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what what? another week, another list… you think summertime heat slows me down, no way, too many good (and limited) records and cd’s to miss out on and oh-my-god does this weeks list have some heavy hitters! japanese cd and spanish vinyl reissues of some of the cream of late 60s/early 70s german rock (guru guru, annexus quam, amon duul, xhol, etc), all limited editions/quantities and sure to go fast; erkin koray vinyl restocks; brian wilson triple pack; editions mego restocks; killer dance new arrivals and restocks: automan series, new members only titles, new db edits series, baltimore club classics series, new rvng 12, etc, etc… oh yeah, do not miss out on this weeks top picks: the peace lp is a mother and a favorite of the summer and chrissy 'zebby' tembo ain’t no slouch neither… come on by and check em out!



as always, many of the titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below, feel free to call or email me, I will gladly hold items for up to a week.

prices do not include shipping and handling. for those of you shipping within the continental united states I offer a 5.00usd flat shipping rate for any amount of records and/or compact discs. shipping cost for international orders are calculated on an order by order basis. payments for orders can be made via paypal or with a credit card by telephone between 12-6pm/est.

i also offer bike messanger service via timecycle couriers. for the low cost of 10.00usd i can deliver any amount of records and/or cds you wish to purchase to your center city philadelphia location (this includes some parts of south, west and north philadelphia) within two hours (and for those of you who need your records even faster, we also offer ‘rush’ service for the low flat rate of 20.00usd for any amount of records/cds delivered to you within one hour). of course, we are still more than happy to ship records via the usps within philadelphia. as with the international shipments, orders placed before 5pm/est will ship out that evening and should reach their destination by the following day.


THE PEACE- BLACK POWER LP (groovie, spain)
29.98usd/15.08gbp/19.15eur/3231jpy (approx)

*this top pick is in fact a restock, but seeing as when it was in shop before i hadn’t enacted the ‘top picks’ section it’s only now getting the spotlight it so rightly deserves (it’s actually surprising i was able to get this back in and most likely won’t be able to again, so don’t miss out)… The Peace were an obscure band from Copperbelt, Zambia. According to some rumours, they were in fact a band from the Zambian Air Force... Before they became The Peace the band was called The Boyfriends, a popular local band featuring Ted Makombe and Emmanuel Chanda from another legendary band from Zambia, The Witch. Recorded at Malachite Studios, Chingola, in the mid '70s, Black Power is one of the rarest psych-rock records ever released in Africa. Killer Afro-psychedelic rock sound, the missing piece from the weird and amazing African Afro-rock '70s puzzle along with other rare as hell records like The Witch, Amanaz and Question Mark." We've been warned that the sound of this reissue is problematic, so please bear in mind when ordering: "The sound for this album is not perfect at all. It's understandable that it's probably impossible to get a good condition copy of the original vinyl to remaster, as this is so so rare even to find in trashed condition. So it has remastered with a decent result in the most part of the album... but there are two songs that have some prominent noise.

24.98usd/12.56gbp/15.96eur/2692jpy (approx)

*this ones been floating around as an lp reissue for the last year or so. i wasn’t able to get my hands on those, but i got this super nice cd version. essential stuffs for sure and not to be missed… Killer Afro-psychedelic rock made in Zambia, early 1970s! Chrissy 'Zebby' Tembo and his group Ngozi Family deliver a brutal set of fuzzed to the max psychedelic rock, with a slight African feel and English vocals. First time on CD, limited 500 copies papersleeve edition with fantastic remastered sound.


ANNEXUS QUAM- OSMOSE CD (captain trip, japan)
31.98usd/16.08gbp/20.43eur/3447jpy (approx)

*a shop favorite in stock for the first time on cd AND lp (see below)… Annexus Quam is known as the first German rock band to play in Japan. They came to Expo'70 (Osaka) in 1970 and played at some places in Japan. This is their first album from 1970 originally on the Ohr label. Reissue with special pop-up gimmick paper sleeve, same as the original LP! 2008 digital remaster version, limited to 1,000 copies!

ANNEXUS QUAM- BEZIEHUNGEN CD (captain trip, japan)
24.98usd/12.56gbp/15.96eur/2692jpy (approx)

*a shop favorite in stock for the first time on cd AND lp (see below)… The second and the last album by Annexus Quam originally released in 1972 on the Ohr label. Sound engineer: Dieter Dierks. Reissue with elaborate miniature paper sleeve of the original LP (full color print, coated sleeve). 2008 digital remaster version, limited to 1,000 copies!

GURU GURU- UFO CD (captain trip, japan)
27.98usd/14.07gbp/17.88eur/3016jpy (approx)

*a shop favorite, currently the only version in print… The first album by Guru Guru in 1970 originally released on the Ohr label. Featuring Mani Neumeier (Drums), Ax Genrich (Guitar) and Uli Trepte (Bass). Historical masterpiece! Reissued with elaborate miniature paper sleeve of the original LP (day-glow + trait ink print, coated gatefold sleeve). 2008 digital remaster version, limited to 1,000 copies.

