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as promised, another update… albeit a little early due to the xmas holiday and despite it still saying it’s for friday, all new and restocked titles are expected in today (wednesday December 24)… um, anyhow… check em out: the top picks section features a new title (as well as restocked shop favorites) from the reboot stereophonic label… barry sisters, jewface, fred katz… all awesome! and don’t miss the other restocked top pick, sterns africa’s franco and le tpok double cd set… it’s a killer! finally got in the jw farquhar lp on shadoks (for some reason i snoozed on this for a while, but it’s a great one, so don’t miss it) as well as much needed restocks of the question mark and suck lps (both on shadoks) and the factory lp, peace lp/cd and chrissy zemby tembo. all killer and bound to sell fast, so don’t delay… got some new and restocked homostupids ep’s, restocked s-s and woodsists vinyl (los llamarada’s, vivian girls, blank dogs, crystal stilts)… new and restocked sun ra cd’s from art yard… restocked skull disco cd’s… restocked the recent Raoul K 12” on baobab (!), a new one on bitches brew, a couple hot ones on circus company, a restocked shop favorite from shinedoe on intacto, a bunch of new ones from musik krause… and restocked sis and ricardo villalobo’s on sei’s drum!!! come on by and get some!!!



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THE BARRY SISTERS- OUR WAY CD (reboot stereophonic, usa)
17.98usd/12.20gbp/12.88eur/1630jpy (approx)

*The 1973 release by the internationally beloved Yiddish female duo. 'We take a tune that's sweet and low, and rock it solid and make it gold.' And rock it solid they did, on Our Way, The Barry Sisters' eleventh, and last, full-length studio recording. Throughout their career, they consistently drew from the wells of Yiddish and English popular song, everything from 'Without A Song' and 'Cry Me A River' to 'Hava Nagila' and 'Chiribim Chiribom.' If adapting Jewish music to the rhythms and contours of the American pop landscape can be considered one of the dominant aesthetics of early 20th century popular music, then The Barry Sisters ought to be considered crucial bi-cultural pioneers, part of the same treasured artistic genealogy that usually starts and stops with the Tin Pan Alley likes of Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, and Harold Arlen. They didn't turn America Jewish, they made Jewish sound more American. On Our Way, The Barry Sisters choose the elegant tradition of popular song itself. They took on the '20s pop chestnut 'Tea For Two,' used Yiddish to return the vanilla Perry Como smash 'It's Impossible' to its Mexican bolero roots, raided Hollywood for 'Love Story' (imagine Ryan O'Neal crooning in Yiddish at the bedside of a dying Kelly McGraw), raided Broadway for 'Cabaret' and 'Alice Blue Gown,' and turned out what just might be -- second only to the one Cuban audio priestess La Lupe did just three years earlier -- the most liberating version ever of the Sinatra staple, 'My Way.'

V/A- JEWFACE CD (reboot stereophonic, usa)
17.98usd/12.20gbp/12.88eur/1630jpy (approx)

*shop favorite from last year, restocked… What did the dawn of American pop music sound like? The answer can be found through the new Reboot Stereophonic release, Jewface, lost Jewish minstrel songs that took vaudeville stages by storm at the turn of the 20th century but that have become written out of history. Composed by legendary tunesmiths like Irving Berlin and Gus Kahn, many of the songs made use of authentically Jewish musical motifs fusing them with every Jewish stereotype under the sun. What may have sounded mournful, exotic, and 'Oriental' to non-Jewish audiences resonated in a unique way for new Jewish immigrants, thrilled at this cultural jujitsu: From 'Under the Matzos Tree' to 'I'm a Yiddish Cowboy,' and 'Cohen Owes Me 97 Dollars,' exploring the Jewface recordings reveals one of the dirty little secrets of American culture: some of the very first hit records were fiendishly catchy Jewish musical creations, created by Jews, for Jews. All of these songs have been hunted down and re-mastered from cylinder recordings to create one of the most remarkable and perhaps offensive albums ever.

