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even more heavy hitters this week! check em out… lollipop shoppe vinyl, died pretty dbl cd, tinariwen vinyl, new and restocked slow to speak 12s, new and restocked titles on em, dialect and battle, django reinhardt reissues on monk, tons of dubstep (new one on loefah's new swamp 81 label!) and so much more… come on down and check em out!!!


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DIED PRETTY- FREE DIRT 2CD (aztec music, australia)
27.98usd/19.85gbp/22.37eur/2762jpy (approx)

*in the current wave of interest regarding pre-oasis brit-pop (or indie or c-86 or whatever you choose to call it), there hasn’t been enough attention paid to the australian strain of the form (needless to say there are A LOT of groups amongst the current and former british empire that were charter members –see l.a.’s dream syndicate for n. america’s contribution)… died pretty, one of the best of ‘em, maybe more polished (or realized… depending on how you look at things) than say early jesus and mary chain, primal scream or the pastels, but all the byrds/60s influences are there (both in style –beatle boots!- and in substance –guitar jangle!-. awesome and essential stuff!!!… Died Pretty's magnificent 1986 debut LP: Free Dirt is one of the all time classic Australian albums. It followed 3 excellent singles / EPs and signaled the arrival of what would become of our most loved bands over their celebrated 18 year career. Collected here, for the first time, are Died Pretty's first five releases: the Out Of The Unknown and Mirror Blues singles, the Next To Nothing EP, the Free Dirt album and the Stoneage Cinderella single. Plus an additional 10 bonus tracks -- including previously unreleased demos, a live-to-air radio performance from 1986 and other live rarities. This deluxe 2CD version is packaged in an 8 panel digipak, with a 28-page booklet containing many previously unpublished photos. It has been digitally remastered from the original master tapes.

19.98usd/14.17gbp/15.97eur/1972jpy (approx)

*it’s always a pleasure to get a new vinyl reissue of the lollipop shoppe lp, and this ones one of the nicest yet… exact-repro on 180 gram vinyl. One of Fred (Dead Moon) Cole's earliest bands. "'You Must Be A Witch' by the Lollipop Shoppe was one of the most ferocious garage punk singles of the 1960s, a savage blast of paranoia and electric guitar that became a sought-after collectable among garage fanatics and one of the high points of the Nuggets box set. The tune was powerful enough that one had to wonder how a group so fierce would come up with a name as silly as the Lollipop Shoppe, and the truth is they didn't: they were known as the Weeds until their manager scored them a deal with Uni Records, who found their original moniker too outré (the marijuana reference didn't help) and saddled them something a bit more 'mod'. The Lollipop Shoppe cut just one album, 1967's Just Colour, and 'You Must Be A Witch' is easily the most hard-edged cut on the record, but if the Lollipop Shoppe don't hit quite as hard on the other 11 tunes, the material is strong enough to impress any fan of vintage garage or psychedelia." -- amg


42.98usd/30.48gbp/34.36eur/4243jpy (approx)

*Tinariwen's critically acclaimed Aman Iman is now available as a gatefold two-LP set. Aman Iman, is the band's third recording for World Village. It was produced by British bluesman and Justin Adams and recorded at Bogolan studios in Bamako, Mali. The album's fifteen tracks celebrate their Tamashek heritage in all its trance-inducing, hipshaking, majesty, mystery and magic.

14.98usd/10.63gbp/11.98eur/1479jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… New 12" compiled by Francis Englehardt and Paul Nickerson for Slow To Speak and featuring two of the more understated Black Sabbath works of mastery. Most are familiar with the infamous Sabbath, the band that pioneered the modern-day use of the power chord, the indisputable predecessors of metal and hardcore that spent their days consuming copious amounts of drink, then drug, to the chagrin of the record labels, the critics and conservatives of their homeland U.K. and the world abound -- and managed to churn out some the dopest and most infectious rock records spanning throughout the 1970s while they were at it. Black Sabbath represented the unabashed hedonism of their time, freely submitting their bodies and minds to the uncontrollable sway of consumption while committed to the most pure and basic essentials to the playing and recording of music. 'Planet Caravan' and 'Solitude' are both atypical selections from Sabbath's expansive catalog that capture those seldom moments of breathtaking clarity that shined through the clouds of self-imposed haze, proof that even in the most dazed and confused states of addiction, individuals can still manage to excavate those most deeply burrowed pieces of truth in the chasms of their soul, to shine the light of knowledge for all to see, hear and experience for themselves. These stunning pieces of murky, dark, cryptic beauty just go to show that even in the deepest gutters of humanity's dark underbelly, the light of spirit lives on with determined vigor. Indeed, those most depraved and lost souls have within them potentially its most fertile breeding ground. Silkscreened jacket.


18.98usd/13.46gbp/15.18eur/1874jpy (approx)

*First release on a new Numero Group subsidiary label… Culled from a warped acetate cut at Variety Recording Service in 1962, Songs Of Leaving is the complete songbook of New York folkie Niela Miller. Something of a Bleeker & MacDougal scenester, Miller picked up the guitar after an encounter with Eric Weissberg, lent her Martin to Pete Seeger, and even had Dave Van Ronk cover 'Mean World Blues.' Her real claim to fame, however, is writing 'Baby Don't Go To Town,' a song that boyfriend Billy Roberts would steal and 'rewrite' as 'Hey Joe.' You've heard Hendrix, Love, the Byrds, the Creation, Wilson Pickett and hundreds others do it, now hear the original for the first time.


THE LAFAYETTE AFRO ROCK BAND- MALIK LP (as the record turns, usa)
18.98usd/13.46gbp/15.18eur/1874jpy (approx)

*2007 release in stock for the first time… Between 1974 and 1975, a group of black American musicians from Long Island, New York recorded two albums while living in Paris under the name The Lafayette Afro Rock Band. They have attained legendary underground status as potent slices of Motherland-fortified funk-jazz. Though the LPs sold a mere 5,000-10,000 copies upon their release, key tracks have been sampled by rap stars from LL Cool J to Jay Z, blazing fresh interest in the mysterious septet. The band began in 1971 as Bobby Boy Congress. Sensing a saturation level of funk bands in the U.S., they figured they might have a better chance of breaking through in the European market. When success did not present itself fast enough, lead singer Bobby Boy returned home and was later replaced by Arthur Young. In the interim, two important things happened. First, the band settled in Paris' 80% African Barbesse district, jamming in all of the Paris clubs and marinating in a musical stew of Afro funk vibrations. Second, they encountered French producer Pierre Jaubert (aka 'Berjot'), who owned the Parisound recording studio and two rehearsal facilities, one of which he squired the band into with the admonishment to practice around the clock.... Their second album, Malik contained what would become their most galvanizing selection of all, 'Darkest Light.' Composed by guest guitarist Michael McEwan, the song is renowned for its haunting saxophone intro (sampled on Public Enemy's Bomb Squad-produced hyper interlude 'Show 'Em Whatcha Got' and Wreckx-n-Effect's double-platinum dance jam 'Rump Shaker,' produced by Teddy Riley, DJ Quik and a 16 year-old Pharrell Williams). Frank Abel added a secret ingredient to the magic bag (a precursor to the vocoder) -- a tube blown through a bag containing car horn parts into a keyboard for a funky gurgling effect. Also of note are the percussive 'Conga' (later included on the influential Ultimate Breaks And Beats compilation) and 'Raff' by Californian Leroy Gomez who'd contributed 'Hihache' to the previous LP. In addition to the remaining five body rockin' jams from Malik -- all penned by band members -- this special reissue includes two bonus tracks: 'Quick' (an outtake from the Malik sessions) and 'The Gap' (from Ice's Seven Americans In Paris LP).