GURU GURU- HINTEN CD (captain trip, japan)
25.98usd/13.06gbp/16.60eur/2800jpy (approx)

*a shop favorite, currently the only version in print… The second album by Guru Guru in 1971 originally released on the Ohr label. Featuring Mani Neumeier (Drums), Ax Genrich (Guitar) and Uli Trepte (Bass). Sound engineer: Conny Plank. Reissued with elaborate miniature paper sleeve of the original LP (full color print, coated gatefold sleeve). 2008 digital remaster version, limited to 1,000 copies!

MYTHOS- MYTHOS CD (captain trip, japan)
24.98usd/12.56gbp/15.96eur/2692jpy (approx)

*The first album by Mythos in 1971 originally on the Ohr label. Featuring: Stephan Kaske (G, Vo, Sitar, Synthesizer...etc), Harald Weisse (B, G, Effect), Thomas Hildebrand (Dr, Per). Produce: Dieter Dierks. Reissue with elaborate miniature paper sleeve of the original LP (full color print, gatefold sleeve). 2008 digital remaster version, limited to 1,000 copies!

32.98usd/16.58gbp/21.07eur/3555jpy (approx)

*restocked… Ultra-rare vintage Latin psych-rock record from Peru. This record released in 1971 and up to now is one of the essential rock recordings to come from Peru and maybe even from the whole of South America. El Alamo play genuine psych rock with nice fuzz guitars. Vocals are mostly in English. The original vinyl is rather expensive and very sought-after. Very beautiful artwork! Fantastic remastered sound and nice gatefold covers.

35.98usd/18.09gbp/22.99eur/3878jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… You probably won't find any other Turkish psych record better than this. A real killer from start to finish, this was originally released in 1974, and is a brutal masterpiece of psychedelic rock blended with Turkish traditional music. The electric guitar of Erkin is outstanding, so is the electric saz used here too, and all tracks are absolutely fantastic. We cannot recommend this one more than we do. Limited reissue of 500 copies with the original artwork in a beautiful gatefold cover.

35.98usd/18.09gbp/22.99eur/3878jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… This 4th album by the man had never been reissued on vinyl before, so it's good news we have for you. This one's from 1977, and though Erkin went strongly ethnic with his previous album 2, here he went back on his steps and made another brilliant psych-rock album obviously adorned again with some Turkish traditional music elements, though not as strongly as with Elektronik Türküler. Here he even sings some tracks in English, giving the whole album a more occidental appeal but losing near nothing of the incredible enchantment of Erkin's best recordings! Limited reissue of 500 copies with the original artwork in a beautiful gatefold cover.

32.98usd/16.58gbp/21.07eur/3555jpy (approx)

*restocked… Incredibly rare folk-prog record from the United Kingdom. Mellow sounds, nice vocals and good arrangements, it's a pity that this record that had only a very limited private release. Said that, we can easily say that this title ranges among the best obscure electric folk-prog records coming from the UK in those years. Even the artwork can easily concur as one of the most beautiful of this genre. Recorded 1977-78.

18.98usd/9.54gbp/12.13eur/2046jpy (approx)

*One of the must have garage rock classics! Originally known as The Weeds and featuring Fred 'Deep Soul' Cole, The Lollipop Shoppe sound amazingly modern! After The Weeds signed to UNI Records, their new manager, the infamous 'Lord' Tim Hudson, insisted they change their name to The Lollipop Shoppe to fit in with the current trend of bizarrely named bubblegum groups. The band's actual recordings are hardly bubblegum, but instead a mix of crunching garage rock and wild psychedelia. The album and its single, 'You Must Be a Witch,' are period classics and still prized by collectors, though neither made the charts. The band opened for stars such as Janis Joplin and The Doors, and appeared in the biker movie Angels from Hell. They were to regroup as The Weeds once out of 'Lord' Tim's clutches, and Fred Cole was to lead cult band Dead Moon. But it is for this, the classic Just Colour, that The Lollipop Shoppe are justly acclaimed. Wonderfully re-mastered in top Rev-Ola style and with lovely packaging that features plenty of rare photos and memorabilia!

27.98usd/14.07gbp/17.88eur/3016jpy (approx)

*shop favorite finally reissued on vinyl… Recorded in 1971, Amon Düül's only album for Ohr was a visionary slice of acid-folk which has gained cult status as years passed by. Ritualistic folk-rock, pastoral hippie songs, stoned jams, Eastern flavors, mystical passages and heavy hypnotic riffing which are in fact very different from the early Amon Düül epic freaked-out improvisations (Psychedelic Underground) or Amon Düül II complex and psyched-up progressive works (Phallus Dei). These were in fact archival recordings done by a different incarnation of Amon Duul, one that combined members of both factions into a floating line up welcoming many a guest, and which were released by R.U. Kaiser without the musicians knowledge or authorization, most likely in order to catch up with Amon Düül II rising popularity. All in all, a mythical recording featuring such underground classics as 'Love Is Peace,' 'Snow Your Thurst Sun Open Your Mouth' and 'Paramechanische Welt.' Included also on our edition is their sought after Ohr single: 'Paramechanical World' / 'Eternal Flow.' Another legendary title from the Ohr catalogue rescued by Wah Wah for your listening pleasure. Strictly limited to 500 copies. Sleeve reproducing original artwork from the Ohr original issue. Featuring bonus tracks 'Paramechanical World' and 'Eternal Flow' (originally released as 7" single).