FRED KATZ- FOLK SONGS FOR FAR OUT FOLK CD (reboot stereophonic, usa)
17.98usd/12.20gbp/12.88eur/1630jpy (approx)

*shop favorite from last year, restocked… Much like Gershon Kingsley, Katz has had one of the more extraordinary, if off-beat careers, in contemporary music. Katz made his biggest mark by bringing the cello into the forefront of the jazz repertoire, most notably as a member of the ever-experimental ensemble, the Chico Hamilton Quintet. The most admired, if under-discussed, Katz album though is probably this one, Folk Songs for Far Out Folk, which he said was dedicated to the idea that all jazz is born from 'the roots of people.' The roots he explores here are folk songs -- American, Hebrew & African. The Hebrew ones no doubt speak to Katz's own roots as the son of a Kabbalist and Hebraic scholar. On 'Baal Shem Tov' and 'Rav's Nigun' Katz is joined by Paul Horn on sax and legendary L.A. jazzman Buddy Collette on flute. The tracks are from 1958 and sound prophetic, in their way pre-Knitting Factory, avant tackle of jazz and Jewish tradition alike.

17.98usd/12.20gbp/12.88eur/1630jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… beautiful package, 2 cd’s in slipcase, with 48 page book. Francophonic finally gives Franco his due. Vol. 1: 1953-1980 comes out on the 70th anniversary of the artist's birth. Vol. 2: 1980-1989 will be released next year, the 20th anniversary of his death. Each volume is a boxed set containing 2 CDs and a 48-page book. From Sterns -- 'one of the world's finest disseminators of African music,' according to The New York Times -- both albums are researched, compiled, annotated, illustrated and designed by the same people that produced last year's Voice of Lightness, a retrospective of Franco's rival, Tabu Ley Rochereau, which garnered high praise from National Public Radio, Rolling Stone, The New York Times and Pitchfork. This first Francophonic volume is the album that will confirm Franco's international reputation as Africa's greatest.


THE PEACE- BLACK POWER LP (groovie, spain)
29.98usd/20.34gbp/21.47eur/2719jpy (approx)

THE PEACE- BLACK POWER CD (groovie, spain)
18.98usd/12.88gbp/13.59eur/1721jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked on vinyl and cd… The Peace were an obscure band from Copperbelt, Zambia. According to some rumors, they were in fact a band from the Zambian Air Force. Before they became The Peace the band was called The Boyfriends, a popular local band featuring Ted Makombe and Emmanuel Chanda from another legendary band from Zambia, The Witch. Recorded at Malachite Studios, Chingola in the mid '70s, Black Power is one of the rarest psych-rock records ever released in Africa. Killer afro-psychedelic rock sound, the missing piece from the weird and amazing African afro-rock '70s puzzle along with other rare as hell records like The Witch, Amanaz and Question Mark. Limited, first time ever reissue with only 500 copies in papersleeve mini-LP replica.

27.98usd/18.98gbp/20.04eur/2537jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… '60s UK freakbeat legends get a new legit re-release of their complete available recordings and Guerssen is the proud new home for them. A real cult freakbeat and psychedelic group, well-known for such all-time classics as 'Path Through the Forest' and 'Try a Little Sunshine,' Factory released only a couple of 45s (both of them obscenely rare and costing big $$$ when showing up). Here we get the four tracks appearing on these 45s, plus a couple tracks taken from acetates (killer covers of Family's 'Second Generation Woman' and Fairport Convention's 'Mr. Lacey'), as well as a new mix of 'Path Through The Forest' that includes the original, different psychedelic effects that were supposed to make it to the original release but were dropped out by the MGM label supervisor. Remastered sound (only beware, 'Second Generation Woman' comes from a destroyed acetate!) and with liner notes by Factory's producer Brian Carroll.

24.98usd/16.95gbp/17.89eur/2265jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Killer Afro-psychedelic rock made in Zambia, early 1970s! Chrissy 'Zebby' Tembo and his group Ngozi Family deliver a brutal set of fuzzed to the max psychedelic rock, with a slight African feel and English vocals. First time on CD, limited 500 copies papersleeve edition with fantastic remastered sound.