18.98usd/13.46gbp/15.18eur/1874jpy (approx)

*Bureau B presents a vinyl-only slice of Polish jazz, Piotr Figiel's Organy Hammonda, originally recorded in 1971, and newly remastered from the original tapes from the Polish record company, Pronit. Word has got around that Poland is home to an excellent jazz scene, and has been for some time. There are still many treasures to be unearthed, and this release is an excellent follow-up to the label's first excursion into Polish jazz, the vinyl re-pressing of Henryk Debich's String Beat in mid-2008. Highly talented pianist, (film) composer and arranger Piotr Figiel is one of Poland's most celebrated musicians. He boasts a vast arsenal of hits, albeit in the smoother terrain of popular music, and was one of the country's most sought-after jazz-pianists, featuring on many albums before he settled into a more mainstream mode. Organy Hammonda was his first solo album and entirely arranged by himself. Other soloists who can be heard on the record include Tomasz Hanko (trumpet), Janusz Muniak (flute, tenor sax) and Janusz Stafanski (drums). You don't need a degree in Polish to work out which instrument dominates Organy Hammonda. Piotr Figiel had just got back from a three-year stint in Scandinavia (whose press dubbed him "the Polish Bacharach") where he discovered the joys of the Hammond organ. When he returned home, he wasted no time in working his new favorite instrument into recordable arrangements. The results were fantastic: without hiding his jazz roots, Piotr Figiel navigates a course through Latin, funk, rock, fusion and easy-listening, all with a chugging breakbeat and heavy Hammond sound. Sporadic scats add extra spice here and there, although the LP is predominantly instrumental. Towards the end of side two, Piotr even ventures into classical territory, or so one might think, yet anyone who remembers the song "Jane B." on the first Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg album will recognize the Anglo-French sex symbol and her lover as a greater source of inspiration than Chopin. In a nutshell, Organy Hammonda represents some of the finest material to emerge from the heyday of Polish jazz, complete with hefty breaks and big Hammond sounds.

WICKED WITCH CHAOS- 1978-86 LP (em, japan)
24.98usd/17.72gbp/19.97eur/2466jpy (approx)

WICKED WITCH CHAOS- 1978-86 CD (em, japan)
19.98usd/14.17gbp/15.97eur/1972jpy (approx)

*shop favorite in stock on cd for the first time, vinyl restocked… First-time ever reissue of rare evil psycho machine-funk from '80s Washington, D.C., including previously-unreleased mixes. Now is not the time to doubt your senses -- the Wicked Witch does exist. Born and raised in the musical magical cauldron of Washington D.C., Wicked Witch combines elements from alchemical mentors Parliament Funkadelic, Sun Ra, ESG, Run DMC, James Brown and Jimi Hendrix to cast a crazed spell on the innocent listener. An evil mass of machine-funk with lashings of rhythm and blues and fusion delivered direct from the heart of the Witch, a misunderstood psycho-genius weaving his solo web deep within the dark studio walls. Trained by masters at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Wicked Witch is in full control; he plays all, knows all, tells all. His message will not be denied. Believe your ears, believe your eyes: the Wicked Witch does indeed exist. First-time ever re-issue, remastered from the original master tapes, including rare photos.


24.98usd/17.72gbp/19.97eur/2466jpy (approx)

*shop favorite reissued on vinyl for the first time… Long-awaited, newly repressed for vinyl LP edition of the legendary 5-track first LP from U.S. horn wizard & original underground FM radio DJ Roland P. Young, featuring soprano sax, clarinet, and electronically-processed bass clarinet. Young's mid-'70s work with jazz/chamber/electronic ensemble Infinite Sound (including members Glenn Howell and Aisha Kahlil) helped form the musical language of Isophonic Boogie Woogie, a solo, jazz/world music-flecked exploration of acoustic and electronic sounds. An enjoyable outing from a neglected musician. Cosmic Afro-minimal electronic winds recorded in late 1970s San Francisco. CD version re-released in 2005 on Em Records.

25.98usd/18.43gbp/20.77eur/2565jpy (approx)

*From December 1934 to late September 1935, the Quintette du Hot Club de France, founded by gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt and French violinist Stéphane Grappelli, cut nearly 20 titles for the Parisian based branch of the German Ultraphone label. During the nine months they spent under contract with Ultraphone, their repertoire included some original compositions by members of the band, as well as classic jazz gems. The selections proposed here offer a sample of Django's early genius, who showed the jazz community that the 'American way' of playing jazz was not the only one. Packaged in 78 rpm style deluxe plain cardboard sleeve.

25.98usd/18.43gbp/20.77eur/2565jpy (approx)

*The British Decca company, who had distributed the early Ultraphone sides in England, was attracted by the sudden success of the band and decided to start, in the autumn of 1935, with new recording sessions, now at the enhanced Polydor studios in Paris. Although dealing with such musicians was often quite challenging for the German Polydor technical engineers, some of the results were musically remarkable, despite some low figure sales. Even during his Polydor-Decca phase Django recorded for other companies, including French Gramophone, and in November 1935 he met modern pianist Garnet Clark and US trumpeter Bill Coleman. Packaged in 78 rpm style deluxe plain cardboard sleeve.

25.98usd/18.43gbp/20.77eur/2565jpy (approx)

*While 1937 came to a close on the notes of the virtuoso 'Tea For Two,' 1938 began with the first appearance of the Quintette du Hot Club de France in England, an even greater sell-out event than Duke Ellington. The London recording sessions for Decca took place a few days after that event. Django played his own compositions, some jazz hits, and accompanied solos, the sound being now improved and more mature. The British episode was short but intense, and three more titles were recorded later, in August. In-between Django also recorded three sides with Benny Carter, who had widely played around Europe beginning in 1935. Packaged in 78 rpm style deluxe plain cardboard sleeve.

25.98usd/18.43gbp/20.77eur/2565jpy (approx)

*During the 1930s in the vast region of the American Southwest, particularly in Texas and Oklahoma, a younger generation gave birth to a new form of popular dance music. In the hard years of the depression, both rural enthusiasts who played by ear, and others who had basic notions of written music joined together and participated in the development of the so-called 'western swing'. The elements which flow into this music are easily detectable on recordings by western swing groups, melting white and black swing across the country (Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Cab Calloway, etc.), together with blues, fiddle music and ragtime, which was particularly strong in the regional heritage of Texas. Packaged in 78 rpm style deluxe plain cardboard sleeve.