ANNEXUS QUAM- OSMOSE LP (wah wah, spain)
32.98usd/16.58gbp/21.07eur/3555jpy (approx)

*One of the most interesting and unknown bands from the Ohr catalogue, Annexus Quam had actually a quite long career, having their roots in the outfit Ambition Of Music, formed back in 1967 Kamp-Lintfort (near Düsseldorf). By 1970, and paying tribute to their early name, they had incorporated a whole array of influences (most important one, the inclusion of jazz instrumentation) and brewed them in what was becoming a very personal progressive fusion of styles, best witnessed in their their debut album Osmose. At that time, the band had grown into a septet formed by Uwe Bick (drums, vocals, percussion), Jürgen Jonuschies (bass, vocals, percussion), Werner Hostermann (clarinet, organ, vocals, percussion), Peter Werner (guitar, vocals, percussion), Hans Kámper (trombone, Spanish guitar, vocals, percussion), Ove Volquartz (sax) and Harald Klemm (flute, vocals, percussion). Far from a typical jazz sound, they were able to integrate rock and jazz instrumentation into a unique style, which borrowed elements from the aforementioned genres but blended those into an ultimate cosmic fusion (which can recall at times the Third Ear Band, Xhol Caravan or even Ash Ra Tempel yet remaining totally their own). Actually, Annexus Quam were able to sound meditative, doomy, stoned, aggressive, exotic and lyrical in the same track without loosing any musical coherence or perspective. With their personal style that even today defies categorization (except for that big umbrella we call kraut rock),Annexus Quam had all the inventiveness and excitement of the 1969/1970 German bands. Osmose is a most unique album by an equally unique band, housed in one of the most luxurious, elaborated and tripped-out gimmix covers ever made, now reproduced in all it's multi-folding glory. Strictly limited to 500 copies -- Gimmix folding-pyramidal cover!

27.98usd/14.07gbp/17.88eur/3016jpy (approx)

*After the release of their debut album Osmose and much playing in jazz festivals, Annexus Quam fronted some personnel changes and settled down to a quintet. The band was now Hans Kämper (trombone, Spanish guitar, flute), Harald Klemm (zither, tabla, bendira, guitar), Peter Werner (guitar, percussion), Ove Volquartz (tenor/soprano saxes, flute) plus newcomer Martin Habenicht (basses). This reduced formation went to record Beziehungen, a much more jazzy effort which headed straight into free jazz territory but retaining the typical inventive touch of the band. Much more space was given to free improvisation, with tracks like the two-part 'Leyenburg' coming out as free-form music whereas the 16-minute long track 'Dreh Ducht Nicht Um' bridged the gap between their two albums by combining the progressive fusion sonorities of Osmose with some brilliant free jamming. A classic album that is recommended to the lovers of the experimental leg of Krautrock and progressive musics as well as fans of all things free. Strictly limited to 500 copies -- single cover -- sealed copies w/ info sticker. Includes the bonus 1970 track 'Kollodium!'

27.98usd/14.07gbp/17.88eur/3016jpy (approx)

*The mysteriously named Xhol had already some years of experience on their back when Krautrock made its first impact. Having its roots in the late '60s rock & soul outfit Soul Caravan they eventually renamed themselves Xhol Caravan and released the crucial Electrip album on Hansa, one of the first efforts in bridging psychedelic, jazz and psychedelic styles in a really original way. Shortening their name to Xhol, they signed to the hip Ohr label where they released the live album Hau-Rauk and the mysterious archival Motherfuckers GmbH & Co Kg. Conceived as a varied collage of archive pieces, sound snippets and free extended jams, the album hints at the madness of Faust but retaining that freaky Xhol attitude. From the archetypical 'Radio,' just some dial knob turning with takes us from the Soul Caravan days, to the cosmically tripped-out 'Orgelsolo' and the chirps and flute exotism of 'Grille,' this album shows Xhol's more experimental side without forgetting their powerful fusion as hints of jazz, brass rock, soul and other grooves collide on the extended 13-minute 'Love Potion 25.' An enduring testament to the talents of a band which went unrecognized too many years and which was one of the best and more inventive of the first wave of kraut rock bands. Strictly limited to 500 copies - single cover - upgraded with notes and photos courtesy of our friends at Garden Of Delights. Sealed copies w/ info sticker.