JW FARQUHAR- THE FORMAL FEMALE LP (shadoks music, germany)
47.98usd/32.55gbp/34.36eur/4351jpy (approx)

*Reissue of this private pressing from the USA, 1972. LP in an edition of 450 numbered copies, with glossy heavy sleeve, 180 gram pressing. "All tracks were recorded by JW Jarquhar in 1972. The songs on The Formal Female were written as an outcry against the materialistic nature of the woman during that time period in 1972. Many will tell you it is still that way. JW had recently extricated himself from a 10 year marriage and the words from this experience fit the lyrics on the album still. During that time he lived by himself in a 3rd floor apartment in Philadelphia. It was a street with a lot of traffic. Car horns, busses, police sirens, fire engines, screams, and sometimes even gunshots filled the airwaves. For this reason he sealed up the windows and any other openings with sound-proofing foam. This was necessary because his music was recorded in there. JW was the instrumentalist; rhythm guitar, lead guitar, drums, vocals, and bass. However he could not play them all at once, so he purchased a four track simulsync Teac recorder... professional version. This allowed him to record on one track and then play it back and separately record on a second, third, and fourth track. The original tracks were recorded at 15 IPS. A final mix was then made in stereo with yet a fifth overdub, when needed. At that time other effects were limited. It is amazing electric fuzz album full of effects and it's a masterpiece such as D.R. Hooker. Extra heavy psychedelic.

QUESTION MARK- BE NICE TO THE PEOPLE LP (shadoks music, germany)
44.98usd/32.55gbp/34.36eur/4351jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Numbered edition of 450 copies, glossy heavy sleeve with engraved artwork, 180 gram pressing. Question Mark recorded this album in 1974 in Kenya, the land safari parks, of elephants & lions. Five musicians, all english vocals, heavy fuzz guitar, eight freakin' tracks. If you think Blo and Witch were great African albums, you will love this one. It beats most bands from Africa such as Ofege, Chrissy Zebby, Rikki Ililonga and Mack Sigis Porter, unless you are only in African rhythms and chanting. This album has mostly Western-style songs with great and heavy guitar sounds all over but with a strong African touch of course.

SUCK- TIME TO SUCK LP/7” (shadoks music, germany)
47.98usd/32.55gbp/34.36eur/4351jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… From South Africa, 1971. 600 numbered LPs, matte-varnish heavy gatefold sleeve, 180 gram pressing. Plus a one-sided 7" EP. Suck were from Johannesburg, S.A. In their short history (only eight months) Suck made one album and created more mayhem than most bands do over a ten year career. But what an album. Time To Suck is a highly-charged package of manic drumming, scorching guitars and sublime, wailing vocals. Political statements on stage (in South Africa) against the war. This one is not for folk fans, no moonshine mellow candle, this one kicks ass and is pure adrenaline, a real pusher. If you think Black Sabbath, Uriah Heap, Deep Purple, MC 5 and Grand Funk Railroad are your tip of the iceberg, you might consider this one as your future favorite album. Full of hard, psychedelic tracks with Louis 'Moose' Forer on bass, Steve 'Gil' Gilroy on guitar, who worked in the UK with Mick Abrahams from Jethro Tull, Saverio Grande on drums and Andrew Ionnides on vocals. Again, Julian Laxton from Freedoms Children was the producer.


HOMOSTUPIDS- CAT MUSIC 7” (fashionable idiots, usa)
5.98usd/4.06gbp/4.28eur/542jpy (approx)

*Homostupids are back with yet another 7" of loose, raw, noisy garage punk with members of 9 Shocks Terror that prays at the same altar of The Jesus Lizard and maybe The Mummies, kind of like Clockcleaner and Pissed Jeans. --revhq (!)

6.98usd/4.74gbp/5.00eur/633jpy (approx)

