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here we go, a new year and a new list with tons of great music to start off 2009 right! check em out below… sorry, i can’t write more this week, but the holidays have screwed up my routine (in a good way of course!) and i haven’t had much of chance to sit down and write… but truth be told, there’s nary a dud in the bunch this week (or any other week for that matter… at least in my opinion, natch!)… either way, good tracks are waiting for you at tsr, don’t miss out! hope to see you soon!!!



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MR RAOUL K- JENSEITS 12” (baobab, germany)
14.98usd/10.20gbp/10.72eur/1357jpy (approx)

*Dark and demanding high class house music in Raoul K's signature style. Despite the somewhat strange title ('Jenseits' meaning 'afterlive' -- originating from a play of words in the Baobab music office), the record delivers in real life! Rich instrumentation, including traditional African instruments, as well as long build-ups and a dramatic breakdown. And a shimmering atmosphere to get you in the right mood. All you can ask for in a contemporary house music release. Especially enriched with the special Mr. Raoul K twist, just the way you'd expect it.

15.98usd/10.88gbp/11.43eur/1448jpy (approx)

*Gray-area reissue of the first Western LP release from Indian vocalist Pandit Pran Nath. Originally issued on the Douglas label in the U.S., in 1968… Classic, late '60s performance by the master of Indian vocal music. Two sidelong pieces grace this record. A morning raga and an evening raga. Vocals with sitar and tabla accompaniment. Not easy listening by any means, but rewarding in the end.

CARL CRAIG & MORTIZ VON OSWALD- ULI, MEIN PONYHOF/MOVEMENT 8 12" (deutsche gramophone, germany)
14.98usd/10.20gbp/10.72eur/1357jpy (approx)

*Exclusive remixes from Ricardo Villalobos and Carl Craig, 23 extended minutes in total… Brilliant, epic new mixes of Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald's sleekly magnificent Recomposed.


GURU GURU- UFO LP (wah wah, spain)
27.98usd/19.06gbp/20.02eur/2536jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked on vinyl… Deluxe gatefold edition, now in a second pressing of 500 copies. Killer debut by one of the craziest bands ever: Guru Guru. Mani Neumeier (drums), Uli Trepte (bass) and Ax Genrich (guitar) get together for what some still consider as the ultimate trip on record. Insane psychedelic action, from stoned to acid, reflecting the trio's live impromptu freeform jams, albeit in a shorter format. A white-hot sound best witnessed in tracks like 'Der LSD-Marsch' or 'UFO,' originally released by Ohr in 1970 and now re-released on Wah Wah in a glorious gatefold cover. For fans of early Can, Kraftwerk & Faust.


17.98usd/12.25gbp/12.86eur/1629jpy (approx)

*The first ever compilation of Cuban funk: Si, Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba, Volume One. An unprecedented combination of socialism and artistic freedom flourished during the mid-years of Castro's Cuba, enabling musicians to create an innovative body of music based on traditional styles like those made famous by the Buena Vista Social Club. Si, Para Usted captures the spirit of this time. The music ranges from son, beat, jazz, and funk, and abounds with psychedelic influences, electronic experimentation, and a heavy dose of soul. Communist funk may seem unlikely, but here it is. Si, Para Usted was lovingly compiled by Dan Zacks of Waxing Deep Radio in response to massive listener demand for the Cuban music played on the show. Outside of the Waxing Deep archive, the bulk of funky Cuban music is virtually unobtainable. Cuban recordings were never widely distributed and few have been reissued. Utterly committed to sharing good music, Dan took it upon himself to make these fantastic tracks more widely accessible. Almost all of the tracks were re-mastered from the original tapes kept by the Cuban government in a dusty Havana warehouse. Given the poor quality of Cuban vinyl, this means the music on Si, Para Usted has a quality of sound previously unavailable. Quite simply, the music has never sounded this good. Highlights include the brilliant 'El Fino' by Grupo Los Yoyi, a mesmerizing jazz-funk workout that would be a dancefloor classic were it not so exceptionally rare; 'En Casa Del Trompo No Bailes,' a Latin funk bomb from the venerable Orquesta Riverside; and 'De La Fiesta La Mejor,' absurdly unlikely party music from teenaged members of the Communist Youth Militia.


