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wow… there is a lot new stuff in this week! after humping it to get this list out, i’m kinda speechless. all i can say is that there’s a ton of quality stuff. take a look, but more importantly, come on by and take a listen!!


anthony vogdes

as always, many of these titles are in very limited quantity, so if you're interested in anything listed below and can’t make it to the shop you can make a purchase via paypal or over the phone with a credit card and pick them up later or have them shipped (see more information below). i will no longer hold records. sorry.

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BLANK DOGS- SECONDS 12”EP (captured tracks, usa)
16.98usd/11.82gbp/13.28eur/1661jpy (approx)

*New release on Mike Blank Dogs label, Captured Tracks. Four new tracks of Blankdoggica. Silkscreened sleeves. limited.

DUM DUM GIRLS- DUM DUM GIRLS 12”EP (captured tracks, usa)
16.98usd/11.82gbp/13.28eur/1661jpy (approx)

*Debut vinyl release by lone girl making noisey pop in vein of Shop Assistants, Marine Girls and Black Tambourine. Silkscreened sleeves. limited.

GOBLIN- TENEBRE LP (dagored, italy)
24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*The original soundtrack recording for this 1983 Italian cult movie by horror director Dario Argento. A terrific music score by Simonetti/Morante/Pignatelli (aka. Goblin). Includes the epic "tenebre" horror-disco track and the amazing "Flashing" electro-esque masterpiece. Obscure classics!

24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*Expanded reissue of the original motion picture soundtrack of John Carpenter's cult film "Escape from New York". Includes 6 previously unreleased tracks. Beautifull innovative, synth (sometimes disco) masterpiece. CULT!

GANG OF FOUR- PEEL SESSIONS '77-81 LP (no label, uk)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*a long time shop favorite available again… quality John Peel sessions studio recordings, made at the height of the band's popularity in 1979 and 1981: "Found That Essence Rare," "Return the Gift," "5.45," "At Home He's a Tourist," "Natural's Not in It," "Not Great Men," "Ether," "Guns Before Butter," "Paralysed," "History's Bunk," and "To Hell with Poverty," sounding all as vital, urgent, outraged and cutting edge as ever! Limited pressing of 1000.


THIN LIZZY- 1970-73 RARE TRACKS LP (no label, uk)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*This collects 3 tracks recorded for the BBC in 1971 ("Look What the Wind Blew In," "Return of the Farmer's Son," and "Black Boys on the Corner"), "Gonna Creep Up on You" from a 1973 acetate demo, "Things Ain't Working Out Down at the Farm" from a 1970 demo, and 5 tracks recorded for Radio Eireean in 1973: "Buffalo Gal," "Dublin," "Suicide," "Going Down" and "Blue Shadows." Excellent full color sleeve art, white vinyl.

19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*With a wide range of rare tracks, this EMI France promotional release includes 2 outtake versions of "Love Scene" from the "Zabriskie Point" sessions, a 1968 single version of "Point
Me at the Sky," a 1972 demo version of "Money," a 1976 quadrophonic mix of "Shine On You
Crazy Diamond," and a 1981 dance remix of "Money" by James Guthrie.

19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*Another collection of rarities from 1967 through 1972, this EMI France promotional release includes studio outtakes, demo versions, and special promo releases, as well as a couple of broadcast tracks. Three of these include Syd Barrett. The songs are "Free Four," "Late Night"
(a Syd Barrett instrumental version),"Fearless," "Rain in the Country," "Candy," "Scarecrow,"
"Corporal Clegg," and Syd Barrett's "Bob Dylan Blues," plus two studio-goofing-around tracks
of "One of These Days," and two tracks of even goofier studio banter prefacing short snips of
"Brain Damage." With very nice full color artwork.

19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*This EMI France promotional release collects studio demos and outtakes from 1970 and 1972,
plus 2 tracks from the BBC's"Top Gear" program from 1968 and 1970. Songs include "Breathe in the Air," "On the Run" (a 1970 demo version and a 1972 studio outtake), "Time," "Money" (a rare acoustic demo), "Us & Them," "Brain Damage/Eclipse," "Embryo," and "Point Me at the Sky." Color vinyl pressing, with very nice full color artwork.

CREATION- HOW DOES IT FEEL? LP (get back, italy)
24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Twelve more tracks of superior '60's Mod rock'n'roll. Includes material from the We Are the Paintermen released in Germany in 1967, some German single releases, and four rare tracks including the U.S. mix of the title cut. 180-gram vinyl.

THE SEEDS- WEB OF SOUND LP (get back, italy)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Springing from the underbelly of the Los Angeles garage scene, the Seeds were punk rock before the world had ever heard of a tribe called Ramone. Staying mostly to the 'primitive rock' side of the great hippie divide, they released their debut album in 1966, followed by Web Of Sounds that same year. Includes their second hit single 'Mr. Farmer' and the raucous 'Rollin' Machine'. 140 gram red vinyl.

24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… One of the pioneer psychedelic groups of the '60s, The 13th Floor Elevators released four remarkable albums on the highly-regarded Texan label, International Artists. Fronted by the legendary and truly eccentric visionary Roky Erickson, the group has enjoyed sizeable cult status ever since their ground-breaking single, 'You're Gonna Miss Me' made the U.S. charts in 1966. Their first two albums are widely recognized as being landmarks of their era. The group's second album for International Artists, 1967's Easter Everywhere is essentially an extension of the sound of their debut album. Another bona fide psychedelic classic, its standout tracks include the eight minute epic 'Slip Inside This House' and an inspired cover of Bob Dylan's '(It's All Over Now) Baby Blue.' Gatefold sleeve... 180 gram HQ vinyl.

19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*unspeakably rare demos from the 13th floor elevators. this ten track album includes versions of 'monkey island', 'the word', 'gloria' and more from the first album. you really can't go wrong here.

AMON DUUL II- PHALLUS DEI LP (liberty, germany)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*At last, a vinyl reissue of the legendary Krautrock pioneers' 1969 debut album! A weird and wonderful mix of space rock and psychedelic improvisation! Original artwork.

17.98usd/12.51gbp/14.06eur/1759jpy (approx)

*In the Spring of 2007, a tour commenced from Latvia to Holland called 'Way Of The Cross: On The Path Of The Ninefold Muse,' titled from Robert Graves' book, The White Goddess. The tour spanned Polish clubs, Dutch radio, Berlin galleries, and the Latvian beach; Mind of the Dolphin documents the music spawned at these stops. WOTC members include Dave Nuss (NNCK), Stellar OM Source, The Skaters, Jan Anderzen (Kemialliset Ystävät), Kuupuu, Mik Quantius (Embryo), and Tiitus Petajaniemi and Jari Koho (Uton, Keijo). 'The White Goddess is far more than a long-discredited pagan deity. She is still alive, and her worship takes many strange forms both inside and outside the conventions of Western morality. In particular, she continues as the Ninefold Muse, patroness of the white magic of poetry.'

PINK FLOYD- EMBRYO'S GROWING LP (trademark of quality, uk)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*An excellent recording of a live performance in London in late 1970, this has versions of "Embryo," "Green is the Colour," "Careful with That Axe, Eugene," "If," and a full side-long rendition of "Atom Heart Mother." Though the sound quality is first class on this, the artwork is minimal.

CAN- TAGO MAGO 2LP (united artists, germany)
34.98usd/24.34gbp/27.36eur/3423jpy (approx)

*beautiful looking and sounding grey area reissue of the german version of this essential album… Together with 'Future Days', 'Tago Mago' ranks as the finest and most consistent album Can ever recorded.


24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*The 3rd in this 1984 series of Denmark-only collections of the star's 1960s recordings, this features "Je T'aime Moi Non Plus," "Moi Je Joue," "Une Histoire de Plage," "Ca Pourrait ," "A la Fin de I ete...(Tu Sais)," "Ne Me Laisse pa I Aimer," "Maria Ninguem," "La Madrague," "Pas Davantage," "Je Danse Done Je Suis," "Melanie," "Ciel de Lit," "Un Jour Comme un Autre," "Le Cheveaux dans le Vent," "Jamais Trois sans Quatre," "Noir et Blanc," "Faite pour Dormir," Sidonie," and "Rose D'eay." With full color pin-up style artwork.

24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… nice looking and sounding grey area reissue… Ces douze titres de Brigitte et de moi sont autant de chansons d'amour. Amour combat, amour passion, amour physique, amour fiction. Amorales ou immorales peu importe, elles sont toutes d'une absolue sincerite.