*restocked… I have been gettin email sputtering's from simps 'n soph's alike who seem to have a bee in their collective bonnet over the band, Homostupids. And it's got nary to do w/the music, but solely on account of the name. It is know.....mind numbing what people can find to complain about. I'm assuming the insinuation is that the name presumes anti Gay sentiment, i.e., homophobia. question; why bother me about it? Sure, I am regarded as a 'homme d'esprit' but hardly would I consider myself in the league of 'homo faber'. I am merely a homo sapien, nothing more. If anything I subscribe to the old Latin adage, "Homunculi quanti sunt". You know what I mean? Let's not lose track of the bottom line here people, THIS BAND IS FROM CLEVELAND! The name is rife w/self deprecation. Have you ever been there? It's sorta like Helsinki, Finland but w/a pronounced Great Lakes accent (not as bad as Michigan or Chicago, but close). And like all the Helsinkians I met, Clevelanders LOVE to drink. In both cities you'll see the goobs go through 5 classic stages've chug-a-lug in the course of a night; Euphoric, Defensive, Wanton, Maudlin & finally, Oblivious. Even the abandon has no abandon. It can make for some precipitous highs 'n lows to be sure. So what's in a name? If they was Finnish they'd be called Inhimillinen Tyhma, or somethin there abouts. Sure looks cool! But enough about the goddamn name. This is the 2nd 7" the Homostupids have released this yr & while the 1st one might've filled the void left since Iron Cross slammed into the cement, this one practically recalls Chrome's hallucinatory transformation from demi-god to deity in the sonic, thunderous moments between Alien Soundtracks & Half Machine Lip Moves. Word has it that these tracks actually precede those laid down on their debut & as good as that is, I prefer the yak off this one a whole lot more. And it's all there on one side too, 6 tracks worth. No flipping! I can't say that I know just whose carryin this, but it's a good bet that all the usual suspects oughta have it by now. If your in a hurry though, do it the old fashion way, write; Richie Records, c/o GENERAL DELIVERY, Phila, Pa 19146. Who knows? Philadelphia ain't no Hooterville, but it ain't no Mount Pilot either. It just might work. –silt blog

14.98usd/10.16gbp/10.73eur/1358jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… New album on S-S from Los Llamarada entitled Take The Sky. Originally slated for an earlier release, we held off on putting it out until we built this into one serious killer. While some of the murk of the first is gone (don't worry, it still has an eerie lo-fi sound), it has been replaced by sharp psych stun guitar which will make your jaw drop.

14.98usd/10.16gbp/10.73eur/1358jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… It has been almost a couple years since Los Llamarada took the world by surprise with their much raved about vinyl debut The Exploding Now. Monterrey, Mexico's premier underground band's claustrophobic psych-punk won praises from everybody from Siltbreeze's Tom Lax to Z Gun's Ryan Wells. After being out of print for a year, The Exploding Now is back in print!

BLANK DOGS THE FIELDS LP (woodsist, usa)
15.98usd/10.84gbp/11.44eur/1449jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Blank Dogs are actually singular: it's the insanely prolific one-man Brooklyn-based band of Mr. Blank Dog. We don't know too much about the biography of the guy behind the bedroom new-wave pop/punk and he's usually covering his face with masks or bedspreads, but that's fine. The aura of anonymity allows you to focus on the sounds -- and, really, he might be releasing a ton of things, but there's definitely a higher jam-to-crap ratio. It's like Joy Division vocal lines with The Cure's synth and guitar melodies filtered through ancient submerged keyboards and eroded recording equipment. And that voice? All the feedback in the world can't hide his knack for melody. Blank Dogs have been making plenty of rumbles in the noisier and more secretive outposts of the underground (half his discography's sold out), but Troubleman Unlimited's just repressed his very recommended full-length On Two Sides (on yellow vinyl in an edition of 500) and In The Red's releasing a 20-song double LP (or single CD) called Under And Under . It's all new material. He's also playing his first shows in NYC, so if you want to take a peek, you can. All this to say: seems like Blank Dogs is on his way out of the basement. --Stereogum

14.98usd/10.16gbp/10.73eur/1358jpy (approx)

*restocked… Compiles their s/t 12" and the Shattered Shine 7". 6 tracks. Crystal Stilts started in Brooklyn in 2003 as Brad Hargett and JB Townsend. Not really trying to be a 'band' they recorded and self-released their single Shattered Shine on their Feathery Tongue label in '04 with friend Sean Mafucci (producer of Gang Gang Dance, Psychic Ills, Kid Congo Powers, etc.) Early on, the Stilts played randomly in NYC opening for acts like Blood on the Wall, The Broke Revue, Cause Co-motion, and Psychic Ills. The single spent 7 weeks in WNYU's top 30 and peeked its little fuzzy head out in college radio charts around the country. With no shortage of lazy Jesus and Mary Chain and Factory Records comparisons, (more like VU, Felt, and Blue Orchids) in 2005-2006, they continued to play in New York with bands such as the Long Blondes, 1990s and The Monochrome Set and recorded a 4-song EP. Kyle Forrester (Ladybug Transistor etc., etc.) joined them at gigs playing organ as well. After a brief hiatus to record their back catalog for an upcoming LP (Slumberland), they adopted Andy Adler (who played bass on Eric Copeland of Black Dice's fuzz-pop outfit, Ninjas) to rock the bass. After opening for The Clean in November, Frankie Rose (Vivian Girls) waltzed into their life to play the stand-up drums and complete the equation.