14.98usd/10.20gbp/10.72eur/1357jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… Tracklisting: Space Towers, Cogitation, Skylight, The Alter Destiny, Easy Street, Blue Differentials, Monorails and Satellites, The Galaxy Way. Recorded at Sun Studios, New York 1966 (a home recording).


19.98usd/13.61gbp/14.30eur/1811jpy (approx)

19.98usd/13.61gbp/14.30eur/1811jpy (approx)

*Recorded between 1995 and 2006 in Bamako (Mali). Performers: Jaraba Jakite, Drisa Kone, Jeli Madi Kuyate, (jenbe); Madu Jakite (Dunun). Recorded between1995 & 2006 in Bamako, Mali. "In the recordings, three masters of traditional jenbe dance drumming present the clear beauty and explosive power of their music. Of course the music of a jenbe dance celebration cannot be adequately documented because it represents part of a dynamic event, which can only be fully grasped by witnessing all its interlocking elements. The sound recording of a celebration would lack the movement of the dancers and the whole atmosphere of colors, smells, and enthusiasm. The recordings presented in this CD, moreover, were made not in the context of a celebration at all, but in a schoolyard in the Badialan quarter of Bamako. The drummers performed for the microphone, without rehearsals, without arrangements, and without an underlying notion on how to convey celebration music without a celebration. It was the first time to do a studio recording for all of them. They spontaneously created a kind of art music in a space without references, an abstract translation of music traditionally played for celebrations. The original live tracks were neither cut nor overdubbed.

19.98usd/13.61gbp/14.30eur/1811jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… distributor’s warehouse find from the Ekostar label, a compilation of the sounds of Rolling Dollar, the singer/guitarist who features on Lagos No Shaking, Tony Allen's album for Honest Jons. With music from 1953 to the present, this album collects some of Rolling Dollar's finest works.

19.98usd/13.61gbp/14.30eur/1811jpy (approx)

*distributor’s warehouse find… originally release in 2003. In his lifetime, Jimi Solanke has been acclaimed as one of Nigeria's finest actors, a teacher, a poet, a TV favorite as a children's storyteller, a club owner and a fine composer, musician and spokesman. He is simply one of the greats of West Africa. This retrospective captures the best of this unique musician's long history. He had fallen in love with music during the golden age of highlife big bands in the '50s and early '60s and was writing songs by the age of 14. When Tunde Osofison, one of the vocalists for legendary highlife bandleader Roy Chicago, introduced a Solanke composition, "Onile-Gogoro," to the band's repertoire, Chicago recorded it and it became one of the most memorable Nigerian highlife hits of the '60s. Music began to feature heavily in his life in 1966, as the emerging sound of '60s Western pop began stamping its mark on West Africa. As Chubby Checker's twist fever gripped the country, Jimi penned the Yoruba-language twist track, "Eje Kajo" and called on the Junkers band to back him. In 1966, Checker came to Nigeria and Jimi and the Junkers toured with him. On his return to Lagos in 1969, Solanke helped to setup and host the infamous Batakoto Club alongside Cream drummer Ginger Baker, also becoming the singer and core member of the house band, IDEK, the most progressive rock group that ever existed in Nigeria. The band featured some of the most talented musicians of the time: saxophonist Isaac Olasubga, later with Fela's Koola Lobitos, guitarist Donald Amechi, who became an original member of Osibisa, percussionist Remi Kabaka and Baker on drums. Arriving in New York in1976, Jimi appeared on Ralph MacDonald's album The Path, formulating a Yoruba vocal chant in one take. Moving to Pasadena and West Hollywood, Jimi joined a group of musicians called the Hogsins, resulting in an album on his own Ase label, Canto De La Santos. "Why Storyteller? Because that is what Jimi is. A brilliant actor, talented and emotive singer, arranger and a respector of traditions. A passionate man, who cares about his roots, a gentle giant and a Nigerian icon. -- Kayode Samuel

19.98usd/13.61gbp/14.30eur/1811jpy (approx)