COLD CAVE- THE TREES... 12”EP (dais, usa)
16.98usd/11.82gbp/13.28eur/1661jpy (approx)

*second pressing of 500… Dais Records discovered a Cold Cave underneath Philadelphia's darkest stone. Touching and nostalgic analogue Coldwave in the vein of early Echo West. Danceable and addictive synths with brooding deep vocals under washes of static... 4:00 AM dance hits waiting to happen. purple tinted sleeve and blue center labels, with Tyr runes inverted.

V/A- FESTIVAL DER GENIALEN DISSIDENTEN LP/7” (enfant terrible, netherlands)
34.98usd/24.34gbp/27.36eur/3423jpy (approx)

*The compilation Festival der Genialen Dissidenten can be considered as a sort of sequel to the highly acclaimed and long time sold out collectors piece and cult LP Electronic Renaissance (Enfant04). Especially realized for the Enfant Terrible label night (12 april 2008 in Bruxelles) is the 7" release by Wermut. The following artists are present on the compilation: Agent Side Grinder – known for their releases on Enfant Terrible. Dolina – very promising new elektro band from France/Belgium. Vincent K. – also known as RA-X, established and long time producer of electronic music. Nosztalgia Direktíva – new alias of artist who previously released on Invasion Planete Records. Adolf Filter – Swedish duo who create elektro and EBM influenced analogue tracks. :Codes – Belgian act who released on a Kommando 6 compilation but is now working with Enfant Terrible. Le Triangle De LAndrogyne – interesting new commer on Enfant Terrible with spacious electronica. Pierre Normal – Belgian / French band who play poetic electronic music. Yseult Descieux – playful and weird band from Belgium/France. Jongbloed featuring Sofia E.R. – Enfant Terrible boss and Wermut member collaboration. Coeurvert – twisted elektro chansons from Belgium.

15.98usd/11.12gbp/12.50eur/1563jpy (approx)

*What a perfect split! Two bands compliment each other so well doing each others songs. Not so much covers as a different perspective on the exact same emotions. The line quickly blurs between these bands as two separate entities, as they grab onto the others words and make them their own. The fact that the warmest moments on this record come in repeated refrains of "Down On Me", should give you some perspective.

13.98usd/9.73gbp/10.93eur/1368jpy (approx)

*the second album from melbourne, australia’s eddy current suppression ring. primary colours was released to rave reviews and sold out shows down under, with the first week sales putting the record at number six on the australian national charts. eddy says, “musically, to me it sounds a bit more ‘82ish than the ‘76ish sound of our first lp, slightly less frantic and maybe a bit more palatable.

COLD CAVE- PAINTED NAILS 7” (hospital productions, usa)
9.98usd/6.94gbp/7.81eur/976jpy (approx)

*the first pressing of 500 sold out in 3 weeks via mailorder. this is the second pressing on clear vinyl. i have seen the future, and its no place for me. this is a special record for hospital. although we have always shared a certain love for trance, power noise, synth pop, and 80s industrial music it is the first time we directly venture into this controversial and rhythmic world. cold cave presents 3 tracks of authentically morose epic anthems with the texture of a shattered champagne glass. imagine a highly damaged downward spiral era demo hitting the raw nerve to heart where all breaths freeze in rapture and all feelings croak in the blood of the beat-less heart. clear vinyl repress.

MARTIN DUPONT- LOST AND LATE LP (minimal wave, usa)
27.98usd/19.47gbp/21.88eur/2738jpy (approx)

*The twelfth release on Minimal Wave is the long awaited "Lost And Late" LP, by one of the biggest cult bands of the French New Wave scene, Martin Dupont. This release brings you selected cassette tracks from the Inédits 81-83, the Your Passion 7" and the original version of Just Because as it appeared on the Just Because LP. The release is a limited edition of 999 pressed on 180 gram vinyl, accompanied by a heavy cardstock insert printed with old band photographs by Michel Bresson. Huge thanks to Lorenzo Mattotti for the beautiful cover painting.

23.98usd/16.69gbp/18.75eur/2346jpy (approx)

*shop favorite repressed/restocked… The first release from Minimal Wave, Oppenheimer Analysis, is back by popular demand. The ep is a second pressing limited edition (500 copies) on 180 gram vinyl of selected tracks from the Oppenheimer Analysis cassette entitled "New Mexico" released in 1982, as well as two others that were previously unreleased. Andy Oppenheimer (nuclear weapons consultant) and Martin Lloyd (previously involved in the Survival Label, also known for his project "Analysis") formed Oppenheimer Analysis in the early 80s shortly after meeting one another at a Science Fiction Convention in London. They opened up for such bands as Hawkwind and Spizz Energi, and were reviewed in Melody Maker back in the day. 500 numbered copies with full color poster insert, 180 gram vinyl.

12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

* shop favorite restocked… Animals + Men -- named after a song by Adam and the Ants -- started life around the winter of 1978-1979 when Susan Wells took over vocal duties in what was a three piece called Psychotic Reaction. Based in Frome Somerset, their first release Don't Misbehave in the New Age (1980) was an indie hit. When the band split in '81, Susan and Ralph formed the Terraplanes. A & M/Terraplanes released three vinyl 45s. A few years ago, demos by the band surfaced on the Messthetics/Hyped 2 Death label. Recently, the band have reformed and performed the odd gig and are releasing an EP of new songs soon on Convulsive Records. Mississippi Records is proud to be the first to release an entire LP containing the three 45s and early demos, all recorded between 1979-1983. For fans of early UK DIY.

THE CLEAN- COMPILATION LP (mississippi, usa)
16.98usd/11.82gbp/13.28eur/1661jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Compilation collects many of the greatest tracks by New Zealand legends The Clean, including songs from their first single and first two EPs. Very catchy pop with the energy and rawness of the best punk rock combined with a strong psychedelic feel. An amazing collection by one of the best bands of all time!

16.98usd/11.82gbp/13.28eur/1661jpy (approx)

*Night-People is excited to present the first full length LP by Russian Tsaralg, long running solo performance and recording outlet of Tampa born Providence based creep crooner Carlos Gonzalez. Russian Tsaralag infuses sci-fi and horror movie aesthetics with strange loner punk minimalism. Tsarlags sparse, savage, downer, aesthetics, and strange audio skits, are the perfect soundtrack to the declining age.

15.98usd/11.12gbp/12.50eur/1563jpy (approx)

*A brilliant band who were too damn good to stay together. But though they had a short time on this earth they turned out one gem right here. When they played they had every record geek in town standing drop jawed at the fact that something this good and this not-normal would be happening. they broke up once but got back together when their fans BEGGED them to! Structured free jazz in the mode of Threadgill, Lake, & Ayler mixed with the out rock of Captain Beefhearts Magic Band. Recently given a favorable review in The Wire. Fans of the Geeks or Tragic Mulato will enjoy. White vinyl in a great Troy Mighty drawn tri-fold sleeve. No cd issue, vinyl only. A sample from Rinpoche. A bit of Healthy Vaginal Walls.

15.98usd/11.12gbp/12.50eur/1563jpy (approx)

*Maniacal p. rock by mid 90s Sacramento trio led by Chris Woodhouse. Influenced by Devo, Boredoms, & lifes unpleasantries. Was to influence the A Frames, Intelligence, & others. 1/2 original released on Moo-La-La but remastered and sounding much better, 1/2 unreleased or hopelessly obscure. Those are the dull facts. The exciting ones are that this fucking pup is insane, wild ass, monster killing pug rock. Endless riffs that will smash your nose against glass. No cd issue, vinyl only. Gold vinyl. A sample of Donut Room. A sample of Spawn (demo).

44.98usd/31.30gbp/35.18eur/4401jpy (approx)

*Limited edition of 500 hand numbered copies. Lp-2 comes in gatefold cover with 12-page-booklet. The first LP of this double album contains everything The Systematics have ever released on vinyl: The "Pulp Baby" 7", "Fat Cows Go Down An Eastern Beach" 7" EP, "Rural" 12" EP and the two Systematics tracks from the M Squared compilation albums "Growing Pains"and "A Selection". The second LP contains previously unreleased material - Demo versions as well as tracks that have never been released before in any format. The Systematics "What We Did In The Afternoons" TU-134-01, Germany 2008 The Systematics were a band from Australia. They existed for four years, from 1978 to 1982. They released 3 records: The "Pulp Baby" 7" on the australian label Doublethink, a 12" EP called "Rural" and a 7" EP called "Fat Cows Go Down An Eastern Beach" on the australian label M Squared. The music of The Systematics is pretty unique. If you search for it, you will find it somewhere in the grey area between No Wave, Post Punk, Minimal Electronics and Pseudo Pop Music. "What We Did In The Afternoons" is a Double LP. The first LP contains everything The Systematics have ever released on vinyl - all the above mentioned releases, as well a two contributions they made to the M Squared compilation LPs "Growing Pains" and "A Selection". So you might say the first LP it is some kind of "Best Of" album.The second LP contains only unreleased material that was carefully selected by the singer of The Systematics, Patrick Gibson, and TU-134: Demo versions of "Pulp Baby" and "International Voltage", some contributions to cassette only releases ("Sunny", "Marine Boy") as well as tracks that have never been released before in any format: "Golden Age", "ASIO", "Hippie Happening" or "John Robinson", just to name a few. So you might say the second LP is some kind of new old album by The Systematics. "What We Did In The Afternoons" comes in a gatefold cover designed by Bianca Strauch and contains a 12 page booklet that features photos and a comprehensive text about The Systematics by Patrick Gibson.