PINK REASON- WINONA 7” (woodsist, usa)
6.98usd/4.74gbp/5.00eur/633jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… During a show with hardcore punks Hatefuck, DeBroux and company traveled to Winona, Minnesota. After a five-hour drive to the town, wasted locals, angry punks and gnarled three-legged dogs greeted them by leading them into a commandeered park. Inside the park, DeBroux found 'the ultimate punk rock experience' with townies huffing rubber glue and mohawk-brandishing kids starting fights with crusties. The show ended and the locals gave the band three dollars for their troubles. A few kids asked DeBroux and company to chip in the three dollars on a keg. Soon, the crowd dispersed and left the band with no money or place to stay. The band wound up sleeping on an island between Minnesota and Wisconsin and breaking up soon thereafter. He wrote the first Pink Reason song, 'Winona,' about this experience.' --Steve Kobak/Blastitude #25

VIVIAN GIRLS- TELL THE WORLD 7” (woodsist, usa)
6.98usd/4.74gbp/5.00eur/633jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Irresistible mix of shoegaze, punk, and '60s girl-group sounds with beautiful reverb-drenched vocals. Features three self-recorded tracks of lo-fi goodness.


21.98usd/14.91gbp/15.74eur/1993jpy (approx)

*In 1971, in Denmark, at the end of a tour, Sun Ra suddenly decided to take his whole band to Egypt. They had no concerts and no contacts there, but Ra sold some recording rights to Black Lion to pay for the tickets and they flew out. They were stopped at customs and their instruments were temporarily impounded, but they were let through as tourists. Then they booked into a hotel facing the pyramid at Giza. Word got to Hartmut Geerken, then working at the Goethe institute, and he quickly threw a concert together at his house in Heliopolis, for which Brigadier Salah Ragab borrowed army instruments for the Arkestra to play (he was later disciplined for it). Ra's Moog had made it through customs and a Tiger Organ was hired. One of the audience (of 25) booked the band in for a Cairo TV session the following day. Then Ragab persuaded the Ministry of Culture to book a concert at the Balloon Theatre (for another tiny audience: only the first 4 rows were occupied). Two more concerts followed -- at the American University (for the cab fare) and the Versailles Club. They stayed for more than a fortnight, making a film while they were there and finally, by band-members selling various personal items, raised the money to fly home. Horizon (also known as Starwatchers and Sun Ra in Egypt Vol. 2) contains a big chunk of the now legendary Balloon Theatre concert (it burned down soon after their visit, as did the hotel in which the Arkestra stayed while they were in Cairo). The Balloon extract is an uncut block (tracks 1- 4 on the CD) and features a lot of Sun Ra's all-hell-let-loose Moog soloing, as well as a great version of 'Discipline #2.' The rest of Horizon is from the Heliopolis concert, kicking off with an instrumental version of 'Enlightenment' and 'Love In Outer Space,' (neither are on the original LP) segueing slowly into 'Space Is The Place' -- followed by drum orchestra, more Ra soloing on Moog, Tiger Organ and detuned piano (bloops, hoovering, whistles, Concords taking off) leading to a first lurching, then wild, 'Discipline #8.' Two bonus tracks, for the first time restored from the original concert, follow: 'We'll Wait For You' (with June Tyson) and 'The Satellites Are Spinning' -- which ends in full-on percussion. A classic recording of a classic band in great form.