*distributor’s warehouse find… originally released in 2002. Dele Sosimi's credentials as a master of Afrobeat are beyond question, having been (one of) the very first keyboard players to work in Fela Anikulapo's Egypt '80. Prior to this, Fela himself was the only keyboard player in his band or in Afrobeat as a whole. Sosimi then worked with a host of other musicians, including his pivotal role in Femi Kuti's Positive Force in its early years. Then there is the man's innate abilities as a bandleader in his own right -- ask anyone fortunate enough to have experienced Dele's live performances all over Europe, from the South Bank in London to the Monteux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. So here is the man who took over the mantle of Abami Eda as the face of Afrobeat. What you get is a rare insight into the infinite possibilities of what we know -- or more precisely, what we thought we knew -- as Afrobeat. On this album, Afrobeat is subjected to a contemporary re-working. The roots of the music are apparent, and the down-to-earth basis of the music is obvious. But Sosimi's contribution lies in what he has done with those roots. Every single aspect of the music is different from what has gone before. The true test of a work of art is the ability to take the best of a body of learning and presenting it in a different light, re-defining and extending boundaries, opening up infinite possibilities. With this, his first solo album, Sosimi has rendered a huge service to Afrobeat. Listen and be blown away. This is the future of Afrobeat.

19.98usd/13.61gbp/14.30eur/1811jpy (approx)

*distributor’s warehouse find… originally released in 2002. In the strict sense, Afrobeat, which means African beat, refers to all African-oriented musical forms. These idioms have been there for centuries. Even Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the highly celebrated Afrobeat icon who took his inspiration from this vast resource later realized the non-specificity but all-embracing nature of Afrobeat as a nomenclature. He renamed it classical African music upon his release of Beast Of No Nation in 1984. This CD is therefore unique in that aside from helping to vividly explain this intriguing point, it has also explored the depths, dimensions and possibilities of African music. As a showcase for various artists with different materials, performances are naturally varied. But the interesting thing about this variety is that within the ambit of African beat, various dimensions with different approaches have emerged. Some of them predate Fela's emergence while others parade fresh and invigorating styles that have opened up new fields for musicians to explore. Featuring artists Awa-KLaSH, Dele Sosimi, Seyi Sholagbagde, Jagunlabi, Duro Ikujenyo, Fatai Rolling Dollars, Ayetoro, Tamedun, Olufumi, Imo, Duro Ikujenyo and Kayode Olajide.

29.98usd/20.42gbp/21.45eur/2717jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… deluxe gatefold packaging, with large-scale 12 page booklet of notes/photos inside. The Green Arrows, led by the immortal Zexie Manatsa, dominated the Zimbabwean music scene in the 1970s. This extraordinarily progressive group took the country by storm, fusing the different rhythms of the region into one unique and ebullient sound. This compilation presents 20 critical tracks that The Green Arrows recorded from 1974-1979, all painstakingly remastered. Carefully prepared liner notes are absolutely overflowing with a complete history of the band (edited by renowned critic Banning Eyre), a full detailed discography, and numerous extremely rare photographs and artifacts.

BASSEKOU KOUYATE & NGONI BA- SEGU BLUE 2LP (open house, germany)
29.98usd/20.42gbp/21.45eur/2717jpy (approx)

18.98usd/12.93gbp/13.58eur/1720jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked on vinyl and in stock on cd for the first time… Segu Blue introduces the first solo album from Malinese ngoni player, Bassekou Kouyate. Ngoni is the Bambara name for an ancient traditional lute found throughout West Africa that is plucked with the thumb, much like a 5-stringed banjo. Bassekou was born in a village called Garana about 60 kilometers from Segu, in the remote countryside on the banks of the Niger River. He was raised in a traditional musical environment, his mother a praise singer and his father and brothers exceptional ngoni players. He moved to Bamako when he was 19 years old where he met the young Toumani Diabate. By the late 1980s, Bassekou was part of Toumani's trio and they recorded their first albums together, Songhai and Djelika. Bassekou has collaborated with many musicians in and outside of Mali. He played in the Symmetric trio with Toumani Diabate on kora and Keletigui Diabate on balafon. He was part of the Kulanjan project recorded with Taj Mahal. He is one of the key musicians on Ali Farka Toure's posthumous album Savane which was released July 2006. Now he has put together his own band: Ngoni Ba; the big ngoni: Mali's first ngoni quartet. The ngoni is one of Africa's still-undiscovered secrets: it is the key instrument for Griot culture. Unlike the kora, whose history goes back only a few hundred years, the ngoni has been the main instrument in Griot storytelling way back into the days of Sundiata Keita. The repertoire Bassekou plays is from the region of Segu, the heart of Bambara culture. Unlike mandenka griot music, Bambara music is pentatonic in nature -- music as close to the blues as you can get in Africa. Segu Blue features artists Kassemady Diabate, Lobi Traore, Lassana Diabate and singer Zoumana Tereta. By the way, there is no kora or djembe on the album. Taj Mahal describes Bassekou as "a genius, a living proof that the blues comes from the region of Segu.”