ANGEL WITCH- ANGEL WITCH LP (earmark/get back, italy)
24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Angel Witch's self-titled 1980 debut is one of the genre's defining moments - taking lessons learned from Sabbath and Judas Priest they crafting a whole new violent, yet often melodic sound.

ANTIDOTE- THOU SHALT NOT KILL LP (no label, germany)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*nice looking and sounding 12” reissue of this essential nyc hc ep, plus added live material!

19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*This includes 4 remastered tracks from their 1984 demo (the intro, "In Conspiracy with Satan," "Necromancy," and "Raise the Dead"), plus two alternate studio versions of "Sacrifice" and "The Return of the Darkness and Evil," plus 6 rehearsal tracks: "Valhalla," "Satan My Master," "In
Nomine of Satan," "Resolution Greed," "Witchcraft," and "Genocide." Quality varies from murky for the demo tracks to excellent for the studio tracks to surprisingly very good for the rehearsal stuff (actually this sounds more like fully produced studio material!). Appropriately demonic artwork. 150 gram gold vinyl pressing.

19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*very limited vinyl reissue of long-out-of-print material this heavy and dark '90s sludgecore band. This includes the 6 tracks from their "Laid Insignificant" CD, plus 2 more songs from their 7" on Pushead's Bacteria Sour label. A strictly limited pressing of only 500, on color vinyl with silkscreened cover with the original Pushead artwork.

19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*if you only knew the weak spot i have for the first warzone ep AND the trip 6 ep… killer, raw, nyc hc circa the bronze age. essential!!!


WAR SLUT- WALL AS MISTRESS 2LP (airport war, usa)
24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*Posthumous album by War Slut, Now known as Airport War, on tour with Religious Knives this summer. Studio and Live recordings taken from an ill-fated 2005 European tour that the saw band caught in the middle of a knife fight in Prague and getting thrown out of their own headline by police at the famed Kinsky Club in Berlin. Cut short, the band returned stateside, rented an abandoned warehouse and recorded a few songs before throwing their instruments into a pile and lighting it on fire. War Slut was dead--Wall As Mistress is their epitaph. The record comes in three versions: porn star, pop star, and prince. Images are silkscreened directly onto the record, which is still playable, providing a visual remix to each side. Two records per set, one with Side A defaced and one with Side B defaced.

V/A- NO STATE NO SOUND LP (american tapes, usa)
18.98usd/13.21gbp/14.84eur/1857jpy (approx)

*Hold on gnaw...last but not least..... the NO STATE NO SOUND comp lp. Dont know what led up to it...think I vaguely remember getting "dared" by Nurse Khrust to put out a record of silence by the crew, not sure, but maybe told Haunted Square D about it....but anyhow.....flashblack to an average but killer brewsday in the late summer, got the crew shooting the gip, no biggy, and Square D rolls up with his "Body Morph" one minute silent track....takes a sec to remember but all right...lets do this. Greh and V invite the now deep crew black to they hut, and on the way I had a walkman in the whip, so i popped in Ds master, hit record and the stop watch for a minute and me and the Connartist sat in silence for a minute and recorded the second track BIRTH REFUSAL. As we got to Grehs, we assembled all the jammers present and hit em up for a minute, all on three different Walkmans all on the original master tape. Was totally strange, Sick Llama was just standing in a yard with the crew looking at him pointing a recorder his way while nothing happened. It was like a very strange gig. So after everyone at the party got recorded/ trapped in NO SOUND, some the garage, some inside a bathroom whilst the crew stared at the close door, someone had the idea to call up some jammers. So No Fucker Johnny, Romero, others all held on the line for a minute of NOTHING. Totally rules. The end result sounds like a Folkways experiment. I ended up coming home and getting busted for "recording silence and not grabbing the Air Condition Window Unit" which was the only reason i went Grehs begin with. Hey, Window AC Unit or not, you are still KOOL with this platter!! Heres the Full Iiterary, recorded in order, no overdubs or tom foolery, no voices nothing, just weird hiss and an occasional bird chirp in lonesome... 1) Body Moprh 2) Birth Refusal 3) Hive Mind 4) Sick Llama 5) New Pledgemaster 6) Tom & John 7) ??????? (we eventually figured out who it is, heres a hint: weighs 90 lbs, goes from 0-Passed out in 3 brews, now in P. Rico) 8) Moontravellers 9) A.C. & Khrust 10) Alicia Warning 11) No Fucker 12) Burning Star Core 13) Hair Police 14) Rodger Stella 15) Damion Romero 16) Hellfire Holly 17) Iron Lung 18) 16 Bitch Pile Up 19) The Haunting All pressed on colored gray vinyl on the new AT style wrapped around sleeve with creepy art, Numbered edition of 200.

17.98usd/12.51gbp/14.06eur/1759jpy (approx)

*Long touted as the forefathers of Finnish freeform psychedlic music, Avarus, a collective bearing members from The Anaksimadros, Kemialliset Ystävät, Maniacs Dream, and more, document their first tour of the United States on "Kirppujen Saari". The sounds contained show a departure and growth from typical Avarus recordings. The A side long track begins with a psychrock romper complete with full "band" instrumentation, slowly it deconstructs itself into the abstract electric/acoustic stylings and sonic spattering familiar to their previous work. Slowness builds into full on clatter filled walls of vocals, toy keyboards, horns, strums, and other acoustic junk, creating a unique and massive drone. The opposing side is pure acoustic drones composed of vocals, horns, and tribal beats. Room filling ambiance, corner clatter, and morphing silence also find a way to unobtrusively build themselves into the piece. In an edition of 350 LPs on coke bottle clear vinyl with printed labels by Bart of Sloow Tapes and proprinted full color foldover art by the band.

13.98usd/9.73gbp/10.93eur/1368jpy (approx)

*Michigan heavy domestic-electronic couple Dead Machines always create records that confuse and intrigue. They are the forefathers of broken gear / appliance / wind instrument basement jamming and have their niche dug deep. "Invasion" exists on the borders of existence- room ambiance is present, but the sounds are totally alien. Twisting mixer feedback and found sound source into a twisted collage of life outside the "Pod": harsh and awakening, but at times giving way to the trance of the machine lull. Dont fall asleep. In an edition of 450 LPs with full color pro-printed cardboard sleeves with art by John Olson.

13.98usd/9.73gbp/10.93eur/1368jpy (approx)

*New York snyth duo Infinity Window have been crafting their game for well over a year without much documentation. Comprised of Dan Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and Taylor Richardson (Prehistoric Blackout), this LP shows them at the pinnacle of self-realization. Equally influenced by John Carpenter and the Taj Mahal Travelers, they create traveling music; music that has the power to transport and overwhelm the listener with vibes outside of those presently available to them. The A Side consists of two tracks, both clouded in a heavy haze of fog, dark and heavy though their clarity exists underneath the shroud. The B Sides lone track "Skull Theft" is the full circle realization of the first two tracks: a light is illuminated and the fog begins to clear. Mastered by Keith Fullerton Whitman. In an edition of 500 LPs with full color pro-printed cardboard sleeves and printed labels with art by Robert Beatty (Hair Police/Burning Star Core).

16.98usd/11.82gbp/13.28eur/1661jpy (approx)

*Finland is the epicenter of collective music-making. Under the name Maniacs Dream, members of a variety of Finnish bands such as Avarus, Fricara Pacchu, Kemialliset Ystävät, and more come together to create blown-out free rock (not your typical stoner guitar jams). Their unique/bizarre approach to music-making constantly questioning the construction/deconstruction of sound creates songs at times recalling the electro-acoustic clatter drone of Avarus crossed with tribal rhythms and intergalactic guitar zones. Total sonic freedom with a punk ethos directly influenced by a trip to Zanzibar prior to recording this record (which is a reissue of the long sold-out tape originally released on Lal Lal Lal in 2006). In an edition of 450 records on light blue vinyl with printed labels and full color pro-printed fold-over sleeves with art by Benjamin Bergman and an insert.