SUN RA- MEDIA DREAMS 2CD (art yard, uk)
32.98usd/22.38gbp/23.62eur/2991jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… This is the companion to Disco 3000, made on the same classic Italian quartet tour with John Gilmore, Michael Ray (trumpet) and the minimal but perfect Luqman Ali (drums). Ra himself plays piano and electronic keyboards, including the mysterious Crumar Mainman, which Ra describes as 'like a piano, organ, clavichord, cello, violin and brass instruments' and which also, importantly, has a facility for pre-programmed bass lines and electronic percussion, which Ra uses constantly and to great effect in this small ensemble setting and seldom, if ever, elsewhere. The best of this collection (most of CD1) is luminous: very electronic, often rhythmical and melodic, always economical and making every sound count. These tracks are like no other jazz ensemble and, although recognizable as Ra -- who else could think of, and then get away with this -- unlike any other Ra ensemble, either. Ra makes the machines do amazing, visionary things while the band exercises restraint, remaining always in focus. In between, there are piano, saxophone, trumpet and drum vignettes, fresh and perfectly judged; this real was a fine band. This places the original vinyl release (and related releases, Sound Mirror and Disco 3000) back into the context of the concerts from which they were drawn. An important addition to the Sun Ra canon, since it is a rare document of an unusual Ra project that produced three classic late '70s LPs. Beautifully packaged and well annotated.

SUN RA- DISCO 3000: COMPLETE MILAN CONCERT 1978 2CD (art yard, uk)
34.98usd/23.73gbp/25.05eur/3172jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… 24-bit (mastered from the original tapes, with booklet notes by performer Michael Ray). 6-panel digipack. Recorded at The Teatro Cilak, 1/23/1978, Milan Italy. In the winter of 1977-1978, philosopher, pianist and bandleader Sun Ra was in Italy. The Italian tour resulted in releases on Sun Ra's own Saturn label, all of which have long been out of print and all but impossible to find. With the re-release of Disco 3000, one of the most celebrated of these elusive Saturn gems is once more available. This release, and its companion Media Dreams, capture a side of Sun Ra's work -- small ensemble, close form, original composition, rather minimal -- that is otherwise under-represented. Depending heavily on Ra's electric and electronic keyboards (including the mysterious Crumar Mainman -- of which even the company has no record) and, more unusually, on his intelligent use of sequencers and rhythm machines, this is an important window on the evolution of Ra's musical thinking, rendered even more transparent by the economy of its means; a quartet comprising only saxophonist John Gilmore, trumpeter Michael Ray and drummer Luqman Ali.


24.98usd/16.95gbp/17.89eur/2265jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The final chapter in the Skull Disco story has arrived, in the shape of a 2CD compilation, Soundboy's Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals. Shackleton and Appleblim have decided to call time on the label, which over the past three years has acted as a platform mainly for their own productions, with one-off contributions from Bristolians Gatekeeper and Peverelist. Although Skull Disco will be sorely missed, massive respect to Shack and 'Blim for quitting while they're ahead and leaving behind a small but perfectly formed body of work that helped evolve and re-define bass music for the 21st century. Disc one of Soundboy's Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals collects all the tracks from SKULL006 to SKULL010, except Ricardo Villalobos' groundbreaking remix of Shackleton's 'Blood On My Hands' (SKULL007), which found its way onto the first Skull Disco CD compilation, Soundboy Punishments. Highlights include Appleblim's dub-techno masterpiece 'Vansan' and brooding Peverelist collaborations 'Circling' and 'Over Here,' as well as Shackleton's 'Death Is Not Final' and the previously-unreleased original mix of 'Shortwave.' Disc two is dedicated to remixes of Skull Disco tracks. Some have been released before, like the Pole remix of 'Shortwave' (originally out on ~scape), Brendan Moeller's 'Over Here' version and T++'s frankily terrifying re-work of 'Death Is Not Final'; but others, by the likes of DJ/Rupture, Geiom, Badawi and Bass Clef, are new. T++'s long-awaited mix of 'Vansan' also finally sees the light of day here. As with all Skull Disco releases, Soundboy's Gravestone is packaged in terrific artwork by the inimitable Zeke Clough.