24.98usd/17.01gbp/17.87eur/2264jpy (approx)

19.98usd/13.61gbp/14.30eur/1811jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked on vinyl and in stock on cd for the first time… Voodoo music recorded by Soul Jazz Records in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Voodoo is the sacred African-based religion of Haiti famous for it's Hollywood-styled image of spirit- possession, sacrifices and walking dead. The music of Voodoo features intense, complex African drum rhythms alongside vocals. The music of voodoo is used to bring spirits into the body of worshippers who become possessed by the spirit that enters their body. Voodoo was brought to Haiti by slaves and later bought about the revolution that made Haiti the first Black republic. Voodoo flourishes in Haiti today and is the lifeline of it's society. Haiti is next to Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico in the West Indies and consequently the music is a mixture of heavy African rhythms alongside Latin and Jamaican music. The CD comes with sleeve-notes, photos and a short film of the music recorded in Haiti and the LP comes on super-loud double vinyl.

24.98usd/17.01gbp/17.87eur/2264jpy (approx)

19.98usd/13.61gbp/14.30eur/1811jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked on vinyl and in stock on cd for the first time… Tumba Francesa la Caridad de Oriente is a 140-year old institution in Cuba. The music of Tumba Francesa is a unique combination of African drums and French patois vocals alive in Cuba today. This is the first in a series of albums reflecting Afro-Cuban culture newly recorded by Soul Jazz Records in Cuba. The Tumba Francesa La Caridad de Oriente won Cuba's National Award for Community Culture and, in 2003, the title of UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the first such award to be bestowed on Cuba. This music was recorded in EGREM studios, the state owned studio in Santiago, eastern Cuba. Tumba Francesa la Caridad de Oriente is situated in the economically poor Los Hoyos district of the city, a vibrant epi-centre of Afro-Cuban culture. In the 19th century there were hundreds of Tumba Francesa throughout Cuba. Now only two remain; Tumba Francesa of Santiago de Oriente and nearby Tumba Francesa de Guantanamo. Originally mutual aid societies for the ex-slaves who fled the neighbouring Haitian Revolution, Tumba Francesas would put on elaborate shows during carnival dressed in ballroom costumes of 18th century France playing purely African music. Tumba Francesa La Caridad de Oriente continue this tradition today. The music of Tumba Francesa la Caridad de Oriente is at once both modern and traditional, both an important aspect of contemporary Cuba and coming with a vast cultural legacy. The CD comes complete with extensive sleevenotes and spoken introduction by the Afro-Cuban poet and writer Pedro Perez-Sarduy and photography by the New York writer, musician and broadcaster Ned Sublette.

V/A- AFRO-CUBA: DRUMS OF CUBA 2LP (soul jazz, uk)
24.98usd/17.01gbp/17.87eur/2264jpy (approx)

V/A- AFRO-CUBA: DRUMS OF CUBA CD (soul jazz, uk)
19.98usd/13.61gbp/14.30eur/1811jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked on vinyl and in stock on cd for the first time…amazing album of heavyweight Afro-Cuban rhythms recorded in Havana, Cuba by Soul Jazz Records. Comes with extensive sleeve-notes. This album features the many Afro-Cuban rhythms associated with the various religious cults existing in Cuba today. These drums are used to bring spirits and gods (Orishas) into the body of worshippers who are then possessed. The music originally came from Africa and spread into the new world through the movement of slaves; Soul Jazz Records have recorded and released similar projects in Haiti (Voodoo Drums, Spirits of Life) and Brazil and these new recordings from Cuba feature heavyweight complex rhythms played by some of Cuba's finest master drummers, all of whom are initiated in the cults including members of the secret Masonic-type Abakua faith. Featuring an array of instrumentation -- bata Drums, Conga drums, bongo, eribo -- many of which are sacred in themselves and only used for religious ceremonies. The music and dance of the Abakuá (or ñáñigo) secret societies are considered by many the most original not least because the history of the societies themselves, the most complex and impassioned of all the organizations of African origin established in Cuba and linked to key political and social events. For anyone interested in Latin music this is a fascinating guide into the roots of Afro-Cuban music and features extensive sleeve-notes giving the music a cultural and social context. Recorded at the Cuban state-owned ICAIC studios, these are high-quality recordings and the vinyl comes on super-loud heavyweight vinyl for all DJs!