(third man records/warner bros., usa)
32.98usd/16.58gbp/21.07eur/3555jpy (approx)

*deluxe vinyl release in stock for the first time, not cheap, but worth it… If you've taken your eye off the internet for a week or so you may well be surprised to find this Raconteurs album even exists. Presumably as a measure against the album leaking several months in advance of an official release (as seems to be the norm nowadays) the band went and gave one week's notice on the street date of their new album, 'Consolers Of The Lonely'. So, now the record's with us, has it suffered from only having a seven-day period to pile on the hype? Given that in certain quarters it seems to have been the principal subject of discussion over the entirety of Easter, you'd have to conclude that the album is probably enjoying a higher profile than it would have under normal circumstances. On its own terms 'Consolers Of The Lonely' is a highly competent, if occasionally slightly ordinary sounding vintage stadium rock outing. Stripped of the idiosyncratic dynamism of his White Stripes setup, Jack White's songwriting - and even his exceptional guitar playing - conveys as slightly neutered. You get the sense that he's at his best when he's the only set of strings in town, but in The Raconteurs he's content to share the limelight, most notably with fellow songwriter Brendan Benson. Between the two frontmen there's an encyclopedic knowledge of classic rock, with shades of the Rolling Stones, Led Zep and The Who creeping into the album throughout, occasionally in an excessively explicit fashion: 'Rich Kid Blues' could have been lifted straight off Pete Townsend's fretboard, while 'Pull This Blanket Off' is like a prime Richards & Jagger composition from the seventies, all of which suggests these guys are having too good a time to be concerned with being especially original. That said, you'll find plenty of noteworthy riffs here: 'Five On The Five' for example is a peculiar meeting of trad rock values and a more punky sound, while first single 'Salute Your Solution' features some pretty spectacular musicianship, notably an awe-inspiring guitar solo (if you dig that sort of thing), only for the tone to change dramatically on 'You Don't Understand Me', which sets out sounding curiously like Tori Amos' 'Cornflake Girl', before kicking off into a mighty trad rock chorus. Consolers Of The Lonely could well be a grower, but given that it didn't exist in any shape or form until about 37 minutes ago, it's somewhat too early to draw any conclusions to that effect. Early indications suggest that The Raconteurs are on solid form here, lovingly reproducing and twisting classic sounds with a level of authenticity most rock bands can only dream of, but for better or worse, reinvention doesn't seem to be on the agenda. - boomkat

LA IRA DE DIOS- COSMOS, KAOS, DESTRUCCION LP (world in sound, germany)
25.98usd/13.06gbp/16.60eur/2800jpy (approx)

*It seems that La Ira De Dios from Lima, Peru, refined their concept for a unique, raw and massive 'wall of sound' for their third album. With the debut Hacia el Sol Rojo and the second album Archaeopterix, released on the German stoner/space label Nasoni records, the group were quickly met with wide acceptance of fans and excellent critics from the international media -- both albums reflect primarily the Hawkwind-style space rock with mostly long tunes and effects (this concept now covered with Obskuria -WIS 2003 features all La Ira members). Now the trippiest heavy underground band from Lima brings this new album to life Cosmos ... Kaos ... Destruction containing 8 songs, riff orientated 3-7 min cuts with strong MC5, Motörhead and other 'punk' influences -- for sure it's the most aggressive and heaviest album by this 3 piece line-up to date, which will satisfy fans of heavy acid fuzz garage rock or VoiVod's early works! Released in a digipack cover with cool artwork and 8p. booklet. They say all good things come in threes, here's the third album presented by World in Sound -- Chapter 3 has begun, the intention is simple but challenging: Cosmos (Space), Chaos (Mindblowing) and Destruccion (Aggression)! Get ready for MAXIMUMVOLUMEROCKANDROLL!!!


(mandrax, italy)
33.98usd/17.09gbp/21.71eur/3663jpy (approx)

*Folk-rock, laid-back '70s rock, slightly psych, slightly country-rock. Not too easy to define, but a great album with good songwriting and such a good production that makes you think this was a big name rather than an unknown band. Released in 1976 by the 700 West label (yes, same as Zerfas), this hardly turns up in original, and as the Acid Archives book says, it's 'very, very good.' Never reissued before in any format, now available in limited editions of 350 vinyl LPs.

33.98usd/17.09gbp/21.71eur/3663jpy (approx)

*restocked… High level psych-folk from 1977, Californian private release but with a sound that has more to do with UK stuff, with some Eastern-influenced parts as well. Pusey, ex-Yellow Autumn, is certainly a very impressive guitar player -- his playing on this album is simply incredible and especially the instrumental parts will knock you out. There's only acoustic guitars, bells, gong, flute and slight percussions, but you won't need anything else. A brilliant record this is, sure to impress any psychedelic folk fan.

18.98usd/9.54gbp/12.13eur/2046jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The wonderful Tina Mason exploded on the L.A. scene in 1966, appearing at Disneyland and later starring as a regular on Dick Clark's Where The Action Is, where she met future husband and Paul Revere & The Raiders bassist Phil Fang Volk. After fronting Tina & The Mustangs, she embarked upon recording 1967's Is Something Wonderful with Electric Prunes producer David Axelrod and the great L.A. arranger H.B. Barnum (Lou Rawls/Supremes/Sinatra). The result was a sumptuous blend of Bacharachian L.A. soft pop and Northern soul/girl group attitude. Northern soul collectors have long coveted Tina's LP and accompanying singles, and specific tracks of interest are 'Finders Keepers' and also Tina's gorgeous version of the legendary Northern side 'What.' These days it is not uncommon for Is Something Wonderful to exchange hands for three figures. This first-ever CD release of Is Something Wonderful features the talents of no less than Wrecking Crew royalty Earl Palmer and Dennis Budimir and is enhanced with 7 bonus tracks, appearing on CD for the first time, ever. The 16-page color booklet also includes rare, unpublished photos and comprehensive liner notes that feature the participation of H.B. Barnum, David Axelrod and Tina herself.