V/A- SOUNDBOY PUNISHMENTS 2CD (skull disco, uk)
22.98usd/15.59gbp/16.46eur/2265jpy (approx)

*uk version of this shop favorite restocked… Skull Disco's reputation as an innovative and boundary-pushing record label seems to be ever growing, while Shackleton and Appleblim's reputation as two dubhead mavericks single-mindedly following the path seldom travelled and being far the more interesting as a result is already well-formed by those in the know. As both producers seem to be on the verge of greater popularity, Shackleton's unique percussive sound-winning plaudits from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Radio Slave and Kode 9, who have all put Shackleton releases in their sets while Appleblim's bass line fury has been unleashed on many a dancefloor, including the legendary Forward Club, with devastating results. Now seems to be the ideal time for releasing a document of the first releases. From the tender, melancholy chords of Shackleton's 'Blood On My Hands,' through to Appleblim's brutal riffage on 'Fear,' this is music that defies easy categorization. On the one hand, huge, swooping basslines and explosive snares, on the other, delicate percussion and tripped-out melodies. Appleblim and Shackleton's styles not only contrast with each other, but are diverse within their own individual domains, never stuck on an idea, always looking how to reach the next level of invention. So here we have it, on the first disc, the collection of the first five releases on Skull Disco, each standing out from its peers with its idiosyncratic nature and bloody minded refusal to follow the crowd. The second CD, a collection of the more eclectic, unreleased, or non-Skull releases, including the eagerly-anticipated Ricardo Villalobos remix of Shackleton's 'Blood On My Hands,' the Mordant Music and Hot Flush releases, and a couple of unreleased beasts from each producer. This is as comprehensive as it gets.


MR RAOUL K- HIMALAYA 12” (baobab music, germany)
13.98usd/9.49gbp/10.01eur/1267jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… With his second release on Baobab Music, producer Mr. Raoul K heads into new territories. Like he did on his first release Le Cercle Peul, he combines traditional African instruments and the African approach to rhythm with European production techniques and soundscapes. This time he examines the depths of dub techno. This effort results in an epic musical journey, an almost soundtrack-esque piece of music that accompanies the travelling mind as easily as the dancing body. Mr. Raoul K manages to stay focused throughout this long trip through the land of haunting grooves and irie sounds with ease. Driving, yet calm at the very same moment. And full of surprises, too. The flipside delivers -- besides a condensed edit of 'Himalaya' -- a grooving piece of Afro-funk-goes-house, perfectly fitting in the sunnier time of the year. Fellow Ivorian Doungous delivers the infectious vocals to round out this track.

WILD RUMPUS- ROCK THE JOINT 12” (bitches brew, uk)
12.98usd/8.81gbp/9.30eur/1177jpy (approx)

*To mark the third release from Cosmo & Gary Lucas' hugely-acclaimed Wild Rumpus project, they've bagged collaboration with vocal entertainer extraordinaire Beardyman -- the result being the tripped-out hoe-down that is 'Rock The Joint.' Wild Rumpus have been at the forefront of the cosmic tip since the reggae-dub-bliss-out Musical Blaze Up, released in 2007 and the ensuing surf anthem 'Purple Somersault,' which sent psychedelic taste buds sizzling alongside other acts such as Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, Time & Space Machine, Voice of the Seven Woods, and of course, Goldfrapp. This new single Rock The Joint takes the sound to another dimension. Once again -- originality at its most outstanding. Featured artist Beardyman is becoming more popular than Kate Moss' phone number, from headlining stages at Glastonbury, Lovebox, Rise, Bestival and Bloom. Rock The Joint features a remix by Reverso 68 and has already been given props by long-term fans like Radio One's Rob Da Bank and Lemon Jelly's Fred Deaken.

D'JULZ- FLEURETTE 12” (circus company, france)
12.98usd/8.81gbp/9.30eur/1177jpy (approx)

*D'Julz releases Fleurette, his new 12" on Circus Company. "Fleurette" is a sweet, naïve and house-y track. The track is built up over a piano loop which leads us to some children's vocals. All that is surrounded by a strong and percussive rhythm stuffed with a beautiful ride. On the B-side comes the Tobias. remix. Supported by Dixon, Jay Haze, Âme, Luciano, Laurent Garnier, 2000 And One, Josh Wink and DJ Deep.

DOP- BLANCHE NEIGE 12” (circus company, france)
12.98usd/8.81gbp/9.30eur/1177jpy (approx)

*Dop is Clement Zemtsov on beat programming, Damien Vandesande on keyboards and horns and Jonathan Illel as vocalist. Blanche Neige (Snow White) features lyrics from the original text by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. On the A-side is the original dancefloor mix with a slower house beat, a solid groove, and a choir, while the "Kinder Cut" remix is poppier. "Romeo" features Shakespeare lyrics, a saxophone section and a piano ride by Nôze. An acoustic house blaster!

