the story of the death of Stephen, the brilliant but troubled older brother, an anthropologist who was adopted into a Sioux tribe. Feraca’s text is juxtaposed with Fernow’s collages of fallen empires, plant-life and industrial decline. The imagery presented is both stoic yet strangely profound and revealing as an analogy of death.
Rose Pillar also contains an 11” vinyl LP containing new material from Prurient that is the most profound and fully-realized work of his career. Prurient is not about an attack but rather a cry for help. Prurient takes the listener to the ends of human emotion as the range of sounds swell as the light of life fades. The climax of the album is the track “spins the worlds wheel again” which contains the most densely melodic frozen drone ever contained on a Prurient recording. What’s evidenced in these recordings is a sense of loss and destruction that can’t be replaced. The sound feels more like an erosion of steady decline, ebb and flow, storms, power controlled and power unleashed. This multimedia project pries deeply through the depths of mourning on both a personal and societal scale. In conversation Prurient has exclaimed Rose Pillar to be the end of an era in both function and material. This is Prurient taken to its furthest and most satisfyingly complete conclusion. Nothing will be the same after this release as this is the ultimate result of Prurient’s process. Finality is a recurring theme with Rose Pillar and that says more than anything.


V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 1 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… killer rare groove/breakbeat series with well selected, loudly (correctly) mastered, nice pressings of tracks that are pretty hard to get clean copies of...with a refreshingly "British" take on the selections, library selections by Mike Mansfield & John Schroeder sprinkled in among funk classics by Quincy jones & Herbie Hancock, each record loosely themed. word is that the editions are limited to 300 pressed per volume, so needless to say they will not be around for long. A1 The Nilsmen- The Winston; B1 Soul Toronados- Hot Pants Breakdown; B2 Rhythm Machine- Freakish Love.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 2 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 Benny Poole- Pearl Baby Pearl; B1 Spanky Wilson- You B2 Mickey & The Soul Generation- Iron Leg.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 3 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 The Esquires- Think; B1 Willard Burton- Funky In Here; B2 Ann Alford- Gotta Get Me A Job.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 4 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 Roger Simard- Mary Mary; B1 Mike Mansfield- Boogaloo; B2 Quincy Jones- Coming And Going.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 5 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 Outlaw Blues Band- Deep Gulley; B1 Max Greger- Soul House; B2 Les Baxter- Helles Belles.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 6 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 Quincy Jones- Soul Bossa Nova; B1 Booker T & The MG's- Green Onions B2 Peggy Lee- The Dock Of The Bay.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 7 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 asteroids; A2 Quincy Jones- Fat poppadaddy; B1 Herbie Hancock- bring down the birds; B2 Quincy jones- they call me Mr. Tibb.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 8 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 John Shroeder- Papas Got A Brand New Bag; B1 Earnie And The Topnotes- The Dap Walk; B2 Bloo Hand Gang- Venus.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 9 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 Spanky Wilson- Sunshine Of Your Love; B1 The Soul Orchestra- Lickin' Stick; B2 Elaine Delmar- Sneaking Up On You.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 11 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 Dave Pike- Mathar; B1 Jean-Jacques Perry- Eva B2 Sohail Rana- Soul Sitar.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 12 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 Carlene And The Groovers- Can Wa Rap; B1 The M & S Band- Egg Roll B2 Jackson Sisters- I Believe In Miracles.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 13 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 G.P. Reverbi- Sequence 36; B1 Jimmy Takeuki- Soul Fransisco; B2 John Wagner- Cold Sweat.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 14 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 Louis Jordan- Bullit; B1 Rocco Siffride- Ua Ua Rock B2 Bejay- The Loner.

V/A- FUNKY FORTY-FIVES: ULTRA RARE GROOVES VOL. 15 10” (funky forty fives, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A1 Clarence Wheeler- Right On; B1 Kool And The Gang- Who's Gonns Take The Weight B2 Houseband- Giving Up Food For Funk.


FANGA- DOUNYA 12” (cosmique groove, france)
16.98usd/10.32gbp/12.01eur/1594jpy (approx)

*limited edition of 1000/chocolate colored vinyl… killer tracks recorded at the same time as the natural juice lp. fans of fela, akoya afrobeat ensemble and sofrito special mixes take note!