12.98usd/8.84gbp/9.29eur/1176jpy (approx)

*While switching from deep minimal thumpers to up-tempo steppers and even to good ol' wobblers, the Subway imprint shows no sign of slowing down. By not sticking to one sound, Subway shows that there is dubstep for everybody! And they're back again with a brand new 12" with those crazy Russians! With a whole new sound arsenal this time around, Subway resident Enei hooks up with fellow Russians Nersa & Ekta. Together they form a brand new formation called Giant which stands for huge beats and tremendous power which will result in King Kong/Godzilla-like destruction inside any venue! The Giant formation cooked up a special something for the Subway imprint. 'Badness': a huge destructive wobbler that will fit well with the Rusko & Caspa lovers out there. These guys may live on the other side of the world but they know very well what makes a dancefloor destroyer! On the flip, Enei goes solo once again with another dancefloor smasher called 'Crispy Rolls.' With his brand new sound, he shows what he can do -- big towering wobblers in true jump-up fashion.

TRG- MISSED CALLS 2X12” (subway, uk)
24.98usd/17.01gbp/17.87eur/2264jpy (approx)

*TRG aka Cosmin Nicolae, is a name you should remember really well. A producer with so much talent, it's hard to keep it a secret. After 6 months of hard work selecting and fine tuning, it's finally time to unleash his debut EP called Missed Calls. 6 solo tracks blended into perfection by the rebel genius himself. DJ support: Horsepower Productions, Surgeon, DJ Flight, Benga, N-Type, Walsh, Ikonika, Blackdown, Emalkay, Luke Envoy, Reso, Headhunter, Tes La Rok, Conquest, and Tayo, just to name a few.


THE GLIMMERS- TAPE/SPACE 12” (diskimo, belgium)
12.98usd/8.84gbp/9.29eur/1176jpy (approx)

*The Glimmers return, and still have Ray Mang with them on production duties. Two tracks on Diskimo 'Tape' and 'Space woman'. 'Tape' is an uptempo thumper with top spacey trinkets ontop. Great melodies and sweeps that are almost Roy Ayres like. The flip is a slower chugging groover that diggs deep on the bass. Another great 12" -phonica

12.98usd/8.84gbp/9.29eur/1176jpy (approx)

*Downtown Party Network is a brand new duo from Lithuania -- one half of the project is DJ Saulty, the second is experienced music producer Bradka. Saulty has played with a bunch of DJs including Pete Herbert, Daniel Wang, Pilooski, Toby Tobias, Optimo, etc. Bradka collaborates with Andy Caldwell, with releases on Tubetracks. Downtown Party Network combines the best from legendary disco, groovy electric, proper beat with the indescribable Lithuanian point of view.

V/A- BURNING LOVE/LAST NIGHT 12” (glossy, germany)
14.98usd/10.20gbp/10.72eur/1357jpy (approx)

*Those Hamburg disco glitterati are back with two sparkling gems that are not just lazy edits adding a few intro bars to a tried and tested old tune, but rather take inspiration and maybe a few bits and bops from the classics and properly tune them up with modern production craftsmanship. On 'Last Night,' the original Glossy production duo harks back to their success formula from glossy01 by taking vocal parts from one of the best soul singers of our times and embedding it into an elegant late night groove with beautiful rhodes chords, laser disco effects, a smoking percussion part and a rock solid bassline baring resemblance to 'Put Your Body In It.' Also, the B-side isn't stingy with the bass: a world-renown Hamburg house producer and true DJ jet-setter totally remodels an anthemic Italian mid-tempo disco classic 'Burning Love' stripping back the slightly smelly parts from the original and bringing the amazing bassline to the front, replacing the original male vocal parts with his own vocoder vocals and adding some more strings and tings. This is truly burning! Strong feedback and support from Prins Thomas, Todd Terje, Toby Tobias, Aeroplane, Pete Herbert and Mark E!