45.98usd/23.12gbp/29.38eur/4956jpy (approx)

*In 1977, Dennis Wilson launched Pacific Ocean Blue, the first solo LP by a member of the world-famous Beach Boys. Amazingly, Dennis -- the band's drummer, surfer and all-around free spirit -- emerged from the shadow of his older brother, pop genius Brian Wilson, and shocked the world by creating a heartfelt body of work unlike anything the Beach Boys had ever produced. Over 30 years later, Pacific Ocean Blue remains one of the most intoxicating solo showcases by a Wilson brother. Sundazed's vinyl edition of this lost masterpiece comes in a lavishly illustrated, triple-gatefold sleeve with the three LPs pressed in high-definition Pacific Ocean Blue vinyl. The first LP presents a gorgeous, newly-mastered version of the original album, and the other two LPs contain the absolute cream of Dennis Wilson's unreleased solo work, including enthralling material from his long-rumored Bambu project. Fans who have clamored for a proper vinyl release of this storied material will delight in this moment, while newcomers will be thrilled to discover the musical treasure hidden within one of rock's true cult classics. This is Dennis Wilson sailing out into historic territory -- as daring and wild as the sea, itself -- and carving his name in the clouds for all eternity.


31.98usd/16.08gbp/20.43eur/3447jpy (approx)

*restocked… This is the long-awaited follow-up to the award-winning Live Salvage 1997-2000 CD (MEGO 012CD, 2000). Hot on the heels of recent collaborative releases with Florian Hecker (as Haswell & Hecker) on Warner Classics, Warp Records and Editions Mego, Coventry, UK's Russell Haswell presents the second volume of his Live Salvage archive series. This series documents improvised real-time, computer-generated audio presentations given over the past 10 years in different types of venues, all with contrasting acoustics and audiences. Editions Mego is proud to announce this double vinyl LP set. As NME asserted of this series, "now you can experience the terror in your own home." The brilliant cover art is based on Keith Jarrett's The Köln Concert (front) and Swans' Public Castration Is A Good Idea (back).

KTL- LIVE IN KREMS APRIL 2007 LP (editions mego, austria)
26.98usd/13.57gbp/17.24eur/2908jpy (approx)

*restocked, but out of print at the source… Scorching document of the first phase of KTL concerts in 2007. This is a different version to the Florian Hecker recording which appears on the KTL Live Archive podcast. Featuring stunning versions of KTL standards such as ‘Abattoir’, ‘Forest Floor’ and ‘Theme’, as well as unreleased track ‘Coldest Piece’.

POPOL VUH- NACHTS: SCHNEE/AGUIRRE I REMIXES 12” (editions mego, austria)
17.98usd/9.04gbp/11.49eur/1938jpy (approx)

*restocked… Editions Mego is pleased to present two re-workings of classic Popol Vuh tracks. Mika Vainio takes "Nachts: Schnee" from the 1987 soundtrack Cobra Verde and delivers a skillfully-constructed ambient piece of beauty. Haswell & Hecker turn "Aguirre I" from the 1972 soundtrack Aguirre: The Wrath Of God into the first track to be played at the last rave on Earth. This release uses vintage digital delays and freeze effect units, in conjunction with digital compositional tools. Pressed on red vinyl.

KTL- KTL2 LP (thrill jockey, usa)
24.98usd/12.56gbp/15.96eur/2692jpy (approx)

*restocked, out of print at the source… The vinyl version of 2 is limited to 1,500 copies for the world and is presented in an old-style tip-on gatefold jacket with art-worked innersleeves. The 2xLP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl. A truly heavy collaboration.
KTL is Stephen O’Malley (SUNNO))), Khanate) and Peter Rehberg (PITA) - a threatening collaboration taking in parallel worlds of Extreme Computer Music and Black Metal.
2 is the devastatingly beautiful four part follow up to the acclaimed self-titled debut and was recorded in a former abattoir in Angers, as well as a 16th Century manor in the extreme west of France. Taking the blueprint that was laid out on the first record even further, with the ecstatic build up of ‘Theme’, the near psychedelic ‘Abattoir’, and closing with the twisted romanticism of ‘Snow 2’. An upgrade both artistically and emotionaly.
As with the first album, elements appeared in the finished version of the theatre piece ‘Kindertotenlieder’ by Gisele Vienne and Dennis Cooper, which was premiered in Brest, France, in March 2007.