FANGA- NOBLE TREE/CRACHE LA DOULEUR 12” (cosmique groove, france)
16.98usd/10.32gbp/12.01eur/1594jpy (approx)

*Tripped out afrofunk from Afrobeat band Fanga. The Notaliban Remix features Mike Ladd (Infesticons / Majesticons / Big Dada) who flips the whole thing on it's his usual style!! Also comes with the in demand Crache La Douler track with Tony Allen, on the flip!

FANGA- NATURAL JUICE/I DIDNT KNOW 12” (cosmique groove, france)
16.98usd/10.32gbp/12.01eur/1594jpy (approx)

*tunes taken from the natural juice album by this French Afrobeat crew. If ypu’ve been diggin’ the akoya afrobeat ensemble 12s or the sofrito special mixes of late, then this is for you! Tony Allen didn't join the group for this record, but again the it's a long funky trip in a true Fela Kuti mode...Pure spiritual african music.

FANGA- NATURAL JUICE 2LP (cosmique groove, france)
29.98usd/18.23gbp/21.20eur/2815jpy (approx)

*amazing debut lp from last year in shop for the first time… fans of fela kuti, tony allen, akoya afrobeat ensemble and the sofrito special mixes take note! Fanga tastefully tailors Fela Kuti's tried-and-true Afrobeat formula to concoct an innovative style all their own. Fanga's recent 12-inch, "Noble Tree," combines once-disparate genres such as free jazz, funk, and even go-go to create a strong vinyl contribution to Afrobeat's revival. –wax poetics

18.98usd/11.54gbp/13.42eur/1782jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The Ethio Jazz album by Mulatu Astatqé is a jewel of the modern Ethiopian music and a mythical album, since the beginning of Ethiopian music reissues (mainly on Buda Musique). An incredibly groovy Ethiopian record, originally from 1969-1972. Amazing orchestral 'Ethio-groove' filled with US soul, jazz, sometimes Latin and the deepest Eastern rhythms, even including some great nasty and dirty fuzz guitars. A true gem of Ethiopian modern instrumental music, which illustrates perfectly this symbiosis of strong rhythms and quality arrangements of subtle yet deep Ethiopian melodies. A must for all '60s/'70s collectors! In the Ethiopian musical landscape, Mulatu Astatke is a unique musician, composer, arranger. His real contribution consists in his action for instrumental music, in a country where orchestral traditions doesn't exist. For the last 30 years, he is the leading head of the Ethiopian musical scene. First vinyl reissue and definitely one of the most important Ethiopian music albums.

MAHMOUD AHMED- ERÈ MÈLA MÈLA LP (l’arome productions, france)
18.98usd/11.54gbp/13.42eur/1782jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The re-release series of original Ethiopian classic vinyl continues -- the finest Ethio jazz by Mahmoud Ahmed and his band from 1975 plus two tracks from 1978. The liner notes: 'Melancholy blues, piercingly minimalist country airs, brassy, danceable urban jazz, heart-wrenching, off-key crooners: a rich and stirring patchwork of sounds, crossing Afro-beat, Latino-swing moves and Eastern arabesques (Anaïs Prosaïc).' Such were the first -- informed and enthusiastic -- opinions of the music press when the first strains of modern Ethiopian music sounded on our shores. This was in 1984-1985. Such a positive note, struck about such a country at such a time, created plenty of reverb. The country had been so thoroughly trashed by the media's feeding-frenzy, which spewed out a mix of horror and pious pity, bitter denunciation and humanitarian appeals, wallet-tickling clichés and refusal of identity. In one brutal swoop, TV-reality transformed Ethiopia into a cursed nation, forsaken by God and by man. In contrast to these tragedies, but in the same hackneyed tones, Mahmoud Ahmed's life resembles an edifying fairy-tale where destiny, talent and achievement combine to triumph over poverty, fate and the evil eye. Biography, history and legend, with the help of God, infallibly weave the lesson of merit rewarded. But who can argue, in spite of the mockery that celebrities invariably draw, when faced with one of the greatest voices in all of Africa? Once upon a time, there was a street urchin in Addis Ababa, who started off as a shoe-shine boy and went on to become one of his country's biggest stars, opening the door to Ethiopian music to Western audiences. --Francis Falceto