34.98usd/24.34gbp/27.36eur/3423jpy (approx)

*Impressively spare & taut noise improv from both folks, & first recordings in quite a while from Mlehst. R&G side is some sort of absurd theater outing, with a real eye-gouge of a cover, even for them. limited edition of 250.

23.98usd/16.69gbp/18.75eur/2346jpy (approx)

*Material previously unreleased from the era Frak sounded dreamy sometimes psychedelic and very electro blip blop. Everything is recorded 1991 at Studio Styrka (wich is still active).Now when almost all the old tapereleases by FRAK is gone this is a good chance to hear their past...Lim Ed 300.

29.98usd/20.86gbp/23.45eur/2933jpy (approx)

*Psychic tv / PTV3 returns with Mr Alien Brain vs. The Skinwalkers! A collection of all new material from various sessions. This beautiful full color packaging with insert holds two multi-colored marbled slabs of vinyl that feature three tracks not available on the cd version. Limited to 500.

V/A- XXPERIMENTS LP (die stasi, usa)
17.98usd/12.51gbp/14.06eur/1759jpy (approx)

*varied in instrumentation and sound (from total primitiveness to entirely grandiose) but overall has a very cold/creep vibe. All the songs are currently unreleased except for the Buckets of Bile track which was on her short-run, self-produced cassette. The artwork for XXperiments is a one-color spraypaint stencil and a couple little stickers. One-time only pressing on this one." Includes Cro Magnon (members of Circuit des Yeux), Luxury Prevention, Circuit des Yeux , Buckets of Bile, Bird, U.S. Girls, and Zola Jesus.

RUSTED SHUT- Hot Sex LP (dull knife, usa)
18.98usd/13.21gbp/14.84eur/1857jpy (approx)

*Third record in 22 years from the notorious Houston scum/dirge/noise rock band. Originally recorded in 1998 by the same lineup that created the infamous "REHAB" album just months later, "HOT SEX" sat on the shelf for 10 years in true Rusted Shut fashion. Ugly music for ugly people in these ugly times. Good and bad lie in everyone, and we often try our hardest when hiding or compensating for what is ugly and evil in each of us. Rusted Shut is the soundtrack for the sad moment when there is no hiding what is ugly in you. You give in to it, listen and stare. For fans of early GODFLESH, FLIPPER, and BRAINBOMBS. Entertain no one. 500 copies.

INSAYNGEL- INSAYNGEL LP (heavy tapes, usa)
18.98usd/13.21gbp/14.84eur/1857jpy (approx)

*vinyl edition of 500, full color printed covers We saw Insayngel play some time in 2008 or maybe the end of 2007 at Glasslands. Immediately we said to each other "This band needs to have a record out. Lets do it." We talked to the band after the gig and they were down -- it was recorded, mastered by our friend Todd Cavallo, and sent off to the plant. Insayngel is Calder, Caitlin, Richard, and John. Calder and Caitlin are Vizusa and used to jam Excepter, and Richard and John are the brutal rhythm unit of Sightings. An intriguing combination of players to say the least, this LP brings a 30th Century sound to the history of New York City. The locked, wrecked rhythms, desparate, gorgeous wails, and shredded, anxious guitars are symphonic, undulating, impossible. A serious now vision that impressed us deeply enough to be the first LP weve ever done. Art by Calder, pressed in Brooklyn, New York.

17.98usd/12.51gbp/14.06eur/1759jpy (approx)

*After a nearly Chinese Democracy situation, the new Hospitals LP "Hairdryer Peace" is being pressed and.. put out by the band. Its a ripper/apology for the bands previous two albums."-Hospitals. "Doesnt really matter whether you loved or hated The Hospitals before, cuz this is some year zero shit. This is the most psychedelic fucking record in a long time and there are no rainbows - no feather earrings - no beards. Mixed for maximum hallucinations, it has the stoned riffs of a killer rock record, totally cracked pop, pure headfuck, but more than anything else just an all around perfect album. Its Chief Hospital Adam Stonehouse with oringal Hospital co-founder/shredder Rod Meyer and Rob Enbom from Eat Skull and Chris Gunn from an island off the coast of the future. Sounds nothing like any bands or anything else.. Seriously, if a better record comes out this year, next year, whenever.... I promise. Edition of 500. Dont be an asshole." - Scott Simmons. "and when I announced as a masterpiece and a real departure into a ZONE, theyre getting VERY curious.

HAIR POLICE- PRESCRIBED BURNING LP (hospital productions, usa)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*arising from the smoldering ashes of early morning fallout settles six reverberated blackened altars settled in the embers of industrial noise. slow motion feedback dissolve and dance macabre with raped guitar entanglement and roving percussive loops. scathing hard noise eruptions like drool through the hounds teeth that hold tight and lets loose the bizarre ordeal that is hair police. prescribed burning worships wet atmosphere and tape cut obsessive noise with raw chaos! always away from the pack yet defines the cult. limited to 600 copies with the traditional silk screened 2 sided fold out cover.

19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*restocked… Hospital Productions is proud to release the first-ever collaboration between these two legends, Wolf Eyes and Sickness. This is not haphazard but a symbiotic collaboration bridging distant roads. This full length LP is a dark casket of scorched earth sounds, the remains of the cracks at the after shock of discovery. Reminding us of the peaks in either artists catalog, There Is A Part Of Me That You Will Never Know processes the deepest sounds of these four masters in a haze of lone atmosphere and true noise. This is not a terror shock, this is the end.

AVARUS- AVARUS II LP (hp cycle, canada)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*restocked… Here is your introduction to phase two. While there is a certain degree of continuity in the approach, II is a noticeable extrapolation of the Avarus SOUND. The albums six tracks span collage-esque pieces of audio junk to deconstructed song forms to subtly dense instrumentals. Waves of stretched electronics, distorted clank and warbling bass throb create layers of chaotic wreckage until a sudden collapse reveals an underlying stasis. Unnoticed patterns now conscious pull the listener into another time/mind continuum. Step into the g-a-p. The LP is presented in a full cover printed sleeve with suitable "found" photo art...for you to figure out what its all about.

EASTENBURIA- EASTENBURIA LP (japan overseas, japan)
24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*Summer of 1999 Dave Nuss of NNCK and Rita Ackermann traveled to Japan for the book release of Revelations, a chronicle of the Father Yod dynasty penned by Byron Coley and illustrated by Ackermann. While there they scored a record deal for Angelblood with Capt. Trip, and traveled to Osaka to record an album for Japan Overseas with the Yoshimi and Atari of the Boredoms, joined by in-house musician Yoshida. Recording and recording, only breaking to visit the local Shinto shrine, the ensemble found their sound in a blend of NNCK primitive shaman percussion with the Boredoms penchant for electronically-inspired repetition, Ritas Eastern European vocal eccentricities, and the ocassional strum of the sitar. Yoshimi handled all mixing and re-mixing. A beautiful full-color picture disc with art by Yoshimi and Rita. Is it middle-eastern? Indeed, it is Eastenburia. --S@1. Sounds like one long drug overdose. -Scaruffi

PLANTS- DUNN/OLSON/RAMIREZ - 12/15/93 LP (killertree, usa)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*restocked… 1993 - we got our cherries busted with youth noise and desperate freedom. It was a call for musical separation from everything that plugged in and we fuckin got it. We (Jeff Dunn, John Olson & Bryan Ramirez) met many evenings per week for over a year solid, most likely cranked around 200 sessions all recorded on 90 minute tapes - roughly 9000 minutes - all ground into dust, gone. Shit was molded in the walls of 1610 Kzoo St. Lansing, MI, or ransacked by noise bums, or recorded over. But, there was one that got away from the doomhole - a second generation cassette. The recording was at 6am before Ramirez was to catch a flight to Florida - road cone gravity bongs sent this fucker into sleepy-eyed wee-mugs that filed along towards school - periodically glancing at the house to hear this horrendous alien arguement thundering from sax/drums/guitar/keys all aligned in the rocket room. The recording is shattering. Minced analog skreedom recklessly curing informal ills and breaking windows from pure soundwave pressure. Free sound from the early years all innocent-like. Pure and demented is pure demented freedom. Screened covers - killer liners/history lesson by John Olson - limited run.