19.98usd/10.05gbp/12.76eur/2153jpy (approx)

*The Malady of Elegance is the second poetic full-length from Boston-based composer Keith Kenniff, better known to some as Helios. Taking cues from Corduroy Road, Keith again restricts himself to the piano in conjuring up his humble soundscapes and again the listener is pulled into a deep, meditative and filmic world as the notes glide to a slow, pensive meter. Keith's Two Point Discrimination EP was a collection of haunting experiments in form and sound, but The Malady of Elegance sees him back into the warming, homespun territory of Corduroy Road. That's not to say these compositions are upbeat, far from it in fact, but there are lines to be drawn to folk music, and while Keith no longer draws on the American Civil War as a primary influence, there is still the sense that the ghosts of old America haunt the keys. Since the release of Corduroy Road, Keith's music has become a staple of documentary filmmakers, feature film producers and even advertising, with Goldmund being the primary focus of this. Countless BBC documentaries and short films have been graced by his memorable compositions and needless to say, The Malady of Elegance will be equally as high-profile in these circles.


GHETTO BLASTER- PEOPLE LP (follow me, france)
16.98usd/8.54gbp/10.85eur/1830jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Whether in New York or Lagos, ghetto blasters/portable stereo systems are the heart and lungs which give rhythm to the streets. The story of Ghetto Blaster started in 1982 when two French musicians back from New York decided to go to Lagos to shoot a film telling the story of a meeting between African and European artists. Despite a journey full of setbacks, which forced them to sell almost all their possessions including their car, they reached Lagos where they formed a group called Ghetto Blaster. Some of the musicians of Ghetto Blaster came from the Fela and Sony Okossun's bands. Their music reflected their ambitions: funk with a Nigerian twist and furious afro beat saxophone sound. In 84 they signed with Island for an EP. They toured with James Brown, Archie Shepp, Manu Dibango and Fela. After years of work they released their LP People in 1986 which gained the group a wider audience. Due to tragic events the group separated, but it is now reforming (a new album is coming up for 2002.)

18.98usd/9.54gbp/12.13eur/2046jpy (approx)

*shop favorite now available on cd… This is the second in Honest Jon's series of albums exploring the earliest 78s held in the EMI Hayes Archive. In the mid-1920s, The Gramophone Company -- soon before it became EMI -- employed two or three Europeans to criss-cross Iraq. They logged regional demographics, assessed the German competition, and checked out the scores of record shops and hundreds of musical venues. In Kerbala, its man fearfully disguised himself as an Arab. This was the groundwork for three sessions, conducted in Baghdad in the second half of the decade, which produced nearly 1,000 recordings. Business was good -- the first group of records, though deemed aesthetically unsuccessful by the Company, immediately produced 12,000 sales to just two outlets in the city. Drawing on the full range of these Baghdad recordings, it is a wondrous, deeply poignant glimpse of social living since obliterated, in which ethnicities, faiths and traditions appear woven richly and meltingly together, however precariously. There is dance music featuring Arab folk singers from the countryside, backed by professional Jewish musicians in Iraqi styles popularly termed "Egyptian," and perfected in nightclubs where the first duty of the secular women singers on this album was prostitution. Also including some Arabic word-play, in a nod to the musical form of the Arabic mawwal, a Hebrew hymn is kick-started with a cry of "Allah!," most likely from one of the Jewish performers. There are pieces from Bahrain and Kuwait; sometimes mixed together in one performance -- the different dialects are far-flung. There are beautiful, high and lonesome Kurdish violin improvisations; and some unaccompanied circular breathing on a zourna so unearthly it seems to cross late Coltrane with Sun Ra. All the songs are characterized by searing emotion and crises of feeling, many by erotic urgency. As with the other titles in the series, the recordings have been startlingly restored at Abbey Road; and they are presented with full translations, rare photographs (in this case, several performers), and notes -- including an extensive interview with a citizen of Baghdad throughout this period, who knew many of the musicians here personally.

OS LOBOS- MIRAGEM LP (mandrax, italy)
33.98usd/17.09gbp/21.71eur/3663jpy (approx)

*restocked… Next stop, Brazil. 1971 psychedelic album that was released by the Top Tape label (same as Modulo 1000). Os Lobos' Miragem is a great album; some distorted psychedelic guitar here and there, organ and piano arrangements, some acoustic guitar. Includes highlights like the psychedelic Byrds-y 'Miragem' or 'O Homem de Neandhertal.'


12.98usd/6.53gbp/8.29eur/1399jpy (approx)

*Following up a large wave of appreciation and an instant sellout for their debut 12" from exciting new lands with another hype jammy, already heard bothering the airwaves twice on Ms Hobbes. 'Narcotik Dub' is a dubstep-techno roller full of effects and noises, influenced by all that's current in the ongoing fusions of four/four music and dubwise science. 'Springz & Wires' mixes large rhythms and effects drawn from a palette dripping with dubstep, techno and breakbeat influences. Helixir is a producer from Strasbourg, east of France. He started producing techno in the late '90s and enlarged his skills with dubstep music in 2004. He's a live set artist and has already produced a few tracks with his crew's label Sens Inverse Records.