V/A- ETHIOPIAN MODERN INSTRUMENTALS HITS LP (l’arome productions, france)
18.98usd/11.54gbp/13.42eur/1782jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Ethiopians' deep-seated ethiocentrism, the legacy of a thousand years of history, has contributed in no small way to their music's strong national identity, particularly impervious to any African influences. Latin influences, so pervasive in the great musical centers of West Africa and the Congo, have been similarly rebuffed, despite the brilliant attempts of a musician like Mulatu Astatke. He was the first and for a long time the only Ethiopian to have studied music abroad (England and USA). In the late '60s, he brought back 'ethio-jazz', as well as a passion for Latin rhythms that was not readily shared by the Ethiopian audience. As early as 1966, he released a single and two LPs in the US entitled Afro-Latin Soul (and a third LP, Mulatu of Ethiopia in 1972), with his Ethiopian Quintet composed of American and Latin-American musicians (Worthy Records). That was three years before Fela's first American tour and six years prior to Manu Dibango's key breakthrough with the release of Soul Makossa in the Western 'pre-World music' market. All this goes to show how much the history of the African continent's musical modernity should be reconsidered in light of the Ethiopian adventure, even though this lone spark bore little relation, musically or ideologically to the musical revolutions initiated most notably by Ghanian highlife, South African jazz, Congolese rumba or, much later on, by Fela.

18.98usd/11.54gbp/13.42eur/1782jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Urban Ethiopian music stands out within the African continent thanks to its creativity and originality. Whatever the shade -- pop, blues, jazz or soul -- it comes from a fusion of local musical traditions mixed with an echo of Western music. It bewitched Ethiopia during the 'Swinging Addis' decade before recently winning the favors of a well-informed audience all over the world. This first vinyl volume of Ethiopian Urban Modern Music presents some of the Ethiopian 'groove jewels' drawn from the essential Ethiopiques cd series directed by Francis Falceto and published by Buda music.

19.98usd/12.15gbp/14.13eur/1876jpy (approx)

*Bali 1928, a series comprising five CDs, will contain every extant 1928 recording, the first ever to document pre-War genres. The compositions heard on Volume 1 are untraditional, avant-garde experiments that later evolved into familiar forms, new music captured close to the time of its inception. After five years of research and field work, Edward Herbst offers analytical notes and a glossary (PDF files) along with 1930s silent films shot in Bali by Rolf de Mare (MPEG-4). this multi-media format disc requires a computer to read PDF files and view the films. The music is playable on standard audio equipment. Includes a 16-page booklet with notes and historic photos.

19.98usd/12.15gbp/14.13eur/1876jpy (approx)

*This second volume of the 1941 KBS recordings features Noh theater masters, many of whom had been trained by artists active before the Meiji (1868) period. An essay and texts in both English and Japanese with translation are included on the cd as PDF files and may also be printed." Featuring Music for the Noh theater: Takasag; Yashima; Hagoromo; Matsumushi; Aoi-no-ue; Hachinoki; Youchi Soga; Teika ichiji; Sanekata Kyôge kouta: Tsuchiguruma, Nanatsu ni naru ko; Jui no sarashi, Fuku no kami Biwa: Môsô biwa: Jishinkyô; Heikyoku: Nasu no Yoichi; Satsuma biwa: Ko-Atsumori; Chikuzewn biwa: Gishi no honkai Shakuhachi: Fuke shakuhachi: Ajikan; Kinko-ryû: Kokû reibo; Tozan-ryû: Iwashimizu; Miny' ô-shakuhachi: Oiwake-bushi.

16.98usd/10.32gbp/12.01eur/1594jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… This 1966 LP by Astatke (billed to Mulatu Astatke & His Ethiopian Quintet) isn't shaded by nearly as much African/Ethiopian influence as his later work, which was recorded between the late '60s and mid-'70s. As the title might lead you to believe, it is indeed more in the Latin soul-jazz bag than the later material, sometimes leaning toward the R&B-informed boogaloo sound of the mid-'60s. On his own compositions and arrangements (which comprise about half the LP), sometimes more exotic and African colors bubble closer to the surface, as on the eerie vibe parts he lays on 'Mascaram Setaba.' -- Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide.