LYDSOD- ANCIENT AGE LP (nest recordings, usa)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*Debut record from Brooklyn-based group LYDSOD on the Nest Recordings label. Devoted to an ideology of non-stop recording, "Ancient Age" is a psychedelic petri dish displaying the reassembled highlights of a year and a halfs worth of group improvisations . For each session a reel of tape is loaded onto the machine and the members embark on a journey led by the core unit of JZ Barrell on drums and Patrick Hambrecht on sampling keyboard. Guest players Alice Cohen, Zach Layton and Nick Anderson reflect the resulting axis of sound back at them, only to have it sampled again into a sonic hall of mirrors. "Ancient Age" contains the distilled essence of these 18 months of recordings, in one potent dose. Additional guest players include Hamish Kilgour (The Clean / Mad Scene), Linda Hagood (Double U / Smack Dab), Danny Tunick and Chris Talsness. One-time limited and numbered pressing of only 115 copies with full-color spraymounted covers.

18.98usd/13.21gbp/14.84eur/1857jpy (approx)

*Edited live recordings, sometimes sounds like a borbetomagus storm, sometimes sounds like being in the middle of a bombing in Palestine. A Picture of this record should be next to every definition of Noise music. Lasse Marhaug plays in Jazkamer and has at least 300 other great projects solo and with other people. Dror Feiler served as a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces, and refused to serve in the occupied territories in the early 70s. He is now a Swedish-Israeli musician and artist and has been living in Stockholm, Sweden since 1973. He is active as a composer of modern music and enjoys giving ear problems and headaches to classically trained musicians. The most brutal vinyl record you will hear this year. Limited to 300 copies.

18.98usd/13.21gbp/14.84eur/1857jpy (approx)

*New solo LP of strange sounds, vocal improvisations,strings, tape manipulations and hiss drones from Dylan Nyoukis (Decaer Pinga,Blood Stereo) inside his wino lodge. Sounds like it was recorded in a 4 track in 1972 in an insane asylum, then puke over and thrown into the sea, then discovered recently and transfer directly to Vinyl via marine analog tape communication device. Limited to 300 copies.

27.98usd/19.47gbp/21.88eur/2738jpy (approx)

*This is the picture disc lp version of the now classic and out of print Prurient release. Limited to 500 copies. Original description: A tale of lost love and desperation, this is Prurients full length follow up to the acclaimed Pleasure Ground. And Still,Wanting takes the recent new direction of combining layered synths and electronic loops with his usual poignant vocals to a whole new level of intensity. A new chapter in obsession with all that is mundane in our human life.

SCORCES- I TURN INTO YOU 2LP (not not fun, usa)
27.98usd/19.47gbp/21.88eur/2738jpy (approx)

*nnfs first double lp and its a doozy. The carter/leigh murray duo digs up 4 deep sides from the vault and theyre as impressive as any weve heard. Severe quiet, lost moods, strange strings, etc. with fancy embossed jackets (designed by Marcia Bassett) plus an insert.

KODAMA- TURNING LEAF MIGRATIONS LP (olde english spelling bee, usa)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*Kodama is the ongoing recording project of two well-known visual and sound artists - Hitoshi Kojo and Michael Northam - and this is their first widely available release as a duo. Recorded in various improbable locations whenever they crossed paths over the course of several years and then finally edited and assembled in a cluttered garage in the west side of Indianapolis. There is a decidedly more improvisational feel and crisp psychedelic aura to these recordings when compared to their other work and one can hear the influence of Ghedalia Tazartes in how the various recordings were stitched together. Limited pressing of 500 copies. Covers & insert printed on 2-color offset press with illustrations and design by Hitoshi Kojo." -Olde English Spelling Bee "We are the spirit of forest. Our howling has been offered to the many goddesses of the valleys. Teething our emptiness they, licking the stars, until white holes appear in our sky through them towards regenerative guides of the tonal-morphic omni-verses. Using found objects to seduce voices from unlikely sources as well as traditional instruments of wind, wires and wood. Kodama weaves between emotional poetry and dynamic forces of noises. The recordings have a strong atmosphere of each location - the top of a mountain in Switzerland, a campground in Ohio, Lofoten Island in Norway, the arctic circle in Finland, Niagara Falls, etc. It includes a lot of the dirts of the raw recordings, but also incredibly beautiful moments such as the session with an owl in a Slovenian forest, an alpine summit singing meditation under the vast galaxy, and an encounter with the small people through strange ritual...

STARVING WEIRDOS- BLUE HERONS LP (olde english spelling bee, usa)
23.98usd/16.69gbp/18.75eur/2346jpy (approx)

*Full-length vinyl release from northern California "free drift" unit the Starving Weirdos. Blue Herons features two side-long tracks: "Manila" and "King Radness On His Royal Swim", both choice selections of their expansive drone/improv sound. Deluxe gatefold silkscreened covers with art by Nate Nelson (of Mouthus/Religious Knives/Crazy Dreams Band). Limited edition of 470 copies.

19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*Anamnestic Tincture is a live album by virtuosic musical carpenter Paul Metzger, culled from many hours of concert recordings. Side one comprises Metzgers public debut on his modified banjo, recorded in 2002 at a former church-turned-underground art space in Minneapolis. One of his most memorable compositions, "After Milo" later turned up as an untitled improvisation on his CD for the Chairkickers label. Jumping ahead six years (and several more banjo alterations later) to side two, the glittering "Orans" gets a workout at a memorial show for the artist Matt Zaun. As an acknowledgment of the occasion, Metzger also gave a one-time-only performance -- "Dark Green Water" -- on another of his mutant instruments: an acoustic guitar with the body drilled out to accommodate a cymbal set into its face, and ten assorted strings of varying lengths laid over the top, giving it a particularly metallic and dissonant sound. Anamnestic Tincture is released in an edition of 425 copies, with an original vintage snapshot mounted on each cover.

18.98usd/13.21gbp/14.84eur/1857jpy (approx)

*The next time someone makes that old joke about noise sounding like a car crash can offer this LP as proof: its nothing but the sound of car crashes, all mangled up as only GX can do it -- tires squealing, glass shattering, metal crunching, wrecked, totalled -- SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE SMASH CRASH SCREEEEEEECH SMASH SMASH CRASH -- quite possibly the perfect noise album. GX says its his best LP to date. Im inclined to agree -- wear your seatbelt. 500 copies.

12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*Recent release from former member of Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti… Gary War, the mysterious upstart from Brooklyn, NY has just released his debut LP this winter on SHDWPLY/DISARO Records. Playing with vast, sweeping echoes, softly sung lyrics, and infusing sonic textures through synth-driven overtures, Gary Wars album, New Raytheonport takes us through the often banal sonics of the psychedelic form with a fresh take on what seems at first, an aggregate of the past couple of decades of drug-influenced music, and drops us dead center, at the doorstep to La La Land. His tonal insobriety, from one song to the next is a true sign of the times, where artists are driven to explore different avenues, melding genres, vocal styles and instrumentation to arrive somewhere new, all the while taking the listener along for the ride. Pulling from influences that hold as much up to Chrome as they do Syd Barret, Gary War is able to wrangle them from every corner, and he even covers The Alan Parsons Project without sounding misguided,or a late arriving hippie on a hotbox high. Instead, Gary War creates a sound that wisps through the knobby branches of the past and sumptuously uproots our notions of the boundaries of psychedelia.

JUNKO & MATTIN- JUNKO & MATTIN LP (tochnit aleph, germany)
24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*A new release by HIJOKAIDANs JUNKO HIROSHIGE (voice) and MATTIN (computer+voice). Two pieces recorded September 2006 in Tokyo by TAKU UNAMI.