TOMCRAFT- WHEN I WAS SIXTEEN 12” (great stuff, germany)
12.98usd/8.84gbp/9.29eur/1176jpy (approx)

*Tomcraft's amazing Boogie Nights is still unforgotten, but it was time for his next bomb, produced again in cooperation with studio mate Tobias Lützenkirchen. Using the main theme from one of Tomcraft's favorite films, Basic Instinct, this track should become a milestone in atmospheric club music for the German techno legend. Belgian wonder-boy Ramon Tapia added his first remix for Great Stuff, just after the release of his fantastic mini album Mini Jack, which gets massive props from all around the globe. The bonus track 'They Don't Know' is a simple but very effective club tune with its driving stabs and exploding breakdowns.

ALTZ VS. MUNGOLIAN JET SET- EPICS + DONUTS 12” (luna flicks, germany)
12.98usd/8.84gbp/9.29eur/1176jpy (approx)

*Norway's Mungolian Jet Set interprets the weird but wonderful music of Japanese oddball producer Altz with "Epics + Donuts." Previously released only in Japan, it's the sound of ferocious disco dancers taking over the art house congregation. On the flipside is the brand new "Madre Epics Part 2," Mungolian Jet Set's darkly sexy techno based on their remix.

SOCIAL DISCO CLUB- CLAP PAT CLAP SLAP 12” (mindless boogie, belgium)
13.98usd/9.52gbp/10.00eur/1267jpy (approx)

*Mindless Boogie brings another cheeky edits bundle which sidesteps the obvious. This time with Social Disco Club behind the knobs. Another gem for the boogie repertoire!

PETAR DUNDOV- SPARKLING STARS 12” (music man, belgium)
12.98usd/8.84gbp/9.29eur/1176jpy (approx)

*Croatian artist Petar Dundov is back with Sparkling Stars, a brand new successor to his successful previous singles Oasis and Waterfall and his debut full length Escapements, all on Music Man. "Sparkling Stars" is again an amazing, strong and original techno track. It is backed up on the flip with a remix of "Oasis" from Gavin Russom who delivered the legendary masterpiece The Days Of Mars on DFA Recordings together with Delia Gonzalez. Another essential release! Limited 1st pressing on gold colored vinyl.

PETAR DUNDOV- OASIS 12” (music man, belgium)
12.98usd/8.84gbp/9.29eur/1176jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… The long-awaited herald to Petar Dundov's much-anticipated debut album for Music Man. It's better than anything you've heard before -- no, really! A trippy monster. Featuring the original mix and Substance & Vainqueur remix. Special packaging but 2nd pressing is now only available, on black vinyl.

RADIO SLAVE- SEX TRAX 12” (running back, germany)
13.98usd/9.52gbp/10.00eur/1267jpy (approx)

*Stop... press... an extraordinary Radio Slave donation for Running Back! The man like Matt Edwards took care of a matter near to his and our heart: an EP dedicated to the crafty DJ Duke, his infamous Power Music label empire and those massive sounds dat ruled the Sound Factory nation. One side holds a modern track in an old fashioned style of lovin' (quote freely adapted from Courtney Melody): think RS' 'Tantakatan' straightened out. 'That's all the record do? Yeah, bitch, that's all the record do.' Special thanks go to Omar-S for clarifying these matters once and for all. Already huge with big room boys Âme, natty dread Josh Wink and a few others. Surprise, surprise! Flip for a portrait of a young and restless Todd Terry circa '92 slipping on his bathroom rug while listening to some X-102. Dirt McGirt! Those 3 people out there who still buy audio plastic might be delighted to find out that they get a special bunch of bonus tracks: super heavy EFX sirens, street noise and soothing rain sounds. Can you dig it?

15.98usd/10.88gbp/11.43eur/1448jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… New limited, dynamite four-track 12" from the Sofrito crew. 'Atlantic Conveyor,' 'Sofrito Edit,' 'Disco La Calle,' and 'Calypso Path.' Sultry, slowed-down, synthed-out disco meets Fela in a steel pan dancefloor riot. Not to be missed.

SOFRITO SPECIALS- MUSIC IS THE WORD 12” (sofrito specials, uk)
14.98usd/10.20gbp/10.72eur/1357jpy (approx)

*shop favorite restocked… New limited, dynamite four-track 12" from the Sofrito crew. 'Atlantic Conveyor,' 'Sofrito Edit,' 'Disco La Calle,' and 'Calypso Path.' Sultry, slowed-down, synthed-out disco meets Fela in a steel pan dancefloor riot. Not to be missed.