SHINEDOE- IBO GROOVES 12” (intacto, netherlands)
14.98usd/10.16gbp/10.73eur/1358jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Intacto Records spotlights label owner and techno diva, Shinedoe. "Ibo Grooves" is a warm European peak-time track combined with her Afro groove straight from Iboland in West Africa. "Back In Tha Days" brings it to a deeper trip, but still has that jacking Chicago vibe, like back in tha days. Played by 2000 And One.

PORTABLE- THE EMERALD LIFE 12” (musik krause, germany)
12.98usd/8.81gbp/9.30eur/1177jpy (approx)

*Alan Abraham (aka Portable, Bodycode) belongs to the special world of electrical thump and sizzle. For his first release on Musik Krause, he presents two personable pieces. The first features big-mouthed beats held at gunpoint against a restrained, early '90s zeitgeist and today's production know-how. "The Shallow Final" is a nocturnal killer dusted with a flurry of deep, post-wave house. Ecstatic dancefloor control.

12.98usd/8.81gbp/9.30eur/1177jpy (approx)

*Ian Simmonds presents bewitching "head music" which searches the depths of the dancefloor. On "The Wendelstein Variations," an epic, feathery jazz structure allows plastic palm fronds to bloom. Lonesome, fragmented melodies meet house ingredients suspended between utopia and reality. "Whos Blues" is film music without the film. Overstuffed house and downbeat infused with thoughtful elements from Afrobeat, jazz, blues, etc. The Soulphiction remix could measure the heavenly bodies, if sonics were telescopes and if machines were made from living cells.

KRAUSE DUO- AUTOMATISCHLER PING 12” (musik krause, germany)
12.98usd/8.81gbp/9.30eur/1177jpy (approx)

*The Krause Duo (Metaboman & Carlson Basu) present the Automatischler Ping EP. "So Hell" is jazzy-darkroom-hip-house, a true hymn for the night. "The Monkey" is a clap-step number with a luxurious sensibility and nasty harmonies. "The Controller" is defiant, out-of-it, semi-somnolent minimalism. "If She Is A He" is the perfect conclusion: breakable, but with a light, sweet character. Don't ask what the Krause Duo can do for you. Ask what you can do for the Krause Duo.

IAN SIMMONDS- THE WOODHOUSE 12” (musik krause, germany)
12.98usd/8.81gbp/9.30eur/1177jpy (approx)

*Ian Simmonds presents a theater for the ears with three new pieces for the Musik Krause label. "Roots" is a charming, poetic staccato swing dunked into the depths of the world. "Nikki" will make your hips move with its open-hearted, trumpeting frankness. Finally, "Woodhouse Suite" finishes the EP with an Irish beat and jazz follicles that will make you sweaty.

SIS- TROMPETA/CLARINETE 12” (sei’s drum, germany)
18.98usd/12.88gbp/13.59eur/1721jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The brilliant follow-up on Sei's Drum, the label run by Ricardo Villalobos! Sar Burak aka SIS is originally from Hessen, Germany. His last release La Garua on Cecille received exciting feedback. On Trompeta/Clarinette SIS combines state-of-the-art techno, house and folk music. Following Ricardo's Enfants single from earlier this year, this is, again, a golden release! Played by: Loco Dice, Luciano, and DubFire.

RICARDO VILLALOBOS- ENFANTS 12” (sei’s drum, germany)
18.98usd/12.88gbp/13.59eur/1721jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Second pressing of the second release on Richardo Villalobos's "private expression vehicle" SED (what do you call a record label that is not a record label, anyway?). Yes, this is the Villalobos record w/ the Christian Vander (Magma) reconstruction and it's great mix of a riveting minimalist piano pulse and children singing. As they said at Phonica: "'Enfants' is for minimal techno what Mr Levan's 'Stand On The Word' is for disco and what Theo Parrish's 'Friendly Children' is for house! A future classic." "One of the most talked-about records of recent, speculated about, awaited with high and higher anticipation, finally gets released on Ricardo Villalobos' SED label. We can simply think nothing else than this INTENSE follow-up to the massive 3LP of SED00(0) -- it is leading the way to further design SED into an actual label now.


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