19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*Hototogisu – the duo of UK experimentalist Matthew Bower (Skullflower/Sunroof et al) and New York-based-guitarist Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards/Zaimph/GHQ) – are all about impact, about taking the physical aspect of sound and hallucinating it to the point of abstraction, so much so that for all of the complexity of their music it often sounds like its standing still, simply hanging in the air and vibrating without anything approaching a plot to bring it to a point. By contrast, Burning Star Core, the trio of drummer Trevor Tremaine, Robert Beatty on electronics (both of whom also play in Hair Police alongside Mike Connelly of Wolf Eyes) and C.Spencer Yeh on violin and electronics, are more overtly propulsive, usurping classic rock form via electronics and drums but still focused on momentum, on the jam as a form of structural gravity, on the unfolding of action via development over time. This all-improvised studio meeting is the perfect reconciliation of both tendencies, of Hototogisus obsessive layering of strata after strata of violently conceived noise and of Burning Star Cores epic, post-Kraut thunder-punk style. Bower has long been on record about his opposition to anything approaching dialogue in improvised music, favouring a senses-devouring simultaneity over anything that might pass for actual exchange, so its no surprise that there is little on this new record that sounds even close to conventionally improvised music. Instead, it feels more focused towards the zone where energy begins to spontaneously birth form, where the monomaniacal pursuit of the nowhere zone bears fruit in the shape of a music that transcends its constituent parts while being totally based around – and rooted in - the individual response to the moment. BXC play it ginchy and garage-pop right from the start, simultaneously inverting and amplifying Bower and Bassetts vertical constructs with drums that sound like they might have been lifted straight from the most flower-power parts of the Silver Apples back catalogue and bass patterns that are as tactile and rock-anchored as Cans Holger Czukay. To hear Hototogisus music given this kind of injection of dynamic energy makes them seem more obviously sourced in classic rock music than you might otherwise have guessed, with a dense, implosive sound that feels like a hyper-distilled take on all of rocks most outlaw aspects, the feedback that makes you feel like you could explode in a ball of electricity, the anti-gravity effect of heavy fuzz, the seductive, alien tongues. Its certainly the most garage band side that either of the groups have cut to date, albeit in the form of a Gnostic, post-acid re-think where the vibration is more important than the outer forms, where energized enthusiasm makes for a more fundamental guiding principle than verse/chorus/verse and where the only direction left is out. Which is another way of saying it feels genuinely bad-ass. In an era where even the best groups seem polite, pro, participatory, democratic, this is music that is disregarding in its overwhelming power, exhilarating in it irresponsible spontaneity. And in an underground scene where self-conscious notions of avant-garde and free improvisation have long displaced any concept of an intuitive rocks off-style, well, it feels like a re-connection to the source. So file this one closer to Kill City or Sticky Fingers than Persian Surgery Dervishes or The Black Album and feel the gravity of your whole record collection shift. - David Keenan, Glasgow, November 2008.

24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*restocked… Vinyl debut of the long anticipated LP by Noel Von Harmonson (COMETS ON FIRE, NVH) and Ben Chasny (SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE, COMETS ON FIRE). Guitar and electronics are deposited in a sacrificial heap at the gates of hell, sickly intertwined and indistinguishable. Bathed in the blood of apocalyptic alchemy, this caterwauling creature rears two heads and screams one wrathful scream. Recorded to two-track tape in San Francisco over the winter of 2005 and mastered by Hans Gruesel at the Krankenkabinet; features deluxe, hand screened black-on-black multipanel packaging. Limited to 666 copies.

13.98usd/9.73gbp/10.93eur/1368jpy (approx)

*unauthorized serivicing the ATM take me back to the post office. handstands at the chud opening. live show in sao paulo at el cavra chupa that felipe set up. a few drums and broken guitars mostly cable buzz and then the bus of british exchange students, wasted after liverpool beats mexico in the semifinals, storm in the gig and start taking the mic some weird void shit goin on. trash dog plays mostly just the kids taking over trash dog just a vehicle at this point for collision. recorded to walkman in dungles back pocket though the chaos getting turned on and off and somehow makes it back to the states and on wax. similiar to the environmental records popular in the 70s this is a recording of basements sounds and maybe a band plays. the crowd is loudest of all. something is happening. is this a record or just gateway drug like some dirty grass near the riverbed? the lawnmower man creeps with WD40 to grease the chain. stevie nix took the right moves.

24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*restocked… Two new 20-minute pieces from Eleh pressed on 200g vinyl and packaged in a custom designed letterpressed, die-cut, folded and glued jacket in a hand-numbered edition of 500. sold out from the label.


23.98usd/16.69gbp/18.75eur/2346jpy (approx)

*restocked… The much-anticipated blast-off release for Speer and his band. Recently rewarded 5 stars in Time Out mag by the music editor, this album is a landmark in laid-back blues and country songwriting, feat. members of NNCK and Sunburned." -S@1. "The inimitable Mr. Speer coined the term himself upon titling his pre-Helix full length release… Forgotten Country. Not so much a forgotten people of a state or a rural area. Not so either some Souths gonna rise again moonshine. More so a return to a way of presenting a music in the context of a tradition (something those boys in the band are pretty high on.) But this isnt your grandfathers Bakersfield were dealing with. Tho the tongue of the balladeer may spin tales ripe with a cast of characters including “the Pastor” Randolph Healey, Cheese Frog, the man from HHS, Uncle Ernie, that guy with the black mustache and red Caddy who stole your girl, and the true born sons of Levi, he sings them not only with the twang of the roadhouse, but tainted with the grit of the streets of the big city. As one casual listener once noted to the band after a performance, “You guys play both types… Country and Psych.” And its true that the sounds contained on After Hours do act on the mind as much as they tug at the heartstrings. Replete with tales of mental instability, infidelity, drunken advice, wartime hucksters, heartbreak, and redemption, the first album by D Charles with his backing band will surely immediately stand out amongst the shards of gothic Americana that litter our fair sonic landscape.Edition of 500 Recorded at Black Dirt Studio. Black Dirt is the new in-house label from Jason Meaghers (NNCK, K Salvatore, Coach Fingers, D Charles Speer and the Helix, etc...) Black Dirt Studios in upstate New York.

23.98usd/16.69gbp/18.75eur/2346jpy (approx)

*restocked… Beautiful dream-dementia pop from a couple tangentially related to the Sea Donkeys/Sublime Frequencies camp in Seattle." -S@1. "Pigeons and doves are so closely related, they are practically interchangeable in the minds of the people who classify such fowl. But in the eyes of the general public, the dove is a beautiful bird symbolizing freedom and peace while the pigeon is a dirty rat with wings that eats our citys garbage and craps on our cars. But maybe the pigeon is a crafty bird, content with its own beauty and happy to obscure it to avoid the glare of our ever intrusive public eye. Virgin Spectacle is a distorted, hungover, and elusive statement. And its in French. Except one word at the end. Or more, if you are to believe those responsible. Regardless, amongst all the fog and feathers is a collection of comely pop and sonic excursions guaranteed to lodge itself in your waking subconscious. Hell, you might even dream of a few of these songs. The fine people who constitute the band named Pigeons would like you to believe that they have stumbled incidentally upon such charm, like a diamond in the mine. Dont believe it. Take yourself out of your particular urban situation. Look toward the skies, and see the besmirched bird for what it really is. They have laid out a sonic journey meant to disorient on the surface, but if you follow their flight youll find yourself cruising along and singing in a language you may not understand. Edition of 500 Recorded at Black Dirt Studio.

16.98usd/11.82gbp/13.28eur/1661jpy (approx)

*restocked… So i would imagine that youd have one look at the photo of King Darves we have here and think "Oh brother! Another guy with a beard getting over what looks like a bad case of the clap and an acoustic guitar. Wheres my axe?" so were not gonna put it up here. (Mystique, dig?) But its really not like that, i tell you! The bedrock of King Darves New Brunswick based concoction is certainly folk based but theres no headband and hes not singing of pixies in the moss. This is somewhere between rolled cigs and the foggy vision of Big Pink from somewhere on Jersey Avenue, or maybe a one-manned Meat Puppets. This kid has really cobbled something together in his kitchen sink! The Sun Splits For ... The Blind Swimmer will shock and please when the prettiest sound of his deep, rich voice comes out of yr headphones, and itll make you tap yr toes and nod yr head like a little Jersey Goil. - Tony Rettman

16.98usd/11.82gbp/13.28eur/1661jpy (approx) (approx)

*restocked… A true solo endeavor, this LP is the debut of D. Charles Speer on long player. Recordings over a span of 4 years have been assembled here into a rumination on loss in its many forms - loss of direction, loved ones, home, mental acuity, money, and emotional stability. Pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl and limited to 500 copies.


V/A- SUN SINGLES ERA 1952-54 3CD (akarma, italy)
49.98usd/34.78gbp/39.09eur/4890jpy (approx)



V/A- MAGIC POTION VOL. 1 LP (soul spin, germany)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*great collection of tracks from rare soul singles of the 1960s… 14 tunes by FRED HUGHES,

V/A- MAGIC POTION VOL. 2 LP (soul spin, germany)
19.98usd/13.90gbp/15.63eur/1955jpy (approx)

*second collection of rare '60s soul sides, this one includes 13 groovy cuts by BARBARA RUDOLPH, SANDY WYNN, EDDIE HOLMAN, GENE McDANIELS, and more!


23.98usd/16.69gbp/18.75eur/2346jpy (approx)

*This was the singer's 1957 debut album, recorded after she had become a major Broadway star but before the move to Hollywood celebrity. Choosing not to include any of her acclaimed Broadway hits, she instead recorded an amazingly interpreted and beautifully orchestrated (by Irwin Kostal) selection of classic English folk songs, with the exception of Noel Coward's 1941 "London Pride," which celebrated the strength and pride of city dwellers during the World War II London air raids.