16.98usd/10.32gbp/12.01eur/1594jpy (approx)

16.98usd/10.32gbp/12.01eur/1594jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked on domestic 180 gram vinyl and japanese cd with mini lp sleeve and obi… Mulatu Astatqé (also sometimes spelled Mulatu Astatke, as he is on the liner notes to this release) might be most known to international audiences through his tracks on the excellent Ethiopiques cd anthology series of Ethiopian music. Long before those tracks were compiled for that series, however, he had an American release with this 1972 instrumental album, on which he's billed as 'Mulatu of Ethiopia.' Like much of the best of the circa-early-'70s contemporary Ethiopian music on Ethiopiques, it's a fine, at times captivating blend of late-'60s American soul and jazz with Ethiopian music, resulting in something not quite comparable to anything else. -- Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide.


AFRIKA BAMBAATA- DEATH MIX 2 12” (paul winley, usa)
11.98usd/7.28gbp/8.47eur/1125jpy (approx)

*Afrika Bambaataa's and Jazzy Jay's legendary ''Death Mix'' is a holy grail, a high-water mark, and a crucial archive of the vibrant energy that Hip Hop was infused with in the early 1980's. Its release in 1983 on Paul Winley Records is a tribute to the label's resourcefulness… Here we have an incredible find, a previously unknown, unheard, alternate version of ''Death Mix'', aptly titled ''Death Mix 2'', similar to the original version in that BAM is pulling records from all over the map & innovatively segueing them into a somewhat cohesive, funky mix. More refined beat juggling & classic MC's showcased here, such as Spoonie G & The Soul Sonic Force.


LOUD-E- Y.O.Y. 12” (ambassador’s reception, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The originators of the Bear Funk are introducing the hottest re-edits around. The Ambassadors call it diplomatic disco. On number 3, it's Rotterdam's Loud-E again, culling three of his killer edits. You know the drill...

LOUD-E- DRUMS DUTOUR II 12” (ambassador’s reception, uk)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… This limited 12'' contains three new edits from Rotterdam's hottest! London based label Ambassadors Reception is run under the A&R guidance of Stevie Kotey (Bear Funk).

APPLEGARDEN- TWENTYFIVE 6 FOUR 12” (clone x, netherlands)
11.98usd/7.28gbp/8.47eur/1125jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Another crazy Clone X! Applegarden is a strange duo from Rotterdam making a weird kind of electronic funk. We had these tracks lying around in the office for at least 2 years...and we couldn't get them out of our something must be right!. 'Twentyfive 6 four' and 'Armaggedon' are the two original cuts on this release...and they are just a lot of fun. The Finnish wonderboys of Putsch 79 made the official club version of 'Twentyfive 6 four.' They turned the loose original version in a tight and sharp club monster that works on every dancefloor. Probably their most uptempo dancefloor orientated remix they ever did (kind of Underworld goes disco). Already got played by several influential DJs!

ELITECHNIQUE- MIRROR MEN 12” (clone x, netherlands)
11.98usd/7.28gbp/8.47eur/1125jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Great follow up on the Finger food ep. On the A side a smooth grooving disco affair they are known for. Working the floor with some great melodic disco that sounds impressive on a big system. On the flip side two amazing tracks... 'Mirror Men' is a totally unexpected electronic disco funk track with some wave influences. Very classy and masculine track! 'Autumn Abyss' is a sweet and soulful track we would expect on a Kool and the Gang album, think Summer Madness style, with its incredibly warm sounding instruments. Man... this gives you shivers going down your spine! No samples used.. all real instruments, like back in the days. We are sure that if this track was old, Air would probably sample it for their new album ;-) Great versatile release from the Elitechnique boys. Very much recommended.