14.98usd/10.63gbp/11.98eur/1479jpy (approx)

*Andromeda is a supergalaxy in the universe whose rays extend two billion times brighter and deeper than the light from the sun of our solar system. In the metagalactic cosmos, mighty Andromeda is the celestial, etheric heart in the great cosmic body of the Lord. Inside this magnificent superstructure of spiraling stars, the suffering and sorrows of humanity burn brightly and profusely everyday, and are deeply felt with the heart of the dear Lord. At the coda point of this music, I can hear the Lord's voice as it spoke to me three years ago, saying 'Do you feel like suffering for my love?' I feel the Lord's suffering within my being everyday. Mother Kundalina Shakti pushes inside me. Silkscreened jacket.

D*NOTE/STEVE REICH- D*VOTION/COME OUT 12” (slow to speak, usa)
14.98usd/10.63gbp/11.98eur/1479jpy (approx)

*D*Note's "D*Votion" taken from the album Babel. Steve Reich's "Come Out" taken from the album Early Works… The newest reissue from Slow To Speak's Francis Englehardt & Paul Nickerson features a simply timeless, remarkably ahead of its time production from British production collective D*Note. 'D*Votion' really stood alone at its time as an early staple of what would later become the sound strived for by the maturing productions of the late 1990s: not exactly a house record, too versatile to be pigeonholed 'nu-jazz,' simply too good not to withstand petty relegation into a soon-to-be-forgotten category of irrelevant electronic music. 'D*Votion' breaths new air into ailing earlobes, its warm, melodic chord progression, its wisely withheld breakbeat that peaks only at the triumphant end of the track, it's entire movement, a whole, cohesive, masterfully arranged and executed piece that builds with the steady crafted production, a nod to the minimal repetition and lush chord structures of early ambient stalwarts whose use of reiterated waves of basic melodies and wall-high synths established early on the means by which a song can entrance its audience into a sublimely euphoric daze. But more important than the techniques of production and arrangement, some pieces of music contain the precise chords, the very notes, the disposition perhaps, that seem so effective at cutting straight through the shell of socialized resistance to visceral experience that it's appeal can justly be deemed 'universal': objectively, undeniably beautiful. On the flip of this 12" is an example of early, stripped down minimalism from avant-garde composer Steve Reich with 'Come Out,' a repetitive, simple piece of early sampling that builds incrementally in its unsettling, almost haunting air of desolate, filtered echoes of human reflection. Don't miss this limited 12".

PHAROAH SANDERS- ELEVATION 12” (slow to speak, usa)
14.98usd/10.63gbp/11.98eur/1479jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… A shining example of technical virtuosity & conceptual vision, Pharoah Sanders came to prominence like so many jazz greats before him: having honed his professional craft playing in local rhythm & blues acts in Oakland, CA, Sanders traveled East in 1961 to become part of the rising avant-garde jazz circle of New York City, and, per the protocol of the honorable and sacred lineage of jazz musicians, bloomed into his own under the creative support of an elder's weathered wing -- in this case, playing tenor saxophone with John Coltrane through the early- to mid-1960s, participating and to a great extent influencing the increasingly free-formed jazz experimentations that Coltrane's outfit would become deeply immersed in throughout this era. Despite amassing unparalleled respect & reverence from his peers and devoted followers in the free-jazz community, Sanders quickly rejected the allegedly boundless domain of anti-structure that he had helped to construct, embarking -- whether through conscious intention or accidental genius -- to develop a new aesthetic that recognized within the infinite & completely un-chartable expanses of some free-jazz experimentation & expressionism lay an acute dogmatism, and 'ideology of anti-ideology' that Sanders would quickly supersede through his explorations of melody and musicality in esoteric notational expression. Pharoah Sanders arose as one of the quintessential figureheads of a musical genre that, ironically, refuted the very concepts of individual egotistical worth and corporeal concern, focused on the transitive and transcendent properties of melody & impeccably-crafted harmony, their philosophical, spiritual and political potentials through its theory & practice: 'spiritual jazz.' The major contribution that Sanders and his contemporaries in this newly-budding genre of the early 1970s discovered was the higher form of expressionism, not through absolute refutation and denunciation of structure, but through the careful analysis and engagement with the basic necessities of musical simplicity to create something completely boundless within the parameters of traditional structure: an autonomous zone of instrumental catharsis that allowed equally the unrestrained bursting of brass screams and the meditative soothing of repetitive bass refrains & lush melodic chords -- a perfectly boundless synthesis of free expression & wise musical grounding. This latest reissue compiled by Slow To Speak's Francis Englehardt & Paul Nickerson highlights with equal reverence and profound awe the transitive properties of Sander's masterful arrangement and musical prophecy, featuring two original works of the tenor great, 'Elevation' & 'Astral Traveling,' along with his absolutely breathtaking early groundwork with Alice Coltrane with the classic 'Journey In Satchidananda.'


24.98usd/17.72gbp/19.97eur/2466jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Born and raised in Cuba, Lazaro Pla was a master "bongosero" known world-wide as Manteca. This vinyl reissue of Ritmo y Sabor, a mid-'70s rarity, features 35 minutes of percussion madness that will please any and all interested in pure, deep Latin music. Heavy, relentless yet limber bass-driven grooves are the order of the day, featuring Manteca's percussive extrapolations as well as the irresistible contributions of Nelson 'El Flaco' Pardon on timbales and Carlos 'Potato' Valdez on congas. Manteca was a featured performer with pianist Ernesto Lecuona, acknowledged as Cuba's greatest composer; Manteca's dazzling work can be found on recordings with Lecuona's Cuban Boys, as well as sideman work with other Cuban combos. His recorded output as leader and featured soloist is limited, however, so this LP, with its no-nonsense old-school rootsy production is a blessing, a chance to hear the master in full flight. Two vinyl sides of Afro-Cuban funk paradise from renowned legend Manteca!

V/A- CHOUBI CHOUBI! FOLK & POP SOUNDS FROM IRAQ CD (sublime frequencies, usa)
16.98usd/12.04gbp/13.58eur/1676jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… 2009 repress! Meticulously selected from Iraqi cassettes and LPs found in Syria, Europe and the Iraqi neighborhoods of Detroit, Michigan, this unique collection of folk and pop styles displays a wealth of outstanding music that is exclusive to Iraq and has rarely been showcased abroad. There are many reasons why Iraqi music stands alone in the dynamic world of Arabic music: one example is the unbelievable rapid fire machine-gun rhythms fluttering atop the main tempo. This is the work of a unique nomadic hand drum called the khishba -- also known as the zanbour (Arabic for "wasp"). A style prominently featured here is the infamous Iraqi choubi -- a driving rhythmic style that can include fiddles, double reeded instruments, percussion, bass, keyboards and oud over its signature beat. Other styles featured are the basta (an urban Baghdadi style), the bezikh, and the pulsating hecha. Also heard is the mawal -- a vocal improv that sets the tone of a song, regardless of the style. Additionally there are three cuts from Ja'afar Hassan's 1970s record, Let's Sing Together. Being a folk-rock record, it's a true anomaly for Iraq. Hassan was a mouthpiece for the Iraqi Socialist movement just a few years before Saddam Hussein. But most of the music in this collection was produced during the Saddam period between the 1980s and 2002. Since the 2003 invasion and the wholesale disassembly of the country, classic tracks like these may already be part of a disappeared past.