23.98usd/16.69gbp/18.75eur/2346jpy (approx)

*Originally released in the early 1950s as the Prestige 10" "Dig," later reissued as a 12" with additional tracks, and still later reissued again (completely out of context) under the title "Diggin'" to fit into the "Cookin'," "Steamin'," "Workin'" series, this features 5 fine early Miles Davis bop tracks: "Dig," "It's Only a Paper Moon," "Denial," "Bluing," and "Out of the Blue," with Davis on trumpet, Sonny Rollins tenor sax, a young Jackie McLean on alto sax, Walter Bishop Jr. on piano, Tommy Porter or Charlie Mingus on bass and Art Blakey on drums.

23.98usd/16.69gbp/18.75eur/2346jpy (approx)

*This collects 8 tracks from 3 different sessions in 1953 and 1954, recorded for the Prestige label. "When Lights are Low," "Tune-Up," "Miles Ahead" and "Smooch" feature Miles Davis on trumpet, John Lewis on piano, Charlie Mingus on bass and piano, Percy HEath on bass, and Max Roach on drums. "Four," "Old Devil Moon" and "Blue Haze" have Davis on trumpet, Horace Silver on piano, Heath on bass again, and Art Blakey on drums. "I'll Remember April" has Davis on trumpet, Dave Schildkraut on alto sax, Silver and Heath again on piano and bass, and Kenny Clarke on drums.

23.98usd/16.69gbp/18.75eur/2346jpy (approx)

*This 1957 release on Bethlehem has Mingus and his band (Bill Evans on piano, Jimmy Knepper on trombone, Clarence Shaw and Shafi Hadi on tenor and alto, with drummer Danny Richmond) stretching the boundaries of bop in unpredictable ways on these 5 Mingus originals and one standard. Original art and liner notes.

23.98usd/16.69gbp/18.75eur/2346jpy (approx)

*Originally released as two 10" records called "Jazzical Moods," these 1954 sessions include the work of John LaPorta, Teo Macero, Thad Jones, Jackson Wiley and Clem De Rosa on 6 cool tracks including a great take on "Stormy Weather." Original artwork,


23HZ & NUMAESTRO- ZUMA/FANTASMAS 12” (2nd drop, uk)
12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promo… Like many legendary duo’s - Ike and Tina, Torvil and Dean, Hue and Cry - the chemistry is all-important. And for 23hz & Numaestro it’s no different. The ex pat Barcelona residents are a blend of super techy engineer (23hz) with experienced DJ (Numaestro) whose joint musical journey has mutated through hip hop, soul, drum and bass and techno, into dubstep via UKG and the early sounds of Groove Chronicles, EL-B and Horsepower, is precisely what gives their sound its probing and hypnotic quality. This their third dubstep release, after previous tracks on Bristol based Immerse and as their alter-ego Relocate, Zumo and Fantasmas is already getting props from key players Skream and Breakage, and is set to be a key release in 2009. Zumo kicks off the A side, a wailing banshee impregnated with a filter-bomb, rides atop a bulging sub and pulsing electro refrain which nags and rolls with hypnotic effect, a tell tale sign of the duo’s production style. It’s not all about bangers! And these guys know how to develop a mood and pocket of rhythm up their with Digital Mystikz. Skream has been opening sets with this builder! Fantasmas on the flip is a bassbin destroyer! The phrase “how low can you go” should have originated from this track. A bouncing bassline that could have been stolen from a grotty jungle record dominates, accompanied by a haunting Mediterranean-infused vocal refrain. As always, 2nd Drop commission some fresh and totally bespoke artwork, with this release designed by Portuguese illustrator, Uiu.

BENGA- THE INVASION 2X12” (big apple music, uk)
24.98usd/17.38gbp/19.54eur/2444jpy (approx)

*shop favorite repressed/restocked… Benga's back on the Big Apple Music with this FAT seven track The Invasion EP. Played by and rewound many times by N-Type, Youngsta, Skream, Digital Mystiks, Hijak. Widely regarded as one of the founding forefathers of the scene known as dubstep, after early heads like El-B and Steve Gurley had laid the foundations on swung garage beats and post-jungle rhythms, along came Benga and Big Apple records.

12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promo... Pinball: It’s 2009 and time to expose the world to the sonic delights of Akira Kiteshi: a super Scots android duo currently hiding out in the automata underground after being wrongly accused of cross device sex crimes involving an SP1200, two analogue reels and a heavily warped copy of “Commadore 64 sound FX 4”. Their sound is a melting pot of all things interesting about the current electronic credit crunk climate, the wet meets the dry and the curiously wooden is taunted by the oddly synthetic. Pinball is like an 80’s arcade game soundtrack for an orgy organised by R2D2 and Rick James Trapped within Tron. Wonky meets wobbly. Noglitch Pt 1&2: On the flip we take it back to the Ol Boom Bap! Here the A.K. kids employ a kick snare combo that Dj Premier could (and would) eat his dinner off with an analogue synth-line invoking the dominance of an apocalyptic storm front. Just when 8 bit grooves are locked and the children are dancing the mainframe crashes and we are thrown into glitch melt down…only to be dragged back to out feet with a massive dancehaul rerub. Fyaaaaahhhh! Support : Flying Lotus, Rustie, Joker, Boreta, N-Type, edIT, Clouds, Tes La Rok, Rob Booth, 16bit.

NIVEAU ZERO- ROTOR 12” (destpub, france)
12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*restocked… Destination pub! Let's drink a good beer, while listening to this fat hard bass to open the chakras! Loud sound thanx to a massive premastering and an excellent cut. A new dubstep French artist, on a new dubstep French label? Massive! After 16bit, MonstR, Liquid Wicked and Hupsy Down, 5th release features up-and-coming French artist Niveau Zero for his first 10''. This amazingly open-minded producer delivers a taste of massive and melodic electronic music, a synthesis of all the genres that made his personality, from warp artists to today's dubstep bangers. A- 'Rotor': A mighty yet original 4x4 tune, mixing a techno kick, nervous rotor wobble, steppa dub vibes, guitar skanks and cinematic voices samples, 'Rotor' brings a rich meal on the turntables. Breakdown even leads to an unexpected socca beat that switches the track in an explosive way, leaving listeners astonished. B - 'Cause Of Death': On the flip and still on a 4x4 steppa beat, melodic synths and berimbau meet distorted guitar riffs and hits, led by a rolling dub bassline.

DROID- SO WOT/HEADACHE 12” (down south dub, uk)
12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*Droid comes steppin’ on this, the fifth release for Down South Dub. A-Side : SoWot has got that hard-synth driven jumpy sound while the B side Headache takes us into a more stripped back sound with a sprinkling of those, now mainstay, dubstep ‘GM’ trumpets.

ROB SPARX- THE BLACK SHEEP 12” (dubting, uk)
12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*Here comes Rob Sparx with “The Black Sheep EP”. This is truly a taste of things to come from the highly anticipated album “Trooper”, forthcoming on Dubting in early 2009. An amazing listening journey that will satisfy Dubstep’s deepest fan base. This man has worked solidly for a whole year perfecting his sound and with this EP, it really does show. The production techniques used are second to none and I am sure Rob Sparx will be on the tip of tongues of many influential musos across the globe in 2009. This is one’s for the deep n’ chilled crew who like a tasteful twist.

EDMX- CORAL CITY/CREOLE 2 12” (frijsfo beats, uk)
12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promo… UK garage, dubstep & electro!! Frijsfo Beats is proud to welcome on board a UK electronic music hero in Ed DMX, AKA DMX Krew. Ed offers a new kind of treat from the archives, fusing two-step swing and spacious dubstep rhythms with his immediately recognisable analogue style. The package also includes ‘Creole 2’, an uptempo ragga rhythm complete with shimmering electronic steel drums. Fans will know Ed from prolific work on the Aphex Twin-founded Rephlex label. The ability to mutate a Detroitesque electro sound into sick hybrid forms is something he’s ably proven on releases like the ‘Collapse of the Wave Function’ series. The material on ‘2K3 Beats’ dates from 2003-4, but now seems the right time for these atmospheric tracks to see the light of day.