MARCUS MIXX- SHAKE THAT THING REMIXED 12” (clone, netherlands)
11.98usd/7.28gbp/8.47eur/1125jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… 1st 12'' in a serie of three remix twelves with tracks taken from the Box Jams album. Marcus Mixx got remixed by Legowelt and Marco (Marcus) Passarani. 2 delicious versions of this sweat track. Made more club friendly by these two masters. Marcus Passarani takes us back to the '80's with a jackin house mix going all crazy with the vocals. Sounds like Armando thouched it from heaven!! Legowelt goes all dirty chicago with a stompin front room mix by adding uplifting 303 sounds and funking and clapping drum machines. This will make them go nuts!

ALDEN TYRELL- LA VOIX REMIXES 12” (clone, netherlands)
11.98usd/7.28gbp/8.47eur/1125jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Taken from his debut album, Mr. Tyrell's deep driving neo-italotrack 'La Voix' (with haunting vocals by Nancy Fortune) gets remixed here by The Isolators (Viewlexx) and Elitechnique (aka Phako & Florintintin). Vocal and instrumental versions. Big!

THE CLONE MACHINE- CLONE MACHINE 12” (clone, netherlands)
11.98usd/7.28gbp/8.47eur/1125jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Egyptian Lover, Alden Tyrell, Dexter and Jamie Jupiter jamming together in Rotterdam and dropping a hot piece of rocking dance music on wax. The Empire mix is the West Coast style old school mix in the style of Egyptian Lovers old works. Raw rolling 808 beats and dark synths. The original version is a raw uptempo mix with a deep dark bassline (Dexter style) and sharp edits and rolling beats. Very powerful track that will create a stir everywhere its being played! This is a kind of all star electro, disco collaboration and the result is what you might expect of these big names. C.L.O.N.E. MACHINE.

11.98usd/7.28gbp/8.47eur/1125jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Jamal Moss a.k.a Hieroglyphic Being speaking the universal cosmic language of the mathematical principle.

JTC- PUMP THE PLANET 12” (crème, netherlands)
11.98usd/7.28gbp/8.47eur/1125jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Raw rocking old schoolish Chicago tracks with some fat acid flavors by James Cotton (aka Dabreye).

AUX 88- GLOBAL DARKNESS 12” (crème, netherlands)
12.98usd/7.89gbp/9.18eur/1219jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… alien-funk electrotechno tracks from the motorcity!

PUSSYCAT- PUSSYCAT 12” (crème, netherlands)
11.98usd/7.28gbp/8.47eur/1125jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Better call the riotsquad because this Rotterdam Booty-bass express will stop for no-one! Big fat Miami bass-Detroit electro inspired rug purrin' floorcrashers by a mysterious hooligan trio from the world's biggest drugport.

PUSSYCAT- COUNT DOEKOE 12” (crème, netherlands)
11.98usd/7.28gbp/8.47eur/1125jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… More wacky electro/booty antics from our favorite Rotterdam tuinbroeken hooligan crew, this time a 4 track ep with a strong anti drugs message in the tradition of - Crack Killed Applejack-. Also includes a remix of the Katendrecht anthem -Are you Ghetto Enough- from Seymour 'De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig' Bits.

15.98usd/9.72gbp/11.30eur/1500jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… One of Montreal's most respected electronic musicians, David Kristian with a stunning motion picture soundtrack.. One day, all the windows in the City disappeared... Then the rain started... No matter what people tried, nothing could stop the water.

RUDE 66 - AS/AS: NICOLAS COURTIN REMIX 12” (crème, netherlands)
11.98usd/7.28gbp/8.47eur/1125jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Rude 66 with another strong release. Disco with phat basslines and vocoders. Nicoals Courtin delivers a super sweet remix that is even sharper then the priginal track. Already getting support and charted by guys such as Prins Thomas.