17.98usd/12.75gbp/14.38eur/1775jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… 2009 repress. If you think you've heard all the great electric guitar styles in the world, think again. This Saharan sand-blizzard of fine-crushed glass will grind your face to a bloody pulp. Group Doueh play raw and unfiltered Saharawi music from the former colonial Spanish outpost of the Western Sahara. Doueh (pronounced "Doo-way") is their leader and a master of the electric guitar. He's been performing since he was a child playing in many groups before finally creating his own in the 1980s. Doueh says he's influenced by Western pop and rock music especially Jimi Hendrix and James Brown. His sound is distorted, loud and unhinged with an impressive display of virtuosity and style only known in this part of the world. His wife Halima and friend Bashiri are the two vocalists in the group. Sahrawi songs are from the sung poetry of the Hassania language. The music is based on the same modal structure as Mauritanian music, however, Doueh's style is a looser appropriation infused with a Western guitar scope, one that relies, in his words, as much on Hendrix as it does traditional Sahrawi music. It also adds a playful pop element that rarely filters through in this region. Doueh has turned down countless offers from Morocco and Europe to release his music but he decided to offer Sublime Frequencies access to his homemade recordings and photo archive for this amazing debut. CD reissue of the first Sublime Frequencies LP release. Standard Sublime Frequencies 8-page CD insert includes great photos of the musicians and liner notes by Hisham Mayet.

17.98usd/12.75gbp/14.38eur/1775jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… 2009 repress. Omar Souleyman is a Syrian musical legend. Since 1994, he and his musicians have emerged as a staple of folk-pop throughout Syria, but until now they have remained little known outside of the country. To date, they have issued more than five-hundred studio and live-recorded cassette albums which are easily spotted in the shops of any Syrian city. Born in rural northeastern Syria, he began his musical career in 1994 with a small group of local collaborators that remain with him today. The myriad musical traditions of the region are evident in their music. Here, classical Arabic mawal-style vocalization gives way to high-octane Syrian dabke (the regional folkloric dance and party music), Iraqi choubi and a host of Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish styles, among others. This amalgamation is truly the sound of Syria. The music often has an overdriven sound consisting of phase-shifted Arabic keyboard solos and frantic rhythms. At breakneck speeds, these shrill Syrian electronics play out like forbidden Morse-code, but the moods swing from coarse and urgent to dirgy and contemplative in the rugged anthems that comprise Souleyman's repertoire. Oud, reeds, baglama saz, accompanying vocals and percussion fill out the sound from track to track. Mahmoud Harbi is a long-time collaborator and the man responsible for much of the poetry sung by Souleyman. Together, they commonly perform the "Ataba," a traditional form of folk poetry used in Dabke. On stage, Harbi chain smokes cigarettes while standing shoulder to shoulder with Souleyman, periodically leaning over to whisper the material into his ear. Acting as a conduit, Souleyman struts into the audience with urgency, vocalizing the prose in song before returning for the next verse. Souleyman's first hit in Syria was Jani (1996) which gained cassette-kiosk infamy and brought him recognition throughout the country. Sublime Frequencies is honored to present the Western debut of Omar Souleyman with this retrospective disc of studio and live recordings spanning 12 years of his career, culled from cassettes recorded between 1994 and 2006. This collection offers a rare glimpse into Syrian street-level folk-pop and Dabke -- a phenomena seldom heard in the West, not previously deemed serious enough for export by the Syrians and rarely, if ever, included on the import agenda of worldwide academic musical committees.


MAGNETIC MAN- THE CYBERMAN 12” (white label, uk)
12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*Highly anticipated debut release from Magnetic Man. Magnetic Man is the world’s first live Dubstep group comprising of three of the most revered and in demand Producer/DJ’s from the Dubstep scene: Benga (’Diary Of An Afro Warrior’ / Winner of DJ Mag Best LP of 2008 Award), Skream (’Skream!’ / Winner of Best DJ Mag Best DJ of 2008 Award) and Artwork, the man behind the seminal Big Apple Records. Magnetic Man have completed two sell out UK tours even without a record out and have already played to thousands of people at Roskilde, Glastonbury, Lowlands, Big Chill and Creamfields Festivals. Benga and Skream have been caning dubs from the EP in their own DJ sets to devastating effect and have received strong support from the likes of Zinc, Joker, Rusko, Annie Mac, Mary Anne Hobbs & Gilles Peterson who received advance copies of the release. Now with demand almost at breaking point, people can finally get their hands on this vital dancefloor weaponry and own a 12" piece of history, the debut release from Dubsteps first live act.

NARCOSSIST- BROTHEL CREEPER/TARGETS 12” (clandestine cultivations, uk)
12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*Another promising percussive newcomer is Narcossist, who hails from a small village in the north of rural England but sounds like he has a hotline to Croydon circa 2004. He's perhaps best known for his track which opens Grievious Angel's amazing Dubstep Sufferah Vol. 3 mix. Definitely worth investigating, with it's garagey bass stabs, clipped drums and sense of rolling propulsion. -Martin Clark

MRK 1- DUBELEK/BORDERLINE 12” (contagious, uk)
12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*Finish copy promo… Manchester’s biggest dubstep export marks the twentieth instalment of his Contagious Music with this pair of tough dancefloor rinsers. ‘Dubelek’ wastes no time, a basic intro of woozy detuned and choice ethnic vocals getting wound up tight before the heavy drop – big fat halfstepping drums and pinpoint percussion propping up a monster stabbing bassline that filters and mutates as the tune goes on. ‘Borderline’ complements the A side nicely, with more lively swinging drums driven onwards by a sick selection of evil wobble bass.-DJ Magazine

11.98usd/8.50gbp/9.58eur/1182jpy (approx)

*Does this man have a pressing plant in his house?!?! This weeks Kromestar 12" sees the man reconciling his two dubstep alter egos Kromestar & Droid into one behemoth of rave badness. '6 Points' is the one you need to check, dropping an uptempo jump-up dubstep cut with Detroity synth washes and untamed bleeps for a firing ravers cut, while on the flip there's two sub standard wobble 'n grind by numbers joints. Big with N-Type, Chef, Search & Destroy, or Rossi B & Luca. -boomkat

SKREAM & CLUEKID- SANDSNAKE 12” (disfigured dubz, uk)
12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*2009 repress… Skream launches his own imprint Disfigured Dubz. As Altern 8 said, 'watch your bass bins I'm telling ya.' Arguably the biggest name in dubstep and probably the most prolific producer too, Skream provides a more personal outlet for his creative genius on his own label. Moving snares hurtle along at breakneck speed while techno textures, buzz saw effects and a driving insistent synthesized melody demonstrate why dubstep is the most intense, exciting music around at the moment. On 'Sandsnake' Skream teams up with Cluekid, better know for his collabs with Cotti. A consistent fixture on his Rinse FM show, the track has a cheeky flute-esque melody with tough riffle shot snares that lead into a dutty bass grind that refuses to be pinned to one motif. Miss it at your peril.