CALENDA- FOREVER/EXPLORATION 12” (heavy artillery, uk)
13.98usd/7.03gbp/8.93eur/1507jpy (approx)

*Jason H's long-lost classic 'Forever' is finally coming out. Its unveiling, live on Kode9's now-defunct Rinse show was a wonderful explosion of enthusiasm. By contrast, the tune, produced as Calenda, still sounds frighteningly next-level, with skeleton percussion that gives way to frenetic near-gunshot kickdrum bursts, cheap dissonant riffs and swelling classical string samples. It's a truly remarkable track. --Martin Clark


V/A- AUTOMAN 1 12" (automan, uk)
12.98usd/6.53gbp/8.29eur/1399jpy (approx)

*restocked… volume one of this killer bootleg series of classic italo-disco and proto-house re-edits. on the 'a' side, laidback's 'white horse', the still fresh sounding 80's disco cult track, classic stuff! B-side is "be thankfull" by Craig Peyton, very nice electro-disco track with sweet pulsating basslines.

V/A- AUTOMAN 2 12" (automan, uk)
12.98usd/6.53gbp/8.29eur/1399jpy (approx)

*restocked… Strictly Limited edition two-track EP from the label that brought us the 'White Horse' remix. Track one is a painstaking remake of a Ron Hardy re-edit of a little known 80's Italo Disco cut, 'Peaches And Prunes' by Nightlife Unlimited. A big track at Chicago's legendary Musik Box lovingly recreated in a modern studio for maximum fidelity. More 80's electronic disco on the flip, 'MBO Theme' from Klein & MBO, not as well known as their big hit 'Dirty Talk', but just as fantastic!

V/A- AUTOMAN 5 12" (automan, uk)
12.98usd/6.53gbp/8.29eur/1399jpy (approx)

*restocked… Fifth part and strongest release to date ft. early 80's Italodisco classic 'Spacer Woman' by charlie, a cult revival track since its appearance on the legendary Mixed Up in The Hague cd.

V/A- AUTOMAN 12 12" (automan, uk)
12.98usd/6.53gbp/8.29eur/1399jpy (approx)

*restocked… More euro-italo-electro-disco rarities from the Automan. Re-edits this time of: Patrick Cowley - ''Sea Hunt'' -only featured on the European release of ''Megatron Man''- and Z-Factor ''Fast Cars'' in two versions.

V/A- AUTOMAN 14 12" (automan, uk)
12.98usd/6.53gbp/8.29eur/1399jpy (approx)

*restocked… More euro-italo-electro-disco rarities from Automan. The Androids ''Dream Machine'' is a sleazy italo style female vocal cut from Canada released in 1980. An amazing combination of tough proto-house beats, sexy vocals and impeccable production. ''Pinch Roller'' is an obscure early Italo disco number from the late 70's. This track has a strong Balearic flavour and a big Chaplin Band influence (fans of Il Veliero will flip over this!).

V/A- AUTOMAN 15 12" (automan, uk)
12.98usd/6.53gbp/8.29eur/1399jpy (approx)

*restocked… Breathtakingly ahead-of-its-time electronic disco from 1979 produced by one third of Telex, Transvolta's ''Disco Computer'' features one the most amazing combinations of synthesized bass and vocoded vocals ever committed to vinyl!!! An LP only cut, East Wall's ''Privacy'' is a stunning italo / industrial number with incredible strings that give it an almost classic Detroit techno feel.

V/A- BALTIMORE CLUB CLASSICS VOL.2 12" (baltimore club classics, usa)
11.98usd/6.02gbp/7.65eur/1291jpy (approx)

*Number two in the series retracing the Baltimore “club” sound brings you six more tastes from the vast archives of Ron “Dukeyman” Hall, three featuring Theo, the vocalist best known for his appearance on the club classic "Shorty You Phat,” which appears here. Dukeyman is one of the original OG masters of the club game, along with Scottie B, DJ Technics, Rod Lee, and Diamond K.

V/A- BALTIMORE CLUB CLASSICS VOL.3 12" (baltimore club classics, usa)
11.98usd/6.02gbp/7.65eur/1291jpy (approx)

*All time Bmore classics from the vast archives of DJ Technics, a man known to many of you for his remix of Juiceboxxx & Dre Skull' "Sweat": "Baby Baby", "See About Me", "Mr Postman", "Charlie Brown Pt 2", "Ding A Ling", "Ding A Ling Pt 2"

V/A- DB EDITS VOL.1 12" (db edits, usa)
9.98usd/5.02gbp/6.38eur/1075jpy (approx)

*Not much is known about who did what, but the featured track, Don Armando's 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band, "Deputy Of Love" is a Chicago mix show classic back in the days of WBMX! Here we get a full extended mix, there is some 16th note repeat, delay effect and breakdowns. Tops!
On the flip, is an unknown disco track. DB Edits told us to keep diggin' to find out what this is. Drop us a line if you find the original artist and title. Don't sleep on this one! Limited quantites!

V/A- DB EDITS VOL.2 12" (db edits, usa)
9.98usd/5.02gbp/6.38eur/1075jpy (approx)

*On the A side you get a true disco classic in Ashford & Simpson’s 1979 smash hit “Found A Cure." Still sure to pack the dancefloor in 2008; in Chicago, and the rest of the world.
On the B side we have from the obscenely rare kitchy leftfield disco-not-disco classic, Gichy Dan ''Cowboy And Gangsters," produced by Kid Creole. It originally came out in 1981 and more recently appeared on the excellent Mutant Disco compilation. Don't sleep on this one! Limited quantites!