RUDE 66- SADISTIC TENDENCIES 2LP (crème, netherlands)
25.98usd/15.80gbp/18.37eur/2440jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… After a wait of 15 years and numerous 12''es, Ep's, random compilation tracks and remixes Rude 66 has finally finished a full length album and dare we say it's his most cohesive work to date? Sadistic Tendencies begins where 2005's Three Faces of Fear EP ended, with 18 tracks that slide like snails on the edge of straight razors, exploring the dark side of the human condition. Thematically connected, deep, dark and mind bendingly analogue, Sadistic Tendencies is both tense and full of release, sometimes brooding and encroaching at other times exploding into throbbing Synth laden Dance Floor Bombs. Superlatives aside, Sadistic Tendencies works exceptionally well as an album and is one of those rare 70 minute journey's that can be enjoyed from beginning to end – like a good horror movie that scares the hell out of you, but keeps drawing you in.

JAMES WHITE- ELLIS ISLAND 12” (crème eclipse, netherlands)
11.98usd/7.28gbp/8.47eur/1125jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… minimal dark electro tunes.. on clear vinyl…

COSMIC FORCE- UNCOMPROMISED 12” (crème eclipse, netherlands)
13.98usd/8.50gbp/9.89eur/1312jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… For the opening track Cosmic Force teams up with Keith Tucker (Aux 88) to create a blistering Memory Moog epic in league with classic Model 500 or Cybotron. For the flip Cosmic Force gives us 3 of his trademark uncompromised electro tracks: pure, raw, intense, emotional analogue bangers in the vein of early Electronome and the Hague Electronix. This limited edition 12” is sure to go down in history as one of the classics of it's genre. If you wanna avoid picking this up at ebay or discogs in the near future we suggest you pick it up now. Forget about what’s hip for a while and tune in to what is timeless.

POLYGAMY- BOYS BLACK FLOWER 12” (crème eclipse, netherlands)
13.98usd/8.50gbp/9.89eur/1312jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Germany’s darkest and most paranoid tinfoil hat brigade is back! Black Flower is a menacing blend of Disco, Techno and EBM, forged in a lead tank in the recesses of the Black Empire. Made for pleasure nor for pain, but as a secretly coded tactic to systematically erode the mind-control set up by the Shadow Government. Infiltration is made easier because of it’s highly DJ friendly nature and capable of blowing the roof off any peak time dance floor. Limited to 500 copies, after that you’re on your own!

ANGEL FACE- ANGEL FACE 12” (crème jak, netherlands)
14.98usd/9.11gbp/10.59eur/1406jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… raw 'n deep 'n barely legal mistery edit. Kidnapped from a Rimini beach in 84 and held hostage in a dark Chicago basement, only to be released as a slow burning Don ''Jakking'' Juan.

SATURN V- YOUR MIND 12” (crème jak, netherlands)
14.98usd/9.11gbp/10.59eur/1406jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Way out Jakking madness from Cotton and Traxx. Crazy vocals, an unreasonable bassline and a drum section with more chutzpah then two midgets fighting for 5 minutes of fame at Oprah's book club. Duuuude.. you can try to resist, but you can't stop the JAK!

IBM- A MUSIC BOX REFLECTION 12” (crème jak, netherlands)
15.98usd/9.72gbp/11.30eur/1500jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Raw crazy electrofied jacking material by the Insane Black Man (Jamal Moss) from Chicago. Limited run, one sided.


9.98usd/6.07gbp/7.06eur/937jpy (approx)

*what more do you need? another awesome/essential issue of this incredibly well done publication. features: gilberto gil, airto moreira, tim maia, arthur verocai, jards stones (tropicalia in furs) record rundown, triorganico, jose roberto bertrami, joyce, ceu, black rio 2, marcio local.


gift certificates are always available in any denomination and come in a envelope ready to be stocking stuffed, slipped into pockets or dispensed in any way you see fit. they can be paid for in cash, credit card (visa, master card or discover) or paypal in person, phoned in or via email. gift certificates not paid for in person can either be mailed to you, or we can keep it in shop if the recipient plans to use it for mail-order.


tequila sunrise records

525 w. girard avenue

(btwn 5th and 6th streets)

philadelphia, pa 19123

SUBWAY: blue or orange line to girard ave TROLLY: 15 to 5th street BUS: 57 to girard/3rd-4th st; 47 to girard/7th-8th st.


t/us: 1215 965 9616

t/uk: 0203 004 8357



b: www.





monday: 12:00-4:00pm/est

tuesday: 12:00-6:00pm/est

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