ZED BIAS- BEEN HERE BEFORE/NEIGHBOURHOOD 12” (groove chronicles classics, uk)
11.98usd/8.50gbp/9.58eur/1182jpy (approx)

*more sought after classics from the vaults… The classics series continues with 2 all time favourites from the legendary producer zed bias. Includes the rare dfl classic "been here before" and the locked on anthem "neighbourhood".

12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*restocked… Stenchman's 'Signs V.I.P' is a wierdly murky yet powerful track, blending raveing mid-range basslines with a wonky staggering rihythm and odd breakdowns for something a little different on the dubstep rave floor, while Youthman gets busy with hefty samples and brutal bass attacks on the bombastic 'Requiem', with one of those cuts that should ellicit a big reaction at any rave. Big with N-Type, Caspa & Rusko, and Chef.

12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*The next release on Hotflush Two presents a pair of tracks from Pangaea, based in Leeds, UK. After releasing two epic 12"s on Hessle Audio in 2007 and 2008, Pangaea moves on to Hotflush, with two brand new productions that have already been receiving great response. 'Bear Witness' is a deep stepper, showing true emphasis on the low-end. On the flip, 'Mosaix' is a jazzier cut with a shuffling two-step feel. With DJ support from Scuba, Ramadanman, Untold, Rob Booth, Dave Q, and Incyde, these two tracks were also just featured in the Hotflush mix for Mary Anne Hobbs' show on BBC Radio 1.

SIGHA- BRUISED/EXPANSIONS 12” (hotflush, uk)
12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*restocked… The fourth release on Hotflush Two presents Sigha, a new producer based in London, UK. With 'Bruised' and 'Expansions,' Sigha continues to draw the Hotflush Two label down a deeper, more techno-infused path. His musical influences come from artists such as Shed, Marcel Dettmann, and Pole, as well as dubstep masters Martyn and 2562. Both tracks were featured on Scuba's recent podcast mix for XLR8R magazine, and have received support from DJs like Ramadanman of Hessle Audio, and Alex Incyde of Sub FM.

BAR 9- TRIPLE DROP/THE GUNSLINGER 12” (hot shit, uk)
11.98usd/8.50gbp/9.58eur/1182jpy (approx)

*what can be said about bar 9? nothing! the music does the talking, or it should be said, the shouting! three more bangers from the boys!!

JOKER/2000F & KAMATA- DIGIDESIGN/YOU DON’T KNOW 12” (hyperdub, uk)
12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*2009 finds Hyperdub marking their fifth anniversary, and the first of many astonishing outings lined up to celebrate the half-decade is delivered by prodigious Bristolian synth wizard Joker, dropping his debut release on the label, backed by the talk-box sleeze of Danish producers 2000F & J Kamata. This new equal-front-side12” is yet another in Hyperdub’s series of tunes putting the fun firmly back into synthesizers. Already well known for bombs like ‘Gullybrook Lane’, ‘Hollybrook Park’ and his recent epic ‘Play Doe’ with Rustie, Joker’s ‘Digidesign’ staggers in with a laid back groove and twisted bass synth, but it’s all about the infectious melody in the middle. On the flip, 2000f & J Kamata’s muchanticipated ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ opens up a 1985 vintage can of robofunk R&B earworms that will eat your audio nerves alive. The words ‘dubstep’ and ‘wonky’ were not harmed in the writing of these sales notes.

SULLY- TRACKSIDE/DUKE ST DUB 12” (mata-syn, uk)
11.98usd/8.50gbp/9.58eur/1182jpy (approx)

*Dubstep dude Sully drops his latest bit of wax on Mata-Syn Records following from his previous garage and hardcore infected tracks for Frijsfo, Creative Space and 2nd Drop. The garage influences are brought right upfront for this one with one Zed Bias debted cut 'Track Side' with a toughened minimalist darkside swinger and our pick 'Duke St Dub' on the flip incorporating Todd Edwards style clipped vocals and a razor cut riddim that sits up next to Pangaea, Untold or Brackles new wave 2-step styles. -boomkat

12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*Beats and basses with balls. Dubstep driven into an abyss of intense tension. Atmospheric and progressive, The Eerier Child balances on the brink between grime and the soundtrack of a horror hack and slash movie. Haunting and evil, the music of Rotterdam-based Eerier Child crawls under your skin and moves restlessly, growing like a fungus, developing into a challenging take on the Dubstep genre. Daring and thick as a brick wall.

13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*One sided limited edition 10" with Mordant Music Logo etching. 'The Hauntological Song' is the final turn of the card for the forthcoming Shackleton/MM compilation CD Picking O'er The Bones. This subconscious 33rpm spectral dredge reveals a MM hauntological template riddled with what's been there all along. The clarion call is being made from a lonely place where logic is spelt out in helium -- funded by MeMory -- an unexpected samba, like ectoplasm spewed onto the prancefloor, neither one style or another, this and that, sleight of ear, slip in, slip out, slip up & slope off. A limited run etched into the lung.

13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*New generation bass music from the murky UK underground. Gemmy's anthemic 'BK 2 The Future' finally surfaces after a year of constant clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation on Bristol soundsystem. Shuffling, futurist bass grooves. Pure delirium on Peverelist's Punch Drunk imprint.

GATEKEEPER- LET GO/TENSE PAST 12” (punch drunk, uk)
12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*Alicia Keys is the dubstep chanteuse of the moment, it seems. Skull Disco's Gatekeeper drops an underground anthem on Bristol's Punch Drunk label featuring a familiar refrain and a melody that just won't leave your consciousness. Huge stepping drums and body shot 808s. 'Tense Past' on the flipside is in more familiar Gatekeeper territory. Dark, brooding atmospherics swell over Berlin-esque chords and machine drum percussion. Support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Appleblim, Peverelist, RSD.

SKYNET- EXHALE/LIFE OF GRIME 12” (sub force, uk)
12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*white label… Yet another Drum and Bass producer swaps 180BPM for an easier tempo. This is a storm of subs and heavy beats.