PANGAEA- YOU & I/ROUTER 12” (hassle audio, uk)
12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*Returning to the front line once again after the tech-spoilings of his ‘Coiled EP’ last year, Hessle coowner Pangaea further enhances his imprint’s progressive attitude. ‘You & I’ skips and melts in equal measures, snappy, skattering beats clatter with an infectious two-step swing, supplemented by a globular bassline, which seems to dip in and out. All this movement is coated in ethereal laments, dance music for sensory deprivation tanks. ‘Router’ on the flip sounds like a re-visioning of Digital Mystikz’s ‘Neverland’ which drifts casually into a Burial wonderland, poaching a muffled vocal and fistful of ambience, extremely delicately put together. Support for these tracks comes from DJ’s from all corners of the world and from a variety of genres including airplay on Radio 1. Grab these quick before they fly out!

12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promo… 2009 brings the debut from the final member of the much talked about Bristol ‘Purple Trinity’ who, alongside Joker and Gemmy, has crafted new technicolour frequencies for the ever evolving dubstep spectrum. ‘Orchestral Lab’ is pure Davinche style strings, square wave pulses, infectious hooks and 808s. Restrained yet anthemic. Irrestistable and addictive. This track has been raising eyebrows on dancefloors and radio for a few months. The other side brings a switch in tempo but remains definitively Guido. A 21st century lament and a cure for dubstep depression, wonky woes and grimey gloominess. This is just a glimpse of the colours Guido has in his lab. This is 2009, the ‘Purple WoW Sound’ is here.

KROMESTAR- VINTAGE/KILLER RAY 12” (southside dubstars, uk)
12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*Big release from Kromestar on the almighty Southside Dubstars label. This is everything you can expect and love from Kromestar.

12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*A: "Whats Going Down" comes with a heavy jungle influence, silky female vocals, amen breaks and deep sub bass. B: "Chest Infection" on the flip takes a more dark and techy vibe, with analog stabs of bass and crunching beats. This release has been played by many Dj's including Bunzero, Matt U, Beezy, Subsound, Militant both in clubs, and on radio stations around the world.

PHAELEH FT. NGAIO- FIRE/ISOLATE 12” (surface tension, uk)
12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*Phaeleh's music - and I use the word "music" purposefully, not "beats" or "tunes" - is quite really some of the best unsigned stuff I've heard this year. - Christine Vaccine Bristol producer and Urban Scrumping label head Phaeleh starts off on Surface Tension with enough melody, flavor and sub-bass for everyone. Starting off with "Fire", vocalist Ngaio throws down some soulful vocals over a dancefloor-smashing bassline that envelops you in sonic warmth and seismic wub. Ostensibly halfstep beats are given momentum by the bassline and the cut up breaks underpinning it all. You will be singing this one to yourself for WEEKS. Promise. Flip it over for "Isolate", a more chilled tune with melodic string bits and ambient vocals washing over solid bass drops. Spacious sounds and textures meld together for a decidedly melodic and musical take on the dubstep sound.

TRILL BASS- LOTUS/GHOST 12” (trill bass, usa)
12.98usd/9.03gbp/10.15eur/1270jpy (approx)

*From the corner to the block, the members of Trill Bass have been putting it down for years. This hard hitting group has one shared life mission: to produce and deliver hard hitting, head banging, chest romping BASS to the masses. First release from this new US Dubstep label.


13.98usd/9.73gbp/10.93eur/1368jpy (approx)

*Nice versatile ep by these dutch guys... incl the old monniker of Dylan Hermelijn... babies from Gong. Effective house tracks!

UNIT MOEBIUS- THE GOLDEN YEARS PART 1 12” (clone classic cuts, netherlands)
13.98usd/9.73gbp/10.93eur/1368jpy (approx)

*The first vinyl version of the upcoming CD album with some magical works of Unit Moebius. This first 12'' contains some of their hottest tracks including the legendary ''World goes around'', an evil cover of a classic Chicagohouse track by Cool McCool. The flip side contains the more deeper side from their first releases. For those who were there in those years '91/'92/'93, at the famous parties in The Hague and Rotterdam, this is a walk down memory lane, for those to young or living in other parts of the world... imagine these tracks in a dark, very dark sweaty basement with only strobe light and smoke machines, camouflage nets, and jacking acid and techno sounds for more then 10 ours. Dj's such as I-f, Serge, Schmerzlabor, Peter Ptau Ptau and live acts such as Unit Moebius played the hottest and freshest music all night long until you lost your sense of time and place and ended in a total mind trip. The pure essence of house and techno! The golden years!

UNIT MOEBIUS- THE GOLDEN YEARS PART 1 12” (clone classic cuts, netherlands)
13.98usd/9.73gbp/10.93eur/1368jpy (approx)

*restocked… Second vinyl version of the CD album with more magical works of Unit Moebius. Including the funking 'Beat That Perculator' re-arranging 'I Beat That Bitch with a Bat', 'Its Time for the Perculator' and 'the Pressure Cooker' into a totally dirty twisted The Hague jack track! The flip side contains the more deeper side from their first releases. For those who were there in those years '91/'92/'93, at the famous parties in The Hague and Rotterdam, this is a walk down memory lane, for those to young or living in other parts of the world... imagine these tracks in a dark, very dark sweaty basement with only strobe light and smoke machines, camouflage nets, and jacking acid and techno sounds for more then 10 ours. Dj's such as I-f, Serge, Schmerzlabor, Peter Ptau Ptau and live acts such as Unit Moebius played the hottest and freshest music all night long until you lost your sense of time and place and ended in a total mind trip. The pure essence of house and techno! The golden years!

THE BEAT BROKER- MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY 12” (flexx, netherlands)
13.98usd/9.73gbp/10.93eur/1368jpy (approx)

*Second Beat Broker release featuring killer high energy space disco track 'My Way Or The Highway'. A big big tune in Patrick Cowley tradition that works its way to an exploding climax. Flip for 'Night Shift', a beautiful melancholic emo-disco tune that has 'Beat Broker' written all over it, pure class. Featuring a dance-floor disco/house remix by John Daly, the man who can do no wrong. Recommended, or what did you expect.

13.98usd/9.73gbp/10.93eur/1368jpy (approx)

*Mixing the visual Ker-POW! of Japanese Anime, the grinding discontent of Riot Grrrl and an intelligent disco breakdown, they've come to turn your black and white universe to technicolor. Lo (voice) and Ben (prog) bonded over a mutual love of Bowie, Daft Punk and The Strokes. But their musical brew is not some concoction of the three. It's a wide screen vision that takes in the belief beauty can be found next to the horrific. A place where the beautiful and brutal sit hand in bloody hand. Ultraviolence comes with a featuring of Naeem from Spankrock rapping all over the track. Chateau Marmont are adding their French groove and soundtracks moody science to the track. Club winners are the infamous Streetlife Djs mashing up the track and Vitalic is making it a late night anthem ! The 12" of the end of the year, a must have ! Feel free to jump to their very own fleet of ice cream trucks operating under the name HEARTSCHALLENGER. With the trucks stationed in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, they spread their message of freedom and the visual aesthetic of confectionery which informs their work- from their artwork to Lo's unique stage make up...

BEPPE LODA & MACRO DJ- ITALOWERK 12” (skylax, france)
14.98usd/10.42gbp/11.72eur/1465jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Beppe Loda with some new works. Nu school italo disco from the old resident dj of the Typhoon club and one of the originators of the cosmic italo disco sound. Some bombastic epic disco tracks!

V/A- 1ST ACCOLADE 12” (millions of moments, germany)
14.98usd/10.42gbp/11.72eur/1465jpy (approx)

*Side label for Millions Of Moments with deep chords and big dubby basslines and everlasting echo's getting lost in space. 4 tracks by Bvdub, SF100, Masafumi Eno and Shinsuke Matsumoto. Futuristic vintage techno on this fine label from Berlin.

15.98usd/12.50gbp/11.72eur/1563jpy (approx)

*Deep floating techno tracks with layers of beautiful synths. as with all Ornaments releases, it’s Limited!!

KUNIYUKI- REMIXED VOL. 4 12” (mule musiq, japan)
13.98usd/9.73gbp/10.93eur/1368jpy (approx)

*The final chapter of kuniyuki remixed series. a side,kuniyuki did the remix for the title song of his 2nd album “all these things". this remix associate the old school house sound like a “face it of master c&j". b1, one of hottest nu disco producer “mark e” did the remix of flying music. he picked the best point from original song and made club friendly version. b2, our friend alex from tokyo’s “tokyo black star(innervisions)” did the remix of birds. his remix is like a sound of “mood&grooves". these three tracks are allround quality music!


gift certificates are always available in any denomination and come in a envelope ready to be stocking stuffed, slipped into pockets or dispensed in any way you see fit. they can be paid for in cash, credit card (visa, master card or discover) or paypal in person, phoned in or via email. gift certificates not paid for in person can either be mailed to you, or we can keep it in shop if the recipient plans to use it for mail-order.


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