17.98usd/12.25gbp/12.86eur/1629jpy (approx)

17.98usd/12.25gbp/12.86eur/1629jpy (approx)

17.98usd/12.25gbp/12.86eur/1629jpy (approx)

*shop favorite’s restocked… It is probably difficult to imagine that Club culture was born in a small underground room in the Latin quarter of Paris during the period of German occupation in the Second World War. The Nazis had prohibited jazz and closed the Clubs where musicians performed thus forcing music lovers to meet in secret in cellars to listen to their favorite music on 78s. One such place was on Rue de la Huchette and was known as “La Discoth?que”. Historically this was the first time that the name was used to designate a club where people could go to listen to recorded music.
Next came the “Whiskey a Go-Go” created by Paul Racine, which introduced the concept of a public dancing on a dance floor to music played by “Disc-Jockeys” with two turntables. Racine developed his concept throughout Europe. When R?gine opened her first club “Chez R?gine” in Paris in 1960 this was frequented by the American jet set and immediately inspired “Le Club” in New York, quickly followed by the “Peppermint Lounge” in 1961. The rest is history!
In 1981, when ZE Records first published the vinyl LP “Mutant Disco” there were only 6 tracks on it. In 2003, when I decided to relaunch the label that Michael Zilkha and myself founded in New York in 1978, I transformed this mini album into a double Digipack CD with 25 tracks. It was as if Mutant Disco had become a style of its own in which musicians from different cultures and nationalities could find common ground. Between 1978 and 1983 in New York City, music from a wide range of styles developed based on a common denominator – you could dance to it. The title of “Garage” comes from “Paradise Garage”, the now mythical club at 84 King Street, which was one of the focal points for New York gay and disco culture for 10 years (1977-1987). The turntables were under the magic touch of Larry Levan, one of the pioneers of NY Dance Music that some began calling Garage, while his childhood friend Frankie Knuckles did pretty much the same in Chicago where certain began to call his style House music.
I have never really been too fond of labels, which are often stuck on for marketing purposes in order to sell more products. I have always believed that there is good music and the rest… The ZE Records back catalogue is proof of the eclectic approach that Michael Zilkha and myself have in our musical tastes. For an adolescent who had the privilege of growing up in the 60s there is no difference between James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Sly Stone, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Jimmy Hendrix, nor between Norman Whitfield, Brian Wilson or Phil Spector.
Larry Levan also promoted open and eclectic musical sources and many DJs today have drawn inspiration from this. The Sound System at Paradise Garage developed by Larry and Richard Long was reputed to be the best in NY. Many producers would test their mixes on the dance floor at the Garage. Many of the remixes at ZE, especially those by August Darnell were first played at the Garage before being produced. Larry remixed for August and KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS: Something Wrong in Paradise, (...) which certainly has its place in this third volume of MUTANT DISCO. In addition to this remix, “GARAGE SALE” includes several jewels from the ZE Records’ back catalogue: the long play version of the sublime Dream Baby Dream by SUICIDE; a remix of Alan Vega’s Outlaw by August Darnell; Techno-Freqs by Junnie Morrison, founder member of Funkadelic who brought out an excellent album, Evacuate your seats, on ZE in 1983; a mix by Don Was of What’s a Girl to Do by Cristina. Don was also involved in the production of Dance or Die by Sweet Pea Atkinson (singer of Was (not Was) from his solo album Don’t Walk Away (ZE Records 1982) this can almost be considered as a WNW album given that virtually the full band is present. Also present are Man VS The Empire Brain Building from the second album by Was (Not Was) for ZE in 1982, Born to Laugh at Tornadoes and Read my Lips, another production by the Was (not) brothers under the pseudonym of “A THOUSAND POINTS OF NIGHT”. There is also the underground classic He’s the Groove by Snuky Tate, released on ZE in 1979 as a single and 12” single, plus the classic No time to Stop Believing in Love, by DAISY CHAIN, in the international version. There are two excellent tracks from RON ROGERS, a very active member of the ZE dream team in the early 80s. Ron also took part in the sessions with AURAL EXCITERS, BOB BLANK’s After Hours Party Band, with Maladie d’Amour.
As Kevin Pearce wrote in the liner notes in MUTANT DISCO Volume 1 & 2: “Yes, the urge to let our imagination run riot, and the need to dance to twisted sounds remains. The MUTANT DISCO, the haunted dancehall will never close down”. This new selection is a step towards perpetual motion! -Michel Esteban, Paris, October 2004


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