12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*The first release on Loefah's new Label 'Swamp 81'. The is one proper SLAB of 180 Gram pressure with super sick artwork. DJ support from: Loefah, Youngsta, Mala, Skream, N Type, Headhunter. . The 'One Of Us' Album is now finished, and will be released in May 2009. With remix's from Loefah and Burial its sure not to be missed!

EL-B- ROOTS OF EL-B 2X12” (tempa, uk)
21.98usd/15.59gbp/17.57eur/2170jpy (approx)

*The Roots Of El-B is the first retrospective to pull together all the ultra rare white labels, lost remixes and dusty DAT tapes, to preserve for posterity the output of this transient but seminal moment. In the words of Wire Magazine: "Practically nothing in British dance music before or since the turn of the millennium has had El-B's exactitude, his thrillingly tense wariness, his sense of knowing... These are exquisite purpose-built constructions , whose lasting importance is only now being felt in the music of Burial, TRG and the rest of the future garage crop who are so beholden to those snapping wood blocks." During 2000-2002, a brief but influential window opened in urban music. Drum & bass moved out of its London heartland and UK garage imploded under the weight of commercial expectation. Between these forces one man, Lewis Beadle aka El-B, assembled a production crew in Streatham, south London. The roots of dubstep were sewn in a shed at the end of a winding garden path in Streatham. Paid for by the funds of a failed album deal and built by hand by the crew themselves, the shed contained Ghost studios, where during the night hours, El-B and the camp built a sound all of their own. Edgier than UK garage but sexier than the cold onslaught drum & bass was moving into, the Ghost sound was unique. At its core were El-B's incredible talents as a producer. Having rolled on the edge of the Metalheadz camp as a teenager, never getting a let in, he'd gained fame in UK garage as one half of UK garage outfit Groove Chronicles. Out of the ashes of this partnership grew El- B's signature sound of sharp woodblock snares, ghostly edgy textures, dark bass combined with a little black secret technology: the dark art of swing. Even at that time, the effect of this sound was self evident, as producer after local producer, from Skream to Kode9 and later Burial, became influenced by it. "The thing about those drums: they're still the future," Burial insisted before his first album. "People still don't know how to do those drums. It's an unknown thing. It's like the last fucking secret left in music: how you do those drums. I've tried..." Eight years later, as dubstep blossoms into an international phenomenon, the El-B sound remains peerless. It's perhaps fitting now that, for the first time, El-B's seminal work is lifted from treasured record collections and lost vaults. These are the roots of El-B: they run deep.

H.O.D./SHAPES & COLOURS- CLOUDS VOL. 2 12” (urban grafitti, uk)
11.98usd/8.50gbp/9.58eur/1182jpy (approx)

*the urban grafitti crew are back with some heaviness!! two tracks. one from h.o.d. and one from shapes and colours… both feature massive b-lines and epic beats!!

SYNKRO- MUSIC MAKERS: BAR 9 REMIX 12” (z audio, uk)
11.98usd/8.50gbp/9.58eur/1182jpy (approx)

*The darkest star in Z-Audio's constellation comes correct again with focussed intent on 'Music Makers' backed with a brutal Bar9 remix. Synkro takes a step back from his previous Burial-ified efforts for a a lean and mean missile of hard-stepping garage syncopations and moody rave signals thankfully never feeling the need to bruk out into madness but maintaining a tense and controlled pressure throughout. Which is pretty much the opposite of Bar9's mix on the flip which lets loose with all guns blazing for a rave stoking and D'n'B debted burner you should expect to hear down your local dubstep dance. Big with Mindset recordings, Zed Bias and Chimpo. -boomkat


DAVE DK & HOLGER ZILSKE- DETOX 12” (battle recordings, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*The new Battle is here and pitches Dave DK and Holger Zilske (of Smash TV fame) against Autuori. The former put together a nice, skippy minimal houser with a bit of funk to it which the latter then spooks out in fine style. The roles are reversed on the B side with plenty of minimal techno and funk riddled electro grooves!

THINK TWICE- LAST CALL 12” (battle recordings, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*Punk-funked-up indie with lyrics of dubious quality and a noisy electro Sex Schon remix to boot!

LINDSTROM VS. RITON- MONSTEER/YOUNG GIRL 12” (battle recordings, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Following in the footsteps of I Feel Space, Monsteer bears its name well. A huge chord progression and eerie, ethereal voices surfing on a heavy disco stomp, Monsteer will hypnotise the most demanding clubbers. Talented DJ and producer Riton's Young Girl is a straight in yo’ face dirty vocal electro knockout for those who feed on sleaze like thieves do on adrenalin: Bouncy motherfucker for seedy watering holes!

RITON VS. LINDSTROM- MONSTEER: RITON REMIX 12” (battle recordings, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Following the amazing clash of styles of round 1, here's the long awaited remixes 12"at last! Actually there's only one. Not that we're trying to tease you by releasing them one by one; it's just that when we said 'time's up!' Lindstrom's remix was still missing. And since Riton's remix is ace we decided to release it as a one-side twelve. Henry kept all the cool voices and vintage synth sounds but he turned the original into a driving dancefloor groover for dark and sweaty clubs.

13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Here comes another mighty confrontation: Partial Arts (aka Ewan Pearson & Al Usher) vs. Tim Paris. Ewan Pearson and Al Usher have been working together since they recorded their first single 'Canopy' as Partial Arts for Hamish Anderson's Out of the Loop label in 2002. Together they have remixed Jaymz Nylon, Blake, Midnight Star, Swag and Feist. Tim Paris got noticed with two noteworthy EPs on Virgo and Tom Bone Vibrating Music -- his remix of 'Future Now,' licensed on 2020 Vision has become something of a classic on worldwide dancefloors. His forthcoming releases on Crack & Speed, Dialect and his new label Marketing, will certainly cause the same commotion.

SWAG VS. BAKAZOU- PART 2: THE REMIXES 12” (battle recordings, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… For those who thought these remixes would never see the light of day, here they are and let me tell you something: they're hot! The A-side features Swag's 'Hot Gloves' remixed by Bakazou (aka Pete Herbert). Pete's on fire right now and he came up with an awesome Italo-disco monster. It's like an Apollo spaceship: it gets higher and higher and when the original bassline is finally released, people go crazy. Tried and tested on discerning crowds -- success is guaranteed! Already licensed to Ralph Lawson's next Fabric mixed CD! The B-side is equally good, albeit in a different way. Swag's 'Hot Shoe Shuffle Dub' sounds like those fantastic hypnotic disco dub mixes straight outta '80s NYC. So put on your dancing shoes and get down to the boogie sound!

SASSE VS. NAUGHTY- ALL GOOD/SICK AT HOME 12” (battle recordings, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Back with a slamming new Battle 12" by none other than Sasse and Naughty! As you all know, those guys have been causing serious dancefloor damage for many years. Recently they graced our friends at Crack & Speed with a mean slice of vinyl, Sasse's Moodmusic celebrated its 10 years in style and Naughty released an excellent EP on the very same Moodmusic: can't stop, won't stop!