11.98usd/6.02gbp/7.65eur/1291jpy (approx)

*The most valuable and rarest Italo Disco 7'' of all time gets a timely reissue on DJ friendly 12'' vinyl for all you Disco Beardo's out there. This release has going for silly money - $500 plus- but what you have here is a remastered, cleaned up version of this quirky funk disco nugget that sounds as dope today as when it was released back in France in 1978. Limited to 500 copies. Pick this up while you can.

19.98usd/10.05gbp/12.76eur/2153jpy (approx)

*restocked… Killer afro disco re-issue of hard to find self-titled 'African Suite' album from 1980. It's clear why this LP is so sought after by deephouse and Loft-style DJ's around the world. 6 Numbers in all, including ''Grass'', ''Pigmy'', ''In The Pocket'', ''Vibes'', ''Young Stuff'' and ''African Suite Reprise''.

V/A- MEMBERS ONLY VOL.10 12" (members only, usa)
9.98usd/5.02gbp/6.38eur/1075jpy (approx)

*a favorite series around here, thought to have ended, but is back with a handful of killer edits… A taken from Chantal Curtis "Get Another Love" Key Records. B taken from The Broads "Sing Sing Sing" High Fashion Records.

V/A- MEMBERS ONLY VOL.11 12" (members only, usa)
9.98usd/5.02gbp/6.38eur/1075jpy (approx)

*The only member once again brings the heat! This time pairing the high energy disco of Sylvester and '80s German techno group, Two Of China, remaking Dangerous Liasons' 'Los Ninos Del Parque.' Remake of a remake. 'U R A Star' a 13 minute edit epic; 130+ BPMs of adrenaline. The track is sped up just a bit from the original, with vocal parts and strings spliced, looped and laid right on top of each other to extend the hype. Then, feed the whole two channel track through a flanger. On the flip, more of the same, minus the now-cheesy vocals of the original vocal version. The beats are still fresh today, though. Beats taken from the vocal and instrumental version put through the Member's blender.

OXIA VS GINO'S & SNAKE- SEVEN REMIXES 12” (notorious, france)
12.98usd/6.53gbp/8.29eur/1399jpy (approx)

*The best of the French connection newcomers are remixing the classic Seven from Oxia, Gino's and Snake! Sarah Goldfarb, Julian Jeweil and Maxime Dangles provide some stunning grooves for the electro oriented floors with versions set to be huge at the minimal tech scene as well as it will delight the tech trance fans.

WADE NICHOLS- RVNG OF THE NRDS VOL. 5 12" (rvng intl, usa)
11.98usd/6.02gbp/7.65eur/1291jpy (approx)

*Howdy Partners. For the latest installment in the ongoing Rvng of the Nrds 12" series, Wade Nichols saddles up and puts his spurs into some dusty (and dusted) AM radio classics. Nichols gives some four-on-the floor love to everyone's favorite flute touting, bearded boogie band's big hit, tames a wild American horse with a punchy kick, and starts a disco brawl with anthemic refrains and slide guitars. Head for the sunset, space cowboys. This one's for you. Yeehaw.

LOVEFINGERS- RVNG OF THE NRDS VOL. 4 12" (rvng intl, usa)
11.98usd/6.02gbp/7.65eur/1291jpy (approx)

*restocked… Lovefingers is the the melted mind behind the Mp3 blog of the same name. A Laurel Canyon intelli-stoner (think Lebowski meets Klaus Schulze) recently uprooted to NYC, Lovefingers fits in with the other beardos and weirdos here inhaling / exhaling deep dug 70s and 80s heavenly / earthly jams. Lovefingers debut set of edits are burners from a mid-70s pre-disco Spanish compilation, a Moroder obsessed Bollywood composer, a squishy-squashy space funk anthem, and an Italian new-age progenitor. Get faded.

11.98usd/6.02gbp/7.65eur/1291jpy (approx)

*Part 3 - the first two in the series are on back order- of Serge's colour of Italo-disco classics taking on Kano's rare ''War'' track and ''Adventures in Success'' re-edited in collaboration with Tom Neville.

SOUND STREAM- LOVE JAM/MAKING LOVE 12” (sound stream, germany)
12.98usd/6.53gbp/8.29eur/1399jpy (approx)

*restocked… The mysterious Berlin-based producer also known as Soundhack with his more housier discoid moniker returns with 2 monsterly thick-cut deep disco anthems deeply rooted in the classic aesthetics. 'Love Jam' is the first on the menu and sounds like a never-released Strictly Rhythm from Chicago while 'Making Love' finds the producer in his bravest disco mode. Rockin' and reelin' sample-layers are melting with each other until the world becomes big on a mirror ball. Chords and strings as much as you like it!

9.98usd/5.02gbp/6.38eur/1075jpy (approx)

*Original Chicago acid house from 1987 from the man who gave you Phuture Acid Trax, and too many others. This release features all the tracks from the original pressing and includes the very sought-after 'Acid Mix,' and the a cappella that has not appeared on any reissues.


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