13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*Baum005 is no other than Marko Fürstenberg of A.r.t.less/Rotary- Cocktail/Ornaments and Thinner fame. On the b side the artist Sgi_s joins with a remix. What can you say, but 'Espenhain' on the A-side is a dancefloor filler. A tight, compressed kick and Marko's atmospheric touch of dubby techno. The 'Espenhain' remix on the B-side is shaped by swiss artist Sgi_s. This track is more of a pure techno track with an old school feeling to it, appegiator groove with a break that builds up to a peak point, but still manages to be deep. 'Ratsholz' is the last track on the EP, a soundscape of hiss and noises that forms the hypnotic groove of the track. It starts slowly but it evolves into a sure late night track with a nice melody.

COSMO VITELLI- CLICHÉ BREAKS 3 12” (cliché breaks, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*Four killer disco edits from Cosmo Vitelli and his Cliche imprint that range from the hi-octane upbeat disco bombs to more cinematic, string laden and slo-mo stuff.

CHIN CHIN- TOOT D'AMORE 12” (dialect recordings, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Chin Chin, formed in 2001 by Torbitt and Wilder Schwartz -- joined soon after by Atlanta Georgia bred Jeremy Wilms -- was originally intended to improvise back-up music for singers and MCs at a monthly party in Brooklyn. Realizing a greater potential, the brothers started writing music. With songs in place, they began recruiting musicians from the fertile Williamsburg scene. Combining elements of jazz, funk, disco, contemporary R&B, rock, and electro, with smart lyrics, powerful horn arrangements, great showmanship, and a taste for partying, Chin Chin have synthesized the quintessential elements of such dance floor heroes as Brass Construction, Ohio Players, and Roger Troutman, while presenting something decidedly new -- think Plantlife /Hot Chip. As a live unit, Chin Chin can range from the streamlined quartet to a thunderous ten-piece ensemble. 'Toot D'amore' is one of those infectious horns and bass-driven funk numbers that should be played at maximum volume in all discerning clubs. It will certainly get your crowd in a joyous trance. On remix duty we have Prins Thomas, not only a fantastic DJ, but also a master of the remix. His 'Diskomiks' feels like a mighty Santana jam tailored for a modern-day loft, and his 'Bogus Bonus' is one of these hypno Afro-disco-dub delights that will please any devoted Idjut Boys and Bear Entertainment fans!

CHIN CHIN- APPETITE 12” (dialect recordings, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The original mix of 'Appetite' is one of the highlights of the album -- combining dream-like horns and keyboards arrangements with catchy vocal hooks and a driving 4/4 beat! No introduction is needed for the Lips, who have rejuvenated the electro-disco sound in their own inimitable way. Their remixes of Appetite are stunning Afro-reggae-disco interpretations, using the delicate vocals to maximum effect soul and groove-wise. Imagine that your dancing to some some Arthur Russell productions in the middle of a New York dancefloor circa 1982 and you're halfway there... Positive vibrations Man!

LANOIRAUDE- MECHANICAL TRANSACTION 12” (dialect recordings, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… French artist returns with a couple of techy housers on the Dialect label. Title track 'Mechanical Traction' builds steadily with big sounding techy drums and an arpeggiated top line while 'After Hours' is a twisted electro houser. Over on the B side, Todd Sines is let loose on the title track turning in 'Mechanical Xtraktion'.

LANOIRAUDE- MBIFE FEAT FANIA 12” (dialect recordings, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Wild disco-house track with a bit of an afro touch. Includes more dancefloor/house remix by Amnaye but the real treat for us is 'Wild Spaghetti', a lush and warm house track with some key disco ingredients - beautiful.

TRULZ & ROBIN- ACID CAKE 12” (dialect recordings, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… "Move Yer Ass Guttan" is the one here - a serious dancefloor contender with trippy acid noises and an addictive driving rhythm. On the flip, "Acid Cake" is an insidious mid-tempo acid groover that will creep up on you and "Crazy Be" has catchy vocals over a tight bed of electro beats.

QUIZZ FEAT. EL NIGNO- MONSTER IS IN TOWN 12” (dialect recordings, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Follow up to 'Are You Sure You Want To Know Me,' Quizz and El Nigno team up again on this track 'The Monster Is In Town.' Besides the freaky original version, you'll find the 2 winners of the remix competition organized by I-DJ: Toby Tobias (Rekids, Bearfunk, Hi Phen..) is stealing the show with his slow burning electro disco behemoth that sets a hypnotic atmosphere before kicking into a groovy rework of the main theme. Philippe Autuori has music to be released on the German biggie Poker Flat, his mix is funky electro-techno rework with plenty of mean synths stabs and a smart use of the vocals. Club material.

CHICAGO SKYWAY- BELLS 12” (eargasmic, usa)
9.98usd/7.08gbp/7.98eur/985jpy (approx)

*Chicago skyway first debuted on eargasmic with the digital release of “heavens and angels/purgatory.” here he’s officially blessed into the eargasmic family with “bells” - an amazing composition of roland drum machines and vintage synths. reminiscent of the early house sound, he proves that this once deemed futuristic style still holds the test of time. on the flipside, “random thoughts” takes things back to the dirty sweat box basements. dcee (daryl cura) also contributes an edit to “bells” as well as his slow bangin “fourtone” as an added bonus.

V/A- THOUGHTS FROM CHICAGO VOL. 2 12” (eargasmic, usa)
9.98usd/7.08gbp/7.98eur/985jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Eargasmic's 10th release showcases 3 different perspectives of the house sound from 3 different Chicago producers. 'All Night Dance' - the debut from Bjak and the unofficial Eargasmic theme song - is an ultra-smooth stomper that's reminiscent of the mid-90s loft party scene, a definite pick for all the deep heads. Tetrode Music's (and long time Eargasmic member) Specter adds his signature 5am beatdown-sound style to this 12" with 'I Don't Need'. On the flip, The Sun God makes a valiant return to EGC with an 11 minute beat track pulled out of his archives that's, as you've guessed, complete mayhem. These are their 'Thoughts From Chicago'.

12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*The title track "Seduction" is an epic beauty as deep as the sea. The bass line reminds of King Tubby or Lee Perry in structure but with the depth of Basic Channel or Rhythm & Sound. The song reveals magical analog frequencies with shards of dub skanks and blissful chords that you will get lost in. "Silence" leads into a succinct ambient piece and cv313 provides a near 12-minute mix of "Seduction." A spiritual journey of the space, bass and analog warmth we've come to love from the Echospace/Deepchord signature.

12.98usd/9.21gbp/10.38eur/1281jpy (approx)

*This is the third and final installment in the Intrusion 12" series from Stephen Hitchell, culled from The Seduction Of Silence. "Little Angel" boasts a traditional dub & roots vibe and a stunning vocal performance from Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman. "Angel Version" adds a 4/4 thump and a deep bass line while a mighty conga rhythm takes hold. "A Night To Remember" showcases the dreamiest sides of horizontal house music. Loads of roots, space, unbelievable low-end and the sonic warmth you've come to love from the Echospace analog signature. Pressed on mixed colored vinyl (white, green & blue).

JOKERS OF THE SCENE- ACID BAGG 12” (fools gold, usa)
11.98usd/8.50gbp/9.58eur/1182jpy (approx)

*An ambitious and banging mix of old-school rave anthems and modern club music, supported by Diplo, Erol Alkan, Herve and other big guns. "Baggy Bottom Boys" is pure piano ecstasy, and the hard hitting, techy "Acidrod" takes bootlegs to the next level (the Brodinski and Destroy Disco remixes are no slouches, either!) There's a real buzz around these guys at the moment, with their originals (and their well recieved remixes for Kid Cudi, Blaqstarr, South Rakkas Crew, Muscles, and more) getting love from dancefloors and blogs alike.

NACHO LOVERS- ACID LIFE-GO ON 12” (fools gold, usa)
11.98usd/8.50gbp/9.58eur/1182jpy (approx)

*Double A-side Fool's Gold debut from the young Toronto DJ/production duo. Everyone from MSTRKRFT to Claude Von Stroke has been checking for their mixes and edits, creating huge buzz and anticipation for these original tunes, both of which put a fresh spin on classic Chicago and Detroit sounds. Comes backed by innovative remixes from labelmates Jokers Of The Scene and NYC club hero Eli Escobar.

V/A-FOOL'S GOLD REMIXED 12” (fools gold, usa)
11.98usd/8.50gbp/9.58eur/1182jpy (approx)

*The Fool's Gold Remixed comp was among last Fall's most enjoyable releases, featuring a slew of the young label's biggest hits remade by everyone from DJ Spinna and Chromeo to the Lab's own Blu Jemz. And it was free! That's gotta rank up there with the Biggie / Craig Mack "Big Mack" burger cassette in the history of "World's Greatest Promos." The bounty continues with this limited edition, promo only 12" featuring four of the compilation's biggest records: Chromeo's take on Treasure Fingers' "Cross The Dancefloor(1)," French whiz kid Surkin's rework of Nacho Lovers' "Acid Life(2)," Rusko's funky (and Kanye-free) dubstep take on Kid Sister's "Pro Nails(3)," and a dreamy new version of Kid Cudi's international smash "Day 'N' Nite(4)" by techmeister Jori Hulkkonen. limited.

RAW MAN- WARGAME 12” (kitsune, france)
13.98usd/9.92gbp/11.18eur/1380jpy (approx)

*Raw Man is one half of what was the French house duo known as ‘The Buffalo Bunch’ He formed the group with his friend Play Paul and together put out records on labels such as Scratché, and Crydamoure. They were responsible of a great remix of Phoenix – If You Ever Feel Better… Raw Man’s new music and rock-produced electro sound has caught the attention of French Label Kitsuné who are releasing his single War Game on 12 inch with an edit included by the label heads themselves, Gildas& Masaya.

V/A- MEMBERS ONLY VOL. 12 12” (members only, usa)
9.98usd/7.08gbp/7.98eur/985jpy (approx)

*Deep underground Chicago staple of music played by the chosen few to the ones who truly know how deep it is. Now it's time for the masses to feel the real deepness of the true Chicago 80s era of music. Only ten percent of what happened here in the 80s, is known to the rest of the world. Don’t you want to be a member? tracks: Ian Dury - Spasticus Autisticus; Patrick Adams - I'm A Big Freak (R•U•1•2).

V/A- J & M RE-EDITS 12” (path, uk)
15.98usd/11.33gbp/12.78eur/1577jpy (approx)

*Awesome new imprint from the Prime Numbers crew out of Manchester. As always, the quality is sky high, as only the very best ingredients are used as a basis for these dancefloor detonators. Limited pressings, so don't sleep. Side A - James Brown "Give Some Skin" Out and out classic from the godfather. The tracks deeply rooted groove and seriously funky horn riffs are expertly extended for essential dj usage. Side B - Main Ingredient "Evening Of Love" Rare and sought after 12” version of this soulful, boogiefied disco classic. Once again edited and extended for the dancefloor.

15.98usd/11.33gbp/12.78eur/1577jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… limited, dynamite four-track 12" from the Sofrito crew. 'Atlantic Conveyor,' 'Sofrito Edit,' 'Disco La Calle,' and 'Calypso Path.' Sultry, slowed-down, synthed-out disco meets Fela in a steel pan dancefloor riot. Not to be missed.

V/A- UNDERDOG EDITS VOL. 14 12” (underdog edits, usa)
9.98usd/7.08gbp/7.98eur/985jpy (approx)

*The U-dog digs up another bone for the disco-nerds. The fact that they are often hidden in plain sight doesn’t negate the wonderfully aged flavor they exude. Michael Jackson - "You Can't Win" - Jacko at his best! Taken from The Wiz soundtrack, produced by the great Quincy Jones. I always have a soft spot for anything done by The Jacksons! I combined the original album mix with a rare 12" inch version that Michael made much later. I felt it made the song more complete and danceable. Enjoy! The Staple Singers - "Whatcha' Doin' Tonight" - One of the greatest vocal groups in music history, bar none! From their famous Stax recordings to re-doing Talking Heads' "Slippery People," The Staples redefined R&B and Gospel music. This rare cut, produced by legendary New Orleans Funk producer Allen Toussaint, is a true underground classic in the making! Another one of my favorite edits!

V/A- UNDERDOG EDITS VOL. 13 12” (underdog edits, usa)
9.98usd/7.08gbp/7.98eur/985jpy (approx)

*Rinder & Lewis: Anger - Considered one of the most abstract production teams of the Disco era, this cut was taken from their "Seven Deadly Sins" album (very rare!). Never released on 12" inch, this cut was a Music Box fave! Not much to edit, just give it a DJ friendlier drum intro. A great cut for a disco or a deep house set! Mighty Clouds of Joy: Time - One of my favorite edits! Taken from their "It's Time" album. Even thought this song was produced by Dave Crawford, the Philly sound played a big part in it (thanks to Norman Harris on guitar & Earl Young on drums). The song was originally recorded in 2 parts, so I combined them with a little bit of dub. Yes, you can give praise and boogie at the same time!


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philadelphia, pa 19122

SUBWAY: blue or orange line to girard ave TROLLY: 15 to 5th street BUS: 57 to girard/3rd-4th st; 47 to girard/7th-8th st.


t/us: 1215 965 9616
t/uk: 0203 004 8357
b: www.
g:tequila sunrise records/gemm


monday: closed
tuesday: 12:00-6:00pm/est
Wednesday: 12:00-6:00pm/est
thursday: 12:00-7:00pm/est
friday: 12:00-7:00pm/est
saturday: 12:00-6:00pm/est
sunday: 12:00-6:00pm/est

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